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February 14 New Jersey/East Rutherford
(Landmark II)
"True Romance Dance"

Even though I love all of Barry's concerts, this one was special because it was so intimate. It was just Barry at the piano singing love songs for Valentine's Day to a small audience. It took me forever to try to win tickets to this show but it was worth all the trouble. - Judy Cyriax (of New Jersey) (4/25/2000)

I got up on stage and Barry sang into my eyes. I froze! He is the most perfect man in the world to me. I always regretted not being able to hug him. - Jodi Nigro (Cape Coral, FL) (9/17/2000)

April 8 Kentucky/Louisville
(Louisville Gardens)
Through proceeds from ticket sales, $19,000 was raised for the Red Cross in support of recent flood victims. The Mayor and Lt. Governor attended the show. Barry was honored as an Official Kentucky Colonel! Opened with "Could It Be Magic"; Barry does all three parts on "Chattanooga Choo Choo"

First and Favorite Show:  I have been a Manilow fan for many years. I finally drove 300 miles to see him in Louisville. This night was a benefit for Louisville flood victims, and it was a magical night. He sang for nearly two hours, performing all of the hits. "I Made It Through The Rain" was naturally an emotional part of the show. "Forever And A Day" was used as one of the encores. What a great show. What an amazing guy! - Jake Mabe (Knoxville, TN) (7/21/99)

Favorite Show:  My husband and I had used the saying "Forever And A Day" through our dating and wedding. It was etched on the champagne glasses and engraved in his ring. We even put it in our vows... However, we split up in December of 1996, and when I saw Barry's A&E Special and he sang "Forever And A Day," I could have died. I took my then 15-year old son to the concert with me and about fell apart when I actually got to hear Barry sing this very significant (to me, anyway) song. But like Barry, I Made It Through The Rain and things are great for me now. - Veronica Alexander (Lexington, KY) (4/2/2000)

April 10 Pennsylvania/Wilkes-Barre
(Kirby Center)
April 10:  Opened with "Could It Be Magic", "Daybreak"; "I Am Your Child", "Sweet Life"; "Can't Smile Without You" (of course!), "Chattanooga Choo Choo", Gonzo Hits Medley, plus much more.

First Show Memory (April 11):  I've loved Barry for 20 years. I finally got to see him in concert. He's the greatest! I fell in love all over again. - Patricia Besermin (4/14/97)

Best Show (April 11):  Got seats on the day of the show. Thought they would be horrible and turned out great. He was fabulous! - Janet Petino (4/24/97)

Favorite Show:  The local radio station had a contest and I won front row center seats to see Barry!  It was like a dream come true. - Deb Bobyak (3/11/98)

Favorite Show (April 11):  Barry Manilow is TRULY an entertainer! Since I had seen Barry in 1995, I was not going to go again in 1997, until my six year old granddaughter said she really wanted to see Barry Manilow in concert. It was a true pleasure for my husband and I to take Ariane to her first concert, along with her mother. Ariane could sing every word of his songs with Barry. The three generations had a remarkable, truly memorable evening. Barry Manilow never disappoints his fans! - Susan Bowman (Dublin, OH) (7/23/98)

First Show - Pat DeMarco (Hazleton, PA) (3/24/99)

In past years I've had an "intuition" - I met Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, Regis Philbin, Oak Ridge Boys, etc. I happened to see the VH-1 Special and told my friend if Barry ever comes to town I'd really love to [see] him. Two days later on the radio, [I heard that] Barry was coming to the Kirby in Wilkes-Barre. I proceeded to call [for tickets]. NO SEATS AVAILABLE!  All shows SOLD OUT!! ... Two days before the concert I called Boscov's Department Store. They only had one ticket for the April 10th show. I asked them to hold it for me... I picked up my ticket, arrived at the Kirby, and they led me to my seat - the first one in the first row!! ... It was a thrill and an honor [to] see and hear such music and words. That night represented to me that prayers [do] get answered, even if it takes 13-14 years! - Robin B. Lamoreux (Shavertown, PA) (6/9/99)

Favorite Show:  I loved the way Barry kidded along with the audience, but most of all [I loved] the songs! - Joanne Walko (Exeter, PA) (6/16/99)

First Show (April 11):  FABULOUS!  I waited 23 years for that night and no matter how many people were there, I felt like I was the only one in the room. I didn't sleep all night long after that show and it was on my mind almost constantly for a month. What a great feeling! - Anne Arre (Scranton, PA) (4/1/2000)

First Show: [What I liked about this show was] the beautiful music and the way it was performed, and of course, the lyrics and Barry's voice. - Joe (of West Wyoming, PA) (8/23/2001)

Favorite Shows (April 11-12): I was able to take my mother to see Barry again, but this time we were in the second row! My mom and I had such a great time at those shows. The memory of our time together with Barry is so precious to me now (since my mother's passing). I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Thank You, Barry, for putting on such wonderful shows for us all, and especially for my mom, those nights in Wilkes-Barre, PA!! - Pat H. (Roslyn, PA) (7/16/2003)

April 10: This concert was very interesting. Beginning with Barry's walking out to the piano to a rather thunderously updated "Could It Be Magic," and ending with a shortened "hits" medley, it was definitely worth the show. I remember Barry sitting at his keyboard and saying, "Who you are is okay. It's fine." That was so comforting, coming from my hero, since I had felt like a misfit because I have a mild stuttering impediment and ADHD. Hearing him do "Somethin's Comin' Up" was really cool. After this show, I met Barry for the first time. I asked him to sign my CD insert of "Eolia." Upon that he said, "Oooo, Eolia! I love this one!" He had seen me out in the audience. "I saw you out in the audience! Were you waving?" Me: "Yes, Barry, (smiling) that was me." Barry: "I thought that was you! I saw your uh white shirt or sleeve, ha ha!" ... We had about 5 minutes together. Once he was told by his assistant that he had to get going, Barry turned around while walking and gave me a huge smile saying, "Thanks, Chris!! See ya!" - Christopher Swantek (Dupont, PA) (5/5/2009)

April 11
April 12
April 14 Connecticut/Wallingford
(Oakdale Theatre)
First/Favorite Show: I loved the music and how he put so much energy into it. He brought his songs and life ALIVE!! The album game was cute (even though the little girl they picked was set up in advance). It was nice to see Barry play the piano and to interact with the band. Thanks for the show, Barry!! - Kiki Walpole (of Connecticut) (5/1/99)
April 16 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)

Opening Night (4/16): "This One's For You/Daybreak"; "Reminiscing"; selections from Barry Manilow Live ("Very Strange Medley", "Studio Musician"), Box Set ("I Am Your Child", "Sweet Life"), "Even Now", Barry Manilow II ("It's A Miracle", "Mandy"); "Copacabana" (with Rosie O'Donnell!!), "Chattanooga Choo Choo", "Once Upon A Time", "Can't Smile", "Bluer Than Blue", "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight", "Weekend In New England", Gonzo Hits Medley/"I Write The Songs", "Forever And A Day", "Could It Be Magic (dance)".

Selections from This One's For You, One Voice ("Ships", "Sunday Father"), Even Now and 2:00 AM Paradise Cafe ("When Love Is Gone") + "We've Got Tonite" and "April Showers" (4/17).

Clicker landed on Swing Street ("Brooklyn Blues"), Box Set, Even Now, Singin' With The Big Bands + "How Deep Is The Ocean" and "One Voice" (encore) (4/18).

Selections from This One's For You ("Jump Shout Boogie", "All The Time" on the piano, "Looks Like We Made It"), Tryin' To Get The Feeling ("Why Don't We Live Together", "As Sure As I'm Standin' Here"/"Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again"), Barry ("I Made It Through The Rain"), Showstoppers ("Once In Love With Amy"), Barry Manilow '89 ("When The Good Times Come Again"/"You Begin Again"/"Keep Each Other Warm", "Please Don't Be Scared") + "When I Need You" and "Time After Time" (4/19).

Tracks from Swing Street, Tryin' To Get The Feeling, Barry Manilow I ("Could It Be Magic"), Here Comes The Night ("I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter") featured during 5th RCMH show (4/20).

Albums featured included Tryin' To Get The Feeling ("Beautiful Music/Tryin' To Get The Feeling", "Why Don't We Live Together"), Showstoppers, One Voice, Barry Manilow I, Barry Manilow '89; "I Go Crazy", "When I Fall In Love" (4/22).

On 4/23, Barry performed songs from This One's For You, Swing Street, Singin' With The Big Bands, 2:00 AM Paradise Cafe ("When October Goes") and Box Set; also "I'll Be Here With You".

Performances from albums Barry Manilow Live, 2:00 AM Paradise Cafe, Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again, Showstoppers + "Everytime You Go Away/Everytime We Say Goodbye" (4/24).

Favorite Show: He played songs from albums that were released in my youth that I never could see...he played the obscure songs. It was great! - Anissa Hill (6/24/97)

April 17:  The crowd is sold out. Barry opened with a medley of "This One's For You/Daybreak" and moved right into "Reminiscing". The first clicker was a lady from London (saying something like) "I'm simply nuts about you" to which Barry replied, "Me too dear!!" From "This One's For You", Barry sang "Jump Shout Boogie", "All The Time" (He talked about college kids sometimes feel insecure about a lot of things and think they're the only ones) and ended with "Looks Like We Made It". The second person from New Jersey picked the "One Voice" album (Barry's "grey period"). Barry sang "Sunday Father" and talked about what it would have been like if he'd known his father. He then sang "Ships". Barry than sang the dance mix of "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" and "Copacabana." A lady from New York chose "Singin' With The Big Bands" ("Chattanooga Choo Choo"). Someone else clicked and it landed on the "Paradise Cafe". Barry sang "When Love Is Gone", then to close the first act he sang "Mandy"! This is one of the best versions I've heard. There was a 20 minute intermission ... A screen came up and started flashing all the "CSWY" girls. After CSWY, Barry chose someone to pick a song from the "Summer Of 78" album (a very powerful "We've Got Tonite")!! Barry than sang "Weekend In New England" and a new version of the "Gonzo Hits Medley." Barry walked off the stage and came back for 3 encores. Since it was a rainy night, he sang "April Showers" and thanked us ("There are no fans like Manilow fans"). For the second encore he sang "Forever And A Day". Barry got the biggest standing ovation during that song. Barry was overwhelmed. All he could say was "Thank you my friends!!" To end the night Barry did the Dance Mix of "Could It Me Magic" and went straight into "It's A Miracle". What a night! - Robert Muccia (11/30/97)

Favorite Show Memory (April 18):  Regretfully only my second concert, seeing Barry on the road once more was incredible.  I hadn't seen him live since the Broadway Tour, so you can imagine how I suffered from Live Withdrawal!!  I was so excited that I jumped and fidgeted in my seat from the opening beats of the "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight-Remix" that played before Barry came out, and it must have paid off, because I was picked for the first clicker!!  It landed on Swing Street, and he played "Brooklyn Blues".  I'll never forget that moment; I was tapped on the shoulder, I nodded my head excitedly, and suddenly the spots were on ME!!  So exciting -- I don't know how I managed to keep my composure!  My mom, on the other hand, could only respond to Barry's "Hi, Mom!" with a screeching yelp!!  He was incredible -- we got the "One Voice" a cappella, "I Am Your Child/Sweet Life", and all of my favorites!  WHAT A NIGHT!! - Matt Gironda (5/7/98)

This is where I first saw him. I'm hooked! - Charlene Scaringello (of New Jersey) (5/19/99)

Favorite Show (April 24):  The show I attended at Radio City was awesome! - Daniel Sydor (Long Island, NY) (8/24/99)

Favorite Show:  He was good and he has a beautiful voice that made me feel good in my heart. I always love him so much! - Kathleen Bacon (Albany, NY) (1/16/2000)

There isn't enough time and aren't enough words to tell you what I liked most about the concert. I LOVE everything about Barry Manilow... He's so amazing and talented and forever will be! - Kim Fortunato (Holmes, PA) (11/25/99)

Favorite Show (April 16):  Opening night at Radio City - Rosie O'Donnell did a duet... Kathie Lee Gifford and Frank... Regis and his wife... Howie Mandel... all in attendance. Concert was awesome! - Alan Charles (Yonkers, NY) (1/31/2000)

First Show - Amy Seger (Bath, NY) (3/30/2000)

April 16: Barry is 100% energy. He is a force that is totally positive and addicting. I can see why some fans follow him all over the world. When you see one of his concerts you know that you will be seeing more of his concerts. - Judy Lobb (Mesa, AZ) (5/28/2001)

First Show - Sue Johnson (Bloomingburg, NY) (8/2/2002)

My concerts to date top nearly 200, maybe more, over the last 25-26 years. My trip to New York in 1997 for all his concerts at Radio City Music Hall just blew my mind... Long live Mr. Manilow's fantastic music!! - Julie Taylor (Wigan, United Kingdom) (1/19/2003)

April 16: I had been able to get tickets to see Barry in Wallingford for the April 14 performance (It was fantastic), but missed out on getting tickets for Radio City (I was so disappointed!). Then a friend called me to say there was a ticket available from someone who couldn't make it. Of course I said YES, and I was in shock... It turned out to be First Row, Opening Night, April 16, 1997! - Marilyn (of Fairfield, CT) (5/3/2003)

First Show - Frances Ciemniecki (Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY) (10/20/2003)

April 16-20: Seeing Barry in this gorgeous venue, in his hometown, was an absolute dream come true. Thanks to the BMIFC, I had pit seats, first row, for Barry's opening night! I will treasure these five concerts forever! - Aline Nagler (Winnipeg, Canada) (1/5/2004)

Like many of Barry's fans, my main goal in life since I first listened to Barry in the 70's was to meet him face to face. Of his many song which I love, the one that has stuck with me forever has been "Riders To The Storm" which I have never heard him sing at any of the many Barry concerts I have attended. I would give anything just to meet him once. That in my opinion would make my life complete! - Frank Torre (Stratford, CT) (2/18/2004)

Favorite Show (April 16): I had very front row seats opening night and I loved being in New York City. I had a blast and it was fun meeting some of the people that work for the Fan Club (Marcel was so nice!). - Penny White (Jacksonville, FL) (6/26/2004)

My first visit to New York and I really enjoyed it. Seeing Barry at Radio City was just great. He even sang my favourite song at the time, "I Go Crazy"! - Mags Hughes (of England) (4/29/2009)

First Show (April 16) - Liz Boynes (Bronx, NY) (1/4/2010)

I've loved Barry and his music since I was nine years old. For various reasons, I never got the chance to see him live. My boyfriend at the time (now my husband) purchased one ticket for me because we couldn't afford two. We got to the theater, I went in and went to my seat at the very back. 15 Minutes later my boyfriend came in. Seems someone sold him a ticket at face value outside! I asked to see his ticket - 11th row, aisle! I never went back to my seat! When Barry sang "Weekend in New England," I lost all sense of decorum. When he sang the words, "when can I touch you," I yelled "right now!" Barry stopped in the middle of the song, looked in my direction, and said, "Well, I'd love to 'right now,' but I should finish this song." For one brief moment, he acknowledged my existence! I'll never forget it!! - Christine Stenger (Freehold, New Jersey) (6/15/2011)

Highlights (April 16): This One's For You / Daybreak / Reminiscing / [Barry Manilow Live] A Very Strange Medley (State Farm/Dodge/Stuck on Band-Aid/Vick's/Kentucky Fried Chicken/Dr. Pepper/McDonald's (You Deserve A Break Today)) / Studio Musician / [Boxed Set] I Am Your Child / Sweet Life / Copacabana (At The Copa) (with Rosie O'Donnell) / [Even Now] Even Now / [Singin' With The Big Bands] Chattanooga Choo Choo / [Tony Bennett Tribute] Once Upon A Time / [Barry Manilow II] It's A Miracle / Mandy / Can't Smile Without You / Bluer Than Blue / I'd Really Love To See You Tonight / Weekend In New England / Forever And A Day / Could It Be Magic (Uptempo, Reprise)

[ Manilow TV/Archives Episode #65 (April 16th) aired March 2015 ]

April 17 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
April 18 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
April 19 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
April 20 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
April 22 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
April 23 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
April 24 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
April 26 New York/Buffalo
(Shea's Theatre)
Favorite Show: I had a front row seat at the third Barry Manilow concert I attended in 1997 and I was so close to the stage that when he was singing the song "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight," I blew him a kiss and he acknowledged me by smiling and raising his eyebrows at me. I was in shock! I would give anything to meet Barry in person! - Janette Jones (Buffalo, New York) (2/13/2020)

Highlights: This One's For You / Daybreak / Reminiscing / [This One's For You album] Jump Shout Boogie / All The Time / Looks Like We Made It / [Boxed Set] I Am Your Child / Sweet Life / I'd Really Love To See You Tonight / [Barry album] I Made It Throught The Rain / [Singin' With The Big Bands album] Chattanooga Choo Choo / [Barry Manilow 1989 album] Mini-Medley (When The Good Times Come Again, You Begin Again, Keep Each Other Warm) / Please Don't Be Scared / [Barry Manilow II album] It's A Miracle / Mandy / Can't Smile Without You / [Summer of '78 album] Bluer Than Blue / Copacabana / When I Fall In Love / Weekend In New England / Medley (Memory, The Old Songs, Bandstand Boogie, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, New York City Rhythm, Some Kind Of Friend, Read 'Em And Weep, Somewhere Down The Road, Ready To Take A Chance Again, It's A Miracle, Let's Hang On, Somewhere In The Night, This One's For You (reprise)) / I Write The Songs / Forever And A Day / Could It Be Magic (uptempo)

[ Manilow Archives Episode #35 aired September 2012 ]

April 27 Pennsylvania/Erie
(Civic Center)
Highlights: albums Barry Manilow Live, This One's For You, Showstoppers; "Copacabana", "Once Upon A Time", ...

Best Show Memory: Third row center for the fast version of "Could It Be Magic". Need I say more?!! - Mandy Davidson (8/14/97)

April 29 New York/Binghamton
(Broome County Arena)
Highlights: albums Barry Manilow I, Barry Manilow Live, 2:00 AM Paradise Cafe, Singin' With The Big Bands; "I Go Crazy", "Even Now"/"Weekend In New England" ('right now'-free!)

First/Favorite Show: I didn't have a very close seat and kept wishing I had binoculars, but it was still so great to hear his voice in person. He was very entertaining and mesmerizing. It all went by too fast. It was great to be there and I keep checking for his tour schedule hoping he will come back here soon. My favorite song of his is "Weekend In New England". - Philomena Harris (Binghamton, NY) (4/19/99)

Favorite Show:  Awesome concert!  Although the format was different (the audience participated by electonically selecting an album from which Barry performed a song), all the favourites were covered - "Weekend In New England" was the best I've heard!  The Barry fans in Binghamton were awesome too, and it was great to share the experience with them! - Debbie Calcutt (Kanata/Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) (11/11/99)

First Show - Sandra Harrington (of New York) (5/29/2000)

I loved the whole concert. I grew up as a Barry Manilow fan. My mom loved Barry, and Barbra Streisand, and we listen to them All The Time. When I finally got the chance to go see Barry, I jumped at it! I was months pregnant. Mom and I went and it was one of the most amazing concerts I have ever been to. He is one of the best entertainers I have ever seen. He plays to the crowd and he seems to truly love his fans. I will FOREVER be a Barry fan. - Theresa Mott (Whitney Point, NY) (6/12/2000)

First Show: Barry is an outstanding performer. He gives 110% which is more then you can say about most artists! He was so entertaining, everyone had a blast!! I would see him anytime he's in the area. He is a legend! - Mandy (Amanda) Welch (Binghamton, NY) (4/20/2004)

April 30 New York/Albany
(Pepsi Arena)
Highlights: albums This One's For You, Barry, 2:00 AM Paradise Cafe, Here Comes The Night; "When I Need You", "When I Fall In Love" (Congratulations to the MANILOW MAVENS on being acknowledged for their decorating the dressing rooms!!)

First/Favorite concert:  I was finally able to see Barry live.  I have listened to Barry Manilow my whole life, which is only 19 yrs. and it was just really cool to see my musical idol in person sitting on his piano (he did that at one point!). - Kimberly Broderick (2/12/98)

Barry was fantastic as usual. The thing I loved the most (besides his being an all-out "hotty"!!) is that you can feel his emotions when he sings. He is a true prince. - Melisa Gaunay (Troy, NY) (6/14/2000)

I had just given birth to my son in February and I didn't want to leave him with anyone so that my husband and I could go see Barry. My husband surprised my daughter and I with dinner out, a limo, and tickets to Barry! A great night that my daughter and I will never forget!! - Susan Hollister (Valatie, NY) (9/23/2000)

First Show: Barry is one of the loves of my life. He was fabulous! The words that he sings and the emotion behind his songs are like no other performer. Barry, thank you for all the joy, tears and happy memories. You are going to be missed on the stage. Please don't stop recording. The world will be lost without your talent and grace. So much love to you my friend. Musically yours, Adrienne, Rosemary (mom) & Olivia (daughter) (Utica, New York) (3/21/2016)

May 8 Ohio/Cleveland
(CSU Convocation Center)
Highlights: 2:00 AM Paradise Cafe, One Voice, Swing Street, Singin' With The Big Bands;"Could It Be Magic" (prelude), "Bluer Than Blue"

First Show: I am a junior in high school and my band director got me hooked on [Barry]. His concert was great. He is a very excellent showman on stage and seems like he has a great personality. I love Barry Manilow! - Brittany Lewis (5/11/97)

Favorite Show:  This one I will not ever forget because for the first time I got front row seats. It was the biggest thrill of my life!! Also, my friend was the Can't Smile girl. - Yamallat (of Cleveland, OH) (8/11/98)

May 9 Ohio/Toledo
(Savage Hall)
May 10 Michigan/Grand Rapids
(Van Andel Arena)
Show Memory: It was perfect in every way. We were seated on the floor but only about 24 rows back. The people near us loved and enjoyed [Barry] as much as we did! The tickets were a Mother's Day gift from my husband who went along willingly as my escort. - Jude and KT (6/24/97)

I literally sat at Barry's feet!! I was in the front row and my seat was at the foot of the steps to the stage where he sat to sing "Somewhere Down the Road"! I could almost have leaned over and touched him! Earlier that day I had the thrill of helping the wonderful directors of Manilow's Michigan Medley decorate his dressing room, and we went back after the show to clean up the room! The entire day was definitely a "memory" to hang on to! - Linda Baker (Center Line, MI) (7/11/2001)

First Show - Shelby Jernberg (Lowell, MI) (2/20/2002)

May 12 Indiana/Fort Wayne
(Embassy Theatre)
Singin' With The Big Bands, Swing Street, Barry Manilow '89 (5/13)

First Show:  I liked the concert very much. Barry is a very down to earth guy. My ultimate dream has always been to meet him and maybe sing with him someday. It would be a wonderful experience that I'd never forget. - Mary Gable (Fort Wayne, IN) (9/28/99)

May 13 Indiana/Fort Wayne
(Embassy Theatre)
May 15 Wisconsin/Green Bay
(Brown County Arena)
This One's For You, Barry Manilow Live, "Copacabana", "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight", "Mandy"

Show Memory: Barry's concert was absolutely fantastic! What a marvelous entertainer... I was lucky enough to win my tickets (fourth row)! What an unbelievable experience. He was so close I thought I could reach out and touch him. He is quite the performer. My favorite part of the show was when he sang "Weekend In New England". He holds that one note for so long, how can you not help but cry ... I can't tell you how much his music means to me. - Debbie Kuehl (5/31/97)

Both concerts [I've been to] in Green Bay (1993 and 1997) were the best that they could be.  My children - ages 6 and 8 - came to [this] concert.  Barry is an inspiration for all generations! - Annette Grahl (5/5/98)

First Show - Andrea Smith (Oshkosh, WI) (7/30/98)

First Show - Dawn Schwartz (Green Bay, WI) (3/4/2002)

First Show - Polly Reynolds (Green Bay, Wisconsin) (6/19/2012)

May 16 Illinois/Rockford
[What I liked about the concert is] the energy and the music. - Sue Trojniar (Greensboro, NC) (9/24/2003)
May 17 Michigan/East Lansing
(Wharton Center)
Favorite Show:  My seats were so close I could see the sweat on his face.  I have been a Barry fan since 1974.  And I have taken a lot of grief from a lot of people until I make them listen to his music, then they understand...This concert I sat closer than I ever have.  I brought one of my best friends.  See had never been to a concert but always enjoyed his music so she really was thrilled. - Ginny Capotosto (3/15/98)

This concert had a "spinning wheel" with all the albums names on it. Obviously, I love the hits, but there are so many songs that never made it off the album to radio as singles, but they made their way into my heart. So for me, this was way nice to hear "non-hits" (I hate to call them that!) performed live. - MaryBeth (of Bay City, Michigan) (2/13/2012)

May 18
May 20 Minnesota/Duluth
(Duluth Entertainment Convention Center)
May 21 North Dakota/Fargo
Favorite Show:  Barry was so sincere with his tribute to the flood victims and performed the most touching version of "Please Don't Be Scared" I have heard. - Aline Nagler (Minneapolis, MN) (1/17/99)

First/Favorite Show: I had attended this concert after the Grand Forks, ND, flood, and the loss of my father. It was such a touching concert. It helped me through a difficult time. In that concert Barry sang a song that he had mentioned he had written for his mother who had passed away. That song really touched my heart after just losing my father. - Karen Hanson (Crookston, MN) (4/24/2000)

Favorite Show: [I loved] everything (about the show) except I wish I was the one that was picked to go on stage and sing with Barry! I enjoyed the parts where he was using a "clicker" to pick the next song to sing. I also liked the part where he donated $50,000 to the flood we had in Fargo and also the decreased-cost of the tickets. He is my absolute favorite singer! - Marilyn Sheeham (Fargo, ND) (10/25/2000)

May 22 Minnesota/Minneapolis
(Northrop Auditorium)
May 29 Wisconsin/Milwaukee
(Bradley Center)
Box Set, Barry Manilow Live, "As Time Goes By"

First Show - Lori O'Dell (of Colorado) (5/4/2008)

May 30 Illinois/Chicago
(Rosemont Theatre)
ONLY IN CHICAGO:  This One's For You, Barry Manilow Live, "As Time Goes By", "Time After Time" (5/30).
Here Comes The Night, Box Set, "Bluer Than Blue", "Even Now/Weekend In New England" (5/31).

June 1st - Favorite Show:  My seat in the pit was the best ever!  Barry shared so much of himself that night.  I learned so much about him and realized that what I admired most was not always what he shows us from the stage.  I began to see him as a person who takes the ups with the downs.  He opened my eyes to a part of myself that had been hidden for a long time.  I will be forever grateful to Barry for this show and this tour.  Thanks Barry for being the wind beneath my wings! - Cheryl Zubelt (1/17/98)

Favorite Show:  It was a lot of fun hearing all the hits. - Ellen Eisenstein (Glenview, IL) (7/20/99)

Favorite Show:  [What I like most about the concert is] Barry's personal attachment to his fans and the beautiful quality of his music. He gives all of himself at these concerts. We were thrilled. He also makes them all a little different than the last concert you saw him at. - Vera Principe (Chicago, IL) (4/2/2000)

First Show - Lori Hasbargen (Hoopeston, IL) (5/3/2000)

May 31
June 1
June 3 Iowa/Cedar Rapids
(Five Seasons Center)
Barry Manilow Live; "As Time Goes By"

Show Memory: It was a fantastic experience. We sat in the center balcony so we were able to see everything ... I found myself getting so sentimental. [My friend and I] cried together and kept saying, "Oh, that is my favorite!" We heard songs that we both played in concerts and also sang in solos for chorus. - Pam Kacena (6/9/97)

June 4 South Dakota/Sioux Falls
(The Arena)
This One's For You, Barry Manilow Live, Singin' With The Big Bands, "As Time Goes By"

What I liked about this show was: (1) I was in the Third Row! Most important, it brought back a lot of memories of my father. He was THE #1 fan for years, singing Barry's songs wherever we were, and he sang almost as good as Barry until his untimely passing in 1980. I just watched the CBS TV Special (Ultimate Manilow!). My son was surprised that I knew all the words to all the songs. There are still a few that can bring tears to my eyes... Thank you, Barry, for all you do. Hopefully someday I will be in the First Row! - LaVonne Novak (of South Dakota) (5/19/2002)

June 11 Oregon/Portland
(Rose Garden)
My friend had been listening to me rave about Barry for 10 years, and I had been listening to her rave about her favorite band U2 for 10 years, too. When she agreed to go with me to see Barry in Portland, I was thrilled. I was really surprised though at the end of the concert when she said that Barry's concert was WAY better than the U2 concert she had just seen! Well, I wasn't surprised that Barry was better, I was surprised she admitted it! - Linda Hughes (Seattle, WA) (10/22/2003)
June 13 Idaho/Boise
(Idaho Events Center)
First/Favorite Show:  Enjoyed every minute!!  Amazingly I scored 2nd row seats and Barry made eye contact with me during my two absolute favorite songs: "Mandy" (of course), and "Somewhere Down The Road". Awesome performance all through the show. Thanks for the wonderful memories!! - Amanda Bridges (Marion, IL) (9/16/99)
June 14 Utah/Orem
(McKay Center)
Favorite Show Memory:  This concert was like seeing an old friend.  He did all his old hits and more.  I went with a friend who is wonderfully charming and has a great sense of humor.  I just can't wait for Barry to come back to Utah! - Jennifer Ridge (3/9/98)

First and Favorite Show:  He was doing that little clicker thing and it landed on Summer of '78 ("Bluer Than Blue") and my sisters and I started screaming and he looked at us and pointed. Then after the concert we were waiting outside and he came out and got in the van and we were screaming more and he looked up and waved. I also loved "As Time Goes By." - Amy P. (St. George, UT) (6/18/99)

First Show - Bonnie Hill (Orem, UT) (6/8/2000)

June 16 Colorado/Denver
(Red Rocks Amphitheatre)
Sponsored by KIM-FM 100.3!

This One's For You, Barry Manilow Live, Barry Manilow '89, "As Time Goes By", "Could It Be Magic"

Favorite Show:  I had seen Barry before in concert, but never at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. For those of you who read his book, this is where he received his first standing ovation. There was just something about the beautiful natural surroundings above the city lights of Denver accompanied with Barry's gorgeous music. When my brother and I first got there and went to our seats, they were already taken!  It seemed that there was an error and two sets of tickets were printed for our seats. I was a little worried that we were going to get seats further back, but a wonderful PR guy worked it to where we ended up in the fifth row. I have never had better seats at any concert. What a great night! - Regina Parkes (Aurora, CO) (6/29/99)

First Show - Scott Novak (Denver, CO) (7/7/2000)

I have been a Barry Manilow fan since I was a child. I first came to know of him through my mom's eight-track tapes. This concert was a dream come true, and it was one of the most enjoyable days of my life. What I liked most was that Barry sounded just like he did on those old recordings. - Jason Davis (Auburn, AL) (2/20/2002)

June 18 Arizona/Phoenix
(Symphony Hall)
First/Favorite (and CSWY!) Show:  I am a breast cancer survivor today because of Barry's music and God's awesome love for me.  Thank you Barry for always helping me make it "through the rain"! - Lisa Pare' (2/18/98)

Favorite Show:  What can one say about Barry Manilow other than he is the greatest!  I enjoyed the concept of letting the audience pick the songs from the remote control. I even heard some songs I wasn't familiar with. Hoping he's coming back to Phoenix soon. - Kim James (Phoenix, AZ) (5/22/99)

I went to the show with four other co-workers and they were so happy that we got seats in the 4th row (center stage). It was one co-worker's husband's birthday. What a surprise that was for him! We ate at Macayo's prior to the show. On the second night I sat up on the balcony. - Linda Kay Ritter (11/26/2012)

June 19 Arizona/Phoenix
(Symphony Hall)
Show Memory: It was my second concert and my fan club surprised me with a front row seat. It was the first time in the front row. Barry was wonderful!! The club Prez requested that Barry sing "Please Don't Be Scared" for me. I didn't find out until I met them. They came from California to give me the ticket. It's a night I will never forget, and Barry did play the request for me. He told everyone that it was a request for someone out there, going through alot of rough times, and that he hoped it would help. I was on cloud nine for days! - Susan (7/23/97)
July 8 Oklahoma/Tulsa
(Mabee Center)
Best Show: My husband and I purchased tickets on the VERY back row! It didn't matter. He was phenomenal! - Elizabeth Johnston (12/19/97)

Favorite Show - Karen Myers (Glenpool, OK) (2/8/99)

It was the BEST concert I have ever been to. I just love the way Barry interacts with the audience. He has a wonderful personality and his music is totally awesome! - Sherri Wolf (Tulsa, OK) (11/19/2003)

First Show: I am a lifelong Barry fan. Thank you for what you have given to me in your music. You're the best! - Kortney Thatcher (Tulsa, Oklahoma) (5/3/2012)

July 10 Texas/Dallas
(McFarlin Auditorium)
Show Memory (7/12): What a wonderful evening! I truly believe [Barry] gets better with age. It was incredible to sit in an auditorium with "college kids" (half my age) and watch their excitement at music that I have loved for more than two decades. They knew the lyrics and sang along just like we did. If only every performer would entertain while on stage and make their audiences feel so special, maybe their careers could endure all of the musical changes and "fads" that happen and still have the ability to draw a new audience as well as keep the old ones loyal. My hat and heart go out to Barry Manilow, his magic and his love for what he does. It is evident each time he walks on the stage and sings a song, whether it is "Mandy", "As Time Goes By" or "Forever And A Day". What an entertainer!!! Thanks Barry for a night that I will long remember. - Shelly Van Blarcum (7/14/97)

I couldn't believe we had been "together" for twenty years! The old songs brought back great memories. - Karen Webb (Mansfield, OH/Dallas, TX) (12/7/98)

Favorite Show:  Barry is an entertainer with style and audience rapport. Very few of today's artists connect with the audience during the performance. Barry is a class act every time. - Toni and Gary Vaughn (Abilene, TX) (11/5/99)

July 12: This was my favorite of all the concerts that I have ever seen. I had front row center tickets and was in absolute heaven for over two hours. As a 20-years-plus fan, to be so close to my idol was unforgettable. He was perfect to a fault. Every note, gesture and nuance. He sang songs chosen at random from his albums and sang one of my very favorites, "I Am Your Child." Just going through a divorce from a 20-year marriage with a teenage son, no song could have meant more to me that night. I was in tears from the first note to the last. That night will stay with me forever. - Barbara Ann Starcher (Dallas, TX) (11/19/2000)

July 11 Highlights: This One's For You / Daybreak / Reminiscing / Bandstand Boogie -and- Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again (from TRYIN' TO GET THE FEELING) / Chattanooga Choo Choo (from SINGIN' WITH THE BIG BANDS) / I'd Really Love To See You Tonight / Could It Be Magic / Once In Love With Amy (from SHOWSTOPPERS) / Sunday Father (intro) -and- Ships (from ONE VOICE) / It's A Miracle (acoustic) / Mandy / Can't Smile Without You / Medley (Never My Love (from SUMMER OF '78), I Swear) / Copacabana (At The Copa) / As Time Goes By / Weekend In New England / Gonzo Hits Medley (Memory, The Old Songs, Jump Shout Boogie, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, New York City Rhythm, Some Kind Of Friend, Read 'Em And Weep, Somewhere Down The Road, Ready To Take A Chance Again, It's A Miracle, Let's Hang On, Somewhere In The Night, This One's For You, I Write The Songs) / Forever And A Day

July 11
July 12
July 14 Tennessee/Nashville
(Starwood Amphitheatre)
In conjunction with BMIFC Convention '97!

Barry Manilow II, Singin' With The Big Bands, "As Time Goes By"

Favorite Show:  (Actually here and at Mud Island in Memphis!) I love all of Barry Manilow's music. - Diane Hardin (Savannah, TN) (7/9/99)

First Show - Maria Gaines (Lebanon, TN) (8/21/99)

I loved everything about the show. Barry is a thorough entertainer. I hope one of these days to sing "Can't Smile Without You," with him. - Angie Logsdon (Nashville, TN) (1/26/2001)

First Show: Most of the time in my 33 years in radio, whenever Barry came to town, I had to work or didn't have enough cash (that stuff about the 'vow of poverty' in radio is mostly true). At the Nashville show, it was clear he in the middle of a long tour, but he still managed to get a big crowd at Starwood up for some 2-1/2 hours. I was on my last couple of days of vacation, zipping down I-40 into Davidson County when one of the Nashville stations noted he was in town that night. US 41 was the next exit; I found my way from there, and it was worth the trip. Barry has it right: it's all about the music. Has been since 1973, when a St. Louis DJ played "One of These Days" because "Could it Be Magic" was too long. It's underscored my one true love, and later songs helped when that ended. On "15 Minutes", "Bring on Tomorrow" is 1978, when that breakthrough job came along, and "Written in Stone" is 1980, when trying to build a career cost me something very special. I understood perfectly, and thanks. - Edward Moreland (St. Peters, Missouri) (12/3/2012)

July 15 Tennessee/Memphis
(Mud Island Amphitheatre)
In conjunction with BMIFC Convention '97!

Showstoppers, "Wild Places", "I'll Be Here With You"

It was great, Great, GREAT! - Jimmy Godwin (Booneville, MS) (11/8/2000)

What is it I don't like about a Barry concert? They all are great! I especially like the opening act of a celebrity singer impersonator. He was great. It was the first time for me to attend a Barry concert with an opening act. I was reluctant, afraid it would take away from the special atmosphere that only Barry can create. However, quite the contrary. I especially like the tour of singing the oldies like you would hear them on the radio. It was the best ever... - Patricia Michelle Greer (Fulton, KY) (2/5/2001)

Favorite Show - Jennifer Gray (Houston, MS) (7/3/2001)

First Show: I was 6 years old in 1977 when my mom would listen to Barry's 8-tracks over and over again. This is how I acquired my love for Manilow's music. Over the years my musical tastes have grown and I love concerts, so when I heard Barry Manilow was going to be in Memphis I just had to be there! The coolest part about the show was it was my parents' 27th Anniversary and I was able to take them to it. The music Barry performed from the Summer of '78 CD was incredible. My Ultimate Manilow experience would be to see him perform at Radio City Music Hall. Maybe some day I will... - Chris Haag (Jonesboro, AR) (11/27/2002)

Highlights: This One's For You / Daybreak / Reminiscing / THIS ONE'S FOR YOU (Jump Shout Boogie, All The Time, Looks Like We Made It) / BOXED SET (I Am Your Child, Wild Places) / I'd Really Love To See You Tonight / Even Now / SHOWSTOPPERS (Give My Regards To Broadway (intro), Once In Love With Amy) / 2:00 AM PARADISE CAFE (When October Goes) / It's A Miracle / Mandy / Can't Smile Without You / Never My Love/I Swear / Copacabana (At The Copa) + encore / As Time Goes By / Weekend In New England/ Gonzo Hits Medley (Memory, The Old Songs, Bandstand Boogie, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, New York City Rhythm, Some Kind Of Friend, Read 'Em And Weep, Somewhere Down The Road, Ready To Take A Chance Again, It's A Miracle, Let's Hang On, Somewhere In The Night, This One's For You) / I Write The Songs / I'll Be Here With You / Copacabana (At The Copa) (reprise)

[ Manilow TV Episode #130 aired October 2020 ]

July 16 Alabama/Birmingham
(Oak Mountain Amphitheatre)
Show Memory: I only have one word to say about the concert ..... AWESOME!!!!! Barry was fantastic. This was the first time I've ever seen him in concert and he was truly unbelievable. He sang nonstop for about two hours. It was a HOT, MUGGY night and he never even took a sip of water. His voice was as good or better than he is on his recordings. He was polite, humble, funny, appreciative, and just plain fantastic. My 9-year old daughter ("Mandi") went with my husband and me, and was just awestruck when he sang "her" song! - Terri McVay (7/19/97)

This show was spectacular! I just can't wait for him to come to my area again because "I CAN'T SMILE WITHOUT YOU, Barry!!" - Kathy Bryant (Ohatchee, AL) (11/17/98)

July 18 Pennsylvania/State College
(Bryce Jordan Center)
First Show: Our daughter Emily got to experience Barry Manilow in concert for the first time. For a six year old who loves to sing, Barry's Music is now at the top of the list. She can't wait to see him again. - Tom and Lisa Kelchner (7/21/97)

Show Memory:  This concert was absolutely fabulous!  I have waited many years for Barry to come to our area.  I have been a fan of his for twenty years and was ecstatic to finally see him.  I was spellbound by his intensity from the minute he took the stage until his final farewell, "Forever And A Day"! - Sheila Meyers (7/29/97)

Best Show:  IT WAS EXCELLENT...I got my seats from the Fan Club and I was in the 2nd row from the stage.  He looked so HOT in the teal green outfit he was wearing. - Diane G. Curfman (1/19/98)

Favorite Show: Loved the format of the concert! - Mary Anna Sieber (of Pennsylvania) (9/17/98)

Favorite Show:  EEXXCCEELLLLEENNTT! - Rick Stains (Harrisburg, PA) (11/16/98)

Favorite Show:  I had ninth row seats. Barry was wonderful. My husband says his concert was THE BEST ever that he has been to at the Bryce Jordan Center and for that matter the best in a long, long time. - Lisa Shetler (Howard, PA) (9/29/99)

First Show - Alby Anne Woodruff (State College, Pennsylvania) (3/13/2016)

July 19 Virginia/Richmond
(Classic Amphitheatre)
Tryin' To Get The Feeling, Barry Manilow '89, Barry Manilow Live, Showstoppers, "Never My Love/I Swear"

Best Show Memory: It was a great show! I have loved his music since I was a kid growing up. - Thomas Long (8/17/97)

Favorite Show - Sarah Ingles (3/12/98)

I celebrated my 30th birthday with my family and Barry at the concert in my hometown of Richmond. Barry has been the common thread throughout my family's diverse musical tastes. If only I could have sung "Can't Smile Without You" on stage... but, nonetheless, it was an amazing night. - Dawn (of Owings Mills, MD) (9/14/2003)

July 20 Georgia/Atlanta
(Chastain Park Amphitheatre)
Tryin' To Get The Feeling, Barry Manilow Live, Singin' With The Big Bands, "I Made It Through The Rain", "I Go Crazy"

Show Memory: The concert was wonderful! The band sounded great. Those Old Songs are often the ones everyone longs to hear... He did most of the Classic Manilow songs and at times you could hear the entire audience singing along. The stage design and set up were really cool. The sound system was terrific. The lighting was complimentary without being disruptive. - Faye Duzan (7/21/97)

When Barry walked out on stage I felt weak in the knees! Here, in person, was this wonderful voice I had grown up listening to. It was magical! He is a true entertainer and knows how to put on a show. No one left there feeling let-down. People were singing his songs on the way to their cars. Awesome!! - Cher Schmidt (Danielsville, GA) (9/10/2000)

First Show - Susan Pirkle (Atlanta, GA) (6/11/2004)

First Show - Sherrie (of Columbus, GA) (4/16/2008)

July 22 Pennsylvania/Hershey
(Star Pavilion)
Tryin' To Get The Feeling, "Weekend In New England"/"Even Now", "I Go Crazy" (new version), "I Made It Through The Rain"

Favorite Show:  How Barry has matured as a performer! He is always the consumate showman. - Autumn Shenk (of Pennsylvania) (1/8/99)

Favorite Show: This is the closest I've ever been to Barry. He is even more handsome up close and personal. Barry actually responded to me when I yelled something to him that evening. I will remember that always. He sang right through the rain and no one cared that they were soaked to the bone. Barry rocked Hershey Park that evening. His concerts are more thrilling than the best roller coaster ride. I admire and respect Barry and would one day like, no, make that love, to meet him in person. I've always loved Barry's music and am always amazed at the talent he's been blessed with. Please don't stop "rockin'" us, Barry! - Michelle (of Harrisburg, PA) (3/24/99)

Favorite Show: I got to meet with Barry in person because I had backstage passes. It was a dream come true (I had to keep pinching myself to believe it). He is as handsome in person as he is on TV or videos. - Pat DeMarco (Hazleton, PA) (3/24/99)

Favorite Show: I was the 2nd Prize winner that night. Could hardly believe it when they called my name. I won a 4-CD set with a video of highlights from Barry's career. I never had an opportunity to say "Thanks!" - Lynn (of Middletown, PA) (5/17/2000)

First Show - Leslie Mills (Hagerstown, Maryland) (5/23/2012)

July 23 New Jersey/Camden
(Blockbuster Sony Music Entertainment Centre)
This One's For You, Box Set, Singin' With The Big Bands, One Voice, "I Go Crazy", "As Time Goes By"

Favorite Show (one of many!): I feel that Barry gives his all when performing and you can see how much he enjoys what he is doing. He plays to the audience and just wants everyone to have a good time. - Debbie Brown (Plymouth Meeting, PA) (5/5/99)

July 24 Canada/Ontario, Toronto
(Paramount Canada's Wonderland Kingswood)
First Show Memory: I always loved Barry's music but never realized how much until I saw the [A&E Special] on TV ... I decided I was going to see him in concert when he came to Toronto. The concert was amazing and I will definitely go back and see him the next time. - Diana (7/26/97)

Favorite Show - Evelyn Kay (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) (2/19/2002)

Pure Manilow Magic - a true showman in every aspect of the word. I am a fellow singer/musician myself, and have been inspired by Barry Manilow since the age of 16, know all the hits. Keep 'em coming Barry!! - Martyn Dolby (Toronto, Canada) (7/29/2004)

July 30 Connecticut/Ledyard
(Foxwoods Casino)
First Show (August 3) - Darcie (of Burlington, MA) (5/16/2000)

[What I liked was the] front row seats... favorite songs... Barry's energy... the way he sang "Could It Be Magic"... the way Barry interacted with us... and the way he looked at me while I listened to him sing. - Marilyn (of Fairfield, CT) (10/17/2002)

Favorite Show: Barry is so TERRIFIC. Just being there in the same room with him was the best feeling I have had in a long time. I love his sentimental songs and his way of introducing them. - Sheila May (New London, CT) (4/2/2004)

July 31
August 1
(7 PM)
August 1
(10 PM)
August 2
(7 PM)
August 2
(10 PM)
August 3
August 5 New Jersey/Holmdel
(PNC Bank Arts Center)
Sponsored by WPLJ 95.5 FM!

Highlights: "All The Time", "As Time Goes By", "Something's Comin' Up", "I Go Crazy" (new version), "Forever And A Day"

August 5th ... My favorite thing was hearing him live for the first time and all the songs I have heard throughout my life were being sung by him. Gave me a real good feeling inside. Cried a lot that night, tears of joy. Barry definitely touchs your soul. Especially liked "Forever And A Day"!!  Was beautiful... August 6th was even better!  He sung even more from the heart. You could see, hear, and feel it. He is an excellent performer, and he captivates us all. - Anita Mazza (Wantage, NJ) (5/29/99)

August 6
August 8 New York/Wantagh
(Jones Beach Theatre)
Sponsored by Z100!

Best Show Memory: Barry read a letter from a guy in the audience who wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry her (with Barry's help). As he read the letter, he called the couple onto the stage. The guy proposed to the girl, then Barry sang two romantic songs as the couple sat at the edge of the stage right in front of him. He brought more tears to my eyes than any concert before. He is just so awesome and so thankful to all of his fans. That's what makes me love him more. - Kelly McCullough (10/24/97)

First Show:  The concert that Barry Manilow performs is so wonderful. The theater was nice. He sings so good and he puts on a great show. I hope I'll see him again for my second Barry Manilow Concert. He writes the songs that are the best! - Gregory Holmstrom (Commack, NY) (11/16/98, 11/28/98)

Favorite Show: I was sitting in the second row (not the first time!!). I had sat in the first row of hundreds of other shows, but this was different - out in the cool summer night, Barry practically on top of me! What could be any better? Well, every concert I've been to, when Barry begins to sing, "Weekend In New England" and gets to the line, "when can I touch you"... RIGHT NOW!! I, of course, said it again, and this time he was really looking at me! I will say it until the day I die and maybe, just maybe, he'll pick me out of the audience to "touch me"! LOVE YOU BARRY!! - Rina (of Flushing, NY) (3/7/99)

First Show: I've liked Barry's music since I was five years old. - Victoria Rydzynski (of New York) (8/23/99)

Favorite Show: I was in the fifth row and never had a better time. Barry was, and still is, the greatest. We were probably the only New Yorkers there originally from Brooklyn when he sang that song. I love you Barry! - Christine Lavalle (Mastic, Long Island, NY) (5/4/2000)

Barry had a wheel with some of his albums on it and he picked someone from the audience to push a button. Where the wheel stopped Barry sang a song from that album. Very creative! - Michael Sternbach (Bayside, NY) (5/3/2002)

It was so great to see Barry for the first time on Long Island. I moved to California just two months after that but it was such a memorable way to Say Goodbye to Long Island by seeing my favorite male performing artist. I've seen Barry many times since, especially at the Las Vegas Hilton. I'll be there again this year as always. He has such great talent and is a very special man with a deep compassionate way about him. I'll be a fan for life always supporting the man who makes the music that gets me through the hardest days and also puts a smile on my face and makes everything seem alright. - Christine (of San Diego, CA) (5/22/2009)

August 9 New York/Canandaigua
(Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center)
near Rochester

First and Favorite Show:  I like the "Can't Smile" segment. I don't think that it could ever grow old. My goal in life is for the opportunity to sing with Barry. I also thought the "jingle" segment was great, especially the VICKS one. The entire concert was fabulous. I went with a die-hard hard-rock fan, who wasn't really familiar with Barry, and he had a great time as well. I hope he performs until he's a hundred!! - Jennifer Crowe (Hornell, NY) (6/18/99)

Favorite Show: I have loved Barry ever since I first heard his music in 1974. I have always wanted to see him live. Due to circumstances beyond my control, that just was not possible. Just before my father died, he made it possible for me to see Barry. - Sandra Harrington (of New York) (5/29/2000)

Turns out this was my very first Barry concert. Let's just say I was one very excited 13-year-old! My parents had been seeing Barry since 1978 when they saw him as a dinner attraction at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. Anyway, when we got to the show at the Finger Lakes PAC, we found out we were right behind the sound equipment. I couldn't really see anything, but the music made up for it! I was so happy when Barry did his [commercial] jingles medley. That was always my favorite part of the Live album. My concert-going [experience] has been great so far, but until I see Barry again, nothing will top my first concert! - Susan Bozenhard (Rochester, NY) (8/25/2000)

August 10 Pennsylvania/Burgettstown
(Star Lake Amphitheatre)

near Pittsburgh

Favorite Show:  I was only seven rows from the stage.  Great seats! - Becky Melotti (3/14/98)

First Show:  Wow, what a night I had!!  Me and 9,847 of the "chosen few" enjoying a spectacular performance by Barry Manilow for two hours, and the Good Lord above held back the rain, proving that He enjoys Barry Manilow also. - John Gallaway (5/25/98)

Favorite Show: Barry shined through, though the skies threatened rain. The songs, every one a favorite, spanned his entire career. The atmosphere was electric. The crowd stood several times to show their appreciation for Barry's stunning performance. The way home was marred by tree branches from a storm that wouldn't dare to interupt this magnificent craftsman's work. - Amy Doutt (Waynesburg, PA) (3/4/99)

Favorite Show: I have loved Barry Manilow since I was five years old. The first concert I went to see I was 17 years old (in 1989). I have been a devoted fan ever since. - Tanya Artman (Irwin, PA) (3/23/99)

Barry's talent, music, and wisdom are evident in everything he does. He writes, sings, and speaks from his heart. [This concert] was extra special simply because I had seats in the second row from the stage and I was able to get fabulous pictures! When Barry sang many of my favorite songs, I felt that he was performing them just for me! He is always so inspiring. I will always be grateful that his music has been such an important part of my life. I truly admire and respect him. May God continue to bless him for all of us. - Marcia Steinberger (Pittsburgh, PA) (1/18/2003)

First Show - Cindy Best (Saegertown, Pennsylvania) (4/22/2011)

August 12 Ohio/Cincinnati
(Riverbend Music Center)
First Show:  I loved hearing all my favorite songs. I really liked the interactive board that chose an album and the way he just started playing a song. It was just an awesome experience since it was the first concert I had ever been to. - Shanna Smith (Xenia, OH) (5/7/99)

I went to see Barry with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. It was my 40th birthday present. One of the best birthday presents I ever had! Listening to all the standards like "Copacabana" and "Mandy" just made the night. - Debbie Halley (Yankton, SD) (9/26/2009)

August 13 Ohio/Columbus
(Polaris Amphitheater)
First/Favorite Show:  I live four hours away from Columbus.  I drove to Cincinnati where my best friend lives, picked her up, and off we went to the show.  It was a beautiful night and we were so glad we were there.  It was definitely worth the drive.  I just love Barry's music.  It has inspired me in so many ways.  He is the reason I learned to play piano and sing from the age of nine in front of people. - Leslie Simpson (3/11/98)

First/Favorite Show:  My whole family attended and we all had a Great time.  My mother and father grew up listening and loving Barry's music and my brother had made ticket arrangements for the family.  I really enjoyed the concert. - Thomas J. Glendening (7/10/98)

First/Favorite Show: I loved the interaction with the audience. Barry is such a wonderful entertainer, not just a singer. I love his voice but to me the interaction is what makes a show. My 9-year old is a fan also. I took her to this one. It was her first! - Ruth (of Shelby, OH) (4/16/99)

I celebrated my 33rd birthday! Sat in the lawn and danced and sang along all night hoping Barry would pick me to sing "Can't Smile Without You"! He recognized us in the lawn area which I thought was neat. I was only three rows away, but no luck (Talk about excited!!). I vowed to get on stage the next time he's in town... Can Barry have two concerts? A 2:00 o'clock for the non-participating and an 8:00 o'clock for the ones who want to have a great time? Just a thought. Much success to Barry on upcoming endeavors. - Diane Bayley (Columbus, OH) (8/1/2000)

August 14 Michigan/Clarkston
(Pine Knob Music Theatre)
First/Favorite Show: It was a perfect night under the stars and Barry was absolutely fabulous. My husband, who was reluctant to attend, was pleasantly surprised by the fact that he not only knew every song, but enjoyed the show as much as I did! - Julie (of Roseville, MI) (1/24/99)
August 16 Indiana/Indianapolis
(Deer Creek Music Center)
BMIFC "Last Gasp at Summer" party at Deer Creek!

First Show:  The concert was awesome and fabulous!  His "Weekend In New England" was great. I thought the concert might be somewhat boring, but I was totally wrong!  It was really an unforgettable experience! - Joshua Blaylock (Sharpsville, Indiana) (1/13/99)

August 17 Indiana/Evansville
(Roberts Stadium)
Show Memory: All I can say is WOW!!! What a performance! Thanks Barry, for taking me down "memory lane" with your voice and songs. "Mandy" brought tears to my eyes... - Kim-Ann (8/21/97)

First Show Memory: I am 30 years old, and I listened to Barry when I was a little girl. His concert from opening act (Gordy Brown) to the very end was the true essense of artistic entertainment that is for everyone. His feelings explode through his music and my emotions are in tune with every note, lyric, and melody. I felt goosebumps, and cried during his performance. As he has said in his album covers and in his music, "I am blessed". - Karen Hasselbrinck (8/23/97)

First Show - Melissa Cooper (Indianapolis, IN) (8/20/99)

Favorite Show:  My husband went with me to the concert. I had binoculars and a voice. The ladies in back of me wanted so badly to borrow those binoculars. I was hoping they would pick me to talk to Barry. Those around me were saying pick her!  Oh well, standing on my chair didn't help either. I did get his attention though. I said "Barry, I'm up here" and probably after about fifty tries, he calls up, looking at me and says, "I LOVE YOU TOO."  And I knew he was talking to me. So did my husband and those around me. The man next to me said, "you're having a good time aren't you?"  Of course I said "yes" (and I was). Thanks to my Husband for taking me and the Barry fans around me. - R. Meyer (Jasper, IN) (2/20/2000)

This was the second time I saw Barry. I got to the box office at the last minute (like, seriously, one minute before curtain) and bought a front row center ticket! - Todd Young (Evansville, IN) (9/19/2010)

August 18 Missouri/St. Louis
(Riverport Amphitheatre)
Favorite Show:  What I liked was sharing it with my "other" sister-in-law. My sister-in-law that is my "Barry Soul Mate", Ann, was living in South Carolina at the time, and as a ritual, she and I always go to the concerts together. But this time, she couldn't make it. So I forced Kelly, the sister-in-law that is so "not into Barry", to go with me. We had such wonderful seats - third row, center stage. What I enjoyed most, besides getting to see him once again, was to hear my "not into Barry" sister-in-law say, "You know, that man really puts on a good show, it was excellent."  [What I love about] every concert I am fortunate enough to attend is being able to see "a true gift" from God. Thank you, Barry. And, thank you God for giving us such a wonderful human being. - Lynn Crawford (St. Louis, MO) (6/27/99)

First Show - Ginny (of St. Louis, MO) (4/17/2002)

Highlights: This One's For You / Daybreak / Reminiscing / Songs from THIS ONE'S FOR YOU (Jump Shout Boogie, All The Time, Looks Like We Made It) / I'd Really Love To See You Tonight (dance remix) / Songs from ONE VOICE (One Voice (a cappella), Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed) / Even Now / Songs from SHOWSTOPPERS (Give My Regards to Broadway, Once In Love With Amy) / I Go Crazy / Could It Be Magic / You Came a Long Way from St. Louis / Songs from BARRY MANILOW II (It's A Miracle, Mandy) / Can't Smile Without You / Sometimes When We Touch / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Weekend In New England / Medley of Hits (Memory, The Old Songs, Bandstand Boogie, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, New York City Rhythm, Some Kind Of Friend, Read 'Em And Weep, Somewhere Down The Road, Ready To Take A Chance Again, It's A Miracle, Let's Hang On, Somewhere In The Night) / I Write The Songs / Forever And A Day / Copacabana (At The Copa) (reprise)

[ Manilow TV Episode #123 aired March 2020 ]

August 20 Massachusetts/Boston
(Harborlights Pavilion)
First Show Memory: My very first Live Manilow Show, it was outstanding!! The highlight was when he sang "I Am Your Child". He was charming, funny and put on a fabulous concert. A funny moment in the show was when a airplne flew overhead - Harborlights is an outside theater on Boston Harbor - he commented that he hoped it was on our side and then continued to finish the song he was singing. - Tina Laren (Douglas, MA) (2/21/99)

It was my first Barry concert. I had such a good time. He is very entertaining. My favorite song was "Memory". He really belted it out!  He even talked to someone on a cell phone that missed the concert because they were sick. When he finished the concert, no one left and he came back out and sang "One Voice" without the [band]. What a guy!  I love him!! - Linda Blanchette (Ashland, MA) (5/14/99)

August 22 New Jersey/Atlantic City
(Sands Casino)
Barry was only a FEW FEET AWAY! He put on a phenomenal show. I saw him four times that year in various places... but this was the BEST!! - Adelaide Lombardo (Brooklyn, NY) (11/24/2002)
August 23
August 24
November 6 Washington/Seattle
(Key Arena)
Highlights: "I Made It Through The Rain", "I Go Crazy", "As Time Goes By", and selections from Barry Manilow Live, This One's For You, Singin' With The Big Bands.

It was great and normally you don't see people like Barry in Seattle because of the grunge music liked in this area. I took my husband that dislikes Barry and he admitted he loved the show! - Caroline Davis (Sedro-Woolley, WA) (11/20/98)

First Show:  My daughter and I had front row seats, and it was like Barry was singing just to us at times. He is a great artist, and I will be a fan forever. - Lynda Larsen (Marysville, WA) (12/21/98)

November 7 Washington/Spokane
(Spokane Arena)
My second Barry concert (the first being at the same venue in September 1976!): Projections didn't work, but it didn't matter. Barry is the consummate performer. He dealt with it and moved on. I was struck by what a privilege and responsibility it is for Barry to receive the level of adulation from his fans. One of my favorite albums is Singin' With The Big Bands. I love the old music too. Kudos to Barry's band! Many thanks to Barry for a wonderful evening of new memories! - Melody Deatherage (11/8/97)

First Show - Cathy Nicol (Spokane, WA) (12/31/2001)

November 8 Washington/Kennewick
(Tri Cities Coliseum)
Highlights: "Sometimes When We Touch", "One Voice", Tribute to John Denver ("Sunshine On My Shoulders", followed by "We Live On Borrowed Time")

This was my first concert ever of seeing Mr. Manilow. I missed his Portland appearance for many reasons. I cried for hours on end because I had scrimped and saved and managed to get floor tickets (second row) for my daughter and me. For four months the TicketMaster office worked with me to find another concert in the area. Lo and behold, Tri-Cities! I got my tickets and booked [a flight]... We were on our way to a memory that we could never have dreamed of. What made this so special to me is my daughter is named Mandie. I gave her that name for many reasons. A beautiful girl, a beautiful name, a beautiful song, her father's initials and my favorite artist. So for my 12-year old's first concert ever I gave her music appreciation and "her" song. When Mr. Manilow sang "Mandy" in his second act my daughter leaned into me, put her arm around me and started crying. I was crying too... WHAT A MEMORY! - Lyla L. Hartley (Portland, OR) (9/13/98)

November 10 California/Sacramento
(Memorial Auditorium)
Highlights: "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight", "I Made It Through The Rain", Tribute to John Denver, and selections from the Box Set, Barry Manilow Live, This One's For You

My favorite concert was when I was chosen to sing "Can't Smile Without You." I had been a fan for about 20 years, and it was a thrill of a lifetime to go onstage with Barry and get a wonderful kiss and hug! He is an amazing showman, and I won't ever forget it! - Can't Smile girl Jill Ratner (Sacramento, CA) (5/30/2003)

November 11 California/Fresno
(Selland Arena)
Highlights: "As Time Goes By", "Sometimes When We Touch", John Denver Tribute, selections from Tryin' To Get The Feeling, Singin' With The Big Bands, Barry Manilow II

First Show Memory:  I yelled out "Oh, Barry" during "Oh, Mandy" and Barry turned and looked at me. That was great! - Nancy (of Fresno) (1/12/99)

My 27-year-old son has always been a Barry Manilow fan (He has kept this a secret from most of his friends). When he was 4-years-old, he knew all the words to "Copacabana." At the end of 1997, he was getting ready to move down south to go to school. As a going-away present, I took him to see Barry, second row, center. It was the most memorable time I have ever had with my son. We had so much fun, even though he ran into a friend that was there (with HER MOM!). If I ever get a chance to do it again, I will -- just me and my son! - Pat (of Fresno, CA) (10/3/2001)

November 12 California/San Francisco
(Bill Graham Civic Auditorium)
Highlights: "Even Now", "Could It Be Magic", John Denver Tribute, selections from Barry Manilow Live, Singin' With The Big Bands, Tryin' To Get The Feeling

Favorite Show: Barry is just such a showman! As with the first time I saw Barry (in 1995), I got so excited I couldn't help but scream. There were several songs (Copa, of course) during which the audience leaped from their chairs and rushed the stage, and I was right there! - Beth (of San Francisco, CA) (3/29/99)

November 18 Texas/San Antonio
(Municipal Auditorium)
Show Memory: I was closer to the stage than I've ever been before. Barry gets better with age (he looks great for 51). It amazed me how diverse in age the audience was. It was the most awesome show, it brought back so many memories. I'm still up in the stratosphere! His voice just makes me melt. As long as Barry keeps singing, I'll keep listening! - Donna Gosselin (11/20/97)

First Show - Irene Phillips (San Antonio, Texas) (1/2/2012)

November 19 Texas/Houston
(The Summit)
Sponsored by KRBE-104!

Best Show Memory: I got picked to use the clicker! He asked me if I loved him, and I said, "YOU DON'T KNOW!" Then he asked me if I had been a fan for a long time. I said, "since 1972". He then told me how good I looked (I'm 45). I am ecstatic! - Marsha Petruzzo (11/22/97)

First Show: Greatest concert ever! If you haven't seen Barry Manilow in concert, you should. You will have a great time and will not be disappointed! - Mr. Shannon Duhon (12/11/97)

Although the attendence was less than ideal Barry proved he is the undisputed number one showman of our generation. He was as handsome as ever and I have never heard him in better voice. His smoldering performance of "As Time Goes By" was incredible. Tony Bennett never did it like that! Barry's tribute to John Denver was even more touching with his a cappella treatment of "Sunshine On My Shoulder". Great! Wow!! - Donna (12/2/97)

I got tickets after I found out that the show was on sale again after it had been cancelled due to illness, and that very same night I won $597 from Cash 5!!  I'm a huge Barry nut only at the age of twenty-two. I liked Barry ever since I was a kid and when I saw him (at the Summit) I liked him even more than before. Hope to see him again and again!! - Eric Evola (Houston, TX) (11/19/98, 12/2/98)

First Show - Amy Thomas (Houston, TX) (1/20/99)

November 20 Texas/Austin
(Frank Erwin Events Center)
Favorite Show - Chris Wilkowski (Austin, TX) (12/11/2001)

The first time I saw Barry Live was 1983 at the Irwin sports center in Austin, along with about 15,000 other adoring, close friends. I was too far away, so had to use binoculars. Great show, exciting! He never stops moving in a show. My favorite show was in 1997 in a more intimate stage setting. We had 7th row seats. Barry wore a blue suit, making his eyes even bluer. My husband and I had just gotten married. He was a devout John Denver fan, and had never seen Barry in concert. Barry sang a salute to John Denver, who had recently died. He won my husband's heart, and he was a fan forever. Barry is such a great entertainer. I've seen him in Vegas four times! - Dianne Herber (Georgetown, TX) (9/1/2010)

November 26 Florida/Jacksonville
(Times Union Center for the Performing Arts, Moran Theatre)
Highlights: "Sometimes When We Touch", "I Made It Through The Rain", "One Voice", selections from Showstoppers, This One's For You

First Show - Lisa Stewart (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) (4/17/2002)

November 28 Florida/Fort Lauderdale
(Sunrise Musical Theatre)
Show Memories: I went to all three shows. At the Sunday, November 30th performance, one of the women in the audience who was chosen to "click the clicker" requested "A Linda Song". Barry appeared quite startled and moved by this request and promised her he would rehearse it during intermission. True to his word, he talked a little bit about Linda, and sang as much of it as he could remember. I had never seen him perform this song live -- what a special treat! - Kathleen Fountain (12/2/97)

First Show: Barry is one of the greatest performers. I am 28 years old and am always one of the youngest in line when tickets go on sale -- wouldn't miss it! - Kerry Shea (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (12/12/2001)

November 28: This was the very first concert that my mother and I went to. We both enjoyed all the songs Barry sang. When the show got started and Barry finally came out on stage, my mother and I could actually pick up on the scent of cologne that he was wearing from where we were sitting. I remembered his talking briefly and sharing stories in between songs. We were laughing over a few jokes Barry told (He was so hilarious and adorable!). I didn't know about the "Can't Smile" routine [but] when we saw Barry sitting on the piano with the woman right in front of him, my mother and I really thought that was cute! Barry had everyone get up out of their seats to sing and dance to "Copacabana." It was a great show that night and will be something I'll never forget. Thanks, Barry! You did great, looked great, and sounded so beautiful! - Angie (of Florida) (1/15/2003)

I have seen Barry in concert 44 times and loved them all. I sat in the first row, in the middle. Barry sat on the steps and sang a song looking right at me! I couldn't believe it! The theatre was small and it was packed, but I felt like I was the only one there. Barry had multiple concerts in a row and I went to all of them! - Joan (of Florida) (11/11/2013)

November 29
November 30
December 2 Florida/Tampa
(Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Carol Morsani Hall)
Show Memory (December 2):  I have been to see Barry six times now and this was definitely one of the most satisfying! His rendition of "Mandy" was his best yet and "Weekend in New England" has become his ultimate power ballad. The show was packed with nice surprises, like " As Time Goes By " and the Christmas sing-a-long he used to close the show. He is the most powerful entertainer alive and I feel blessed to have his voice and his music in my life. - 'jabo437' (12/3/97)

Favorite Show (December 2):  I've only been to five concerts so far (I'm kinda new at the touring thing) although I plan to go to many. All of them have been extremely special to me for one reason or another.  At this concert I went with my friend, Cindy...that's enough of a reason to be the best! - Jessica ("CSWY girl") Whitlock (Sarasota, FL) (8/4/98)

Favorite Show:  I had great seats and could see the emotion on his face as he sang. It was the third Barry concert I attended (in 1997) - including Radio City Music Hall in New York, Rosemont Theatre in Chicago, and Tampa.  The show was so well planned. Each concert was different. - Julie Koerner (of New Jersey) (8/10/98)

First Show: Barry Manilow was wonderful. I have been listening to his music for as long as I can remember. My father is the biggest fan and owns all of the CDs and records. I am only 18 but have been brought up with Barry's music. Barry Manilow is an inspiration and a common name around our home. We loved the show!! - Jennifer Zaccaro (Port Richey, FL) (3/6/99)

Favorite Show (December 3): Barry's music has always been there for me when I was happy or feeling down...and one time in particular even saved my life! Since 1978, I have seen Barry 55 times in concert and never ONCE have I been disappointed!! Thank You Barry for 25 years of wonderful memories and for just being there! - Barbara Lovejoy ("CSWY girl") (Murfreesboro, TN) (5/7/99)

My whole family went. I had been to "Barry" concerts during both of my pregnancies, and now my two teenagers were there in person for real, as well as my husband, who is originally from Brooklyn. He was hollering when Barry mentioned different parts of Brooklyn. I know Barry heard him, because Barry was shielding his eyes and peering up at us. We were on the side balcony and he actually did see us waving at him [and] he waved back. - Barbara Weaver (Pinellas Park, FL) (1/3/2001)

Favorite Show (December 2) - Wendy Dresser (Zephyrhills, FL) (1/22/2003)

December 3
December 5 Florida/Orlando
(Orange County Convention Center Performing Arts Theater)
BMIFC pre/post-concert parties at Grosvenor Resort and the House of Blues

Favorite Show (December 6) - Maria Gaines (Lebanon, TN) (8/21/99)

First Show (December 5): I won tickets to this show from a local radio station. Everyone around me probably thought I had hit the Lotto. The concert was a dream come true. I cried and sang the whole time. One of the most memorable experiences of my life. Barry is GREAT! - Susan McKee (Kissimmee, FL) (12/24/2002)

December 5: I was amazed at how much fun Barry Manilow was. Better than any wild rap star! - Christina Tomaka (Melbourne, FL) (10/9/2009)

December 6
December 7 Florida/Tallahassee
(Leon County Civic Center)
First Show: (Favorite song - "Mandy") - Evan Kaplan (of Florida) (12/8/98)
December 10 Washington DC
(MCI Center)
Grand Opening Inaugural Performance!

MCI did not go wrong by putting Barry FIRST here. He "broke in" the MCI Center!  The show was great. My girlfriend likes Barry now just as much as I do! - Thomas L. Long (Chesterfield, VA) (1/10/99)

First Show - Lynn Davies (Woodbridge, VA) (8/7/99)

I loved ALL of it! I've been a huge Barry fan since I was a kid. - Melissa (at Yokota AB, Japan) (4/13/2002)

First Show - Vicki Wallace (Alexandria, VA) (1/24/2004)

December 11 Rhode Island/Providence
(Civic Center)
First Show - Jennifer Shea (Cranston, RI) (3/26/2002)

First Show - Anne Clesas (Cranston, RI) (10/2/2004)

December 17 Kansas/Wichita
(Century II Convention Center)
Favorite Show:  My husband surprised me with the tickets (He had never been a Manilow fan...till then!) - Dawn Harper (7/9/98)

[What I liked about this concert was] the MAN himself! I have loved Barry since 1976 and was finally able to see him in concert. I would give anything to see him again! - Vickey Corns (Wichita, KS) (8/26/2003)

December 18 Oklahoma/Norman
(Lloyd Noble Center)
First Show:  I waited for this concert for nearly a year.  Barry was scheduled to perform in June 1997 but he had laryngitis and had to cancel.  I kept my 12th row tickets ... Even though he was losing his voice again, he still sang to the world and sang his heart out!  That's what made the concert even more memorable and special for me.  He told us that there was no way he was cancelling again!  He gave us quite a show.  I was so excited and pumped to finally get to see him!!  When he came on stage I yelled, "BARRY!!"  He replied, "YEAAAA!!"  His performance was outstanding and his spirits remained high.  Thanks, Barry!  We'll meet again!  I truly can't smile without you! - Sally Nesselrode (Tonkawa, OK) (3/31/98)

Favorite Show:  Barry was ill, but he worked so hard for us! - Connie ("CSWY girl") Algoflah (7/14/98)

First and Favorite Show:  I was in awe of his talent. I have listened to his music for years, but seeing him in person brought it all to life. It was the best concert I have ever attended. If he comes into my area again, I will be there! - Ellen C. Long (Lawton, OK) (7/15/99)

I got to go backstage after the show. Even though dear Barry was sick with bronchitis he was gracious and charming. My feet didn't touch the ground for days. - Dawn Herring (Tulsa, OK) (4/27/2000)

I loved EVERYTHING! The electricity, singing Christmas songs, singing along to every song, and Barry's just being human by telling us that he was sick and doing HIS very best to give us a great show. I really enjoyed it! It was a great early Christmas present for me. - Jan Travis (Norman, Oklahoma) (7/20/2011)

December 21 Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Garden Arena)
Barry Manilow's Musical Magic to Fill the Grand Garden Arena

On the heels of his top-rated A&E Network special and his 37th Top 40 single, Barry Manilow will make a stop at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday, December 21, at 8 p.m. Manilow's new concert tour, which started last spring, features his greatest hits from the past 20 years as well as recent hits from his new release, Summer of '78.

At this special Grand Garden concert, fans can help determine which songs Manilow will perform. The singer/songwriter will ask select audience members, who have an electronic device at their seat, to choose an album - from his catalog of 29 - from which he will sing a selection of songs. This "by request" format follows Manilow's similarly themed 1996 A&E Network special which broke the network's records for viewership and logged more than two million phone calls from fans around the world requesting their favorite song.
The master showman is excited about the challenge of performing songs at random from his entire catalogue. "As long as they stick to my songs and don't request 'Ukelele Lady' or 'Roll Me Over in the Clover' I'll probably be okay," Manilow says. "Ask me to play a Metallica song, however, and I'm history."
December 22 California/San Diego
(Cox Arena)
Barry returned to the city that world-premiered HARMONY! Concert highlights:  "Sometimes When We Touch (remix)", "Weekend In New England", the 'cornball medley' (Christmas sing-along - Deck The Halls/Jingle Bell Rock/Feliz Navidad/White Christmas), "Because It's Christmas", and selections from This One's For You, the Box Set, and Showstoppers.

First Show:  I liked how he sang Christmas songs, and streamers flew all over at the end of the concert. - Anna Kalina (San Diego, CA) (9/24/99)

December 23 California/Palm Desert
(McCallum Theatre)
Benefit for College of the Desert, Palm Springs Youth Center, Coachella Valley Mountain Conservancy

Highlights: This One's For You / Daybreak / Looks Like We Made It / One Voice / As Time Goes By (tribute to Tony Bennett) / Big Band Segment: Don't Get Around Much Anymore, I'll Never Smile Again, Chattannooga Choo Choo / Mandy / The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) / Baby It's Cold Outside (duet with Suzanne Somers) / We Can Be Kind (duet with Suzanne Somers) / Christmas Sing-Along (Barry, Suzanne and the audience): Deck The Halls, Jingle Bell Rock, Feliz Navidad, White Christmas / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Gonzo Hits Medley: Memory, The Old Songs, Bandstand Boogie, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, New York City Rhythm, Some Kind Of Friend, Read 'Em And Weep, Somewhere Down The Road, Ready To Take A Chance Again, It's A Miracle, Let's Hang On, Somewhere In The Night, This One's For You (reprise) / I Write The Songs (with the College of the Desert Theatre Choir) / It's A Miracle

[ Manilow.TV Episode #27 aired December 2011 ]

December 26 California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)

"Very Strange Medley", "Studio Musician", "Don't Get Around Much Anymore", "I'll Never Smile Again", "Chattanooga Choo Choo", "I Go Crazy", "Forever And A Day", "All The Time", "Jump Shout Boogie", "Looks Like We Made It", and more! (12/26)

"Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again", "Bandstand Boogie", "Beautiful Music", "One Voice", "All I Need Is The Girl", "I Am Your Child", "Never My Love/I Swear", "As Time Goes By", Gonzo Hits Medley (variation with "Jump Shout Boogie") and more! (12/27)

Part of "Even Now" (duet with clicker picker Kay), special request "I Wanna Do It With You", "I Am Your Child", selections from This One's For You and Singin' With The Big Bands, "Mandy", "I Go Crazy", "Forever And A Day", and a Can't Smile performance that had Barry's socks falling down! (12/28)

New Year's Eve highlights: "Life Will Go On", a bit of "Give My Regards To Broadway", "Once In Love With Amy", "If We Only Have Love", "Could It Be Magic", "Baby It's Cold Outside" (Duet with special guest Debra Byrd), a Gonzo-Hit-less "I Write The Songs" (from the "red album"), "We Live On Borrowed Time", "It's Just Another New Year's Eve", "Auld Lang Syne", H-A-P-P-Y N-E-W Y-E-A-R (balloons, streamers, horns), "It's A Miracle"!

I attended the 12/28 concert. It was wonderful...Stroll down memory lane. Really enjoyed the personal touches. (CSWY girl) Lisa was great!! - Naomi Smith (1/7/98)

New Year's Eve: An amazing show -- even having seen this show ten other times, it was unique and moving. There were several highlights -- a surprise duet of "Baby It's Cold Outside" with Debra Byrd (the audience went nuts when she appeared on stage), "Life Will Go On", "If We Only Have Love" and "We Live On Borrowed Time". It would have been worth flying the 3,000 miles merely to see him in a tux! - Kathy Fountain (1/5/98)

First/Favorite Show (Dec. 27):  My mother has always been a BIG fan of Barry's, and I was listening to him 'in the womb'!  Mom had never seen him in concert.  She had tickets in the 70's and got really sick and was unable to attend.  So for Christmas my sister bought us tickets to see him.  It was the most fufilling musical experience I've ever had.  I'm a singer and attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts which Barry is a supporter of.  Finally getting to see my idol in concert was the best!!  Mom and I have both vowed to never miss him again when he is near. - Billy Dato (3/9/98)

Favorite Show:  I had binoculars!  I went with my best friend who is the only person I know that likes Barry as much as I do. - Peg (of San Diego, CA) (11/8/98)

First Show (December 28)
Favorite Show (December 31):
I was surprised at the front row tickets (I got). The concert was fantastic. I am 18 years old and love Barry's music! It was great when he came out in the audience to sing and as he passed by me, he said, "Hello Darlin'" ... thanks for a great time! - Kimberly Miller (Huntington Beach, CA) (3/5/99)

First Show (December 28):  My sister (Mary Scurti) has been a faithful fan of Barry's (since 1978). I finally moved to California and we connected and went to my first Barry concert. It was a real HIGH!  I have to admit that my little sister was absolutely right on the mark. Now I look forward to another HIGH in 1999 - a Barry Manilow concert. For my sister (especially), thanks for all of the Musical Rewards. - Ann Webster (Carlsbad, CA) (6/13/99)

First Show (December 26) - Heather (of Ridgecrest, CA) (1/20/2000)

First Show - Theresa Iski (Glendale, CA) (5/7/2010)

Highlights (December 31): This One's For You / Daybreak / Reminiscing / Clicker #1 - THIS ONE'S FOR YOU (Jump Shout Boogie, All The Time, Looks Like We Made It) / Clicker #2 - BOXED SET (I Am Your Child, Life Will Go On) / I'd Really Love To See You Tonight / Could It Be Magic (ballad) / Clicker #3 - SHOWSTOPPERS (Give My Regards To Broadway (intro), Once In Love With Amy, If We Only Have Love) / BARRY MANILOW II (It's A Miracle / Mandy) / Baby It's Cold Outside (with Debra Byrd) / Copacabana (At The Copa) + encore / Clicker #4 - TONY BENNETT (As Time Goes By) / Weekend In New England / I Write The Songs / We Live On Borrowed Time / It's Just Another New Year's Eve / Auld Lang Syne / It's A Miracle (reprise)

[ Manilow TV Episode #108 (December 31, 1997) aired December 2018 ]

December 27
December 28
December 31

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