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January 13 England/Birmingham
(NEC Arena)

First Show - Lin Pryor (Birmingham, UK) (12/6/98)

First Show (January 14): It was amazing! I have owned Barry's records all my life but never got the opportunity to see him Live. It changed me forever. No words can describe how wonderful he is! - Monique (of Sydney) (4/7/2001)

[The show was] BRILLIANT! Good atmosphere, and Barry was so sexy!! - Marlene Peplow (Birmingham, England) (9/30/2001)

I enjoyed the fact that Barry combined his Old Songs with the new songs of that year, and how he involved the audience (females particularly) in a key song that he sings, "Can't Smile Without You." It would be great if he allowed males to join him on stage too! - Ian Hammond (of England) (3/11/2002)

Barry was ELECTRIC! - Beryl Hodgson (Cumbria, UK) (8/3/2003)

First Show - Morag Burford (Worcetershire, England) (3/22/2005)

January 14
January 16 England/Bournemouth
(Bournemouth International Centre)
Favorite Show - Carol Becker (Wiltshire, UK) (12/21/98)

Favorite Show: I missed Barry's early concerts for various reasons and felt I caught up with them in this one tour. Barry sang and played so many of his old songs, not necessarily the usual ones, as it was the audience who chose most of the show's music. Please, Barry, do this type of concert again, as all shows were so different! - Pam Floyd (Oxfordshire, England) (11/18/2000)

January 16: I couldn't believe it when I was chosen to 'click' with Barry. He was actually speaking to ME. I'll never forget it and how excited I was. For the first time in my life I was almost speechless. I clicked on the "Summer of '78" and can't even remember which track he sang. After the show everyone wanted to find out what it was like talking to him. Amazing is all I can say! - Diana Bryon (of England) (5/20/2002)

January 17: This was a very special concert for me, as Barry chose me to be his 'Blonde Bombshell' the first time he did "Bermuda Triangle" with "help" from the audience! It proved to me that dreams can come true. Hope one day to get to the States to see Barry in concert in Vegas... another day, another dream! Kind regards and many thanks, Barry, for all the years of wonderful music and memories. - Anne Dubery (of England) (5/18/2010)

January 17
January 19 Wales/Cardiff
(International Arena)
First Show (January 19): The best live show I had ever seen! - Jan (of Canada) (5/24/2003)
January 20
January 22 England/London
(Wembley Arena)
First Show Memory (January 23):  I liked HIM and His voice! I think he is wonderful, and so funny. I've been a fan of Barry's since 1978 (remember the film Foul Play?). - Zayda Rodriguez (of Venezuela) (7/29/98)

First Show (January 24):  I flew from Germany to London only to see the concert and it was fantastic. I would do this any time again! - Jens L. Heinrich (Wolfsburg, Germany) (1/5/99)

First/Favorite Show: Wow! What an absolutely fabulous night. The 'clicker' idea was a fab one. I loved the up-tempo mix of "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight", and certainly got me dancing at my seat! Barry's clothes are so smart. Ever since, I've been wearing two-tone shirts and ties! Thanks Barry! - Antony Guy Wainer (Bath, England) (3/8/99)

Favorite Show (January 23): Second row seats - Unbelievable!!  His songs, his music, his clothes, his humor, his voice. Just him - Magic!  And the video - Close Up! - Was I really there? - Sue Wells (Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England) (5/8/99)

First Show:  The audience participation kept Barry fresh and made the vibes even more powerful. I loved his blue outfit!  Also, I loved the back-up singers on "One Voice", and I loved it when he sang "All The Time". - Claire Pixie (of the UK) (1/18/2000)

Favorite Show (January 24): Each time I want to see Barry in concert I must go out of Spain. Normally I go to London. I'm happy to be a Manilow fan! - Antonio Martinez Garcia (Madrid, Spain) (4/24/2000)

First Show - Jackie Dobbs (of England) (7/6/2009)

I was on the second row, which was amazing, and Barry was as brilliant as ever. He made me laugh, cry, dance, sing, and sit in complete silence when he talked about the death of Diana. Then he sang "We Live on Borrowed Time." Incredible. - Jacky Ainscow (Cambridge, England) (11/3/2009)

January 23
January 24
January 26 Scotland/Glasgow
Highlights: Daybreak / Reminiscing / From THIS ONE'S FOR YOU: Jump Shout Boogie, All The Time, Looks Like We Made It / From I WANNA DO IT WITH YOU: I Wanna Do It With You, I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter / I'd Really Love To See You Tonight / Could It Be Magic (original version) / Could It Be Magic (encore, dance version) / From SINGIN' WITH THE BIG BANDS: Don't Get Around Much Anymore, I'll Never Smile Again, Chattanooga Choo Choo / From BARRY MANILOW II: It's A Miracle (bluesy version), Mandy / Can't Smile Without You / Even Now / Sometimes When We Touch / Copacabana (At The Copa) + encore / As Time Goes By / Weekend In New England / Medley (Memory, The Old Songs, Bandstand Boogie, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, New York City Rhythm, Some Kind of Friend, Read 'Em And Weep, Somewhere Down The Road, Ready To Take A Chance Again, It's A Miracle (pop version), Let's Hang On, Somewhere In The Night, This One's For You) / I Write The Songs / It's A Miracle (reprise) / I Made It Through The Rain (encore) / Could It Be Magic (reprise) (encore)

[ Manilow TV Episode #78 aired June 2016 ]

January 27 England/Newcastle
(Newcastle Arena)

This is the second time that Barry has performed here. The Arena has only been open a couple of years. I liked the idea of the clicker but thought it was only the people on the ground level that got a change to speak to him. "Bermuda Triangle" was filmed for here for the Close Up video. I am glad that Barry likes the Geordie accent. I thought it was a moving concert as the CD "Barry Manilow" was chosen and he sang "Please Don't Be Scared", and went into discussing that this was the time when his mother found out that she had cancer. He sang it very well. I loved the Tony Bennett song. He is such a crooner! I have always had to travel to see Barry in concert and having him in my 'backyard' was a weird experience. I could not sleep knowing he was less than 2 miles away!! - Karen Crulley (Newcastle, UK) (2/5/99)

First Show - Yvonne McCafferty (Newcastle Upon Tyne, England) (2/4/2000)

I waited a lot of years (financially) to see a Barry Concert. I have been a fan for 20 years, but it was worth the wait! - Susan Munro (Darlington, England) (10/21/2001, 1/19/2003)

January 29 Ireland/Dublin
(The Point)
Favorite Show: The Manilow Magic, The Atmosphere and all his wonderful songs and of course he is beautiful. - Teresa Loy (Co. Louth, Ireland) (1/27/99)

First Show - John McDonnell (Belfast, Northern Ireland) (4/10/2001)

It was without doubt the best night of my life and one I will never forget. I love Barry and his music and he's such a great entertainer; very relaxed and good humoured. I live in hope that he will return to Dublin. - Maria Maher (Dublin, Ireland) (1/11/2002)

Highlights: This One's For You/Daybreak / Reminiscing / Clicker #1 - THIS ONE'S FOR YOU (Jump Shout Boogie, All The Time, Looks Like We Made It) / I Wanna Do It With You / Stay / I'd Really Love To See You Tonight (Dance Version) / Could It Be Magic (ballad version) / Could It Be Magic (dance version, reprise) / Clicker #2 - ONE VOICE (One Voice, Sunday Father, Ships) / I Am Your Child / Clicker #3 - BARRY MANILOW II (It's A Miracle, Mandy) / Can't Smile Without You / The Best Of Me / Sometimes When We Touch / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Weekend In New England / Gonzo Hits Medley (Memory, The Old Songs, Bandstand Boogie, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, New York City Rhythm, Some Kind Of Friend, Read 'Em And Weep, Somewhere Down The Road, Ready To Take A Chance Again, It's A Miracle, Let's Hang On, Somewhere In The Night, This One's For You) / I Write The Songs / It's A Miracle (reprise) / I Made It Through The Rain

[ Manilow TV Episode #105 aired Sept. 2018 ]

January 31 England/Manchester
(Nynex Arena)
Favorite Show: It was fantastic being one of those candle holders back at Blenheim in August 1983, but the best ever was laughing with Barry and thousands of friends in Manchester '98. Barry put a smile back after I thought I never would again. Thanks 'mate'! - Karen Tipton (Wilmslow, Britain) (4/18/99)

First/Favorite Show:  Went just as I liked his music. Left as a HUGE FAN!  Can't wait to see him again!! - Julie (of Blackpool, England) (2/4/2000)

First Show:  [What I liked about the concert was] the crowds holding of the candles. - Joyce Murphy (of England) (3/12/2000)

Favorite Show - Lisa Goodier (Bolton, England) (6/28/2000)

The atmosphere was electric. The cheeky grin and fits of the giggles were brilliant. The whole night was just very special. - Ruth Osborne (High Wycombe, England) (7/2/2000)

Favorite Show: [Barry is the] voice of the master! - Michelle Harrison (of St. Helens) (7/5/2000)

First Show: It's so hard to say which is my most favorite Barry concert, as they have all been amazing. I've seen Barry 18 times and every single one I've come away so buzzing and on a high. The 1998 concert is the one that that made me realize what I had been missing, and that I had to keep on seeing this man. Since then I've not missed one of his concerts here in the UK, including the Proms in the Park, and two signings (in 2006 and 2011). Barry really has affected my life in such an amazing way! - Adele Whipp (Hull, East Yorkshire, UK) (4/11/2001, 10/29/2011)

What can I say? Barry, you are the most amazing musician I have ever had the privilege of seeing. No matter what I'm going through I can always find one of your songs that relates to [my situation] and helps me get through it. The concert was electric and I can't wait to see Barry again. To all the other fans reading this, I wish you all the best and to say that I'm proud to be associated with you all. What a marvelous thing we have in common!! - Mike Wignall, 21 (Preston, England) (9/28/2001)

Having been brought up listening to Barry Manilow, I surprised my mum with tickets. It was truly the BEST concert I have ever been to. I have returned to see him twice since. A wonderful man, with a wonderful voice. What more can I say?? (...apart from Very Sexy in the purple suit!) - Nicola Kennedy (Blackpool, Britain) (10/2/2001)

I love every show that I go to, but this one was extra special. It was a fantastic idea to have the clicker, making the choice of songs in each show so different. My favourite part of the show was when Barry sang "We Live On Borrowed Time." What a moving song! The atmosphere of the whole evening was just great. I go to see Barry every time he tours England -- twice in Birmingham and once in Manchester -- he is worth all the travelling. He is a fantastic showman. - Jane Gregg (Liverpool, England) (5/16/2002)

Favorite Show - Patricia Nicholas (Ellesmere Port, UK) (7/25/2003)

First Show - Louise (of Southport, England) (4/7/2004)

It was the Close Up! tour with the clicker taken out into the audience and one of my daughters was picked. Barry asked what her name was and didn't hear her, so he asked her again and the whole audience shouted her name: "Cindy!" He asked her how she was. She had not long been out of the hospital and it was the first time she had felt up to being with a lot of people. He also chatted to us all. LOVED IT! - Pam Dennis (Halifax, Yorkshire, United Kingdom) (4/21/2015)

Highlights: I'd Really Love To See You Tonight / Reminiscing / I Wanna Do It With You / Once In Love With Amy / If We Only Have Love (waltz arrangement) / I'm Your Man/Sweet Heaven (stripper version) / Could It Be Magic (ballad) / Could It Be Magic (Reprise) (uptempo version) + Encore / Don't Get Around Much Anymore / I'll Never Smile Again / Chattannooga Choo Choo / Bermuda Triangle / Life Will Go On / It's A Miracle / Mandy / Can't Smile Without You / Sometimes When We Touch (dance version) / Copacabana (At The Copa) + Encore / As Time Goes By / Weekend In New England / I Don't Want To Walk Without You, Barry / I Write The Songs / It's A Miracle (Reprise) / You're There / We Live On Borrowed Time

July 25 Texas/Houston
(Houston Arena Theatre)


During the concert segment, Barry performed "This One's For You/Daybreak", "Looks Like We Made It", "Can't Smile Without You", "I Am Your Child", "I Made It Through The Rain", Big Bands Medley ("Don't Get Around Much Anymore/I'll Never Smile Again/Chattanooga Choo Choo"), "Mandy", "Copacabana" and "Weekend In New England".  A 'modified' Gonzo Hits Medley ("The Old Songs/Bandstand Boogie/I Don't Want To Walk Without You/Even Now/Some Kind Of Friend/Ready To Take A Chance Again/It's A Miracle/Let's Hang On/Somewhere In The Night/This One's For You") led into "I Write The Songs", and Barry closed with "We Live On Borrowed Time".

Favorite Show:  I was one of the lucky ones to get to travel to Houston to see Barry at the AmFAR benefit. It was the most awesome experience. The intimacy of the evening was beyond words. I felt like Barry was singing in my living room to a group of my friends. The evening will forever hold a special place in my heart. - Cathy Richardson (of Colorado) (7/29/98)

The arena theatre is very intimate, just where you need to be with a performer - excuse me, THE PERFORMER - like Barry Manilow. He was witty, charming, and best of all it was for charity (AmFAR). He is just the absolute best. - Amy Thomas (Houston, TX) (1/20/99)

September 24 New York/New York City
(Madison Square Garden)

BENEFIT for the National Mentoring Partnership
Mentoring's Big Night at The Garden featured Boyz II Men, Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, and Barry Manilow!  Barry performed "This One's For You", "Daybreak", "Looks Like We Made It", "I Am Your Child", "Weekend In New England", "Copacabana", and "I Write The Songs".

I met Barry (at the concert/benefit). He shook my trembling hand, called me "darlin'" ... Barry performed an amazing concert. He rocked the house that night. Incidentally, he has the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen! - Dianne Shattuck (New York, NY) (10/16/98)

November 11 New York/New York City
(Supper Club)
Official "Manilow Sings Sinatra" Album Premiere Cocktail Party!! (listed as a Special Appearance for 1998 also)

The venue was incredible. It was like a private party. Barry had incredible energy ( would have never known he [had a case of] bronchitis!). - Patricia Gilson (River Edge, NJ) (5/7/99)

Favorite Show:  [What I liked about the concert was] his music, his voice, his LOOKS, his wit, his commitment, his enormous talent, etc. Must I say more?  And most of all, he makes me feel like I'm the only person in the room!  And another thing, he makes me feel so young! - Jeannine Van Eyken (Antwerp, Belgium) (3/23/2000)

Favorite Show - Barbara Thomas (of New York) (10/13/2000)

Highlights: Come Dance With Me/Come Fly With Me / One Man In A Spotlight / I've Got The World On A String / The Second Time Around / You Make Me Feel So Young / All The Way / Strangers In The Night / In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning / Summer Wind / That's Life / Saturday Night (Is The Lonelieset Night In The Week) / Angel Eyes / My Kind Of Town (Chicago Is) / Put Your Dreams Away / Here's To The Man / You Make Me Feel So Young (Reprise)

[ Manilow.TV Episode #17 aired February 2011 ]

November 17 California/Beverly Hills
(Beverly Hilton Hotel)

BENEFIT for the CARE Foundation
4th annual "Heart of a Child" Celebration included performance by Barry Manilow ("Come Dance With Me/Come Fly With Me", "All The Way", "Strangers In The Night", "My Kind Of Town (Chicago Is)", "Can't Smile Without You", "Looks Like We Made It", "I Am Your Child", "I Made It Through The Rain", Hits Medley, and more)
December 16 New York/New York
(Cipriani Wall Street)
Performance for the 'rich and famous'!
(55 Wall Street)

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