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January 30 California/Palm Springs
(Annenberg Theater)

Palm Springs
Desert Museum

Program for Kids

Barry performed "This One's For You", "Daybreak", "Somewhere In The Night", "Weekend In New England", "Can't Smile Without You", "Copacabana", "I Am Your Child", "My Kind Of Town (Chicago Is)", "Strangers In The Night", Medley of hits ("I Write The Songs", "Mandy", "Could It Be Magic", ...), a cappella "One Voice".

I could hardly catch my breath at this benefit in Palm Springs. My dream was to see Barry perform in the States. What a wonderful show it was too. "One Voice" was awesome, and the Sinatra tributes, like "Strangers In The Night", were breathtaking. You're the best, Barry! - Linda Horner (of England) (8/15/99)

I liked this Palm Springs show because it was a small affair, and I was fortunate enough to meet Barry Manilow. I enjoyed the intimacy. It was a delightful time for me. - Caroline (of Maryland) (1/28/2001)

March 8 New York/New York City
(Carnegie Hall)


Favorite Show: I have been a fan of Mr. Manilow's for some 25 years now and he just gets better with age. It's hard to pinpoint a favorite concert because I love them all so much, but he just gets more professional and classy every time I see a show. - Patricia Mazur (of New York) (3/15/99)

The Carnegie Hall performance was unbelievable. The "Sinatra" album is simply fantastic. To see Barry sing it live was just amazing. I especially liked when he sang "That's Life" because he made us think he didn't do the song that good, but everyone was so pleased. The end - singing with the choir - was beautiful. All I can say is "keep up the good work, Barry". Stay real and don't ever change. Frank Sinatra was right - You are next! - Anita Mazza (Wantage, NJ) (5/29/99)

This was the first time I have been so close to the stage and I truly loved this concert. Barry was in his element!  He was fabulous!  He looked terrific and sounded great!  I loved hearing him with the full orchestra, doing such a great arrangement of music in the Sinatra sounds. Carnegie Hall is the perfect place for Barry Manilow. I had a wonderful time!  I was in AWE from beginning to end. And the people of GMHC were truly a joy to work with, they were very helpful! Another good thing about this concert for me was that it brought together so many friends. I met a lot of my Manilow on-line friends in person and we all got along great!  It was at that moment that the get-togethers began. We now make a point to meet either before the concerts or afterwards. And when you go out of town, you have days to get to know your friends. Barry Manilow has joined together so many people. I am very thankful for being a part of this family. Barry Manilow, I wish you well and keep up the good work!!  Love you Barry! - Suzette David (Silver Spring, MD) (9/18/99)

Barry was so awesome - guests Donna Summer and Barbara Cook, the premier of Stars in the Night (the first and the BEST performance of that song!)... Two years later at the BMIFC convention in Chicago we watched the video and I re-lived all the emotion - laughing, crying - it was incredible! - Kelly Heuchemer (Mount Vernon, OH) (5/2/2009)

I have seen at least 100 Barry concerts through the years [certainly not a record I'm sure]. The entire show structure was more polished and Barry sang either stuff I hadn't heard in years or new. Just a great show and I was glad to be a part of it for a very good cause. - Gail Sussman (Brooklyn, New York) (11/24/2011)

[What I loved about this show was] Everything!! Donna Summer was there. Barry, you looked like you were really enjoying yourself. This was the first time I heard/saw you sing "Stars In the Night." I was in the 6th row, almost center, sitting beside Clive Davis. I was literally sobbing. I looked up at you and you were looking right over my head. Mr. Davis swapped his seat with a very nice lady. He asked me if I was okay and said we feel the same way, too. Barry, it's been quite the [journey], right from day one, and I'll ALWAYS be right here with you. All my love, Nanette Saunders (Dover-Foxcroft, Maine) (10/9/2015)

PRESS RELEASE (LOS ANGELES, May 10) -- Barry Manilow celebrates 38 top-40 hits when he presents "Manilow Live!" his U.S. Tour kicking off in July in San Diego, California.

"Manilow Live!" features Manilow and a 30-piece orchestra performing songs from his amazing catalog of music. Manilow's award-winning, record-breaking career includes the classics "Copacabana," "Mandy," "Even Now," "This One's For You," "Weekend In New England," "I Write The Songs," and "Tryin' To Get The Feelin' Again."

Acclaimed by Radio & Records magazine as the Number One Adult Contemporary Artist Of All Time, Manilow has released 30 albums to date, including last year's Manilow Sings Sinatra, a tribute to the legendary songs that Sinatra made famous.

Manilow has received Grammy, Emmy and Tony Awards and has been nominated for an Academy Award. The pop superstar's unparalleled career includes every facet of music ... including performing, composing, arranging and producing. He has written the songs and musical scores for several motion pictures and has written the scores for several stage musicals. Manilow's most recent project, Harmony (with book and lyrics by Bruce Sussman) is an original musical based on Germany's pre-war superstars, The Comedian Harmonists. Harmony is slated for a Broadway opening in 2000.


July 24 California/San Diego
(Copley Symphony Hall)
First Show:  I attended the first concert of Tour '99, enjoying all the program, the Old Songs and the Sinatra album ones, with a magnificent orchestra. - Irma Suarez (Guadalajara Jal., Mexico) (2/13/2000)
July 25 California/San Diego
(Copley Symphony Hall)
Hearing and seeing Barry Manilow sing and perform is quite honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life. Seeing Barry in concert, especially when he sings certain songs as "This One's For You" is such an event, it often moves me to tears. Barry speaks with earnestness and ease to the audience, and it really does feel like a personal concert ... I hope and plan to see Barry in concert MANY more times (thousands!). It was interesting to hear Barry play the accordion. I admire, respect, and adore Barry Manilow tremendously! - Anna Kalina (San Diego, CA) (9/24/99)

Favorite Show - Irma Suarez (Guadalajara Jal., Mexico) (2/13/2000)

I absolutely loved everything about Barry's concert. He looked incredible in the blue suit that showed off his beautiful blue eyes to perfection, not to mention his nicely toned body. The venue was a great [place] to present the orchestra in. The sound could not have been better in the symphony hall. This was my third concert of his. I have loved every one of them, but this had all the favorites and all the great new ones too. How does he keep up his energy for such a long show?  The audience must help, as everyone seemed to really get into it with him. My mom and I attended as a joint birthday present, since we were both born in July. We were in the seventh row and it was fantastic!!  He actually waved back to me when I waved at him, we were that close. I took my jacket I had bought way back at my first concert to try and get him to pick me for the "Can't Smile..." number. I want to see him again and again, whenever I can. Thank you, Barry, for all the Beautiful Music and memorable times!!  We love you. - Laura Lee (Fallbrook, CA) (4/14/2000)

First Show - Hallie Ranta (San Diego, CA) (2/19/2008)

This was the first concert for both of my sons. My son Marty was six and Mark was just about 4. This was one of Barry's first stops on the tour and I wanted to make it special by having my sons there. We all had fun until it was bedtime and they both fell asleep towards the end. Since then they have been to Las Vegas for about four other concerts. Yes, my sons have grown up with Barry and will continue to do so. - Evie Rowell (Selma, CA) (7/24/2009)

July 29 Illinois/Chicago
(Rosemont Theatre)
Chicago Is...MY KIND OF TOWN!

First Show (August 1 (2:00 PM):  I have always liked Barry's music. I never dreamed it would be so incredible in person!  He is such a talent above and beyond the music. Of course, the day was even more memorable as I got to sing with him. What a GREAT COACH!  Barry, I could do "bam-bams" all day and the woman wouldn't swoon like they do for you. Thank you for being so genuine, and THAT he was - A true gentleman and classic legend! - Lawrence Henry Gobble ("CSWY guy") (New Orleans, LA) (8/2/99)

Favorite Show(s):  I've adored Barry for a long time, but this concert tour has been an experience that I'll never forget as long as I live. I am almost ready for therapy. Barry was funny, witty, and just plain gorgeous!  There was just something about this concert. I can't explain it. He sang with so much feeling, and I love him even more now. I got it REALLY BAD for this guy!  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't play one of his CDs. I hope one day "...down the road" to sing "Can't Smile Without You" with Barry (Then my dream would be complete). Chicago was magical...and I never wanted it end. Barry, you keep getting better and better! - Barbara Smentek (Chicago, IL) (8/6/99)

Favorite Show (July 31):  This is the second time I was able to see Barry in concert!  I still had goose bumps!  The big band was the absolute best - I was VERY impressed. I know that my mom and my sister also enjoyed the show. You can count on us being there the next time Barry comes to Chicago!! - Jennifer Kalinka (Palos Hills, IL) (8/12/99)

Favorite Show (July 29):  Barry's whole concert was wonderful. He's a Great Singer and [has always been] my favorite. The symphony he had with him this time made his voice carry more and sound more wonderful. He just has great songs! - Sandra Ortiz (8/18/99)

Favorite Concert (July 31) - Denise Neihengen (Crystal Lake, IL) (3/11/2000)

August 1: Barry is the reason that I am a musician. I have wanted to be one since I was 3 years old. I had some horrific problems with my high school band director who tried to destroy my love and passion for music. Before my mom and I went to this concert, she wrote to Barry asking him if he could talk to me. Unfortunately, I did not meet Barry that night (although I did get to tell him at the Border's signing in Chicago on Michigan Ave in June of 2001), but he did speak to me through his music. When he sang "I Made It Through The Rain," a song that kept me going through my battle with the band director, instead of repeating "I Made It Through" over and over again at the end, Barry sang "And so can you." And I know it was to me. Barry saved me from the intolerable circumstances that had taken over my life. THANK YOU, BARRY! - Andrea Zaversnik (Chicago, IL) (9/17/2001)

I loved the August 1, 1999 concert because it was the "Manilow Sings Sinatra" tour. Barry was fantastic. I was a fan of the late, great Mr. Sinatra as well (my Mom's absolute "fave performer" -- although she loves Mr. Manilow as well)! The concert was wonderful, but at the beginning the concert (8th row), I noticed a couple familiar looking faces two seats from me (and nobody sitting between us). It was Richard Marx and Cynthia Rhodes (his wife -- Penny from "Dirty Dancin"). Barry acknowledged that they were in the audience during the concert and it was extra special knowing that another great musician was enjoying Barry just as much as I was. I never asked him for an autograph or even uttered a word to him, but it made me feel good knowing how much other musicians appreciate my hero! - Laurie (Cammett) Hough (Michigan City, IN) (1/11/2006)

First Show - Noel Barnes (Evanston, IL) (6/11/2010)

July 29th: I was Barry's "Can't Smile Without You" duet partner that night. A night I will never forget! - Donna Gosselin (Nashville, Tennessee) (3/6/2022)

July 30 Illinois/Chicago
(Rosemont Theatre)
July 31 Illinois/Chicago
(Rosemont Theatre)
August 1
(2:00 PM)
(Rosemont Theatre)
August 1
(7:00 PM)
(Rosemont Theatre)
August 5 Ohio/Cleveland
(Blossom Music Center)

Cuyahoga Falls

I have been going to Barry concerts for 16 years now, and a fan of his music since the 70's ("Tryin' To Get The Feeling" was the theme for my divorce in 1976!). My favorite part is taking friends who have never been to one of his concerts and letting him blow them away. This year I got to take my friend Anjanette and sit in 7th row seats. Anjanette was moved beyond belief (she's an elementary music teacher, and is going to try the "Flight of the Bumble Bee" on the kazoo!!). On my other side was my best friend of all, Beth, whom I had taken to her first concert back in 1993. We had a great time. We laughed, we cried, we sang, we danced in our seats. I am an abuse survivor, and to me "I Made It Through The Rain" is my personal anthem, because I made it through and "found myself respected, by the others who got rained on too". Thanks so much, Barry for that incredible song. I know the three of us will be back next time, and if that Broadway show hits the stage, we're going to be there too!!  There's no one like Barry - We Luv Ya!! - Bobbi Hess (Elyria, OH) (10/7/99, 3/3/2000)

I have been a Manilow fan for over 20 years, since my first fiance introduced me to Barry's music. Ever since, I've been hooked! I saw Barry for the first time at Blossom Music Center. My husband had been away all summer training for a new job and came home one weekend with a card for me. Inside were tickets to the concert. I couldn't believe it! It was a dream come true. We arrived early and went to see a local musician across the hill from where the concert was. They had trivia questions to answer to get upgraded tickets for the Barry concert (We had seats in the back of the auditorium for Barry's show). My husband and I answered two questions and got four tickets. We were there by ourselves so we gave the extra tickets to another couple we saw on the lawn. Turns out they were there for their anniversary. Their daughter had bought them tickets. They were thrilled to get seats in the pavillion! That made our night, almost as much as seeing the concert! I just wish I'd been able to get up on stage and sing with Barry! - Melissa Billingham (Norwalk, OH) (10/2/2000)

I was at this concert with my very best friend Patti. It was a beautiful summer night, under a clear sky. What a perfect night. What made it special was that Barry looked right at me when I waved to him and he waved back. We had really close seats. This was my fifth Barry concert and my third with Patti. Barry always outdoes himself. I can't wait until he tours again! - Amy Palladino (Cleveland, OH) (2/28/2001)

First Show - Jose Vasquez (Cleveland, Ohio) (1/1/2013)

August 6 Washington DC
(Nissan Pavilion)
Favorite Show:  Barry Manilow has a wonderful strong voice. He talks about family, which I think is really nice. He sings a lot of sad songs and it makes me think that a lot of his songs are about himself and how he feels inside. I love it when he wears his blue shirt. It makes his eyes look really blue. He is just great. Thanks Barry for a wonderful night! - Lynn Davies (Woodbridge, VA) (8/7/99)

I was 13 rows from Barry and I knew I was in heaven. I sang along with Barry all the way through. It was a wonderful concert. I can't wait to see him again. I will never stop singing his songs. Thanks Barry!! - Connie Pugh (Winchester, VA) (8/20/99)

First Show:  I loved everything about Barry's concert. I just wish it was longer. I could listen to him all day long. I have been listening to him since I was a child (about 20 years). - Becky Kahler (Baltimore, MD) (9/21/99, 4/9/2000)

Absolutely adored the concert I saw with the 30-piece orchestra. It brought back a lot of wonderful memories, and it was GREAT to hear "the Hits" in their original arrangements. Loved it!! - Susan (of Southington, CT) (1/19/2002)

August 7 Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh
(Star Lake Amphitheatre)


Favorite Show:  I have seen Barry three times and every time I see him I love him even more. This show was by far the best. I absolutely LOVED the orchestra!  He was absolutely breathtaking. I loved my seats too!  I had 8th row (section 1). My mom and I just "freaked" when Barry came out. We both sat there and bawled our eyes out every time he looked over our way!  I was in awe as he was singing "Somewhere Down The Road". I loved it and it was great!! - Jennifer Cole (Hollidaysburg, PA) (8/8/99, 8/9/99)

Favorite Show:  Barry is the world's greatest performer!!  Any concerts I've been to (which is quite a few!) have been wonderful!!  This one, though, my sister-in-law and I had GREAT seats and Barry was more electric than ever!!  I've followed Barry from the beginning and we've "grown" together through his music. He was like "Magic" on stage that night. Thanks, Barry!! - Margie Molnar (Friedens, PA) (8/8/99)

Favorite Show:  One of a kind. That's what I was thinking the entire time. I have been to five of his concerts now and he just keeps getting better and better. Such class and enthusiasm. He teaches people how to appreciate music. I just love him to pieces. - Louise Furlong (Harrisburg, PA) (8/10/99)

First Show:  I go to a lot of concerts, but Barry's show had to be the best concert I have ever seen. He was awesome!!  We had the best time. THANKS BARRY!! - Patti (of Monongahela, PA) (9/5/99)

Barry was in great form, great voice, and looked extremely great too. The orchestra was a special touch. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I was so "up" after the concert I stayed up and watched Barry videos until 2:30 a.m. I can't wait to find out more about his broadway show. The song he sang from it was very good. Thanks, Barry, for an enjoyable evening! - Elaine Cable (8/9/99)

First Show - Tracy (of Oliver, Pennsylvania) (3/22/2000)

Favorite Show: I just loved it! ... good weather, good company (my husband). Barry is like a good friend ... I can always count on his music to brighten my day. He's always there. When things are going rough, I put in one of his CDs, and he just lifts me up. Thank you, Barry! - Linda Holzer (Pittsburgh, PA) (5/7/2000)

August 13 Michigan/Detroit
(Pine Knob Music Theatre)


[Pine Knob - Press Release]

Though I have been a fan since the [beginning], Barry is just as touching as he always has been. When he sang "I Made It Through The Rain", I just felt how much that song has helped me though life when times got tough. It makes your soul strong. Thanks Barry!  I have MADE IT THROUGH THE RAIN!! - Sandy Riley (Roseville, MI) (8/15/99)

Favorite Show:  It was a rainy and cold night and I was sitting on the lawn, but when Barry came out, everything else seemed to go away. It always feels like he is singing right to me. HE always makes me feel good. - Jodi (of Detroit, MI) (10/3/99)

I particularly liked the "live" orchestra, and the fact that many of The Old Songs were played, including some of my favorites that I don't recall ever hearing live on stage (i.e., "Somewhere In The Night"). Barry looked and sounded great! - Valerie (of Windsor, Ontario, Canada) (1/29/2000)

The concert was great. I loved all the songs, and Barry looked great. I was in the second row so I could see [everything]. The most favorite part was when Barry took the sign I made and held it. It said, "We love you Barry," and on the other side it said, "We can't smile without singing with you Barry" ("We" meaning my cousin and I, who go to all the concerts together). Can't wait to see you again, Barry. - K.C. Amato (St. Clair, MI) (2/2/2000)

I loved everything [about the show]... Barry has been my favorite since I was born. I grew up on his music and he's been here every year for the past few years! - Kelly Strange (Redford, MI) (7/3/2000)

What I liked about this show was everything, Everything, EVERYTHING! - Margo Smith (Bowling Green, OH) (8/10/2000)

[What I liked about the concert]: The outdoors, good seats, great show, and OF COURSE...Barry's music!! - Donna Dunovsky (Westmont, IL) (1/18/2002)

First Show - Shelly Nelson (Cumberland, WI) (8/14/2005)

August 14 Ohio/Columbus
(Polaris Amphitheater)
First and Favorite Show - Diane Martino (Versailles, OH) (8/15/99)

Took my 2-1/2 year old to see Barry for the first time!  She had a great time and was amazed at the lighting!  Now she busts out with "Ladies and Gentlemen.. Mr. Barry Manilow!" anywhere and everywhere!  Thank you Barry for a wonderful night! - Heidi Dufort (of Michigan) (9/16/99)

First Show:  Barry was wonderful and amazing, and we had great seats. I can't wait until next time. - Brian (of Columbus, OH) (9/27/99)

Each concert gets better and I loved his backing by the live orchestra on this tour. Anytime he sings "Weekend In New England", I just melt. Keep putting the music out! - Jamie Sidwell (Phoenix, AZ) (1/19/2000)

I have seen Barry in concert 10-12 times. I think this was the very best of all of the concerts I have heard him perform over the years. [What I liked was his] great showmanship. The night in Polaris singing the Frank Sinatra music was the best. Barry seemed to be having a great time that evening and so were we! - Yvonne Dix (Elida, OH) (2/11/2001, 8/15/2001)

We've seen Barry every time he has come to Buffalo, once in Las Vegas, and twice in Columbus, OH. The last time in Columbus we had 2nd row seats. We could have reached out and touched the man. He is a GREAT PERFORMER and his shows are well worth the money. My only disapointment is my wife has never gotten picked to sing with Barry. I thought she had a great chance in Columbus and I screamed my brains out, but sorry to say, no dice. We still love Barry and hope to see him again whenever he takes to the road. - Mark (& Susan) Perencevic (Buffalo, NY) (3/19/2001)

Favorite Show: I loved DA BARRY! - Landa Masdea Brunetto (Columbus, OH) (4/18/2004)

First Show: Saw Barry and was amazed by the show! - Rachel (of Columbus, OH) (4/27/2007)

I had just returned to the U.S. after living in Hong Kong for 7 years. My sister had married and started her family while I was gone. We took her two beautiful daughters, aged 7 and 3, to the concert with us. What made it my favorite concert then was that I was sharing an evening of great music with my sister and my nieces. What makes it my favorite concert now is that my oldest niece, now a 20-year-old college student, remembers Barry as her "first concert" and that I will be taking her to the concert here in Indy on Friday night (August 3, 2012)! - Janet Eichenberger (Indianapolis, Indiana) (8/1/2012)

August 15 Indiana/Indianapolis
(Deer Creek Music Center)
Favorite Show:  Now this is the way to have a "Girls Night Out"!  What a gorgeous evening. Beautiful sunset and "Beautiful Music". Is there a style of music this man CAN'T do??  He began with my two very favorite songs, "Could It Be Magic" followed by "Somewhere In The Night". Later on, Barry played a mean "Flight of the Bumble Bee" on an instrument you won't find in most orchestras; and offered truly original renditions of "Like A Virgin" and "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" on the first musical instrument he ever learned to play (hint: it was NOT the piano). Everything else from the Sinatra set to "Copacabana" and the encore ("I Write the Songs") was absolutely dreamy, especially with the 25-piece orchestra. Even after 25 years of listening to this man and his music, I never get tired of it. Mr. Manilow, you make ME feel so young! - Melissa Cooper (Indianapolis, IN) (8/20/99)
August 19 New Jersey/Holmdel
(PNC Bank Arts Center)
Favorite Concert (August 19):  I liked the show from beginning to end. Most memorable moment for me was when Barry sat on the steps to sing "Somewhere Down The Road"; we had second row seats right in front of him!  It's a moment I'll treasure always. I was captivated by the Man and his beautiful song.  "When October Goes" was just so beautifully done. Barry's song from Harmony, "Every Single Day", brought tears to many an eye that night. Thank you, Barry, for an evening that will be etched in my mind "forever and a day". You were just GREAT!! - Irene Van Gunst (10/12/99, 1/2/2000)

First concert (August 19):  A night with Barry Manilow made my millennium!!  I felt that Barry was singing just to me. What a wonderful evening, one that I will never forget. I've been a fan for 25 years and I will now see him once a year or more. How could I have waited so long?  I am captivated by the music and the man!  The highlight of my year. Barry, you make magic!  Thank you so very much for giving us your magic!! - Meg Wendel (Freehold, NJ) (1/13/2000)

Favorite Show (August 20):  I have never seen anyone sing their heart out as much as Barry Manilow. I cried the first six songs, and the live orchestra was so powerful and moving. The tribute to Frank Sinatra blew me away and for as long as Barry has been singing, he still has it! - Carrie Peters (Nutley, NJ) (8/22/99)

August 20: A night I will never forget. This was my very first Manilow concert, and I have been a fan of Mr. Manilow's for over 15 years. Indeed, Barry has the "MAGIC". The concert was fantastic, the orchestra was breathtaking, and Barry, well, he is a musical genius, a brilliant musical composer. It was the best concert that I have ever had the privilege of seeing. I am hooked for LIFE!! - Sheila Evans (Princeton, NJ) (10/26/99)

I grew up listening to Barry. My mom loves him, so I took her to the concert. Though it rained like crazy and we were soaking wet, he was such an amazing performer. It was a great show. We can't wait for him to come around again soon! - Kristina (of Verona, NJ) (7/11/2001)

First/Favorite Show: Barry's energy is amazing and his voice is awesome. He connected with the audience alot and I like that in a performer. - Debbie (of North Carolina) (6/22/2002)

First Show - Diana M. Holley (Orange, NJ) (11/24/2002)

August 20 New Jersey/Holmdel
(PNC Bank Arts Center)
August 21 New York/Wantagh
(Jones Beach Theatre)
First Show (August 21):  I have been a fan of Barry's for the last ten years, and last night was my very first Barry Manilow concert. I had such a wonderful time. He is so genuine, and funny. I felt like Barry was talking and singing directly to me. He expressed such love and admiration towards Frank Sinatra. He sang beautifully and sounded better live, as opposed to on CD. I have been to only three other concerts and I have to say that Barry's was my favorite. I cried, I laughed and I sang along with Barry, and with everyone in the audience. I would like to thank Barry so very much for making me have a night that I will never forget. - Caroline Forde (Brentwood, NY) (8/22/99)

I really enjoyed the live orchestra. It was much better than a group of computerized instruments. It actually sounded like I was listening to my CDs right there. - Daniel Sydor (Long Island, NY) (8/24/99)

First Show (August 21):  I finally realized Barry wasn't just a voice. I could see him in the flesh. I treated my mom and sister to their first concert ever and all three of us are his biggest fans. I was very surprised how many people were die-hard Barry fans. My favorite part was when he sang "Can't Smile Without You" with a woman from the audience. Although I have to admit I was very jealous and still have dreams that he picked me!! - Tracey (of Long Island, NY) (10/1/99)

I have been a Barry Manilow since the 70's. Had never been to a concert of any kind in my life until August 21st, and what an experience!!  My kids were brought up on Barry, even en utero and they love him, too!!  Barry, you're the best, always have been, always will be!  I love Barry!! - Cathy Coniglio (of New Jersey) (10/9/99)

Favorite Show - Cheryl Diverio (of New Jersey) (1/4/2000)

Favorite Show (August 22):  I was lucky to get 6th row center seats from the BMIFC. I went with a number of my girlfriends and our (great) seats intensified the already incredible experience. To be within earshot of his voice live is a treat, but when he's about 15 feet away, you think "Is this real?" (He is very handsome). It was!! ... Thanks BMIFC for taking such good care of your members. - Gwen A. Westfall (Newtown, CT) (1/20/2000)

First/Favorite Show (August 22):  I was so excited!  He was fantastic!  He made the audience laugh. Picking a woman from the audience was great (I wish it was me!). He sounded great with the orchestra. I was getting upset towards the end, not hearing my favorite song, "I Made It Through The Rain". Then finally, he sang it!  I was singing it as loud as I could - the entire audience was singing right along with him!  It was an experience I'll never forget!! - Michele (of Glen Cove, NY) (2/9/2000)

First Show (August 21): I never realized how great a show Barry puts on... and it is EVERY show! Barry, you are a musical genius and showmaster!! Thank you for a wonderful 'first experience' (concert, that is!). It was so great I had to go for a 'second helping' the next night (August 22) - JoAnne Z. (Long Island, NY) (8/28/2000)

Loved the concerts (both!). Tried my best to get on stage to sing with Barry. Barry sang a song from the score [of] a musical show that he wrote ("Every Single Day" from Harmony). - Janice (of New York) (1/23/2001)

First Show (August 21): What I liked about the show was the fact that I was so close to the stage and could see Barry better and hear him a lot better. I've been a big fan of his music since I was five years old. - Victoria Rydzynski (of New York) (2/3/2001)

Favorite Show (August 21): This was my 11th concert but the most special because my wife and our two oldest children (ages 6 and 7) were at the show. We're raising our kids right -- they love Barry too! - John Landis (Mamaroneck, NY) (3/15/2001)

First Show - RoseAnn Laserinko (Long Island, NY) (4/4/2003)

August 21: Nothing like hearing Barry's music with a full orchestra. It was an incredible performance. Definitely my favorite concert! - Rob Langer (Sharpsburg, GA) (12/5/2004)

August 22 New York/Wantagh
(Jones Beach Theatre)
August 24 New York/Rochester
(Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center)


Loved the concert last night!  Always professional, always fun, always WONDERFUL!!  Thank you, Barry, for sharing two hours of your time AGAIN! - Bev Rovelli (Auburn, NY) (8/25/99)

First/Favorite Show:  The show was amazing!  The energy was unbelievable!! - Hillary Seymour (Binghamton, NY) (8/30/99)

Favorite Show:  Once again, Barry goes beyond the stars. I felt like I was in heaven for two hours and 15 minutes, non-stop. He only took less than five minutes for a clothes change. The orchestra was fantastic. His new song from Harmony is GREAT - I can't wait [until it goes] to Broadway. He also did another one by Frank Sinatra - "That's Life" - it was great. I could listen to Barry sing every night of the week. Please don't ever stop touring!  Thanks for the many many years of Beautiful Music!! - Peggi Chimera (Buffalo, NY) (8/31/99)

Favorite Show:  I love him now and I can't wait to go to the next concert. - Amy Seger (Bath, NY) (3/30/2000)

Barry was great, the music was great, and the fans were great. Everyone was so into the music. We clapped and we danced and we sang. What a feeling to be caught up in all that!  We've been fans for so long now that everyone knows what to do when each song is played. One of the best concert experiences ever!! ... At one point you could hear the audience singing along. It was amazing!!  The Sinatra songs are a great tribute to the man and Barry does them justice every time. - Darlene Corio (Bloomfield, NY) (2/28/2000, 4/12/2000)

August 26 Pennsylvania/
(Blockbuster Sony Music Entertainment Centre)

Camden, NJ

Barry radiated charm and wit. He shimmered from head to toe with emotion as he sang. His rapport with the audience was amazing. He was enjoying giving his all as we were listening to his wonderful voice and that of the orchestra. He battled hoarseness at one point but still was able to control the tone and quality of his voice. It was truly a wonderful experience to be there as close as we were and be mesmerized by him. At one point he sat on the steps directly in front of me and I could feel the power of his emotion as he sang. Two thunderstorms occurred during the show and at one point Barry's mike blew but the audience took over until he had power again. The piano trio, the accordian, the conga across the stage and the ease with which he approached the audience made for a memorable evening, one that I am so pleased to have shared with so many fans, young and old. The evening ended with a dash to the car through puddles and streaks of lightning. Mother Nature enjoyed the show, too. We all "Made it through the rain"! - Jane A. Mangano (of New Jersey) (12/19/99)

[What I liked about this concert was] all the music he ever made or re-recorded, and the way he sings with all his heart and soul, and with so much feeling. - Theresa Klug (of Luzerne, PA) (2/17/2000)

First Show:  I was in lawn seating and it wasn't just the microphone that blew, it was the whole system outside. I enjoyed the show though. Very appropriate choice for last song ("I Write The Songs" was an encore). - John (of Delaware) (4/9/2000)

Favorite Show - Denise Coughlin (Bensalem, PA) (8/13/2000)

Favorite Show: Barry is just a real showman. Sounds good, plays to the crowd, and always has a long show. - Dan DiMuzio (Philadelphia, PA) (8/7/2001)

First Show - Maryanne McIntyre (of New Jersey) (8/3/2003)

August 27 Massachusetts/Boston
(BankBoston Pavilion)
Favorite Show (August 27):  After 25 years of being a Barry fan (and of course, enjoying each and every year of his new music and seeing him six times), I won the first prize raffle - the biggest thrill of my life!  The concert was awesome. The very talented musicians who accompanied Barry were just as great as he was. To me, Barry sounded the same as he did all those years ago. Such a talent and a voice that I will never ever get tired of listening to. He's truly a legend and I will always feel connected to him because he's been such a big part of my life. - Andrea Kilroy (Medford, MA) (8/30/99)

Favorite Show (August 27): Barry brought down the house in Boston. I was six rows from the stage (it pays to be a member of Barry's fan club!). He is so very handsome and his blue eyes will make you melt. The show was incredible, fantastic, the best! ... Someday I hope to be the next CSWY Girl when Barry visits Boston, Worcester or Foxwoods. - Cindy S. (of Worcester, MA) (2/20/2000)

First/Favorite Show (August 28):  He was very personable! - Christie Pino (Boston, MA) (8/30/99)

First Show - Amy Williams (Boston, MA) (6/5/2000)

[What I liked about the show was] Barry's voice! He can sing and play the piano!! - Beth Cole (Boston, MA) (7/26/2000)

First Show - Rob Surette (Boston, Massachusetts) (8/17/2016)

August 28 Massachusetts/Boston
(BankBoston Pavilion)
September 3 Ohio/Cincinnati
(Riverbend Music Center)
Barry is at his best singing with a big band, interacting with his fans. He remains the ultimate performer. He remains consistent, is not afraid to take chances, is generous, loving, funny, and darn cute for a guy of 53 years old. This was my second concert this summer (the first being Pine Knob). My seat was right up front. I took my 81 year old mom. She introduced me to the music of Manilow way back in 1974. Barry who??  She was really into the show, clapping, standing, and having a ball. Barry was wonderful. I laughed, I sang along, I cried, and I am sad it is all over now. The place really swung all night long especially during "Copacabana". A great concert... the best!! - Anne Malicki (Whitehouse, OH) (9/18/99)

Favorite Show:  This was probably the 30th time I've seen Barry live. Each time he gets better and better. He gets so deeply into his songs, that a couple of times I had to actually catch my breath, I was so taken in. The man can express himself through song like no one else I've ever witnessed. Barry's tribute to Frank Sinatra was touching and dramatic. It is, of course, my dream to make it up on stage some day to sing "Can't Smile Without You"' with Barry. What a thrill that would be. Until then, I will just have to 'settle' for the thrill of the show itself. Barry is absolutely awesome. - Maria Reincheld (Pickerington, OH) (9/5)

My best friend and I have been Barry Manilow fans for years. This was his 6th concert and my 7th - and we both agree it was the best one yet!  The evening was perfect - low humidity and few bugs!!  Barry captured the audience from the moment he walked out on the stage. His voice was pure and crystal clear. His love for his music and his fans was ever present. A true perfectionist from the lighting to the orchestra. Two hours of non-stop Barry and when it was over you still wanted more!  I'm ready for the next concert!! - Lynn Kostrzewski (Louisville, KY) (9/16/99)

The Sinatra Tribute from Barry's newest CD was incredible. The dance version of "Could It Be Magic" is my ultimate favorite!!  We had three generations with us that night: my niece, two sisters, and my mom. We are awaiting the time that he picks one of us for "Can't Smile Without You"!  We are HUGE fans!  We go to see him every year. - Karen Thompson (Columbus, OH) (10/4/99)

First Show - Mary Todd (Ft. Mitchell, KY) (11/3/99)

September 4 Missouri/St. Louis
(Riverport Amphitheatre)

Favorite Show:  I have watched Barry and his music closely. Just like a bottle of wine, he gets better every year. The Sinatra (tribute) is truly remarkable. My mother played a lot of "Sinatra" when I was growing up so I am very familiar with his music. Barry presents a showcase that only he can pull off. His presence and respect for Sinatra are truly an awesome example of his talents. I wish I could see him perform every night. One cannot help but love Barry... What a MASTER!! - Marianne James (Carterville, IL) (9/5/99)

Wow, this was my very first Barry Manilow concert!  I've been a fan of his for 25 years, but I was not prepared for the impact of seeing him live on stage. His recordings are great, but they don't do him justice... What surprised me was that after all these years on the road, he so honestly enjoys being up on stage and his enthusiasm was infectious. He was obviously moved by the audience's response many times throughout the concert. In addition he was funny, humble, and extremely gracious. He sincerely thanked the on-stage orchestra numerous times during the night, even pointing out that many St. Louis musicians were members. He even put in a plug for music educators, urging the audience to encourage their children to play, inspiring aspiring young professional musicians everywhere. I guess I'd have to say the entire experience was one I'll never forget and I'm already looking forward to when I can see him again. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to be in the orchestra myself next time!! - Cheryl Pierce (Mascoutah, IL) (9/6/99)

Awesome!!  Fabulous!!  I am an elementary music teacher and use his music in my classroom!  I appreciate his comments about teaching children music!! - Susan Blackburn (Cape Girardeau, MO) (9/10/99)

What I liked about this concert:  Of course, the oldies. But also the Frank Sinatra songs that Barry sang. He always makes you feel that he is singing to you only, even though there are thousands of people there. He is like fine wine. He gets better and better! - Teresa Sellers (St. Louis, MO) (9/12/99)

It was different than some of the other Barry concerts I have seen. He did a lot of his hits and some Frank Sinatra. I think Barry is the best performer for these type of songs. He IS next. But most of all I was thrilled as were my guests, that Barry gave out so much energy in his singing that we were blown away ... Why do I go to a Manilow concert?  Because the singing is high energy, and greater than anyone ever. Greater than Pavarotti, Tony or anyone!  Barry truly is the greatest performer and singer on the planet!! - E.S. (of St. Louis, MO) (1/26/2000)

First/Favorite Show:  The concert was great!  The orchestra was a perfect tribute to Barry's voice. We hope he will come back to St. Louis! - Tim Keim (of Missouri) (4/8/2000)

First Show - Lindsay Leonard (Jacksonville, IL) (4/22/2002)

First Show - Joan George (St. Louis, MO) (4/9/2003)

Favorite Show: Style, diversity, showmanship, a pure class act. That's how I would describe Barry Manilow. The mixture of his "classic Manilow style" and Sinatra at this concert was potent. I have been a long time fan. - Kathy (of St. Louis, MO) (7/1/2004)

September 5 Kansas/Kansas City
(Sandstone Amphitheatre)

Bonner Springs

Favorite Show:  Very very good seats (third row center). This is the closest my friend and I have been (to the stage). Man, Oh Man, is he the most beautiful man you have ever seen?  I really enjoyed the variety of his music at the show. He has such a beautiful voice. He always looks so good in his suits... He is the best male vocalist in the world!! - Rita Osmond (Des Moines, IA) (9/16/99)

This concert was the best for me because it felt like Barry was talking and singing to me. He dedicated "All The Time" to Rachel. Guess what?  My name is Rachel too, and that was my theme song at one time. I was in tears!  My two young sons were excited to hear Barry in person for the first time. The elder is aspiring to be the first "Can't Smile" kid!  This concert was "for me"!  Probably the best Labor Day weekend I'll ever have.  Barry is like wine, he isn't aging, just mellowing and getting better All The Time. I love the way he always encourages people!  Incredibly talented! - Rachel Fallet (Council Bluffs, IA) (11/5/99)

First Show - Kelly Heinen (Kansas City, MO) (4/8/2002, 6/16/2002)

First Show - Shirley Small (Higginsville, MO) (7/11/2002)

First Show - Frances Lake (St. Charles, MO) (7/17/2002)

First Show - Amy Bono (of Kansas City) (8/17/2005)

Favorite Show - Edward Moreland (St. Peters, Missouri) (12/3/2012)

Highlights: Could It Be Magic (ballad) / Could It Be Magic (dance version) / Somewhere In The Night / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Can't Smile Without You / Bandstand Boogie / The Old Songs/Mandy / Even Now / Accordion Medley (I'm So Excited, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, Like A Virgin) / Daybreak / All The Time / New York City Rhythm / I Can't Get Started (intro) / Singin' With The Big Bands / Overture of Overtures (intro) / Give My Regards To Broadway (intro) / Every Single Day / Sing It (intro) / This One's For You / Saturday Night Is The Loneliest Night In The Week (instrumental) / Come Dance With Me/Come Fly With Me / All The Way / You Make Me Feel So Young / That's Life / Here's To The Man / When October Goes / Weekend In New England / Copacabana (At The Copa) + Encore / I Made It Through The Rain / I Write The Songs

[ Manilow TV Episode #92 aired August 2017 ]

September 7 Colorado/Denver
(Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre)
I started listening to Barry Manilow when I was about 8 or 9. Hard to believe that it took me this long to go to a concert. I cried through the whole thing. I have been consumed with Barry ever since that night. Seeing him on stage in person does so much to intensify one's feelings! (My husband is jealous!!) ... Barry's voice is so strong and pure. He sings from his heart ... Thank you, Barry, for adding so much to this world by writing music and singing. I can't wait to see you again! I will be the redhead in the first row crying uncontrollably!! - Sara Southards (9/12/99)

I was really touched when Barry told the story about his grandfather and how he made him sing "Happy Birthday" for the recording that Barry played for us. I feel honored that he let us into his life like that. I have been a Manilow fan for the majority of my life. It was Barry that inspired me to learn to play the piano. This concert was my husband's wedding anniversary present to me (11 years Sept. 3). He knew that if he didn't get me GREAT seats that it wouldn't have been a very happy anniversary for us. Thank you, Barry, for so many great years and great times you have given us! ... WE LOVE YOU BARRY!! - Jeanette Ford (Longmont, CO) (1/5/2000)

No matter how many are there cheering, Barry makes it seem like you are the ONLY one there, and he is singing right to you! - S.F. (of Colorado) (2/28/2000)

Attending this concert was like a dream come true for me. I never imagined that it would ever happen, but three years after discovering Barry, I had the privilege of flying to Denver to see him in concert for the first time!  It was so incredible, I can't begin to describe it!  Barry couldn't have been more alive, and you couldn't have found a happier girl on the face of the earth than me that night!  Thank you, Barry, from the bottom of my heart for a night I will never forget!! - Lauralee Logan (Hillsville, VA) (3/18/2000)

[What I liked about the show was] Everything. My wife and I have been fans of Barry's music since the 70's. It just keeps getting better and his live performances are awesome. - Scott Novak (Denver, CO) (7/7/2000)

The concert was truly wonderful. Would love to see another one. My kids (11, 9, and 6) are already Barry fans. They want me to take them to Las Vegas to see our favorite guy. What could I say? Any good Mom would say yes! - Lena Edwards (Arvada, CO) (9/24/2001)

September 9 California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
I first saw Barry in 1980 with my mom. She surprised me with tickets [and did again in 1999]. She had had a stroke and was in a wheel chair at this show, but she was still singing and clapping to the songs. She kept saying, "Do you think he is going to sing "I Write The Songs"? I assured her that he would, and when he did it brought tears to her eyes. We had so much fun that night. I came home on a cloud with a sore throat from singing and screaming so loud. I love you, Barry! Thank you so much for giving me that wonderful memory with my mom. My mom passed away last August. But I will always have the memory of seeing you two times at the Greek with her. - Debbie Alvarez (Sylmar, CA) (4/22/2003)

I have to go to the wheelchair seating, and at that time it was usually located in the back of the concert venue. But the Greek Theater wheelchair seating was located closer up front. I got to see Barry so close that I could almost see his blue eyes. It was wonderful from the first song to the last. He really is the greatest entertainer of this decade and of the last three too. - Jeannie Ham (San Jacinto, CA) (7/15/2007)

September 11 California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
This was by far one of the best concerts - and the best Barry concert - I have attended. By opening with the techno version of one of his classics, he really pumped up the crowd. The orchestra was incredible, Barry was energetic, the set list was great! I had 2nd row seats, which made the show even more enjoyable. I think I have achieved Barry-Nirvana. Barry - You Rock! - Kim (of Lakewood, CA) (9/13/99)

I loved Barry's enthusiasm!  He has so much energy when he's on the stage that he just captures you in it. You can't help dancing and singing along!  And guess what?  I'm only 14!! - Heather (of Ridgecrest, CA) (1/20/2000)

I have been to about 30 Barry Manilow concerts and they have all been great, but this concert stands out. I couldn't believe how much more emotional I got hearing him sing all those great songs with a live orchestra. It was absolutely awesome! Barry is the best showman around and I've never been disappointed with him yet. - Stephanie Judson (Lakewood, CA) (1/30/2003)

September 16 Washington/Spokane
(Spokane Arena)
Favorite Show:  Barry just keeps getting better. We could have listened all night. We never get tired of hearing his songs and stories and there doesn't seem to be a type of song he can't sing. He is very talented and has a special gift. We also really enjoyed the comedian act. It was very funny. - Debbie Maxson (Spokane, WA) (9/18/99)

Favorite Show:  I get a lot of kidding regarding my love for Barry (as many of us do). My husband loves the "Singin' with the Big Bands" album - we play it on long trips - and he has to admit that Barry puts on quite a show and is a great entertainer. At the concert, I cried during "This One's For You" because it was released right after my father died almost 25 years ago. During "I Made It Through The Rain", I cried remembering when it played when Iran hostages paraded by bus through Washington, D.C. During "Can't Smile Without You", I remembered when my husband would leave for two weeks of National Guard Annual Training when our children were very young. The entire evening was fantastic. Can't wait for his next visit. In August, I was told I needed major surgery to remove an almost total blockage in renal arteries to my right kidney. When scheduling the surgery, I said "anytime after September 16 because I have Barry Manilow concert tickets". I wouldn't have missed the concert for anything. Thanks, Barry! - Peggy Bishop (Spokane, WA) (9/25/99)

I liked everything about the concert and Barry. I've loved him and his music ever since I was in 3rd grade. Seeing Barry was definitely a dream come true. I hope that I don't ever miss seeing him again. Besides Barry, the orchestra was just awesome to watch. Everything was perfect. I am a true Barry Manilow fan for the rest of my life! - Janelle Brinkley (Spokane, WA) (9/19/2000)

September 17 Washington/Seattle
(Puyallup Fairgrounds)
Western Washington Fair

Favorite Show:  I loved the fact that he got everyone involved. I liked his comment about the new ride that the Puyallup Fair had (The look on his face was one I won't forget). I just wish the concert wouldn't have ended. I have been wanting to see Barry for the last 22 years. I joined his fan club when I was 11 years old and have been a fan every since. I took my neighbor to the show who has never really sat and listened to Barry's music, and I am proud to say that she loved the concert! - Sally Myers (Milton, WA) (9/18/99)

My parents and I and a friend went to our first Barry Manilow concert. We loved the show. Barry Manilow's music was so up lifting that we didn't want the concert to end. We hope he will come back to the Puyallup Washington State Fair next year! - Janet Eaton (Aberdeen, WA) (9/18/99)

Barry is one of the few performers who really knows how to put on a show!!  Loved the orchestra, but most of all, it was a joy to see his passion for music. If you want to meet a true fan I'm your girl!! - Linda Nichols (Puyallup, WA) (9/18/99)

I've liked Barry Manilow all my life, and to get to see him in concert live was a dream come true. I loved how he entered the stage standing there and making the crowd go nuts for a while, then singing and taking position on the stage. I loved how he included the ride out among the fairgrounds. He was great to add things like that into his performance. I had a great time, and was glad that he did a lot of last minute songs before leaving the stage. All in all, I didn't want him to quite, as for everyone else in the audience that night. I want him to tour through the Seattle area again. He's my FAVORITE MALE PERFORMER. Barry please don't let the music end!! - Sherri Bebo (Anaconda, MT) (11/11/99)

I am 23. I went to the concert with my mom. I cried! Barry's music always touches my heart. - Tyease Payne (Sumner, WA) (8/9/2000)

First Show - Gwen Howard (Seattle, WA) (1/7/2002)

Highlights (September 17): Could It Be Magic / Somewhere In The Night / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Can't Smile Without You / Bandstand Boogie / The Old Songs / Mandy / Even Now / Accordion Medley (I'm So Excited, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, Like A Virgin) / Daybreak / All The Time / New York City Rhythm / Singin' With The Big Bands / Every Single Day / Sing It/This One's For You / Come Dance With Me/Come Fly With Me / All The Way / You Make Me Feel So Young / That's Life / Here's To The Man / When October Goes / Weekend In New England / Copacabana (At The Copa) + encore / I Made It Through The Rain / I Write The Songs / One Voice

[ Manilow TV Episode #111 aired March 2019 ]

September 18 Oregon/Portland
(Rose Garden)
It was my first Barry Manilow concert and I have to say it was the best concert I've ever been to, hands down!  Barry, you are truly amazing. The orchestra was wonderful and I loved hearing all my old favorite songs, plus the new ones. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. It was a night to remember! - Linda Black (Vancouver, WA) (9/19/99)

Barry was so in touch with the audience. You felt like he was singing or talking just to you!  I fell for him when I was 14. He is the only entertainer that I ever wrote a fan letter to. I still remember getting his picture back in the mail, that made my year!!  My husband was great about taking me to the concert. I've always told him that there was only one other Man that I fell for and it was Barry Manilow! - Sherry Christopherson (Dufur, OR) (1/25/2000)

I took my daughter, age 14 to see her first Barry concert as a belated birthday present. This concert was very special for both of us, as we nearly didn't make it. On our way there, within two miles of the venue, our limo was involved in an accident, and the driver of the other car become enraged and attacked the car with us (terrified) inside. We escaped, made quick taxi arrangements and [got to the show] on time. So, when Barry sang ANY song about triumph, both of us teared up, knowing just how lucky we were, to have Barry put his musical salve on our souls. - Rebecca Keeney (Portland, OR) (12/27/2001)

[Rose Quarter]

September 25 California/Concord
(Concord Pavilion)
First/Favorite Show:  Barry is such a sincere entertainer. He sings every song with so much feeling. This was the first concert of his we have attended, but it was by far the best entertainment we have ever seen live. We went away feeling like each and every person in attendance had really made an impact on Barry's life. He is a classy performer!! - Julie Hanson (Santa Rosa, CA) (9/26/99)

The tickets were a present from my husband. We have only been married two years. He got me third row seats and during "All The Time" and "I Made It Through The Rain", he was crying!  I never thought I would marry someone who could appreciate my love for Barry! - Bonny Eby (San Jose, CA) (9/27/99)

Just saw the Manilow Live concert with several family members, including my 4-year old daughter Elisabeth. She is already a Manilow fan, and was very excited to be seeing Barry in concert (when we listen to the radio in the car, she always asks "is that Barry Manilow?")!  I was just SO EXCITING to see Barry in concert again!  The orchestra back up was beautiful. He sang my favorite song, "When October Goes", SO sweetly - it just gave me goosebumps! - Julie Kinsey (Clayton, CA) (9/27/99)

The Concord show was the best because Barry just sang and sang. He gave a show that truly was enjoyable because he crossed all lines of music. No matter what you thought you liked, Barry gave it all to you. Even the tribute he sang to Sinatra sent chills through me. I sat next to someone who had never seen Barry live and wondered if she would enjoy it. I told her, "if this is your first, I guarantee it won't be your last," and when the concert was over, the lady grabbed my arm and said, "this was my first, but it definitely won't be my last!" (The next night I saw her again in San Jose!!) - Shea Smith (Santa Clara, CA) (1/4/2000)

This concert was attended by my husband, older daughter and son-in-law, younger daughter (Gina) and her boyfriend of three years (Steve), and me. The day after the concert, [we found out] that Steve had asked Gina to marry him. They were married on July 22, 2000, and my husband and Gina danced to "I Am Your Child." My older daughter and her husband toasted the new bride & groom with a poem of how they met and actually mentioned that after a Night of Manilow, Steve proposed! It was great and the deejay said that was the best toast he had ever heard. Barry has been a part of our lives for a long, long time. We all love him. - Shirl (of California) (10/26/2000)

September 26 California/San Jose
(San Jose Arena)
First Show:  I have attended a variety of concerts such as Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, Journey, Foreigner, Santana, Whitney Houston, however, Barry Manilow's recent concert on September 26, 1999 was my all time favorite. It was the best concert I've ever attended. His stories about the songs he wrote were touching and the atmosphere was very good. My husband held me throughout the whole concert with his arm around me. Barry was wonderful and had such a good sense of humor; he made me laugh several times. - Isabel Rodriguez (San Jose, CA) (9/28/99)

This was my third concert. Barry's songs were so inspirational and moving. He has a great sense of humor also. This show was very special to me because Barry made a fan out of my sister. She has heard of his music but never attended a concert. Now she is talking about going to a Barry Manilow convention and attending more concerts. Thanks Barry for a wonderful show! - Alyce Cloutier (Carson City, NV) (10/1/99)

Although I had seen the show two nights in a row (September 25-26), the crowd had so much more energy the second night. Barry just seemed to eat it all up and give so much more back to the audience. It was just incredible!  I was 19 when I attended my first Manilow concert in 1978. By the end of the evening, I knew it wouldn't be my last. I was totally hooked by the beautiful voice and sweet music of Barry. 21 years later I was lucky enough to be picked as the last CSWY girl of the 1999 Summer tour!  My love affair with Barry will live forever!! - Vickie Molina (Antioch, CA) (10/5/99, 10/18/99)

I loved the orchestra accompanying Barry's incredible voice. I took my parents. It was their second concert. My father loved it so much, he even sang along with all the words. They enjoy his concerts because he sings to the crowd in a way that no one can. Barry seems to be singing right to me...and them!  All of his songs are fantastic with great meaning in each one. Mom loves the "Bandstand Boogie". Dad loves "Copacabana". I love "Mandy/Could It Be Magic". I wish I had been the one he chose to go up on stage to sing with him. What a thrill that would have been!  His voice is just as good as it has ever been. So smooth, so clear, so unique. Barry is FANTASTIC!  Thanks for the memories!! - Melanie Johnson (San Jose, CA) (10/24/99)

Barry's concerts are so much fun!  We have been fans for years, since the days when he sat on the stool to sing. Our daughter grew up learning to play his Beautiful Music. She and her husband sent us to Barry's first concert for our anniversary years later. Sing, Barry, Sing! - Joe and Darlene Torres (Turlock, CA) (10/24/99)


December 31 Connecticut/Ledyard
(Foxwoods Casino)
Got to see Barry in person of course and listen to his age-improved voice for the first time. - Brenda (of Meriden, CT) (1/1/2001)

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