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January 1 Connecticut/Ledyard
(Foxwoods Casino)
Favorite Show:  Live orchestra really made the show a class act along with Barry's incredible talent. Enjoyed the show very much. As always his shows are never long enough for me. - Kimberly Masson (Vernon, CT) (1/4/2000)

After 22 years of waiting, I finally got to spend the "Weekend In New England" with my husband AND Barry Manilow. I was only a hundred feet from the stage and was hypnotized by him. I got great pics and the best memories. I can't wait to see him again. Anywhere! - Rhonda (of Florida) (1/5/2000)

Saw my first Manilow concert when I was just 13 years old. Was "wow'ed" right from the beginning. Been to a lot of shows since, from Boston to Los Angeles, but my all-time favorite was New Year's night, 2000, at Foxwoods. It's not every day I get to sing with Barry!! - Elaine "Can't Smile girl" Lemieux (New Bedford, MA) (3/23/2000)

First Show - Jackie Preininger (Brewster, NY) (12/6/2000)

I loved the energy of the new decade topped off by the energy of Barry and his performance. A night of memorable magic! - Brenda (of Massachusetts) (4/12/2004)

January 2 Connecticut/Ledyard
(Foxwoods Casino)
First Show - Mike Hartin (Burlington, MA) (5/14/2000)

He sounded, as always, INCREDIBLE! I just cry when I hear his voice. I go through so much tissue at his concerts - it is just nuts. I made an awesome sign for "Can't Smile Without You" but didn't get picked. I had flash lights shining on it in fluorescent colors and glitter. I don't want to write what it said (in case I use it again). I cried so hard and screamed so loud for him to pick me. All my life he has been an inspiration to me and I have admired his talent. He is, in my eyes, one of the most talented performers in the world! God Bless Barry! And maybe some day he will pick me in the crowd to sing with him and then I will die a happy woman! - Donna A. Duckworth (of Rhode Island) (10/20/2000)

I have been listening to Barry's music since the early seventies. I received tickets [to this show] as a Christmas present. I was just so excited when the show began. I wished it could have gone on even longer. Barry sang beautifully, even though the night before he had laryngitis. I'd love to go and see him again. If I have the chance, nothing will stop me! - Marsha Lorose (Pepperell, MA) (8/4/2003)

The concert at Foxwoods Casino, January 2nd, 2000 was unforgettable. It was sort of an intimate setting, as we sat at tables, rather than seats, and were pretty close to the stage. Was so excited about seeing Barry... thinking of him took the worry about Y2K away, remember that!? This day was special, too, because it was also my mom's birthday, and we went to see Barry together. We saw many of Barry's concerts together, and I am glad I will always have those happy memories of her, and of the fantastic shows we saw together (she passed away in 2007) to cherish always. - Marilyn (of Fairfield, Connecticut) (1/2/2013)

January 8 England/Birmingham
(National Exhibition Centre Arena)
Favorite Show (January 8):  [What I liked about this concert was] the musicianship of Barry and the orchestra. The key changes - very difficult - awe-inspiring!  It was SO wonderful to see Barry live and hear that great orchestra. Barry's CDs give me much joy when I play them at home. Thanks Barry! - Maggie Holloway (Worcester, England) (1/10/2000)

Favorite Show (January 8):  OH MY WORD!!  MY SISTER GOT PICKED (for Can't Smile Without You). I can't believe it. Barry always tells the story about a girl wetting herself on stage - well - I was so excited for my sister that I nearly wet myself in the audience. Due to all the excitement, the show went by in a bit of a blur. Fortunately we returned the following night - absolutely out of this world, amazing, wonderful. I don't think Barry has ever looked or sounded as good as he does now. - Victoria Lambley (Nottingham, England) (1/15/2000)

First Show (January 8):  At last, my very first Barry concert!!  It seemed ages since booking and travelling to Birmingham, but it truly was worth the wait!!  We were treated to a fantastic performance, and even a spot of accordion playing. It was great to hear some real favourites, all ones that I have been listening to whilst waiting to see him. I still can't believe that I was really there!!  Can't wait till the next time, and I'll have to attend more than one venue then!! - Karen East (of England) (1/18/2000)

Favorite Show (January 8):  As usual, Barry was on top form and the orchestra was brilliant. Barry just gets better and better with each performance he does. It was great to hear some of his old songs being performed live, such as "New York City Rhythm" and "Who's Been Sleepin' In My Bed". Absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to see him in Manchester on Saturday (22 January). Here's to you Barry!  Keep up the brilliant work and see you very, very soon. - Julie Waine (Newton Le Willows, Merseyside) (1/19/2000)

Favorite Show (January 8):  [What I liked about the concert was...] BARRY!! - Zoe Jackson (Nottingham, England) (3/25/2000)

First Show (January 9):  This was my first Barry Manilow concert, and what a fantastic time I truly had. From start to finish I think I smiled all the way through. I only wish it was me who was on that stage singing "I Can't Smile Without You" ... Who knows, maybe next time! - Nicki (of England) (1/13/2000)

Favorite Show (January 9):  Absolutely brilliant!  What a performer!! - Deanna (of West Midlands, UK) (3/5/2000)

[What I liked about the show was] EVERYTHING!! - Andrea Harris (Bournemouth, England) (5/6/2000)

Favorite Show (January 9):  This was my first Barry concert and I have to say it was the best night of my entire life. He sounded and looked gorgeous and sang all my favorite songs. Thank you Barry for a wonderful night that I will never forget. Ill be there next time. I love you Barry. - Rachel Kinchin (Birmingham, UK) (5/12/2000)

Favorite Show (January 8): Barry Manilow is a great entertainer with a great voice. Singing with thirty live musicians was fantastic. I hope someday he will play Belfast at our new arena which has recently opened by Bill Clinton and holds around 10,000 people. I have been a huge fan of Barry Manilow since 1975 and have his LP's, CD's and videos. - John McDonnell (Belfast, Northern Ireland) (4/10/2001)

Favorite Show: I just love Barry! Hurry up and come back!! - Karen O'Brien (of the United Kingdom) (3/12/2004)

Favorite Show (January 8): So many great concerts over the years, but 8th January had to be the best as I was the CSWY girl picked that night! - Rebecca Barthorpe (Nottingham, England) (7/8/2004)

January 9: It was the first time I'd seen Barry Live and spent the entire concert with tears streaming down my face, with the biggest smile and my baby boy kicking in my belly. The security man kept telling me to please sit down as I was obviously heavily pregnant, but I was in a state of pure euphoria at seeing The Man himself! (My baby boy was born five days later.) Loved every minute of the concert (and the four shows I've been to since!). He makes me tingle inside just hearing him and although all my friends constantly take the mickey for me being such a Barry anorak, they know not to 'diss' The Barry. Even my Hubby is aware he comes second in my life! Hope to see Barry at the O2 in May 2011 (...if Hubby treats me for Christmas!!). - Stephanie Markham (Coventry, England) (12/10/2010)

January 9 England/Birmingham
(National Exhibition Centre Arena)
January 11 Wales/Cardiff
(Cardiff International Arena)
Really enjoyed all his songs, but particularly liked his accordion playing. My husband took me despite having the flu (the sweetheart!!). Cardiff was a great venue. Hope Barry [returns to] Cardiff someday. We hope to be there. I'd love to get my mum to go next time! - Sharon Shepherd (Bristol, England) (2/21/2000)
January 12 Wales/Cardiff
(Cardiff International Arena)
Wow!  The best show I've seen so far!  The orchestra sounds great and "I Made It Through The Rain" was made perfect because of them. "Flight Of The Bumble Bee" was great too. This was the first time my mum had seen Barry live. She left the hall speechless! - Antony Guy Wainer (of England) (1/15/2000)

Barry is just so professional, and seems to get better every time I see him (If that's possible!). He seemed so confident and at ease, and the orchestra just added to an already perfect performance from Barry. He really excelled himself in this concert, and sang all the old favourites as well as a few new ones. Our seats were five rows from the front, right in the middle of the row, so I had a near perfect view of him. - Christine Summers (Aberystwyth, Wales) (1/18/2000)

January 14 England/London
(Wembley Arena)
[What's On At Wembley]
First Show (January 14): I am 24 years old and have been a devoted Barry Manilow fan for the last 12 years. I live in Israel and came all the way to England to see the three shows in Wembley. The show on the 14th of January was my first show, and it was amazing!!  I had a great aisle seat. Among the songs he sang were the beautiful "Somewhere In The Night", "When October Goes", "Weekend In New England", "Copacabana", and many more. The song from Barry s new musical "Harmony" was so beautiful and touching. Barry even played the accordion!  Barry's orchestra sounded amazing. Thank you Barry for your beautiful music. I love you. - Orit Finkelstein (of Israel) (1/16/2000)

First Show (January 14): This is the first Barry Manilow show I have been to. I thought it was so cool and I had a great time. He looks brilliant and the orchestra sounded great. Hope I get to go to future concerts. - Janet Bones (London, England) (1/16/2000)

First/Favorite Show (January 15):  I loved the show and find Barry to be very charming and talented. - Sheri Smith (of England) (1/20/2000)

Favorite Show (January 15): Yet again Barry was absolutely fantastic. We left all singing and dancing... Barry extolled the virtues of teaching our children music and giving them encouragement - an opinion I whole-heartedly support... Thank you Barry, you were and are fantastic. - Pauline Dunkerton (Brighton, England) (1/17/2000)

First Show (January 16): What a show, the man was brilliant!  From the pre-show to the first song right up to the last song, it was amazing. Two hours just flew right on by. The whole orchestra made it sound even better. "Copacabana" was brilliant, and the "Flight Of The Bumble Bee" was just so funny. This was my first concert, but it certainly won't be my last. An absolute magical experience!! - Dean Mitchell (Crawley, Sussex) (1/16/2000)

Favorite Show (January 16): I loved that he sang "Ready To Take A Chance Again" and I thought the new Country/Western song had wonderful lyrics. His voice was amazing - he can really hold those notes! - Claire Pixie (of the UK) (1/18/2000)

Saw two of Barry's concerts at Wembley (January 14-15) and in my opinion this has to have been SIMPLY THE BEST concert I have ever seen!  I have been following Barry for 20 years and have seen him perform each time he has come to the UK. The man gets better every time I see him!  This year's concert for me was exceptional!  I thought that the orchestra complimented him immensely. I have always enjoyed seeing his backing singers, but to be quite honest, HE DOESN'T NEED THEM!  I loved Barry's Sinatra set; he should sing more of these. Ever since my daughter was six years old, she has accompanied me to Barry's concerts. This time was extra special as she had just turned 21 and had also "dragged" along her boyfriend, who is a professional boxer!  He had never seen Barry before and did not know what to expect. By the end of the concert, he was a converted Barry Manilow fan and even bought a T-shirt to prove it (he intends to wear this in the gym when in training for his next fight!). He loved the concert, as did my daughter ... When Barry did his "Can't Smile Without You", both of them stood up holding a sign saying "Please pick my mum!" and an arrow pointing to me!  Barry read it and laughed, but didn't pick me (...there's always next time!). As always, Barry was spectacular and I thought his voice was even more amazing! - Kris Marsh (1/22/2000)

Favorite Shows (January 14-15): Not only does Barry show great talent in music, but his ability in making you laugh and the art of connecting with his audience makes you realise you have just heard and seen something special. Great moments in the shows were "When October Goes," "Weekend In New England," "Who`s Been Sleeping In My Bed," "Could It Be Magic," "Mandy," and the breathtaking tribute to Sinatra. - Linda Horner (Peacehaven, England) (8/16/2000)

This was the first time I saw Barry live and it was just perfect! Everything was as beautiful as I thought it would be, or even better! Barry has lots of charisma and he is very charming. His voice is gorgeous! - Paivi Reijonen (Vantaa, Finland) (9/12/2000)

First/Favorite Show (January 16): This was a belated Christmas surprise for my mum who has always wanted to see Barry but has never got there. So finally I made her dream come true and I took her to see him... There are two words to describe how he was: Absolutely Fanatastic! - Christopher (of Walthamstow, England) (10/28/2000)

Favorite Show (January 16): A dream realised... seeing Barry live on my birthday!! Took many years, but was worth the wait! Barry was in good form and we had 10th row seats in front of the stage. Couldn't have asked for more! - Amy Carlman-James (Teignmouth, Devon, England) (2/19/2003)

This has got to be the most fantastic concert I have been to because my sister and I had front row seats. - Louise Kenward (Norfolk, England) (1/25/2004)

January 14: I was chosen this night to sing with Barry. I had a sign that read "Ready, Willing and Able." Was I ready? Oh Yes! Was I willing? OH YES! Was I able? OH DEAR... I cannot sing for toffee to be honest, but does that stop you when you have waited soooo long to meet The Man we all worship? NOT A CHANCE! Up I went, full of it I was. Then we started to sing and I thought we would turn around and the arena would have emptied, but everyone was very supportive and sang along. I was with Annette and Kath that night and I do believe I kept Annette awake most of the night talking about the experience. If it hadn't been for them both insisting I put my sign up, I would never have gotten the opportunity to duet with Barry. I am and always will be eternally grateful to my two good friends. I think Barry enjoyed himself nearly as much as I did and we got a smile and a giggle from Ron. Oh how I wish I could do it again, but I feel for the ladies who never got their chance... Another treat for me would be to hear my husband Tom duet with Barry as Tom has a lovely voice. Ahh well, we can all dream, right!? - Margaret Sutton (Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom) (10/25/2011)

January 15 England/London
(Wembley Arena)
January 16 England/London
(Wembley Arena)
January 18 England/Newcastle
(Newcastle Telewest Arena)
Favorite Show:  Barry was so amazing - he's the man!  He was so professional. His rapport with his fans was second to none. He can adapt to so many musical styles there is no one to compare to his versatility. On behalf of the Newcastle fans, please please please come back soon because WE CAN'T SMILE WITHOUT YOU!! - Yvonne McCafferty (Newcastle Upon Tyne, England) (2/4/2000)

Favorite Show:  Barry was full of fun, mentioned the area and accent, and the audience was wild. It was a fantastic night! - Sandra Thornton (South Shields, England) (2/19/2000)

[What I liked about the concerts were the] tickets from the fan club, as I'm a member. Initially [I got] tickets for Birmingham, though I wanted more so I went to Newcastle to see the "Best Hunk." Brilliant concerts! It was great and emotional as we were near the stage. Felt so close to the Number One man! Cannot wait until Barry returns. The motorways of England never had it so good on the way home to Coventry as we had the music on full-blast. Did not want the night to end! Barry is an inspirational fellow. Fun too! Cannot wait till the next concert. - Louise Salmon (Coventry, England) (12/21/2000, 9/7/2001)

Favorite Show - Sue Munro (Darlington, England) (10/21/2001)

I was born the same day as Barry, 17th june 1946, so it was really special for me to see him in concert. This was a Christmas treat from my children and my husband and I wasn't dissappointed. HAPPY 60TH BARRY!! - Gloria Young (Newcastle, England) (5/11/2006)

First Show: The show is MAGIC from beginning toend. I have seen many huge artists but you just can't beat Our Barry. He is such a lovely fantastic artist; just sounds exactly like his CDs. As soon as you hear the piano and his voice, it's magical! He is so fantastic with the audience, we all can't wait for his return. He is our Number One! - Lyn Wiffen (of England) (5/31/2006)

January 19 Scotland/Glasgow
(Clyde Auditorium)

[Clyde Auditorium at SECC]

Favorite Show (January 19):  My best friend Anne and I bought our tickets as soon as they went on sale way last year. We had great seats but sadly not close enough to be picked to sing with Barry. We did laugh when he played his accordion, as Anne's hubby has just taken up that instrument too ... Barry came into the audience and picked a few Scots ladies to sing Can't Smile as he'd never heard it with our wonderful accent before ... Thanks Barry for a wonderful night. See you soon?? - Lesley Mungall (Glasgow, Scotland) (1/24/2000)

First/Favorite Show (January 19):  I took my mum to the concert who has loved Barry for many years. My father died last year and my mum has been distraught. The concert has made her outlook on life change and she is now very positive about the future. I was astounded by the professionalism and sound of Barry and the Orchestra - He's a performer of the highest calibre. - Graeme Fullerton (Lesmahagow, Scotland) (1/31/2000)

January 19: I had a great seat and Barry seemed very relaxed. It was a small intimate venue. He sang nice songs like "I'll Be Here With You."  He sang a request from my friend Joy. I must see him [at the Clyde Auditorium] next tour!!  Love you Barry, we miss you in England. Come back soon! - Carol Taylor (Birmingham, England) (3/30/2000)

January 19: I had a real good seat. Barry seemed so relaxed, he even came into the audience to ask for requests. He sang some lovely songs too!! - Carol Ryan (Birmingham, England) (4/24/2000)

January 20: Barry was as professional as ever - the full orchestra was wonderful. Barry didn't [need] a comedian to warm the audience up before he appeared!  Barry would warm anyone up!! - Barbara McGookin (Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland) (3/19/2000)

January 20: This concert was the best due to the sound quality and the range of songs that Barry sung. He put his heart into every one and it showed. And I also had a front row ticket, which made all the difference! - Carolyn Boyle (Glasgow, Scotland) (5/25/2000)

January 20: [What I liked about this show was] Everything: Especially Barry, the music, the atmosphere, the audiences, the auditorium! - Ann Hulstone (of Britain) (11/24/2000, 4/2/2001)

January 20: Everytime I see Barry, the performance gets better. Having a real orchestra really made the whole concert! The sound was excellent and the way in which Barry puts his heart and soul into songs such as "Even Now" (which is a special song for me) reduces me to tears All The Time. Personally I had come through a very bad time in my life and seeing Barry's performance lifted my spirits so much that life seemed to be worth living for. Thanks, Barry, you're the Best. - Margaret McLaren (Glasgow, Scotland) (5/19/2001, 7/30/2001)

This was the best concert of that tour (I saw most of them). Barry was so relaxed and really loved the venue which was new to him. It is an intimate venue with good acoustics. The crowd was appreciative (here) and Barry was very emotional on this occasion. - Maureen Crichton (Glasgow, Scotland) (6/9/2001)

January 20: At the concert the night before I was in the back row up in "the gods", but at this concert, I was front row centre stage. It was absolutely fantastic. I still can't believe I was that close to Barry! He is even more gorgeous close up. As usual, the show was wonderful. Having an orchestra made it that bit more special. - Jacquie Pearce (Glasgow, Scotland) (10/12/2002)

Favorite Show: Barry was lovely!! - Kristina (of London, England) (3/14/2012)

January 20 Scotland/Glasgow
(Clyde Auditorium)

[Clyde Auditorium at SECC]

January 22 England/Manchester
(Evening News Arena)
First Show: I sang with Barry Manilow as part of the Cheshire Show Choir. He was a really nice person and a great singer and showperson. - Timothy Bettney (Sheffield, UK) (1/24/2000)

First/Favorite Show:  I thought Barry performed absolutely wonderful considering he had the flu. I have just gotten over the flu and there is no way I could have gotten up on stage and sang for one hour even if I could sing, so well done, Barry!  Can't wait for you to come back to Manchester. Enjoyed every minute. - Ann Craig (Barrow-in-Furness, England) (2/3/2000)

I was privileged to attend this concert. At this show it became apparent exactly how much Barry thinks of his fans - he performed while he was so ill - he gave his all that night and showed us all just what a professional he really is. - Mandy Mangham (Leeds, England) (4/2/2000)

Barry was sick and was still awesome. He gave his best as always and we didn't mind giving him a helping hand through the songs. He was a true professional that night and truly cared about us enough to go on. Plus, he had a broken toe - Ouch!! - Adele Gardner (Manchester, England) (4/5/2000)

Even though Barry was very unwell, he was amazing. He put all he had into that night. I'm still on Cloud Nine even after a year. All the best to everyone at the BarryNet! - Adele Whipp (Hull, East Yorkshire, UK) (4/11/2001)

First Show - Debbie Anderson (Halifax, West Yorkshire, England) (5/20/2002)

Barry was ill but he managed to get through the show. He put 100 percent as usual. It was clear to everyone that he wasn't well but we helped him through it and loved him for not canceling the show. Barry came back to Manchester some 18 months later and I was fortunate enough to win a competition to meet him back stage. He was fantastic and gorgeous. Bless him. - Linda Salt (Stockport, England) (3/13/2007)

Barry not only performed with a broken toe but he had laryngitis! - Keith Brian (Manchester, England) (11/22/2008)

First Show - Irene O'Neill (of Ireland) (12/12/2008)

First Show - Elizabeth Anne Fisher (of England) (5/9/2009)

First Show - Gillian Tennant (Leeds, England) (8/29/2009)

February 15 Tennessee/Nashville
(Tennessee Performing Arts Center)
Special Concert Taping: Manilow Country!

Highlights: It's A Miracle (with Neal McCoy) / Sweetwater Jones (Gillian Welch) /
Jingles Medley (with Jo Dee Messina): State Farm, Stuck on Band-Aid, Bowlene,
Feelin' Free, You Deserve A Break Today / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Medley (with Lila McCann (Daybreak/Can't Smile Without You) / I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/Weekend In New England (with Lorrie Morgan) / Something's Comin' Up (with Neal McCoy) / Please Don't Be Scared (with Kevin Sharp) / Somewhere Down The Road / Jump Shout Boogie / I Made It Through The Rain (Jo Dee Messina) / Lay Me Down (Trisha Yearwood) / If Tomorrow Never Comes / Medley (with Deana Carter): Everything's Gonna Be Alright/Could It Be Magic / Mandy / Copacabana (At The Copa) (with Jaci Velasquez) / One Voice

[ Manilow.TV Episode #20 aired May 2011 ]

February 16 Tennessee/Nashville
(Tennessee Performing Arts Center)
Special Concert Taping: Manilow Live!

I like the orchestra because it complements Barry's piano playing and singing. Who needs synthesizers anyway?! - Peter Rager (Dallas, TX) (12/16/2000)

I loved the live orchestra. Best concert I've ever attended ... PERIOD! - Steve Gaudet (San Francisco, CA) (4/21/2004)

This concert was being filmed for DVD and was also shown as TV special. With the orchestra, it was like being a part of the "Copacabana" movie atmosphere. Barry put such warmth and feeling in his songs. Also enjoyed the hilarious kazoo number! What a fantastic night. - Anita Haley (McMinnville, TN) (8/6/2004)

[What I liked was] the music, Barry, and the energy of both Barry and the fans. But most of all, the feeling (that I'm sure everyone has) that he's singing all the songs just for you. You get lost in the music and just enjoy the feeling of being about 16 again. - Susan Pirkle (Buford, GA) (6/11/2004, 4/23/2009)

First Show - Tammy Martorana (of Tennessee) (5/25/2009)

First Show: I liked the concert in Nashville because I like all the songs Barry sang in that concert. I want Barry to come to Indonesia and can see me at his concert! - Gregorian Jerahmeel Hartanto (Jakarta, Indonesia) (6/21/2011)

This was a taping for the Manilow Live DVD... I remember it was a big deal that it was filmed in HD! This was probably my 12th Barry concert or so, but it ranks as my favorite! Since it was being taped, the house lights stayed up and Barry could see the audience. My Mom and I were sitting in the balcony, and there weren't many people up there. I had on a white sweater which apparently stood out a little because during "I Write the Songs" I noticed Barry looking into the balcony, so I waved, and he waved back! I was sooo very excited... and it is on tape, so I can watch it over and over. We shared just a few seconds, but it was special nonetheless! - Amy Meador (Nashville, Tennessee) (6/8/2012)

March 16 Florida/Fort Myers
(Teco Arena)
He looks and sounds better than he did 20 years ago!!  I should be so lucky. - Molly (of Florida) (3/18/2000)

This was the eighth time seeing Barry live and it was the BEST!  My husband got us seats in the third row!  My heart was beating so fast when Barry came out I thought I was having a heart attack. Barry was fantastic. I loved his rendition of "That's Life", and I finally got to see "Could It Be Magic" with the hip action LIVE. It was so great. Thanks again Barry. You are the GREATEST. - Mary Alberstadt (Naples, FL) (3/21/2000)

I sat in the second row, aisle seat, and fell in love with Barry all over again. Until the day I die I will always love Barry and hope to meet him. - Jodi Nigro (Cape Coral, FL) (9/17/2000)

I love Barry's music and the big orchestra. Barry had the audience in the palm of his hand, and [what I liked] most of all? Just good clean entertainment. I came away 'feeling good' and entertained. Thank you, Barry. - Cherie Overbaugh (Bonita Springs, FL) (3/20/2001)

March 17 Florida/West Palm Beach
(Mars Music Amphitheatre)
I had seen Barry years ago in the early 80's in Ft. Lauderdale (I sat in the nosebleed section but enjoyed the concert very much). Last night I went to see him again and sat in the 4th row!  When he walked out on stage I started to cry. I have always loved Barry's music and every song he sang had so many memories for me. I go to a lot of concerts but this concert will always be remembered as the best. If he ever comes to South Florida again I will be first in line for tickets. - Joyce Androsiglio (Jensen Beach, FL) (3/18/2000)

[What I liked about this show was] Every single thing!! - Syrene (of Puerto Rico) (11/17/2001)

March 18 Florida/Tampa
(Ice Palace)
Highlights: "That's Life", "I Am Your Child", "Could It Be Magic", "Can't Smile Without You", "Copacabana", "Mandy", "Weekend In New England"

My husband surprised me with this trip to Florida over spring break; even though I couldn't get 'fan club' tickets and wasn't able to sit on the second row, I enjoyed this performance immensely!  The live orchestra was superior - the best 'backup' I've ever heard. Barry was so comfortable,so gorgeous, so at ease with himself and his audience - truly an elegant, class-act. His rendition of "I Am Your Child" was especially touching, with the addition of his grandfather's audio playing in the background. "When October Goes" is another favorite of mine - very easy to sing along with!  His closing comments concerning getting our children involved in any way with music and/or musical instruments truly hit the mark. What a guy!  Please read the concert review by Jennifer Barrs of the Tampa Tribune -- she's my sister -- and I know she was very impressed and has a new respect for her sister's obsession! - Lori Etchison (Houston, TX) (3/23/2000)

After waiting 23 years, this was my first Barry concert. My friend and I went, splurged on great seats (because it was a once in a lifetime treat), but on our way out said we will never miss another concert when he comes to town!!  I have always loved his music. He is an excellent performer and put on such a wonderful show!  I came home that night to find my whole family sleeping. I put in my CDs with the speakers set to play out on the back porch and stayed up until 1 a.m., all by myself, and singing my heart out to Barry's songs...  I was disappointed on Sunday when there was nothing in the paper (about it). Then on Monday morning, when another friend said to me, "Your man made the paper," and she showed me the article written by Jennifer Barrs of The Tampa Tribune, I couldn't believe it!  Her article was so excellent!  So tonight while looking at this site for the first time, I was so surprised to see the comments from Lori Etchison (above), who is Jennifer Barrs sister!  What a small world!!  I have shown the article to so many people and said she summed it up so well!!  My friend and I plan to join the fan club, so from now on we will have even better seats!! - Mary Beth Miller (Tampa, FL) (4/7/2000)

I have never been touched by anyone's music like I was by Barry's. He reaches down into your soul and makes you really feel it. To me he seems like he is the most gracious man and that he loves what he is doing. He seems almost reachable in some way. It is like some kind of magic. When he brought this girl named Cindy on stage I think it truly was the best experience she had ever had and I felt it right along with her. He made her feel like she was honoring him by singing "Can't Smile Without You" along with him. I don't know many singers who would even do that. When he sang the song for all the children of parents, I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. When he told the story of his grandfather trying to get him to sing for a recording when he was three, then began singing "This One's For You," I got chills as if he had invited us into a conversation with him and his grandfather. The orchestra was unbeatable and this was undeniably the best concert I have ever been to in my entire life. I laughed with him, sang with him, and cried with him and when he finally took his final bow, I thought I had experienced greatness. I did not want him to leave and I wanted to go and tell him how much he had touched me that night. I will remember that wonderful magical night for the rest of my life. Thank you, Barry Manilow, and please come to Tampa again real soon and keep singing your beautiful songs. - Renee Harper (Brandon, FL) (5/23/2000)

This was my second concert and it was as special as the first (Orlando, 1997). The strings in the back were wonderful. I took my mom as a special treat. It was her first concert ever and what a gift it was to her. She loved every minute. Thanks for the memories. - Susan McKee (Orlando, FL) (8/16/2005)

Sure brings back memories! I hope that one day Barry will return to Tampa. I was blessed to be there for this show. It was the one that inspired me to write a book. He has always been an inspiration to me and I will be a fan till the end. - Lori Domingo (Tampa, FL) (3/18/2010)

[ Ice Palace - Press Release ]

March 19 Florida/Jacksonville
(Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts, Moran Theater)
Favorite Show:  I stood out in the rain just to catch a glimpse of a man with whom I have great admiration for. I was so fortunate to be able to scream out "Great Show". The orchestra was fantastic and Barry was at his absolute best. I will never forget it!!  Thank you, Barry, for continuing to give me hope each and every day. - Cindy Hager (Tallahassee, FL) (3/20/2000)

[What I liked about the concert?] Having the 30-piece orchestra. The sound was incredible! - Pamela Hill (Ormond Beach, FL) (3/20/2000)

I was amazed at the energy Barry had and [the energy he] got back from the audience, and at the talent that never ends, that he can surprise me with new things All The Time, the humor he brings in his show, the aura that surrounds him, and the classy act of the symphony orchestra he surprised me with. - Jolanda Umstead (of The Netherlands) (3/21/2000)

This is the best I have ever seen Barry perform. I enjoyed this concert better than any I've ever seen. Keep it up, Barry!! - Dawn (of Bronson, FL) (4/11/2000)

Favorite Show - Bonny Faehnrich (Jacksonville, FL) (7/1/2000)

[What I liked about this show was] all the songs, all the passion, his moves, his dialogue with the audience, "Can't Smile Without You" with an audience member, and the encore! My dream is to interpret his concert in sign language the next time he is here!! - Jennifer Johnson (Jacksonville, FL) (7/23/2000)

What I liked about the show, of course, was everything. But what stands out most is that my favorite song, "Could It be Magic," started off the show in the form of a medley! - Julia (of Jacksonville, FL) (3/24/2002)

This was my mom's and my first Barry concert although I had been a fan right out of "the womb"! It was such a bonding moment through every song he sang. You really feel like you know him so well since he puts on such a personable show. I plan on taking my little Fanilows (my kids) and continuing the tradition. - Lisa Stewart (Jupiter, FL) (1/31/2011)

March 24 Kentucky/Louisville
(Kentucky Center for the Arts, Whitney Hall)
First Show:  [I enjoyed] everything from the time Barry walked out on stage till he walked off. I had waited for 25 years to see Barry in concert. I cannot put into words how I felt that night. I think he is a very special person with a lot of passion at what he does. He loves his music. I will always be his #1 fan. - Dena O'Neal (Paris, KY) (4/10/2000)

First Show:  It was an absolute dream come true. It felt as if Barry was singing just to you the entire time. And then to hear live orchestra... what can a person say?  To be a music teacher and then be picked as the "Can't Smile" girl and then to hear Barry talk about the importance of music throughout the show was just absolutely unbelievable! ... Thank you, Barry, not only for making my dream come true, but for pushing the importance of music in the lives of children and adults as well. Music definitely touches the soul and Barry you have touched my soul as well. - Cyndi Crowder (Campbellsville, KY) (4/11/2000)

My best friend and I have been Barry Manilow fans for years. This is my 8th concert and his 7th. What do we like best... what's not to like! He captures his audience from the moment he takes the stage to his last note. This night was no different than any other. His enthusiasm is contagious. You can't help but want more! His voice remains crystal clear and so vibrant! I can't wait for his next concert! Each one is better than the last! - Lynn Kostrzewski (Louisville, KY) (5/24/2000)

I had second row seats to the concert. The Arts Center is a fantastic place for a concert due to its great sound within the hall. Had seen Barry in other venues in other cities but this was the best one. The concert was almost a party with everyone singing along with all the songs and the master showman encouraging all to join him. Barry is the consummate showman and while I take a ribbing for liking his music, I enjoy every minute of it and will for years to come. Thanks, Barry, for sharing your immense talent with all of us for all these years. - Joe D. (Louisville, Kentucky) (7/26/2012)

March 25 Indiana/Evansville
(The Centre)
[What I liked about this concert most was] Barry, of course!  Other than that, he was especially fabulous with the 25-piece orchestra!! - Toni Shoukletovich (Marion, IL) (4/8/2000)

I liked this concert the best so far because Barry just gets better with time. And also because I have been a fan since I was about 12 or so. I am in my 30's now, and the older I get, the more Barry's songs mean to me. - Lori (of Illinois) (9/11/2000)

March 26 Indiana/Fort Wayne
(Embassy Theatre)
Favorite Show:  Barry just keeps getting better and better!  This concert was a fantastic musical experience, plain and simple. I did not miss the flashy stage show or the synthesized music. The live orchestra added the perfect touch to Barry's amazing voice. I couldn't believe he did not take an intermission. From the first note of "Could It Be Magic" to the last note of "I Write The Songs", I was completely spellbound and never stopped smiling. Barry's comments about children and music really hit home since I teach elementary school music, piano, and clarinet. He is truly the musical genius of our time. The entire evening was absolutely incredible. Of course being selected as the "Can't Smile Without You" girl didn't hurt either!  But that's another story... - Jan Gidley (Fort Wayne, IN) (4/1/2000)

"The Very Strange Medley" included something about "Stick it up your nose..." - a departure from anything I'd seen. Also, my granddaughter was with me, a solemn teen, who went WILD over Barry after she had tried to be so COOL! He won her over in spite of herself! - Sandra Chase (Bryan, OH) (7/1/2001)

March 31 North Carolina/Charlotte
(Independence Arena)
First/Favorite Show:  What was there not to like?  The orchestra was breathtaking. When Barry sang "If Tomorrow Never Comes," you could feel the song in the air. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for a concert worth every penny. Great performer! - Jill & Jerry Blackwelder (3/31/2000)

EVERYTHING was fabulous!  Had second row floor seats!!  My five-year old loved him too. Barry is definitely the performer of our lifetime. This was the third Barry concert I've been to. Thanks for the memories!  Traveled four hours from Myrtle Beach. Worth every minute! - Barb Miller (Myrtle Beach, SC) (4/7/2000)

Favorite Show:  I had 6th row seats. Barry just gets better and better. - Dawn Herring (Tulsa, OK) (4/27/2000)

I loved the 30-piece orchestra and Barry's music. I was smiling all through his concert. It was worth every penny. It just wasn't long enough! I just wish that someday I could get front row seats. His birthday is the same week as my husband's. Whenever I go walking, I take my walkman with me, and of course, Barry. It was a fabulous concert! - Marty McDowell (Spencer, NC) (5/30/2000)

The live orchestra was wonderful. Barry's accordion sketch was a hoot. I loved the selection from "Harmony" that Barry sang. It all brought back special memories. He is such a warm entertainer with a tremendous talent. I love him and his music. Always! - Terri Glenn Deal (Hickory, NC) (7/21/2000)

I have always dreamed of having front row seats, and this was it. My husband and I were fortunate enough to find these tickets, and we had a ball. Complete with neon posters and a necklace made from glow sticks, it could have been better only if I were the one on stage singing with him. I felt like I was 16 again. The music was fantastic, and I have never seen a better performance. Barry will always be the greatest! - Lori (of Charlotte, NC) (10/4/2000)

Barry sounded so smooth, and so comfortable... strong, and confident. I was terribly disappointed when he did not see me and ask me to come up and sing though. Otherwise, it was an awesome concert! Each show has its unique qualities, and he always performs to his best ability! - Karen Sammons (Charlotte, NC) (12/12/2000)

April 1 Alabama/Birmingham
(BJCC Concert Hall)
Favorite Show:  I thought the girl named Christy from Tennessee who got up and met him and sang with him was so cute. I am 60 years old and I cried, laughed, jumped and danced the whole time!  I love the songs he sings. He is so into ballads and I guess I love to hear romantic music. He is the tops!  I told everybody at work and everyone I talked to today about that night. The first time I saw Barry was when my son "Barry" and I went, when he was in high school. Then he saw Barry with a girlfriend the next time Barry came to Birmingham. And then this Saturday my husband surprised me and got us tickets. It was wonderful!  I told my son all about it and we had such fun just talking about when he and I saw Barry (before). Thanks, Barry Manilow, for the memories I will have forever!! - Margaret (of Alabama) (4/3/2000)
April 2 South Carolina/Greenville
(Bi-Lo Center)
The live orchestra behind the fabulous voice of Barry was almost like a dream. The concert was over two hours, but seemed like 15 minutes. I could listen to him sing all night. - Candy (of Greenville, SC) (4/3/2000)

First Show:  I was given surprise tickets that day for my birthday. What a great gift. I listened to Barry a lot while in high school. The whole evening brought back great memories of a secure, fun time in my life. I very much appreciated his acknowlegement of the orchestra and the encouragment to have your kids learn an instrument. I play the flute and my son plays piano, and it was a good reminder to enjoy music. The audience loved the time with him, and I also appreciate that he gave us SO MANY songs -- 2-1/4 hours of nearly non-stop music. He gave value for the ticket. - Beth Beutler (Fountain Inn, SC) (4/3/2000)

Barry was incredible!!  I loved everything about the concert, but especially because he is so personable with his audience. The songs were wonderful - I will always be a loyal Manilow fan!! - Chris Lilly (Asheville, NC) (4/3/2000)

[What I liked about the concert was] EVERYTHING!  21 years ago our first son was conceived while listening to "Mandy" from the Live album. My husband and I have vowed to see Barry in person before we died. Well, now we can die!  This was the experience of a lifetime. Someday I hope to see Barry again. He is our IDOL! - Della Rogers (Asheville, NC) (4/12/2000)

Barry's concert in Greenville was outstanding. I am a real romantic. I don't care if Barry sang bluegrass. The words, feeling, and compassion expressed through his music brings me to tears. He brings such emotion to me that I cry through all his music. I relive my past, my present, my future. - Teresa Starnes (Columbia, SC) (4/29/2000)

Barry was incredible. My husband had always promised if Barry ever came close he would take me. I had tickets 10 years ago and because of illness was unable to attend. Barry puts everything into his performance. He always moves me in a way no one else can. After the concert my husband was just shocked. He now listens to Barry's albums as much as I do, if that is possible. Thank you to Barry. That is a night I will never forget. - Lisa Bruce (Laurens, SC) (1/1/2001)

Barry was absolutely awesome that night! My hubby was one of the guys who got "dragged there", and he enjoyed the concert too. We were seated in the lower bowl and had pretty good seats. Barry sounded fantastic, and he gave us an awesome concert. The live orchestra was great. - Karen Spalding (Easley, SC) (1/15/2006, 7/1/2006)

April 7 New York/Rochester
(Rochester Auditorium Center)
Favorite Show:  I like the Big Band sound. The variety of songs was wonderful. Barry sang old and new, a great mixture. - Bonnie Park (Hilton, NY) (4/8/2000)

First Show:  The concert was great - the music, the banter, the atmosphere. - Jan Calvete (Rochester, NY) (4/10/2000)

Barry is the best! I am only 27 years old and this was my third show. Barry is the all-time best performer. His music is unforgettable. Everytime I listen to his CD's, it gets better each time. I love you forever Barry!! - Erica Teal (Rochester, NY) (2/19/2001)

Favorite Show - Ann Marie Loree (Penn Yan, NY) (3/9/2002)

I hadn't been able to attend his concerts for many years and really missed seeing him in person. My husband took me to this one as an early birthday present. It was totally awesome hearing Barry play with a full orchestra, giving it that big band sound. It was one of the happiest nights of my life! I was shaking when he came on stage and had tears in my eyes hearing some of my favorite songs being sung!! My big dream is to be lucky enough to be one of his "Can't Smile Without You" girls!! His concerts are such a personal experience in that he makes you feel as if you are the only one he is singing to. That's why this night was so special for me, because he made me feel special. I am looking forward to the day he comes back to Rochester! - Marianne Recchia (Palmyra, NY) (11/17/2001)

I loved everything about this show. The orchestra, lighting, and song selection were all fantastic! Barry looked very handsome and sounded great. I sat in the 3rd row, aisle seat, right side. Barry spent a lot of time on our side of the stage, so I was able to get some great pictures. - Marion Gerken (Palmyra, NY) (5/28/2009)

April 8 Pennsylvania/
University Park
(Bryce Jordan Center)
This is my first Manilow Concert and I am 30!!  I LOVED it. He is the best performer I have ever seen. He loves his audience and it shows. He is delightfully funny and a charmer. My sister and I took my mom for an early Mother's Day gift and she loved it also. I don't know who screamed louder, her or me?  One thing is for sure, this is definitely not my last Manilow Concert. I am hooked. I have waited a long time to see him, and it was worth the wait. My husband didn't go with me, but I think next time he will!  Ha ha ... The orchestra was awesome!!  Glad I can say I saw Barry on his 2000 tour!! - Becky Kyle (Youngwood, PA) (4/9/2000)

This is my second concert in less than a year. I drove four hours to see Barry. He is well worth it. The best part of the concert is BARRY. He is an extraordinary singer and performer. The concert was GREAT. It would have been better if I was the one that got to go up on stage to sing with Barry (maybe next time). I Love You Barry and I Can't Smile Without You. - Becky Kahler (Baltimore, MD) (4/9/2000)

WOW, What a performer. This was my first concert of any kind. And what a way to start. I am 31 and I can't believe what I was missing. My sister and I decided to take my mother for an early Mother's Day present. I think she was very happy. The only thing that would have made her any happier is if she got to sing with Barry. I have been listening to his music since I was about 10 or so. And he only gets better with age. And my, can he still move on that stage?!!  We had a great time and I can't wait to do it again. - Carol Helmick (New Martinsville, WV) (4/13/2000)

What can I say?  It was such a thrill for me to finally see Barry in concert!  I have waited for 25 years to see him, and now I have finally done it. It was such an incredible concert. I didn't want it to end!  What would have topped off the whole evening for me is if Barry would have picked me for "Can't Smile Without You". Maybe someday. I can only dream!  Thank you, Barry, for being such a great entertainer and for "writing the songs that make the whole world sing!" - Christine Lorenzo (Elkton, MD) (4/13/2000)

After each concert, you can't possibly think Barry could get any better than what you just saw, BUT HE DOES!  The 2000 concert at Penn State University had to be the best. I wanted it never to end! - Barb (of Altoona, PA) (4/14/2000)

Favorite Show: Barry is an absolutely fantastic performer. He amazes me more than any other singer in this world. I am only 21 years old, but I love Barry with a passion. From his cute humor in a show to the way he can make me cry, Barry is the Best! - Amber (of Lewistown, PA) (7/7/2000)

I liked the variety of music. This was the second time I attended this concert (tour) (Also saw him at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles). I think that Barry Manilow is truly a great entertainer! - Kay Staib (Cogan Station, PA) (12/28/2000)

April 14 Illinois/Moline
(The Mark Arena)
I've seen Barry in concert four times. Seeing him with a 30-piece orchestra last night was my favorite. He is by far, one of the best showman ever. He can still belt out a tune, and sound every bit as good as he ever has. During the show he mentioned that he realizes it's not easy being a Manilow fan, and I can attest to that fact. I've taken a lot of grief over the years, but as I tell each person that ridicules me, he's a great singer who has always been under-appreciated by the media and critics and I will always be one of his biggest fans. From the first concert I saw in the 70's where he sang his commercial jingles, to his Millennium show where he sings "Big Band", "Sinatra" and yes, even "Country", he never disappoints and gives a show to remember. I'm proud to be a Manilow fan. - Paul Vyncke (East Moline, IL) (4/15/2000)

First/Favorite Show:  I really enjoyed the show. I thought Barry did a great job of entertaining the audience. I have always enjoyed Barry's music and after the concert I appreciated it even more. I don't know how his voice could stay so strong after singing for two hours. Thanks, Barry, for a wonderful performance. - Wanda Detwiler (LeClaire, IA) (4/19/2000)

The concert was a present for my 34th birthday, which was the day of the concert as well. It was my first concert and I actually took the day off work to go. I had a great time and excellent seats. I even high-fived the "Can't Smile" girl. I still have the program guide for that night as well as a lanyard, and the shirt I bought as souvenirs. - Melissa Kutcher (Eldridge, IA) (1/9/2007)

I got to be the one to sing "Can't Smile Without You" with Barry! I am looking forward to seeing Barry on April 8, 2016! - Cindy Merritt (Robins, Iowa) (3/16/2016)

April 16 Ohio/Dayton
(Ervin J. Nutter Center)
Last night was the first time I had seen Barry live in twenty years... and he's still got IT!!  I intend to see him more often from now on. Next time I'm gonna be in the fan club seats!!  The orchestra was fabulous - they really make the music come alive!  Barry, you're still the greatest, and I "Can't Smile Without You"!! (And no matter what radio station plays your music, you will NEVER be an old geezer!) - Teresa Haffelt (Fairborn, OH) (4/17/2000)

Every Barry Manilow concert is my favorite and the best!!  I love Barry so much - and have loved him for so long. This love will never die - he has touched my heart and my life. No other musician can compare with Barry. His songs and concerts are such personal experiences. Listening to him is such a personally passionate experience. Barry gives you the best of himself - and he gives it just to me. At his concerts the other fans are far removed... Barry is singing to just me... loving and touching me alone... it is such a private experience in a public setting. I especially enjoyed Barry performing with the full orchestra. I hope to see Barry again soon! - Pam Wheeler (Monroe, OH) (4/30/2000)

The thing I like most about his concerts now is that he is so much more secure in his talent and it shows. Not only is his talent better but boy is he HOT!! now. - Sandi Paxton (of Ohio) (11/26/2000)

I really loved the concert. It was just so awesome seeing all those instrumentalists on one stage. The sound was even more amazing. I had to drag along one of my friends, and amazingly enough, she enjoyed it also. I love being able to share his music with more and more people. I LOVE BARRY! He is definitely the greatest. - Shanna Smith (Xenia, OH) (12/19/2000)

It was my first concert! I loved it all... the beat, the lights, and of course, Barry! - Amanda J. Miele (Franklin, OH) (8/3/2003)

April 21 Maine/Portland
(Cumberland County Civic Center)
Barry was fabulous!  His voice sounded strong as ever (a cold notwithstanding) and the orchestra was superb!  The audience loved it. It was a highly entertaining show and he seemed to be having a great time as well!  The best part for me, being a musician myself, was that he is a truly skilled vocal talent, and he praised his excellent orchestra throughout the concert and basically just showed that true musicianship will win out every time over the plastic, pitch-controlled, synthesized schlock on the radio right now!  Awesome, fun show - I'd highly recommend it! - Claire (of Portland, ME) (4/21/2000)

I started listening to and loving Barry Manilow in the 70's. My little daughter, Kari, loved him, also. In July of '85, when she was 13, I took her to see Barry as a one month belated birthday gift. It was the most thrilling experience of her life at that point. Fifteen (at times difficult mother/daughter) years later, she took me to see Barry as a one month early 50th birthday present. He was as fabulous tonight for me as he was for her 15 years ago. When she brought me home we hugged, kissed, and said, "I love you!"  His music and style are instrumental in bonding "all" people who love each other!  Thank you, Barry, for two incredibly wonderful evenings with my beautiful daughter! - Diane Hurrell (Portland, ME) (4/21/2000)

First Show:  Great performance - wonderful orchestra - Barry is a talent beyond talents. I've listened to his music since I was a kid and I still enjoy every old album and all the new ones too!  I'm listening to "Swing Street" right now! - Colleen Jacques (Portland, ME) (4/22/2000)

Barry is an amazing performer. The emotion he can pull out of you is unbelievable. The laughter and the tears are just the beginning. Having an orchestra is a real treat too. They were awesome. I feel so fortunate to have been able to be a part of this concert; even though he didn't pick me to sing "Can't Smile Without You"!  Thank you, Barry. Come back to Portland, Maine soon! - Connie (of Wayne, ME) (4/22/2000)

Favorite Show:  I have been listening and loving Barry since I was 13. I am now 37. Still love him, he is still awesome! - Lisa (of Maine) (4/27/2000)

It was a night I'll NEVER forget!  I have loved, adored, obsessed over Barry for MANY years but was never able to see him in concert until he came to Maine!  The minute I saw him come out onto the stage I fell apart!  I couldn't stop crying because my life long dream was coming true!!  He was warm, funny, and ooooohhhh- those blue eyes!!  I knew from that moment on that I would do ANYTHING to see him again, and it HAD to be soon. SO, I'll be seeing him again in Lowell, MA, on May 14, 2000 and AGAIN in Las Vegas on May 27th!  Life is good, and now I can say that my dream has become a reality!  Thank you, Mr. Manilow, for making such "Beautiful Music". You are truly amazing and have added SO much joy to my life over the past 25+ years. - Jen Halliwill (South Portland, ME) (5/6/2000)

I am speechless after seeing Barry in concert. I have listened to Barry since I was a little girl and he still, after all these years, sings with such compassion like it was his first concert!!  Barry, thank you for an incredible evening, and yes, it ended too soon. You are without a doubt the best and I hope to see you again and again!!  P.S. Keep the orchestra!! - Dawn Baker (Bath, ME) (5/8/2000)

Barry hasn't lost his touch. He still makes you feel like he's singing to you. He makes the air electric. He brought an orchestra with him, sounded great. Barry said he did a TNN Country Special and said it would air again. My friend and I liked the concert so much, that she purchased more tickets for an upcoming concert a few states over, and she's making her husband go. Can't wait for him to come back to Maine, hopefully it won't be too many years from now. Anyone that grew up in the seventies needs to see this show. No matter how old you are, it's always great to have one more night of your special adolescent years. It's a show you'll never forget. - Paula (of Maine) (5/12/2000)

The band was terrific. Barry sang all my favorite songs including ones from his Sinatra album. My son and his fiance' surprised us with dinner and tickets to the concert. It was one of the best and most enjoyable evenings I have ever had. Listening to the music brought back all types of memories - happy and sad. I will never forget it. - Alice McDaniel (of New Hampshire) (5/31/2000)

First Show - Vicki McKinley (Westbrook, ME) (12/11/2000)

Although I have been WOW'ed by each and every one of Barry's shows, his Portland, ME, performance was phenomenal. Barry has not lost any of this charisma and talent. He had the audience whipped into a frenzy from beginning to end. Absolutely loved it! - Ralph P. Gagnon (North Yarmouth, ME) (3/19/2002)

My first Barry concert. A dream come true. We were up in the nose-bleed section and my sister got us down to the second row. It was so wonderful! I started to cry. Barry sang and joked, and he was just Pure Class. Even the security guard admitted it (he-he!). Barry makes you feel like family, and you can relax and have a good time with him. Come back soon, Barry. You did say you wouldn't wait so long next time! - Audrey (of Maine) (3/31/2003)

April 22 New Jersey/Newark
(New Jersey Performing Arts Center)
First/Favorite Show (April 23):  I loved everything about this concert!!  Barry is awesome!!  Even though I am only 13, I love the man who writes the songs. The dancing was great, and he is so funny!  He is able to laugh at himself and it shows what a great personality he has. Barry got very into his songs as he sang then and they even made me cry!!  I loved this concert so much!  Thank you, Barry Manilow, for performing a great concert for me!  It was wonderful. - Casey Pukl (of New Jersey) (4/26/2000)

Favorite Shows (April 22-23):  I thought I'd already seen the very BEST of Barry, until this past weekend!  Wow, Barry, you surpassed yourself!!  The audiences both nights were treated to Our Man putting his heart and soul into EACH and EVERY song - a really good mix of Barry's music!  I especially loved "All The Time" (on the steps!) - "Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed" (GREAT!) - and one of my most favorite songs, "Ready To Take A Chance Again" (BEAUTIFUL!) - these songs were added Sunday night. I have NEVER spent a more enjoyable weekend than this "Weekend in NEW JERSEY". Thanks, Barry. You gave it your ALL!  Please come back REAL soon. NJPAC is such a beautiful and intimate setting for your Beautiful, Beautiful Music! - Irene Van Gunst (Maywood, NJ) (4/26/2000)

Barry rocked my world. It was my first show. I am 24 years old and I literally would run away with the man. He is truly fabulous. I have grown up listening to his music. My mom is a huge fan and used to sing to me as a child. He was everything I had hoped he would be. Thanks, Barry, you are a true entertainer! - Kellie (of New Jersey) (4/27/2000)

The man is phenomenol. What a performer! The show was a big hit for me being my first concert ever (April 23)!!  I will definitely be there at the next show in the area. I just love his style and the way he really gets into his performance. BARRY IS THE MAN!! - James Curran (Staten Island, NY) (6/3/2000)

I have been going to Barry's concerts for 15 years now. He gets better and better. I love the way he gets people so into the music. I do not get tired of listening to his voice or the past songs that are still my favorites. Thank you, Barry, for doing what you do best. Keep it up!! - Kristen Battaglia (Nutley, NJ) (6/5/2000)

April 23 New Jersey/Newark
(New Jersey Performing Arts Center)
April 28 Wisconsin/Milwaukee
(Milwaukee Auditorium Bruce Hall)
Favorite Show:  Mr. Manilow is great. I like [everything] about the show. He is a great entertainer!! - Michelle Allen (Wausau, WI) (4/30/2000)

Barry was wonderful in concert. The music; the entertainment was fantastic. I will remember it for the rest of my life. Listening to his music brought back such wonderful memories. I wish I could have been the one chosen to sing on stage with him. - Sheri Hicks (Oregon, WI) (5/28/2000)

I've seen Barry 11 times in concert since 1980. Each time he has always been in top form. This concert was so special because I could still feel that same great energy coming from him after 25 years. As he sang "Weekend In New England," I thought my heart would stop as he held those long notes. I felt as though he were singing to me alone. Barry's voice still makes me melt after all these years. I'll always love him and I look forward to his next tour. - Ruth Miller (Milwaukee, WI) (7/30/2000)

April 29 Wisconsin/Madison
(Dane County Exposition Center)
I enjoyed this concert the best because Barry has become such a relaxed and confident performer. His music is timeless. - Marilyn Kolerich (Ripon, WI) (5/1/2000)

First Show:  This was incredible!!  I wish I had enough money to follow Barry's tour and see him over and over again!  What a fantastic performer. I just LOVED EVERY MINUTE of this show!  I need to go buy some new Barry CDs!!  What a fabulous evening. - Kitty Krause (of Wisconsin) (5/2/2000)

First Show:  I found out about the show two hours before it began and flew out the door almost immediately. Although a lot of people think I am a dork for loving Barry Manilow, he put on one of the most fantastic shows I have ever seen!  Best part? "This One's For You". And "Copacabana". And "Mandy". And "Can't Smile Without You". And, okay, so the whole show was the best part!! - Kristin Kent (Green Bay, WI) (5/2/2000)

First/Favorite Show:  I have been a fan since I was 8 years old when "Mandy" was released, but after finally going to my first Barry concert I have developed a whole new love of his music. I was in awe. Barry was absolutely wonderful. I have never been to a concert where the artist seemed to enjoy himself as much as Barry did. I brought my husband, who was not a fan, but he is now. I can't wait to go again. - Dawn Luck (Beaver Dam, WI) (5/3/2000)

What DIDN'T I like about this concert?  I've been listening to Barry Manilow's music since the late 70's, but I never saw him in concert until now. I'd go again in a heartbeat!  Barry is the ultimate performer - nonstop energy and passion and fun!  I left the concert hall so full of emotion, with tears running down my face. I can hardly wait to see him in concert again! - Shari Davis (of Wisconsin) (5/7/2000)

First Show:  I have to admit, my friend and I went as a lark. Figured we liked enough songs and couldn't get the hubbies to go, and for 40 bucks it was worth a girls' night out. We even joked about all the women going gaga before the concert and refused to pay an "outrageous" price for a hat or t-shirt. But when the lights came down and Barry stepped out we were immediately mesmerized. The orchestra was breathtaking. And Barry, when did you get so handsome??  By the time he hit "Mandy" [my friend] leaned over and said "I AM getting a hat!" and by the time he hit "Copacabana" she said "I haven't seen hips swivel like that since Elvis!"  Throughout the concert I found screams uncontrollably coming from my mouth, and was I jealous of that lucky Linda who got to be the Can't Smile girl?!!  We even found ourselves hanging around outside afterwards waiting to catch a glimpse of him leaving! I went home and hopped on the Internet and immediately bought several CDs. Much to my utter delight I found he would be in Las Vegas a few weeks later when I was going to be there (...continues on May 25th...)!! - Sara (of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin) (6/1/2000)

April 30 Illinois/Champaign
(Assembly Hall)
Went to the concert last night and had an absolutely WONDERFUL time. We had second row seats! This was an extraordinary concert experience. Barry is a wonderful showman. We are planning our next roadtrip to New York to see his Broadway play when it comes out! - Lynn Clarkson (5/1/2000)

First Show:  I thought [the show] was so great. I thought I was going to be dragged to a concert for old people and instead I came out of it with a new love for Barry Manilow. He was such a great performer in all aspects. I can't wait to see him again!! - Allison Hocker (Macon, IL) (5/1/2000)

[What I liked about the show is] that Barry is the most gorgeous, most fascinating entertainer I have ever seen. Those blue eyes could just send me right to heaven, not to mention the way he dances and swivels those hips. And, oh yeah, he can sing, too!  I just think he is IT! - Lori Hasbargen (Hoopeston, IL) (5/3/2000)

Favorite Show:  I loved everything about Barry's concert. I have been a big fan of Barry's since I was a toddler. My mother was, and still is, a fan of Barry's, and introduced me to his music. There will never be another performer who could possibly match Barry's talent and energy level. He IS the man, and always will be. - Sharon (of Georgetown, IL) (5/4/2000)

Barry interacts with the audience so well. I was in the third row this time and it was great. I felt like I was on stage with him the whole time. All his other concerts I've been to I sat too far away. He looks sooo good in the outfits he wears. And the music, the music is still wonderful as always. I love him so much. I hope Barry comes back soon to Champaign. - Catherine Scudder (Gifford, IL) (5/11/2000)

Fantastic!  Barry, you have made Ol' Blue Eyes ALIVE with your singing of his famous songs. Come back anytime. My husband will join me next time (he is an old New Yorker from Queens and Brooklyn, just like you). We wound up in the corn fields of Illinois, and you made this place JUMP! - Dorothy Borsinger (Champaign, IL) (5/14/2000)

This was the first concert that I took my mom to. She loved it. She's gone now. I miss her every day! - Carrie (of Manhattan, Illinois) (10/9/2013)

May 4 Delaware/Newark
(University of Delaware, Bob Carpenter Center)
Last night I saw Barry in a gymnasium. Awesome, spectacular, great, unbelievable... are all understatements. He opened with "Could It Be Magic", then "Looks Like We Made It", then "Tryin' To Get The Feeling". "Can't Smile Without You" was next. I was sort of surprised [that] it was so early in the set. Next he played a few lines of music on an accordian from three pop songs before going into "Daybreak". He sang a new song from [Harmony]. He also sang a song from lyrics written by [Johnny Mercer]. He said the writer's widow gave him a bunch of words never put to music. Before going into "This One's For You" he played an old recording of his grandfather when Barry was three (where Barry was supposed to sing "Happy Birthday", but it never came out). Three Sinatra songs were sung - "Come Fly With Me", "My Kind Of Town (Chicago Is)", and "That's Life". The highlight for me came when he sang "If Tomorrow Never Comes" (he had sung it the first time I had seen him). He does that song sooooo good. He sat on a stool on the left side of the stage under blue and white lights while singing it. The other songs he sang, in no particular order, "I Write The Songs", "New York City Rhythm", "Mandy", "Even Now", "Bandstand Boogie", "I Made It Through The Rain", "Jump Shout Boogie", "Weekend In New England", "Copacabana", and "Singin' With The Big Bands". I like how Barry speaks about his life and the songs throughout his show. All I could do, driving home last night and after work today, is play all the songs over and over again. If anyone has an opportunity to see him live, DON"T MISS IT! - Geoff (of King of Prussia, PA) (5/5/2000)

I saw the show last night at the Bob Carpenter Center. It was the best!  Barry looked great and sounded wonderful. I haven't seen him for a few years, but I swear he sounded better than ever. - Lois Mortimer (5/5/2000)

It is mid-June now and I still find myself singing songs from the show. I took my mother who is in her 70s and I loved it as much as she did. I am 31 and married with three kids who also enjoy Barry's music. I have seen a lot of concerts from Philadelphia to Washington DC. Barry is truly an excellent performer. I can tell when someone sings from the heart, and Barry really portrays that to his audience. - Patrick (of Newark, DE) (6/15/2000)

[What I liked about this concert was] Barry in General! I liked that he had someone come up on stage to sing with him. I'll definitely go to any other concerts that come near to my area. Maybe I'll be next to sing. - Karrie Erskine (Wilmington, DE) (1/23/2001)

[ Bob Carpenter Center ]

May 5 Pennsylvania/Wilkes-Barre
(First Union Arena)
Barry's concert last night was another one of a kind. Only he has the magic to create so many different concert ideas. He was spectacular!  He just keeps getting better. It was a thrill to see and hear him again, but I think my biggest thrill was taking my oldest daughter (30) to her first Manilow concert and watching and listening to her experience the MAGIC OF MANILOW!!  She knows now why I love this man and his music. And I do think she's become a fan!  She was in awe, because of his incredible voice, the diversity of his music, and his humor. She saw how honestly humble and surprised he was at the reception he got. There are those critics who said he could never sell out our new 10,000 seat arena, but he proved them wrong. The night ended much too soon. It felt like he gathered all of us in, wrapped his arms around the entire arena, and cast HIS MAGIC on each and every one of us. My daughter wants to go again, and obviously 'mom' does too. - Rose (of Kingston, PA) (5/6/2000)

Saw the Barry Manilow concert in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and must say it was the best ever. The older [he gets], the better. In addition, the full orchestra was fantastic! What a great addition to the show. If you weren't a Manilow fan before this concert, you are now! - Nikki Ann (5/8/2000)

This was my first Barry Manilow concert and definitely will not be my last!  It has been a week since his concert and I am still in awe at how amazing it was!!  I tried a few years ago to get tickets when he played at the Kirby Center, but I couldn't!!  When I heard he was coming to the arena I was online at 6:30 a.m. to get my tickets!  There was no way I was going to miss out again!!  The tickets went on sale at 10:00 a.m. and it was amazing how fast they sold!  I have always played Barry's music in the car and at home, but ever since seeing him in concert, the songs have so much more meaning to me!  I'm going to wear out my tapes from playing them so much!  That's okay, I'll buy more!!  I can't even begin to describe how amazing Barry's performance was. He began with "Could It Be Magic". We all went crazy!  I think Barry was really touched by the response of the crowd, he even had to stop singing for a moment!  Another very touching moment was when he sang "This One's For You". The recording he played of himself and his grandfather was priceless!  Every time I hear that song now, it brings tears to my eyes!  When he sang "Can't Smile Without You" with a woman from the audience, it was like they knew each other for years!  When they were done, he gave her an autographed tape of their duet!!  I don't think there are any other performers out there that would do that. What really impressed me was that he sang for two hours straight without a break!  I was amazed at the strength of his voice!!  The orchestra complemented his talent so wonderfully!  He mentioned at the end of his concert to encourage our children to take [music] lessons. I have three children and really hope at least one of them shows interest in a musical instrument!  After hearing that orchestra, nothing else compares!!  I went to the concert with my husband for our 10th anniversary. Barry made a comment at the start of his show that all the men that were "dragged" to the show would be thanking him later in the evening!!  He said he had a night of passion and romance planned through his music. I have to tell you, my husband (who was "dragged") told me after the show that he really enjoyed it!!  He, too, was impressed by Barry's talent and humble personality. We will definitely be going again!!  Barry, THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH for a memorable and amazing performance!! - Kelly (of Northeastern Pennsylvania) (5/12/2000)

[This] concert with the 30-piece orchestra was my favorite! - Joe (of West Wyoming, PA) (8/23/2001)

The concert in Wilkes-BarrY was my third Barry Manilow concert, and by far the best. For many reasons: 1) I lucked out and got fourth row seats along the aisle. Barry sang one of my favorite songs ("All the Time") sitting down on the steps, no more than 10 feet in front of me. That alone was worth the price of admission. 2) The orchestra was fantastic. A superb addition to the show. 3) Barry's tribute to his grandfather while singing "This One's For You" was very touching. 4) The passion that Barry has for music is unbelievable. He asked that all parents take part in encouraging their children to pursue music in some capacity. Music has been a part of my life for the past 23 years (and counting) and will remain a part of my life "as sure as I am standin' here!" Once again, phenomenal concert and I can't wait for the next tour! Sincerely, the young guy in the fourth row, with the electric blue hawaiian t-shirt going craaaazzzyyyy! - Rick Stains, Jr. (Harrisburg, PA) (9/5/2001)

Highlights: Could It Be Magic / Looks Like We Made It / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Can't Smile Without You / Bandstand Boogie / Mandy / Even Now / Accordion Medley (I'm So Excited, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, Like A Virgin) / Daybreak / All The Time / New York City Rhythm / I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry / If Tomorrow Never Comes / Jump Shout Boogie / Singin' With The Big Bands / Give My Regards To Broadway (intro) / Every Single Day / Sing It/This One's For You / Saturday Night Is The Loneliest Night In The Week / My Kind Of Town (Chicago Is) / That's Life / When October Goes / Weekend In New England / Copacabana (At The Copa) + encore / I Made It Through The Rain / I Write The Songs / Could It Be Magic (Dance Version) (reprise)

[ Manilow TV Episode #126 aired June 2020 ]

May 11 New York/Syracuse
(Onondaga County War Memorial Auditorium)
This was a gift from my children for Mother's Day and my birthday (I'm sure my husband was in on this gift too!). We enjoyed every minute of the show. It was great to hear Barry tell the audience to encourage your children to learn to play an instrument, especially when my children play multiple instruments and love it!! - Pat W. (Utica, NY) (5/12/2000)

Loved every minute of the concert. Barry was so hot, I think he was on fire!!  Like one fan said after the concert, Barry just kept going and going like the Energizer bunny. I've seen many many shows and Barry just keeps getting better and better. Can't say enough!  This concert was my fourth in less than a year and I am already looking forward to the next. Thanks Barry! - Darlene Corio (Bloomfield, NY) (5/14/2000)

I have listened to and loved Barry Manilow and his music for over 20 years and this was my first time seeing him in concert. I was impressed at the different age groups that loved him as much as me!! I am hoping that he will continue to tour and make more stops in the Central New York area. I was so moved when he sang "This One's For You" and referenced his grandfather. That touched me deeply - I lost my father less than a month ago. Barry's voice gives me chills and I can never hear his music enough. Please, please, please - come back to New York, Barry! I want my 11-year-old daughter to experience your music, your voice and your concert with me. Continue to tour with the orchestra - it adds that much more meaning to your music! Thank you, Barry Manilow, for all that you have given me and every other devoted fan out there!! - J. Wescott (5/17/2000)

I've always liked Barry but had never seen him in concert before. All I can say is "I'm in LOVE!"  I have been to many concerts before, but have never seen a performer with such passion for his music and his fans. It was obvious that he was having a great time and loving the attention! He sounded fantastic and was funny and moving all at the same time! Nothing can top this experience! Can't wait for the next concert!! - Christa Speach (Syracuse, NY) (5/27/2000)

My mother passed away three weeks before Barry came to perform in Syracuse. I went with a girlfriend of mine and I was really racked with grief. But after seeing Barry that night, my spirits were lifted tremendously. I have listened to his music ever since. If it wasn't for Barry, I wouldn't be here today. I would be in heaven with my mother. A part of me died that day she passed in April of 2000, but Barry gave me the hope and strength to carry on with my life ... Thank you, Barry, for being there when I needed you and always being there when I need you. - Mary Osinski (Syracuse, NY) (2/10/2002)

May 12 Pennsylvania/Allentown
(Stabler Arena, Lehigh University of Bethlehem)
I cannot say enough good things about Barry. Everything he sings is out of this world. This concert was the second time I saw him. I would pay any dollar amount to see him again and again. He is, by far, the best entertainer. He always brings the crowd to their feet, and tears to their eyes. Audience participation is important to him. I was really impressed with his 30-piece orchestra. The orchestra was fabulous. I also enjoys when he sings jazz. I wish he could have sung all night. I could listen to that man for hours without getting bored. His songs bring meaning. I wish I could see him more often [and] am looking forward to the next time he is in Bethlehem!! - Marybeth Eby (Northampton, PA) (5/12/2000)

This was the BEST!!  After not seeing Barry in concert for over 20 years, he is BETTER THAN EVER. I liked the two large video screens. We had seats way up top, in the last row. - Barbara Callahan (of New Jersey) (5/15/2000)

I am impressed by the enthusiasm and warmth Barry shows the fans. He really put on a great show for almost two hours. I took my 21-year-old daughter, who is a "closet" Manilow fan, and she remarked that while the years have passed, Barry looks even better than ever. Same goes for [the sound of] his voice. He's still got it and from the reaction of the audience, they still want it. Barry, you'll always be the MAN!! Thanks for all the music and memories. - C.B. (Reading, PA) (5/18/2000)

This was my third Barry concert and the whole evening gave me chills. He sang all of the favorites and some new ones too. The best part was when he sang "I Write The Songs." It just made me break out in goosebumps. I can't wait to go to my next concert. - Sue Sucameli (Phillipsburg, NJ) (10/13/2000)

First Show - Sherri (of Pennsylvania) (3/20/2002)

Highlights: I Write The Songs (Instrumental Intro) / Could It Be Magic (Uptempo) / Looks Like We Made It / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Can't Smile Without You / Bandstand Boogie / Mandy / Memory / Accordion Performance (Do You Think I'm Sexy, Like A Virgin, Daybreak) / Daybreak / New York City Rhythm (Barry with Ron Pedley and Steve Welch) / I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry / If Tomorrow Never Comes / Jump Shout Boogie / I Can't Get Started (big band intro) / Singin' With The Big Bands / Every Single Day / This One's For You / Saturday Night (is the Loneliest Night in the Week) / My Kind of Town ("Bethlehem" Is) / That's Life / When October Goes / Weekend In New England / Copacabana (At The Copa) + Encore / I Made It Through The Rain / I Write The Songs / Could It Be Magic (Reprise)

[ Manilow Archives Episode #28 aired January 2012 ]

May 13 Massachusetts/Lowell
(Paul Tsongas Arena)
Barry was absolutely wonderful and what a personality. He let the audience in on everything, like we were in his living room. I've been waiting for years to see him and it was worth every day that I waited. It meant so much to me because his music expresses so many thoughts and feelings that I understand. I hope to see him again, I'm sure others have seen him several times, but I was happy just to have been able to see him at all. - Linda Moniz (5/14/2000)

[What I liked about this concert was] the introduction and background [dialog] of his grandfather when Barry sang "This One's For You."  The personal story and how it applies so perfectly to the song gripped me, and the delivery of the song proves that Barry will always know how to grab an audience. I especially liked "If Tomorrow Never Comes". - Mike Hartin (Burlington, MA) (5/14/2000)

First Show:  Barry's voice is very true to his albums - that way I felt like I could still sing along with him!  Great humor, regarding the general perception of himself - the quote (something like), "Thanks for all your support, I know it's not easy being a Barry Manilow fan", killed me!  He appears to be very into his music and the lyrics when he is singing. Great concert! - Allison (of Maine) (5/15/2000)

What a night! I attended my first Barry Manilow concert and loved every moment of it! Barry is such a talented musician and performer. I love to watch him perform with such emotion and joy! Although the concert was sold out, and thousands of people attended, he has a way of making you feel as if he is singing only to you! I enjoyed the evening so much that I returned to see him perform at the Sunday Evening show. I will always remember these shows! THANK YOU Barry for being so fantastic!! - Joyce (of Massachusetts) (5/16/2000)

What a Fantastic concert! - combination of "the old songs"; swing; Broadway; "Sinatra Tribute"; his powerful voice; his interaction with the audience; his ability to make me feel like he was singing just to me - made the entire evening most enjoyable for me. Barry is truly a professional and a wonderful human being. Keep it up, Barry! We don't think you're an "old geezer". You only get better with age. I can't wait to see you again. - Suzanne (of Methuen, MA) (5/16/2000)

First Show:  The man is a true professional. All his songs sounded just like his records (I like that). I enjoyed his sense of humor and his stories, but most of all he sang for over two hours straight without a break. He was fantastic! If he comes back to the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, MA, again, I'm there! - Richard L. Sadkowski (Dracut, MA) (5/17/2000)

I went to the concert with my two daughters because I have always listened to Barry, and my girls like the music!! I loved the whole show, he was so diverse in his music. The orchestra made it even more special. It made for a special night for me to share with my daughters. - Hope Dawn (Amesbury, MA) (5/18/2000)

What an amazing night! This was my first Barry Manilow concert and I loved it! He is so talented and has such passion for his music. Thanks for such a terrific concert, Barry! I look forward to your returning to New England!! - Karen (of Massachusetts) (5/20/2000)

There was more emotion and passion for music than any concert I have ever been too. It is true when Barry said, "Over the years, I know it has been difficult to be a Barry fan." However, when I tell you this, it is honestly true; never for an instant do I find it difficult to express my appreciation being a Barry fan. There is no better ambassador for the music he plays and the pure love he expresses with every lyric he sings. Please come back to the area again, I promise to be there again. Don't ever change, music would never be the same! I will continue to yell from the rooftops that I will always be a Barry Manilow fan. THANKS for a memorable night of music!! - Will Gray (Tewksbury, MA) (6/1/2000)

To hear Barry with a full orchestra and only his voice - WOW - blew me away! His voice never sounded better!! - Christine Frydenborg (Stamford, CT) (1/5/2002)

I've been a fan from the first moment I heard "Mandy" and it's been a great time ever since. [This was] my favorite concert because I had 4th row seats! WOW, Barry, you're not getting older, just getting better!! - Mary Mira (Lowell, MA) (1/30/2002)

I liked everything about the concert. Barry Manilow was really great. I really enjoyed myself that night. I would go to another concert of his if he came back to Lowell again! - Deborah G. Sousa (of Massachusetts) (10/16/2002)

I have loved Barry since he started! Such a beautiful and caring man and I know I will love him till the end of time! I want all the best for Barry as his music has gotten me through some very tough times. I remember my husband at the time wasn't thrilled [about going] but took me and came out saying what a Fantastic show Barry gave! - Louise Jahn (Townsend, Massachusetts) (10/27/2022)

May 14 Massachusetts/Lowell
(Paul Tsongas Arena)
What a great concert!  It was a wonderful Mother's Day. The orchestra was unbelievable. Barry has such a fantastic voice. Along with his artistry as a performer, it was an evening to remember! - Karen Ambrose (of New Hampshire) (5/15/2000)

He is BARRY, what can I say? I have been to five of his concerts now and tonight's was by far the best. He had so much energy. He told the audience that he was in a good mood, and he sure was. He made us laugh (with some of his personal jokes) and he made us cry (with the voice-over of his grandfather during "This One's For You"). I have been listening to his music since I was a little girl. I am in my upper 20's now and love his music more than ever!! I will go see him every time he is in the area! Hey Barry, you are by far the BEST and the SEXIEST male entertainer in the world! Keep up the good work and I'll keep trying to be a 'CSWY Girl'!! - Darcie (of Burlington, MA) (5/16/2000)

Barry is amazing. A lot of friends joke about my being his youngest "crazy" fan (I'm 26!) but he is truly amazing and I love him!  He's incredibly sexy too!! - Amy Williams (Boston, MA) (6/5/2000)

It was the best time I've ever had at a show! We sat close to the stage and I was able to see Barry very well. Even my husband enjoyed the lights, music, and Barry's witty banter - and he was only there because I asked him to take me. I got to hear all my favorite songs and was able to let go of everything else, just to enjoy the music. It was simply wonderful! - Melissa (of Dover, NH) (6/12/2000)

Barry put on an unbelievable concert. I was just so moved on how powerful his singing and his music really is. I think he keeps getting better as time goes on. I would love to see him in concert [again]. I still listen to his music everyday. I will always be a big fan of his. - Donna (of New Hampshire) (10/26/2000)

May 25 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Mandalay Bay)
(...continued from April 29th...) Took my doubting mother to the May 25th show who immediately converted to an instant fan and I spent several hundred dollars on mementos after the show. Had I been travelling alone I would have gladly changed plans and stayed the whole weekend to catch each of his five shows in Vegas. How far I've come from thinking a single t-shirt was too expensive!! - Sara (of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin) (6/1/2000)

First Show: When Barry first came to Ireland in the late '70s, I queued in pouring rain for over two hours, but was unable to get tickets. However, it was well worth waiting 20 years. When we saw (on the BarryNet) that he would be in Las Vegas during our holiday, that was the only show we wanted to see! It was the last night of our trip and such a finish to a great holiday. He was wonderful and we had to keep pinching ourselves that we were actually seeing him live and in Las Vegas! We very much hope he is planning to come to Ireland, as we would really love to see him again. We particularly liked the lovely way in which he interacts with his audience. Seeing him reminded us why we had always thought he was a GREAT songwriter and performer. - Rosemary (of Ireland) (6/25/2000)

I came with the U.K. Fan Club to five shows (May 25-28). They were all great - the best ever! - Marilyn Walkey (of England) (12/29/2001)

May 26 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Mandalay Bay)
Barry is the ultimate performer. I love the way he interacts with the audience. He gets better every time I see him. The live orchestra that was with him was awesome, brought such depth and feeling to his songs. Can't wait to see him again!! - Bonnie Hill (Orem, UT) (6/8/2000)
May 27
Nevada/Las Vegas
(Mandalay Bay)
Of all the Barry concerts that I have attended (65 in all), [the Late show] was the best! He was so incredible, especially considering that he had just finished an earlier concert just one hour before. How does he do it?! What was my favorite part? - "Sweet Heaven!" - of course! I think we were all hoping that he would do it but until it happened, I don't think any of us knew for sure. Right before this concert started I think we all knew that we were in for something really special but none of us knew exactly what for sure. At the earlier show he said this one was going to be a family-type show and the later show would be a dysfunctional-family show. At the beginning of the second show he said it would be X-rated - X for excellent - of course! The vitality that he exuded throughout this whole show (and all the other shows also, I might add) is simply unbelievable! This was a night and a show that I will always remember - I can't imagine him ever topping this one - but I've said that before! - Mildred Blackwell (Spring Hill, FL) (6/12/2000)

May 27 (late show): [This] was a very special show for husband and me. He & I went to the late show and Barry was GREAT as always. Barry did that little pseudo-strip-tease. My husband always says it is as if Barry knew we were to be married the next day and this was like a having him at a mass bachelorette party since all my Barry friends were there. It was a Magical concert for me and one I will never forget. My husband (Loren) was a Barry friend before he became my very Best friend (and husband)! - Kathy Hirsch (Aurora, CO) (10/16/2001)

I just loved this concert with everything from "Sweet Heaven" to being with all my friends. - Barbara Smentek (Chicago, IL) (3/30/2003)

Dear Barry, the first time I saw you [was at] the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. You really can sing like Tony Starr (1985)! - Elizabeth Ann Clune (Ithaca, New York) (1/16/2015)

Favorite show (early show) was when Barry ends the concert sitting on the steps singing "I'll Be Here With You," then stands up singing "The Best Of Me." - Felicia Marks (Houston, Texas) (8/31/2021)

Highlights (Late Show): Could It Be Magic (Ballad, Uptempo) / I Don't Want To Walk Without You / Ready To Take A Chance Again / Can't Smile Without You / Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed / Mandy / Life Will Go On / New York City Rhythm / Jump Shout Boogie / Bermuda Triangle / Give My Regards To Broadway (a cappella) / Every Single Day / I'm Your Man / Sweet Heaven (Strip version) / Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night In The Week) / That's Life / Weekend In New England / Copacabana / I Write The Songs / Con Te Partiro / Could It Be Magic (Uptempo, Reprise)

[ Manilow Archives Episode #52 (May 27, Late Show) aired February 2014 ]

May 27
Nevada/Las Vegas
(Mandalay Bay)
May 28 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Mandalay Bay)
What an incredibly special evening!!  The end of the tour and an evening filled with love from Barry to us & from us to Barry. The tour this year has been something very special. Not only has Barry shared his incredible talent & music with us, but that talent has allowed us to share something very special with each other in a way that has created friendships that will last for a lifetime. Thank you, Barry! You give us so much! We love you!! - Theresa Zanassi (Kirkland, WA) (6/3/2000)

Favorite Shows (May 25-28): The theatre is in a beautiful location and is intimate with only 1700 seats. I'm used to going to Wembley, so that's a big difference. Also Barry looked good and sounded great... so what's new??!! What I liked most of all is Barry's singing "A Man Like Me" and "I'll Be Here With You." - Jeannine van Eyken (of Belgium) (9/25/2000, 6/8/2006)

Highlights: Could It Be Magic (Ballad, Uptempo) at Manilow Bay / I Don't Want To Walk Without You / Ready To Take A Chance Again / Can't Smile Without You / Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed / Mandy / This One's For You / Flight of the Bumble Bee / Once In Love With Amy / Every Single Day / I'll Never Smile Again (Intro)/I Can't Get Started / Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night In The Week) (Instrumental)/My Kind Of Town (Chicago Is) / That's Life / I Was A Fool (To Let You Go) / When October Goes / Weekend In New England / Copacabana (At The Copa) + Encore / I Made It Through The Rain / I Write The Songs / I'll Be Here With You / The Best Of Me

[ Manilow Archives Episode #51 aired January 2014 ]


November 30 Connecticut/Ledyard
(Foxwoods Casino)
Favorite Show (December 2nd, 7 and 10 PM): Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD! WHAT A CONCERT! WHAT A GORGEOUS MAN! Let me just tell you that we were 10, count 'em, 10 feet from the stage on the left side! I know people have been closer, but this was a first for me! So please bear with me! We were so close that I could: 1. Hear his voice without the speakers, 2. See the sweat dripping off his face, 3. See his sexy hands, 4. SEE THOSE BABY BLUES!! Unfortunately he didn't pick me to come up on stage, which I'm sure was just a minor oversight on his part. There's always next time! AND, when the concert was over, my mother and I came out to find my father, who informed us that we would be going to the 2nd concert that night as he had just bought tickets for all three of us!! This time we had auditorium seating and Barry sang a few different songs. So, it's safe to say that I'm still hoarse from all the screaming I did and completely exhausted! Well worth it though! Can't wait till the next concerts!! - Christa Speach (Syracuse, NY) (12/6/2000)

Favorite Show (December 2): I have been in love with Barry for 30 years. My kids were raised on his music. My 27-year-old daughter went with me to see Barry, and she was thrilled. I am a 51-year-old Manilow groupie. Would give anything to meet him in person. He still has it and always will! Just adore him. He makes my heart melt!! - Jackie Preininger (Brewster, NY) (12/6/2000)

Favorite Show (December 3): [What I liked about this concert was] Everything! Barry was sensational!! - Marilyn Gayson (of Connecticut) (12/3/2000)

Favorite Show (December 2): I drove six hours to see the show. I can tell you it was worth every mile. I loved hearing all the old music again, songs like "Let Me Go" and the "Very Strange Medley." Loved the Christmas music!! It was so much fun when Barry let the audience sing Christmas songs with him. It's an experience like no other to hear everyone singing (or trying), and an experience that you can only get live!! I can't imagine how it must have sounded for Barry. Thanks Barry for sharing the Holidays with your fan club family it was truly the best gift I could have received. - Darlene Corio (Bloomfield, NY) (12/7/2000)

Favorite Show (December 2nd, 7 PM): I LOVED everything about the show. Mr. Manilow sounded so wonderful. His voice was so smooth and flawless. He also had fun with the audience and seemed to be deeply touched by all the outpouring of emotion. I had the time of my life and that is all thanks to Barry Manilow! What a showman and gentleman! - Vicki McKinley (Westbrook, ME) (12/11/2000)

Favorite Show (December 2): Barry was great as usual. Seeing Lady Flash back together with Barry was like listening to the Live album. I was finally able to sit two tables back from the stage. What a feeling!! - Anna Serratore (Yonkers, NY) (12/13/2000)

Favorite Show (December 1): The concert was just AWESOME, as Barry is always, but this is the furthest I have traveled to see him. I usually stay in my own backyard (Stabler Arena, Beth, PA), but this time I decided to go for it, and it was just a fantastic night all around. I got to meet some of my new BarryNet friends and saw the man responsible for it all. My seat was in the second level and when it came time for the Can't Smile girl I really thought I had a shot this time cause he was looking up in my direction, but then he went to the other side of the stage and saw ANNE O.!! I was thrilled for her that she had her moment in the spotlight with Barry. That is what the man does to us all. He taught us all to "be nice" and love one another through his music and his love. My turn will come... someday... soon... get ready for me Barry!! - Rose Fenstermaker (New Ringgold, PA) (3/25/2001)

I have been a Barry Manilow fan since my first concert in 1978. My girlfriend and I have never missed a concert since then and have been to every one in the MA/RI/CT area. Barry always seems so real and down to earth. He has gotten even better over the years as I watched him grow more comfortable with speaking on stage and the older he gets, his shows get better. I guess wisdom does come from age. He is the greatest and I look forward to his next tour and I hope he continues to tour [for] many years to come. - Sue Regan (North Attleboro, MA) (4/19/2001)

December 2: I ventured for the first time out of Florida for the concert at Foxwoods Casino (both the early & late shows). My sister and I went by Greyhound bus from Kissimmeem, FL (near Orlando), to Foxwoods, CT. It took us ONE DAY AND A HALF to get to Connecticut and ONE DAY AND A HALF to get back home! That was some trip, but it was worth it. When my sister and I first got to Connecticut, they had lost our luggage and I was crying at the bus station... But when I saw Barry the following night, it made everything we went through to get there worth it. As always, he was awesome! Come back to Florida soon, Barry! - Linda Tamargo Perez (Kissimmee, FL) (3/9/2003)

We were in the high rollers seats in front of the stage and we could lean on the stage. We had a clear view of Barry and he spoke to us as we were waving a Union Jack. He said he had a special place for us Brits in his heart. He sang "That's Life" -- brought the house down! We made lots of U.S. friends and had a fabulous time in Mystic Conneticut. The venue was much smaller than we had been used to in England, much more to our liking! Will never forget that feeling. Thanks Barry! - Lynda Jewell (Hampshire, England) (6/15/2010)

Highlights (December 2, Early Show): Could It Be Magic (Ballad, Uptempo) / Riders To The Stars / Let Me Go / Somewhere In The Night / Can't Smile Without You / Old Friend / A Very Strange Medley (Kentucky Fried Chicken/State Farm (Reparata)/I'm Stuck on Band-Aid/Bathroom Blues (Monica)/Join the Pepsi People/You Deserve A Break Today (McDonald's)) / Medley (Jump Shout Boogie/Avenue C/Jumpin' At The Woodside/Bandstand Boogie) / That's Life / Weekend In New England / Copacabana (At The Copa) + Encore / Jingle Bells / The Christmas Song (Intro)/Baby, It's Cold Outside (with Debra Byrd) / Sing-Along: Deck The Halls/Jingle Bell Rock/Feliz Navidad/White Christmas / Because It's Christmas (For All The Children) / Medley (I Write The Songs/The Old Songs/Mandy/Even Now/Ready To Take A Chance With You/Daybreak/I Write The Songs [Reprise]) / It's A Miracle/Dancing In The Street (with Lady Flash)/It's A Miracle (Reprise)

[ Manilow Archives Episode #50 (Dec. 2, Early Show) aired December 2013 ]

December 1 Connecticut/Ledyard
(Foxwoods Casino)
December 2
(early show)
(Foxwoods Casino)
December 2
(late show)
(Foxwoods Casino)
December 3 Connecticut/Ledyard
(Foxwoods Casino)
December 8 Pennsylvania/Williamsport
(Community Arts Center)
"Barry Christmas...Barry Manilow Live"
December 10 New Jersey/Sewell
(Washington Township Center for the
Performing Arts
Barry Manilow is not only a GREAT SINGER still TODAY but also a GREAT ENTERTAINER!! I loved him in l972 when I was a teenager and still love him today!! This year was the first time I got to see Barry in concert - always sold out before - but was worth waiting, as my seat was row 5 from the stage. WOW!! - Diana Higginbotham (Marlton, NJ) (12/12/2000)

I have to say this was one of the best Barry concerts I've ever seen. From his opening act - who I might add was wonderful - to his final number, this concert was incredible. It was wonderful to see the "girls" with him again. Debra looks great and Barry continues to hold our hearts year after year. - Michele (of Smithville, NY) (2/7/2001)

[The show] was terrific. It was like a "personal" concert for all us Manilow fans through the years. I thought he never sounded better, looked better, and his show was just so great. The girls were great, as was the band. Barry has not changed which is why he continues to thrill and amaze [his] fans... It was amazing. I felt like I was 25 again! - Bernadette Sikorski (Blackwood, NJ) (2/12/2002)

This was my 1st Barry concert and I was just blown away. What a show! The thing I liked best was being able to see him perform in a small, unknown venue like Washington TWP. To me, it means he likes to be able to reach ALL fans, not just those living in big cities. - Marjorie Theilig (Williamstown, NJ) (8/19/2003)

This was my first time to see Barry since 1978 and it was such a great concert. My husband stood in line for over 2 hours when these tickets went on sale to surprise me. We had 'end section' aisle seats (I wasn't savvy with the fan club seating back then since I didn't belong!!) close to the front. This was my the first time I saw the "Can't Smile" experience. That lady was so lucky to be able to sing with him. It was nice to see the 'flashy' ladies with him. He did a lot of cute Christmas numbers as well. And to think that 6 years later I was able to dance with him myself in Las Vegas! Maybe he'll back to the area at another NEARBY theater!? Thanks for a great concert Barry!! Love, Donna Ruberti (Williamstown , NJ) (3/27/2007)

It was a very intimate performance. The venue holds about 2,500 people and it was fantastic! - Jay (of New Jersey) (4/18/2013)

First Show - Jerry (of New Jersey) (7/14/2017)

December 15 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Paris Hotel)
Favorite Show (December 17): The concert was wonderful! Great to see Lady Flash again. They were wonderful. My favorite part was when Barry came into the audience, held me by the waist, then sang the last two words of "Can't Smile Without You" to me. I got a wonderful hug too!! - Karen Keady (Kansas City, KS) (1/17/2001)

Favorite Show (December 17): I was lucky enough to see all four of Barry's Christmas concerts in Las Vegas, but this final one was the best of all and my favorite of all-time! At the beginning of the show, Barry announced that "this is going to be your best Christmas ever because you have what no one else has - you have ME!" Boy, he wasn't kidding! I loved all of the Christmas music that he sang each night, especially "Because It's Christmas." These shows really put me in the Christmas spirit, BIG TIME!! His duet of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" with Debra Byrd, complete with viagra jokes was just wonderful. I'm sure everyone of us were wishing we were Debra during that song. The biggest surprise of the evening was when he came down into the audience and those of us lucky enough to be sitting near the aisle were able to get close to him, and those BAMS! - the best we ever got! He ended this wonderful evening with "I'll Be Here With You" - a Las Vegas tradition for the final night - the perfect ending to wrap up these wonderful shows! - Mildred Blackwell (Spring Hill, FL) (2/15/2001)

First Show - Robin Delaney (Las Vegas, NV) (6/12/2002)

December 16: I had flown into Vegas on the red-eye from Tampa, FL, and knew the Paris shows were sold out. I waited outside the entrance to the Teatro de les Arts for the 7:30 show with no luck. It was great to meet and greet fans. The second show was at 10:30 PM and I had faithfully waited for hours to try and get a ticket. Ticket takers knew me well at this point. It was 10:25 and a 'high-roller' from the slot pit walks up to enter and has Two Comp Tickets, so I talked him down from $75 to $40! Third Row Center! It became the most memorable Vegas weekend. The show was superb and Barry was "feelin' good". I have only seen 25 shows but Vegas at the Paris was a personal winner. The sound on stage was unmistake-able, as if I were back in Pittsburgh in 1977 (age 13) when I first saw Barry. - David G. Redding (of Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Florida!) (11/3/2006)

December 16
(early show)
Nevada/Las Vegas
(Paris Hotel)
December 16
(late show)
Nevada/Las Vegas
(Paris Hotel)
December 17 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Paris Hotel)

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