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October 5 Utah/Salt Lake City
(Salt Palace Arena)
Favorite Show:  I loved this show [because] the music is the best Barry's made, and it was the first date with the girl that would become my wife. - Clair Bigler (3/12/98)

Highlights: Overture / Come With Me / At The Dance / Medley (The Old Songs, It's A Miracle, Let's Hang On) / How Do I Stop Loving You / Even Now / Can't Smile Without You / Love Me Just A Little Bit / Some Kind Of Friend / Medley (No Other Love, Mandy) / Some Sweet Day / That's Why They Call Her Sugar / Paradise Cafe / Big City Blues (with James Jolis) / When Love Is Gone (with Jon Pondel on guitar) / When October Goes / Read 'Em And Weep / Run To Me (with Muffy Hendrix) / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Medley (Daybreak, Somewhere In The Night, Ready To Take A Chance Again, Could It Be Magic) / I Write The Songs / Who Needs To Dream (rare early performance) / I Made It Through The Rain / One Voice / Come With Me (Reprise)

[ Manilow Archives Episode #41 aired March 2013 ]

October 7 Colorado/Denver Favorite Show - Trese Holle (Hays, KS) (4/17/99)

First Show: I liked that I was selected to sing back-up chorus at the 1984 concert in Denver. I had a great time. I was the only freshman selected to sing chorus back-up. Since then, I've had a big dream about writing my own book, closing a deal along with a movie deal about my life and Hollywood, my passion for people, and my faith... During my down time and up time growing up as an orphan I would let the spirit come in filling me up with beautiful words of each song. Muchas Gracias! - Eli (Lee) Chairez-Clendenin (Durango, Mexico, 1/21/2003, 11/4/2003) (Denver, CO, 11/20/2007)

October 9 Missouri/Kansas City
(Kemper Arena)
October 10 Minnesota/Minneapolis
(Metropolitan Center)
First Show - Valerie Kilian (Burnsville, MN) (12/17/98)

First Show - Michele Thompson (Richfield, Minnesota) (2/15/2018)

October 12 Illinois/Rockford  
October 13 Missouri/St. Louis
(St. Louis Arena)
First Show Memory: It was the best concert I have ever seen. Barry was great! - Andrea Britt (4/18/97)

First Show - Kelly Klucker (of Belleville, IL) (11/19/99)

First Show: Mr. Manilow's concerts are very personal to each and everyone who attends. He can make a person feel that he is singing just for you in a crowded room. - Julie Declue (Tampa, FL) (3/11/2000)

First Show - Joan (of St. Louis, MO) (1/4/2003)

This was my first MANILOW concert. I was 9 years old, fell in love with him, and was going to marry him. I was convinced he was the only one man in the world besides my father who could make me happy. Ever since then I have been pulling people out of the closet when I play his CDs! He truly is the BEST SINGER OF MY LIFETIME!! - Amy Mitts (St. Louis, MO) (3/30/2004)

October 14 Iowa/Ames
(Hilton Coliseum)
First Show Memory: I was all of 13 years old and had been an avid fan since I was 5. It was my birthday present. My 21-year old brother took me. He was a good sport; he really enjoyed himself and he isn't even a fan! - Kimberly Berry-Schmidt (4/15/97)

It was my first college weekend and my first (and favorite) concert! - Cindy Johnston (Columbus Junction, IA) (8/19/98)

It was my first Barry concert and I cried because I was so happy. I have loved Barry since "Mandy" and I have a little girl named Mandy now! - Deb Rush (of Iowa) (6/25/99)

First Show: I have been the biggest Barry fan since I was in high school in the '70s. When I met my husband-to-be in college, our song was - and still is - "Can't Smile Without You." - Debbie Leeman (Guttenberg, Iowa) (3/21/2011)

First Show - Richard Claiborne (Davenport, Iowa) (1/27/2022)

October 18 Ohio/Toledo
(Centennial Hall, University of Toledo)
First Show - Barbara Bormuth (Findlay, Ohio) (9/7/2012)
October 19 Michigan/Ann Arbor
(Crisler Arena, University of Michigan)
First Show - Mary Leininger (of Michigan) (7/16/99)

Favorite Show: My one and only time to have front row seats! - Kristi Howell (of Michigan) (1/29/2000)

First Show - MaryBeth (of Bay City, Michigan) (2/13/2012)

October 20 Indiana/Indianapolis
(Market Square Arena)
Best Show:  I had front row seats for the first and only time in my life. When they turned up the lights for Can't Smile, my friends were all yelling for Barry to pick me. He looked at me, and I just froze... Didn't pick me. But I'll always remember the eye contact (Sounds silly I know, but hey!). The really weird part is my future husband was there too, we just hadn't met yet!! - Ann Uchida (8/14/97)

Favorite Show:  My choir from Butler University got the chance to sing "One Voice" with Barry at Market Square Arena. A highlight of my life!  A picture of our choir was used in Barry's Complete Collection when it was talking about "One Voice". - Mark Roberds (Indianapolis, IN) (8/17/99)

First/Favorite Show: I was also part of the Butler University (Indianapolis) choir that was selected to back up Barry on "One Voice" during this show. WHAT an experience! To be up there in front of all those people, singing that incredible song... a once-in-a-lifetime event! - Nancy Cruea Roberts (Columbus, OH) (3/17/2000)

The closest I'd ever been able to get to Barry! Not NEAR close enough, but 1st row off of the floor wasn't too shabby! My sister and I are both CRAZY about his music! The ONLY bad thing about this magical day was that my (now ex) husband was with us!! - Margaret Rodecap (5/19/2004)

First Show - David Wolf (Glouster, OH) (11/30/2010)

October 25 New York/Buffalo
(Shea's Auditorium)
Best Show - Karen Riccio (3/20/97)

When I hear Barry's music it's great, but the lyrics are what get to me the most. The words are like poetry in some songs and like my life story in others. I feel I can relate to every aspect of it ... Hope when his musical (Harmony) opens in New York on Broadway I can be there! - Andrea Straw (Buffalo, NY) (2/17/2002)

I was sitting in the front row and Barry came and sat at the stairs. I could have touched him if I just reached out my hand, but felt it was rude to interupt him during his singing! - Linda Johengen-Siclari (Buffalo, NY) (6/4/2006)

October 26 Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh First Show - Mary Anna Sieber (of Pennsylvania) (9/17/98)

First Show - Cheryl Duttine (Pittsburgh, PA) (8/8/99)

First Show - Margie Molnar (Friedens, PA) (8/8/99)

First Show - Sherri Puskarich (Washington, PA) (7/1/2002)

October 27 Pennsylvania/Philadelphia
First/Favorite Show:  It had been almost ten years that I wanted to see Barry Manilow in concert. I'll never forget how my girlfriend and I almost didn't make it to the concert. The bus tour had our tickets on another bus, and the other bus had left a half hour before. Luckily we caught up with the other bus outside of the Schuykill Expressway (Many thanks to that driver!). Needless to say, the concert was beyond description. I remember when Barry sang "Even Now" and he had dropped to his knees singing the last part of the song. He was so emotional that he had tears and was not ashamed to hide them. Though later I saw Barry in two other concerts, this one was the best one that I ever saw. - Thomas (of Massachusetts) (12/25/98)

First Show - Jane A. Mangano (of New Jersey) (12/19/99)

First Show - Pat Pasquarello (Philadelphia, PA) (2/11/2002)

First Show: I have been a Barry fan since I was six years old. I saw him in concert for the first time when I was a freshman in college. What a thrill to hear "Paradise Cafe" live. I still have my t-shirt! - Michele (of Green Lane, Pennsylvania) (12/5/2014)

October 30 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
October 30: This was my first concert that I went to and I enjoyed it very much. I have seen Barry many times since 1984. Thanks, Barry. Keep up the good work! - Cathy Celauroe (Hamburg, NJ) (3/2/2003)

First Show (November 1) - Elza H. Carvalho (of Maryland) (4/8/2002)

November 2: My first concert with my best friend from high school. What an experience! Barry is the ultimate showman! I loved the way he jazzed up some of his classic hits! What a show! - Rob Langer (West Sayville, NY) (3/10/2000)

November 3: Hearing the debut of "Who Needs To Dream", it was a magical night at Radio City. - Christina Cotsifas (Coatesville, PA) (10/17/98)

First Show (November 4) ... in the nosebleed section, for my 30th birthday.  It was the best present I ever received. - Turi Jakobsen (3/24/98)

Midnight Show: My first Barry concert. The happy memories of that concert - 6th row orchestra seats - held me for the past 23 years! Barry was awesome - he sang all of my favorites; had great costumes; and ended with "One Voice" accompanied by the Harlem Boys Choir. Show was 3 hours long, with an intermission. I sang along with every song (and so did everyone around me), and replayed the entire evening in my mind for days afterward. I got home at 4:00 a.m., and slept through the next day instead of studying for the New York State CPA licensing exam (given that week). I failed the exam but it was worth it to see Barry. - Maddy (of Brooklyn, NY) (4/29/2008)

First Show (November 8) - Kevin Michelson (Toms River, NJ) (1/2/2010)

November 1: It was awesome! I got tickets for my 21st birthday. I remember singing to all the songs. The ending with "One Voice" with the choir singing was unforgettable!! - Carol Hutchins (Augusta, GA) (4/24/2010)

First Show - Judy (of Highland Falls, NY) (5/27/2010)

First Show - John Henle (Brooklyn, NY) (6/15/2010)

Barry sang "Memory," which was his third song of the evening and got a 10-minute standing ovation! - Louise Tooley (Parsonsfield, ME) (2/20/2011)

Favorite Show - Jeff (of New Jersey) (1/21/2019)

Favorite Show (Movember 6): I was picked to sing "Can't Smile Without You" with Barry! - Eileen F. Blaner (of New York) (11/28/2022)

Highlights (November 1): Come With Me / At The Dance / The Old Songs / It's A Miracle / Let's Hang On / The Old Songs (reprise) / Memory / Can't Smile Without You / Love Me Just A Little Bit / Some Kind Of Friend / No Other Love / Mandy / No Other Love (reprise) / Some Sweet Day / That's Why They Call Her Sugar / Paradise Cafe / Big City Blues / When Love Is Gone / Paradise Cafe (reprise) / When October Goes / Run To Me (with Muffy Hendrix) / Read 'Em And Weep / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Daybreak / Somewhere In The Night / Ready To Take A Chance Again / Could It Be Magic / I Write The Songs / I Made It Through The Rain / One Voice / It's A Miracle (reprise) / Come With Me (reprise) / You're Lookin' Hot Tonight

[ Manilow TV Episode #102 (Nov. 1, 1984) aired June 2018 ]

October 31 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
November 1 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
November 2 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
November 3 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
November 4 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
November 5 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
November 6 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
November 7 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
November 8 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
November 11 Germany/Mainz
Thanks, Ilona, for the update!

First Show - Angelika Schnellbaecher (Frankfurt, Germany) (3/20/2011)

November 18 England/London
(Wembley Arena)
(Thanks to Lucy Waters for the location and venue updates! - 4/10/98)

First Show (November 22, N.E.C.) - Julie Grafton (4/24/98)

Favorite Show (Birmingham):  I love the Paradise Cafe album and this was the feature of the concerts in this year. Barry seemed more confident in singing this type of music and he sang the songs really well. The commercial `hit' songs are okay, but [you can really tell his heart is in] the music that he enjoys writing for himself, for example, the Paradise Cafe album. I thought that he also looked classy in his white frilly shirt and black leather pants. He seems to have 'grown up' now...into a suit and tie. I will always remember all the concerts I have attended, all 15 of them. I would love to see him live in the US some day. - Karen Crulley (of England) (11/16/98)

First Show (November 23rd):  Paradise Cafe thrilled me so much - what better an intro to the Man and His Music! I went back the next night, alone and on spec. Luckily the 1-hour 30-minute drive was not wasted - the box office had a few tickets available! - Carol Becker (Wiltshire, UK) (12/21/98)

First Show (Birmingham) - Carol Ryan (Birmingham, England) (2/27/2000)

First Show (Birmingham) - Carol Taylor (Birmingham, England) (3/30/2000)

First Show (November 24, Birmingham): Brilliant show (as always!). This was the first of 45 concerts I was to see in the next 16 years! At just 15 years old, I spent the entire show in tears because I just could not believe I was actually there with Barry! - Mandy Mangham (Leeds, England) (4/2/2000, 8/4/2000)

First/Favorite Show (Wembley Arena): I liked ALL OF THE CONCERT. I was a [single] parent at the time, and couldn't afford to see Barry. My friend Lynne paid for me. I went to the front to take a picture of Barry. He posed for me for a second. It was great! I fell completely in love. I try to catch at least four shows in the U.K. every time [he is here]. Have been to the States to see a show there. There is nothing like it -- even sex would come second to a show like Barry's! - Trudy Appleby (Mansfield, Nottinghamshire) (8/20/2000)

First Show (Birmingham) - Angela Berry (Cramlington, Northumberland, England) (5/17/2002)

First Show - Carole Wright (Leeds, West Yorkshire, England) (5/20/2002)

Favorite Show (Birmingham): This show had the most impact on me, not only because I had better seats, but because Barry was just totally GORGEOUS! Yes, he is always gorgeous, but for me this was when he was REALLY GORGEOUS!! Thank you, Barry, SOOO much for being a part of my life and for bringing me comfort and some really amazing friends too, who I've now known for 20+ years ... you are truly treasured! - Amy Carlman-James (Teignmouth, Devon, England) (2/19/2003)

First Show (Birmingham, NEC) - Morag Burford (Worcestershire, England) (8/13/2004)

First Show (November 18, London) - Helen Jackson (Hatfield, England) (3/15/2005)

First Show (November 23, Birmingham) - Carole Bailey (Wigan, England) (4/3/2005)

First Show (November 24) - Margaret Shaw (Leeds, England) (4/7/2009)

First Show (November 23, Birmingham) - Ken Ashworth (Oxfordshire, England) (7/29/2009)

November 22 (Birmingham): The concert was as always GREAT. It was the only concert my mum was able to come to with me. My dad had passed away and she has also now passed away. She loved hearing "Even Now" as it reminded her of my dad. It was a very special night for us. - Jane Payne (Wales, United Kingdom) (4/12/2011, 6/8/2016)

First Show (Wembley Arena): Barry has seen me through a lot of tough times. My favourite song, if I can possibly choose one is "I Made It Through The Rain." At the 1984 concert my Mum took me for the first time. I was 15 years old, Barry sang "Read 'Em and Weep" and ended on the floor, it was simply breathtaking. - Kelly-ann Radley (Colchester, Essex) (5/6/2011)

First Show (Birmingham) - Kristina (of London, England) (3/14/2012)

This was first time I saw Barry and it was a big thing as I had been unable to go into crowds for a long time. My husband asked me at the interval how I felt and I told him I wanted to come again. At the end of the show he went and got me tickets for the next night! I went again taking my 11-year-old son with me. My husband was so thrilled that I was out and about again, he got tickets for the next night too!! I never looked back and have been all over the country and to America twice to see Barry (I also sang with him at the London Palladium in 1990!). Thanks, Barry, for everything! - Viv Johnson (Tamwort, England) (5/16/2012, 7/22/2012)

First Show (Birmingham) - Lynda Goya (from Canada) (8/24/2012)

Favorite Show (Wembley): Because of Barry Manilow, I visited London and even lived there! - Star (of Germany, London, and the U.S.) (12/31/2016)

Birmingham, England - Highlights:
[BARRY MANILOW'S MAGIC - BBC] That's Why They Call Her Sugar / The Old Songs Medley (The Old Songs, It's A Miracle, Let's Hang On) / Even Now / Can't Smile Without You / Some Kind Of Friend / Medley (No Other Love, Mandy) / Copacabana (At The Copa) / I Write The Songs / I Made It Through The Rain / One Voice / Come With Me (Reprise)
[BARRY MANILOW'S CHRISTMAS MAGIC - BBC] Merry Christmas (Wherever You Are) / Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas / Paradise Cafe / Big City Blues (with James Jolis) / When Love Is Gone (with Jon Pondel on guitar) / Paradise Cafe (Reprise) / When October Goes / Stay (with Kevin DiSimone and James Jolis) / Read 'Em And Weep / Run To Me (with Muffy Hendrix) / Christmas Carol Sing-Along (Deck The Halls, Jingle Bell Rock, White Christmas) / It's Just Another New Year's Eve

[ Manilow Archives Episodes #37 and #38 (Birmingham) aired November-December 2012 ]

November 19
November 20
November 22 England/Birmingham
November 23
November 24
November 30 Virginia/Roanoke
(Roanoke Civic Center)
I don't think anyone could see this show and not forget that leather jacket and his lying down on the piano. "Some Sweet Day" was filled with such passion. - Kathy Davis Eaton (7/18/97)

First/Best Show: I was dragged there, reluctlantly, by my girlfriend. I was a senior in high school and dating the valedictorian of the class. That was the night I became a Barry Manilow fan for life. He was the most complete entertainer I'd ever seen. It was the first year of "Paradise Cafe", his new jazz project. I loved it! Especially "When October Goes." Been a fan ever since. - Randy Jones (Roanoke, VA) (12/6/2005)

First Show - Jill Prince (Bristol, Tennessee) (5/10/2016)

December 1 Virginia/Norfolk
(Scope Arena)
I dragged by boyfriend (now my husband) with me, and even he enjoyed it. Barry was awesome! - Vicki (of Hampton, VA) (7/31/2002)

My Mom had recently passed away, and it was a very hard time for me. When my sister told me that she got us first row seats to Barry's show, I was so excited. I took my camera and several times Barry posed for me. I got the best picture of him with fog in the background. I had it made in to an 8x10 and framed it. It was the best picture I've every taken in my life! - Charlotte Gomez (Virginia Beach, VA) (5/24/2003)

I was 12 years old and it was my first, and so far my only, Barry concert. It was FREEZING outside and I was only wearing a white blouse, a flannel skirt and a small jacket. Once the concert started it was pure magic! I do remember Barry singing "Read 'Em and Weep" and at the very end of it he started to tear up and could not finish it. I also remember when he sang "No Other Love" and when he came to the part where he says Mr. Dynamite I yelled out "That's The Truth"! At the same time he said "Thanks"! I doubt he heard me though!! At the very end of the concert, the ENTIRE audience stomped their feet until he came out for an encore! It was my very first concert ever and I adored it. I hope I can see him again soon. Love always, Janice Lawson (Janice Bland at the time) (Norfolk, Virginia) (2/22/2012)

First Show - Patricia Solari (Richmond, Virginia) (4/25/2013)

December 2 North Carolina/Charlotte
(Charlotte Coliseum)
Show Memory: We got to do the dressing room. My younger sister had just had a baby and I was treating her to a Barry concert and even let her help with the dressing room. She had warned me that she didn't want me getting crazy at the concert. No screaming and making a spectacle of myself. The minute Barry walked out on stage she screamed right in my ear and just kept on screaming all through the first number. She had also wanted to hear "Memory" and Barry was not doing that song at every show. I told her not to expect it. All of a sudden Barry starts to sing "Memory". I looked at my sister and wondered if she had left a note in the dressing room requesting it and she said "No". Somehow Barry just knew I guess. - Kathy Davis Eaton (7/18/97)

I was a chorus member at UNCC when we were asked to perform "One Voice" with Barry. It was very exciting (even though) we didn't get to meet himm before or after the show. - Elizabeth Kerr Campbell (Mocksville, NC) (3/19/2000)

December 4 Tennessee/Chattanooga
(Round House Arena)
Favorite Show: We had put signs up all around the city and Barry took time during the concert to thank us for our efforts. - Gloria Dover (Chattanooga, TN) (2/5/2010)
December 7 Alabama/Birmingham I was vice-president of Barry's local fan club (Barry's Magic Paradise) and we were allowed to decorate his dressing room. The other members were putting post-it notes with little messages to Barry on his dressing table, chair and anywhere else they thought he might be near. I wanted to be different. I tried to think of where I could put a note that no one else had, so I sneaked into the bathroom and put it on the urinal! I thought to myself, "I know he will have to go to the restroom sometime tonight!" At the end of his performance he thanked us by saying, "I want to thank my fan club for decorating my dressing room and leaving the nice gifts and food and also for leaving notes in some of the strangest places." I turned to my friends and screamed, "He is talking about ME!!" - Susan Butera (Birmingham, AL) (6/1/2000)

First Show - Linda Sims (Gadsden, AL) (9/15/2006)

December 8 Florida/Tallahassee
(Leon County Civic Center)
First Show - Cindy Hager (Tallahassee, FL) (3/20/2000)
December 13 Louisiana/Shreveport  
December 15 Louisiana/New Orleans
I had just finished my first semester of college when my parents, sister and I saw Barry in the Superdome. He was promoting Paradise Cafe. Growing up in the New Orleans area I had always believed that Jazz was synonymous with Dixieland. I had no idea that there were other forms of Jazz until that night. Of course, I had to have the album. I fell in love with it. It opened my mind to a new genre of music. Thank you, Mr. Manilow, for releasing that album all those years ago. - Margaret "Maggie" Beck (New Orleans metro area, Louisiana) (12/13/2011)

My grandmother was a big fan of Barry Manilow. She requested that her granddaughters take her to see Barry at the Louisiana Superdome that year. So we all got together and bought tickets and went to see Barry with her. We had a wonderful time and our grandmother was in heaven. My fondest memory was being there with my grandmother. Oh, by the way, Fox Photo was giving away a life-sized cut out of Barry Manilow and a record shaped like his head. My grandmother ended up winning the prizes! She brought Barry's cut-out to our family Christmas party. We all took pictures with him. The cut out stayed in her living room for many years. Most everyone who visited ended up taking a picture with Barry. - Terri Dourrieu (New Orleans, Louisiana) (5/15/2012)

December 16 Texas/Houston
(The Summit)
First Show - Chris Jobe (LaPorte, TX) (7/8/2002)
December 19 Texas/Austin
(Frank Erwin Center, University of Texas at Austin)
It was the "Paradise Cafe" tour, AND I got to sing in the back-up chorus for the "One Voice" finale. Watching him in action at the rehearsal that morning was fascinating and exciting to see the true music professional at work. I saw a side to him the public rarely sees and it was infinitely more interesting than his "performance" persona (I had so many questions to ask him and never got to ask a single one! Ah, well, just seeing him and actually working with him was "paradise"). Also, I noticed for the first time how long his hands were -- which explains the 10-key spread for chords in "If I Should Love Again" on the piano! But being there for that concert, and then singing with him in the "One Voice" finale remains one of the top highlights of my life. Thank you, Barry! - Lynne Fredrichsen (Houston, TX) (4/13/2000)
December 20 Texas/San Antonio  
December 21 Texas/Dallas
(Reunion Arena)
My favorite show! It was a Christmas-themed second half as Barry brought out a rather tall "Hannukah Bush," (lighted and decorated) as he called it. We all sang Christmas carols, even "Feliz Navidad." I had a wonderful time. On Christmas Day a few days later, my aunt gave me the pictures she had taken. We were lucky enough to have had floor seats for that show. Thank you, Barry, for your true showmanship! You are the BEST! - Sharon Trimble (Dallas, TX) (6/17/2004)
December 26 California/Los Angeles (Universal Amphitheatre)  
December 27 California/Los Angeles (Universal Amphitheatre)  
December 28 California/Los Angeles (Universal Amphitheatre) December 28: I worked with this girl (Julie) who had never been to a concert before. I had ordered tickets (for us) to see Barry. She had heard of Barry and had heard his albums, and wanted to see him live. So we rented a limo and bought nice outfits; basically, we spent MONEY to go see Barry. She asked questions like "What is he like in concert? What songs does he sing?". When Barry came out on stage, Julie almost fainted!! Her first comment was "He is cute!", then "He is such a good entertainer!". Of course, we got T-shirts, programs, and pins. It was fun watching someone else enjoy Barry doing what he does best, entertain people and make them happy. Julie and I have been friends for 15 years now. I will never forget her reaction to that show and how much she enjoyed seeing Barry. - Susan Norris (11/18/97)

December 30: First Show (December 30) - Kimberly Allison (Toms River, NJ) (8/19/2010)

First Show (December 31): We were so high up, all we could see was a little figure all over the stage! I always liked when he would pull screaming girls up to sing ["Can't Smile Without You"] with him... always funny and entertaining. - Kellie (of Downey, CA) (6/13/2009)

December 31: I was selected to be on stage with Barry at midnight to help bring in the New Year. I got a hug and kiss from Barry as I went on the stage. I said to Barry, "I've died and gone to heaven!" Barry just laughed. - Maureen O'Rourke (Manalapan, New Jersey) (3/29/2011)

I caught Barry's white terrycloth towel! I've seen Barry 400 times over 35 years! [What I like about his show is] the happiness, the feeling of love in the concert hall. Barry, you give the audience so much positivity, hope and understanding. It's like we've all been friends for life. A group hug! Your music is beautiful and I feel I can do anything after I see you in concert. You make us feel like we're not the only one that has had problems. My friend, Cricket, and I feel like you are singing just to us at the show. It's a wonderful feeling to see you on TV or in concert. You may find this hard to believe, but it has all been medically documented... your music has helped slow down my asthma attacks. You are better than drugs! Thank you for everything and continue to make Beautiful Music! - Charlaine Marlow (Laguna Woods, CA) (6/26/2011)

One of my favorite concerts was Barry's Christmas Concert at Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles December 1984 when I was living in Southern California. My Mom had flown out to spend the holidays with me and I took her to see Barry, as she also loved him. Her birthday was one day after Barry's in June. She had major surgery that summer, so I was very grateful she survived it and was able to enjoy his music and all the holiday songs that evening. So tell Barry a big THANK YOU for all the wonderful memories and music the past 38 years!! I have been a fan since "Mandy." - Greg Stelter (Colorado Springs, Colorado) (9/28/2012)

December 29 California/Los Angeles (Universal Amphitheatre)
December 30 California/Los Angeles (Universal Amphitheatre)
December 31 California/Los Angeles (Universal Amphitheatre)

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