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January 4 Oklahoma/
Oklahoma City
(Myriad Convention Center)
My husband graciously agreed to attend this concert with me even though he was not a fan. By the time the concert was over, however, he had become a "closet Manilow fan." He was quite impressed and came to know what the rest of us already knew... there stood on stage a totally fantastic and talented performer. I had spent my senior of year of high school in 1976 boppin' to the Bandstand Boogie and becoming a lifelong Barry fan. He's super!! - Diane Readnour (Oklahoma City, OK) (12/18/2002)

I met the love of my life there. I married him on June 14, 2014! - Suzanne Gennings (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) (11/1/2014)

January 5 Kansas/Wichita
(Kansas Coliseum)
First Show - Dawn Harper (7/9/98)
January 6 Texas/Amarillo
(Civic Center)
[What I liked most about this show was] the way Barry sang "Read 'Em And Weep." WOW, best song of the concert! - Pat Sieglen (Tucumcari, New Mexico) (2/18/2000, 1/5/2013)

First Show: It was my first and only Barry concert, but it was a good show and I would really like to see him again! - Lisa Miramon (Amarillo, TX) (8/17/2002)

January 8 New Mexico/Las Cruces
(Pan American Center)
First and only Barry concert I've seen. He was fantastic! - Patti Benzie (Las Cruces, NM) (4/26/2010)
January 9 New Mexico/Albuquerque
(Tingley Auditorium)
First Show - Heidi Beem (Lake Havasu City, AZ) (7/18/2009)

First Show - Debbie Trujillo (Albuquerque, New Mexico) (5/7/2012)

Barry with the moon rising behind him. WOW! I screamed my head off at my first Barry concert in January of 1985! - Celia Miller (Rio Rancho, New Mexico) (5/11/2012)

I wept when I heard Barry sing "One Voice" in Albuquerque, and vowed to buy every thing he ever recorded after that! - Marlene Ranejat (San Diego, California) (7/13/2012)

January 11 Arizona/Tucson
(McKale Auditorium, University of Arizona at Tucson)
I LOVED everything. I cried from the beginning to the end. I still have the t-shirt. It has never been worn or washed. Barry has always been there to help me through all the pain in my life. I know I couldn't have "made it through the rain" without his "one voice". I will always be grateful. - Tacie Clark-Pillow (Tucson, AZ) (2/20/2000)
January 12 Arizona/Tempe
(Activity Center, Arizona State University)
First/Favorite Show: My fiance had been a rocker in his teen years (early 70's) and was one of those who "poked fun" at Barry (and John Denver - still two of my Fav's). I got him to take me, and once the show started, well... he still marvels at Barry's talent for music, entertainment, humor, and continued devotion to real music. We married two months later. I've loved Barry since the first time I heard "Mandy." [I've loved] everything he has ever performed. He is a true role model. - Luann Chamblin Schoenfeld (Adams County, OH) (6/2/2000)

First Show - Michelle Harris (Phoenix, AZ) (7/5/2002)

I asked my wife to marry me earlier that evening - she was happy to see Barry for the first time, while sporting her new sparkling engagement ring. We've been to many of Barry's concerts since and, our two boys have turned in to major fans of the man. His song, "Its a Long Way Up (when you come from nowhere)," helped me decide to become an art teacher. Thanks, Brother! - George Conley (Payson, Arizona) (7/21/2015)

January 13 California/San Diego (Sports Arena) First Show - Bessie Sullivan (6/27/98)
January 18-E Nevada/Las Vegas (Riviera Hotel) I was with four other ladies and we were sitting practically on the stage! Compared to Chicago and Merriweather Post Pavilion, it was a much smaller place and it made the three shows I saw seem more personal. Believe it or not, I actually got direct eye contact from Barry, which surprised the heck out of me. - Leslie Horrell (Gaithersburg, Maryland) (8/13/2014)

Highlights (January 20): Come With Me / At The Dance / The Old Songs / It's A Miracle / Let's Hang On / The Old Songs (reprise) / How Do I Stop Loving You / Even Now / Can't Smile Without You / No Other Love / Mandy / No Other Love (reprise) / Some Sweet Day / That's Why They Call Her Sugar / Paradise Cafe / When Love Is Gone / Paradise Cafe (reprise) / When October Goes / Run To Me (with Muffy Hendrix) / Copacabana (At The Copa) / I Write The Songs / Come With Me (reprise)

[ Manilow TV Episode #117 (1/20/1985) aired September 2019 ]

January 18-L Nevada/Las Vegas (Riviera Hotel)
January 19-E Nevada/Las Vegas (Riviera Hotel)
January 19-L Nevada/Las Vegas (Riviera Hotel)
January 20-E Nevada/Las Vegas (Riviera Hotel)
January 20-L Nevada/Las Vegas (Riviera Hotel)


May 24-E Nevada/Las Vegas (Riviera Hotel)  
May 24-L Nevada/Las Vegas (Riviera Hotel)  
May 25-E Nevada/Las Vegas (Riviera Hotel)  
May 25-L Nevada/Las Vegas (Riviera Hotel)  
May 26-E Nevada/Las Vegas (Riviera Hotel)  
May 26-L Nevada/Las Vegas (Riviera Hotel) The lights dim, waiters are scurrying to clean up a spilled drink in the walkway in front of me where I am clutching the railing in anticapation. Then over the sound system comes "one by one the days go by..." Where is Barry? He's not on the stage. Oh My God, he is coming out the kitchen door in the back of the room! He is walking this direction. He is in front of me, I reach out my hand and Barry turned, took my hand and sang to me for jusr a few words. "Come with me ..." He switched the microphone to the other hand and caressed my cheek with his hand. He turned and started to walk to the stage ... Tears of happiness run down my face. Am I ok? I'm great and will be for the next two hours! The show was great of course Barry was wonderful even at a midnight show. I think of that moment often and thank Barry for it always. And although it's been 20 years since then I still start to cry every time I see Barry step on stage. - Sherry (of Denver, CO) (1/6/2005)
June 1 Japan/Aomori City (Aomori Prefecture) Actually part of the "Paradise Tour '85 in Japan", sponsored by Seibu Saison Group - Thanks to Wataru Semba for the Japan tour information!

My favorite concert (June 5): This was my most favorite show because I got a front row seat after spending nights in the line with my dear Barry friends and shared all the excitement together with them. Also, Barry was with friendly and talented Uncle Festive members. This time, seats were very close to the stage and we could almost reach Barry any second during the show! Barry opened the show with "Come with Me," my favorite opening song, and he sang the first part of song in Japanese! Very, very good Japanese! He must have very good ears as a musician. Also I knew that he practiced it very hard before he opened the first show in Aomori since there were some Japanese words that did not exactly go with the music. He sang over 22 songs from the oldest to the newest albums, "Copacabana" soundtrack (actually released in 1986). Loved "Sweet Heaven" with a little dance and powerful "Some Sweet Day." Also I loved songs from "Paradise Cafe," especially the duet "Blue" with Muffy which was so beautiful. Same as the 1983 Japan tour, he used lots of notes filled with Japanese greetings and introductions of his songs. His generous effort to communicate with audience in Japan was greatly appreciated. He arranged Japanese traditional song, "Sakura, Sakura," and played Japanese's instrument "Koto" very beautifully. - May Kawahara (Tokyo, Japan) (7/9/2005)

Highlights (June 6th): Overture / Come With Me / At The Dance / Can't Smile Without You / Memory / Some Kind Of Friend / In Search Of Love / Medley (No Other Love, Mandy) / Copacabana / Aye Carumba! / Sweet Heaven / Paradise Cafe / Blue / Read 'Em And Weep / It's A Miracle / Daybreak / Somewhere In The Night / Ready To Take A Chance Again / Could It Be Magic / I Write The Songs / Sakura, Sakura / You're Lookin' Hot Tonight

[ June 6, 1985: Manilow.TV Episode #9 aired June 2010 ]

June 3 Japan/Sapporo City
(Hokkaido Prefecture)
June 5 Japan/Yokohama City
(Kanagawa Kenmin Hall)
June 6 Japan/Osaka City
(Osaka-jo Hall)
June 7 Japan/Fukuoka City
(Fukuoka Prefecture)
June 8 Japan/Osaka City
(Osaka Festival Hall)
June 10 Japan/Nagoya City
(Aichi Prefecture Gymnasium)
June 11 Japan/Shizuoka City
(Shizuoka Prefecture)
June 12 Japan/Tokyo
(Nippon Budokan Arena)
Budokan Arena has nearly 15000 seats, all sold out!
- Wataru Semba

Favorite Show - Takaki Harada (Tokyo, Japan) (1/23/99)

First Show: It was his second Japan tour! - Junko Yoshida (Tokyo, Japan) (4/7/2000)

It's one thing to be a fan in THIS country, but to see Barry perform in an enormous stadium with 99.9% screaming Japanese (both men and women) can almost bring one to tears. For Barry to know his music is so appreciated in a far away mostly non-english speaking country must be overwhelming and very gratifying. Talent knows no bounds of race, religion, or language and is truly universal. Your life and work has made a difference worldwide, Barry, and that is something that few can achieve. Thanks for being you and continuing to share "you" with us. - Irene Stanek (Los Angeles, CA) (11/21/2010)

June 13
June 14
June 18 Hawaii/Honolulu
(Neal S. Blaisdell Center)
June 19 Hawaii/Honolulu
(Neal S. Blaisdell Center)
June 25 Iowa/Cedar Rapids
(Five Seasons Center)
First Show: I had the opportunity to help decorate Barry's dressing room with the Fan Club. It was totally awesome, and the show was the best ever! Barry never fails to delight and entertain me with his fabulous talent. - Linda L. Merschman (Huntsville, AL) (4/15/2002)

The local fan club had gotten together with the local radio station to put up a billboard welcoming Barry to Cedar Rapids. Barry was so touched that he invited us backstage after the concert. He wanted to know our opinions of the show and our lives rather than elaborating on his own ventures. Pictures were taken and gratitude was shown by all. - Wanda Feyerabend (of Iowa) (11/21/2009)

I have been a Barry fan since I was 14 in the early '70s. In fact I could tell you exactly where I heard "Mandy" the first time. My walls were plastered as a teenager, every album, magazine, picture. [At this concert] I was chosen to come to the stage and sing "Cant Smile Without You." At first I sat there in my chair and thought I can't go up there! Then it hit me. I jumped up and jumped up and jumped up! He looked around and after what seemed like a lifetime said "You, the girl in the striped red shirt." Well, there was a girl a few rows ahead of me with a striped shirt on and he said, "No, you in the back." No words can describe what this was like. I had dreamed for years to be near this man, to talk to him, touch him, kiss him, sing with him... and I did it all! I was 22 at the time and it almost felt natural. Weird, but the best memory, honestly of my life. I have my signed shirt in a sealed carrier along with all of my pictures, albums, and magazines I kept as a young girl. I now struggle with chronic pain and health conditions and when I need a good feeling memory, I close my eyes and I'm back there. - Cheryl Parsons (Waterloo, Iowa) (11/20/2014)

June 27 Illinois/Chicago
(Poplar Creek)
First Show - Ken Traynor (8/12/97)

First Show - Donna Dunovsky (Westmont, IL) (1/18/2002)

First Show - Miriam Berg (Woodstock, IL) (4/5/2002)

First Show - Cindy (of Grand Rapids, MI) (8/19/2004)

June 28: It was at Poplar Creek that I actually got to meet Barry. I was part of a group of local fan clubs that decorated Barry's dressing room for that set of concert dates. Barry was so impressed with all of the decorations, he asked to meet us all. I can still remember how exciting the feeling was as we were escorted backstage to talk to Barry. He took his time talking to all of us, and posed for pictures with each one of us. It is hard to believe that it has almost been 20 years! - Mary Ann Nowak (Merrillville, IN) (10/25/2004)

June 28
June 29
June 30 Wisconsin/Milwaukee This was my first concert ever. I had gotten my parents to purchase the tickets the day before, and the three of us were able to go. The best thing -- other than I have such wonderful parents, and it was my first concert -- was that I was picked to sing on stage with Barry! This is a truly cherished memory that still brings a tear to my eye on the anniversary - 20 years later! - Pamela Olson (West Allis, WI) (7/29/2005)

First Show (Alpine Valley, Milwaukee) - Laura (of Minnesota) (3/8/2006)

July 2 Ohio/Cleveland (Blossom Music Center) First Show (July 2) - Yamallat Abed (Parma, OH) (8/11/98)

First Show - Jamie Sidwell (Phoenix, AZ) (1/19/2000)

July 3 Ohio/Cleveland
(Blossom Music Center)
July 5 Illinois/Springfield
(Prairie Capital Convention Center)
Favorite Show: [I got] front row tickets for my birthday (July 6th)! I think Barry is a fantastic performer and perfectionist. He gets involved with his fans and audience. There are a lot of people who criticize Barry, but they need to just see one concert to know that he is an exceptional entertainer and musician. - Cathy Sanderson (Springfield, IL) (7/21/2000)

First/Favorite Show: [What I liked about this show was the] excitement of Barry and his band. - Richard Boyd Wainscott (Paducah, KY) (4/9/2002)

The most memorable day of my life... well, other than, maybe my wedding day! I got to go onstage and sing "Can't Smile Without You" with Barry. His blue eyes are gorgeous! And when he hopped on the piano and put his arms around me, I melted. Thanks, Barry, for an absolutely awesome experience!! - Norma Kinsel (Springfield, IL) (7/24/2008)

Had a front row seat at the concert and drank champagne with Barry after the show! - Cindy Hall (Winter Haven, Florida) (11/27/2017)

July 6 Indiana/West Lafayette
(Purdue University)
First Show - Jennifer Hoover (West Lafayette, IN) (4/9/2002)
July 12 Ohio/Cincinnati (Riverbend Music Center) First Show - Tracy Witt (Dayton, OH) (10/9/98)

First Show (July 12) - Jack Brown (Tulsa, OK) (7/19/99)

Favorite Show: Barry has such a presence. He is a showman. His concerts are so different than anyone else's that I've been to. He makes you feel so good when you're there with him, like he is singing to you only. - Mimi Hellmann (Salisbury, NC) (3/13/2000)

First Show - Sandi Paxton (of Ohio) (11/26/2000, 1/9/2012)

First Show - Karen Davis (Dayton, Ohio) (5/1/2012)

July 13
July 22 Canada/Toronto (Kingswood Music Theatre) Second BMIFC convention. The shows were great. This one in particular was something else because I had never seen Barry so up. He was in rare form as he told joke after joke and just talked to the audience. He mentioned the fan club convention. This had been my "bad luck" convention. Everything went wrong for me. My camera ate my film, a waiter spilled a whole tray of water on me, my tickets to both shows were drawn by lottery and I was way in the back behind a pole and the airlines lost my luggage. It didn't matter though because Barry made it all better with his great performance. - Kathy Davis Eaton (8/11/97)

My first time traveling to see Barry in concert. This is where I began to cry when Barry would sing "I Made It Through the Rain." It all started on the Sunday before the concerts. My friend Marina and I had returned to watch videos after attending Mass at St. Michael's Cathedral. [When] "I Made It Through the Rain" came on, I was singing along and literally lost it during the chorus and I started to cry. I didn't think anything more of it, until we went to Barry's concert the next night. When he sang that song later in the show, the same thing happened, and I could not stop crying. The night after that, he sang it again, and it happened all over again! I have been to four more concerts since then, and each and every time Barry sings "I Made It Through the Rain", I still cry, because that song is so special for me. - Karen Radecki (Pittsburgh, PA) (9/7/2002)

First Show (July 22) - Kathie Mott (Chickasha, OK) (2/5/2004)

First Show - Sheila Angus (Burlington, Ontario, Canada) (7/9/2009)

July 22: It was at Barry's concert during the Second Great BMIFC Convention in Toronto. Suzanne Summers sat right behind me. I was with my local fan club girls, Cathe, Susan, and Sunny. We were laughing, singing and just having fun. The next night I went to the concert again with my parents. Barry waved at us as we drove out of the parking lot. - Suellen Vance (Columbus, Ohio) (5/25/2011)

Highlights (July 23): Overture (Could It Be Magic, One Voice, Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again, You're Looking Hot Tonight, I Write The Songs, Sweet Heaven) / Come With Me / At The Dance / Can't Smile Without You / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Some Kind Of Friend / In Search Of Love / No Other Love / Mandy / Some Sweet Day / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Aye Caramba! / Sweet Heaven (I'm In Love Again) / Paradise Cafe / Big City Blues (with James Jolis) / Blue (with Muffy Hendrix) / Paradise Cafe (reprise) / All The Time / Read 'Em And Weep / It's A Miracle / I Made It Through The Rain / It's A Long Way Up / Who Needs To Dream (from "Copacabana") / I Write The Songs / It's A Long Way Up (reprise) / Let's Hang On (encore) / It's A Long Way Up (play out) / You're Looking Hot Tonight

[ Manilow TV Episode #125 (July 23, 1985) aired May 2020 ]

July 23
July 25 New York/Saratoga Springs
(Saratoga Performing Arts Center)
First Show - Mandy Dwojakowski (Rotterdam, NY) (8/17/2002)

First Show: I have loved Barry since I was a child (That wasn't the most popular thing to do in grade school... I got a lot of jabs! I was even an official member of the BMIFC!) - Rachel K. (Amsterdam, NY) (12/21/2008)

July 25: My family loves your music. We brought my mom to see Barry. This was her firswt experience at a live concert. She loved Barry and the show. We left the concert feeling just a little bit closer to Barry and liking him that much more. Mom talked about that concert for years afterward, how special it was for her to attend. She is deceased now, but Barry, she treasured that evening with you! - Corinne (of New York) (4/21/2012)

First Show: My brother had to come with us. - Amy (of New York) (6/4/2012)

July 25: The Copa tour was my favorite. I really enjoyed the MANILOW Album on RCA. He performed quite a bit of those songs. The full live version of "Read 'Em and Weep" is my all time favorite song which Barry sang in Saratoga on July 25, 1985. The setting in Saratoga made for quite an amazing concert. - Scott Mate (Rochester, New York) (8/14/2016)

July 26 New York/Saratoga Springs
(Saratoga Performing Arts Center)
July 27 Maine/Portland
(Cumberland County Civic Center)
First Show - Diane Hurrell (Portland, ME) (4/21/2000)

First Show - Lisa (of Maine) (4/27/2000)

I just retired from 32 years of teaching music in Augusta, Maine. Barry was a major influence on me growing up in Whitefield, Maine. Being a piano and trumpet player, his music was always in my head. I have all his albums and printed music. One year, Barry's second concert in Portland, Maine, all my buddies got to perform with him on stage and I had to watch it. I was so upset I didn't get the call to play. I am a professional trumpet player now. Maybe someday, my dream will come true... to perform with Barry! He is the biggest reason I went into music. My son also is working on his masters in music composition. Maybe he someday will get to work with you, Barry! - Dwight Tibbetts (Windsor, Maine) (9/28/2012)

First Show - Nanette Saunders (Dover-Foxcroft, Maine) (10/9/2015)

July 29 New Jersey/Holmdel
(Garden State Arts Center)
First Show (July 29) - Patricia Gilson (of River Edge, NJ) (5/7/99)

First Show: Simply put, a fan's first concert is always the most memorable. I fell in love with "Come With Me" and "It's A Long Way Up". Barry came out 5 times to the chorus for encores of that song. I was 14. The entire show was incredible for me as a teenager. - Christopher Swantek (Dupont, PA) (12/20/2000, 4/24/2009)

First Show (July 30): Wonderful Memories - Beautiful Summer Night - I brought my parents and my college sweetheart. We double dated! My mom loved Barry and was thrilled to see him LIVE. She taught me how to slow dance before my senior prom in 1981 to Barry's "I Don't Want To Walk Without You." Although my mom passed away in 1997, I will always cherish our shared enjoyment of Barry's music. I just purchased "Ultimate Manilow" and wistfully it's 1985 all over again. - Bob Williams (Roxbury, NJ) (2/23/2002)

First Show - Dino Santonastaso (Bayonne, NJ) (3/8/2011)

First Show - Florence Catalano (7/8/2017)

July 30 New Jersey/Holmdel
(Garden State Arts Center)
July 31 New Jersey/Holmdel
(Garden State Arts Center)
August 8 Michigan/Detroit
(Pine Knob)
First Show - Sharon Moore (Waterford, MI) (11/14/2009)
August 9 Michigan/Detroit
(Pine Knob)
August 10 Michigan/Detroit
(Pine Knob)
August 12 Massachusetts/
(The Centrum)
Favorite Show - Cindy S. (of Worcester, MA) (2/20/2000)

First Show - Donna (of New Hampshire) (10/26/2000)

I have been a Barry fan since I was little. In the mid-80's I was a member of your fan club. It was pleasure to have seen you in Worcester. - Michael Larson (Worcester, MA) (3/10/2002)

First Show - Jackie Patterson (of Massachusetts) (9/25/2003)

August 13: My mom and I had floor seats about 15 rows back, and when Barry came back out for the encore, he sang "You're Lookin' Hot Tonight," and pointed at me as I was standing on my chair clapping! - Lisa (of Pembroke, NH) (1/5/2008)

I will always remember the Worcester concerts! We went to both concerts which were awesome. It was a 2-1/2 hour ride from home so we stayed at the Sheraton Hotel. There was a convention and they put us on the top floor... only us... and Barry! Out of respect we didn't bother him but when he was leaving in the morning after the last concert, we met him by the elevator and had our picture taken with him. I'm sure he was tired but he gave us his time anyways. My 11-year-old daughter and I were ecstatic! Thanks Barry!! - Mary (of The Berkshires, MA) (12/5/2010)

August 13
August 22 Maryland/Columbia
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
First Show (August 23) - Nancy Stebbins (Westfield, MA) (2/3/2004)

August 24: Barry began the second half with "Aye Carumba" from Copacabana and then said he had a "Lucky Strike Extra" for us. A screen came down and he premiered the film clip of "Who Needs To Dream" from Copacabana the movie. When he came back on stage he talked about how he had made his solo performing debut opening the second half of Bette's show right here at Merriweather and pointed off stage to the spot where he had thrown up before he came out on stage that first time. - Dawn Dieter (Baltimore, MD) (2/13/2004)

First Show: The show was GREAT and OUTSTANDING! - Sharon Parton (of Maryland) (3/19/2012)

August 23 Maryland/Columbia
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
August 24 Maryland/Columbia
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
August 27 Florida/Pensacola  
August 28 Florida/Jacksonville
(Merriweather Post Pavillion)
First Show - Bonny Faehnrich (Jacksonville, FL) (7/1/2000)

First Show - Penny White (Jacksonville, FL) (6/26/2004)

The local fan club decorated Barry's dressing room with a kiddie pool filled with (clean) sand, an umbrella, a chair, a cooler with soda, a towel, sunglasses, sandals, suntan lotion, a radio with one of his tapes inside, and the best yet -- a paperback version of JAWS. We had a good time getting the cake and stuff and signing our names on the blackboard. Great memories! - Valerie Solorzano (Rocklede, Florida) (12/23/2011)

August 29 Florida/Tampa
(Sun Dome)
[What I liked about this show was] everything. I love him to death... and more! - Debbie Carter (of North Carolina) (11/19/2000)
September 4 California/Concord
(Concord Pavilion)
First Show (September 6) - Juanita Martinez (3/28/98)

First Show - Kai Jacques (Carson City, NV) (3/14/99)

Favorite Show (September 4): I was seated front row, right side of stage. I was able to see Barry enter and leave the stage close-up! - Kathie Mott (Chickasha, OK) (2/5/2004)

It was my first Barry Manilow concert and that was exciting enough. But the most memorable thing about the concert was that I had seats in the third row from the stage, although it was to the side of the stage where some of the speakers and equipment blocked the view. It even stated on the ticket "View may be obstructed." But I didn't care, I was going to be in the third row at a Barry Manilow concert! Well about half way into the concert, Barry stopped and came to our side of the stage and sang a song right there, facing us, because he knew our view was obstructed. It was great! He really cares about his audience! - MaryAnne Evans (Atlanta, GA) (12/27/2010)

September 5
September 6
September 9 Oregon/Portland
(Memorial Coliseum)
First Show - Deborah Kumle (Vancouver, Washington) (11/28/2015)
September 10 Washington/Seattle I took my sister and two friends to see this concert. It was magnificant from beginning to end. I have always been a Barry Manilow fan and always will be. It was truly music to make you smile. Ahhh...what else can I say?! - Janet (of Tacoma, WA) (9/19/2000)
September 11 Washington/Spokane
(Spokane Coliseum)
It was the first time I had ever seen Barry live.  What I loved most was the fact that, somehow, he was able to make each and every person in that audience feel like he was there only for them. The real stand-out of the show was his performance of "Read 'Em And Weep"... There wasn't a dry eye in the place when he was done. He finished the last line of that song on his knees. It was a very powerful moment. I'll never forget it! Also, I loved the "Paradise Cafe" set that he did, and he introduced us to the movie "Copacabana".  Question: Why was everyone so upset and surprised when he gave away the ending?  Hadn't they heard the song?!?  Anyway, it was an awesome experience and I hope to catch him on his next tour, if he makes it to Nebraska. - Michelle D. Grows (Hastings, NE) (11/18/98)
September 13 California/Costa Mesa
(Pacific Amphitheatre)
September 13: Even though I have been with Barry since the beginning (even the Troubadour in L.A.!) and have seen him in concert so many times I've lost count, this was my favorite concert. Barry sang and sang and sang... he was like the Energizer Bunny! He must have been on stage for three hours! It was amazing! - Candi Kolves (Lake Forest, CA) (6/25/2002)
September 14 California/Costa Mesa
(Pacific Amphitheatre)
September 15 California/Costa Mesa
(Pacific Amphitheatre)
October 3 California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
October 5: This concert was great. My friend, Sandra Rivera, and I had finally gone to a Barry Manilow concert together. We were supposed to attend the Fresno, CA concert in December 1976 together but her parents didn't allow it. So this concert became THAT concert. The most memorable about this was the weather. It rained throughout the show, but when it came time for Barry to sing "I Made It Through The Rain" he changed the title to "WE Made It Through The Rain." Of course the stage never once got wet but the audience was! Sandra and I sat through the entire show in our seats and yes, without umbrellas. Barry sang like the true professional he is. One time the house lights came up so he could see the audience but no one but a few were still sitting. So he looked towards each side and waved to everyone there and thanked them for staying. The theater sides had canopy coverings. Thank you again, Barry, for another wonderful memory. - Evie Rowell (Selma, CA) (5/28/2009)

October 6: Barry previewed a scene from his movie "Copacabana" each of the four nights in this concert series. It was amazing watching him act and sing on screen. It was the first time I had seen him perform songs live from the "Paradise Cafe" album and I was mesmerized and fell in love with a whole new style of music. Most significant for me this night was being chosen for "Can't Smile Without You." I had seen this part of his concerts many times, always happy for the fan he chose. I never dreamed I would get the opportunity to be that girl. It is a memory I will cherish for all of my life. I've been to many Manilow concerts since 10/6/85, introduced my children to his music, and just recently my husband took me to a Paris Las Vegas show for my 50th birthday, but this one will always be the most special Barry Manilow concert for me. All my love and thanks to Barry for making this sweet and very cherished moment in time for me. - Jackie Thomas (Poway, California) (2/12/2012)

October 4 California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
October 5 California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
October 6 California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
October 11 Connecticut/Hartford
(Hartford Civic Center)
First Show - Joanne Magnani (Vernon, CT) (9/29/99)

First Show - Sally (of Cheshire, CT) (4/25/2002)

First Show - Cheryl Sgrignari (East Greenwich, Rhode Island) (12/5/2012)

October 12 Rhode Island/Providence
(Civic Center)
October 13 Pennsylvania/Hershey
(Hershey Park)
Favorite Show:  One of the "hottest" shows he ever performed! - Nancy Porrino (2/18/98)

Favorite Show: This concert was one of the last things my mother and I did together. - Pam Taylor (Latrobe, PA) (4/5/2003)

First Show - Barb Kilheffer (Harrisburg, PA) (8/8/2009)

Barry was walking around behind the building where the concert was being held and I saw him and I walked up to him. He came over and shook my hand and said "It's nice to meet you" and I also got his autograph. - Susan Cooper (Hummelstown, Pennsylvania) (8/21/2012)

October 15 New York/Rochester
(War Memorial)
First Show - Pam Cicconi (Odessa, NY) (5/11/2002)
October 16 New York/Syracuse
(Onondaga County War Memorial)
First Show:  The only seats I could get for my sister, her family, and me were in the back of the arena.  Barry was so tiny, I could barely make him out, even with my binoculars.  But, in spite of all that, he got me - hook, line, and sinker.  I was enthralled by his personality - and in love when he sang "Read 'Em and Weep" - one of my favorite songs. - Lorrie Dunham (1/18/98, 1/21/98)
October 18-E New Jersey/
Atlantic City
(Caesars Palace)
First Show: I have liked Barry since I first saw him on Dinah Shore. That tall skinny guy! He has gotten me through some rough times with his music and the concert(s) in Delaware prove to me that he is still in my heart. Thanks! - Roseann (of Wilmington, DE) (6/2/2000)

First Show - Paulette (of Beacon, NY) (8/1/2002)

Highlights (October 20 - late show): Overture / I'm Your Man / At The Dance / Can't Smile Without You (with Edna Manilow) / This One's For You / In Search Of Love / Some Sweet Day / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Aye Caramba! / Sweet Heaven (I'm In Love Again) + encore / It's A Miracle / I Made It Through The Rain

[ Manilow TV Episode #75 (October 20th - late show) aired March 2016 ]

October 18-L New Jersey/
Atlantic City
(Caesars Palace)
October 19-E New Jersey/
Atlantic City
(Caesars Palace)
October 19-L New Jersey/
Atlantic City
(Caesars Palace)
October 20-E New Jersey/
Atlantic City
(Caesars Palace)
October 20-L New Jersey/
Atlantic City
(Caesars Palace)
October 24 Nevada/Lake Tahoe
(Caesars Palace)
My daughter sang with Barry and her high school group. One voice. They accompanied him on a few songs. I was in the first row. He was very nice and it was a wonderful experience for her to meet him backstage. - Donna Salazar (Sacramento, CA) (2/27/2007)
October 25 Nevada/Lake Tahoe
(Caesars Palace)
October 26-E Nevada/Lake Tahoe
(Caesars Palace)
October 26-L Nevada/Lake Tahoe
(Caesars Palace)
October 28 Wyoming/Casper
(Events Center)
October 29 Utah/Provo
(Marriott Center)
October 30 Idaho/Boise
(Boise State University Pavillion)
November 1-E Nevada/Las Vegas
First Show: I was told that I couldn't have any more children by my doctors, and that night I conceived my son. Barry had shook my hand (ha ha!). The doctors said all the adrenaline I had going could have helped along the conception. My son is now 15. I never had any kids after that. My thanks to Barry... - Pamela Pfeil (Lake Tahoe, CA) (1/23/2002)

First Show - Marilyn Wright (Salem, Illinois) (4/22/2012)

November 1-L Nevada/Las Vegas
November 2-E Nevada/Las Vegas
November 2-L Nevada/Las Vegas
November 3-E Nevada/Las Vegas
November 3-L Nevada/Las Vegas
November 6 Arkansas/Little Rock  
November 8 Tennessee/Memphis  
November 9 Texas/Fort Worth Favorite Show: Barry's shows are very entertaining and he has a way to "connect" with all of his fans. He seems to give it his "all" during every performance which makes him stand "heads" above the others. I love it when he interacts with the crowd (although I have never been picked)...I guess you could say I like everything about his concerts and wish he would do more! - Cathy Weiss (Ft. Worth, TX) (2/3/99)
November 10 Oklahoma/Tulsa
(Oral Roberts University, Tulsa)
I took two dozen pink roses (as I always did whenever the concert was close enough to drive), and enclosing a note of thanks (on note paper with my name and city/state on the top), I left them on the stage. Two days later I got a call asking if I had been to the concert. I said yes, and the woman said that she was the stage manager at the auditorium and that Mr. Manilow had asked her to find me and send me something. I gave her my mailing address and then proceeded to watch for the mailman like a stalker. Several days later I received the envelope. Barry had taken my note and written on the back a thank you for the roses. Needless to say, it is my most prized possession. I was not surprised that he had taken the time to do this for me, but I was so thrilled I could barely stand it. It only reinforced my belief that Barry is a genuine and caring person -- something that is abundantly clear every time I see him in concert. - Christina Flyntz (Scranton, KS) (9/16/2004)

This concert was so memorable to me, not only because I enjoyed such a beautiful concert by my idol, Barry, but also the next day my father died of a heart attack while in the hospital. Bittersweet memories... Love you Barry!! - Melody Deocampo (Yonkers, New York) (6/2/2013)

November 12 West Virginia/Charleston
(Civic Center)
First/Favorite Show: Barry was wonderful! He really gave the show his all. It was a very high security show for this area. My uncle worked as building engineer for the Charleston Civic Center. I was allowed to go back stage after the concert if I promised not to leave my uncle's office. So I stood in the doorway of my uncle's office and waited for Barry to come out of his dressing room. When he did the reporters swarmed, about 10 of them from local news stations and papers. He talked with them politely and I watched frozenly. Barry looked above the buzz around him and saw me standing in the door. He smiled and motioned me over to him. I was so excited. Barry just brushed off the reporters and chatted with me for about 5 minutes. He made this 16 year old girl's night very special. Thanks Barry! - Kathy Given (Charleston, WV) (2/10/99)

First Show - Bill (of Vienna, WV) (9/13/2004)

November 13 Alabama/
(Von Braun Civic Center)
November 14 Tennessee/Nashville
(Municipal Auditorium)
November 17 Alaska/Anchorage We drove from Fairbanks (over 8 hours each way) to the show. Then drove back to Fairbanks when the concert was over. It was, as expected, well worth the drive. - Kevin B. (of Illinois) (12/1/98)

First Show (November 17): After waiting hours in line to get the tickets several weeks before the event, this ended up not being just a concert - it was a fantastic production by Barry taking his music and turning it into a show! Well worth the time invested to purchase tickets!! - John McCumiskey (Sacramento, CA) (9/19/2002)

November 18
November 21 Indiana/Evansville First Show: I was only nine years old at the time, and I fell in love with Barry Manilow! He is still my favorite musician and performer today!! - Kelly Whitaker (Evansville, IN) (4/26/2002)

First Show - Todd Young (Evansville, IN) (9/19/2010)

November 22 Georgia/Atlanta
(The Omni)
The Omni is an experience in itself. You enter at the top of the coliseum and you walk to the bottom. I had eighth row and didn't know how the Omni was laid out. I wore high heels to the show! I walked down it seemed a thousand stairs before getting to that row. I just remember how moving "Read 'Em and Weep" was. To see Barry get down on his knees begging at the end of the song. Awesome! - Kathy Davis Eaton (8/11/97)

Barry nearly undressed on stage and the place went wild! - Alicia Goolsby (Griffin, GA) (11/22/99)

First Show - Lisa Leix (Atlanta, GA) (12/31/2000)

The concert that night was magical as has been every concert I have attended since 1978 - To date, 87! So many concerts run through my mind and the one thing that I remember most is the saying that was in your book, Sweet Life: Adventures on the Way to Paradise... "Nobody knows what you want except you, and nobody will be as sorry as you if you dont get it, so don't give up your dream." Those words really hit home to me. I went home that night with the courage from those words to fulfill my dream. My only dream in my life was to have a child. As a single woman of 35 I had begun to see that dream as being unreachable. Your words gave me the courage to fight for that dream. With the help of my wonderful doctor and medical intervention I had that dream. She is now a beautiful young woman of 24 named Sara. My family and friends thought I must be crazy to do this on my own but your words of courage were always with me. Thank you, Barry, for without the strength you have given me all these years, a lot of my dreams would have never come true. - Katie Calloway (Leesburg, Georgia) (7/23/2011)

November 23 Georgia/Savannah First Show - Eileen Layton (5/11/97)

I had second row seats and the one thing I remember most was that the first five rows were all members of GA and NC/SC clubs. We all had 35 mm cameras in our hands. Before the show a "civilian" came by and wanted to know if we were members of a camera club. As Barry would sing each song, you could hear the camera clicks as they would go from one end of the aisle to the other. I often wonder if Barry could hear them from the stage? - Kathy Davis Eaton (8/11/97)

Favorite Show - Tootie Hood (Southern Pines, NC) (10/10/98)

November 25 Florida/Miami First Show (November 25) - Sue Sucameli (Phillipsburg, NJ) (10/13/2000)

November 25: This was my very first Barry Manilow concert. I was 20 years old. I bought tickets for me and one of my sisters for that first concert and I bought six tickets (for me, my parents and three sisters) to go to the concert the next night (November 26th). We were pretty far back for that first concert, and I remember thinking, is it really him?? I loved it and have been to almost every concert he has done in Florida since then. - Linda Tamargo Perez (Kissimmee, FL) (3/9/2003)

November 26 Florida/Miami
November 27 Florida/Lakeland First Show - Pamela Hill (Ormond Beach, FL) (3/20/2000)
December 31 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
'First Show' and 'Best Show' - Steven Gallo (5/9/97)

Favorite Show - Irene Van Gunst (Maywood, NJ) (11/5/98)

First Show: I love watching and listening to Barry. He makes his audience feel right at home and does a good mix of tunes from the old and new days. He shares parts of his past and present with the audience, and you feel as though he is your friend and not just an entertainer. - Teri Zucker (Brooklyn, NY) (5/6/2000)

First Show: I was 12 years old. This concert left an everlasting impression on me. I truly adore him! - Monique Vetrano (Queens, NY) (5/1/2002)

First Show - Janet Ernst (Wharton, NJ) (8/5/2002)

Favorite Show: I cannot put it into words!! - Rebecca McAninch (Marysville, OH) (7/26/2004)

First Show - LauraAnn Millard (New York City, NY) (7/30/2009)

Highlights: Overture / New York City Rhythm / I'm Your Man / Can't Smile Without You / Weekend In New England / Love Me Just A Little Bit / Some Kind Of Friend / Some Sweet Day / Copacabana Medley (Copacabana, Aye Caramba!, Sweet Heaven) / Who Needs To Dream / I Made It Through The Rain / It's A Long Way Up / It's Just Another New Year's Eve (dixie-land style!) / Auld Lang Syne / It's A Long Way Up (Reprise)

[ Manilow TV/Archives Episode #62 aired December 2014 ]

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