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January 6 Florida/Sunrise
(Sunrise Musical Theatre)
First Show (January 7) - Barbara T. Moffett (12/1/97)

January 9: It was my first concert and his last show in Fort Lauderdale, and he gave the best performance. He kept coming back out to do more when the concert was over. Needless to say, when I slept that night I did indeed dream of Beautiful Music and a good-looking man, who has kept me coming back for more Beautiful Music, as well as more chances just to look at him! He is simply the best!! - Marcia Holt (West Palm Beach, FL) (4/8/2000, 4/18/2000)

First Show: I do not remember the first concert I attended because I was catatonic and I cried throughout the concert. When he came out on stage, I just lost it! I couldn't stop crying! My mother was with me and understood the emotions I was feeling. Never one to be a closet fan, and 27 years later, I'm still hooked and proud of it! Barry Manilow still has my heart! - Kym Cope (West Palm Beach, FL) (4/17/2002)

First Show - Pat Loeper (Douglassville, PA) (8/3/2002)

First Show (January 7) - Jody Hook (Tamarac, FL) (7/18/2003)

First Show (January 7) - Karen Shegogue (Jacksonville, FL) (7/7/2006)

January 7 Florida/Sunrise
(Sunrise Musical Theatre)
January 8 Florida/Sunrise
(Sunrise Musical Theatre)
January 9 Florida/Sunrise
(Sunrise Musical Theatre)
January 12 Louisiana/Baton Rouge I like the energy Barry has on stage, and how great his voice is. - Stephanie A. (of Louisiana) (1/29/2004)
January 13 Texas/Houston
(The Summit)
First Show Memory: I skipped school to buy tickets (which was the only time I ever did something like that!) - Terri Gresham (11/10/97)
January 15 Louisiana/Shreveport (Hirsch Coliseum) First Concert and Most Memorable: I, being only 18 at the time, had recently lost my husband. "Life Will Go On" was my favorite song. It got me through that really sad time in my life. When my parents told me that we were going to the show I was on Cloud Nine. The concert was so special to me. Since then Barry has always seemed to know when I needed someone who understood what was going on in my life, and he has put out a song to fit. My life has not been an easy one but Manilow has made it so much better. - Rose Elliott-Godard (11/9/97)

My first Barry concert was probably the most special, just because it was the first. My best friend (and fellow Barry Fan) couldn't drive in from Denton (Texas) to go with me so I planned to go alone. When another close friend (though decidely NOT a Barry fan) found out I was going alone, he insisted he attend with me. For several years, I had endured his parody lyrics of songs such as "Copacabana" (my friend substituted the words "Coke" & "banana"), so I didn't think he would enjoy a whole evening of Barry. But I bought two tickets telling him not to pay for his until AFTER the concert. If he enjoyed it he could reimburse me then. If not, I would call it my treat. Needless to say after the concert he handed over the cost of the ticket and even verbally agreed Barry's concert was "good". I never really converted him, but he stopped making quite so much fun of Barry's music. - Kassy Paris (Kilgore, TX) (11/30/98)

First Show - Laurie (of Johnson City) (6/11/2005)

January 16 Texas/Austin
(Frank Erwin Center)
This was my first concert... ever! I was 16 and saved every penny I had to buy the tickets. I have tickets to see Barry in Las Vegas on July 5th and I am just as excited and "giddy" as I was back in 1983. I can't wait!! - Connie Carey (Austin, TX) (6/22/2006)

Those were the days when Barry had on his Copacabana shirt! It was so much fun to see him enjoy himself [on stage]! I enjoy all of Barry's concerts, from the crowd to the music to the man... It's always like attending a very special event (which it is!), but there is a certain aura about the whole thing that one cannot overlook. The care that Barry gives each and every one of his songs is amazing. It's like history being made right before our very own eyes! - Mary Brooks (Austin, TX) (8/10/2010, 6/13/2011)

First Show - Dianne Herber (Georgetown, TX) (9/1/2010)

[I loved] celebrating my birthday (which was on January 21st) with a Barry Manilow concert on the 16th of January! I sat in the 9th row from the stage. When Barry was going to come back out for his encore performance I bolted to the front of the stage. Barry came out wearing a peach colored sweater over a white shirt and white pants with peach colored socks. It was so exciting because I was standing right in front of Barry while he sang to me. I was lost in his song. Love you, Barry! By the way, my sister sent me a dozen peach colored roses for my birthday that year in honor of you! From a 'Fanilow' for life, Blanquita Ortiz (San Antonio, Texas) (7/1/2011)

January 18 Arkansas/Little Rock  
January 19 Missouri/Springfield
(Hammons Center)
First Show: I was absolutely thrilled just to be sharing the same air that Barry was in! I never thought that I would ever see him perform live. I think that I alternated between holding my breath and my mouth gaping open at just how marvelous and wonderful an entertainer he was. It was this night that convinced me that I had to go to that First Great BMIFC Convention in Chicago (1983), even if I had to go all alone, because nothing was going to keep me from capturing that magic over and over again! And you know what? I'm still capturing that magic, even today, some 20 years later. You just can't EVER get enough of that Manilow Magic! - Lynn Hinds (Joplin, MO) (6/24/2003)

First Show - Carolyn Chapman (Liberty, MO) (5/2/2009)

January 20 Iowa/Cedar Rapids
(Five Seasons Center)
This was my very first concert - My best friend Jennie had gotten tickets from a friend and was going to go, but knowing how much of a fan I was, she felt in her heart that she couldn't go if I couldn't. So she gave her ticket to me, and I went with her mother and friends. Though we were in the last row, it was wonderful, as have all the concerts I have seen since (all 13 times, soon to be 14)!! - Roxanne Kolasch (Monticello, WI) (3/9/2000)
January 22 Nebraska/Lincoln
(Pershing Auditorium)
First Show - Mary Kapustka (Fort Dodge, Iowa) (10/7/2011)

First Show - Kathy (of Nebraska) (4/24/2016)

January 23 Colorado/Denver
(McNichols Arena)
First Show - Regina Parkes (Aurora, CO) (6/29/99)

First Show - Debbie Heckler (Denver, CO) (10/18/2002)

First Show - Debbie Westmoreland (Denver, CO) (10/18/2002)

First Show - Sherry (of Denver, CO) (1/6/2005)

January 25 Kansas/Salina
(Bicentennial Center)
First Show - Trese Holle (Hays, KS) (4/17/99)

First Show - Julie C. (of Crawfordsville, Indiana) (1/16/2004)

First Show: My wife and I enjoyed the whole concert. Barry was truly amazing. - Robert Peterson (Arlington, Texas) (12/8/2015)

January 26 Oklahoma/Tulsa
(Mabee Center)
First Show - Elizabeth Johnston (12/19/97)

First Show - Connie Algoflah (7/14/98)

First Show - Valerie Jones (Sand Springs, Oklahoma) (10/5/2016)

The New Year brought Barry Manilow to Mabee Center entertaining a capacity crowd with a number of his hits. They seemed to flow one right after the other, "Weekend in New England," "Mandy," "It's a Miracle," "Even Now," and also his latest hit, "Memory." Barry warmed many of the female hearts singing love song after love song. Barry likes audience participation, and had the audience whistling the first part of "Can,t Smile Without You," and he selected a woman from the audience to help him sing on stage. - Oral Roberts University, Perihelion Yearbook (Tulsa, OK)

January 28 Texas/Fort Worth
(Tarrant County Convention Center)
First Show - Carole Fleming (South Fork, CO) (10/22/2001)

My friend Debbie Saenz (then Shaw) and I used to stand in line all night long for tickets. This show I not only touched Barry's foot (Don't know why or what I intended to do with it -- my kids are both amused and mortified by this!), but Barry actually stopped and looked right at me when choosing someone to sing with him. I, of course, froze dead in my tracks, my friends screaming "He's looking at you!" somewhere in the background. He went on to choose someone less statue-like, six persons down. Broke my heart. Debbie and I don't see each other very often, but we still continue the tradition we began [years ago]. When Barry comes, we go! We sing, we scream, and we remember. It's great! - Debbie Marusak (Arlington, TX) (3/30/2003)

First Show - Jeff Schmidt (Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas) (9/10/2009)

Favorite Show (Fort Worth): When I saw you in Fort Worth, TX you had a rotating stage and I loved when you sang "One Voice" with the choir. It was beautiful! I play your CDs in my call All The Time. I just LOVE YOU and YOUR MUSIC! - Mary Jo Kaler (Fort Wayne, Indiana) (originally from Ilion, New York) (10/24/2011)

January 29 Texas/Amarillo
(Amarillo Civic Center)
First Show - Kinney Robinson (Gatesville, TX) (5/6/99)

The first and only time I saw my Favorite performer ... I Love Beagles, too! I wish I could see him again... Maybe Some Day. - David Lane (Amarillo, TX) (3/9/2000)

First Show - Lisa Ritchie (Midland, TX) (6/14/2004)

First Show: I was so in awe with Barry when I got married in 1974. For my husband to finally get me to see Barry Live was one of the greatest moments of my life! His music will be in my heart forever. Thank you, Barry, for "writing the songs"! - Edie A.C. (Lubbock, TX) (2/9/2006)

First Show: I was about 21 years old and got to be an usher for the concert. Have loved Barry ever since! - Evelyn Romero (Amarillo, Texas) (4/21/2012)

First Show: I was 18 years old. I remember that Barry had a great revolving stage so that everyone got a chance to see him. It was a fabulous show.- Cindy Bussey (Amarillo, Texas) (6/22/2012)

January 31 Arizona/Tempe
(Arizona State University, Activity Center)
First Show - Sheila Easter (Phoenix, AZ) (7/4/2002)
February 3 California/Sunnyvale
(Shoreline Amphitheatre)
First Show - Randy Richards (Kauai, Hawaii) (4/14/2002)
February 4 California/Sunnyvale
(Shoreline Amphitheatre)
February 5 California/San Carlos
(Circle Star Theatre)
February 5: This venue has since been torn down but it was really cool cause it had a revolving stage. No matter where your seats were you could see everything. I was accustomed to Barry's shows being at least 2 hours long. This particular show (due to contract restrictions) only lasted one hour and I recall feeling cheated out of so much. - Vickie Molina (Emeryville, CA) (10/19/99)

First Show - Stacie Drain (San Leandro, CA) (6/8/2010)

My friend and I didn't know where the theatre was so we got there super early. The parking guys were just getting there and gave us directions to go find something to eat. When we came back, the lot was getting packed but they led us around the back. We thought, GREAT. We had great seats, on the aisle up front. After the concert, we left a few minutes early (2 shows) to beat the traffic but, the guys had parked us with the limos around back by the back steps. Security wasn't going to let us through until I gave them the key to my car to prove it was my car. We couldn't leave, blocked in by the limo. Out comes Barry! He gave me a peck on the cheek before getting into his limo. I know now, if the parking lot guys want a sandwich, I'm offering to go get them one! - Wendy Fanchar (Sacramento, California and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) (10/12/2012)

February 6 California/San Carlos
(Circle Star Theatre)
February 21 New York/New York City
(Uris Theatre)
First Show - Irene Van Gunst (Maywood, NJ) (11/5/98)

First Show (March 2): My first concert was incredible because it was new and with my high school sweetheart ... Barry is simply the best performer of our time. If you like him before you see him, you'll love him after. I've seen him 11 times since and he has never disappointed. - John Landis (Mamaroneck, NY) (1/17/2000, 3/20/2000)

March 2: Have seen Barry too many times to remember, but this was the best concert. It was my first Barry concert. We had front row seats and Barry held my hand while he sang "Where Are They Now." It was awesome - like a kid at Christmas! - Mary McAdam (Lake Hiawatha, NJ) (3/22/2001)

First Show - J.R. (of New Jersey)

February: I had front row seats to the Uris Theatre concert and Barry asked me my name and said "Hi" to me. I still have the picture my friend took of "the moment". - Lori Perry (West Babylon, NY) (10/14/2007)

It was just a fabulous "show," so well put together from an artistic standpoint and musically as well. It was pure art. I saw it twice. - Lenora Kaplan (originally of Chicago, IL) (9/8/2010)
p.s. Of course... I also remember waiting in line overnight in the snow in New York City to get tickets for this show and getting shoved by scalpers in the door and getting knocked down and breaking my glasses... [the things we go through for Barry!]

First Show: Well, this was my first concert, period. And we had front row seats, so it was pretty remarkable. I just remember the incredible energy and excitement in the audience... which I later learned was typical of Barry's shows in NYC. The crowd just loved every moment of the did I. Barry was amazing! I actually wrote a paper for my English class about the experience...and got an "A"! - Jeff (of New Jersey) (1/21/2019)

February 23: First Show - Carolyn Fundock (of Florida... and Passaic, New Jersey) (1/31/2019)

February 22
February 23
February 24
February 25
February 26
February 28
March 1
March 2
March 3
March 4
March 5
March 19 Hawaii/Honolulu
(Neal S. Blaisdell Arena)
First Show (March 19) - Alyce Cloutier (Carson City, NV) (9/5/99)

I'll never forget my first Barry Manilow Concert in 1983. I went to the concert with my mother, and I was very excited. I had waited five years for him to come to Honolulu, Hawaii. I had with me a pink and white, bougainvilaea, lei, that I had made. Thanks, to my membership in the BMIFC, I had very good seats on the floor. During the second part of the concert I threw my lei, up on the stage, and to my surprise, and delight, Barry pick it up and put it on. I still have a picture that my mother took, of him wearing that lei. Later that night, after the concert, on our way home, we saw a limo, heading to a remote hotel. We wondered could it be Barry's, so we followed it, to the hotel. As it pulled up to the front door, we parked a discreet distant away, and watched as Barry got out of the limo, and walked into the hotel. It was a special way, to end a special night. Thanks Barry! - Michelle Green (Portland, OR) (2/5/2007)

First Show - Lynne (of Honolulu, Hawaii) (9/9/2011)

March 20 Hawaii/Honolulu
(Neal S. Blaisdell Arena)
March 25
(7:00 PM)
(Tokyo Prince Hotel "Ho-Oh")
First Show (Tokyo) - Takaki Harada (Tokyo, Japan) (1/23/99)

First Show (Budokan): I liked all of the concert - Chikako Osaka (Tokyo, Japan) (11/9/99)

First Concerts: 1983 was a very special year for all of us. It was Barry's very first visit to Japan. All of his concert tickets were sold out super quick! So they added an extra concert in Yokohama (April 6).
March 25: My very first concert. I wanted to be one of the first fans to see Barry's very first show in Japan (Dinner Show, only 500 seats). It cost me half of my monthly salary (about $500) at the time for this dinner show and what I discovered was that Barry was absolutely gorgeous in person on top of his beautiful music! He gave us a wonderful, wonderful show that I've been asking, expecting, and waiting for, for a long time. Loved his well-arranged medleys. "The Old Songs Medley" and "No Other Love Medley" were awesome!
March 27: Tokyo Music Festival as a Special Guest Appearance. It was aired Live on TV. Barry sang only four songs, "Copacabana," "Even Now," "Memory," and "Some Kind Of Friend." Lasted only 20 minutes, but he gave the real true entertainer impression to all the viewers with very powerful performances of "Even Now" and "Memory."
March 28: I got a front row seat! But the stage was too high and too far from my seat in this giant arena (the largest in Tokyo at the time). I shared the perfect concert filled with the beautiful music, joy, romance, delicacy, and excitement with 10,000 others packed [in the] audience.
March 30: Barry performed at three different-size concert halls (500-10,000 capacity) in Tokyo. This was the middle size hall (capacity ~2,500) and I loved to see his show at this hall the most. - May Kawahara (Tokyo, Japan) (7/9/2005)

Thanks to May Kawahara for the Japan tour updates!

Highlights (Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, March 27): You're Looking Hot Tonight / Jump Shout Boogie / Medley (The Old Songs, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, Let's Hang On, The Old Songs (reprise)) / This One's For You / Even Now / New York City Rhythm / Memory / Oh, Julie! / Bandstand Boogie / Medley (No Other Love, Mandy, No Other Love (reprise)) / Medley (Beautiful Music, I Made It Through The Rain, Beautiful Music (reprise)) / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Some Kind Of Friend / Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed / Bermuda Triangle / Can't Smile Without You / It's A Miracle ('from Boston to Tokyo') / Daybreak / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Looks Like We Made It / Could It Be Magic / I Write The Songs / Sakura / One Voice / It's A Miracle (reprise) / Somewhere In The Night (encore)

[ Manilow TV Episode #107 (March 27, 1983) aired Nov. 2018 ]

March 27
(7:00 PM)
(Nippon Budokan)
March 28
(6:30 PM)
(Nippon Budokan)
March 29
(6:30 PM)
(Nippon Budokan)
March 30
(6:30 PM)
(NHK Hall)
April 1
(7:00 PM)
(Nagoya Shimin Kaikan)
April 2
(7:00 PM)
(Osaka Festival Hall)
April 3
(6:00 PM)
(Osaka Festival Hall)
April 4
(7:00 PM)
(Fukuoka Sun Palace)
April 6
(6:30 PM)
(Kanagawa Kenmin Hall)
April 9 China/Hong Kong (Queen Elizabeth Auditorium)  
April 10 China/Hong Kong (Queen Elizabeth Auditorium)  
April 11 China/Hong Kong (Queen Elizabeth Auditorium)  
April 22 South Africa/Sun City  
April 23 South Africa/Sun City  
April 24 South Africa/Sun City  
April 25 South Africa/Sun City  
April 26 South Africa/Sun City  
April 27 South Africa/Sun City  
April 28 South Africa/Sun City  
April 29 South Africa/Sun City  
April 30 South Africa/Sun City  
May 1 South Africa/Sun City  
May 6 Australia/Sydney
(Sydney Entertainment Centre)
First/Best Show (May 7): The very first concert performer to do an entire show at the brand new Entertainment Centre ... and a show like I'd never seen before! There were times that he sat and sang (a man and a piano), but other times where the real performer showed through. At age 19, I had seen a number of concert artists that were quite good, but my first Manilow experience was something that I raved about for years. The high point was the work that had been done with a choir of local schoolboys to make "One Voice" the finale. Very few concert moments, before or since, have given me goosebumps the way that that song did on that night! - Tony Chapman (Melbourne, Australia) (12/18/97, 6/21/2002)

First Show (May 6): I grew up listening to songs from Barry Manilow. I just love him. When I saw this concert I was 7-years-old. We were seated in the second row from the front. I cried through the whole show and then for about a week afterwards. Barry looked right at me at that concert - I will never forget it. - Jean Lau (Sydney, Australia) (3/3/2006)

May 6: It was my first concert. I was so excited! I grinned from ear to ear throughout the concert. And I still do now when I think about that night. What an amazing talent Barry is! I'm currently saving to get to Las Vegas next year for another unforgettable night. I'm actually going to go to his Paris concert twice! Can't wait!! - Lee-Ann Duncan (Lake Munmorah, NSW, Australia) (4/26/2010)

May 7 Australia/Sydney
(Sydney Entertainment Centre)
May 8 Australia/Sydney
(Sydney Entertainment Centre)
May 10 Australia/Adelaide
(Thebarton Theatre)
First Show (May 10) - Linda McCarthy (Adelaide, Australia) (7/4/2000)

First Show (May 10) - Dianne Chenoweth (Adelaide, South Australia) (11/24/2000)

May 11 Australia/Adelaide
(Thebarton Theatre)
May 14 Australia/Perth
(Perth Entertainment Centre)
May 15: I didn't actually get to attend the concert as I couldn't afford the tickets. However, that day I had an interview for a job at the Perth Entertainment Centre (which I didn't get due to my 18-year-old cockiness). But I overheard Barry rehearsing and as always his music sent my deflated spirits through the roof! The receptionist snuck me in and everything was going great until his crew tested the spotlights and one fell on me. Barry called out, "Who's there?" I cried out in a tear-choked voice, "Tracey Dean. I'm sorry, Barry." He must have heard my scratchy voice and called me down and when he saw me, he asked, "What's wrong?" He was so gentle and sincere and kind that I blurted out the whole story and cried on his shoulder. To cut a long story short, Barry comforted me by singing to me and introducing me to his band at the time. He made a shy, miserable young girl feel beautiful and loved. Right now I'm still finding comfort in Barry Manilow's music as I have been diagnosed wih very early, very treatable breast cancer and I intend to use his song "You Could Show Me" as my testimony next month when I am enrolled as a Senior Soldier in the Salvation Army. Barry Manilow is a very special man and we fans are blessed by his music. - Tracey Noble (formerly Dean) (11/20/2009)
May 15 Australia/Perth
(Perth Entertainment Centre)
May 18 Australia/Brisbane
(Festival Hall)
First Show: [What I like about Barry is] the opportunity to watch a truly talented man give the world the romance it needs to keep it alive. I have been a fan of Barry's since 1978 and did not think that he would ever make it to Australia. We have only had 3 visits, but they were just amazing. And we all fall in love with Barry and his music all over again. - Cheryl Stagg (Brisbane, Australia) (1/16/2002)

May 18: At that stage I'd been a Barry fan for around 6 years. It was amazing that I was actually going to see him in person - it was my first concert ever. We were at the end of the world in those days. I remember thinking it couldn't be real that Barry was coming to our country and town. But it was and it was memorable. The version of "Even Now" and "Mandy" had me crying and I remember it like it was yesterday. Barry's crisp white outfit stands out in my mind too. Under the lights - he seemed almost like an apparition. I also knew then that there were more Barry fans in Australia than just me and my two best friends who went with me. A very special night. I saw him the later two times he came to Brisbane too, but that first night was special. - Caz Convine (Gold Coast, Australia) (4/14/2008)

May 19 Australia/Brisbane
(Festival Hall)
May 21 Australia/Melbourne
(Festival Hall)
First Show - Susan Johannessen (of Australia) (8/13/2000)
May 22 Australia/Melbourne
(Festival Hall)


June 22 Illinois/Chicago
(Poplar Creek)
Convention '83: On June 23rd, my friends and I had gotten seats in nosebleed section. We had just arrived in Chicago and desperately needed a ride to the amphitheater. The hotel doorman said how about this and pointed to a limo. We took it and we loved the looks as we arrived at the amphitheater. People were wondering if we were Barry or at least Barry's entourage showing up. We met with friends during intermission and they begged us to get back to our seats before the show started because we didn't want to miss this. That's when we first got to see "Barry Tone News" which to this day is one of the funniest bits I have ever seen Barry do in concert. It also was the first time we saw him in the sleeveless/sideless top and the first time we heard "Lion Sleeps Tonight".---Wow!!! The next night we had better seats thanks to the convention. I have two memories of that--Barry coming out for the encore wearing a convention hat like all the rest of us and the full moon rising up over the ridge as Barry sang "Memory". - Kathy Davis Eaton (7/18/97)

It was pure joy to enjoy Barry and his music with so many new friends.  I knew that he is talented.  But I was in awe of how down to earth, human and humane he was in person.  The energy at that concert was electric.  The love generated toward him from the audience was tangible.  Different songs take me back to different shows, in towns I would have never gone to if it hadn't been for Barry.  But every time I hear MEMORY, I go back to Poplar Creek and feel the love. - Judith (Jude) Socher (3/5/98)

June 26th - My first Barry concert was father wouldn't let me attend the July 1980 concert at Poplar Creek, so this one was anticipated for what seemed forever. My girlfriend & I were there (she was dragged). When Barry came out in his white jumpsuit and started unzipping it, I got my entire row, on the count of three, to scream, "WHIP IT OUT, BARRY!!!"  He cupped his hand to his ear and we yelled louder. I was ecstatic! (Nine years later - to the day - is my son's birth date. My daughter was born June 17th, Barry's birthday!  There's a lot to be said for touching someone's heart. Here's to you, Barry!!) - Marianne Martinez (Chicago, IL) (12/3/98)

First Show (June 25) - William Jorns (Elmhurst, IL) (8/17/2000)

I loved the "Hot Tonight" Tour! Especially "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." I'll never forget Barry in the white slit-down-the-sides shirt! - Mary Sell (Belvidere, IL) (1/24/2004)

First Show - Nancy Stytz (Buffalo Grove, IL) (3/18/2006)

Favorite Show was at Chicago during the first Barry Manilow International Fan Club's Convention. - Chris Spears-Bartunek (Seattle, WA) (4/26/2009)

Favorite Show: I have loved all the concerts of Barry's that I've been to, it's hard to pick a favorite! He is the greatest entertainer in the world. I can't wait until I get the chance to see him again! Hopefully he will come to Chicago again soon!! - Diane Braun (Chicago, IL) (6/6/2009)

June 23: First BMIFC convention changed my life truly. I met so many wonderful people that shared in my love and admiration for this man and his music, friendships that I carry to this day close to my heart. My friends and I presented Barry with a personalized belt buckle and we were over the moon to see that he actually wore it! So many beautiful and priceless memories... like throwing RED and BLACK panties on stage and Barry putting them on his head... making Barry stop in mid-song and laughing as we screamed "right now!" in response to "when can I touch you..." The convention and concerts were MAGIC! Thanks Barry!! - Sharon Candelas (Austin, TX) (6/17/2009)

First Show - Diane Turkowski (Chicago, IL) (2/20/2010)

Favorite Show - [What I loved about this show was] EVERYTHING!! - Laurel Klein (of Florida) (5/3/2010)

June 23: This was the year I graduated high school and my parents gave me the opportunty to go to the First Great Barry Manilow International Fan Club Convention (aka FGBMIFCC). It was my first everything. Airplane ride, Staying at a hotel by myself. I didn't know anyone there but met so many wonderful people. I met these two ladies who were twins. They invited me to go to a second concert other than the one that came with the Convention. I also got to see Barry come and meet the club members at the hotel. Barry sang "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." Seeing Barry three times in one trip was awesome. I really love Barry. He has been with me through all my adult years, the good times and the bad. God Bless you, Barry! - Georgeanne Gillett (Tampa, Florida) (12/13/2011)

Favorite Show: First Convention was held there! - Joyce Oliveri (Rockford, Illinois) (2/13/2012)

I attended the First Barry Manilow Convention in Schaumburg, Illinois. Barry performed the concert at Poplar Creek, a beautiful night for an outdoor concert. Lots of activities that weekend, and also a question and answer session up close with Barry. My question: "Will you marry me?" Never thinking he would pull that one out of the box, but, of course, he did! I think we both surprised each other. I suppose I was (still am) a bit of a dreamer. Okay... Big dreamer. Well, if you're going to dream, dream big! Then again, "who needs to dream" when there is Barry! Have enjoyed many more concerts over the years, even met him. Can't believe almost 40 years have gone by, but still love Barry and his music. Always will. - Marilyn (of Fairfield, Connecticut) (6/3/2012)

First Show - Leslie Horrell (Gaithersburg, Maryland) (8/13/2014)

First/Favorite Show: I love Barry very much! - Sylvia Melvin (Chicago, Illinois) (10/15/2020)

Highlights (June 25): You're Looking Hot Tonight / It's A Miracle / Medley (The Old Songs, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, Let's Hang On) / This One's For You / Even Now / New York City Rhythm / Memory / Oh Julie / Bandstand Boogie / No Other Love/Mandy/No Other Love (Reprise) / Beautiful Music / I Made It Through The Rain / The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Some Kind Of Friend / Only In Chicago / Here Comes The Night / Lay Me Down / Can't Smile Without You (with Barb from Ohio) / Something Like This / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Medley (Daybreak/Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again/Looks Like We Made It) / Could It Be Magic / I Write The Songs / We'll Meet Again (encore) / One Voice (encore) / You're Lookin' Hot Tonight (Reprise) / I Wanna Do It With You (encore)

[ Manilow TV Episode #71 (June 25, 1983) aired November 2015 ]

June 23
June 25
June 26
June 30 Michigan/Detroit
(Pine Knob)
First Show - Heidi Dufort (of Michigan) (9/16/99)

Favorite Show (July 1): My girlfriend (Glory) and I had front row seats!! It was the best. He looked Super, and sang 'Hot Tonight'!! I'll never forget it... or HIM!! - Sherril (Yert) Hofer (Warren, MI) (1/27/2000)

July 3: I will never forget my first Barry Manilow concert; outdoors under the Michigan starry skies at Pine Knob. Absolutely awesome! - Leah Forcell (Chicago, IL) (9/11/2007)

First Show - Sharon Moore (Waterford, MI) (11/10/2007)

As usual a great, great concert by Barry, but the show had to be stopped for a moment to get the raccoon that decided to climb a pole in the covered concert area! I guess he was a Fanilow too!! - Barb Versendaal (Holland, MI) (5/6/2010)

Barry came out and sang his opening songs, and during that, he must have noticed my friend and I were having trouble seeing around the huge set of speakers. So when he was done with the opening he asked his stage hands to move the speakers back. Hooray! Then later he picked me to come on stage and sing with him (...and if he only knew what I was going through...!). - Judy Skrzycki (Grand Rapids, MI) (10/10/2010)

First Show (July 3) - Denise Carroll (Laingsburg, MI) (12/17/2010)

July 1
July 2
July 3
July 5 Ohio/Cuyahoga Falls
(Blossom Music Center)
First Show - Karen L. Jones (Youngstown, OH) (5/14/99)

First Show - Bobbi Hess (Elyria, OH) (10/7/99)

First Show - Mary Alberstadt (Naples, FL) (3/21/2000)

July 5: I had seen Barry twice before from out on the lawn at Blossom. This time, I had 5th row center seats and it was AWESOME! I've seen eight Barry concerts, but this was my favorite!! He puts such emotion into his music -- had me in tears several times! I loved all the costume changes, singing, dancing, and the choir backup for "One Voice." After nearly 25 years, Barry is still my FAVORITE!! - Kris Goines (Springfield, OH) (1/1/2001)

First Show: Barry sang all of his hits, and his interaction with the audience was awesome! He also has a terrific sense of humor, which I didn't really appreciate until I saw how spontaneous he was with the audience. I measure all performers by the standards he set for me the first time I saw him in concert, and the only ones who come close are Elton John and Billy Joel. - Alma J. Moore (Cleveland, OH) (3/20/2002)

The most magical Barry concert I've seen. We're going a long long way back here! I was a little late getting there and was literally running to my seat under the pavilion at Blossom with a light summer rain falling. When Barry started "Could This Be Magic" it was SO quiet, all you heard was the rain falling softly, and Barry on the piano. I closed my eyes briefly and listened - it was MAGIC! I was amazed at how quiet everyone in the audience was. Now that's what I call holding an audience! Awesome!! - Christine Lok (Cleveland, OH) (6/20/2002)

July 6
July 9 Canada/Toronto
(Kingswood Music Theater)
I was an 18 year old guy! But my girlfriend, her cousin, and I went to see Barry. It was awesome! My best memory was of his laughing at all the 18-year-old guys there with their girlfriends, standing with their arms crossed, and refusing to crack a smile. I smiled, Barry! - G. Steiner (Toronto, Canada) (2/24/2003)

July 9-10: My 2nd and 3rd Barry Shows: I remember travelling to Toronto from Ottawa for the show. I was 19 years old and stayed with my aunt. I didn't have the greatest seats but that didn't matter. I remember him waving from the wings before the concert started, and I remember standing outside the gate hours before and hearing Barry doing his sound check (July 9). The best moment of the show was when he sang, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and played the conga drums. There really is nothing he can't do! I cried all the way through "No Other Love". They were great concerts. The music was [incredible] and I made lots of friends. I'll never forget those nights. - Linda Madden (Ottawa, Canada) (5/21/2006, 12/4/2006)

First Show - Caryn Taylor (Toronto, Canada) (8/27/2011)

July 10 Canada/Toronto
(Kingswood Music Theater)
July 13 Pennsylvania/Philadelphia
(Mann Music Center)
I remember Barry opened second half of show with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." So memorable to me. Barry has extreme passion and I have extreme passion for the things I love (my children, faith, job - I am an RN - Barry, the Philadelphia Eagles and cooking!). I feel Barry's passion with each and every word. Every musical note is filled with his passion. - Linda Mallee (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (8/12/2018)
July 15 Maryland/Columbia
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
Best Show memory: Great setting, great songs! - Joy Sutherland (5/14/97)

First Show - Suzette David (Silver Spring, MD) (9/18/99)

First Show - Dawn Nixon (Marlton, NJ) (3/18/2002)

First Show (July 16) - Dee Ann Bolt (Kensington, MD) (6/14/2002)

I was a very shy 15-year-old when my high school choir was selected to sing back-up for the song "One Voice." I will never forget the experience or meeting Barry Manilow. It was also my 15th birthday on one of the nights we sang. It is a memory I will always cherish. - Kimberly Caldwell (Columbia, MD) (7/21/2002)

First Show - Maryann Carlton (Virginia Beach, VA) (11/20/2002)

First Show - Dawn Dieter (Baltimore, MD) (2/13/2004)

July 16
July 17
July 20 Missouri/Kansas City
(Starlight Theater)
First/Favorite Show: I had won two tickets to see Barry. I asked a neighbor my mother had been trying to fix me up with. He wasn't too keen on going to see Barry, but he changed his mind during the show. Barry was WONDERFUL. That neighbor has been my husband now for 15 years. One of these days, I'm going to get back to another Barry concert! - Cris Whalen (Platte City, MO) (1/31/2000)

First Show - Millie Briand (Olathe, KS) (11/2/2002)

July 21 Missouri/Kansas City (Starlight Theater)  
July 22 Nebraska/Omaha
(Civic Auditorium)
First Show: I was a Barry "virgin." Loved every minute of the concert and have fabulous memories! - Kathleen Smith (Omaha, Nebraska) (8/30/2011)

In this concert, Barry did "Weekend In New England" -- full orchestra -- You could have heard a pin drop in the Civic Auditorium. Barry, you had to pause for a moment after you finished, to gather yourself. I will never forget it. It was truly magical! - Mary Kapustka (Fort Dodge, Iowa) (10/7/2011)

July 25 California/Concord
(Concord Pavilion)
First Show (July 26) - Silke Rogmann (of Germany) (12/26/2007)

I sang on stage with Barry Manilow! I sat in the front row he asked for volunteers, and after this woman in a red dress ran on stage, he promptly escorted her off stage and chose me. It was an honor and a huge thrill. To this day it is one my fondest memories. The photos I have from that concert are treasured. - Anna Addario-Koblos (Manteca, California) (9/29/2012)

July 26 California/Concord
(Concord Pavilion)
July 27 California/Concord
(Concord Pavilion)
July 29 California/Costa Mesa
(Pacific Amphitheatre)
July 29: My first concert of over 15 now! This was the night they opened up the Pacific Amphitheatre. Prior to the show, we stood in line for hours outside the gate and were actually interviewed by someone from Alan Thicke's now defunct talk show. At the beginning of the concert, Barry came out in a hard hat and hit a hammer on the stage a couple of times to 'finish the construction'. For all intents and purposes, this was the same concert that he did at Blenheim Palace. What a show - and all the great songs, "The Old Songs," "Somewhere Down the Road," "You're Looking Hot Tonight" - some classics. He also did a rendition of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (In the jungle, the mighty jungle, etc.). They opened the second half with a video of Bugs Bunny playing the piano in an orchestra. Great bit! Thanks, Barry, for all the music - you've brightened my life and I'm passing it on to my children now too!! - David Crocker (Seattle, WA) (12/13/2003)

First Show (July 29): It was opening night for this outdoor venue. We had subscription seats for a Summer Concert series (which included Barry, Donna Summer, Bette Midler, and Sheena Easton). - Francine and Gary Oye (12/23/2000)

It became our mission (my sister-in-law's and mine) to scream enough so Barry always stopped and laughed or shook his head. Once Barry asked me if I was alright because I screamed so much (Pacific Amphitheatre when it first opened). I had front row center seats. - Jodi Greggs (Anaheim, California) (2/9/2016)

July 30 California/Costa Mesa
(Pacific Amphitheatre)
July 31 California/Costa Mesa
(Pacific Amphitheatre)
August 12-E Nevada/Lake Tahoe (Caesar's)  
August 12-L Nevada/Lake Tahoe (Caesar's)  
August 13-E Nevada/Lake Tahoe (Caesar's)  
August 13-L Nevada/Lake Tahoe (Caesar's)  
August 19-E Nevada/Las Vegas (Caesar's)  
August 19-L Nevada/Las Vegas (Caesar's)  
August 20-E Nevada/Las Vegas (Caesar's)  
August 20-L Nevada/Las Vegas (Caesar's)  
August 27 England/Oxfordshire
(Blenheim Palace)

First Show - Linda Janise Horner (of England) (8/29/97, 5/13/2002)

First Show: I was 15 years old. Went from London to Blenheim by myself as I was then the only Barry fan in my household ... will never forget the concert or experience! - Gary Walker (London, UK) (11/26/97, 6/9/2002)

It was my very first concert, and I fell in love with Barry. We were all moved by his performance, and amazed by the size of the show. It was just PERFECT. - Mrs. M. Andree (of the UK) (8/28/98)

First/Favorite Show:  Why?  Just about everything...The sheer size and scale, the multitude of acts leading up to the big event... The weather was fantastic. I made the journey on a coach. It was as though everyone in the UK was on their way to see Barry. The best part was when we, the audience, made Barry stop singing midway through "No Other Love". - Howard Midgley (Blackpool, England) (11/1/98)

First Show - Trudy Appleby (Mansfield, Notts, England) (1/7/99)

First Show - Karen Tipton (Wilmslow, Britain) (4/18/99)

First/Favorite Show: Seeing Barry "in the flesh" for the very first time!! The atmosphere was fantastic and was very emotional, especially when he sang "One Voice" (My sister had a nervous breakdown at this moment!!). It was absolutely "Hot Tonight". - Ceri and Sian (South Wales, UK) (4/25/99)

First Show - Lesley Lee (Oldham, Manchester, UK) (6/12/99)

Favorite Show - Julie Horrobin (Leicestershire, England) (7/18/99)

I love all of Barry's concerts, but this one was special. It was a family day out. The weather was good, the atmosphere amazing, everyone longing to see Barry, who - of course - was superb, and he was touched by the occasion. My friends and I visit Blenheim almost every year in August. - Kay Ekins (Northamptonshire, England) (10/10/99)

First/Favorite Show: The freedom to dance the whole time to all of that wonderful music. Everything was perfect - even the weather. The sight of all those real candles lighting up for "One Voice" that took everyone's breath away - including Barry's. A moment on the video to treasure and say I was there!! - Jean Didwell (of England) (10/11/99)

First/Favorite Show: I sang in the choir for "One Voice." When I came on stage at about 10 p.m. and saw 40,000 fans, it was incredible! It will forever be a fantastic memory, especially when Barry turned to conduct the choir! - Martin (of Scotland) (10/16/99)

First Show - Wendy Davies (Banbury, Oxon, England) (10/29/99)

The atmosphere was incredible, the weather was beautiful, the music was inspirational. The whole experience was pure magic and totally unforgettable, with Barry looking at his most sexy and stunning. - Pam Pollard (Wakefield, Yorkshire, England) (1/7/2000)

First Show - Christine Summers (Aberystwyth, Wales) (1/18/2000)

Favorite Show - Susan (of Northampton, England) (1/28/2000)

First Show - Deanna (of West Midlands, UK) (3/5/2000)

First Show: [What I liked about this show was] the music and the atmosphere. - Teresa Olney (of England) (3/29/2000)

First Show - Alison Lawrence (Nottingham, England) (4/21/2000)

First time to see Barry in the flesh - I travelled on a bus from Sheffield with my sister... the build-up, the atmosphere... then... Barry!! - Kay Kent (Belper, Derbyshire) (5/13/2000)

First Show - Julie & Marg Lawrence (Leicestershire, England) (8/11/2000)

First Show - Louise Salmon (Coventry, England) (12/21/2000, 9/7/2001)

Just blew your mind and soul away on that sunny balmy night spent in the company of the greatest showman alive and my wonderful Barry friends. - Beverley Mitchell (St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, England) (1/18/2001)

First Show - Carolyn Giles (Gosport, Hampshire, England) (2/17/2001)

First Show - Wendy Holloway (Colchester Essex, England) (4/26/2001)

First Show - Nina Kane (Chester, England) (6/29/2001)

All of Barry's shows are great but Blenheim for me just had the edge because of the sheer size of the event. A great day had by all... - Katy (of England) (7/16/2001)

It was such a perfect evening, the weather, the company... and of course, the music was brilliant, all in the lovely setting of Blenheim Palace. What a combination! Please, lets do it again, Barry!! - Carole Welsh (Newmilns, Ayrshire, Scotland) (12/29/2001)

First Show - Sheree Douglas (Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England) (1/14/2002)

First Show: The weather was absolutely fabulous, and what an amazing day with Barry arriving by helicopter and all the other artists appearing as warm-up for him (as if he needed them!). It was just the most memorable day of my life. - Betty Kaye (of the United Kingdom) (4/12/2002)

The atmosphere was that of one huge party, everyone was singing and dancing, it really was a most magical evening. I felt that we (the audience) were entertaining Barry as much as he was entertaining us and towards the end when everyone lit candles Barry became very emotional and was unable to sing so we sang to him. What an experience, it was one that I shall never forget. - Karen Reilly (Milton Keynes, England) (4/28/2002)

It was my very first time I saw Barry in concert so I was extremely excited. I liked everything about the concert. I will never forget that amazing feeling when I saw Barry live on stage for the first time... it was so special. I have recently purchased the video recording and everytime I watch it I still feel that same excitement as if it were yesterday. - Lynne Skeet (Grimsby, England) (5/21/2002, 6/18/2007)

First Show - Tracy (of the United Kingdom) (5/24/2002)

First Show: Barry is such a good performer there is nothing to dislike about his concerts. - Deborah Heywood-Johns (Somerset, England) (5/25/2002)

First Show - Rebecca Barthorpe (Nottingham, England) (7/23/2002)

Barry was fantastic. The atmosphere was great. The weather was also good and everyone really enjoyed themselves. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see Barry in an Open Air Concert in the U.K. I wish he would do another one. I would attend, even if it was in the States! - Ann B. Mooney (London, England) (10/20/2002)

Could It Be Magic? Oh yes it was, pure MAGIC! A beautiful setting, a beautiful evening and a beautiful man. "I can't smile without you" Barry! - Paul Hair (of Nottingham) (2/28/2003)

Because it was my first time seeing Barry live, I was totally awe-struck. The man I loved most in all the world was on stage in front of me. When I watch the Concert at Blenheim Palace video now, I sit and cry through the first half hour just because I was there ... I could not believe that we were both in the same place at the same time. - Caroline Hopkins (Corby, Northamptonshire, England) (5/1/2003, 6/3/2005)

This was my first concert and it was totally amazing, the weather was perfect, the fans were like just one big family. I honestly felt that Barry was just singing to me for the whole concert. I was 'high' on Barry for the rest of the week. I would love Barry to do another concert like this, as Ive seen him many times, but Bleinhem certainly takes some beating! I watch the video and still look for my place in the crowd, near the front of that huge stage. Just a beautiful memory, one I will always treasure. - Jane Allman (Derby, England) (6/29/2003)

Is that Barry in that HELICOPTER? Oh well, I'm going to wave and shout anyway (just in case!). What a brilliant day. I will never forget it. No other concert (whoever it is I go and see) will EVER come close to that day! - Gail Kirkpatrick (Margate, United Kingdom) (9/23/2003)

My first Barry concert. I was only fifteen, but for the love of Barry, I jumped on a coach all by myself. I soon made friends and we still keep in touch now! The weather was lovely, the day just flew by, and then the evening came. The atmosphere was electric! When the band started playing, we were all jumping up and down. Then suddenly in the spotlight, there was Barry! WOW, my heart was racing!! He looked simply gorgeous. The music was great and he was funny too. I was in love and still am! It's a day I will never forget, one of the best in my life! - Diane Lugger (Plymouth, England) (10/11/2003)

First Show - It was the best Barry performance I've enjoyed and always remembered. - Christine King (Southampton, England) (3/28/2004)

First Show: [What made this concert the best was] the music, the presence of Barry himself, the wonderful atmosphere, the unrepeatable experience, and singing along with thousands and thousands of people to Barry's wonderful music. Everything was just perfect as Barry said himself. - Sue McDonald (Wales, UK) (4/6/2004)

This was my first Barry concert and I had been looking forward to it for a year and a half! The whole day was fantastic, building up to the evening and finally the moment we had all been waiting for! To be part of the crowd that day was a mind-blowing experience, one I will never forget. The ultimate show from the ultimate showman! I have the DVD now and every time I watch it the memories come flooding back. THANK YOU BARRY! - Lisa Wilkinson (Bucks, UK) (4/27/2004, 7/28/2004)

Favorite Show: I loved everything, the atmosphere, and Barry enjoying the show as much as the audience. Such a wonderful day AND show. Different from the usual arenas. Weather helped as well! - Rosemary Wellington (Middlesex, England) (5/22/2004)

First Show: I loved the sheer joy Barry conveyed with his angelic sounding music and voice. - Janet Tosini (Liverpool, United Kingdom) (6/12/2004, 7/1/2004)

[What I loved about this concert was] everything! The people, the weather, the supporting artists, Barry, Barry, and again... Barry! But, oh those loos!! - Kathy Wild (Wakefield, UK) (7/2/2004)

First Show - Dougie Peacock (St. Albans, Herts, England) (7/7/2004)

First Show (Birmingham) - Julie Taylor (Wigan, England) (7/13/2004)

The weather was perfect, The palace was beautiful and Barry was incredible. I really felt that Barry enjoyed every minute of that concert - He was moved to tears. And at 17 I was very emotional and cried through every ballad and danced through the rest. It was like an emotional rollercoaster and I didn't want to get off. He was so natural and relaxed and seemed to be more at ease than I have ever seen him. At 17 I knew his music was special but didn't know why. Now 22 years later, with much more life experience under my belt, I appreciate how poignant his songs really are. A night I will NEVER forget as long as I live. - Julie Blakeman (Birmingham, England) (7/30/2004)

First Show: First Blenheim Concert on a sunny August day! - Janis Burl (South London, England) (10/1/2004)

[What I liked about the show is the] music and location. Barry is always friendly to the fans in the U.K. - Evelyn Willams (Shrewsbury, England, UK) (12/5/2004)

First Show - Christine Walters (Yorkshire, England) (2/19/2005)

Most memorable concert I've been to. I still watch the video and remember that special evening. - Liz Taylor (Stockport, England) (5/23/2005)

Barry's voice was fabulous. He was sooo excited and seemed to be on a high. Standing in the middle of a field on a beautiful August night with 30,000+ like minded souls. What it was like to be young?!! - Angela Middlemas (Durham, England) (5/28/2005)

The most emotional Barry Manilow concert I have ever been to. It was a fantastic summer evening and Barry was exceptional. But then again ALL Manilow shows are something different. - Simon (of England) (4/24/2006)

First Show: What a day! The first time I had seen Barry in concert. He was just amazing ...and always will be! - Jan Pierce (Wrexham, UK) (9/12/2006)

[What I liked about this show was] the anticipation; the drive to Oxford with all on-board singing Barry's latest, "You're Looking Hot Tonight"; the atmosphere; the weather; Barry flying above us in a helicopter with his mom and waving; Barry singing "Memory" from Cats and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". But most of all, Barry was absolutely wonderful within the backdrop of Blenheim Palace. - Lynda Brazier (Manchester, England) (10/2/2006)

I love all the shows I have seen since 1983, but this was my First, so it's very special to me. Barry's music has filled my house for 25 years ... He is SO talented! - Elaine Allen (of the UK) (3/9/2007)

It was a glorious summer's day. Everyone was in a party mood. And what a party it was! Even Barry got emotional. I watch the DVD over and over again and it brings back such lovely memories. I think it was Barry's best concert, although I've been lucky enough to go to Las Vegas [to see him], and that was brilliant too! - Sue Woollin (of England) (3/12/2007)

First Show - Viv Frost (Oxfordshire, England) (4/16/2007)

I've read Cathy Greenwell's tribute - I was from Leicester too and heard her sing Can't Smile Without You with Barry. What a moment for her and what an evening! I had no idea Barry wrote about Cathy in his autobiography... happy memories! - Ian (of Leicester, England) (9/15/2008)

Every concert I have been to has always been fantastic but the open air one at Blenheim was extra special. The atmosphere was electric that night. The weather was great and Barry on that night was at his very best. He was so emotional when we all sang. I do believe even Barry was choked up at the end of the show when we all lit up our candles/torches. It was a night I will never forget. Absolutely fabulous! Thank you, Barry, for changing my life for the better through your music, and for making lovely friends. - Marlene Jones (Rugeley, Staffordshire, England) (4/23/2009, 5/19/2010)

First Show - Lesley Wilkinson (Gorleston, Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk, England) (4/26/2009)

First Show: It's hard to pick a favourite show after 26 years of seeing Barry, but Blenheim was obviously special as it was the first time I'd seen him and it was such an amazing and emotional night. - Celia (of England) (5/26/2009)

It was a fabulous day in all. The weather was wonderful, a miracle for the UK in August! The atmosphere was great, everyone was so happy. The location was beautiful and it culminated with an electrifying performance from Barry himself who looked totally overwhelmed, when all the candles were lit and we all joined in with his singing. It was a magical moment! - Sylvie Barry (Berkshire, UK) (6/26/2009)

First Show - Sue Ovens (England, UK) (5/18/2010)

It was the first time I'd seen Barry Live and to top it all, I was the lucky lady chosen by Barry to sing "Can't Smile Without You" with him. How can you top that? No other concert came anywhere near the Blenheim one. What an amazing experience. - Cath Greenwell (Hinckley, Leicestershire, England) (6/14/2010, 9/27/2013, 19 Aug 2015)

Loved this show -- loved them all -- but this one was very special. - Jackie Bellow (of England) (7/1/2010)

Blenheim Palace was my MOST favourite concert because it was just the most perfect day with sunshine, friends and BARRY. My birthday was the day before and we travelled down overnight by bus (well, two bus loads of us actually). After our arrival, first thing, we freshened up [where] local toilets were and then joined the queue! We got in the concert area around noon and found our spot - WOW! WOW! I couldn't believe how close to the stage we actually were and would see Barry and not just a dot!! How many of us waved to the helicopter - of course, expecting Barry to be in it - from the open-roofed toilets!! The show was just electric and the sight of all those candles for "One Voice" will remain with me forever. A truly treasured memory and one, as yet, unbeaten for me. - Liz Cooper (of Scotland) (7/5/2010)

After camping out all night I was quite near the front and Barry looked directly at me quite a lot and sang right at me. At the end of "Ships" he sat there looking at me for what seemed like an eternity and I took a fantastic photograph. When it came to "Can't Smile Without You," I thought he was going to pick me but I was too far away from the side of the stage and, alas, he chose someone else. At 52 years of age I feel a little foolish saying all this but sadly Blenheim was the last time I was able to see a Barry concert, HOWEVER, I am hoping to see Barry in 2011. - Susan Herdman (St. Helens, UK; now in Dublin, Ireland) (12/19/2010)

Blenheim was special. A wonderful time. - Barbara Shears (London, England) (4/1/2011)

First Show - Linda Paterson (Lyme Regis, Dorset, England) (5/11/2011)

[This concert] was interesting when we heard Barry and his Mum had flown over us in a helicopter. Also, the toilets were a feature of that concert!! - Barbara Kirkaldy (of France) (5/27/2011)

First Show: The first of many concerts and a lot of very good memories! - Sandra Ross (of England) (6/24/2011)

Favorite Show: It was just a MAGICAL day, even the sun shone. - Colleen Pitchford (Liverpool, England) (8/9/2011)

The fun we had trying to get there and back, none of us could drive! Seriously the weather was just perfect for Barry to do an open air concert. The back drop of the Palace lit up and Barry's performance of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," "Memory," "You're Looking Hot Tonight" and many of his songs. I'm going to Las Vegas in October 2011 - Hope that night will live long in my Memory! - Kathy Fallon (Roscommon, Ireland) (8/10/2011)

First Show - Rhona Cowie (Edinburgh, Scotland) (4/30/2012)

I liked this show because not only was Barry great, but I attended the show with my late husband Peter. (smiles) I have been to many, many shows since and I loved the shows in Las Vegas. All of Barry's shows are great. He gives his all every time. - Elizabeth Mountain (of Wales) (6/10/2012)

It was my first time seeing Barry so it was special. Also, the atmosphere and weather were great, Barry started the show with "You're Lookin' Hot Tonight" and the place erupted in applause! He sang "One Voice" - I had never heard him sing it like he did that night, and I have been to quite a lot of his concerts! - Bernadette Ainsworth (of England) (10/30/2012)

First Show - Marjorie Traynor (Manchester, England) (9/4/2013)

First Show - Marion (of the UK) (10/4/2013)

The 1983 Blenheim Palace concert was my first time seeing Barry live in concert with my 'late' parents & a 'late' aunt. It was also an emotional concert as my mother wanted to see Barry live before she died of cancer. I also wanted to pass some of my portrait drawings, etc., to Barry and his mom. This concert was sooo awesome for all of us, seeing and hearing his hit songs performed Live on stage, such a thrilling experience and one of Barry's best! He was on top form (my mother couldn't stop talking about it 'til she died, she loved it so much!). I also received a handwritten letter from Barry's mom, Edna, three days after to thank me for my two portrait gifts I gave to her as a thank you for her son Barry and the joy he has brought into our lives with his music and concerts! - Doreen Ellwood (Folkestone, Kent, England) (29 Jan 2015)

First Show - Pam Dennis (Halifax, Yorkshire, United Kingdom) (21 Apr 2015)

First Show: Brilliant concert! Fabulous show! - Michelle Devonald (Bristol, United Kingdom) (10 May 2015)

[What I liked about this concert was] just everything! The atmosphere was electric and Barry was outstanding! - Lorraine Salter (London, United Kingdom) (05 July 2015)

What's not to like about a Barry concert? I've loved every one of the shows I've been to... but Blenheim Palace was the first time I'd been to an outdoor one and it was magical! The atmosphere was fantastic, from the minute he arrived in the helicopter to the second he left ... from in the jungle ("The Lion Sleeps Tonight") to "We'll Meet Again"... Barry was so relaxed and looked so at home. Amazing from start to finish! Memories to last a lifetime. Thank you Barry!! - Dianne Allan (Leicestershire, United Kingdom) (6/16/2016, 4/10/2022)

First Show - Kathleen Bulcock (Burnley, England) (6/20/2016)

Highlights: You're Lookin' Hot Tonight / It's A Miracle / The Old Songs Medley (The Old Songs, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, Let's Hang On, The Old Songs (Reprise)) / Here Comes The Night / New York City Rhythm / Memory / Some Girls / Bandstand Boogie / No Other Love / Mandy / Beautiful Music Medley (Beautiful Music, I Made It Through The Rain, Beautiful Music (Reprise)) / The Lion Sleeps Tonight / This One's For You / Even Now / Lay Me Down / Some Kind Of Friend / Can't Smile Without You / Something Like This / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Medley (Daybreak, Lonely Together, Looks Like We Made It, Could It Be Magic) / I Write The Songs / We'll Meet Again / One Voice / You're Lookin' Hot Tonight (Reprise) / I Wanna Do It With You

[ Manilow TV Episodes #84 and #85 aired December 2016 and January 2017 ]

September 2 Ireland/Dublin
(Thanks to Lucy Waters for the venue updates! - 4/10/98)

First Show (Dublin) - Philip Devereux (Dublin, Ireland) (12/26/98)

First Show (Dublin) - Teresa Loy (Co. Louth, Ireland) (1/27/99)

First Show (Glasgow, September 5) - Lesley Mungall (Glasgow, Scotland) (1/24/2000)

First Show (Glasgow, September 5) - Jacquie Pearce (Glasgow, Scotland) (10/12/2002)

First Show (Glasgow) - Tracey Harrison (Hull, Yorkshire, England) (4/23/2004)

First Show (Glasgow): My first ever Barry concert! I was 19-years-old. My cousin and I went into Glasgow to see MY favourite Barry Manilow! Concert was great and afterwards we went for a coffee before our train home. When we came out having spent ages going over our fab bits, heard a commotion and went to investigate. Fans were at the back stage door waiting for Barry to come out. We heard a loud scream and then the fans went mad. We were a little cut-away and decided to leave as we would never get to see Barry as there were so many people. I turned to get one last glimpse and saw the huge Rolls Royce turn down towards us. I screamed to my cousin she turned bumping me and knocked me over the front of the car. I looked up and saw Barry looking back at me. Best 'and scariest' moment of my life! - Irene Black (of Scotland) (1/26/2013)

September 3
September 5 Scotland/Glasgow
(Glasgow Apollo)
September 6
September 10 Sweden/Stockholm
(Concert House)
September 11 Norway/Oslo  
September 13 Germany/Hamburg
First Show - Ilona Kaddouri (Goersroth, Germany) (3/30/2000)

First Show - Beate Werst (of Germany) (10/11/2002)

September 16 Germany/Stuttgart
I became a fan of Barry Manilow years ago when I purchased a record (45 rpm) of "Mandy." The first album I purchased was "Even Now." I attended my first concert in Stuttgart, Germany (Liederhalle) on September 16, 1983. Barry came out on stage in his well-known "Copacabana" ruffled shirt. I already loved the song, as it was on the "Even Now" album. It was a dream-come-true for me to be able to see Barry live! Little did I know then that that concert would be the first of many. - Pat Darnall (Greensboro, NC) (3/28/2008)
September 18 Germany/Munich (Deutsches Museum)  
September 19 Austria/Vienna
(Concert House)
Some mates and I went to this concert to see Barry. I have to say, that only the sister of a friend, this friend and I were real fans of Barry's music. The girl was very beautiful and I tried for weeks to get her as my girlfriend but I didn't succeed. The concert was absolutely great and the good vibes of Barry's music made something happen inside this girl and on October 1 - one and a half weeks later - we got together. And the best thing of this story is that on October 1, 2004, we will be celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary. We are still fans of Barry and we really hope that he won't forget his fans here in Europe and that he'll come back very soon. - Christian Kattinger (Vienna, Austria) (2/17/2004)
September 21 Germany/Duesseldorf
First concert, and the best I have ever seen since today! What a singer, what a performance, what a wonderful evening. I will never forget. - Renate Hahlweg (Elsdorf, Germany) (8/8/2003)
September 22 Germany/Berlin Barry was so professional and made the audience feel so alive and involved. It was amazing! - Caron Taylor (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England) (11/30/2000)
September 24 Germany/Frankfurt
September 25 Netherlands/The Hague
First Show - Jolanda Umstead (of The Netherlands) (3/21/2000)

First Show (September 25) - Elisabeth Gordeau (of The Netherlands) (5/3/2000)

September 25: This was the first concert where streamers were used. I also got to meet Barry backstage for the first time! - Max Bokking (from Holland) (1/22/2003)

September 25: It was not far from home, like a miracle. It was like a party to me and my sister. [I've been a] fan since 1978 and it's amazing to see how so many people are so loyal to him just like me. He has a very touching voice, over and over again. - Caroline (of Zoetermeer, The Netherlands) (4/13/2008)

I sang with Barry! I was 22 in 1983. It was my first concert ever and I sang with him wearing red pants and a white blouse. I'm even in a book! So sorry that Barry is no longer touring, as Las Vegas is far away from me. But I still love him! - Karin van Beelen (Noordwijk, Netherlands) (7/9/2011)

September 26 Netherlands/The Hague
September 28 Belgium/Antwerp My first show! The "Mandy" man came to town, only four blocks away from my home, WOW! Did I get hooked? I Think so! In January 1984, "Barry's Friends" Belgium BMFC became a fact! Lots of concerts to follow... 72 so far. Considering I live in BELGIUM, that's a lot of traveling! Oh, and Barry, you DID look hot tonight!! When are you coming back?? - Passy Schuld (Antwerp, Belgium) (7/25/2003)

This was the first and last time I saw Barry live. It was magic! ... It's been 20 years now. Barry, when are you coming back to Antwerp? - Diane Bernaerts (Brasschaat, Belgium) (10/27/2003)

September 29 Germany/Mannheim
Favorite Show:  Barry is a true showman and I love him. It wasn't crowded and I screamed when he came out on stage. The audience was subdued. I want to see him again. I love all his performances! - Marina Therrien (Montgomery, AL) (7/26/99)
October 1 Switzerland/Lausanne
(Theatre De Beaulieu)
First Show: I can't remember a thing about the show because it was total immersion! Bits 'n' pieces come to mind like... a rubber palm tree, losing my backstage pass(!), Barry's opening: "Bonsoir Lausanne" (pronounced with a B'klyn accent)... and me, as an imported B'klynnite, musically starved of my taste in music for years in Switzerland, being overwhelmed by the passion of this guy -- you just gotta love him -- he's adorable... and the personality yet! (The voice isn't bad either!) - Anita Geiser-Coref (of Switzerland) (2/28/2003)
October 3 Denmark/Copenhagen
(Falkoner Theatre)
I have listened to Barry's music since 1975. He is just a part of me and my life whenever I am happy or sad. It is so long ago that I have seen him in a concert but I will always keep that wonderful moment in my heart. I visited my penpal in San Francisco two years ago. Barry Manilow's music brought us together. We wrote to each other 22 years BEFORE we ever met! It was a great experience. I wish I could/would meet Barry one day too, but am really happy that he made me meet Jeannie in S.F. She is so far away and yet my very best friend. - Rikke Starup (of Denmark) (9/27/2004)
October 6 England/London
(Royal Festival Hall)
"Royal Gala Performance"

It was my first front row ticket when I was a student in London. I spent all my savings of £100 to buy it. It was a wonderfull show, Charles and Diana were there. I was lucky enough to hold Barry's hand when he was singing "I wanna do it with you"! And we only found out after the show that Barry had broken his toe! - Stef Marsden (Blackpool, England) (4/7/2011)

December 26 California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
First Show - Tacie Clark-Pillow (Tucson, AZ) (2/20/2000)
December 27 California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
First Show - Linda Hughes (Seattle, WA) (10/22/2003)

Highlights (December 27): You're Looking Hot Tonight / It's A Miracle / The Old Songs / I Don't Want To Walk Without You / Let's Hang On / The Old Songs (reprise) / Ready To Take A Chance Again / New York City Rhythm / Memory / Oh, Julie! / Bandstand Boogie / Medley (No Other Love, Interlude, Mandy) / This One's For You / Even Now / When October Goes / Read 'Em And Weep / Can't Smile Without You / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Daybreak / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Looks Like We Made It / Could It Be Magic / I Write The Songs / Merry Christmas (Wherever You Are) / Christmas Sing-Along (Deck The Halls, Jingle Bell Rock, Feliz Navidad, White Christmas) / It's Just Another New Year's Eve / One Voice / You're Looking Hot Tonight (reprise)

[ Manilow TV Episode #143 (12/27/1983) aired November 2021 ]

December 28 California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
December 28: I was only sitting eight rows back from center stage and when he asked for a volunteer to come sing "Can't Smile Without You," I tried climbing the seven rows in front of me because I was smack in the middle of the row! Got some wonderful photos of him and the girl who ended up singing with him. Great concert!! - Joann Parra (Riverside, CA) (12/17/2010)

I had never been in a plane before, and ended up being in four that weekend -- New York to Georgia, to California, then back from California to Kansas City to New York. The concert was fantastic, as always, and Barry had on the white short-sleeve shirt, and white jeans. It was around New Year's Eve, and they showered us with white balloons at the end of the concert. Loved seeing Barry! loved seeing California! Will never forget it! - Marilyn (of Fairfield, Connecticut) (7/12/2012)

December 29 California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
December 30 California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
December 31 California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)

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