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January 11England/London
(Royal Albert Hall)
(Thanks to Lucy Waters for the venue updates! - 4/10/98)

Favorite Show (January 24th, Dublin):  Barry was on top form that night. It poured down and the roof leaked, but who cared! He flirted with us all yet made each of us feel special in his own magical way. The anticipation and expectation when he selected someone from the audience to sing with him, everyone wishing it could be them, yet no-one felt jealous or annoyed when it wasn't, just pleasure for that lucky one. We could all feel his arms around us as he jumped onto the piano and hugged her close. All too soon the concert was over and we had a nightmare journey home, but thinking and singing all the songs of the night helped the time pass quicker. - Anne Maxwell (Belfast, Northern Ireland) (8/29/98)

Every concert is a favourite. They are all different and Barry gets better all the time! My first Barry Concert at The Royal Albert Hall (January 11th)... We couldn't get good tickets so we ended up in the "Gods". When the doors opened we ran all the way up to the top of the Albert Hall to get good standing seats at the front. Then we waited two hours after the show in the freezing cold just to get a glimpse of Barry. Unfortunately we missed him, but we just didn't want to go home!! - Pam Markham (Dunstable, England) (9/9/98)

First Show (Edinburgh) - Karen Crulley (of Newcastle, England) (11/16/98, 2/5/99)

First Show (Birmingham) - Jackie Robinson (of Lutterworth) (1/31/99)

First and Favorite (Royal Albert Hall):  This was my first taste of Barry. He was everything I had dreamed of and more!  The music, the man, and me. You never forget your first time! - Sandra Sears (Nottingham, England) (5/18/99)

First and Favorite Show (January 15):  First time I heard Barry sing "One Voice". We were sitting in the middle of the back row at the top and it was quite something to see all the candles light up as Barry was singing! - Christine Trigg (New Malden, Surrey, England) (7/14/99, 5/22/2002)

First Show (January 17):  At the time, I wasn't really that "into" Barry. That happened AFTER the concert (and by 1983 I was completely hooked!). All I remember about the concert was Barry's pink suit, and his voice was hoarse at times. I was so far back in the arena (as I guess we all were in those days!) that I couldn't really "see" Barry, but it was a special night that led to many more. Roll on January 2000 so I can indulge in more Manilow Magic!! - Julie Horrobin (Leicestershire, England) (7/18/99)

First Show (Birmingham) - Kay Ekins (Northamptonshire, England) (10/10/99)

First Show (Manchester) - Pam Pollard (Wakefield, Yorkshire, England) (1/7/2000)

Favorite Show (January 22): After visiting the U.S. in September 1981 and attending the Forum concert in L.A with 20,000 other fans, I could not believe my luck that in January 1982 there was to be a show at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester (My home town). It was great to see him so close to home. The Apollo is an intimate venue holding 3,000 people, totally different from the Forum which resembles the Manchester Arena. It felt that Barry was visiting me at home and performing in my front room! I'm sure he recognised me! - Keith Brian (Manchester, England) (1/22/2000, 9/25/2015)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall) - Charmaine Hallmark (of the UK) (1/23/2000)

First Show (January 17, NEC) - Susan (of Northampton, England) (1/28/2000)

First Show (Birmingham) - Sharon Shepherd (Bristol, England) (2/21/2000)

First Show (Dublin): I was 18 and this was my first concert, so I got around for most of the evening with my eyes as big as saucers and my chin on my chest. I went with two friends - Jacquelyn and Adrian - which was fun to start with considering we only had TWO tickets between the three of us (How we pulled that off I'll never know!). We were squashed into our two seats just five rows from the stage and seated amongst some well-known faces in the music scene at that time. When Barry came on stage, I was just hypnotized by those blue eyes, I couldn't take my eyes off him. When he sang "Mandy" I was buckling at the knees. Later that year I moved to Australia with my family and was again lucky enough to see Barry in concert at Festival Hall in Melbourne, Australia. I had my own seat that time and was not so close to the stage but once again it was sheer magic. - Mandy Armstrong (Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia) (7/31/2000)

First Show (January 15, Royal Albert Hall): On MY list this was the "I'll Never Be The Same Again Tour"! Having waited seven years to see The Man live, I was completely bowled over by everything about him - even the pink suit! And I've never been the same since -- LONG may it continue to last!! - Suzanne Wafer (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England) (11/13/2000)

First Show (January 18, Birmingham): First Show: Barry Manilow is beautiful. His music is everything! - Gilliam Walker (Birmingham, England) (1/19/2001)

First Show (Brighton) - Beverley Mitchell (St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, England) (1/18/2001)

First Show (Edinburgh) - Maureen Crichton (Glasgow, Scotland) (6/9/2001)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall) - Myra Foster Edwards (Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England) (9/6/2001)

First Show (January 30, Edinburgh) - Carole Welsh (Newmilns, Ayrshire, Scotland) (12/29/2001)

First Show (Birmingham): The very first time that I went to see Barry Manilow, I had no idea who he was. I just went for a night out with my mum and sister and some friends of ours. Within a few minutes of Barry being on stage I knew that I was watching someone very special. I felt that he was singing for me and me alone even thought there were thousands of people in the arena and we were right up in the gods he made me feel special. At the end of the concert when he sang "We'll Meet Again" and everyone lit candles it just took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. I left the concert hall that night with my programme in hand knowing that I had to find out more about the man that is Barry Manilow, so I joined his fan club and have been under his spell every since. - Karen Reilly (Milton Keynes, England) (4/28/2002)

First Show (Birmingham) - Dave (of Newcastle, England) (5/15/2002)

First Show (Apollo) - Jacquie Pearce (Glasgow, Scotland) (5/17/2002)

First Show (Manchester) - Denise Wreghitt (Manchester, England) (5/19/2002)

First Show (Manchester) - Alison Noonan (St. Helens, England) (5/25/2002)

First Show (January 21, Manchester) - Jackie Taylor (Lancashire, England) (6/1/2002)

First Show (January 29, Edinburgh) / Favorite Show (January 30, Edinburgh): I was in shock at the first concert (a day earlier) and enjoyed the second one better. I was in the second row so got a great view overall. It was the start of a lifelong love and is still going strong. Roll on the next concerts. - Margaret Marshall (Falkirk, Scotland) (8/2/2002, 8/16/2003)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall) - Mandy Gooch (of England) (1/5/2003)

First Show (Birmingham) - Julie Taylor (Wigan, United Kingdom) (1/19/2003)

First Show (January 26, Brighton) - Sarah Louise Harris (Southwater, Horsham, West Sussex, England) (1/21/2003)

First Show (Birmingham) - Amy Carlman-James (Teignmouth, Devon, England) (2/19/2003)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall) - Angie Merchant (of England) (5/19/2004)

First Show (Manchester) - Debbie Latchem (Bristol, England) (7/15/2004)

First Show (London, January 14) - Karen Cook (West Midlands, UK) and Dot Buglass (Bucks, UK) (8/21/2004)

First Show (Edinburgh) - Angela Middlemas (Durham, England) (5/28/2005)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall): I have loved and adored Barry for almost thirty years. I went to see Barry at The Royal Albert Hall in 1982, and though the whole concert was more than amazing, the one thing I remember most was when he sang "One Voice" and the whole audience lit candles/lighters for him. It was a breathtaking sight which filled me with total wonder. Barry, if you are reading this, please know that you have touched my heart and my life in ways you could not possibly imagine, and I want to thank you so much for ALL of your wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful music, and your incredible performances, whether on your albums or on the stage. - Rosalind Winton (Hertfordshire, England) (9/21/2005)

January 30 (Edinburgh): I was 16 years old and it was my first Barry concert. I was looking at him through binoculars as our seats were so far away but I could still hear him! He came on stage wearing a KILT and sang the Scottish song "We're No Awa Tae Bide Awa." I was in seventh heaven! - Shirley Reekie (of Scotland) (7/17/2006)

First Show (Manchester) - Lynda Brazier (Manchester, England) (10/2/2006)

First Show (Brighton): My parents were fans and got me into Barry's music - no looking back - I was blown away and hooked! I was only 16 at the time, but I fell in love! I wanted to be the girl he picked out of the audience. I wore a red sweatshirt I'd had specially printed with "Barry who?" on the back, like on the back of one his albums... Dream on! - Sarah Hopkins (Plymouth, Devon, UK) (12/3/2006)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall): I was only 14 years old! - Mandy (of London, UK) (2/2/2007)

First Show (January 15, London) - Michelle Clohessy (London, England) (1/12/2009)

First Experience (Royal Albert Hall): I have never had the opportunity to see Barry Live in concert. I know... it's hard to believe. So the closest I've ever been is by watching the concerts on TV (BBC1). My favourite concert over the past 28 years was the "Live in Britain" concert of 1982. I was just 10 at the time, and I remember being at school, counting the hours till the concert came on at 8:00 PM. It was staggered over two consecutive Mondays. He was amazing that night, and I remember there was that incident with the kilt during the "Old Songs" Medley... He's such a great showman. One of the best! - Alison Whitwell (Sheffield, England) (4/19/2009)

First Show (NEC, Birmingham) - Mags Hughes (of England) (4/29/2009)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall) - Marilyn Cousins (London, England) (6/2/2009)

First Show (London) - Sylvie Barry (Berkshire, UK) (6/26/2009)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall) - Lindsay (of Plymouth, UK) (7/30/2009)

First Show (January 29-30, Edinburgh): I was ill with pneumonia a few days before the concert, but I hauled myself out of bed for the two shows at Ingliston. I had dreamed the night before Barry would come out on stage wearing a kilt. All my friends & family thought I was mad when I told them and they said "no way!" During the show Barry went off stage and all I could see was someone standing behind the curtain and I could see the bottom of his legs with white socks and tennis shoes and I knew instantly he was standing there in a kilt. I had lost my voice with being sick before the show but I couldn't have cheered or yelled as I was in shock! He was wearing a very unconvential MacDonald of Clanranald Kilt outfit which he looked fabulous in and had Roger Huth the piper with him. He started to sing the Scottish song "We're no awa tae bide awa" accompanied by the piper but he got tongue tied with the Scottish lyrics. But all of the audience was singing it as if the roof would come in so he let us sing it to him instead! We were lucky enough to present him with an early edition Scottish newspaper with a great review and colour picture of him in the kilt on the front after the show which he loved. I managed to get some great press pictures of him in the kilt which I treasure. The next night there was also magical and will never be forgotten. Definitely worth getting out of my sick-bed for, although I had to have a week off to recover afterwards! - Margaret Brown (Glasgow, Scotland) (8/18/2009)

First Show (Birmingham) - Jackie Bellow (of England) (7/1/2010)

First Show (Scotland) - Liz Cooper (of Scotland) (7/5/2010)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall) - Stef Marsden (Blackpool, England) (4/7/2011)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall) - Sue Stockton (Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK) (5/7/2011)

Favorite Show (Royal Albert Hall): I was sitting with my then husband, Steve, in a seat immediately in front of Garry Kief and Roberta. At the interval I gave Roberta a rose in a box and a poem I had written for Barry. I said "thank you for your beautiful, beautiful music." Barry came on stage in the second half and sang "This one's for you" to me. My husband said quietly,"he's looking at you". Very strange sensation which has stayed with me!! My son and daughter were "indoctrinated" from a very early age and are dedicated to you and your music. Thank you, Barry, for all the enjoyment you've given me. Love to you! - Barbara Kirkaldy (of France) (5/27/2011)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall) - Kathy Fallon (Roscommon, Ireland) (8/10/2011)

Favorite Show (Edinburgh): [What I remember about this concert was...] the kilt (so, so sexy!) and the long drive from Cardiff (it took 12 hours!). I had worked all night the previous night and we drove straight up there at 6.00am. I had nowhere to stay, nothing booked. We did find a bed and breakfast. Seats weren't that good [so I] ended up sitting on a stranger's lap (I was slimmer then) about three rows from front. Barry really wasn't [feeling] very well and he tried so hard, but then he always does for the fans! - Katrina Moggridge (Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom) (10/23/2011)

First Show (Manchester Apollo) - Margaret Sutton (Halifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom) (10/25/2011)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall) - Clare Hennah (South Wales, United Kingdom) (3/7/2012)

First Show (Edinburgh): Barry, you are a very gifted, talented and special musician, singer and songwriter, who stands the test of time, and is still going [strong]. Cannot wait to see you again in Glasgow, Scotland (May 2012)! - Irene Wilson (Scotland, United Kingdom) (3/19/2012)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall): [What I liked about this concert was] seeing The Man for the FIRST time, and being a part of a great, phenomenal experience that I will never forget. I have been a fan ever since, and been to loads of concerts here in the UK. - Helen McNally (England, United Kingdom) (4/24/2012)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall) - Elizabeth Mountain (of Wales) (6/10/2012)

First Show (Edinburgh, Ingliston): It had to be Barry coming on stage wearing a kilt! He looked absolutely fantastic and received an enormous cheer when he appeared in it. It was a freezing, cold night and Barry must have been chilled, but he didn't let it show. I have often wondered if he kept the kilt and has worn at home in the U.S? It would be a wonderful alternative to a dinner suit! - Geraldine Long (of Scotland) (9/6/2012)

First Show (Edinburgh): Seeing Barry in a kilt was an awesome experience for a young girl! - Sandra (of Scotland) (6/14/2013)

First Show (January 12, Royal Albert Hall) - Jane Johnson (of England) (03 Jan 2014)

First Show (Royal Albert Hall) - Lorraine Salter (London, United Kingdom) (05 July 2015)

First Show (Edinburgh) - Marie Therese Hayes (of Scotland) (6/15/2016)

First Show - Dianne Allan (Leicestershire, United Kingdom) (6/16/2016)

January 12
January 13
January 14
January 15
January 17England/Birmingham
January 18
January 20England/Manchester
(Manchester Apollo)
January 21
January 22
January 24Ireland/Dublin (RDS)
January 26England/Brighton
(Brighton Centre)
January 27
January 29Scotland/Edinburgh
January 30
February 6Germany/Hamburg
Thanks, Catrin, for the updates!

I was born and grew up in Germany. This is where I first heard "Mandy" and saw Barry perform live and also on TV. His concerts were always amazing and I enjoyed them. I loved his songs and through his songs is also how I learned English as well. So I have a lot to be thankful for to Mr. Manilow for his great inspiration. I ended up being a musician thanks to his inspiration of music. A great artist, singer, songwriter, and performer in every way. I have to say Thank you, Barry Manilow! - Star (of Germany, London, and the U.S.) (12/31/2016)

February 8Germany/Muenchen
(Deutsches Museum)
February 16Germany/Duesseldorf
February 19Germany/Berlin


October 6Utah/Ogden
(Weber State University)
First Show:  A friend bought tickets to Barry as a gift for me. I had never seen him in concert and barely knew who he was, but from the first song, I was a fan. He is so much more than just the music, he is a first class performer. I just wish he came to Utah a little more often! - Juli Taylor (Payson, UT) (6/30/99)

My first concert was five years after I became a devoted fan. I was in my Senior Year of high school and my parents drove my best friend and I to the venue located three hours away from my home town. I came away from those magical moments with just one word, "WOW!" - Jennifer Adelman (La Crescenta, CA) (6/25/2002)

First/Favorite Show - Judy LaRue (of Utah) (9/25/2002)

October 8Idaho/Boise
(The Boise State Pavilion)
I slept out of the sidewalk for tickets. This was back in the days of only one ticket outlet where if you were first in line you were guaranteed great seats. We were in the second row. Barry put on such a great show. I was amazed by his showmanship and his energy. I was also impressed by his medley of songs that I never knew he wrote. It is incredible how far reaching his talent goes in the music industry! - Cindy (of Phoenix, AZ) (9/21/2004)

First Show: Would love to see Barry Manilow come [back] to the Boise, Idaho area. We are really fun out west. Come on! - Cindy Maier (Boise, Idaho) (11/13/2012)

October 10Montana/Billings
October 12Wyoming/Casper 
October 13South Dakota/Rapid CityThis was my very first Barry concert, and I was so excited! I never thought he would come to my hometown! I remember waiting in line at the box office to buy tickets when they went on sale. There was quite a crowd! My mom and I went to see him - we had pretty good seats, too! What a show - what a performer! I didn't have another opportunity to see Barry until I moved out-of-state. Since then, I have seen Barry several times, both locally and cross-country! Barry, thanks for the many years of wonderful memories! - Kelly Block (Dallas, TX) (4/23/2000)
October 15North Dakota/Bismarck
(Civic Center)
First Show - Lisa Rinehart (Fargo, North Dakota) (12/14/2013)
October 19Minnesota/Duluth
(Duluth Arena)
First Show: We stayed up all night waiting in line for tickets. He had always been my #1 performer and favorite musician. This concert was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. I just wish I could personally meet the man behind the music. He is a musical genius and no one will ever come close to what he does. The depth that he transmits through his music is incredible. He is a legend! - Cheryl (of Duluth, MN) (7/23/2000)
October 20Wisconsin/Milwaukee
(Mecca Arena)
Naturally, the music and showmanship were excellent; however, on the same night as the concert in Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Brewers were playing in the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.  Mr. Manilow actually gave the score of the game during the performance to the delight of sports fans in the audience.  Too bad the Brewers eventually lost the game...and the World Series. - Richard J. Vicek (Great Neck, NY) (12/2/98)

It was my very first concert and we were in the very last row of the arena - nothing but a brick wall behind us! It was also the 7th game of the World Series - Milwaukee Brewers vs. the St. Louis Cardinals. (Okay, so we lost...) But when Barry took off the Copa jacket to reveal the Brewers' jersey, the place went WILD! He even made sure to keep us updated on the score. He also joked, "You can't all be hard of hearing" referring to all those people (mostly the men who were "dragged" there) in the audience with earplugs in their ears listening to the game on the radio! - Jill Ann Tradel (West Milwaukee, WI) (12/7/98)

First Show (in the Round!) - Michelle Allen (Wausau, WI) (4/30/2000)

First Show: I have seen Barry Manilow five times in Milwaukee. I enjoy him very much. I am a great fan. I have 15 albums, 14 tapes, five CD's and four video tapes. I would love very much to sing with Barry and thank him for his music. It has help me though three back surgeries. - Barb Meier (Kenosha, WI) (6/27/2001)

First Show - Pam Weisel (Milwaukee, WI) (3/5/2002)

This concert means the most to me because that's where it all began: the friendships, the traveling, the memories and all that goes along with seeing Barry. I'm still meeting people and going to see Barry with them 20 years later. - Tessa Latter (Janesville, WI) (11/2/2002)

First Show - Carol Knoll (Appleton, WI) (3/21/2004)

First Show - Deb Qureshi (Rancho Cucamonga, California) (7/23/2011)

First Show - Patty Havel (Little Chute, Wisconsin) (10/13/2012)

October 22Minnesota/
Minneapolis-St. Paul
(Saint Paul Civic Center)
First Show Memory: I went to the concert with my sister and we were five rows from the stage!! It was a perfect concert all around. I will never forget it! - Deb Rydeen (Stillwater, MN) (8/14/98)

First Show: What I liked about this concert was Barry's "In The Round" stage, the songs, and the palm trees coming up from the floor for "Copacabana." - Greg Paulson (Minneapolis, MN) (8/17/2010)

After sitting right directly in front of the stereo listening to Barry Manilow "Live" for months on end and dreaming of being one of his back-up singers, I found out Barry was coming to Minnesota! I just had to get tickets. No other 16-year-old girl was as starstruck as I was. The concert was amazing! We all had a fabulous time, and we had floor seats and everything! 30 years later we are heading back to St. Paul to see Barry again (April 13, 2012) - I am just as excited as I was the first time I had a ticket! - Sarah Dolejs (Apple Valley, Minnesota) (4/12/2012)

First Show - Laura Byrd (Minneapolis, Minnesota) (1/29/2016)

October 23Illinois/
First Show - Elaine Przybyl (Thomasboro, IL) (8/5/99)

First Show - Lisa Clay (originally from Chicago, Illinois, now in West Virginia) (4/21/2012)

October 25-EIllinois/Chicago
(Park West)
Every concert has been different and special but this show at Park West in Chicago, Illinois, was special. Tickets were $5.00 and my friend Elva used crutches to walk because of polio as a baby... We stood in line for tickets for the first show. Barry's crew brought in doughnuts for us as we waited in line. There would be two shows. We were able to sit in the front tables and we were about to get up to stand in line for the 2nd show. Bruce Weissman came over and told us we could stay in the same seats so Elva wouldnt have to go back in line and make that difficult to walk all over again. We were so grateful for this kind compassionate gesture from Barry and his people. This is what kept us as fans since the 70's because of Barrys kindness to special needs children and adults. - Normae Bernsee (Brookfield, Illinois) (1/24/2006, 2/20/2017)

First Show - Cindy Merritt (Robins, Iowa) (3/16/2016)

October 25-LIllinois/Chicago
(Park West)
October 26Ohio/Cincinnati
(Riverfront Coliseum)
First Show - Robert Welch (5/27/2004)

First Show - Rebecca McAninch (Marysville, OH) (7/26/2004)

Although I'd seen Barry in concert before and had followed his career since I first saw him perform with Bette Midler in 1972, it was the Riverfront Coliseum concert that made me fall head over heels in love with him. He was so cute and bouncy and sexy in a boyish kind of way then and that just exuded from the stage. There are actually too many favorite concerts to count - but if I had to pick just one, it would be this one because I was totally hooked from that point on. - Terri Sinoway (Cincinnati, OH) (7/3/2007)

First Show - Judy Snyder (Delaware, OH) (6/24/2010)

First Show - Rebecca Russell (Columbus, Ohio) (3/24/2013)

First Show - Mary Beth (Cincinnati, Ohio) (7/7/2014)

This show was unique. In college in Central Ohio, I treated myself to this concert. Traveled by bus to Cincinnati alone. Sat around stage left, almost behind. First time I ever saw someone play electronic drums! - Roger Miller (Columbus, Ohio) (2/2/2019)

October 29New York/Rochester
(War Memorial Auditorium)
First Show - Marsha Petruzzo (11/22/97)

I was so excited to see him in person. Barry was In The Round. One of my friend's sister who worked backstage was able to get Barry's autograph twice for me. He also gave her two carnations (pink and white) to give to me. I had dried them and kept them in a glass candy jar for years, until it fell on the floor and broke. I was crushed. I will never forget that. I go to all the concerts in Rochester. They are all so wonderful. First time experience is the best though. - Lynn Furno (Rochester, NY) (2/9/2000)

First Show - Bonnie Park (Hilton, NY) (4/8/2000)

First Show - L. Colburn (Monticello, IN) (8/6/2000)

First Show - Marianne Recchia (Palmyra, NY) (11/17/2001)

After being a huge Manilow fan for almost 10 years as well as being a poor & struggling college student, I had finally saved up enough money to go see Barry in concert! And even though from my seat he was a tiny white speck, it is something I will never forget as long as I live. I still get those chills every time I see him, 20 years later. Thanks Barry! - Wendy Barrett (Farmington, NY) (10/21/2002)

First Show - Susan Prevost (Rochester, NY) (3/15/2006)

First Show - Marion Gerken (Palmyra, NY) (5/28/2009)

First Show - Donna Ross-Borden (Nunda, NY) (11/7/2010)

First Show - Jill M. Tilford (Varysburg, New York) (9/8/2012)

First Show - Scott Mate (Rochester, New York) (8/14/2016)

October 30New York/Buffalo
(Memorial Auditorium)
First Show - Deborah VanWey (9/13/97)

First/Favorite Show: I went with my mother (she is the one who got the tickets for me). We were in the highest balcony in the place. The one comment that I remember the best was when Barry looked up in the area we were sitting and said, "and how's everyone in the nosebleed section?" We were on the edge of our seats the whole time. The show was dynamic, which was expected from him, always! - Amy Lasher (Bradford, PA) (3/23/99)

First Show - Holly Domagala (Dallas, TX) (9/17/2001)

First Show - Brad Moody (Rochester, NY) (6/28/2003)

First concert: Barry looked tiny because we were in what he called the nosebleed section. Nevertheless, Barry was awesome and was the first of a lifetime of concerts to attend. So far, as of 2011, I have been to 14 Barry concerts and he keeps getting better and better!! - Tom Vitello, Jr. (Niagara Falls, NY) (7/28/2011)

October 31Canada/Ottawa 
November 1Canada/Montreal, Quebec
(Montreal Forum)
First Show: They say "you never forget your first time"!! We were in our early 20's and took the bus from Ottawa to Montreal, and had not yet reached "manic fan" status. When Barry came out on stage (in the round, no less!) we turned into screaming teenagers! The show was absolute magic, and we'll never forget that amazing feeling of awe!! One of the best memories in our long friendship!! The energy of the show was amazing, and he looked SO HOT (...and still does!!). The sound quality in the Montreal Forum was also amazing. - Laura Robertson and Frances Devlin (Ottawa, Canada) (3/6/2002, 6/27/2002)

First/Favorite Show: The night of Barry's show in Montreal was great (of course)!! That night my dream came true when I got to meet Barry. He was (and is) the nicest person I ever met. I will never forget that night for as long as I live. - Cindy McKay (Montreal, Canada) (8/19/2002)

First Show - Linda Madden (Ottawa, Canada) (5/21/2006)

First Show - Sandy Edwards (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) (7/4/2011)

November 2New York/Binghamton
(Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena)
First Show - Cheryl Sanders (formerly Elmira, NY, now Charleston, SC) (11/6/2003, 7/24/2011)

First Show - Pam Boyer (Norwich, NY) (12/19/2009)

First Show: My first concert in 1982 will always be memorable. I was 15 years old and attended with my then best friend and Barry played on a white grand Yamaha in the round; we had floor seats next to the ramp to the stage. Beautiful music and a lot of fun. - Sue Hoyt-O'Neill (Syracuse, New York) (8/24/2000, 9/2/2016)

November 5Rhode Island/Providence
(Civic Center)
First Show - Anne Clark (2/17/98)

The Morning before this Great Barry show I tried to get in to hear Barry give his lecture at the Berklee College of Music (I was a student at Emerson College and living in the dorms very close to Berklee). I really wanted to Hear what Barry had to say about the music business. Only Berklee students were allowed to hear Barry speak of course so I got on the next bus to Providence, RI. I got there very early so I went to the Box Office. The receptionist told me that Barry was in the other room doing a Press Conference and getting "The Key to the City of Providence, RI" AND in a few minutes Barry was going to come out here and sign autographs for some fans. The receptionist let me in with the group of fans waiting in a little room for Barry to enter. I was wearing my favorite Black Satin One Voice Tour Jacket and white cap with the One Voice Logo on it. Finally, Barry came into the room with a lot of Press and Barry signed autographs for Everyone, INCLUDING ME! ... I asked him "How did your lecture at Berklee go?" and Barry said, "It was one of the Best one's I've ever done, thank you very much for asking." After Barry signed autographs he was going down to do his soundcheck for the show that night. Barry was waiting a long time for the elevator to arrive and when he slowly walked by me I got up the nerve to ask Barry "Excuse Me....?" Barry said, "Yes?" and I had no idea what to say to Barry I said the first thing that came into my head, "Can I give you a kiss"? and Barry said "Sure dahlin'." There was a LOT of Press in the room and I put my hand on Barry's shoulder and kissed Barry! I went to Barry's incredible show. I LOVED this show. Barry was wonderful as always. No way could I leave before Barry's show was over, so I missed the last bus back to Boston and I ended up "sleeping" (with my eyes open) at the Providence Police Station in the Infirmary Cell... door locked and light on! The Police Chief gave me a ride back to the bus station so I would not miss my 6:30 AM bus back to Emerson College. The ticket clerk asked, "Hey, is THIS you?" I thought I was in trouble, then he showed me the Front Page of the Providence (Rhode Island) Journal Newspaper with a picture of Barry and me on it from when we met (and kissed)! The bus clerk gave me SIX copies of the paper!! November 5, 1982, will always be my most amazing and unforgettable Manilow Day. Thanks, Barry, for being so nice to me on that day. You are my dream come true! - Lisa Whitney (Keene, NH) (11/18/2006)

I was in 5th grade. This was my first time seeing Barry. There have been so many shows since and they just continue to get better and better. The show was in the round. I was so excited, I shook through the entire concert! - Jenn Barucci (Stoughton, Massachusetts) (12/17/2011)

November 6Massachusetts/
(Worcester Civic Center)
This was the first and only time I've been able to see Barry in concert. The tickets were a gift from my best friend after coming home from California. If I live to be 100 I'll never be able to thank her for such a wonderful gift. The concert was fabulous and its memory is still as clear today as it was then. Thank you, Barry, for all you've given me without even knowing. You are a genuine and wonderful person. - Patti Clark (Worcester, MA) (7/8/2007)

It was my first concert EVER. I was nine years old, and I had seen Barry at the airport and gave him a rose with a message stating his show was sold out and I could not go, but I loved him. Later that afternoon Roberta Kent had called my house and said Barry wanted me there and had a ticket for me and my mom since I was only nine at the time. I was dressed to the max and got to sit next to Roberta and stand near the stage. I was so overjoyed. My only regret was not asking if I could meet Barry. I have been to many of his shows but to this day this will always be my favorite! - LouAnn Abellard (Boston, MA) (6/28/2010)

First Show - Cindy Snow (Worcester, Massachusetts) (10/14/2012)

First Show: It was fantastic! Love Barry's music. Grew up listening to his music. Great showmanship and entertainer, and I just fell hopelessly in love. I own all of his music (CDs, DVDs, etc.). - Lauren Duvall (Worcester, Massachusetts) (4/13/2018)

November 8Pennsylvania/Hershey
(Hershey Park Arena)
First Show (November 8) - Rick Stains (Harrisburg, PA) (11/16/98)

First Show - Joanne Walko (Exeter, PA) (6/16/99)

First Show (November 9): It was the first time I had ever seen Barry. I was 19 years old then. The whole experience was just so exciting for me. I had enjoyed Barry and his music for years and then to finally see him in concert, Wow, what an experience! I remember that concert being so awesome. The crowd was so excited and I was very excited seeing Barry. He sang all his famous songs and his music really seemed to create a magical atmosphere! I was lucky enough to have a really good seat, right up front. He performed In The Round at the arena, on a stage that rotated. It was the first time I had ever heard him sing the song "Memory." I was so wound up at that concert, I could have sat and listened to him all night. I will continue to attend his concerts as often as he performs in our area! - Kathy Snavely (Cornwall, PA) (4/7/2000, 4/11/2000)

First Show - Lynn (of Middletown, PA) (5/17/2000)

November 9
November 10Connecticut/New Haven
(New Haven Coliseum)
Favorite Show: [What I liked about this show] was the audience participation. - Joan Corbett (New Haven, CT) (6/15/2002)

First Show - Terri Sansone (West Haven, CT) (11/5/2002)

First Show - Beverly Davidson (Glastonbury, Connecticut) (12/2/2011)

November 12West Virginia/Charleston
(Civic Center)
November 13South Carolina/ClemsonMy second concert, but a beautiful one because I was there with my new friends from our local club. We met Barry at the airport and he was so kind to get out of his car and stop to talk to all of us. If you ask anyone there that day, they will tell you that the one thing they remember most is the "click" of the door unlocking. It was also the first time we did the dressing room for Barry. We had so much stuff back there that his crew was speechless. There was only one problem. The technicians were having trouble putting up the lights. The show almost got called off because of it. I remember lining up outside waiting to get in and hearing the sound check being done minutes before the show was to start. It was that close to not happening. - Kathy Davis Eaton (7/18/97)

First/Favorite Show: I was 18 when I saw him at Little John. I had been a fan of his for all my life and couldn't believe that I was actually going to see him in person. I had front row seats. My knees buckled so bad when he got on stage, I had to be held up. My friends that went with me still tease me about that, but that's okay. My ticket stub is kept in a safe place and I treasure it still. It was a wonderful experience. - Lois M. (of Oconee, SC) (2/27/2000)

November 16North Carolina/Raleigh
(Reynolds Coliseum)
First Show - Alan Foster

First Show - Peggy (of Cleveland, TN) (4/14/2000)

November 18Tennessee/Chattanooga
(Roundhouse, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)
First Show - Peggy Bray (Chattanooga, TN) (1/25/99)

First Show - Pam Lewis (Chattanooga, TN) (7/31/2002)

First Show: Barry was awesome! - Sharon (of Chattanooga, TN) (4/17/2009)

First Show - Gloria Dover (Chattanooga, TN) (2/5/2010)

November 19Tennessee/Knoxville
(Stokely Athletic Center, University of Tennessee at Knoxville)
First Show: Barry is so great and fun. I just love him. He always makes me smile! - Michelle (of Knoxville, TN) (8/1/2002)

First Show - Norma Harris (Hyden, Kentucky) (8/24/2023)

Barry Manilow entertains during the 1982 first Fall Quarter concert at Stokely Athletic Center. After performing the hit 'Copacabana' Manilow removed a calypso-style shirt to reveal Tennessee quarterback Allan Cockrell's number 6 jersey. (University of Tennessee Libraries)

November 21Florida/Jacksonville
(Veterans Memorial Coliseum)
First Show - Julia (of Jacksonville, FL) (3/24/2002)

I LOVED the very first show I ever saw of Barry's in Jacksonville, FL. I had graduated from high school in June and was so excited about seeing Barry even though my best friend & I had seats that you needed binoculars to be able to see Barry! What I remember most was that it was at the time when the "Here Comes The Night" album was out (which I still have) and I bought a bumper sticker for my car at the concert that read "Barry, I Wanna Do It With You" and nobody believed I actually put it on my car because I was always the "sweet innocent girl" and that bumper sticker certainly DID NOT have that connotation to it. But I loved it and the reaction I always got when someone read it! Boy I sure wish I still had that bumper sticker!! - Tammy Crum (of Alabama) (10/11/2002)

November 26Georgia/SavannahWOW! I don't even know where to begin. I remember my first Barry Manilow concert like it was yesterday. He had the exact same color of lavender sweater on as I did. My kids laugh at me when I sing the "Hoover" song... That jar of peanut butter goes crashin' to the floor... gets mushed up in the carpet by the brat who lives next door... don't you reach for that old dust pan, or that dirty mop... Hoover really sucks! And when Barry sings "Mandy"... to this day, I feel like it's my song. I love being a "Fanilow"! I was in the 7th row on the floor and he was on a round stage in the center of the arena... Just Barry and his piano. MUSIC TO MY EARS!! I tell my husband weekly that I will see Barry Manilow in concert again... One day! I impatiently wait for him to come to this side of the U.S. Oh, I would faint if I met him! Bucket list item #1!! Thank you, Barry, for bringing so much happiness to my world through your songs....YOUR BIGGEST FAN, Mandi Gurtzweiler-Huff (Savannah, Georgia) (7/5/2013)
November 28Georgia/Atlanta
(The Omni)
My mother-in-law and I saw Barry "In the Round" at the Omni. It was the BEST! We still listen to Barry on CDs and hope to make it to his next closest concert. - Toni and Anne Randall (Salem, AL) (10/24/2003)

This was my first concert and it was a very awesome experience! - Jeannie Bolia (Atlanta, GA) (10/5/2010)

I was a senior in high school and we tried out to be the back-up singers for "One Voice." We didn't win... Woodward did. But the concert was great like all of his are! - Lyda Roberts (Luthersville, Georgia) (3/14/2012)

First Show - Pat Mahoney (Phoenix, Arizona) (9/26/2020)

November 30Alabama/Montgomery
(Civic Center)
Second Show Memory (two weeks later!): Barry's concert was performed in the round. It was the best! - Alan Foster

It was Barry Live! The albums and videos never catch the true excitement of his live performance -- he is a phenomenal, electric performer. - Michael von Redlich (Concord, NH) (3/15/2001)

December 1Tennessee/Memphis
(Mid-South Coliseum)
I remember when Barry had this round stage and it was a solo show. When he came out my heart melted. He stared right at me... at least 15 minutes! I will never forget that as long as I live! - Kim Vicker (Chester, VA) (7/29/2000)

First Show - Jennifer Gray (Houston, MS) (7/3/2001)

December 3Alabama/Mobile
(Municipal Auditorium)
First Show Memory: I was only 10 years old. My mom told me on the way to the concert that I had to sit in my chair like a little lady and behave myself. Well, once the music started playing and the anticipation of Barry's arrival on stage grew, my mom gave in and said, "Go ahead, stand on your chair and scream and shout!" When the moment arrived and Barry entered "THE ROUND" it was all I had ever dreamed it would be. After he came back for his first encore, my mother let me go down to where he would leave the stage to go back to his dressing room. One of the security guards standing close to the stage let me stand in front of him so I could get a closer look. When Barry came off the stage and ran down the path, I held out my hand and it brushed against him. That is the one thing I will never forget and that is also what makes my 1st Barry concert the most special one of all. I sometimes wonder if I have been the youngest person ever to attend one of his concerts!?! - Natasha Stowe (8/29/97, 1/18/2002)

My daughter Natasha has been singing Barry's songs since she was 3-years-old and the concert in Mobile was a Christmas gift to her from my husband and me. She was 10 at the time. The look on her face when we showed her the tickets and then when Barry came on stage will always be etched in my mind. The moments were wonderful. Barry is wonderful! - Jearlean Stowe (Foley, AL) (1/18/2002)

First Show - Caroline Chehardy (New Orleans, LA) (7/15/2003)

December 4Tennessee/
(Murphy Center, Middle Tennessee State University)
What a thrill to have fourth-row seats! They were filming segments of this concert for 20/20. I had smiled at Barry earlier in the concert. He came onstage and ran over to the piano and started playing "Let's Take All Night To Say Goodbye." When he came to the part of the chorus that said "smile for me," he looked right over at me and gave a huge smile which I will never forget. - Anita Haley (McMinnville, TN) (8/6/2004)

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