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January 15, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)
Barry's Las Vegas debut with Helen Reddy as the headliner featured eight songs in a 50-minute set that concluded with a tribute to 60's recording artist Martha & the Vandellas - note from Michael Franco (4/5/98)

First Show (January 18) - Roberta (of Honolulu, HI) (7/16/2005)

First Show - Kimberly Houlemard Hantman (Pasadena, California) (9/10/2010, 5/13/2015)

January 16, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)
January 17, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)
January 18, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)
January 19, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)
January 20, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)
January 21, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)
January 22, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)
January 23, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)
January 24, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)
January 25, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)
January 26, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)
January 27, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)
January 28, 1976Nevada/Las Vegas
(MGM Grand Hotel)



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July 31, 1976Pennsylvania/Philadelphia
(Robin Hood Dell)
First Show - Lynda Rosen (3/5/98)

First and Favorite Show:  My older sister, Margie, turned me on to Barry when I was only nine years old. I fell in love with his music from the first time I heard him sing "I remember all my life..."  She took me and my younger brother, Jimmy, to see Barry on this rainy evening in July, but the rain could not dampen my spirits. I was finally going to see him IN PERSON!!  We sat in the "nosebleed" seats with our Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket between us and our rain gear on and sang our hearts out. I will never forget that night. I have seen him many times since (even had front row seats once!!) but this concert will always be my favorite. - Donna (Weidenmiller) Hutches (Philadelphia, PA) (8/27/99)

First Show - Margie Weidenmiller (Collingswood, NJ) (9/7/99)

First Show - Dan DiMuzio (Philadelphia, PA) (8/7/2001)

First Show - Judy Lowstuter (Annandale, VA) (4/28/2002)

First Show: The first time I saw Barry, he sang a song and tears came to his eyes. I knew then and there that this wasn't just some other singer. This man felt and meant the songs he sang. I was never so inspired before in my life! It was like a revelation. I was having personal problems but that night everything changed for me. I knew I would make it because I believed Barry made it through tough times too. - Jill B. Lafferty (Philadelphia, PA) (4/20/2003)

First Show - Margaret Duffy (Philadelphia, PA) (12/12/2003)

First Show - Barbara Parker (Jacksonville, NC) (7/10/2010)

First Show - Sharon Zotti (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (3/21/2011)

I remember being seated on the left side of the stage - front row - when Barry emerged from the darkness onto the left stage pushing a broom while wearing an white apron and triangular hat - I recall telling the person I was with, "Gee, he reminds me of the guy I met in New York City a few years back." When he whisked pass he winked at us. Made my day! Ironically, that night he got caught up in one of the girls' costumes - it was quite hysterical. - Geri Fanelli (Blackwood, New Jersey) (4/20/2011)

August 1,
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
First Show - Lynn Becker (2/19/98)

First Show - Jeanne Crane (Columbia, MD) (3/18/2002)

First Show - Karen Barnes (Crofton, MD) (9/11/2007)

First Show - Deanna Bell (Newton, NC) (4/28/2008)

First Show - Linda Boyle (Columbia, Maryland) (3/23/2012)

First Show - Linda Musgrave (Herndon, Virginia) (8/13/2012)

August 5,
Ohio/Cuyahoga Falls
(Blossom Music Festival)
At age 13, I attended my first Barry concert. I remember my brother waited 24 hours in line to get tickets in the very last row under the amphitheatre. As Barry left that summer night in '76, I told my parents... "I'll never see him again." Well 100 concerts later, an incredible dance, and Platinum meetings he so generously allows, I have been able to share all of my stories with him. - Maria Basch (Westlake, OH) (4/21/2009)

First Show - Marilyn Malczewski (Garfield Heights, Ohio) (6/23/2016)

August 6,
Illinois/Highland Park
(Ravinia Festival)
First Show - Ellen Eisenstein (Glenview, IL) (7/20/99)

First Show - Kim Tenenbaum (Los Angeles, CA) (3/13/2002)

First Show: You're one classy person, Barry...

B - Beautiful Music
A - All The Time
R - Ready To Take A Chance Again
R - Riders To The Stars
Y - You're There

M - Mandy
A - Avenue C
N - New York City Rhythm
I  - If I Should Love Again
L - Looks Like We Made It
O - One Voice
W - Weekend In New England

...Thanks for all the great years!! - Meri Clark (Kankakee, IL) (5/18/2002)

First Show - Margaret Cavitt (Atlanta, GA) (4/10/2003)

First Show - Mary Ann (of Merrillville, IN) (10/24/2006)

First Show: Some people call Disney their "happy place". I was once asked where mine was... it's at a Manilow concert! - Laura Greve Pappas (Fort Myers, Florida) (3/31/2016)

I was hooked from the time Barry stepped on the stage, and all these years and many concerts later, I am still hooked. Barry's music is the soundtrack of my life. I've been fortunate enough to see him in concert many times, but that first time remains very special to me. Thank you for the music, Barry! - Sue Alexander (Winona Lake, Indiana) (4/22/2016)

First Show - Normae Bernsee (Brookfield, Illinois) (2/20/2017)

August 7,
(Mississippi River Festival, SIU Campus)
First Show - Joy Feldman (8/22/97)

First Show - Marianne James (Carterville, IL) (9/5/99)

First/Favorite Show: I went with my brother to this concert and had $15 in my wallet. There were second row cancellation seats for $6.50 each and I pulled the money out with no hesitation. I have never been the same. I can remember Barry singing my all-time favorite, "This One's For You," right there in front of me and crying through the whole song! I've loved that man ever since - no one can sing a song like Barry can. - Janet Hartzel (Edwardsville, IL) (3/28/2000)

First Show - Linda Phillips (St. Louis, Missouri) (7/17/2013)

August 9,
Illinois/Highland Park
(Ravinia Festival)
First/Favorite Show: Bought the first of many Manilow t-shirts here. It was the "All Knees & Elbows Piano Player" design. Couldn't get seats, so I had to stand around struggling to see, and getting crushed by the crowd. Loved every minute of it! - Sarah Clinton (of Connecticut) (3/12/99)

Barry is just a great entertainer. We love his music and wish he would appear in Las Vegas soon! - Karen Farina (Las Vegas, NV) (9/24/2003)

August 11, 1976Colorado/Denver
(Red Rocks Amphitheatre)
Cancelled because of laryngitis! - note from Sheron Tippens (3/23/98)
August 13, 1976California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
First and Favorite Show (August 14):  Was working at the Amphitheatre then and saw Barry on my day off. Was floored by the performance. Since then, my wife and I have seen Barry as many times as we can, whenever he comes to L.A. - Steve Loop (Pasadena, CA) (6/3/99)

First Show - Debbi Bennett (Los Angeles, CA) (1/9/2002)

First Show: I have seen every tour Barry has done since 1976. I remember being extremely impressed with Barry at this show! - Janice Boyd (Orange, CA) (12/10/2010)

August 14, 1976California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
August 15, 1976California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
August 18, 1976California/Concord
(Concord Pavilion)
First Show: It rained and I sat on the grass listening to him sing, not caring about the rain or wet grass I was sitting on! - Lorie (of California) (1/24/99)

First Show - Julie Kinsey (Clayton, CA) (9/27/99)

First Show: It was pouring down rain and I was sitting with my girl (Cindy) in a garbage bag on the grass with everyone else. We were all a mass of wet plastic bags. Loved it. What a memory! Thank you, Mr. Manilow! - Dan (of Concord, CA) (3/14/2000)

First Show: I have been to quite a few of Barry's concerts ... I thank Barry from the bottom of my heart for his music and for the wonderful memories. - Cathy Allen (of Kansas City) (10/10/2000)

First Show - Janice Dressler (Dublin, CA) (4/5/2003)

August 20, 1976Ohio/Toledo
(Masonic Auditorium)
First Show - Karen Ambrose (of New Hampshire) (5/15/2000)
August 21, 1976Ohio/Toledo
(Masonic Auditorium)
August 22, 1976Ohio/Toledo
(Masonic Auditorium)
August 23, 1976Ohio/Toledo
(Masonic Auditorium)
August 25, 1976Michigan/Rochester
(Meadow Brook Festival)
I have matured in life and can now admit... "I love Barry Manilow"! At the time I lived in Troy, Michigan, and the tickets were only $5.00! Barry's back-up was Foxy Ladies. - Linda Povirk (Orange County, CA) (1/16/2002)
August 26, 1976Indiana/Terre Haute
(Hulman Center, Indiana State University)
First Show - Bev Marshall (Clayton, IN) (5/11/99)

First Show - Janet (of Ohio) (10/15/99)

August 27, 1976Michigan/Rochester
(Meadow Brook Festival)
First Show - Marilynn Dowdy-Sulkanen (Saline, MI) (10/30/2010, 12/4/2012)
August 29, 1976New York/Saratoga Springs
(Saratoga Performing Arts Center)
First Show - Michele Brettholtz (Poughkeepsie, NY) (7/20/99)

First Show - Bev Rovelli (Auburn, NY) (8/25/99)

First Show - Susan Geurtze (Sacramento, CA) (12/11/99)

First Show - Pat W. (of Utica, NY) (5/12/2000)

First Show: [What I liked about this concert was] Barry! His persona & charm! He never ages! - Carol Shear (Syracuse, NY) (6/10/2000)

This was my first concert and I loved every moment! We had to leave before it was over as my babysitter had to be home by 10:00 PM. I cried as we left as my favorite song was being sung -- our daughter's name is Melissa so this is why there will never be another song as meaningful as "Could It Be Magic." Barry, keep on going, as you only get better as the years go by! Thank you so much for all these years. I love you and always will! - Debbie Bills (Ballston, NY) (10/27/2000)

First Show: I was only seven years old! My parents took me. We drove up from Wappingers Falls where we lived at the time. They said that I was standing and singing along and knew the words to many songs (though I only have some vague memories of it). - Chris Wilkowski (Austin, TX) (12/11/2001)

First Show - Kelly McCoy-Hebert (Bedford, NH) (1/18/2003)

This was my first Barry concert. We were moving to Durham, North Carolina in a week and I had the option to go to a going-away party for my family or Barry's concert. Duhhhhhh... I chose the concert!! My family has pictures of the going-away party and I am nowhere to be found! Oh well... I drove up from Kingston, New York with my best friend and her mom and aunt and we had a blast! I have seen Barry many more times since then and will again!! - Tracey Lennon (Grifton, NC) (7/10/2004)

First Show - Sandy Frederick (Cheshire, Massachusetts) (4/17/2011)

September 25, 1976Washington/Seattle
(Paramount Theater)
First and most memorable Barry concert: Tickets were $6.50 in the nosebleed section! I've been to every one [of his shows] in this state since. - Suzanne Cancler (Seattle, WA) (10/19/2001)

First Show - Laura Drahos (Tacoma, Washington) (1/14/2019)

September 26, 1976Oregon/Portland
(Paramount Theater)
First Show - Michael Murdock (Burlingame, CA) (11/16/98)

This was my second time seeing Barry in less than a year, and this time I wasn't in the balcony! By now, he was "Hot" with a capital H. His show was much more intricate. He was much more confident, much looser in communicating back to the audience, whether by song or banter. My favorite parts were the "VSM" (Very Strange Medley), and the medley of "Mandy" and "Could it be Magic" backed by a magnificent orchestra. It sent shivers up my spine. - Rebecca Keeney (Portland, OR) (12/26/2001)

First Show: We had what they called "festival seating" at the time, so my friend and I were able to get seats so close to the stage that my knees were touching the stage. Let me tell you, it was GREAT and I got some great pictures! - Karla McCallister (Vancouver, Washington) (9/12/2011)

September 28, 1976Washington/Spokane
(Spokane Coliseum)
First Show Memory: Technical problems with the sound, the Coliseum was notorious for bad acoustics. At one point Barry said, "This is freaky, I can hear my voice coming back three seconds later" ... My ticket price was $7.50! - Melody Deatherage (11/8/97)

[What I liked about this concert was] the music! And, of course, Barry!! - Jenny (of Spokane, WA) (10/5/2001)

First Show - Debbie Nichols (Spokane, WA) (3/24/2008)

October 8, 1976Illinois/Normal
(Illinois State University)
First Show (October 8): I was 16 years old and had a sister, two nieces, an aunt and my mom with me. We arrived at the University about two hours early, anxious and kind of bored. As we were discussing going inside and finding something to eat, this big orange bus pulled up. Guess who walked off, right in front of us? You got it -- The Man himself -- Barry Manilow! He was so adorable. He asked us if we were going to the show and I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. The show was fabulous! After the 'close encounter' before the show, even nosebleed seats were perfect! Of course, we stuck around after the show and saw him leave. We even got a couple of pictures of him waving and smiling at us through the bus window. I am now 39 and it seems like it was yesterday. Just thinking about it makes my heart skip a beat! I have seen him in a 4th row seat and an 8th row seat, but nothing will ever compare to that first concert. Interestingly, 10 days after the concert, my sister came to visit me in my Health and Safety class at high school to deliver a letter and autographed picture that Barry had sent her for me. She had written him earlier and told him how crazy I was about him and how he kept me on the straight-and-narrow while my twin was out getting into trouble. She had asked for an autographed picture, but he sent me the letter too that was written personally from when he was on tour in Tulsa, OK. That is one of my most cherished memories! - Laurie (Cammett) Hough (Michigan City, IN) (9/9/2000, 1/11/2006)

First Show (October 8) - Patti Cammett (Michigan City, IN) (1/20/2010)

October 9, 1976Illinois/Normal
(Illinois State University)
October 10, 1976Illinois/Evansville
(Roberts Stadium)
First Show - Terri Craig (Houston, Texas) (8/19/2013)
October 12, 1976Illinois/Charleston
(Eastern Illinois University)
Melissa Manchester opened for Barry. It was a sell-out crowd. It was the first time I saw Barry and he was great. Been a fan ever since. - Connie Luthe (4/19/2001)
October 14, 1976Missouri/St. Louis
(Kiel Auditorium)
First Show: I had nosebleed seats, but was just happy to be there. I knew then that Barry Manilow was going to be a big part of my life. His music, charm and talent were outstanding. I had a young family at that time and could only go see him when he came to St. Louis, but now that my family is grown, I have had the opportunity to see him many times in the past few years, and that feeling has not changed. He is still outstanding in his music, charm and talent. Even better than the old days! With love, Bev Edelstein (St. Louis, MO) (10/30/2009)

My first Manilow concert! What else is there to say? - Marilyn Meisenheimer (Jonesboro, Illinois) (2/25/2012)

October 15, 1976Missouri/Kansas City
(Municipal Auditorium)
We had tickets on the floor up close, but there were folks sitting high up in the cheap seat that Barry made come down to a decent level before he even began the concert. He called it the nose bleed section and told them to move down to empty seats closer. He talked about how he wished he had a rotating platform with big palm trees and flashing lights... he really set the scene for a great concert. A couple of years later he came back to town and all the props he mentioned were there, but it was that first up-close personal concert in 1976 that remains my favorite to this day. - Tena Robinson (Kansas City, MO) (10/21/2005)

First Show - Dana L. Russell (Kansas City, MO) (6/13/2009)

First Show: When I saw Barry for the first time, it was in 1976 and I was with my mom. My sister bought the tickets with my money. They weren't the best seats in the house by any means, but I was there and Barry was there and that was all that mattered. I about passed out on the way to the concert. Barry and his girls put on a fabulous show. - Debbie Globoke (Belton, MO) (1/29/2011)

First Show: Fabulous concert! - Janetta Messmer (of Kansas) (5/21/2012)

October 16, 1976Oklahoma/Tulsa
(Assembly Center)
Barry was fantastic! I had first listened to Barry Manilow II in 1975 when "Mandy" came out. This was the first time I had ever seen him in person. My mom and aunt had both bought me tickets. I had 5 of them and took 4 of my friends plus my mom and we had a blast. Barry's blue eyes and brownish/blond hair really stood out and I brought my binoculars (just in case!) to see him up close. The best song he sang was "Studio Musician" as well as his commercial medley which was very uplifting and fun. - Pamela Rachelle Pugh (originally from Tulsa, OK) (2/11/2011)
October 18, 1976Arkansas/Little Rock
(Robinson Auditorium)
October 19, 1976Arkansas/Little Rock
(Robinson Auditorium)
October 22, 1976Texas/Dallas
(McFarlin Auditorium)
First Show - Jeannie Moore (Weatherford, TX) (3/18/2007)

Barry, I have seen your concerts several times. When I first saw you in Dallas, you played the accordion and sang the commerical tunes, and of course "Mandy" and some of your other great songs! It was only YOU on the stage. - Mary Jo Kaler (Fort Wayne, Indiana) (originally from Ilion, New York) (10/24/2011)

First Show: I have seen many of Barry's concerts and he always adds something wherever he goes. - Cathy Marion (Plano, Texas) (2/19/2016)

October 23, 1976Texas/Houston
(Jones Hall)
First Show - Ann L. King (Moss Point, MS) (1/30/2011)
October 27, 1976Texas/Austin
(University of Texas)
October 29, 1976Louisiana/Baton Rouge
(Louisiana State University)
October 30, 1976Alabama/Birmingham
(Municipal Auditorium)
I think my tickets only cost $7.50 each. The backdrop on the stage was Barry sitting at a piano in a white tux. - Mary (of New Orleans, LA) (9/10/98)

Tickets were $7.00, $6.00 and $5.00. I made it to second row!! - J. Chris (1/31/2002)

November 10, 1976Florida/Lakeland
(Civic Center)
First Show - Karen Bigbie (Ocala, FL) (3/7/99)

When I called for tickets to this show, I was shocked to be able to get front row seats. It was my first Barry concert and I have not missed one since. This was the only one in the front row. - Janet (of Tampa, FL) (12/5/2002)

First Show - Marlene Becker (Brooksville, Florida) (2/6/2016)

November 12, 1976Georgia/Atlanta
(Civic Center)
My first concert. All the songs were great and backed up by Lady Flash. Been a Barry fan ever since. - Rich M. (of New York) (1/15/2004)

I had been to many concerts before this one, but I had never seen anything as thrilling as this show. I was already a huge fan of Barry's, but during this show I absolutely fell in love with him. I soooo wanted to be the 4th Flashy Lady! They were terrific. I was so happy when "Barry Manilow Live" came out so I could have an audio documentary of the concert. I've seen Barry many times since, but this "first" will always be special for me. Thank you, Barry! - Donna V. (Wilmington, North Carolina) (2/7/2012)

November 13, 1976Alabama/Huntsville
(Von Braun Civic Center)
November 14, 1976Tennessee/Nashville
(Grand Ole Opry)
First Show - Peggy Pigg (Virginia Beach, VA) (7/29/2002)

First Show: I was on the second row, and remember he had great shoes and socks which I could see! - Carolyn (of Nashville, TN) (10/1/2003)

First Show: This was my VERY first Barry Manilow concert. I was 9 years old and remember not really wanting to go see this man who thinks he "write(s) the songs that make the whole world sing"! I fell in love with him that night and have loved him every day since! What a concert! He was so charming and endearing...and still is! - Amy Meador (Nashville, Tennessee) (6/8/2012)

November 15, 1976Kentucky/Bowling Green
(E.A. Diddle Arena, Western Kentucky University)
First and Favorite Show:  Although there were hundreds of people in the arena, if someone yelled a question out, Barry would answer it. It was like you were in a room full of friends. We kept giving him standing ovations and he kept coming out to sing 'Just One More Song'. He was very friendly! - Laura Headrick (Glasgow, KY) (6/24/99)

First Show - Marina Therrien (Montgomery, AL) (7/26/99)

November 19, 1976Massachusetts/Springfield
(Civic Center)
First/Favorite Show: It had been almost an entire year after my father died from a heart attack. He was 37-years-old. My mother became a widow with four young children. I was 15-years-old, my youngest brother just turning four. My grandmother decided to get tickets to the concert for herself, my mother, and me. Here we were; the three generations. My mother and I were huge addicts of the music and I can't imagine not having experienced what was one of the most memorable shows for us. We sang along to all the songs we knew! My mother loved "Could It Be Magic" and I loved "I Write The Songs." What a treasured memory. My mother passed away three years ago, almost to the day as I write this. She had dementia and in her last year could not walk or talk. I made a music CD for her to have played before she went to bed every night at the nursing home. I filled that CD with all her favorites, to include "Could It Be Magic" and other choice songs like "It's A Miracle." She died in my arms on November 30th, 2017. And she was 'my' miracle. Now almost sixty myself, I still listen to those songs and I feel such comfort and peace. I even had a dream not that long ago that I saw Barry in concert and I just wanted to talk to him and let him know how very important his music was to us back in the Seventies. Thank you, Barry, for such great music. And thanks to my grandmother who insisted on us attending that show. I will never forget! - Laura Norquist-Weatherbee (Springfield, Massachusetts) (11/25/2020)
November 20, 1976Massachusetts/Boston
(Music Hall)
First Show - Ralph P. Gagnon (North Yarmouth, ME) (3/19/2002)

First Show - Donna Stucker (Salisbury, MA) (8/1/2007)

First Show: Barry was new to the scene and had such talent, which has been proven throughout his career. During his performance I had called out to him. He asked me to join him after the show for a beer. The audience responded and Barry said he couldn't take all of us! Having that beer with him would've meant so much! - Toni Ivers (Boston, Massachusetts) (3/22/2011)

First Show (November 20) - Debbie Martin (Springfield, Massachusetts) (4/6/2012)

November 21, 1976Massachusetts/Boston
(Music Hall)
November 26, 1976Virginia/Norfolk
First Show - Stephen J. Abramson (Los Angeles, CA) (7/28/2000)

My best friend and I had finished working as 'extras' on the movie "Rollercoaster" and I was still staying at her house. She insisted on buying tickets to see Lynyrd Skynyrd and dragging me along. I would only agree if she would go with me to see Barry, and she reluctantly said "Okay." Prior to that, our musical tastes were polar opposite. I listened to a lot of R&B and some classical (my stepfather played trumpet in a jazz band part-time, so I was getting into that... Yeah, I was a bit 'different'!), but Barry was IT for me! Anyway, we went to the other show, and sat through the Marshall Tucker Band and only the first three songs of Lynyrd Skynyrd because the crowd was so rowdy you couldn't hear the music. A couple of weeks later we went to see Barry and my best friend sat through the [entire] show with her mouth agape and eyes shining. The electricity was contagious and Barry was flawless. The place was packed but you forgot about everything and everyone else around you [except] Barry and his music. The next day I went out and bought her all of Barry's albums. After that we both could sit and listen to something musically without the other one groaning in pain! We even bought a Barry songbook and played and sang much to the chagrin of her parents and siblings. Let's just say my childhood wasn't any Utopia but some of the best times were Barry-related. - Kim Copeland (Norfolk, VA) (11/17/2001)

My first concert was amazing! - Anne Brewer (of North Carolina) (11/26/2010)

November 27, 1976Virginia/Richmond
First Show - Teresa (of Richmond, VA) (2/24/2005)
November 28, 1976Washington DC
(Kennedy Center)
First Show - Linda Gregory (Aberdeen, MD) (3/2/2005)
December 3, 1976Arizona/Tucson
First Show: My best pals and I went to see Barry Manilow in the '70s. We thought that concert was about the best we'd ever gone to. Barry is a wonderful entertainer, talking to the audience as if he knows us well, and making us feel like friends. I loved the part about the commercial jingles he'd written over the years. - Kris Morrison (Ogden, Utah) (9/19/2011)
December 4, 1976Arizona/Phoenix
(Symphony Hall)
First Concert: I was 14 years old. My mom bought tickets for me and a friend to go for my birthday. We were sitting fourth row center. Barry was awesome! I fell in love. I am 40 years old now and I have been to every concert he has had in Phoenix. - Julie Lynn (of Arizona) (7/3/2002)
December 5, 1976California/Anaheim
(Anaheim Convention Center)
Favorite Show: This was way back in the Lady Flash days with the amazing Debra Byrd, who I was so happy to see again with Barry at the Las Vegas show (on June 5, 2004). - Craig Hammons (Downey, CA) (7/15/2004)

First Show - Jeannie Ham (San Jacinto, CA) (7/15/2007)

First Show - Carol Bruns (San Diego, CA) (4/6/2008)

December 7, 1976California/Fresno
(Selland Arena)
This was my very first Barry Manilow concert. I was 14 years old and I had made a banner that read, "Selma Loves Barry Manilow". I wanted to place it on the banister poles but I was stopped at the gate. After I had explained what my banner was, the gate person contacted a nice gentleman who claimed to be Barry's Road Manager and told me that he would make sure Barry would receive it. I then gave it to him. Later, as I was in my seat, I saw that same gentleman and he still had my banner. Whether Barry got it I'll never know. Needless to say, my concert was more that I had expected. My favorite part was when, after he came back for an encore and set off the lights on his piano, he realized that Fresno did indeed enjoy his show when he stated something like, "I was worried that you didn't enjoy the show". I have been a fan ever since and I too had see every show he had ever performed in Fresno, California. Thank you, Barry, for the show and the excellent memory I will forever have. - Evie Rowell (Selma, CA) (5/23/2007)
December 9, 1976California/Sacramento
(Memorial Auditorium)
December 10, 1976California/San Francisco
(Civic Center)
It was my second Barry Manilow concert and I still have my concert stub. Like all Manilow concerts, it was wonderful! - Janice Dressler (Dublin, CA) (4/5/2003)
December 11, 1976California/San Diego
(Civic Center)
First Show Memory:  Barry performed in the same venue that I graduated from high school two years earlier.  Lady Flash was still a big part of the show and they showcased their current "Street Singin'" single.  This was the very first concert of anybody I had attended and I was blown away by the energy and entertainment of one Barry Manilow.  I have been hooked since then.  Our tickets cost $7.50 each! - Michael Franco (4/5/98)
December 19, 1976Pennsylvania/Reading
(Astor Theater)
First Show - Darlene (of Reading, PA) (3/27/2002)

First Show - Susan Cooper (Hummelstown, Pennsylvania) (8/21/2012)

First Show - Donna Wenz (Blandon, Pennsylvania) (10/1/2012)

December 21, 1976New York/New York City
(Uris Theatre)
This is the venue where Barry's 1977 "Live" album was recorded - Michael Franco (4/5/98)

First/Favorite Show (December 21st, Opening Night):  3rd row center seats right in front of Morgan Fairchild.  Total Magic!  Barry was never better!! - Marsha (of Brooklyn, NY) (11/16/98)

December 30: My first Barry concert was magical. I knew from the moment I heard him sing "Weekend In New England" and seeing Barry's captivating performance this night, I would love him forever! - Chris Gallagher (Fishkill, NY) (4/30/2001, 12/21/2001)

First Show - Marcy Lawrence (New City, NY) (8/2/2002)

First Show (December 21): What I like most about Barry's concerts is how he emotes to the audience when he sings. He really feels what he is singing and he sings to us. When he talks in between songs, you feel he is speaking directly to you. He has a sense of humor about himself. He does not take himself seriously. And we all love him for that. - Sharon Ginsberg (Edison, NJ) (8/10/2002)

First Show - Adelaide Lombardo (Brooklyn, NY) (11/24/2002)

First Show - Grace Angelo (Mohegan Lake, NY) (7/4/2009)

It was pure magic! It was the first concert that I went to without my parents, I was 13 at the time. I went with my best friend and we had a blast. I knew, there and then, that my love for Barry and his music was going to be with me for my entire lifetime. We had 5th row center seats and there were moments when I could swear he was singing just for me. It was just the start of many more amazing moments that I have had at his concerts. 33 years- it went by so fast, but it has been a wonderful ride. - Jackie Leman (Originally from Brooklyn, NY) (12/24/2009)

I've seen Barry several times since this show, but I had the most fun at the Uris Theatre. Maybe it was being in New York, maybe it was New Year's Eve. And I loved Lady Flash!! - Irene Olnick (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (4/22/2011)

December 31: Barry started the second half of the show with pouring champagne into plastic champagne glasses which lined the stage. I immediately jumped out of my seat to enjoy a glass of champagne with him (I won't mention my very young age that that time either!). I still have that glass today! - Susan Williams (Dallas, Texas) (2/28/2012)

First Show - Esta-Dara Agi (Anchorage, Alaska) (formerly Brooklyn, New York) (12/13/2020)

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