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January 12, 1975Pennsylvania/Philadelphia
(Academy of Music)
First Show - Mary Anne Macartney (Philadelphia, PA) (9/9/2007)

Christina Cerino (Hamilton, New Jersey) (3/3/2012)

First Show: I took a girl who liked his music. I didn't know much about him. The music was amazing. However, what was most memorable was that the intro film (yes film!) broke and he started the show with the film "clicking" in the projector. After intermission he walked out on the stage alone and explained to the audience what had happened. He noted how much effort that was put into that film and that he and the band were very proud of it. He asked if we would mind his playing the film and starting the concert again. We all applauded that he do so and that is exactly what he did. He was a genuine person which came through that night. He has been that kind of person at every concert I have attended since this first one! - Richard Leshner (Newtown, Pennsylvania) (9/3/2012)

January 18, 1975New York/Buffalo
(Kleinhans Symphony Hall)
First Show - Peggi A. Chimera (Buffalo, NY) (9/11/98)

First Show - Linda Johengen-Siclari (Buffalo, NY) (6/4/2006)

At the January 1975 show I sat in the very last row on the floor of the theatre with my Mom. It wouldn't have mattered if I was in the 2nd balcony... when Barry took the stage the magic began and it's only grown more and more over the years. It was a night I will never forget. Thanks Barry! - Dawn Lazzaro (Buffalo, NY) (2/11/2009)

Told my girlfriend and our group that this guy was going to be a mega star! "Mandy" went to #1 the next month and the rest is awesome history. Thanks for the music! - Norm Tomaka (Melbourne, FL) (10/9/2009)

This was my very first concert with Barry and most likely the favorite! Barry came out in this light blue leisure type suit, long blonde hair and huge white platform shoes! He was even cool back then! His singers and dancers were three pretty ladies which he called Lady Flash. The concert was amazing and the start of many more for me! Midway or so as this incredible show continued, Barry's platform shoes got caught on the stage wires! He abruptly took them off... tossing them to the backstage and did the rest of his show in stocking feet! God bless you, Barry! I'm still waiting for a Buffalo concert. I have not been able to see him for quite some time. Thank you for all the CDs you put out, Barry. That's the only way some of your true fans can keep in touch. I've been in the BMIFC so long their records don't go back that far!! Barrylove, Penni Hollis (Buffalo/Niagara Falls, New York) (1/9/2013)

[ Barry Manilow Promo for Kleinhans Symphony Hall ]

January 19, 1975Michigan/Detroit
(Ford Auditorium)
January 20, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Mr. Kelly's)
January 22: I had to do a report for 8th grade music class about a "popular singer/musician." I couldn't think of anyone, because I honestly was into folk music and showtunes at the time. My mom and dad brought me to see Barry at Mr. Kelly's (which sadly no longer exists) and I've been a fan ever since. AND I got an A+!! - Maggie Jamroz (Chicago, IL) (1/21/2006)

First Show - Lenora Kaplan (originally of Chicago, IL) (9/8/2010)

First Show - Gail Miller (Chicago, Illinois) (5/26/2012)

January 21, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Mr. Kelly's)
January 22, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Mr. Kelly's)
January 23, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Mr. Kelly's)
January 24, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Mr. Kelly's)
January 25, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Mr. Kelly's)
January 26, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Mr. Kelly's)
January 27, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Mr. Kelly's)
January 28, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Mr. Kelly's)
January 29, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Mr. Kelly's)
January 30, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Mr. Kelly's)
January 31, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Mr. Kelly's)
February 1, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Mr. Kelly's)
February 11, 1975California/San Francisco
(Boarding House)
February 12, 1975California/San Francisco
(Boarding House)
February 13, 1975California/San Francisco
(Boarding House)
February 14, 1975California/San Francisco
(Boarding House)
February 15, 1975California/San Francisco
(Boarding House)
February 16, 1975California/San Francisco
(Boarding House)
February 25, 1975California/Los Angeles
February 26: I did not even know who Barry Manilow was back then. Went out for a night on the town and we went to a small night club called the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA. Barry Manilow was the performer for the evening. When he opened his mouth to sing it was like magic! The man was manificent. What a voice he had! I was hooked from that night forward. His music was so enlightening. It was the greatest evening, and I looked forward to seeing Barry again. - Shelly Sanders (Los Angeles, CA) (11/5/2002)

A friend of mine gave my girlfriend and I tickets for the Troubadour. We went not expecting anything out of the ordinary and this very young man came on playing the piano and singing. Suddenly he began to play "Could It Be Magic" and I thought who is this guy? The song just blew me away. I told my friend, "This guy has got what it takes to make it BIG"! I never realized just how big!! It's my favorite memory because The Troubadour in Hollywood is really quite a small venue and the mood that night was being a part of something special on a small and intimate basis. It was fantastic and I'll never forget it! - Pat Rigole (Simi Valley, CA) (4/15/2009)

February 26, 1975California/Los Angeles
February 27, 1975California/Los Angeles
February 28, 1975California/Los Angeles
March 1, 1975California/Los Angeles
March 2, 1975California/Los Angeles
March 7, 1975California/Fresno
(Convention Center)
First Show: My older sister was going to the concert. My mom sent me with my sister. I was 14 or 15. We were standing fairly close to the stage, so we had a great view. I fell in love with Barry Manilow and his music. I still remember his Very Strange Medley. - Lucy (of Fresno, California) (8/23/2015)
March 11, 1975Colorado/Denver
(Ebbets Field)
First/Favorite Show (March 16: Last show of a week run, it was great to see the personal Barry and see him grow! He captured my artistic soul! He has shown me many things of life and about life, I only hope that I may learn and grow from such examples. His artistry has meant the world to me through the years and there isn't enough thanks that I could ever express to say how he has touched me. Now (with my illness) it has an even greater meaning and the world is truly bless with people such as Barry Manilow. I wish him the best in all that he does and all that he has yet to become! - Patian Moralano (Denver, CO) (1/24/99, 3/10/99)
March 12, 1975Colorado/Denver
(Ebbets Field)
March 13, 1975Colorado/Denver
(Ebbets Field)
March 14, 1975Colorado/Denver
(Ebbets Field)
March 15, 1975Colorado/Denver
(Ebbets Field)
March 16, 1975Colorado/Denver
(Ebbets Field)
March 20, 1975Oklahoma/Oklahoma City
(Music Hall)
March 21, 1975Texas/Houston
(Music Hall)
March 22, 1975Mississippi/Jackson
March 23, 1975Tennessee/Memphis
(Ellis Auditorium)
April 6, 1975Tennessee/Nashville
(War Memorial Auditorium)
April 8, 1975Tennessee/Martin
(University of Tennessee)
First Show: I have never heard a Manilow song either written by him or someone else that touches my heart in every way that I LOVE. He is so special. Keep it going. Blessings to you always. - Edie Hummel (Knoxville, Tennessee) (1/24/2013)
April 9, 1975Mississippi/Oxford
(University of Mississippi)
April 10, 1975Mississippi/Starkville
(Mississippi State University)
April 11, 1975Arkansas/Jonesboro
(Arkansas State University)
First Show: The first time we saw Barry Manilow was in Indian Field House and most of us didn't even know who he was, until he started singing! By the end we were all jumping up and down on our chairs screaming our heads off. My husband (of 40 years now) and I had just started dating. His best friend was on the Student Government Association Entertainment Committee and after the concert asked me if I wanted to come backstage and meet Barry. I jumped at the chance, only to have Larry say no! I can't believe I let him tell me no! (It hasn't happened since!) I gave up the chance at a picture, an autograph and maybe even a hug!! BUT that was also when I knew I was in love with Larry and would marry him! - Linda Dame O'Dell (Richmond, Virginia) (4/6/2015)

First Show: At age 16, I went to visit my sister at AR State University for the weekend and we attended Barry's concert. I was "instantly enthralled", and a 41+ year "love affair" with his music has only grown each year. - Diann Albritton (Jackson, Tennessee) (9/3/2016)

April 13, 1975Ohio/Columbus
(Veterans Memorial Auditorium)
April 14, 1975New York/
New York City
(Electric Lady Studios)
April 19, 1975New York/Westbury
(Westbury Music Fair)
April 19: After dating several other people in the preceding few years, but never quite "hitting it off" with any of them, my wife (now of 35+ years), Jennie, and I, both just around 23 years old, met on March 21, 1975, traveling into work on the LIRR one morning. In the ensuing month, we began to see each other more regularly, as our feelings for each other began to take root. After about one month of dating, at my cousin's recommendation, we decided to take in Barry's show at Westbury Music Fair on Saturday, April 19, 1975. I still clearly remember that beautiful spring evening. How perfectly calm and comfortable was the weather... mirroring our blossoming awareness of just how perfectly calm and comfortable we were beginning to feel in each other's company, as we stood by my car, arms around each other's waists, eagerly awaiting the show. But, sublime and memorable as that moment was, it was maybe an hour later, that it was topped. DURING the concert, as Barry's vocal so emotionally, so emphatically, rang out with the musical question: "Could this be the Magic, at last?" our already clasped hands simultaneously tightened together, answering affirmatively, to the song, and, most importantly, to each other... and, at that moment ... we officially ... fell in love! And remain to this day ... Thanks, Barry ... you made it easy for us ... Still love you, Jen. Still love that song. - Lou Longobardi (Valley Stream, New York) (1/11/2012)
April 20, 1975New York/Westbury
(Westbury Music Fair)
April 24, 1975Ohio/Cincinnati
(Music Hall)
April 25, 1975West Virginia/Bethany
(Bethany College)
April 27, 1975Ohio/Toledo
(Masonic Auditorium)
First Show - Anne Malicki (Whitehouse, OH) (9/18/99)

Highlights: It's A Miracle / I Want To Be Somebody's Baby / One Of These Days / A Very Strange Medley (including Kentucky Fried Chicken, State Farm, Stridex, Florida Sun, Bathroom Bowl Blues, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, You Deserve A Break Today, and more) / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again (rare early performance) / Cloudburst / Sweet Life / Something's Comin' Up / I Am Your Child / Could It Be Magic / Friends / Mandy / Medley (Heatwave, Nowhere To Run, My Baby Loves Me, Dancing In The Streets, It's A Miracle)

[ Manilow Archives Episode #40 aired February 2013 ]

April 28, 1975Michigan/Detroit
(Clam Shop)
May 1, 1975Kentucky/Louisville
(Freedom Hall)
101st Kentucky Derby Concert

Broadcast on ABC (Friday, May 2), Barry was introduced by Jack Klugman. Barry performed "It's A Miracle," "I Wanna Be Somebody's Baby," "A Very Strange Medley," "Early Morning Strangers," "Could It Be Magic," "Friends," "Mandy" and the Martha Medley with Debra Byrd, Reparata and Ramona Brooks ("Heatwave," "Nowhere To Run," "My Baby Loves Me," "Dancin' In The Streets," and "It's A Miracle (Reprise)")

[ Manilow.TV Episode #11 aired August 2010 ]

May 2, 1975Arkansas/Little Rock
(Robinson Auditorium)
First Show: [What I liked about this show was] watching my mom be so moved by Barry and his songs. I was 14 at the time (now I am 43). My mom and I were on our own in life and Barry was our muse. He remains that to us today. - Diana Boone (Conway, AR) (7/19/2006)
May 3, 1975Tennessee/Jackson
(Lambuth College)
First Show: Barry, I saw you before you became famous! You actually played in the Lambuth University gym; Lambuth University is still standing in Jackson, TN. But they sold it to University of Memphis last year. - Pam Roberts (Nashville, Tennessee) (10/1/2012)
May 4, 1975Missouri/Eureka
(Six Flags Over Mid-America)
There are people who can perform and people who can entertain. However, there are few people who can do both. Barry Manilow is one of those few. God gave him an awesome talent. One cannot be disappointed attending a Barry Manilow concert. God bless you, Barry!! - Karen M. Savoy (Troy, MI) (8/23/99)

First Show - Laurie Allen (Little Rock, AR) (11/21/2009)

May 9, 1975Washington, DC
(Constitution Hall)
First Show: I'd never heard of Barry. He sang his commercial jingles. He already had a couple of hits. I loved his music, started buying his albums. - Carole Palmer (of Maryland) (8/20/2012)
May 18, 1975Pennsylvania/Scranton
(Masonic Auditorium)
May 23, 1975New York/Brooklyn
(Brooklyn College, Gershwin Theater)
First Show - Bill (of Manalapan, NJ) (3/11/99)

First Show - Mara Friedman (Brooklyn, New York) (6/23/2011)

May 30, 1975Maryland/Annapolis
(U.S. Naval Academy)
May 31, 1975Florida/Miami
(Gusman Hall)
First Show: Barry was very personable with his audience and "chatty." A great setting for the love song king! Loved the jingles medley!! - Melissa Pogue (of Northern Kentucky) (4/21/2012)


July 28, 1975Illinois/Chicago
Highlights: Beautiful Music / It's A Miracle / I Am Your Child / I Want To Be Somebody's Baby / You're Leaving Too Soon / Bandstand Boogie / Could It Be Magic / Very Strange Medley (Kentucky Fried Chicken/State Farm/Stridex/Chevy/Franco Ameri-can/I Am Stuck on Band-Aid/Bathroom Bowl Blues/Dr. Pepper/Join The Pepsi People/McDonald's) / Studio Musician / Mandy / Martha and the Vandellas Medley/Tribute (Heatwave/Nowhere To Run/My Baby Loves Me/Dancin' In The Streets/It's A Miracle (Reprise))
July 29, 1975Illinois/Chicago
July 30, 1975Illinois/Chicago
July 31, 1975Illinois/Highland Park
(Ravinia Festival)
First Show: Early in the 70's, Barry was touring every town and high school. His performance was incredible but I was equally touched by the way Barry opened up to the audience. He is always trying new material and sharing it with us. - Nancy Rogo (Lisle, IL) (6/17/2009)

First Show: They had filmed part of the First TV Special then. I've been a Barry fan since the early '70s. As a teenager I babysat for spending money. I introduced a little baby girl I babysat for to Barry as we always played his records and sang and danced to his music. Needless to say, she became a big fan too. We are going to his concert in Chicago (December 2009). It has been over 30 years, but our shared love of Barry's music is still going strong! - Karen Enyart (Chicago, IL) (12/9/2009) - Karen Enyart (Chicago, IL) (12/9/2009)

First Show - Laurel Klein (of Florida) (5/3/2010)

It was my first Barry concert, even though I had become a fan when I had heard his album with "Mandy" and [other] songs. I had camped out for these two tickets (my twin sister went with me); there was a terrible rainstorm and I got soaked and lost my grandmother's favorite comforter. I had no idea there would be a taping of this concert for his TV Special, so the concert lasted an hour longer... and my dad who drove us -- two fourteen year olds -- he had all my siblings in the station wagon, waiting for us. Mind you, there were no available cellphones at the time, so once the show was over and we headed back, my dad and mom scolded us for being late. They did understand when we explained why. My parents were the hippest parents, always encouraging our concert times and getting us there. This was my discovery of a lifetime of having the honor of knowing Barry's talent and helping me throughout my growing life, over fifty years being a Fanilow, now at 66 yrs old!! - Norma Zamora Bernsee (Brookfield, Illinois) (1/30/2024)

August 1,
(Masonic Auditorium)
First Show - Patricia Nieman (Detroit, MI) (8/31/2009)

First Show - Joan M. Cook (Bay City, MI) (4/24/2010)

August 3,
Connecticut/New Fairfield
(Candlewood Festival)
August 4,
New York/Monticello
(Monticello Raceway)
Barry sang a few songs, most notably "Sandra", one of my favorites and one that he rarely performs. - Bill (of Manalapan, NJ) (3/11/99)

Barry, you were just starting out. Was so excited to see you. Have never had the chance to see you again, but I love your music. I just turned 60, so I've been a fan a long time! Maybe I can catch you on your concert tour this year. - Karen Wiesen (Danville, Pennsylvania) (2/24/2016)

August 5,
New York/Monticello
(Monticello Raceway)
August 6,
New York/Monticello
(Monticello Raceway)
August 26, 1975Illinois/Ottawa
(Ottawa High School)
First Show - Denise Ward (Streator, IL) (8/24/2000)

First Show: It was my 23rd birthday and my husband surprised me with tickets. In spite of the venue -- a high school gym! -- the show was absolutely magical and remains my favorite concert of all time. - Dori Johns (Crystal Lake, Illinois) (5/26/2011)

August 27, 1975Ohio/Cuyahoga Falls
(Blossom Festival)
First Show - Diane Marra (7/14/98)

Just when you think Barry couldn't put on a better show, he does! - Christine Adkins (Lorain, OH) (7/26/2000)

First Show - Michelle Krill (Mansfield, OH) (2/21/2002)

First Show: I saw Barry Manilow for the first time when he was the opening act for Helen Reddy. He surely stole the show! - Jeanne Travaglianti (3/13/2002, 4/3/2002)

First Show - Nancy Wrana (Painesville, OH) (1/21/2003)

First Show - Alan Fisher (Cleveland, Ohio) (9/27/2021)

August 28, 1975Pennsylvania/Erie
(Municipal Auditorium)
First Show: Barry opened for Roberta Flack. Flack was a great singer and a big name (still is...). However, Barry's opening act was so animated, entertaining and he connected so much with the audience, that I believe the Flack people were saying to themselves: "What were we thinking!?...How are we going to follow this?!!" - Jim Merrill (Erie, PA) (4/29/2010)
August 29, 1975New York/Binghamton
(Broome County Arena)
Bonnie & I (Joe) worked part-time at the Arena as Ticket Takers, Ushers and Security. We got asked to work the show. I had never heard of Barry, but [Roberta] Flack was the headline act so we were looking forward to hearing her. Were we wrong! Barry's act was fantastic (especially his V.S.M.!). Flack was so-so. We've been Barry fans ever since. We've been married 36 years, and Barry certainly "wrote the songs" for us. - Joe and Bonnie Pokorak (Binghamton, New York) (2/12/2012)
August 30, 1975New York/Niagara Falls
(Convention Center)
First Show - Mary Marsh (Los Angeles, CA) (8/29/2007)
August 31, 1975New York/Rochester
(War Memorial Auditorium)
First Show: I went to hear Roberta Flack, never having heard of Barry Manilow. I was so blown away by his incredible show (opening for Roberta), that I left after HIS show, totally satisfied, and did not stay to hear her. - Terry Rose (Chicago, IL) (8/13/2004)

First Show - Donna Dilella (Rochester, NY) (9/19/2010)

My first concert with Barry was very memorable! His hair was long and blond and he wore nice tight pants and shirt... and white platform shoes! After getting the party going, he started to dance a bit like he still does. However, those big white shoes kept catching on the cords on the stage so he took them off, chucked them aggressively to the side and continued on in his stockings for the rest of the show! Lady Flash was the back-up singers then. Barry asked the crowd for a name and said he was going to call them the Oreo sisters because two were black and the white girl was in the middle! See, Barry, you never lost your touch! I've been a fan since then!! God bless you. It's been a pleasant experience along the way! - Penni Hollis (Niagara Falls, New York) (4/3/2012)

First Show: Even before the first time I saw a "Barry" concert, I was a fan! My brother brought me to see the concert with Barry Manilow and Roberta Flack for my birthday... Barry, you were awesome! I particulary remember how entertaining your "jingles" portion of the show was! Not only a great musician, but a very smart marketing man. I've bought every album of yours since. Can't wait for the concert in Rochester, NY on September 7, 2012! Once again, the tickets were a birthday gift. I'm a lucky girl!! - Wendy Pringle (Webster, New York) (9/4/2012)

This was only the second concert I'd ever been to. I was 22 and had seen The Dave Clark Five once in my teens. The format of the Barry concert was much more to my liking and I have been to only Barry concerts from that point forward. - Claudia Rox (Brockton, Massachusetts) (9/22/2012)

September 12, 1975New York/
New York City
(Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park)
...with Melissa Manchester! - note from Sheron Tippens (3/23/98)
September 13, 1975Pennsylvania/Philadelphia
(Academy of Music)
First Show: I was pregnant with my daughter and I didn't sit down during the concert the whole time! - Carol Clements (Philadelphia, PA) (2/3/2004)
September 17, 1975Connecticut/Hartford
(Bushnell Auditorium)
First Show - Jo Ann Ventura (of Connecticut) (1/26/2006)
September 19, 1975New York/Hempstead
(Calderone Theater)
I knew Barry would be a great star. My first concert I had 3rd row seats! This was before the glitz. He was simply introduced and came out wearing brown corduroy slacks. The back up group was called - one of the many names - Oreo (I think that would be politically incorrect today!). That's what's great about Barry Manilow... he's just fun. He was pleased when a song would touch you and keep with you. He is a great talent and great showman, and I still enjoy his music today as much as I did in the '70s. Thank you Barry!! - Eileen Becker (Long Island, NY) (3/23/2011, 11/4/2011)

You always remember your first! The first time I saw Barry, "Mandy" had hit the airwaves. He was originally scheduled to play Central Park with Melissa Manchester but that concert got rained out and I was given the option to see either one of them (but not both) at the Calderone Theatre. I went with Barry... I so clearly remember how he owned the stage, even back then. And it was then I was hooked! I've probably seen him on average twice a year since then and I'm never disappointed. One of the highlights was the "Very Strange Medley." He's one of the best, if not THE best, entertainers ever! - Elise Starr (of New York) (3/30/2011)

September 21, 1975New York/
New York City
(Arista Festival)
September 24, 1975South Carolina/Charleston
(Municipal Auditorium)
First Show: During my senior year in high school my cheerleading team wanted to go to Georgia to see the show ... since then, my life has never been the same. - Marsha Williams (Jacksonville, FL) (11/21/2005)
September 26, 1975Virginia/Norfolk
(Chrysler Hall)
September 27, 1975Virginia/Richmond
First Show: "Beautiful Music," "I Wanna Be Somebody's Baby," "One Of These Days," "A Very Strange Medley," "Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again," "Cloudburst," "Something's Coming Up," Intermission, "It's A Miracle," "Sweet Life," "I Am Your Child," "Could It Be Magic," "Friends," "Mandy/Could It Be Magic," Encore by Flashy Ladies (Martha & the Vandellas medley: "Heatwave" / "Nowhere To Run") and with Barry ("My Baby Loves Me" / "Dancin' In The Streets"), "It's A Miracle (Reprise)." - Rosie B. (Richmond, Virginia) (2/26/2013)
September 28, 1975Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh
(Heinz Hall)
October 4, 1975Washington, DC
(Constitution Hall)
October 12, 1975Pennsylvania/Wilkes-Barre
(Wilkes College)
This concert was Free and performed at the gym at Wilkes College! - '' (5/6/2000)

First Show - Rose Basta (Carlsbad, CA) (6/17/2009)

October 16, 1975Kansas/Wichita
(Century II)
I had been married just a little over a year and made my husband take me [to the show]. Loved Barry's sense of humor and ability to make everyone feel so included. Now I go to his concerts with my girlfriends. I can't wait to see Barry in Las Vegas! - Linda Marshall (Wichita, KS) (8/10/2005)
October 17, 1975Oklahoma/Oklahoma City
(Music Hall)
This was my very first concert - my mother took me and my sister. I was four years old. Do I remember it? Surprisingly, yes. I fell in love with Barry from that night on. - Laura Brennan (Kansas City, MO) (5/26/2000)
October 18, 1975Kansas/Hays
(Fort Hays State College)
First Show - Lynn Schiller (Great Bend, Kansas) (7/26/2012)
October 19, 1975Nebraska/Kearney
(Kearney State College)
It was the first time I ever heard of Barry Manilow and I've been in love with him ever since. - Sharla Fritz (5/15/2000)
October 21, 1975New York/
New York City
(Buddy's Place)
Highlights: Mandy (Record) / New York City Rhythm / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Bandstand Boogie / Could It Be Magic / It's A Miracle / I Write The Songs
October 24, 1975Illinois/Chicago
(Auditorium Theater)
First Show: I sat in the front row of the balcony. At first note, I was hooked for life. - Sherri Novak (Huntley, Illinois) (10/24/99, 11/2/2013)

This was my first Barry concert. I went with my best friend, who was not into Barry the way I was. We had nosebleed seats, but I didn't care. I spent the whole night staring at Barry through binoculars. I was in heaven! It's funny - 25 years later, when I see him in concert and he first walks out onto the stage, I still feel like that same 15-year-old girl I was then. - Robin Fullarton (Evergreen Park, IL) (3/23/2001)

First Show - Patricia Gort (Wheeling, Illinois) (8/8/2012)

First Show - Debby (Murray) Barker (Plainfield, Illinois) (7/15/2012)

October 25, 1975Ohio/St. Mary
(McBroom Gymnasium, St. Mary's High School)
This was my first show. It was in the McBroom gymnasium at St. Mary's High School in St. Mary, Ohio. I didn't know much about Barry then. I was 11 years old. I went with my sister, Becky, and her friend, Marissa. Barry had a comic open up for him that night, and he wasn't very good (the comic that is). Then Barry came out and the crowd went crazy. I can still remember him on stage singing "Mandy". I was hooked and have been a fan ever since. - Kent (Celina, OH) (11/16/99)

It was the night that I became smitten with Barry and 32 years later, it hasn't changed. I was a college sophmore at Bowling Green State Universary near St. Mary's High School. I knew I loved his music, but when I had the experience of being with him "live", it started a love affair that would never end. I sat on the end of the bleachers right where it met the stage and remember staring into those beautiful blue eyes as he sat at the piano and sang "just to me". 30 years later (and many wonderful concert experiences in between), I again sat on the edge of the stage - this time in Las Vegas and gazed into those same beautiful eyes as sang again "just to me". As one of my favorite song lines go... "Such hunger then, much younger then but really we're the same, And once the music played, And once they lit the light, And years ago, we felt a glow, So very like tonight. And now I know, It will always be that way. For you, for me, Forever and a Day." Thank you Barry. - Dee W. (of Cleveland, OH) (2/10/2008)

First Show - Janet Ausmus (Erie, Michigan) (11/28/2022)

October 26, 1975Michigan/Flint
(Whiting Auditorium)
October 29, 1975Minnesota/Minneapolis
(Orchestra Hall)
First Show: Barry's showmanship was and still is incredible. A very memorable show for me. I will always enjoy his music. I only wish I was able to travel and see his concerts! - Jacque Trosper (Albuquerque, NM) (4/16/2010)
October 31, 1975Ohio/Cincinnati
(University of Cincinnati, Armory Fieldhouse)
First Show: "Mandy," "Could It Be Magic," and "It's A Miracle" were Barry's only hits at the time. Tickets were $5.50 each (I wish they still were!). It was only the second concert I'd ever been to (Sonny & Cher was the first). I sat in the 7th row, and I was in Heaven! Almost 30 years later, I still feel the same way whenever I see or hear him!! - Connie H. (Middletown, OH) (4/13/2003)

I can't say enough about how Barry Manilow's music has affected me from the first time I saw him in concert, and Even Now! - Bev Hildreth (Sumter, SC) (6/5/2003)

First Show - Dean Herron (Crestview Hills, Kentucky) (2/5/2020)

November 1, 1975Ohio/Toledo
(Masonic Auditorium)
First Show - Peg (of San Diego, CA) (11/8/98)

First Show - Melissa Meehan (Maumee, OH) (6/16/2004)

November 3, 1975Mississippi/Cleveland
(Delta State University)
November 6, 1975Florida/Miami
(Gusman Hall)
First Show - Stacey Saunier (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (11/1/2002)

We got to name his background singers by putting white pieces of paper in a hat. Later that night, the name he used was Flashy Ladies. I'm Barry's greatest secret fan. - Robert McCauley (of Florida) (6/5/2004)

First Show - Karen Shegogue (Jacksonville, FL) (10/8/2005)

November 8, 1975South Carolina/Irmo
(Irmo High School, Activity Arena)
First Manilow concert I ever attended.  It was at 8 p.m. in the Irmo High School Activity Arena.  The performance was a charity concert sponsored by our KeyClub organization at Irmo High School. I still have my ticket stub, the newspaper clippings, the flyers announcing it, etc.  Never again have I seen a Manilow concert for the wonderfully affordable fee of $5.00! He had "Could It Be Magic" in release according to the papers.  "Mandy" had been released.  Most of the songs he did with Lady Flash were from the Barry Manilow I & II albums along with the jingles.  Had a blast and have been a devoted fan ever since. - Susan Sawyer (9/6/97)

First Show - Eric L. Watts (Atlanta, Georgia) (4/25/2020)

November 10, 1975Indiana/Indianapolis
(Clowes Memorial Hall)
First Show - Autumn Shenk (of Pennsylvania) (1/8/99)

First Show - Kathy Price (Indianapolis, IN) (8/3/99)

[What I liked about this concert was Barry's] great performance. Lots of fun! I came out as one of the happiest girls in the world. - Susan Gammon (Indianapolis, IN) (10/5/2001)

First Show: Barry is such a great performer - just a regular guy with a great sense of humor. He's so sincere and you know he enjoys performing. He makes each person feel like he's performing just for you. He's wonderful and I will follow his career forever. - Tania Thomas (Indianapolis, IN) (2/6/2002)

First Show: Barry stole my heart all the way! - Rena Hiatt (Richmond, Texas) (4/19/2013)

Before the concert started in 1975 I was driving a car load of girls from Purdue to the concert. We arrived at the Hall early. Barry was arriving in the parking lot with his long fur coat and brief case. We were the only cars in the lot, he was about 8 feet in front of my car and started taking long strides to the building as he noticed all of us greeting him. What a fun evening it was! - Melinda Ressling (Houston, Texas) (2/18/2016)

November 11, 1975Illinois/Normal
(Illinois State University)
First Show:  Barry is such a great performer. He does make you think he is performing just for you...I admire him for putting up with all of the negative comments from people and just being himself. People who have never seen him in concert do not know what they are missing. He is fabulous. - Debbie Gaffney (LeRoy, IL) (12/18/98)

First Show - Georgia (of Illinois) (4/19/99)

First Show - Martin Vota (Taylorville, IL) (1/9/2007)

First Show - Barb Lilienthal (Bloomington, Illinois) (2/3/2012)

First Show - Cindy Hall (Winter Haven, Florida) (11/27/2017)

November 14, 1975Tennessee/Jackson
I had just met my wife-to-be at a Halloween party (blind date) and this concert was one of our first dates. - Jim Britt (Jackson, TN) (10/24/2010)
November 16, 1975Tennessee/Memphis
(Ellis Auditorium)
First Show - Tom Campbell (Tupelo, MS) (10/6/99)

First Show: I was in 10th grade and my mother took about four girls to Memphis to the Auditorium North Hall. As we crossed the Memphis-Arkansas bridge that afternoon before the concert, we passed the auditorium where the concert was to be held that night. Barry must have been practicing that afternoon for his concert that night because as we passed, he came out of the building! My mom had a station wagon and she said, "Yell at him," and rolled down the back window of the station wagon (where we were sitting)! I will never forget it as long as I live! We all ducked our heads. There was no way we were going to yell at him out the window! The funniest part about this story is my mom. She is this prim southern belle type and when I think about her telling us to yell at him, it makes me smile Even Now (no pun intended)! By the way, she is 72 now and still likes to hear Barry, too. - L. Smith (of Arkansas) (1/1/2000)

November 19, 1975Kentucky/Richmond
(Eastern Kentucky University)
First Show: I saw Barry open for The Spinners! - Dean (12/28/2002)

Wow, what memories! First concert I saw with Barry Manilow was when he was backup to the Spinners. It was at Eastern Kentucky University, November 19, 1975. I paid $2 for the ticket to the concert. I was totally blown away and have been a fan ever since and have attended several of Barry's concerts. Have never, ever been disappointed. What a talent! - Abbie (of Louisville, KY) (12/10/2009)

November 21, 1975Louisiana/New Orleans
(Theatre for the Performing Arts)
Tickets were $5.00 and $6.00. I was [around] row 12. - J. Chris (1/31/2002)

First Show: I was totally blown away! By intermission I was a die hard fan and still am. I never experienced music like this before. The thunderous applause went on and on and stopped the show three times. The newspaper the next day gave a glowing review and said it was a performance of a life time to see. I never did get the Beatles thing or any of the other Rock and Roll groups; I didn't see what all the fuss was about. But after this concert I finally got it. I still get the same feeling after all these year with Barry's old and new songs. I guess I'm just in tune with his style of music. - Judy McCloskey (New Orleans, LA) (1/29/2003)

First Show - Cheryl Riecke (Covington, LA) (7/4/2009)

November 23, 1975Texas/Houston
(Music Hall)
November 28, 1975Texas/Amarillo
(Amarillo Auditorium)
November 29, 1975Texas/El Paso
(Civic Center)
November 30, 1975New Mexico/Albuquerque
(Convention Center)
December 2, 1975California/San Diego
(Golden Hall)
December 5, 1975Oregon/Portland
(Paramount Theater)
First Concert: I was given tickets to see Barry as a Christmas present. I had heard "Could it be Magic" before I even heard "Mandy," so I was very eager to see him. I was in the first row, balcony. What I was struck with, was the staging, quality, passion, and humor from this dynamo. I had the foresight back then, at age 16, to write a little "review." At the very end of my review it stated: "A true superstar is born for sure!" - Rebecca Keeney (Portland, OR) (12/26/2001)
December 6, 1975Washington/Seattle
(Paramount Theater)
First Show: I was twelve. My older sister took me to the concert as a gift. The tickets were $6.00 for second-row seats (she'd tried for front row.) I primped and dressed up like I was on a first date with the biggest crush of my life. It was one of the most magical evenings, even to this day and I'll never forget that concert as long as I live! It was wonderful!! - Maureen (of Seattle, WA) (12/29/2006)
December 7, 1975British Columbia/Vancouver
(Queen Elizabeth Hall)
December 8, 1975Washington/Spokane
(Opera House)
December 12, 1975California/San Carlos
(Circle Star Theater)
Jimmy "JJ" Walker was the opening act (Kid DYNO-MITE!) who was appearing on the TV show Good Times. He was known to be very temperamental, and before the show was to begin, there was an announcement that Walker could not appear... The best part was yet to come as the announcer stated that Barry would sing for the entire show! You can only imagine what a wonderful surprise that was!! The show was, of course, magnificent, and Barry and his singers and musicians worked their hearts out for us. It was truly a night to remember. - Laura Aubert (12/31/2001)

First Show - Jan Edwards (Tuckerton, NJ) (1/29/2003)

December 13, 1975California/San Carlos
(Circle Star Theater)
December 15, 1975California/Los Angeles
(Dorothy Chandler Music Pavilion)
First Show - Birgit H. (of Los Angeles, CA) (1/19/2006)
December 18, 1975Iowa/Davenport
(Masonic Temple)
First Show - Paul Vyncke (East Moline, IL) (4/15/2000)

First Show - I was completely mesmerized by Barry's performance! I was 19 and a music composition major at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. My mom found out where Barry and his band were staying and we went there after the show. In the lounge she bought a round of drinks for his entourage who were in the very back of the lounge. They gave a "thank you" and acknowledged her. But I was petrified to go over and say hello. After a quick trip to the ladies' room, I headed back with my courage up. I turned the corner to enter the lounge and ran right into a guy on his way out. I mumbled "excuse me" and he said no problem. As I looked up to see who he was as he walked away towards the elevator, I realized I had run right into BARRY! And with that realization, I stood there unable to close the distance between the closing elevator and me. I'm 64 now, and sure wish I had had the sense to speak up back then! But it makes for a good story!! - Debra Fraker (Davenport, Iowa) (6/22/2021)

December 19, 1975Missouri/St. Louis
(Kiel Auditorium)
December 20, 1975Ohio/Columbus
(Veterans Memorial Auditorium)
First Show - Maria Reincheld (Pickerington, OH) (9/5/99)

First Show: From the first time I heard Barry Manilow sing "Mandy," I was hooked. While a teenager in the 70's he got me through so [much] "teenage turmoil." He has truly one of the most beautiful voices. Silly as it may sound, I still -- after being a fan for 26 years -- get lost in his voice. His connection with his audience and his fans is overwhelming to watch. - Stephanie Yost (Newark, OH) (3/3/2002)

First Show - Landa Masdea Brunetto (Columbus, OH) (4/18/2004)

December 21, 1975Ohio/Cleveland
(Music Hall)
December 31, 1975New York/
New York City
(Beacon Theater)
First Show - Irene Olnick (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (4/22/2011)

First Show - Gail Sussman (Brooklyn, New York) (11/24/2011)

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