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October 1, 2021

Now on Manilow TV for October:
In The Round World Tour - Wembley Arena
London, England - April 20-21, 1996

Hi Everyone,

October is the anniversary month of ManilowTV.

Can you believe we’ve been doing this for 12 years?!?!

140 episodes!

Just when I think there couldn't possibly be anymore shows that people would want to see Marc pulls a new one out of the vault that takes me back. Credit to him to for continually digging for new videos.

I hope these videos take you back too.

Since it is the anniversary, instead of debuting a new show, we want to put a spotlight on the very first show we aired... the last two concerts of the UK run of the 1996 In The Round World Tour.

Of all the concerts we could have selected for the first episode this one stood above them all.

It includes so many rare performances most of you probably haven’t seen…I’ll Be Good For You, I’ll Be Here With You, Never My Love, How Deep Is The Ocean, and on and on.

Please join me in celebrating 12 years of ManilowTV.



I've chosen these two concerts as our first Manilow TV episode because of their uniqueness:

a. We were in the round for the first time
b. There are songs during the shows that I don't remember ever singing again
c. The "Copacabana" cast was in the audience on the second night.

Stuff like that.

We began the 12 show tour in London, did the tour all over the U.K. and then came back and ended the tour for two nights at the Wembley Arena. These two shows are our last nights of that tour.

They stuck Marc and his camera up in the gods, but he's so great at this that I think you'll still get a very good sense of the show.


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