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April 1, 2021

New on Manilow TV for April:
Greatest Hits and Then Some
Manila, Philippines - November 5, 1992

Hi Everyone,

This month’s Manilow TV is another real rare one.

We only played The Philippines once in my entire career and it was a once in a lifetime experience for me. The audiences in Manila and Cebu were beyond my wildest expectations. 50,000 people filled up each of the arena shows there.

They had memorized every album I had released. They sang along to every single song we did. All the songs on the radio sounded like the songs I had written and produced. The entire country loved love songs and my music fit the bill.

It was the most amazing, exciting and surprising week of my career. The people in Manila were wonderful. They were so kind and so smart and so sweet. I’d really never been to a place where every person I met was inspiring.

I will never forget those shows. I doubt if any of us will.

Hope you enjoy this magical concert.


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