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November 1, 2020

New on Manilow TV for November:
Greatest Hits Tour - London - March 27 - April 4, 1993

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all happy and healthy.

This month’s MTV is a real rare one.

Back in 1993 Arista asked me to put together a “Boxed Set” as my next album. “Boxed Sets” were the big thing that year. Artists that had an extremely long and successful career would create a boxed set of their work. Most of the songs were the hits but many of the songs were outtakes or never released songs.

Marc and I put the whole thing together with the help of Garry and the STILETTO gang and Clive and the Arista guys. It took a good year to put it together.

So, of course, we went out on tour to promote it. This tour was a real lulu. We were on the road for a long time. And of course, I complained about missing home constantly. But these Covid days, I would kill to tour like that!

Anyway, this month’s show comes from England. It’s the first night of an 8 night run at Royal Albert Hall, and it’s fantastic.

Since there were 8 nights, we’ve decided to edit in some of the songs I only did on one or two of the nights, so if my jackets suddenly change, that’s why.

There are some rare song choices and of course the audiences were just wonderful.

One night, Cilla Black visited and we did a version of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” that the crowd loved. Hope you do too.

Stay well.

Wear your mask. Stay far away from people and wash your hands a lot.


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