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December 18, 2019

NIGHT SONGS II - Barry Manilow:
Everything Happens To Me

Track 1 on NIGHTS SONGS II is... Everything Happens To Me.

Everything Happens To Me was written in 1940 by Matt Dennis and Tom Adair and was first performed by Sinatra when he was with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.

It’s become a standard and has been recorded by everyone from Chet Baker to Ella Fitzgerald.

It’s a about a guy having bad luck with his girlfriend.

I love how the song opens:

I make a date for golf and you can bet your life it rains
I try to give a party but the guy upstairs complains
I guess I'll go through life just
catchin' colds and missin' planes
Everything Happens To Me...

Adair sets up the song perfectly. The listener immediately knows it’s going to be a song about bad luck with a wink and a sense of humor.

Oh, my.

They just don’t write song like this anymore. How many songs do you know with the word "mumps" in it?

I hope you enjoy this masterpiece.


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