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October 1, 2019

New on Manilow TV for October:
Start of the Big Fun Tour
Milwaukee, WI - November 28, 1987

Hi Everyone,

This is a very rare video. I don’t think I’ve seen this one since the morning after it was recorded. Thanks to Marc for finding this one.

It’s a video of one of the first performance of the “Big Fun” tour in Milwaukee in 1987.

The show kept changing and changing as the tour went on (and on and on!). We changed the title of the show as I kept making newer albums. But this is how that tour began and it’s just amazing.

I’d forgotten that we used that wild Magic Screen to end Act I AND to start Act II. Boy was that complicated to do for all of us!

Most of the songs aren’t hits which is rare. There are 10 new songs in this show! And this version of the show has the stage full of mirrors that divided the band and the audience.

I especially loved seeing the brilliant percussionist Vanessa Brown all dressed up, singing and dancing!

I loved watching “Best Seat in The House”. As the song progresses, the mirrors come in and the audience sees themselves as I see them. An amazing effect.

The show was produced and directed by the genius Joe Gannon.

I know you’ll love this rare find.


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