The New M Store Comes To Life!

It seemed like a good idea back in December... the conversation went something like this:

“How about an INTERACTIVE retail store with EVERYTHING Manilow?”

“INTERACTIVE? What exactly do you mean?”

“Besides being a one-stop shop for everything Manilow... We need to include things like listening
stations, videos of Manilow concerts... and a Karaoke booth... so the customers can record their vocals to Manilow songs! It has to be more than a
store.. it has to be a Manilow playground!”

“Got it! And, we could put a grand piano in the middle of the store! HUGE photos of Barry on the walls.. What about using the large COPACABANA neon sign from the last tour?!”

“Now you’re talkin’!”

Barry enters the M Store on opening day.

Customers record their vocals to their
favorite Manilow tunes in the Store’s
recording booth.
The M Store has EVERYTHING Manilow.

The Making of Manilow: Music and Passion

Here's to Las Vegas!

The excitement of Opening Night... filled with family, friends, stars, Music and Passion... and YOU!

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