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Barry Manilow at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (June 5, 2004)

above photo by Cheryl Pursell

June 5, 2004
(8:00 PM)
Nevada/Las Vegas
(Mandalay Bay Resort)
Barry sang my all-time favorite song, "Lay me Down". I can't think any other song that has had such a profound meaning to me. During the intermission, I was saying that I haven't heard this song since it appeared on his 1975 "Tryin To Get The Feeling" album. And then he did it! I was so moved by actually watching him sing this song in person, all I could do was cry with emotion. I was simply blown away at this concert! Thank You, Mr. Manilow! In my heart you truly are the most amazingly gifted singer, songwriter, composer, producer, etc., that has ever graced this world. May God Bless you & keep you healthy & strong. - Carol Oliverio (Phoenix, AZ) (6/7/2004)

Traveled from the East Coast all the way to Vegas just to see Barry. Well worth the time and expense. Would do it again! Barry's backup group and Donna Summer added to this most wonderful event, but Barry was at his finest! Loved the stage set up and how it turned. Wish Barry dearest would come back to the Carolina's! Will try to make Atlanta. I have a lot of time to butter my hubby up to another Barry trip! Every show I go to of Barry's is my favorite, can't pick just one! Have been going every chance I can since the early days! Loved Barry's song, "We're Still Here," and the duet he did with the talented artists from Harmony. I could go on and on. Got a lot of compliments on my Barry Fanilow T-shirt! Thanks for another priceless evening, Barry. You gave it your all! Entertainer of our generation for sure! Love you!! - Barbara Miller (Myrtle Beach, SC) (6/9/2004)

I loved the spontaneity of the performances, the duet with Donna Summer ("Could It Be Magic"), duets with "Barbara" and "Bette", and how Barry played for nearly 3 hours. I didn't think it was possible to love him anymore than I did, but I do. - Lisa Ritchie (Midland, TX) (6/14/2004)

It was my 4th Barry Manilow show. A few backup singers came out and sang "Daybreak" to warm up and tease the crowd. Then came Barry. He opened with the medley of "Ready To Take A Chance Again / Somewhere In The Night / This One's For You". For "Mandy" a screen came down and played a clip of Clive Davis introducing a new singer about to set the world on fire. A very young Barry sang the first verse before the screen went back up and from below the stage Barry rose sitting at the piano and finishing the song live. When he sang "Can't Smile Without You" a woman from England came up and sang with him. Members of the cast from "Harmony" came out and sang two songs from the musical (the love song and title track). Donna Summer came out and sang "Could It Be Magic" with him. It was an uptempo version of the song. It was incredible. Definitely the highlight of the evening for me! He sang one tune from Bette's tribute CD to Rosemary Clooney. The other songs sang during the show, in no particular order, "Looks Like We Made It", "Even Now", "Bandstand Boogie", "Somewhere Down The Road", "Weekend In New England", "Copacabana", "I Write The Songs", "Turn The Radio Up", and "Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed". - Geoff Thompson (Las Vegas, NV) (6/24/2004)

I loved everything about the concert in Vegas. The evening was so gorgeous and so much fun, especially with Barry singing. It was a dream come true. I especially liked the Midnight with Manilow fan club event (after the concert). My table [with] my friends from the fan club was awesome. I was sitting at the end of our table and when Barry came strolling up the aisle waving and smiling, I could have fainted right there at his feet! He told us how he got started in his music, introduced us to all of the people that he has worked with in the past and present. He is the friendliest, the most honest person and the Greatest singer. What a night it was, and I will never in a million years forget it. Thank you, Barry, for all that you have given us through the years in the way of your beautiful music. We will always LOVE YOU. - Martha Eggeman (Kansas City, MO) (8/9/2004, 7/2/2010)

We went for our Anniversary as Barry was also our 'first date' (years earlier). It was so great hearing the old songs, but also the Broadway (Harmony) songs. Also the lady from England (during "Can't Smile"). - Jana Griswold (Hesperia, CA) (5/24/2005)

First Show - Jenn (of Pennsylvania) (6/11/2005)

First Show - Dana (of Olympia, WA) (11/4/2005)

First Show - Linda Galve (Salton City, CA) (11/7/2005, 4/15/2009)

Barry was "SO Himself"! Barry has always given his all ... I have NEVER heard anyone say they were sorry that they went to his show. Once you go to one, you're hooked. I believe with all my heart that is why he can still sell out Madison Square Garden in New York or anwhere else! There will never be another Barry Manilow!! Barry, you're the BEST. At one of your shows you said something that has become a part of my life: You can give out, you can give in, but you never give up! - Marsha Williams (Jacksonville, FL) (11/21/2005)

This was my "first ever" time going to Las Vegas and to see Barry Manilow LIVE in Vegas. I flew from New Hampshire and was so happy and excited to be there with Barry and so many of my close Barry friends. We were also there for the wonderful BMIFC Convention in Las Vegas that was going on that weekend as well. Barry's show was one of the most exciting Barry shows I had ever been to. I love the amazing Donna Summer. She was one of Barry's surprise special guests along with the cast of Barry's GREAT show heading for Broadway, Harmony. It was a thrill to be able to see them sing songs from Harmony with Barry. I was very lucky to be in the 5th row center for this show. I had a GREAT view! After Barry's incredible show at "Manilow Bay" all of us were given the thrill of a lifetime to [attend] Midnight With Manilow ... I must thank Barry for making this very special night after his fantabulous show one of the BEST experiences I have ever had and truly a night I will never ever forget as long as I live. - Lisa Whitney (Keene, NH) (6/18/2007)

[What made this show special was the feeling of the whole place shaking as we all yelled "Barry, Barry." Then he came up through the center and the whole place went wild. There were stars everywhere (Dick Clark & his wife, plus Suzanne Somers & her husband). Barry was so hot that night that I can't even explain. Then we had Midnight With Manilow. That was such a treat for all of us that were there. He brought us into his world and gave us a glimpse of what life was and is like for him. We had a concert of a lifetime, then all that time with Barry. To say that it was a night that you'll never forget is an understatement. Ask anyone who was there. It was life changing! - Cookie Atkins (Kansas City, MO) (6/19/2007)

My sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2002. I took her to the Convention that was held in the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. After the show Barry came back to the dining room and talked to all of us until very late. I think that is when I really got to see how kind and sincere he is. Barry is so down to earth and honest. He just makes me happy and he has so much energy it rubs off on everyone. The thing I like best about him is that he is real. He loves what he does and it shows. His music is fantastic. I will always be very grateful for the many chances I have had to see him and enjoy his music and talent. Barry, I will always have great memories because of you. Thank you so much! - Nancy Crumley (Cochecton, NY) (10/7/2009)

First Show - Anthony C. (San Diego, CA) (11/4/2009)

Barry, you were so enthusiastic and appreciative and it was supposed to have been your last concert. I am so thankful that it wasn't! I have seen you twelve times. Every show has been fantastic! I don't care to see anyone else. You are the best singer and performer by far. I like your humility and your appreciation of your fans. Please keep singing as long as you can because there is no one like you. Who else at age 69 can pack a stadium with screaming girls?! I also appreciate your "clean" show! - Bev Pendleton (of Columbine Valley, Colorado & Indian Wells, California) (10/4/2012)

Favorite Show: [Loved] Barry's duet with Donna Summer on "Could It Be Magic"! - Deborah Sawyer (Palm Springs, California) (11/13/2013)

Highlights: Daybreak / Ready To Take A Chance Again / Somewhere In The Night / This One's For You / Bandstand Boogie / Mandy / Even Now / Turn The Radio Up / Somewhere Down The Road / Looks Like We Made It / All I Need Is The Girl / I Won't Be The One To Let Go (Barry Live with Barbra Streisand recording) / On A Slow Boat To China (Barry Live with Bette Midler recording) / Could It Be Magic (Barry Live with Donna Summer LIVE) / Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed / Lay Me Down / Give My Regards To Broadway ... Harmony (with New York Cast from Harmony) / Copacabana / I Write The Songs / Dancin' In The Aisles / Dancin' In The Streets / It's A Miracle / Forever And A Day

[ Manilow.TV Episode #10 aired July 2010 ]

July 4, 2004
(Blenheim Palace)
Barry looked so happy and he sang all my favorite songs. He sang a lot of uptempo numbers. My all-time favorite is "Looks Like We Made It" and Barry did his usual sexy moves that drives us all wild. He was so loving to his audience, and we who have been with him forever, appreciate his love and commitment. - Sue McDonald (Wales, UK) (7/6/2004)

I enjoyed the very excellent Bradley Walsh as the warm-up man, and as a big bonus, Elkie Brooks came on stage for around 8 numbers. Really excellent music, and then as the sun set in the west, the atmosphere in the Great Courtyard just built to a crescendo and there he was again, our Bazza. Okay, he had a runny nose, and maybe he didn't play enough piano, and he was bugged by the bugs, but the sheer stage presence and complete professionalism of the man was enough for me. Second only to Francis Albert Sinatra! "Can't Smile Without You" made a star out of Vivienne, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame as one of the many girls and ladies who sang with Barry. Good stuff, see you in 2025! - Dougie Peacock (St. Albans, Herts, England) (7/7/2004)

Blenheim 2004 was an amazing show and it was great to relive the memories of Blenheim 1983 again! I hadn't been to any shows since 1996 and seeing Barry at this show on such a special occasion was like discovering him and his music all over again! - Debbie Latchem (Bristol, England) (7/15/2004)

First Show - I saw a video of the 1983 concert at Blenheim and always wanted to see Barry live after that. Out of the blue, the weekend of the gig came a ticket which led to the most exciting few hours of my long life. I think most of the audience of 10,000 were there in '83 and I have never seen so many people having such a good time. I had seen Jamie Cullen two nights before, he was good but this was the master at work, making it all look soooooo... easy. What a tremendous musician, charming and endearing man. I shall go again if I ever get the chance, even when he's old and grey (which will be never I'm sure). AMAZING and very under-rated. - Geraldine Brown (Oxford, UK) (7/16/2004)

My first Barry concert and I loved it! - Richard Cochrane (Oxford, England) (7/26/2004)

Blenheim was just so much fun, but bittersweet, with tears also. Barry puts so much emotion and passion into his songs that you can't help but be touched. He is truly the great [one] of my era. I love every concert I have been to, and there have certainly been many over the years. - Sherry Russell (London, England) (9/22/2004)

What a fantastic time. I was a bit nervous going such a long way on my own but with so many other Barry fans it was a real treat. Barry was as usual brilliant. The sun was setting on a warm summer's evening. The mood was just right and Barry sang with such feeling, it was amazing. Well done, Barry!! Hope to get the feeling again... Soon. - Janet Bailey (Blackpool, England) (9/28/2004)

Barry is the best! He is the man who has never let me down. Through his music and especially his concerts, along with the Manilow family, I have the simply best times. Blenheim One was brilliant, Blenheim Two seemed to bring all the in-between times together - a real magical lovely world to be part of! Thank you, Barry, for everything! You make me laugh; you often make me cry (even when I am happy!); you are honest, caring and wonderfully talented. Thanks for letting me share your special world, and here's to many more special times filled with your wonderful music in the future! - Janis Burl (South London, England) (10/1/2004)

Favorite Show - Angie Bolton-Cox (of England) (10/3/2004)

Favorite Show: Atmosphere was brilliant. My sister, who is not a fan, came with me and she just loved it. - Frances Brown (Glasgow, Scotland) (9/20/2005)

[What I liked about this concert was] the location and the atmosphere. Best concert I have attended, and that's some compliment as I've been fortunate enough to see the majority of the biggest stars in concert. Seen Barry 7 times! - Keith Brian (Manchester, England) (11/24/2005, 10/14/2007)

[What I liked about this concert was] Everything! Barry is the Greatest showman, and it is just great to be at one of his shows. I also love the way he loves the crowds, his Fans and friends. - Adele Whipp (East Yorkshire, England) (12/7/2006)

It was absolutely better than I could ever imagine it to be. I have been a fan since Barry first starting recording. I have every recording he has ever made. I Love You, Barry! You are certainly something else! - Anne Brookner (of England) (2/14/2008)

A very personal concert for me, which I shared with my ex fiancee' at the place where we were both hoping to get married. To have Barry perform in a place that was of huge importance to us both meant the world, as he had touched our lives in a musical and personal way. He was in amazing form. It was great to see him back loving the music. My ex fiancee' and I cried at many points throughout the show and now when I look back I realise the importance of such moments, how they should be treasured and that true love happens once in a life time. I have to thank Barry so much for the time and the music he has given us. Thank you, Barry! - Ken Ashworth (Oxfordshire, England) (7/29/2009)

Favorite Show - Gillian Tennant (Leeds, England) (8/29/2009)

21 years after Barry's first concert at Blenheim, I attended his concert again. Like his first concert, he was brilliant again! - Michelle (of Bristol, UK) (6/1/2010)

Highlights: Ready to Take a Chance Again / Daybreak / Somewhere in the Night / This One's for You / Sweet Heaven (I'm in Love Again) / Mandy / Even Now / Turn the Radio Up / They Dance! (+ encore) / Somewhere Down the Road / Looks Like We Made It / Could It Be Magic (ballad) / Could It Be Magic (dance version) / Can't Smile Without You / Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed / Lay Me Down / All I Need Is The Girl / Rock-A-Bye Your Baby (Lorna Luft) / Carolina in the Morning (Lorna with Barry) / Copacabana (At the Copa) (+ encore) / I Write the Songs...

[ Manilow TV Episode #93 aired September 2017 ]

Barry Manilow at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (June 5, 2004)

above photo by Cheryl Pursell

September 30, 2004
(8:00 PM)
New Jersey/
East Rutherford
(Continental Airlines Arena)
The concert was Fantastic!! I was glad that a very special someone (Denise) and I were there to kick off his farewell tour here in NJ. The way he did "Mandy" by showing his old 70's clips and blending it in with his singing the second verse live was great. Ending the concert with "Let Freedom Ring" with the American flags being lowered down and colored streamers being shot into the audience was a special and moving moment. It was a really great concert. From Denise and me, keep writing the songs that make the whole world sing Barry! We love ya!! - John (of North Brunswick, NJ) (10/1/2004)

It was my first concert. It was his "One Night Live, One Last Time" tour. It was great to see Barry for the first time. The show was great. I will never forget it. Thanks, Barry, for all the music... past, present and still to come. - Andrew Raymond (Newburgh, NY) (10/4/2004)

It was the best night of my life. I have been a fan of Barry's for about 25 years and it was my first time seeing him in concert. It was such a thrill to see him sing all of his songs live. He is such an incredible entertainer. I only wish that I had the chance to see his show earlier. I love Barry!! - Nicole (of Bloomfield, NJ) (10/13/2004)

Loved everything about the concert. It was a night filled with beautiful music and fun! Barry was awesome, fantastic and wonderful. He sang all my favorite songs. I loved the up-tempo version of "Copacabana" and the songs from Harmony. Barry Manilow is special and simply the best, and most talented singer ever!! - Maria S. Celis (Brunswick, ME) (11/1/2004)

Favorite Show: All of Barry's concerts are great! - J.R. (of New Jersey)

First Show - Maureen Hashtani (Bayonne, NJ) (2/23/2007)

Continental Airlines Arena Event Info:
Barry Manilow's unparalleled career is made up of virtually every facet of music, including performing, composing, arranging and producing. A 2002 Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductee, Manilow has triumphed in every medium of entertainment. He has received Grammy, Emmy and Tony Awards and has been nominated for an Academy Award.

October 1, 2004
(8:00 PM)
Barry was AMAZING! I had second row seats. I was in heaven. Still clinging to that Cloud 9, I don't want to come back to earth! - Nikki LaBarge (of New Hampshire) (10/4/2004)

I waited 30 years to see Barry and it was all that I could have hoped for and more. I feel one of my life-long dreams has come true. I have been a fan since 1974 when I saw him on the Mike Douglas talk show. And he is just as incredible today as he was then. I wish him all the luck in the world on his endeavor of Las Vegas. I will always be a fan forever. Thank You. - Marie Pierce (Orange, MA) (12/23/2004)

Almost 30 years since I first saw Barry, he still makes my heart beat fast. I love him and his music. He will remain a part of my life forever. I play his music All The Time. I can't wait 'til I see him again, hopefully in the near future. Thanks, Barry, for making me happy. Love you! - Elaine (of Dracut, MA) (8/28/2006)

On Oct. 1, 2004 I had the chance of a Lifetime when "I Went Platinum With Barry Manilow" in Boston. This also meant I had a Front Row Seat to Barry's superbulous show "In The Round" and I loved this show from begining to end. I was so happy to be there and not really nervous about meeting Barry after the show, until I heard Barry sing "I Write The Songs" because I knew this [meant] the show was coming to the end. But still I was more happy and excited than nervous. It was like I was going to see my wonderful "friend" Barry (first time since the 1991 Boston signing). My mom and greatest Barrysista Geri were there and they knew how special this night was for me ... After Barry's fantabulous show in Boston, there were a few of us that were doing "Platinum" with Barry that night and I just want to thank Everyone at the BMIFC, Stiletto, and of course, Barry Manilow and Garry Kief and Marc Hulett for making it possible for so many of us who Love Barry to have our very special and unforgettable "Platinum Experience" with Barry ... When I think about my amazing [experience], I think of Barry's duet with Olivia Newton-John, "This Can't Be Real" (from the Scores CD), and I'm so happy and thankful to say it sure was Real and it really did all happen. Thanks again, Barry, for making a wonderful Dream Come True! - Lisa Whitney (Keene, NH) (6/18/2007)

The show was fabulous! Barry was so at one with the audience and he put everything into his performance. We just did not want the evening to end. It was definitely the best concert that I had ever been to. It knocked spots off any other concert! - Bernardine Brophy (England, UK) (9/28/2010)

FleetCenter's Calendar:
"Barry Manilow has announced that he will return to the concert circuit for One Night Live! - One Last Time! with a FleetCenter performance on October 1, 2004. ONE LAST TIME! also marks Manilow's return to playing 'in the round' at major concert arenas throughout the US."

October 2, 2004
(8:00 PM)
Rhode Island/
(Dunkin' Donuts Center)
Barry Manilow is an absolutely phenomenal performer. He is a gifted and talented musician who gives his all during his concerts. The energy he puts forth is not outdone by anyone. He cares about his fans and gives us MORE than our money's worth. I LOVE YOU, BARRY, and have for more than 30 years now! - Anne Clesas (Cranston, RI) (10/2/2004)

This was my first time to see Barry! It was my 41st birthday gift from my husband and children and it was the best gift I'd ever gotten! I was on the floor 5 rows in back of the "Platinum Experience" fans. My seats were in the middle of the row, so I was front and center and able to see the stage perfectly! It was amazing! Barry sang a wide range of music from his catalogue, but "Lay Me Down" and "All The Time" were songs that I'd never thought I'd hear live, and they both had me reaching for tissues because I was weeping so much from the emotions. Those two songs touch my soul deeply and they did that night, especially. When Barry played "Weekend In New England" and he got to the part of "...time in New England..." the crowd just roared with cheers and he had to sing it again. And again, the crowd cheered and cheered. He started again, only to get louder cheers. It took about 4-5 tries before the audience let him sing the song! I was in shock for most of the evening; I just could not believe that I was getting the chance to view, LIVE, the artist/composer/musician that I've admired since I was about 12 years old. I enjoyed the show SO much and wished that I could just shake Barry's hand and say, "Thank you for SO many wonderful years of your talents, thank you for helping to put music into my life and heart and for helping me to appreciate music enough to learn to play and make it myself!" The show was fantastic. The band was awesome! The clothes was exquisite! The fans were tremendous! Barry was out of this world. His voice was crisp and clear, like I was hearing him for the first time back 30+ years ago! Love and best wishes to you, Barry, now and always... you're the best! - Paula Hepler (of Rhode Island) (11/21/2004)

I have loved Barry Manilow since he did his live concert on television in the 70s. I love his music, his style, and his song called "Let Freedom Ring." I loved the concert and hope that he continues to have more concerts to come. "Weekend in New England is and always will be my favorite song. Every part of the show was awesome. God Bless you and stay healthy and strong. Love, your Rhode Island fans, Linda and Mike Hagerty (Pawtucket, RI) (1/26/2005, 8/27/2006)

This is a concert I will remember forever. Thanks to the Platinum package, I was able to meet Barry backstage. A dream come true! He was down to earth, friendly, and funny. An absolute gentleman. Thank you, Barry, for being as wonderful off stage as you were on stage! - Nancy Bartek (Middletown, CT) (4/28/2009)

First Show - Amanda Bessette (Brooklyn, Connecticut) (9/28/2012)

First Show - Eleanor Talbot (Taunton, Massachusetts) (10/4/2012)

First Show: Love Barry, wonderful musician! It was the first concert that I took my son Adam to. He was 11 just 11 years old! - Deb Kenney (Stoughton, Massachusetts) (6/15/2015)

Dunkin' Donuts Center Concert Event:
Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter Barry Manilow returns to Providence this fall with his 'One Night Live. One Last Time' tour. The winner of numerous Grammy, Emmy and Tony Awards will enchant his fans with popular hits from his recently released '2NightsLIVE' album.

October 4, 2004
(8:00 PM)
(Wachovia Arena)
This concert was fantastic! The arena was packed and the crowd was stirred up and cheering all through the show. Barry performed this concert "in the round," on a round stage with a trap door in the middle that would open up and his piano would come up onto the stage on an elevator. Barry came on stage and opened with "It's a Miracle," followed by a medley of "Daybreak," "Somewhere in the Night," "Ready to Take a Chance," and "This One's for You." He sang all the old favorites including "Looks Like We Made It," "Why Don't We Live Together," "Weekend in New England," "I Made it Through the Rain," and "Jump Shout Boogie." A woman by the name of Stacey came onstage to sing "Can't Smile" with him. She told the story of how Barry had saved her life. She had been in a coma for a month and wasn't coming out of it and her mother started playing Barry's music to her, and the next day she came out of her coma. Barry ended his show by singing "Copacabana," "I Write the Songs," and finished with the patriotic number "Let Freedom Ring." This was such a fantastic performance. Barry announced that this is his "farewell" tour, that he won't be touring again. He added that his band is skeptical and thinks he will do shows again, and that Cher has been on her farewell tour for the last 10 years. This was the 11th time I have seen Barry in concert and I swear, each time he gets better and better. It was sad to hear it was his "One Last Time" tour, but I'm sure millions of fans all over the world can join with me to thank Barry for the many years of his music and concerts and for all the wonderful memories. - Kathy Snavely (Cornwall, PA) (10/6/2004)

First Show - Melissa O'Neill (Scranton, PA) (3/4/2005)

First Show - Kathy (of Scranton, PA) (1/8/2011)

[ Wachovia Arena Pressroom - Barry Manilow ]

Wachovia Arena Event Information:
He writes the songs that make the whole world sing, and for one night only, BARRY MANILOW will be making all of Wilkes-Barre sing at the Wachovia Arena on Monday, October 4th.

October 5, 2004
(8:00 PM)
New York/Uniondale
(Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum)
I have been to many of Barry's concerts but this was the best! I was 8 rows from the stage and was able to see him clearly. The next day I went to his taping at CBS studio and was in the front row. After the taping I finally met him. My Dream since I was 8 years old has come true. I will never forget this day as long as I live! - Susan Barrett (Hicksville, Long Island, NY) (11/1/2004)

This will always be an unforgettable day for me. It's the day I actually met Barry. My ticket included meeting him after the concert. The concert, two hours long, was terrific, and though I could barely speak, I felt so very comfortable to be there with him. He is just that way. I knew when I first heard him in the 70's, he and his music would be very special. Once he gets into your heart, he is there to stay, forever!! - Marilyn (of Fairfield, CT) (11/9/2004)

This was my 15th concert in 8 years and Barry absolutely BLEW ME AWAY AGAIN. The consummate performer/musician played to a crowd of about 15,000 people, yet made it feel intimate. Seeing the "Harmonists" was a bonus and the duet with Brian d'Arcy James took my breath away. Brian has "the voice". Harmony IS going to be a smash on Broadway. The idea of having "young Barry" playing "Mandy" on the video screen and then have the "Barry of today" appear on stage was a brilliant idea. For a newer fan like myself I always had trouble believing they were one and the same performer because Barry has come so far. This concert tour is amazing and I am so glad I had the chance to be in this audience. Of course, Barry's fellow musicians and back-up singers were a KNOCKOUT! Barry, I can only say THANK YOU!! The concert will live in my memory forever. Thank you to the BMIFC for GREAT seats!! - Aline Nagler (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) (11/12/2004)

At that time I went to see Barry in concert with my mom, my cat of 11 years had passed away a couple of days earlier and I had lost my boyfriend in May 2004 to cancer (he was 29). So I was feeling pretty down at that time but Barry just lifted me up. I love his music and his talent. I will never forget that night I saw him. I just love him! - Carissa (of Mastic, NY) (2/6/2005)

The first time I saw Barry in 2004 I was in AWE! I couldn't believe I was actually seeing Barry Manilow live. When he did "I Write The Songs," I cried. Not only from hearing that song live, but I knew the end of the tour was coming and I would really miss him, but lo and behold he started to perform in Vegas [the next year]. I flew out just to see Barry in August 2005! - Gina (of New York) (4/17/2007)

The first time I saw Barry in concert was at the Nassau Coliseum. It was the final tour before he started performing in Las Vegas. - Maria Caterinicchio (New York City, New York) (9/25/2012)

[ Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum ]

October 7, 2004
(8:00 PM)
New York/
New York City
(Madison Square Garden)
Seeing Barry at "The Garden" was a thrill. As I had just seen him two nights earlier, well, he again proved to be the Ultimate Showman. Hearing "Let Freedom Ring" being sung a few miles from the World Trade Center site had me in tears. Thank you Barry. Another terrific performance. Where do you get your energy? Seeing Barry perform in NYC is always a thrill for me! We will meet again... Sending love from Canada - Aline Nagler (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) (11/12/2004)

My husband and I had Platinum tickets, so we had seats in the front row. After the concert, I met my "Man". I told him that I had been his fan "Since Bell Records". That's where he and I first met with that album (Some of the songs were "I Am Your Child" and "Could It Be Magic"). I loved it, and I played it on my turntable over and over again. Now it sounds like popcorn popping! But in buying that album, I met Barry before "Mandy" (I know that I'm not alone). When I told Barry after the concert that I did in fact purchase that album, he was thrilled and said that I had good taste! To Barry, I did then and EVEN NOW - ALL THE TIME - I still have good taste! - Amy Vitale (Medford, NY) (12/11/2007)

First Show: I knew Barry when he was a creative director at Young and Rubicam and I was VP and General Manager of the Johnson & Johnson Health Care Division Barry brought a great storyboard and "jingle" to us for Band-Aid brand adhesive bandage. It goes "I am stuck on Band-Aid brand because Band-Aid stuck on me". It is still used by J & J. I wish Barry speedy recovery and hope to reminisce with him someday. - Frank Barker (Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida) (2/13/2016)

[ Madison Square Garden - Event Profile ]

October 8, 2004
(8:30 PM)
(Mellon Arena)
This concert was awesome!! I have never been to a Barry Manilow concert before and was thrilled to get to go. Unfortunately, my husband & I were stuck in traffic for 2-1/2 hours because of a traffic accident, which made us miss the first hour of the show. But, the remaining hour and a half were amazing! He was everything I knew he would be and more!! - Lisa (of New Castle, PA) (10/11/2004)

This was my seventh Barry concert and every one is a little more amazing than the previous one. I usually go with my mom, one of his biggest fans, but this time we decided to take along a few first-timers. All together, we had three generations of fans (a grandmother, two middle-aged mothers, and two college girls). We all had a blast. Barry puts on the best show of anyone I have ever seen, by far. He is an excellent singer and has such an amazing stage presence (I kept waiting for him to bust out his old Steelers jersey from the 70s!). He even played my favorite song, "Lay Me Down," and sang it with the exact same variation I do when I sing it. This had such an enormous impact on me, more than he will ever know. He is the best performer I have ever seen and I only hope he continues what he's doing for years to come. So, I just want to say thank you, Barry, for all that you do and the way you have helped so many people through your words, your music, and your voice. I love you, Barry!! - Jennifer Cole (Hollidaysburg, PA) (12/8/2004)

First Show - Toni Wolford (Apollo, PA) (11/17/2005)

I have been to three concerts of Barry's and have enjoyed every one of them. I would say the best was his 2004 concert at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh. I was overwelmed by his performances. I have been a fan since I was 19 years old. I am now 54. Barry's music has helped me through my life and it relaxes me and makes me happy. He will always be my favorite singer and performer for all time. - Paula Garlick (Belle Vernon, PA) (7/14/2009)

Met Barry as a 50th wedding anniversary gift. Loved every minute of the whole evening. Chatting with everyone in his group. Showed him [my] Copacabana vest and hubby's painted shirt. Just when I was about to give up on my dreams, THEY CAME TRUE. Since then hubby passed away, and I am in a nursing home. My DVD stack, my 54-year marriage too a great guy, my picture album with Barry are all the memories that keep me knowing how lucky I was/am. Love you BARRY! - Ruth Shaw (Irwin, Pennsylvania) (2/29/2012)

This was the first time I was at one of Barry's concerts. I heard this tour would be his last one so I bought a Platinum ticket. When I met Barry and his staff, I felt warmly welcomed. Barry was a true gentleman after having performed for three hours, and waiting for the last person on the platinum ticket list, who was me, seeing my last name begins with a "W." Barry's music was always special to me and my mother. Listening to his LPs (giving away my age!) was one of the few things we had in common. She died that year I saw Barry, and it made seeing him even more special. As I had engraved on a gift I gave to Barry, he is a Star in the Night -- a deeply moving song he sings so beautifully. It was a privilege to meet this extremely talented and kind man who I will always admire. Thanks, Barry. - Janice Weaver (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) (10/10/2016)

[ Mellon Arena Event Detail: Barry Manilow ]

October 9, 2004
(8:00 PM)
(Wachovia Center)
I've been to many concerts over the years. I especially liked [the one] at the Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, where it all started... over 26 years of Beautiful Music, wonderful love songs... Barry, thank you for all those wonderful years. Love you, Love You, LOVE YOU. I was hoping to be THE girl this time on stage, but, only in my dreams now. Hoping you do become like Cher and never retire! Thank you for being in my life! GOOD LUCK in all your musicals and Scores. Love, A Fan Forever - Lois Valentino (of New Jersey) (10/10/2004)

Favorite Show: What I liked about this concert was EVERYTHING!! - Luke (of Philadelphia, PA) (10/10/2004)

I waited way too long to see Barry but it was amazing. Well worth the wait! This man is a musical legand and I'm so happy I was able to see his show. His voice is just precious and let me tell you, Sinatra has NOTHING on Barry Manilow! - Francine (of Toms River, NJ) (10/16/2004)

I loved everything about Saturday's concert! My boyfriend and I arrived at the Wachovia Center early. While waiting around to be seated, I had a conversation with the security guard and just happened to hear Barry himself having one final rehearsal before showtime. I was overcome with emotion hearing his voice and wishing I could have seen his face but didn't want to get the security guard in trouble. When the show finally started I almost cried because of the rehearsal I heard before he appeared. Thank you, Barry, for everything. - Michelle Baldini (Darby, PA) (10/22/2004)

[What I liked about this concert was Barry's] wonderful music, and when he sings it as though you and he are the only ones in the room. He really gets your attention! I play all his CDs from when I get up until I go to work at 4:00 p.m. I just bought his new CD, "Scores - Songs from Copacabana and Harmony"! - Noreen J. Hall (Clifton Heights, PA) (10/31/2004)

This concert was my birthday present for my daughter Claire. She loved "Could It Be Magic" and when Barry sang it she was thrilled. We both enjoyed and loved the concert, and of course, Barry. Barry looked great! He was not only "Mr. Dynamite", he was also "Mr. FABULOUS". Thank you for the Beautiful Music. We need your "FABULOUSNESS" next year! - Maria S. Celis (Brunswick, ME) (11/1/2004)

I was excited to be going to the October 9, 2004 concert at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. Barry Manilow is truly the Ultimate Manilow, a very gifted and talented man ... I enjoyed the entire concert on October 9 at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. My two favorite parts were the William Tell Overture and when he pulled someone from the audience to bring them up on stage. How I wish I could have a video of Barry and me on stage! It was a wonderful concert indeed. - Myrtle Thorn (Folsom, PA) (2/24/2005)

Got to do "platinum" in Philly and it was like meeting an angel. It was the most awesome experience I have ever had and would urge every fan who can afford it to go! Barry is the "ULTIMATE" performer and just a really sweet guy!! - Jan Mau (Washingtonville, NY) (4/18/2007)

First Show - Carolyn Farren (Philadelphia, PA) (4/29/2007)

I loved everything about this concert ... BARRY most of all! I tried to win tickets off the radio but no such luck. Then my husband (who was my boyfriend at that time) surprised me with the tickets. We got engaged not long after that! (Barry just brings the love out in everyone). We even had a Barry Manilow wedding (If only we could have had Barry there!!). Barry is just so wonderful, and sexy too! - Dora Pyffer (Philadelphia, PA) (7/2/2007)

It was my 40th birthday and my husband bought me the Platinum Package where I had a front row seat and got to meet Barry for the first time. We got to ask questions; he signed my tour book and they handed me a disposable cameras full of pictures of us together. - Lorrie Gabriele (of New Jersey) (9/29/2012)

Wachovia Center Events Page:
He writes the songs that make the whole world sing, and for one night only, BARRY MANILOW will be making all of Philadelphia sing. Celebrating his 43rd studio album, singing-songwriting sensation Barry Manilow will release �SCORES� this fall on Concord Records. The much-anticipated album features Manilow's personal renditions of the songs he has written for two of his major musical properties, Copacabana and Harmony.

October 14, 2004
(8:00 PM)
Washington DC
(MCI Center)
MCI did a wonderful job again getting the master of music One Last Time to play to a sell out crowd. I had the best time watching the show. I had some wonderful Barry fans around me. We all had fun singing and just having a great time. I wish Barry the best in all he does. Hope he will come back again to Washington or somewhere in Virginia. From one of his best fans - Thomas L. Long (Richmond, VA) (11/8/2004)

This was my second concert. I got floor seats and the show was absolutely tremendous. Hope he comes back to Washington again soon. I don't go to concerts very often but this was worth it. - Pamela Young (Dumfries, VA) (11/27/2004)

I loved this show because Barry appeared so relaxed; you could just feel the love from the audience to him and back again. This was a Platinum Experience for me. It was very easy, and so much fun, to talk with Barry. I told him the first time I saw him was at the Kennedy Center in 1976. He stopped, turned to Garry and asked, "I played Kennedy Center?" Garry said, "Don't ask me. I was in elementary school then!" Our conversation went on with more fun and I also told him about seeing his concerts through the years with my dear sister Debbie, who had died two years before. One of the best parts was getting a roll of film on which Garry had taken pictures of my time with Barry. Things I would never have remembered were on those pictures... Barry, all out laughing, and touching my arm as he did, the hugs, the kiss on my cheek with his hand on my neck... well, you get the picture. It was such a dream come true after 30 years. What a wonderful thing he does for us, and his charities. - Linda Gregory (Aberdeen, MD) (3/2/2005, 1/20/2010)

For a birthday gift, my dear husband bought me a Platinum ticket which I did not know until I saw my name on the seat. I have loved Barry's music for ages. He makes you laugh and cry at the same time. - Sandy Sera (Ashburn, VA) (12/28/2005)

I had won tickets to the Battle of the Beltway (Baltimore Ravens vs. Washington Redskins). Someone else won Manilow tickets. She heard me say that I wanted to win MANILOW tickets. Her husband wanted the football tickets. You can guess what we did... My oldest son (who is now 21) couldn't believe that I had done that. He wanted the football tickets. I told him I had waited 28 years, one marriage, three kids, and one divorce to see Barry. It just happens his father works for the Department of Justice in D.C. and is the only person I would trust to take me. My ex-husband (to his surprise) even enjoyed the show and said that Barry is a very good entertainer. - Ann Izzo (Glen Burnie, MD) (5/7/2006)

This was the night that the dream in my heart came true. As part of the Platinum Ticket Package, I was lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful concert from a front row seat and then go backstage to personally thank Barry for his Beautiful Music. I will cherish those memories forever. - Vicki Wallace (Alexandria, VA) (1/28/2007)

[ MCI Center - Calendar: Barry Manilow ]

October 15, 2004
(8:00 PM)
(Gund Arena)
What an incredible concert! It's was my first concert and just being in the same building as Barry was exciting. He was fantastic that night (looking great and singing better). What a night! He sang most of my favorites. I'll never forget it. I hope it won't be the last time I'll be able to see him! - Penny Sanko (Canton, OH) (11/10/2004)

Hearing Barry Manilow's songs affected me so deeply. I had forgotten how much I loved his music. I cried for the first few songs and from then on just totally enjoyed listening to his voice. He is an awesome entertainer. Since the concert I've kept his CD's very close and listen often. - Mary "Mabel" Hardesty (Massillon, OH) (11/17/2004)

Barry, you sound wonderful live! This was my first concert. I took my mother as a Birthday Gift, not sure I would enjoy it, not knowing the music. I left the concert enjoying your music immensely. I purchased your 2Nights Live! CD. It is awesome. All your albums should be live! - Christine Curtis (Willoughby, OH) (12/9/2004)

[What I liked about this concert was] Everything! I have enjoyed Barry's music and marveled at his talent since "Mandy" and all of his early hits. I hope to God that I am fortunate enough to get the chance to meet him. I accredit my love of the piano to him, and have taken up piano lessons at the age of 47 in the hopes of being able to learn how to play some of his songs. - Jim Billie (Wickliffe, OH) (2/1/2007)

First Show - Jennifer (of Wadsworth, Ohio) (8/29/2011)

First Show: It was fabulous! - Tamara Knox (Lorain, Ohio) (1/11/2012)

Gund Arena - Barry Manilow:
A portion of the proceeds from the concert will be donated to The Plain Dealer Holiday Spirit campaign courtesy of Clear Channel Entertainment and Barry Manilow. "We, at The Plain Dealer are thrilled that Barry Manilow is cooperating with our Holiday Spirit campaign this year," said Jerry W. Hoegner, Director of Marketing Services at The Plain Dealer. "He will help create awareness of the campaign and create funding for the agencies that benefit from Holiday Spirit."

October 16, 2004
(8:00 PM)
(Nationwide Arena)
This is Barry's last tour and I had the opportunity to go. He still has it all. As he sang "Somewhere Down the Road," the audience was just mesmerized -- so quiet you could hear a pin drop! If you have a chance, go to this one. It is the best! I will miss Barry very much. - Margo Smith (Bowling Green, OH) (10/18/2004)

Well, I have been to a lot of concerts, but Columbus was by far one of the best ever. Barry surprised us by coming up out of the middle of the stage in a long, leather coat from the movie The Matrix, wearing sunglasses and singing "I Wanna Be Somebody's Baby"... Oh my, what a thrill and then "Dancin Fool." WOW!! He never ceases to amaze and thrill me with his beautiful voice and endless energy on stage. Barry, thanks for all the wonderful years of music... Please don't retire !! - Judy Bummer (Pittsburgh, PA) (11/1/2004)

The show was the best because Barry just continues to get better. I've seen him 13 times!! - Lottie Ransbottom (of Ohio) (11/15/2006)

Nationwide Arena - Events & News:
The incomparable Barry Manilow brings his "ONE NIGHT LIVE! ONE LAST TIME!" Tour to Columbus.

October 21, 2004
(8:00 PM)
(Allstate Arena)

The show was awesome, just awesome! Words cannot express what a GREAT CONCERT Barry put on that night. I wanted to go Platinum but I was still satisfied with the concert anyway. I LOVED IT when he sang "Somewhere Down the Road." It made tears come to my eyes. And I had the best seats. I could see every bit of Barry from all angles. Debra Byrd was great singing Dionne Warrick's song. - Martha Eggeman (Lee's Summit, MO) (10/23/2004)

First Show - Ann Coggeshall (Chicago, IL) (10/23/2006)

This concert was a real family bonding experience for me! My mom and aunts are all huge Manilow fans and I volunteered to take them to the concert. Before the concert I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan, but I definitely knew all the songs, being that I was raised amongst "Fanilows." It was a great concert and an experience I will never forget. One of my aunts passed away from ovarian cancer recently, and I am so greatful that I shared that moment with her. I'll never forget when he sang "Even Now" and she grabbed my arm and screamed, "Even Now!" I can't listen to that song now without sobbing. I am so glad I went to that concert and have that memory. - Niki Jacobi (Crown Point, IN) (5/26/2009)

This was my very first time at a Barry Manilow concert. My daughter took me and we loved it. It was called "One Last Time!" He is such a great performer and I love his humor. He sang songs from "Harmony" which I love. His stage was in the middle of the arena and everyone surrounded him. It was great to see fans of all ages enjoying such a beautiful concert. I have been a fan of Barry's since 1976. I have since been to four more concerts. I hope to see him again in Chicago. - Kathleen O'Malley (Lansing, IL) (1/30/2011)

[ Allstate Arena Calendar - Barry Manilow ]

October 22, 2004
(8:00 PM)
(The Bradley Center)
This was the first time I saw Barry in concert and I thought he was GREAT. I know one of the back-up singers so it was just great to see him [on stage] with Barry. The group I was with even got to meet Barry after the show. He is so nice to take time and meet with us. Just wish I would have had my camera! I hope you come back to Wisconsin so we can see you again. Thanks again for a GREAT TIME. - Renee (of New London, WI) (10/23/2004)

I have loved Barry since I was a little girl. This was my first concert experience and I must say that Barry's music won't be the same again! I have my husband to thank for the night of my life. Not only did I enjoy listening to Barry's music, but just the way he loves his fans. He really puts on a show and makes us feel that we are important to him! Thanks, Barry, for always giving us a piece of your heart, for that is where you will always be in mine! - Christy (of Wisconsin) (12/1/2004)

Bradley Center - Calendar:
Barry Manilow's unparalleled career is made up of virtually every facet of music, including performing, composing, arranging and producing. A 2002 Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductee, Manilow has triumphed in every medium of entertainment. He has received Grammy, Emmy and Tony Awards and has been nominated for an Academy Award.

October 23, 2004
(8:00 PM)
Michigan/Auburn Hills
(The Palace)

My daughter and I attended this tour for the second time in two weeks. We had seats up in the 'boonies' but were offered tickets for the 12th row on the FLOOR!! I have never been that close to Barry and boy was it great. Barry can still do it and I wish he would continue on. I wish him the best of luck in the future and will watch for any new projects. - Margo Smith (Bowling Green, OH) (11/7/2004)

Barry brought his One Night Live! - One Last Time! Tour to The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit on Saturday, October 23, 2004. If I had to describe the show with just one word it would be AWESOME! Barry's voice was better and stronger than ever, and he looked absolutely gorgeous. Although I have been attending Barry's concerts since the Summer of 1978 this was definitely one of the best Manilow concerts I have ever attended! Barry proved once again why he is like fine wine, and he just keeps getting better. I left The Palace of Auburn Hills with a smile on my face. I'm very proud to be a Manilow fan!! - Laurie Wheeler (Flushing, MI) (11/22/2004)

Barry's music "MOVES ME"! It was my first concert and definitely my most memorable. I absolutley loved the entire instrumental aspect (the entire band). Barry, you are truly an all-star entertainer and have inspired my life in a positive way. Thanks for the sanity your songs have given me. Love, Nancy (of Windsor, Ontario, Canada) (12/3/2004)

First Show - Andrea Schnitzer (West Bloomfield, MI) (4/25/2006)

First Show: I enjoyed Barry's performance at Auburn Hills in Michigan. He was awesome! - Judy Willmore (Stanton, MI) (5/4/2007)

Are you KIDDING? [What I loved about the show was] the way Barry makes me feel ... and THAT voice! Makes me melt!! - Sharon Moore (Waterford, MI) (11/10/2007)

I love Barry's humor and how strong his voice is even after a couple hours of singing! My absolute favorite entertainer!! - Vicki (of Michigan) (12/18/2007)

I was on the third Level at the Palace of Auburn Hills arena when I saw my first Barry Manilow concert. It was an awesome night. [What I liked about it was] the way Barry involved his audience into his concert. He made each person feel very special! - Connie L. Collige (Battle Creek, MI) (7/26/2009)

I loved this concert because I hadn't seen Barry in concert in at least 20 years. I took my youngest son (who also loves Barry) with me. We had great seats -- floor, row 8 centre -- and I was just simply overwhelmed. I was so overjoyed to see my lifelong hero once again. I hadn't been able to see him in all that time because I have a bone disease and every time I'd plan to travel to one of his concerts I would break my leg or something [else] and it would be impossible. My son said he looked over at me and I was crying throughout the concert. I was so choked up to be there. I especially enjoyed when the piano came up out of the floor with Barry singing "Mandy" ... definite Chill Factor! Barry got me through a horrible childhood, an abusive marriage and the stress of health problems/handicaps and being a single mother to two boys. I will be eternally grateful to him for the escape his music gave me. - Debbie Hawrylyshyn (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) (5/19/2010)

This was the first concert that my children attended. Sarah was 3 and Wayne was 6. They were so excited, Sarah said "Barry made her feet happy" and was sure he was going to pull her up on stage and sing "Can't Smile Without You." We had listened to it all the way to the Palace of Auburn Hills, we listened over and over so she knew the words. She had a new dress and shoes, she was sure she would be noticed.

When we arrived the kids had to find someone to get the pictures they had drawn to Barry. We gave the usher our tickets (nosebleed $10 tickets), she took one look at my kids and said those seats weren't good enough. She sat us in the seats reserved for the President of the Palace of Auburn Hills. Wayne looked through his binoculars and watched intently as the skimpy clad dancers performed. Then we waited and waited. Finally Barry came out on stage in jeans and a trench coat. He told us he had just arrived from Cleveland after driving through a snow storm and asked us to be patient while he changed.

He came out and my kids were dancing and loving the show. Then the first few bars of "Can't Smile" came on. Sarah stood on her seat and yelled at the top of her lungs and waved her glow stick. Of course we weren't on the floor, so she wasn't chosen. She curled up in her seat and went to sleep. My son sang with me through every song, but looked at me a little weird as I screamed and cried through the concert. - Cindy Zamora (Toledo, Ohio) (4/6/2016)

The Palace - Press Release:
Adult contemporary favorite Barry Manilow will perform in the round at The Palace on Saturday, October 23 at 8 p.m. as part of his "One Night Live! One Last Time!" tour.

October 28, 2004
(8:00 PM)
(Office Depot Center)
First Show - Sheila (of Brooklyn, New York) (8/18/2009)

Lots of great, fun music! Even my musician husband, who is a closet Barry fan, LOVED the show! He has a high respect for Barry's musicianship, especially on the big band arrangements and swing. He says that swing is Barry's forte. I love it too! - Karen Keady (Kansas City, MO) (5/24/2010)

[ Office Depot Center ]

October 29, 2004
(8:00 PM)
(Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena)
I've always liked Barry's music, but seeing and hearing him in person was an awesome experience. He brought a rush of memories in to my mind and heart. I loved it! And to think we almost went home without seeing the concert because we couldn't find a parking space and went in circles for 1-1/2 hours! I was amazed at the age range of people at the concert. - Fran Pascuzzi (Pittsburgh, PA) (10/30/2004)

Barry was so wonderful. I think he is the most gifted singer ever. He is so in touch with this music and passion. I have been a fan of his for at least -- I can't count how many years -- at least 30! His concert was so wonderful. I was so grateful I got to see him in person. Thanks, Barry, for everthing! - Karen Shegogue (Jacksonville, FL) (4/20/2005)

When I heard Barry was going to be touring for the last time, I looked for a location within driving distance. Since we have family living in Jacksonville, FL, we decided to make a mini-vacation out of the trip. The concert was held on Friday, October 29, 2004 at The Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. The show was held 'in the round,' which was different from the other shows I had attended. We sat in the 2nd row from the stage. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! It was a great performance. I thought that would be the last time I would ever see Barry up close and personal (I was wrong!). - Pat Darnall (Greensboro, NC) (3/28/2008)

This was the first Barry Manilow concert I had ever gone to. I had always wanted to go see him, so I knew it would be good. Just didn't know how great until I saw him in person. When he came on stage I was shaking so bad, just to think I was in the same room as he was. No words can describe it. But what was so amazing to me, was when he was playing "Mandy" on the big screen with the white Yamaha, it brought back so many feelings. Then in the darkness you could hear Barry start to play. The light came on him and he was coming up from the floor playing the piano. I still get chills when I think about it! When he sings he can just touch your very soul. That's how I feel when I hear him sing. I have been a fan since the first time I heard "Mandy." I'm proud to be a fan! - Peggy Wheeler (of Georgia) (9/5/2010)

Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena Press Release:

October 30, 2004
(8:00 PM)
(St. Pete Times Forum)
Barry puts on a great show. He and Frank Sinatra are tops on my list. It's a special lifetime event when you see Barry in concert. - Alan Adiletto (Tampa, FL) (10/30/2004)

I am STILL at the concert, hearing all those great songs, the fantastic new ones and watching someone that I have been listening to for a lot of years. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be watching, singing and wishing it would continue and not end. The crowd really loved him and I got to tell you, who wouldn't?! I don't care what age you are, everyone has heard or seen Barry Manilow sometime in their life. I loved the way the show was put together and everyone was fantastic! He is a remarkable performer and you can tell he is passionate on how his songs come across to the audience. I hope this is NOT his last tour, because there are so few performers of his magnitude that still care about their music and sing it as if it were the very first time. He is definitely my favorite artist for any kind of song. One last thing, these tickets were a surprise to me and I am still singing to myself "Can't Smile Without You"! - Pamela L. Pinkham (Port Richey, FL) (11/2/2004)

What I liked most? The fact that FINALLY after 30 years of loving his music, I was able to see him perform the songs that helped me through my teenage and early adult years! Other reasons, I liked that even though my seat wasn't up-close and personal I felt that I still experienced the whole show. I liked that BARRY understands what we feel when we are there with him. I liked that he recognized what we had been through recently (Hurricane season). I liked the high you get and don't have to pay extra for! I LOVED it all!! Thanks, Barry ~ You mean so much to me! - Deborah (of Tampa, FL) (11/8/2004)

Wow! Camped out for tickets to make sure that I got a good seat. Well, it worked. FRONT ROW and boy, although I was already a huge fan I was totally hooked for life! Saw him again a few weeks ago -- he only gets better!! - Anna Brooks (Seminole, FL) (11/14/2004)

First Show - Lonni Kasprzyk (Clearwater, FL) (12/6/2004)

I got my ticket days before the concert, Section 4, Row 3, Seat 4. I was in hog heaven, so excited that I went out shopping for concert clothes. Saturday came and the excitement overcame me. It turned out that I was three seats away from the aisle that his band came down. Then there he was appearing from the stage floor. The feeling he gave me, made me forget about my husband, my kids! All I saw was Barry, the audience seemed to fade with the words he sang (to me). I felt like he was singing to me only ... But I had to come back to reality, my husband, and kids were waiting and Barry was gone. Thank you Barry. You gave me everything I could have wanted in a Perfect Birthday Present. - Bertha Little (Tampa, FL) (1/7/2005)

I just got off a cruise ship and found out Barry was going to be in Tampa on the last tour date ever. And I drove from Deland to Tampa that day! Wasn't sure if I'd get tickets, but I got front row seats. Man, that was the best! I will never forget that!! - Susan V. Brown (Deland, FL) (2/13/2005)

First/Favorite Concert: I had dreams before the concert... and even more after! Barry is a dream!! - Lisa (of Florida) (8/2/2005)

Barry captured the essence of the times during a concert in New York I attended in 1974, communicating hope and love. He continued to communicate this same message in his Tampa concert, with just as much unbeatable talent and emotion. Barry just keeps getting better and better with each passing year. His talent is unstoppable and he is a showman's showman. The emotions and images his music evokes, touches the hearts of all who listen. He sells every song from the depth of his heart, revealing the caring person that he is. - Cynthia B. Ainsworthe (St. Petersburg, FL) (4/16/2007)

I bought the meet-and-greet and it was worth every penny. Front row seats, pictures and chatting with the man. One of the best concerts I've seen. I had been to probably more than 75 of his concerts but in Tampa we got to speak. He is so different than when he performs. I have been a big fan of his from the beginning. He's always been my fave and I thought after seeing him once, I'd have my need to see him in concert fulfilled. Ha! - Carolyn Fundock (of Florida... and Passaic, New Jersey) (1/31/2019)

St. Pete Times Forum - Press Release Detail:
Performing all his greatest hits in the round! Barry Manilow's unparalleled career is made up of virtually every facet of music, including performing, composing, arranging and producing. He has triumphed in every medium of entertainment.

November 10, 2004
(7:30 PM)
(Pepsi Center)
I grew up with this man's music, Yes even the jingles. I had always heard that he was a fantastic showman but, never had the opportunity to see him live. Finally, I had the opportunity. I was amazed! His music is so moving, and after 30 years he sings with the same depth of emotion as if he were playing a song for the first time. At times I was moved to tears. In addition he is so seemingly normal, humble, and very funny (also love the killer blue eyes). I am lucky I finally got to see him as this is his last tour. - Pamela Hoadley (Denver, CO) (11/13/2004)

We flew out to Denver and had Platinum tickets for the show. We had to reschedule everything as Barry was unwell and the concert was rescheduled for four days later. What struck me the most was the difference between the concerts in the UK and in America. It was a wonderful experience having front row seats and to actually see him perform in his home country. The concert was fab and the stadium was electric. Barry was certainly worth the trip to Denver! It must have been the only time that I ever wanted a concert to end but that was only because I was going to meet him back stage afterwards!! What a wonderful opportunity and it was a privilege to meet such a great showman. Barry was unwell that evening but it did not stop him giving a brilliant performance and meeting some of his fans afterwards. Thank you Barry! - Dawn Hunt (Rochester, Kent, England, UK) (11/25/2004)

More than 20 years after my first concert (May 6, 1983), the thought of "One Last Time" not crossing the Pacific set off alarm bells. Only one thing to do ... cross the Pacific myself. Then the show got postponed ... more alarm bells! ALL was worth it though on the night as Barry gave the best performance I'd seen. I laughed and cried (as usual) but was SO pleased to have been a part of the last "Tour". Barry, thank you for being a part of my life, I hope to be able to get to Vegas soon. - Tony Chapman (Melbourne, Australia) (11/25/2006)

What is there not to like? We have seen Barry four times (with our 5th time coming up this June in Las Vegas!). He is just a wonderfull performer and it's great I can take my 14-year-old daughter who has seen him for all the performances. Her first one being at the age of five. The singing, dancing, and band is just a GREAT EXPERIENCE. Thank you! - Lori O'Dell (of Colorado) (5/4/2008)

Postponed from November 7

Pepsi Center - News Details:
Barry Manilow at the Pepsi Center. The singer-songwriter has been making music for more than 30 years and has recorded some of the industry's most memorable hits including "Mandy," "I Write the Songs," "Can't Smile Without You" and "Copacabana."

November 12, 2004
(8:00 PM)
(America West Arena)
One of my "must do" life events was to fly to see a Barry concert. I did this year with this concert. I met so many devoted fans from all over the world, but no one from Phoenix! His voice was rich and he put on a great performance. Well worth my trip! I'm sorry that this is to be his last tour. Since 1978, I've attended every tour. I enjoy his music and his performances - he's my favorite. - Teri Mahnken (Payson, UT) (11/21/2004)

First Show: My friend and I tried to get good seats at the Arrowhead Pond but could not, so we decided to fly to Phoenix as we got floor seats and were right in front of the small stage. My son introduced me to Barry's music back in 1977 when he was nine years old. My parents also loved Barry's music. It took me 27 years to be able to see Barry perform live. All I remember is Barry coming up out on stage in all his blue striped splender. I was so excited I hardly remember any of the songs that he sang, although I wrote them down, thank goodness! His voice was even better than on his recordings if that's possible! He also was very handsome and he is very funny with jokes and just the way he talks. I was in tears over "Let Freedom Ring." What other singers put songs like that one in their concerts anymore? This was my first big concert of any type and a memory I will never forget. What a time my friend and I had! Thanks Barry!! - Cheryl Bowers (Lake Isabella, California) (7/23/2011)

Highlights: It's A Miracle / Daybreak / Somewhere In The Night / This One's For You / Why Don't We Live Together / Mandy / Even Now / All I Need Is The Girl / I'll Never Love This Way Again (with Debra Byrd) / Sweet Heaven (I'm In Love Again) / They Dance! / Very Strange Medley (State Farm, Band-Aid / Somewhere Down The Road / Brooklyn Blues / River / Could It Be Magic (ballad) / Could It Be Magic (dance version) / Can't Smile Without You / Jump Shout Boogie / I Made It Through The Rain / Weekend In New England / Give My Regards To Broadway (intro) / Every Single Day (from "Harmony") / Dancin' Fool (from "Copacabana") / Copacabana (At The Copa) / I Write The Songs / Why Don't We Live Together / One Voice / Dancin' In The Aisles/Dancin' In The Streets / It's A Miracle (reprise)

[ Manilow TV Episode #134 aired February 2021 ]

[ America West Arena ]

November 13, 2004
(8:00 PM)
(Arrowhead Pond)
We had great seats for this concert and just loved that it was "in the round". Even when Barry was facing the other direction (which still isn't a bad view at all) we could see him up on the big screen. He sang so many of my favorite songs from all of his albums. Not a bad moment in the show, even though he was just over bronchitis. He hit one note that didn't come through like he wanted and made a face, but it was okay by us, we understand. It amazes me how powerful his voice is. What a range and what strength. As always, all of his concerts I've seen are my favorites, couldn't pick just one. Hope his band and crew are right and this isn't his last tour. I would be heart-broken to think I couldn't see this fabulous performer again in concert. He justs gets better every time! Love you forever, Barry, and thanks for ALL the wonderful shows!! - Laura Lee Hagan-Comeau (Fallbrook, CA) (11/21/2004)

Anaheim had to be the best [concert] because we actually got to meet him and get our pictures taken with him. He is so genuine and kind. And the concert was beyond words. His voice just gets better and better, and most of all, it is so obvious that he loves his music. His performances have never been anything but beyond excellent. I pray he gets some much needed rest but that we have not seen the last of him. And in the mean time, I have memories and his music to keep me warm and glowing. Thanks, Barry. - Donna George (San Diego, CA) (11/29/2004)

Barry was incredible as always. Kind of a dreamy night for me and five friends. We had a private dinner before the show in the Anaheim Club in the arena. Just the icing on the cake for an wonderful evening. Boy was I ready for this concert! Great seats, beautiful venue, and Barry of course. He was flawless. The show was absolutely the best! How Barry keeps getting better is amazing! A few weeks prior to this show I was an invited guest by a family member of the LA Forum and attended the rehearsal. I knew what was about to come in November... but as always the concert exceeded my wildest dreams. At the rehearsal I had my first front row seat... What a view! At Arrowhead I had 4th row seats. Also, incredible! I think the two nights were like a dream. Thank you, Barry, for all of the memories! - Sheryl Wylie (San Diego, CA) (1/26/2005)

It was the first Manilow concert I ever attended. Barry's just superphenomenal; his voice was incredibly great; he cannot get any better. It's amazing how Barry can get into people through his songs. Now I'll have to go to Vegas! - Diego Velasco Fuhrken (Mexico City, Mexico) (2/5/2005)

Favorite Show: Barry has class, and he has star quality and magic. - Theresa Iski (Glendale, CA) (5/7/2010)

First Show - Paul Jacobsen (Pasadena, California) (3/2/2020)

[ Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim Calendar ]

November 17, 2004
(8:00 PM)
(Toyota Center)
The most PHENOMENAL concert in a very long time. This was just a night of love and thanks for all the years and concerts the fans have been there for. The audience was never more live and on their feet all night long. The "in the round" was just totally fascinating to watch the piano come up and then disappear. I really loved the "funk" that Barry put into "Copacabana" and "Dancing in the Aisles." I also loved the "funky" version of "Could it be Magic." It was just a night I will never forget. Barry did announce that this was his farewell tour but he will always remember Texas and he wants us to teach him how to Bar-b-que. I believe everyone in that arena wanted Barry to stay up on that stage forever and for that night never to end. This was my third time seeing him but I will be back again. I also brought two of my album covers (his very first one he did on the Bell label, and his album in did in Brazil) along with my poster. Everyone kept coming up to me saying I've got to be a "real" fan because you have the authentic album. I was just on top of the world when I left there. Thanks so much, Barry, for all the great music throughout the years and we will be seeing you in the future!! - Mary Jungen (Beaumont, TX) (11/18/2004)

I think Barry put on one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I plan to go to Las Vegas to see him this next year. When he sings it is like everything else just dissapears. - Melissa (of Irving, TX) (2/22/2005)

This was my very first concert to see Barry! It was a long wait, then finally Barry showed up in Texas! He put on a fantastic performance at the Toyota Center in Houston. Loved the mix of music, and the atmosphere was incredible. He knows how to make us feel right at home, [mentioning] "Houston" in a lot of songs, and relating his experiences with the H-Town Rodeo and his desire to learn how to 'BBQ'. Barry is also hazardous to your health: I clapped my hands so hard that I bruised my pinky; yelled and sang so much that my voice was a "goner"; and my ears were ringing so loud that I couldn't hear for awhile! I've been listening to Barry's music ever since Jr. High. I got the "Scores" CD for my birthday in June. Thanks, Barry, for singing and keeping your music going! - Kathy Grayless (Missouri City, TX) (11/1/2005, 2/28/2008)

The show was wonderful and it was his last concert and I got to meet him! What more could I want!! I've been a fan since 1981 and Barry and his music have gotten me through good and bad times. I have quite a lot of memorabilia and his music is always playing at my house! Barry is a wonderful man and musician. I love him! - Ann Langford (Augusta, GA) (4/15/2009)

Postponed from November 4

Barry Manilow's unparalleled career is made up of virtually every facet of music, including performing, composing, arranging and producing. A 2002 Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductee, Manilow has triumphed in every medium of entertainment. He has received Grammy, Emmy and Tony Awards and has been nominated for an Academy Award!

November 20, 2004
(8:00 PM)
(American Airlines Center)
It was a great show. Thanks for the memories, Barry. You are the man! - Jeff Sorenson (Fort Worth, TX) (11/21/2004)

The Dallas concert at the American Airlines Center on November 20th was the most awesomely, powerful performance that Barry could have put on. First of all when you step into Dallas you step right into Country and R&B territory but when Barry hit the stage, he literally "OWNED" this town! The venue was packed, the crowd was on their feet, singing, giving ovation after ovation, and (yes, folks) for that very moment in time this town was his to claim righteously because he put on the show of the year! The crowd was filled to the rafters!! Barry apologized in the beginning for having to postpone the Dallas show due to his bout with bronchitis but said he would make it up to us by doing his "entire" catalog, and I have to tell you he was not far from doing just that! What a delight that he nailed not only the favorites that we have come to love but for him to do "The Best of Me" and "River" brought tears of pure joy & delight to my heart. Barry, God bless and keep you forever and always for bringing such happiness and joy into so many lives. Please remember just turn around, call, and there we will all be supporting your every effort/projects and we will be there en masse! - Marsha White (Garland, TX) (11/22/2004)

Unbelievable! What else can I say? The man knows how to put on a great concert. He still has it after all of these years. The VIP experience was great. Meeting fellow fans and Barry himself backstage was something I'll never forget. Being able to hear "Could it be Magic" in its true form was something I've been wanting to hear for a long time and I finally got to hear it. Being at Barry's last concert was emotional, but mind-blowing at the same time. Hopefully he will reconsider and treat all of us to his wonderful musicianship again. - Allison Guidry (West Monroe, LA) (11/22/2004)

I had never attended anything like [this concert] before. This will be a memory for a lifetime! - Robin Melancon (Baton Rouge, LA) (11/30/2004)

I enjoyed this awesome show. A true legend he is! A 4-hour show that Barry put on. He is a true legend to his music and his career. The fans loved it. He sang all my favorites. I look forward to going again in 2008. - Jesus Ramirez (Euless, TX) (1/20/2008)

Postponed from November 5

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Barry Manilow at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (June 5, 2004)

above photo by Rick Brettholtz

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