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June 1, 2024

Now on Manilow TV for June:
Music and Passion Employee Show

Hi everyone,

This month’s MTV may be my favorite show in a long time.

It was 2004 and we had just wrapped the “One Night Live -One Last Time” tour. Then the Hilton came knocking and we put ANOTHER whole NEW show together for Vegas, and this is the first performance... for the Employees!

We’d put this whole new production together, between Dec 2004 - and Opening night February 23, 2005!

The Employee audience is having a ball with this show. We were trying out lots of new ideas. Since we were in Las Vegas, we opened with “Luck Be A Lady” – the arrangement from the “Showstoppers” album.

During those two months I had written an anthem to Las Vegas. I called it “Here’s to Las Vegas”. We did that one.

We also created the “Rock Bottom Bar” and the “Dew Drop Inn” on both sides of the stage.

The material we did on those two side stages are some of my favorite moments.

The show is filled with great ideas and great performances from my talented singers and musicians.

We didn’t know that February in 2005, that we would still be performing on that stage and breaking Elvis’s record in 2024 ....19 years after this show!



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