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November 1, 2023

Now on Manilow TV for November:
One Night Live, One Last Time
Dallas - November 20, 2004 - Act 1

It was the last show of the 2004 farewell tour called “One Night Live, One Last Time”. We were in the round in Dallas.

It was really the last of our long, long tours.

Shortly after this tour, we got an offer to play at the Las Vegas Hilton and we created “Music and Passion”.

I never wanted to retire, I just had to get off the road and being in residence at the Hilton was the perfect way to keep my band and my crew together. And to be able to keep performing without being away all the time.

But this show is a beauty. A great Dallas audience and some real surprises.

We’re offering “Looks Like We Made It” as our free preview. My band and I put together an R & B version of the song and it really rocks.

This is Act I of the show.

Next month will have Act II.



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