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May 1, 2023

Now on Manilow TV for May:
Greatest Hits and Big Band, Too!
Sunrise, Florida - November 25, 1995

Hi Everyone,

Sorry we’re a little late this month. Something’s happening at Carnegie Hall tonight and it’s keeping me real busy!

This month’s concert is one of my favorite shows.

It’s from the “Greatest Hit’s Tour" in 1995.

We recorded the “Singin’ With The Big Band” album in 1994 and the “Greatest Hit’s Tour” turned into “The Greatest Hit’s and Big Bands Too”.

I loved performing the songs from that album. My friends Ken and Mitzie Welch told me about the stars in the windows during the war and I was so moved by their story, I included it in our show.

That was the year I wrote “I’ll Be Good For You” and when I created the “William Tell Overture” for me and singers to do (a cappella!).

And this was the first year I sang Enoch’s and my song, “Forever and A Day”.

And... by the way, we changed the entire show again a couple months later.

I must be nuts!


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