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September 1, 2019

New on Manilow TV for September:
Last Concert of the Paradise Cafe Tour

Hi Everybody,

This month’s video is really great. I haven’t seen this show in years and I loved it.

It’s the last show of the “Paradise Café” tour. Victor Vanacore is Music Director, Vanessa Brown is on percussion and Muffy Hendricks is part of the vocal group.

The songs stunned me. “Come With Me”, “At The Dance”, Some Sweet Day”, “Sugar” and many more songs I haven’t heard in years.

We were at the Riviera in Vegas and even though this wasn’t a “Greatest Hits” show, the audience seemed to love it.

Hope you do too.


P.S. This was one of Marc’s first times video taping our show. He did great, but you’ll have to forgive him falling to the ground or shooting the wall for a while.

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