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July 1, 2019

New on Manilow TV for July: Manilow on Broadway
March 2, 2013 - St. James Theatre

Hi Everyone,

We found this video hiding in the vault and it makes perfect sense to play it on this month’s ManilowTV.

As you might know, we’re heading for another run on Broadway, this time at the sensational Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.

And by coincidence, the video we found was closing night the last time we played Broadway at the St. James Theatre.

I hadn’t seen this video since we did it six years ago.

I remember loving doing our shows there and most of all, loving the New York audiences. They were fantastic!

This video happens on closing night, after playing for 5 and a half weeks.

It’s a wonderful remembrance of those great New York nights with some great songs and a wonderful audience.



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