A Message from Barry

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Barry tells the story of the creation of MY DREAM DUETS (continued):

We spent a week in the recording studio in Los Angeles recording the music tracks. Some songs needed full orchestras; some needed small bands.

Most needed background singers.

On “The Candy Man” we needed children singing behind me and Sammy Davis, Jr. Ron Walters, Jr., my brilliant Music Director, brought his young, talented children to the studio, and of course, they were prepared and sang perfectly.

My darling Debra Byrd had taught them their vocal parts and they sounded great. Ron was proudly beaming during the entire session.

Interestingly, when the professional studio musicians heard Andy Williams’ voice or Louis Armstrong singing and began to understand what we were recording, they flipped out.

They just couldn’t believe what we had created.

Since these men and women had played for every recording session for years, that was a real good sign!

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