Friday, May 30, 2014

Hi Everyone...

We’re all back from the UK safe and sound.

It’s been a wonderful mini-tour.

As usual, the audiences in the UK were magnificent. If any of us on the stage felt even a little run down (which we didn’t), when that red curtain opened, the greeting of the audiences was like being hit with an electric shock.

Everywhere we went, we were greeted with fantastic audiences.

I’m still overwhelmed that after all these years, there are so many people that come to see us.

From the stage we can see the brilliant glow sticks and they look as if they reach the sky. They wave to me with them, they keep tempo with them and they make a pop show into a party.

The weather held up for us in every city except Southampton. Southampton was filled with drama!

The venue was outdoors which is very risky for that area. And, we worked with a new promoter.

I’m sure you’ve read about the ticket fiasco, but it got worse as the night went on.

After the brilliant Dave Koz finished his opening set, we were all ready to hit the stage, when we were told that it was pouring and that it was too dangerous to go on stage.

There was an announcement telling the audience to find shelter until the rain stopped. So we all waited. All of us in our stage costumes, waiting for the enormous downpour to end.

When it finally did end, the audience members were told to go back to their seats. Afterwards we heard that there were duplicate tickets and that people were told to sit anywhere. It was chaos.

Finally, after what seemed to be years, they allowed us to take the stage. It was still incredibly windy, wet and freezing cold.

But what knocked me out, is that nobody left. Even in that terrible weather, nearly the entire audience stayed.

What kind of people would do something like that for another person? I was speechless.

So thanks to my wonderful friends in the UK.

When we did our last show in London at the O2, I was so looking forward to singing “Forever and a Day,” but as I ran into my quick change booth, I was told I only had three minutes left because of the curfew. If I went over, they said they’d pull the plug!

So my apologies for ending that show so abruptly. We were still singing backstage in the hallways. And celebrating our UK mini-tour.

It was a great few weeks and my sincere thanks to all of you.


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