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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OK. I give. Uncle! I surrender.

I am so sorry.

I think the pain of having to postpone Radio City is worse than the pain I’ve been going through from the surgery.

But friends, there’s just nothing I can do.

The doctors had told us that I’d be able to go back to work in six weeks, but the surgery was much more complicated and extensive than they anticipated.

The 2½ hour procedure turned out to take 7 hours!

The muscles had snapped away from both hips. They had to pull them back like pulling down a window shade and pin them back to my hips. (Sounds pretty gruesome, doesn’t it?)

Still, we all had hopes that I’d be well enough to perform. But there’s just no way.

We’ve got a beautiful, brand new show ready to go. We rehearsed for three weeks – me on my walker and in my wheelchair and my wonderful band, crew, lights, sound and nurses.

It’s a more intimate show than I’ve ever done. After all, how much bigger can we get than 75 piece orchestras and the spectacular Paris show?

We’re ready to do songs that I haven’t done in years. “If I Should Love Again”, “One Of These Days”, “You’re Leavin’ Too Soon” and more.

It’s all ready to go – except for me.

But the good news is that I am walking without any help for about 20 minutes at a time and I’m getting stronger every day.

Hang in there with me, and when I do come back, we’re going have some big parties!

Thanks for being understanding.


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