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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Well, three down and two to go. We’re almost ready to close our show at The Paris. Seven great years in Las Vegas. 1,000 shows, And spectacular audiences every night.

What a blast!

Of course, the rest of the schedule has been pretty crazy too. I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing me on TV, hearing me on the radio, and reading all the interviews I’ve given ... We went nuts promoting the "15 Minutes" CD. That was a great experience. And, unless everyone was putting me on, it seemed that everyone that heard the album just loved it. From the interviewers and reviewers to all of the TV hosts who usually don’t have any idea about what I’m promoting.

We were all blown away by the reaction to the CD. We’re all so proud of this one and couldn’t be more grateful that the response was so positive. The audiences I sang songs from the album to always reacted amazingly. "Bring On Tomorrow" was a show-stopper. Gives me more encouragement to keep on writing.

Then, after having been everywhere, I went BACK on another media tour to talk about Atrial Fibrilation! Oh no, not him again!

And in the middle of everything, we added some concerts out of town. They were all so wonderful that I’ve agreed to do a few here and there during the year. Not a tour! No tour! No more touring! Don’t even say the word! But a few one-nighters now and then sounds like fun. So here we come again!

But now the final nights at Paris Las Vegas are finally here. Playing at the Las Vegas Hilton for five years and at Paris Las Vegas for two have been seven great years. I can’t remember one bad night at either venue. After each show we would all gather in the Green Room backstage and celebrate. The shows were always great. The audiences were always enthusiastic. We all loved performing in Las Vegas.

It’s been a great ride. And thanks to all of you who came to Vegas to see our shows.

The only bummer is that on Monday morning, right after the last Las Vegas show, I go into the hospital for another operation on my poor messed up hips. It’s not hip replacement – never has been. I seem to have ripped the abductor muscles on both hips and messed up my bursas. (Sounds like a good title for a song!)

After the surgery, the doctors told me it will take three weeks before I can walk and then another three weeks to recover.

And then it’s Chicago and Radio City!

What a life! Wish me luck.

And I wish YOU all a great Holiday and New Years Eve.

See you next year!


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