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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hi everyone,

The Royal Variety Show was great fun.

Being on the same stage as Tony Bennett was an honor. I just cannot believe he can sing as well as he does at 85 years old. The best I hope to be able to do when I'm 85 is bring up phlegm! But he hit a high A flat at the end of "How Do You Keep The Music Playing." He brought down the house, as well he should have.

Cee Lo Green is a great guy and what a terrific singer and performer.

The beautiful and talented Nicole Scherzinger and I waited in line to meet Princess Anne, who was charming. Besides being a powerful singer and performer, Nicole has the tiniest waist I have ever wrapped my arms around. Amazing.

I sang "Mandy" along with the Midnight Special film, but as I began singing, the click track in my ear, which keeps me and the film together, dropped out, so I was four bars late as I sang.

As I sang, I knew it was all screwed up, but I kept on singing and somehow ended with the film. Of course, we had to do the song again, but the audience was great and when I appeared for the second time, the audience roared their welcome to me. They were just great and I so appreciated it. I think that performance will come off just fine. Whew.

The weather in Manchester this time of the year is freezing cold and wet. Actually, after the crazy summer heat in Vegas, it felt kind of good to be walking in the cold.

If you were in the audience during the show, thanks for the great reaction. I actually saw a few green glow sticks waving at me!


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