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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last week, I did over 30 interviews with men and women from college radio stations and college newspapers.

They were by far, the best interviews I’ve ever had.

These young people were so prepared, articulate, smart and polite. They had listened to the album numerous times and their questions were more interesting than any television or newspaper interview.

We spoke about songwriting, performing, safety, fans, fame, the press and so much about music.

One of the interviews was by a young man in high school! And it may have been one of the top 3.

They love this album. It speaks to them. It moves them.

I thought that the most interesting interviews for this album would be from the adult press who deal with the perils of fame all the time.

Not even close.

The TV and press interviews that I did all month long didn’t even come close to these wonderful young people.

Gives me hope for the future.

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