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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Barry on "15 Minutes":

This album is so interesting to me. It reminds me of my earlier albums because it's filled with styles of music that I love, but I don't feel safe making.

On my very first album, back in 1821(!), I had a song based on a Chopin Prelude ("Could It Be Magic?") and a classic jazz scat tune originally done by the jazz vocal group Lambert, Hendricks and Ross called "Cloudburst", followed by a teeny song called "I Am Your Child", followed by so many different styles that the record stores didn't know what category to file the album under!

"15 Minutes" is about someone who wants fame. So I decided he should be a young guy who plays the guitar. So I started to write songs that would sound good on guitar.

Only problem was - I don't play guitar!

It took quite a while to learn how to write for a guitar without really knowing how to play the instrument.

It was once again, way out of my safety zone. And I loved it!

I recommend doing things that make you scared. Because if you succeed the success is twice as sweet.

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