Message from Barry

June 26, 2009

Thanks for all the beautiful birthday wishes, everyone. As I get older and those numbers get higher and higher, it gets stranger and stranger!

When my grandfather was my age, he wasn't working out three times a week, hat's for sure! Times are really changing. We've got all sorts of wonderful things out there than can keep us young and healthy - food, medicines and most of all knowledge about what's good for us and not good for us.

As for me, I'm in great shape. For those of you who are worried about my health, my weight - don't worry. I've never felt better.

I weigh the perfect weight for my body type, even though the press seemed to think I was dying!

The Platinum Experience has been wonderful. I love hearing everyone's stories. So moving, so funny, so rewarding for me.

I loved performing the songs from "Here At The Mayflower." Now THAT was the greatest birthday present I could have imagined.

The audiences were so kind, the band, singers and crew gave their all. Mark Hueske made it all look so beautiful and Kye Brackett outdid himself directing and choreographing all of it.

I'm considering doing it again when we all get back.

By the way, when we all got the word that the Hilton was postponing our June shows, we were all shocked.

I'm so sorry if the postponement ruined plans for some of you. We all had to re-plan as well.

Here are some updates:

I've begun recording my new original CD. I know, finally.

It's thrilling and scary to dive into a style of music that I've never been in. I've already mentioned that this CD is more guitar-driven and rock oriented than I've ever done. Don't worry, I won't make your ears bleed, but it sure don't sound like "Arthur's Theme"!

It's taken Nick (Enoch Anderson) and I over two years to write this CD. It's got an interesting concept to it: Young person wants fame, gets it, blows it, starts all over again.

Sound familiar?

I'm calling it "Fifteen Minutes."

But a CD like this takes longer to create than a CD of famous old songs. "Here At The Mayflower" took a long-long time to complete. But I want you to know, I've begun, it's sounding great and I think (hope) you'll like it.

The new Manilow TV website is coming along too. I've been calling it "What the hell am I saving this stuff for?" I've got loads and loads of concert performances and special benefit and award presentations from all over the world, from every tour we've done since video cameras came out. I had engineers and associates make me home-videos of every show so I could view them and give notes to all the departments every morning after each show I did. Even though the quality of these videos aren't anywhere near professional TV quality, you can still get a very good sense of what's happening on that stage.

The great gang at Stiletto is working hard to put the Manilow TV website together and I bet it'll be a great place to visit.

Here's an ancient recording from my audio vault. Grandpa kept taking me back to that recording booth and eventually, I sang something for him. The whole family loved it. One Saturday afternoon, he hired a piano player to accompany me. I must have been around five or six years old.

I sang "Nature Boy" with this lovely piano accompaniment. I don't remember the pianist's name. Darn. He was good too.

So, here's Baby Barry and "Nature Boy."


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