Barry's Response to Australia's Plan

July 18, 2006

Dear Friends,

During the past few weeks, we've been reading about the scheme in Australia to make one of their dangerous parks safer by playing Barry's music continually and hoping that the hoodlums would run away.

Over the last few days, the press has begun to print just one sentence of a press release that Barry issued. That one sentence does not represent Barry's response to Australia's plan at all.

Here's Barry's response. It was just printed this week in the "People Magazine" of Australia called "Who Weekly". And remember what Barry has always said: "If you don't hear it from my mouth, don't believe it."

Gary Oye

To Whom It May Concern:

I've been reading about Rockdale, Australia's decision to blast my music 24 hours a day in a park that appeals to hoodlums and their hope that my music will drive the hoodlums away.

Frankly, I think that if you played ANYONE'S music for that long you'd drive any rationally minded human being out-of-their mind!

But, have they thought that the hoodlums might like my music? What if some of them began to sing along with "Can't Smile Without You"? Or lit candles on "I Write The Songs"? Or, heaven forbid, dance around the grounds to the infectious beat of "Copacabana"? What if it attracted more hoodlums and not rid them of the ones that were already there? What if it brought people together? What if put smiles on their faces? What if the absurdity of this plan began to hit everyone at the same time and everyone began to laugh and become friends"? That's what my music usually does for people.

The council may have their adjectives mixed up. My music has been called "Catchy" (easy to remember because of having an effective melody, not "Catchy" (Able to be caught).

Good luck.

Barry Manilow

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