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Hot'lanta (Day 4)

Friday, August 30, 1991

BRIGHT AND EARLY First Annual BMIFC Walk for a Charity Buck (Fund Raising Walk-a-thon).
AWARDS LUNCHEON New York Deli Lunch, T-Shirt Contest prizes (Most Inspirational, Most Encouraging, Most Mouth, Tastiest T-Shirt, Tackiest T-Shirt, etc.).
BACK IN SESSION Radio Ga-Ga 6000 (getting records played on the radio), Cover Up 605 (photo sessions to finished album covers)
CLOSING NIGHT Black & White Video Disco and the Amazing Mouth Miming Magic Music Marathon Finals at the exclusive "Night On The Town Nightclub", an evening Buffet Supper and Dessert Extravaganza, more door prizes, and dancing until...

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