Can't Smile Without You 1982-1984

October 6, 1982 - Dee Events Center (Ogden, Utah)

photo by Julee Jaquays (provided by Daunna Becker)

October 5, 1984 - Salt Palace Arena (Salt Lake City, Utah)

provided by Wendy Bradshaw

October 6, 1982 - Dee Events Center (Ogden, Utah)
> Kristen Olsen (Ogden, Utah)

October 25, 1982 - Park West (Chicago, Illinois)
> Nancy Thompson (Naperville, Illinois):  I had seen Barry in concert at Champaign-Urbana, IL. I was in the nosebleed section when Barry picked someone out of the audience to sing on stage with him. At that time I got goosebumps and had a sensation that I too would be picked to sing with him one day...

The next day I heard on the radio that he was going to be at the Park West in Chicago that night performing two shows. Tickets were on sale at the (box office), so I drove there and stood in the ticket line all day for numerous hours. I had just enough time to go home, change clothes and ask a friend to join me (Unfortunately she had a school conflict and could not go). So I drove back for the first show.

Because I was alone, I was escorted to sit up front near the stage. When it came time for Barry to find a singing partner, he first walked to the opposite side of the stage then headed back toward my side. The crowd was going crazy with people trying to get his attention. At that time I simply raised my hand and said, "Hey Barry!"  He then pointed at me and told me to come up to join him on stage. It was the neatest experience. I will always remember what he said to me, "nice voice, wrong key".

Before I left the stage he asked if he could give me a hug and I said yes. He then asked if he could give me a kiss and I said yes. An audience member was kind enough to take pictures of my singing debut with Barry which I cherish along with the T-shirt that Barry gave me for singing with him. It's a night I'll never forget. Thanks Barry! (11/18/98)

November 16, 1982 - Reynolds Coliseum (Raleigh, North Carolina)
> Holly Marchisello (Raleigh, North Carolina): I remember I had front row seats, which in and of itself, was a treat! Some fan club friends came in from out of town and wanted to get ready for the concert at my house. They were all teasing me about how I should get dressed up so when I sang with Barry I would look good. I humored them and put on a nice suit. I made sure that I made good eye contact with Barry during the show which included LOTS of smiling at him (Who doesn't, right?). Well was I shocked when he picked me to sing!

I never saw a single person in the audience. Due to the spotlights I could only see everyone on stage...that was a GOOD thing! I wasn't nervous at all until I sat back down and realized what I had just done! Then he gave me my t-shirt with his autograph. I was absolutely in heaven!

A lot of people came up to me after the show and wanted to know if our duet was rehearsed! I told them no but some of them still didn't believe me! Anyway... it was a fantastic evening which I will never be able to top. I had my 15 minutes of fame. (8/8/97)

December 3, 1982 - (Mobile, Alabama)
> Joel (as told by her friend and long-time Barry fan, Donna Vicari Borne): I can't believe it's taken me THIS LONG to send this in! It happened over 20 years ago, but it feels like yesterday! On December 3, [1982], my cousin Lori, our friend Joel, her mother and I went to see Barry in Mobile, Alabama, on one of our MANY Barry concert excursions! We actually scored front row tickets (I think Lori and Joel "camped out" for them... this was pre-Internet!) and saw Barry in "the round".

The three of us (Lori, Joel and I) sat together and screamed (and sang-along!) at Barry the entire time! The concert was great and we had no idea that he was doing the "Can't Smile Without You" thing. When Barry started looking for someone to sing with him, we FREAKED! No offense to Lori and Joel -- and I think they would agree with me! -- but of the three of us, I had the better singing voice... so I was READY! (ha ha!).

Anyway, when Barry stopped by us (we were screaming the loudest, I'm convinced!), he pointed at us! Joel was in the middle (and much taller than my cousin and I) wearing purple... let's just say she stood out a bit. So, she started getting escorted by Barry's people, but Lori and I were CONVINCED he had pointed at US! We started pulling on Joel and as excited as we were, we wanted her to take us with her!

It was a THRILL beyond anything I can describe to watch a very good friend and fellow "Manilow-Maniac" standing on stage in between Barry's legs singing together! WOW! She got the shirt signed by Barry, but I think it was before videos were made... When we went out to eat after the concert, lots of people came up to us to meet us and congratulate her. It was UNREAL!

We didn't sleep in the hotel that night and to this day, that concert remains probably the best one I have ever experienced! So, even though I personally didn't sing with Barry, my friend sang for me and it was definitely a shared moment! (9/17/2004)

January 15, 1983 - Hirsch Coliseum (Shreveport, Louisiana)
> Pamela Dorsey (Sarepta, Louisiana):  It was the greatest moment of my life, bar none. The last time I had seen Barry in concert I was too nervous to even raise my hand, but I told my husband on the way to the concert that THIS time, I would be the one on stage with Barry. I have been a fan since Barry's very first record, and own every one of his albums and CD's. When Barry asked for someone in the audience to join him on stage, I stepped out into the aisle and began to wave my arms wildly. I was wearing my "Paradise Cafe" t-shirt, and it got his attention. He motioned for me to join him, and I practically ran to the stage. My husband got as close as he could and took pictures, which I still cherish.

Barry's first comment to me was "My, you're a tiny little thing, aren't you!" He then proceeded to make me feel like I was born to sing on stage with him. He told the audience that I sang "almost on key", then hugged and kissed me. ME -- kissed by the man of my dreams! As I began to leave the stage, he grabbed my hand and pulled me back for another kiss!! I was blown away. The t-shirt he gave me is in my safe deposit box. It has never been worn or washed. I still take it out every now and then to relive the feeling, or to prove to someone that I actually did sing with Barry Manilow. I still harbor the hope that one day I'll get to meet him in person again, and tell him what a wonderful experience the night was for me! I love you, Barry!! (12/7/2001)

January 20, 1983 - Five Seasons Center (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
> Cheryl Raisch: I sang with Barry at the ripe old age of fifteen. I had never seen Barry pull this stunt before, so I thought he was just teasing us. Even when he pointed to me and said, "You out there in the white, do you want to come up here and sing with me?", I didn't quite believe it until people started pushing and pulling me out into the aisle. As I ascended onto the stage the runway lights came up and suddenly there was a hand outreached to me. My eyes followed the hand up an arm, to a shoulder and there he was.

I sang my heart out, I think they turned down my microphone. It was of course all very much like a dream...In this dream I remember his genuine excitement, I can still kind of hear his squeals of delight when I think about it. Of course I remember the two hugs, one of which he lifted me off of the stage, and the three kisses. But, I also remember very distinctly the smell of pancake stage make up.

My best friend Francesca was at the concert with me. I'm sure that there is another woman out there who will understand when I say, I thought our friendship would never be the same again. I mean we were a TEAM. We would sing the songs together, act out the Copacabana at her sixteenth birthday party together, and [we even performed] "You Made Me Love You" at the FGBMIFCC (First Great BMIFC Convention) together. There was someone missing up there that night and it has taken years to get over the guilt and bad feelings. If only Barry would pick Francesca someday!! (8/8/97)

January 22, 1983 - Pershing Auditorium (Lincoln, Nebraska)
> Kelley Miller (Omaha, Nebraska) (5/9/2000)

January 28, 1983 - (Fort Worth, Texas)
> Debbie Pevehouse (Carrollton, Texas)

February 6, 1983 - Circle Star Theatre (San Jose, California)
> Kim (Mingus) Rhodes (Modesto, California):  Thanks for having this great site! How fun to read about everyone's experiences. I remember mine vividly to this day. I was sitting in the audience and was holding up a sign. I had been given head's up before going to the show that if I held up a sign it would give me a better chance. So, I was a bit obnoxious about it. The girls behind me kept saying "enough with the sign already." They were pretty frustrated but I just kept holding it up.

So, it came time in the show when he said "I think I need someone to help me... how about you!?" The next thing I knew a security guard was coming down my aisle and said "Let's go..." I couldn't believe it!!

I went up onstage and it was so surreal. He and I were dressed almost exactly alike - tuxedo pants, white shirt, red bow tie (it was the '80's you know...). Anyway, all I really remember from that moment on were his blue eyes and how I couldn't believe I was singing this song with him. He asked "Do you know the song "Can't Smile Without You"? I said, "Of course I do but I can't sing very well." He said "Don't worry about it," and off we went.

When I came back to my seat, the girls behind me just stared. Later, after the show was over, people literally parted the way for me to get by - it was so weird. I even heard people muttering under their breath "that's her, that's her." Some even thought I was a "plant" because I sang so well and seemed too comfortable on stage to be anything but a planned person to do this with him.

The night I sang with him was his last show at the Circle Star Theater. I will always remember it with great fondness but I'm glad I'm not a movie star or singer - that little bit of being recognized was enough for me!

Barry was and still is one of my favorite singers. I definitely consider myself one of the lucky ones! (4/23/2009)

February 26, 1983 - Uris Theater (New York City, New York)
> Barbara Stieglitz (Ronkonkoma, New York):  My friend and I went down to the Uris Theater that morning to purchase tickets and we found out a group cancelled a block of [seats].  It was a once in a lifetime chance, as all his shows were sold out.

It was one of the luckiest days of my life.  My friend and I sat in the seventh row to the left of the theater.  I screamed and shouted and applauded at the end of every song.  Barry was fantastic!!  I was wearing a light green sweater that night with black corduroy pants.  He said, "Now who would like to come up on stage and sing 'Can`t Smile Without You'?"  I screamed as loud as I could, "Pick me, Barry, pick me!"  He looked around and said, "The girl in the green sweater, come up here and sing with me."  I was so excited!

He reached out his hand to me and I took it.  I almost died.  I was so shy and embarassed I buried my head in my hands, then looked up to realize I was walking around the stage with Barry Manilow!  He looked perfect!  He introduced me to his band, then walked me over to his piano.  He jumped up on it and pulled me closer to him.  He wrapped his arms around me, then gave me a microphone and sang "Can`t Smile Without You".  He chuckled and laughed with me.  It was a dream come true!

After it was over, I jumped up on him.  He held me and gave me the biggest hug imaginable!  After I left the stage he said, "Barbara from the Bronx, you were wonderful and I have a gift for you."  "Here is a t-shirt that says 'I sang with Barry Manilow'," and he signed it too.  He joked and said I did other things with him too!  It was a night to remember!!

That night my mother was so happy for me.  She was dying of breast cancer and I got to share [the moment] with her...  She died the following week on March 11, 1983.  Barry, you made my mother smile before she [passed away]...  Thanks for making her smile! (8/9/98)

March 3, 1983 - Uris Theater (New York City, New York)
> Sharon King-Ross (Aberdeen, New Jersey): I sang with Barry on my birthday... I remember he had the whole theater (and himself) sing me Happy Birthday. I had a great time! Something that I'll never forget... I went to another one of his concerts [for my birthday ten years later]. It was so weird listening to him referring to "ten years ago today, I was on stage singing this very song with someone else". I knew THAT was me, and yet all I could do is listen. Barry is, was, and always will be The One and Only. (1/26/97)

May 18, 1983 - Festival Hall (Brisbane, Australia)
> Geneive Hoppner (Brisbane, Australia):  I was only 15 when we found out that Barry Manilow was coming to Australia. I adored the man and his music, and the fact that he was going to be on tour was a dream come true for me. At the time I didn't know about the BMIFC or the fan club in Brisbane so I was totally ignorant about the fact that Barry actually got someone up on stage to sing with him. I can still remember the exact moment when he pointed to me and asked if I wanted to be the one!  Needless to say I almost died. The greatest moment of my life was being taken to a set of stairs and looking up - there was Barry Manilow standing at the top with his hand out waiting just for ME!

My parents had just split up - I was having a hard time coping - and my mother was praying that maybe I'd get an autograph or something at the concert. We certainly got more than we bargained for!  Only those who have sung with their greatest idol can imagine what that experience was like. I'm incapable of putting it into words (don't I sound like a sop!).

Whenever I hear "Can't Smile Without You" while I'm shopping or it suddenly comes onto the radio, it brings up warm feelings and happy memories of a time when one of the all-time-greatest-artists took the time to make this fan feel special!  I could never thank Barry enough for that moment nor the aftermath of that experience. It's something that I have tucked away in the recesses of my mind that helps me to feel special when I don't! (8/20/99)

May 21, 1983 - Festival Hall (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
> Sandra von Holst (Sydney, Australia):  Well, I was sort of playing truant...!  I was 19 and Sandra Gibson back then (married now), and in my first job not very long. I wanted to go to Melbourne to see the concerts with two girlfriends, but they were older and able to annual-leave so they could take a four-day weekend. This would allow them to see three concerts and not have to rush back to Sydney to get back to work. I was desperate to go with them, so I made no mention of the extended trip to Melbourne, to my family or to my boss. Then all I had to do was phone my parents saying we had an opportunity to see a third concert which we could not pass up, and could they phone in sick for me, and they did!

I was so relieved when it all worked out. If it had not, and I had not gone to Melbourne, well, I would never have had this miracle happen to me. From the sea of faces making up the crowd in Festival Hall on 21st May, Barry chose me to sing with him. I can't sing, I will be the first to admit it, but I don't think that mattered to anyone, least of all me and Barry. I was so nervous, yet so excited. I have this little twitch I get on the top lip when I am really nervous, and yes, it did not let me down. I was hoping and praying Barry could not see it. At the time it all seemed to be happening in slow motion, but as time passed and I look back on the experience, it flew in a few seconds.

Barry gave me a t-shirt to remember the occasion by, and for a while there it looked like [that was] all I would have, except for the pictures in my head. I think because they were so over-excited, the girlfiends I travelled with forgot to take any photos of the event!!  I was so disappointed. But some months later I got word that a fan in Melbourne was trying to track me down. She had photos and wanted to send them to me. Wow, how amazing was that!  I will never forget this amazing event in my life. (4/14/2000)

June 23, 1983 - Poplar Creek (Chicago, Illinois)
> Pat Olson (Glenwood, Illinois):  I planned to get selected to sing with Barry. I saw him choose someone to sing with for the first time at an impromptu concert at Park West Theater in Chicago the winter before. At that time, I told my friends, "I'm going to do that". So, the night of the concert at Poplar Creek, I dressed in Red and White to attract his eye, I did my nails, and I told everyone I knew at intermission that I would be chosen. They all laughed.

When the lights swung around to my side of the stage, it was as if everyone in front of me sat down and there I was. He picked me. For a moment I thought of sitting down and not doing it and then I knew that if I didn't, I would forever regret it. So, I went up on the stage and it was wonderful. I will never forget it! People asked me after if I was a professional. Ha-Ha!

I received a signed T-shirt and was excited when I saw my picture in the Paradise Cafe program the next year (Pat- Chicago).  People I never met came up to me and offered me pictures they had taken, so I have a few nice pictures of the night. After I went back to my seat, I was shaking and shook the rest of the 2nd half of the show. I didn't hear a single thing after that, so I had to come back the next night to hear the rest of the show! (10/6/98)

June 25, 1983 - Poplar Creek (Chicago, Illinois)
> Barb Miller (Parma, Ohio)

July 5, 1983 - Blossom Music Center (Cleveland, Ohio)
> Judy Knolhoff (Elyria, Ohio)

July 13, 1983 - Mann Music Center (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
> Barbara Vogt:  I remember what a kick Barry got out of the fact that I was from Brooklyn, New York. When he asked me if I was serious, I said "Not Williamsburg like you! Oh no, I'm from the other side, you know, Sheepshead Bay," and he laughed and said, "I can't believe it, you really are!!" (2/16/99)

July 21, 1983 - Starlight Theater (Kansas City, Missouri)
> Cathy Cusumano (Kansas City, Missouri):  It was one of the proudest moments of my life. I could not believe I got chosen out of all those people in the audience. When he pointed me out I thought he had chosen someone behind me, but in fact it was me! The funny thing was he told the audience that I was not someone pre-picked (because I sing also). The next day some friends from work that had gone asked about the person who sang with Barry the night before and that she had a good voice. I could not believe it myself when I told them it was me! It was one of the most memorable nights of my life!! (4/27/2002)

July 22, 1983 - Civic Auditorium (Omaha, Nebraska)
> Linda A. Miller (Omaha, Nebraska): It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I almost did not go that evening, because the night before (in Kansas City), Barry saw me and waved, and I thought he was going to pick me THAT night. I was so upset over it that I was going to give up and give my ticket - which I stood in line for, for FOUR days! - to someone else. But my friends and family convinced me to go... (2/13/2001)

July 25, 1983 - Concord Pavilion (Concord, California)
> Diane Mizutani (Daly City, California)

July 31, 1983 - Pacific Amphitheatre (Costa Mesa, California)
> Sue O'Donnell (Saugus, California):  I just love to see Barry live. But on this night I was one of the lucky ones to be that close to him. Now we all know what we think we would say to him, but when you finally get there and it is in front of his audience, you suddenly lose your nerve. Like many of the other ladies, I felt his strong large thin hand reaching for me from the steps. To look into those eyes for the first time made me quiver... For one thing I knew my voice would bring on all the dogs for miles, so I figured I could just sing low and drop the microphone low. [That way] I would not be heard much. I was wrong!  Barry kept pushing it back up to catch the voice (I was now in trouble). So I just gave it my best and prayed.

He gets so close to you when you are standing facing him and because I was so scared I just looked deep into those blue eyes. Then comes the part where you walk and swing arms... "Just like Donny & Marie!"  Ha-Ha!  [Next] he jumps on the piano behind you. He likes to tease, so he started playing with my hair. Well, by then I started to get more comfortable and that was a green light for me, so I started to rub his leg some (Now we are having fun!!). I looked at him and said "If you only knew what I am going through" and pointed at him. He laughed, which made me feel better.

At the end he said he was sorry for being so sweaty (How sweet is that?!) and I went in for the hug. When he takes you to the end of stage to exit he was looking down and thinking, and I thought I would not get a kiss. At first I was going to just go then I thought I may never have this chance again so I said, "Barry very softly," and he got the idea and I got my kiss. Like everyone else I was three feet off the ground for quite awhile. All the people that use to tease me and said I will never met him, could not believe it. Thank goodness for the kindness of people that gave me pictures they had taken in concert. So I have more than just the T-Shirt for the memory. Thanks to Barry and thanks to the nice people that helped to get me the pictures. (9/15/99)

August 13, 1983 (Early Show) - Caesar's (Lake Tahoe, Nevada)
> Jeanne Byrd (San Diego, California)

August 13, 1983 (Late Show) - Caesar's (Lake Tahoe, Nevada)
> Midge Walterhouse (Oakland, California): I couldn't believe Barry was talking to me. I kept saying, "Me??" "Yes you!" It was so exciting I couldn't believe it! At the end of the song when he hugged me, he said, "Sorry for being so sweaty." My (stupid) reply, "You can sweat on me any time." How foolish did I feel... I got the great tee-shirt but unfortunately, I lost my house in the Oakland Hills Firestorm and it burned along with the pictures my friend took. But singing with Barry was a great experience. (4/12/2001)

August 27, 1983 - Blenheim Palace (Oxfordshire, England)
> Cathy Greenwell (Leicestershire, England): I was the first person to sing with Barry in England, and he wrote about me in his autobiography (Sweet Life: Adventures on the Way to Paradise). (2/5/2001, 5/17/2003)

September 5, 1983 - Glasgow Apollo (Glasgow, Scotland)
> Mandy Rennox (Edinburgh, Scotland) (9/15/98)

September 25, 1983? - Congressgebouw (The Hague, The Netherlands)
> Karin van Beelen (Noordwijk, The Netherlands) (7/9/2011)

September 26, 1983? - Congressgebouw (The Hague, The Netherlands)
> Pauline Broers (Amsterdam, The Netherlands): I still cherish the memories of this special evening. I remember leaving to go to The Hague for the concert and my father's famous last words before I left, "Give Barry a kiss, you hear?" I replied sure dad not knowing what to expect of the evening. I had a big bunch of flowers with me and as soon as he said, "well start waving and I'll pick a girl from the audience," I thought why not and starting waving really just for the fun of it. OMG he picked me! I don't think I ever ran so fast down the stairs as that time! It all went by as if I were in a dream.

It was wonderful and my mum who had come with me was so startled that she hadn't made any pictures. Later that evening when I had my dad on the phone and told him I had sang with Barry and kissed him he didn't believe one word. I gave the phone to my mum, so that he might believe her, and in the end he did. Next day I was still in The Hague and a lot of girls came up to me to ask if I was the girl who sang with Barry. Weird,they wanted to take their picture with me! I also met Phyllis from England.She was so kind as to send me some pictures she had made during the concert.

Since then my mum and dad have died and because this time was so special for all of us it's still difficult for me to listen to Barry without wandering off to that time again and getting sentimental as you can imagine. I can easily say it was one of the highlights (next to the birth of my son and my wedding day) of my life so far. Thanks, Barry, for this wonderful experience! (4/10/2015)

December 30, 1983 - Universal Amphitheatre (Los Angeles, California)
> Maria Gomez (Bellflower, California)

December 31, 1983 - Universal Amphitheatre (Los Angeles, California)
> Karen Price (of Florida): I saw Barry 4 times already that week and this was my 5th time. I had already sent Barry a white chocolate piano the 1st night and made the t-shirt I wore on all nights. At the show, when "Can't Smile" came on, I went to the aisle and jumped like a crazy woman. Barry said "what about you, jumping up and down like that?" Gads, it was happening! Oh my God, what a night!! Barry was awesome, and he kisses GREAT! I was on key, so Barry said. This was the highlight of my life! You Rock, Barry!! Love You. (3/10/2006)

October 5, 1984 - Salt Palace Arena (Salt Lake City, Utah)
> Wendy Bradshaw (West Valley City, Utah):  I doubt Barry will ever know, but since that magical night of singing with Barry on stage, in that moment, I decided that I would follow my dream of being a singer and songwriter. Since that time, I acquired the Kawai white grand piano that Barry used on his Denver booksigning tour many years ago, and magically, original songs just started to come to me. I composed them on my piano that is autographed, and has been played by Barry.

Since then I have performed all over Utah, and have just recently finally released my own CD!  I also have several performances coming up, and possibly a performance at the 2002 Olympics. If Barry only knew what an influence he has had on my music... He was my silent and only mentor, without even knowing it. I hope someday I can talk to him and let him hear the music, and the spirit of music, he has inspired in a new artist. It is Magic! I'll always remember "When October 5, Goes". (5/26/2000)

October 9, 1984 - Kemper Arena (Kansas City, Missouri)
> Kelley Miller (Omaha, Nebraska) (5/9/2000)

October 10, 1984 - Metropolitan Center (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
> Mary (Boehlke) Wilson (St. Louis, Missouri):  My sister was a fan club member - so we were in the 6th row. I had just started my freshman year in high school, and was standing on my chair when the song started! I still don't believe [he picked] me! I am now a professional singer (opera and oratorio) and Barry commented on how well I performed and wasn't nervous at all in front of 40,000 people that night. I still have my signed t-shirt and a signed 8x10 photo on my wall! I would LOVE to sing in his shows someday!! (12/24/2001)

October 12, 1984 - (Rockford, Illinois)
> Susan Cosgrove (Columbus, Ohio)

October 13, 1984 - (St Louis, Missouri)
> Wanda Kohloff (Wauwatosa, Wisconsin)

October 18, 1984 - (Toledo, Ohio)
> Cathy Stubler (Toledo, Ohio) (2/25/2000)

October 20, 1984 - Market Square Arena (Indianapolis, Indiana)
> Julie Reno (Florence, Kentucky)

October 30, 1984 - Radio City Music Hall (New York, New York)
> Robin Lipton (of New York):  Without a doubt the greatest experience for a true fan. My cousin & I were in the 4th row. When he asked for someone (in the audience), everyone in our section pointed to me since they knew what a fan I was. Well, my cousin had on a bright yellow sweater and he picked HER! I wasn't letting her go up there without me so I went to the stage with her. He said he could only take one of us, so she let me go - I always thank her for that!

To date it, when Barry and I were strolling around, he said "I feel like Mondale & Ferraro". I remember him looking at me and nodding to the crowd, encouraging me from their positive reaction. It's a Miracle I could sing, I was so nervous my mouth was like cotton.

I got the t-shirt which is still in my parents' house. Some people in the audience took pictures and mailed them to me, which I will always treasure. I met his mother in the audience. My second grade teacher who was in the crowd came down to see me. It was all so thrilling.

I was 15 at the time so my parents were waiting for us after the show a few blocks away. As we walked through the streets of Manhattan, people were coming up to me on the streets, recognizing me (I had gotten mobbed at the concession stand earlier). When we saw my Dad, I ran to him trying to explain. Even the t-shirt didn't help him believe me. What worked was the car that pulled out of the parking garage with people asking for my autograph! The mention of me in his review the next day in the Daily News didn't hurt! Unbelievable!! (9/25/98)

October 31, 1984 - Radio City Music Hall (New York, New York)
> Sue Mueller (of New Jersey):  A memory I will NEVER forget! (4/28/2006)

November 2, 1984 - Radio City Music Hall (New York, New York)
> Debbie (Badi) Wahls (now of Williamsburg, Virginia): After waiting in line for closing-day (11/8) tickets, I won another pair in a radio station contest for 11/2. My mother and I went to the station's cocktail party before the show where one pair of 25 winners was to win backstage passes to meet Barry after the show. Of course I was convinced this would be us. I was crushed when we didn't win and moped all the way to Radio City. We had great seats (6th row) and I thought I would fall over when the house lights came up and Barry said "How about you over there in purple?" [I had to check my dress to make sure I was wearing the purple one] (It had taken me a while to decide what to wear because, after all, I thought I WAS going to win the backstage passes!). I floated to the stage and had the most incredible time. It was an experience I will never forget.

November 4, 1984 - Radio City Music Hall (New York, New York) (midnight performance)
> Lynda (of Brooklyn, New York):  I waited in line for hours for tickets and thanks to my fan club red-letter I got front row seats!  When he picked me I thought I would die!  He told me I was pretty and my knees got weak!  My sister took pictures or else I would have sworn it was a dream!  My only regret was that I got a T-shirt and not a video. The videos were given out the next year!! ... My T-shirt was mounted and framed with all the photos around it and still hangs on my wall. I'll always love Barry!! (2/3/2000)

December 4, 1984 - Round House Arena (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
> Evey Sullivan (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

December 30, 1984 - Universal Amphitheatre (Los Angeles, California)
> Candee Kennedy (Long Beach, California):  I used to be one of the infamous Button Ladies (The other B-Lady had a badge-o-matic!) and I got picked because of them.  "How about you with all those buttons... all over your, uh... You have ME all over your BODY!?"

I remember trying desperately to remember everything. The way you can only see knees in the front row, not hearing anyone but Barry, and those blue, blue eyes!  As Barry cued the band, I remember thinking "OMIGOSH, I really have to SING!" and trying to match Barry's key. The ham in me came out, big time, as I taught Barry a new dance step, and chimed "THE BEST PART!!!" as I was pulled to the piano between those legs for the finale!  My favorite part, because it caused Barry to giggle in my ear! Then during the last note, I pointed to Barry ('without YOOOUU!!').  I also held his hand at the piano, as opposed to his knee, because I wanted to touch skin, not pantleg!!

I had quit smoking weeks before, and always considered this my reward... a life changing experience... I can do anything!! (11/18/98)

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