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January 1-ENevada/Lake Tahoe
January 1-LNevada/Lake Tahoe
January 4Washington/Seattle
(Opera House)
Favorite Show:  Live On Broadway!  The memories are the best!!  Barry's energy is worth so much. He loves what he does and loves sharing it with us - it's so obvious!  I can't think of a better way to spend an evening!! - Theresa Zanassi (Kirkland, WA) (5/19/99)

First Show - Wendy Macham (Everett, WA) (3/10/2002)

First Show - Leslie Jacobs (Tucson, AZ) (5/13/2009)

January 5Washington/Seattle
(Opera House)
January 6Washington/Seattle
(Opera House)
January 7Washington/Kennewick
(Tri Cities Complex)
January 9Washington/Spokane
(Opera House)
First Show - Peggy Bishop (Spokane, WA) (9/25/99)
January 10Washington/Spokane
(Opera House)
It is a 3-hour drive to Spokane. It had snowed all the night before and on the day of the 10th, it continued to snow. But I insisted, and told my husband, snow storm or NOT, he was taking me to see Barry. Five hours later, we got into our seats at the Opera House just in time for the lights to go out. Barry began his performance. For the first hour of his show, I saw nothing but SNOW flurries fall on his band and him. But even so, I enjoyed his concert as always. I came close to [singing] "Can't Smile Without You" with Barry, but a girl six seats down from me was chosen instead. She wore WHITE, I wore BLACK. After the show, I was excited to give Barry's saxophone player, Robin, a copy of some of my songs I wrote. Hoping she got it to Barry! - Pamela Novikoff (Leavenworth, WA) (3/5/2002)
January 13Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 19: After 145 tries... Barry picked me to sing with him! It was SO exciting!! Having met him several times, I knew he would be (and was!) sweet, gentle and nice every second I was singing with him. He was GREAT...I sang horribly! Only Barry could get me to sing in front of more than a few people! WOW!! Definitely my favorite memory of Barry. [I loved] everything else about the concert too! - Laurie Allen (Little Rock, AR) (11/21/2009, 5/14/2012)
January 14Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 15Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 16Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 17Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 18Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 19Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 20Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 21Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 22Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 27New Jersey/
Atlantic City
(Resorts International)
January 28New Jersey/
Atlantic City
(Resorts International)
January 29New Jersey/
Atlantic City
(Resorts International)
February 2Hawaii/Honolulu
(Neal S. Blaisdell Center)
First Show: Barry was so real, it brought tears to my eyes. His songs were so alive and true. - Mike Curtis (Fairfield, CA) (5/20/2002)

First Show - Nancy Patterson (Crivitz, Wisconsin) (6/18/2012)

February 3Hawaii/Honolulu
(Neal S. Blaisdell Center)


April 18New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)

Live On Broadway/First Show Memory (April 23):  I had been listening to Barry before I even learned how to listen to my PARENTS!!  Ever since I got "Manilow II" when I was 3, I was dying to see him in concert.  Finally my parents took me to this one (I was TEN!).  What in incredible night -- full of laughter, tears, and of course, screaming and yelling!!  It was awesome to see Barry sell out again, just like I had always wished I could have seen in the '70s.  Opened with "Sweet Life/It's A Long Way Up", which I barely remember because I was so hysterical!  He sang lots of then-new stuff from the purple album...  The audience went nuts for "Keep Each Other Warm" and the very pelvic "One That Got Away"!  One of the best parts of the concerts was the "I'm Your Man-Act I" closer... he was magically sucked into the Magic Screen!  A moment I will NEVER forget!!  All in all, an awesome introduction to the Live Manilow Magic! - Matt Gironda (5/7/98)

Show Memory (June 6): I had front row center seats for this concert, and I was simply blown away. I had my 13-year-old daughter with me and she was having a blast. We met Billy and Debra after the show, and just had a wonderful time in NYC. The MAN never ceases to amaze me, and he just keeps getting better and better as the years go by. To look into those piercing blue eyes and see the sheer joy of the music is something no one can take away from him. I thank him for all the wonderful memories and years of happiness. - Margaret Bennett (Acton, MA) (10/8/98)

First Show - Jackie Desposito (of New York) (2/11/99)

Favorite Show (June 3): Won the trip on a local radio station! Sat in the front row and got to meet Barry afterward! What a thrill!! - Maureen Owen (Boston, MA) (3/16/99)

I had seen my first "Barry on Broadway" show three days before with my mom. I had decided that it was very important that we go again. I had gotten tickets when they first went on sale. I had 6th row for this special night. They made an announcement before the show was about to begin to say they were videotaping and audio recording this performance for retail sale - how lucky could I get?! When the video came out (in 1990) I couldn't believe my eyes - I saw the back of my head and my mom's too. Each song Barry sang was heartwarming! I cry every time he sings "Keep Each Other Warm." I cry no matter what he sings!! A showman for the next millennium. - Rina (of Flushing, NY) (6/5/2000)

Favorite Show(s): Attended 15!! - Cathy Davis-Juarez (Trenton, NJ) (8/25/2000)

First Show (June 4): It was just so great. It was like a Broadway Show, something I will never forget! When he sang it was like he was singing just to you. I also went again on June 10th. I was in a daze for a month! - Brenda J. Van Orden (of New Jersey) (4/7/2003)

First Show - Frances (of New York City, NY) (1/26/2004)

Favorite Show (May 13): [What I liked about this concert was] singing with Barry! It was also my least favourite concert as Barry was so ill and was taken to hospital during intermission. When I got on stage I realised how ill he was, but he still managed to squeeze my hand tighter to reassure me when I started to shake with fear! - Angie Merchant (of England) (5/19/2004)

June 3: I did not know till the day of the concert where our seats were. I picked up the tickets in the afternoon and saw row AAA... Was disappointed thinking they were way in the back of the house and I asked the woman at the window where exactly we would be sitting. She looked at me as if I had two heads and then said they were FRONT ROW CENTER!! I am usually a composed quiet person but I whooped with joy. My husband claimed I did cartwheels! The show was amazing and to this day those were the best seats I have ever had. The Big Fun/Broadway Tour will always be my favorite. Lots of memories from all over the country. - Barb Kilheffer (Harrisburg, PA) (8/8/2009)

June: First FIVE Barry Shows - Debbie Supenski (Florida, NY) (10/16/2009)

Loved the Gershwin shows, mostly when Barry talked about growing up in Brooklyn. I was born and raised (still live) in Brooklyn, and my dad also played the accordion (Barry said he felt everyone in Brooklyn learned how to play the accordion!). Love to see Barry picking up the accordion and play with it a bit. I'm so proud that Barry keeps his memories of Brooklyn and New York close to his heart... so when he sings "Brooklyn Blues" or "New York City Rhythm," I just want to hug him! Love ya Barry! Come back to New York soon. We miss you!! - Helena Mezzina (Brooklyn, NY) (5/4/2010)

Went to about 20 of Barry's shows at the Gershwin Theatre! What I've always loved about Barry -- from Brooklyn College to Forest Hills to Resorts International to Madison Square Garden to Jones Beach to the Gershwin Theatre and more -- is his honesty, his performance, his showmanship, his pure joy at what he does, and his appreciation of his fans. - Mara Friedman (Brooklyn, New York) (6/23/2011)

[One of my favorite concerts was] the Gershwin show in June 1989 where he brought Edna on stage and they sang "Can't Smile Without You" together. - Gail Sussman (Brooklyn, New York) (11/24/2011)

Took my uncle for his very first Barry Manilow concert. He really enjoyed it. I remember he looked at the way Barry would interact with the audience which he said made it seem like a small intimate setting. Of course it didn't hurt that we had great seats! With all the women going crazy and screaming, my uncle just sat there and didn't say a word. When it came to the part of the show where Barry would pick someone to go up on stage my hand flew up, but alas it was not meant to be... My uncle knew I was very disappointed but I just shrugged it off (AGAIN!) ... I've listened to Barry Manilow since I was 13 years old. I'm now 48 with a husband and 3 children and I still listen. When Barry comes on T.V., the kids will yell "Hey Mom, your boyfriend is on!" I don't like to consider myself a fan... somehow it doesn't do justice for what I feel about Barry's music. Barry's music makes me smile and just allows me to feel whatever it is I'm feeling. - Kimberly Irizarry (of New Jersey) (3/5/2012)

Barry Manilow is the best musician that I have ever seen in concert. I love the way he talks to the crowd instead of just singing his songs. He has a great personality and invites a woman onto the stage to sing "Can't Smile Without You" with him. I tell many people that Barry Manilow is the best person I have seen in concert. I even got to meet Barry at Tower Records many years ago. I would love to meet him again when he comes back to New York City in a few weeks. I already have a ticket for one of his shows. - Richie (of New York) (4/7/2012)

[Loved] EVERYTHING!! The music, the little skits Barry did, Dana, Billy, Debra and everyone else on the stage. But my favorite thing is when he did a skit about his life trying to get along with the accordian. FUNNY!! - Patti Lemons (of South Carolina) (4/18/2012)

April 26: The day after my birthday!! - Loree Mizzi (Queens, New York) (5/11/2012)

First Show - Karen Brick (Brooklyn, New York) (1/24/2013)

First/Favorite Show: My son Mitchell worked at Arista Records during 1988-1990's and I LOVED this show! The warmth of Mr. Manilow during the show and backstage was fabulous. (I love every show we attend!) - Marlene Kutner (Brooklyn, New York) (10/8/2017)

April 19New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
April 20New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
April 21New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
April 22New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
April 23New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
April 24New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
April 25New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
April 26New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
April 27New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
April 28New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
April 29New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
April 30New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 1New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 2New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 3New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 4New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 5New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 6New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 7New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 8New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 9New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 10New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 11New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 12New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 13New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 14New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 15New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 16New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 17New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 18New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 19New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 20New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 21New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 22New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 23New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 24New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 25New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 26New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 27New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 28New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 29New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 30New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
May 31New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
June 1New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
June 2New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
June 3 (early)New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
June 3 (late)New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
June 4New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
June 5New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
June 6New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
June 7New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
June 8New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
June 9New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
June 10New York/New York (Gershwin Theatre)
June 14Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
June 17 (Early): This concert was special to me because it was on Barry's birthday, and this was on my way moving to California from Missouri. This concert was one that I almost didn't get to attend because my friend Gigi couldn't get tickets. Luckily someone cancelled out and I got to sit close to where Barry went on stage. My friends and I had to try and put make-up on that melted from the heat, and change clothes in the restroom for the concert! - Donna Marie Taylor (San Diego, CA) (5/13/99)

This was my first visit to Las Vegas and the first show I attended with my late husband - I remember Barry opening the show from a table just behind us instead of from the stage - that set the mood for the whole show. - Lise De La Durantaye (Quebec City, Canada) (8/3/2010)

June 17: It was Barry's birthday and it was Barry special to celebrate his day with him. He did a great show as always and we got a pin from the Las Vegas Hilton that had the date on it! - Eileen F. Blaner (New York City, New York) (6/9/2011)

June 16: Barry picked me to sing "Can't Smile"! What a chance of a lifetime! - Linda Phillips (St. Louis, Missouri) (7/17/2013)

June 15Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
June 16Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
June 17-ENevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
June 17-L
June 18Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)


September 22Minnesota/St. Paul
(Ordway Music Theatre)
September 23Minnesota/Rochester
(Mayo Civic Center Arena)
September 24Iowa/Cedar Rapids
(Five Seasons Center)
First/Favorite Show: I really enjoyed Barry. His songs and music mean a lot to me. I also enjoyed Billy Kidd! - Jolene Rathje (Cedar Rapids, IA) (3/12/99)

First Show: Barry, we took our daughter (Kari) to your concert in 1989. We played your music in our home/cars and she was In Love! We are bringing her to see you on March 2nd, 2015. She will be excited to see you again! - Rebecca Lueck (Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin) (2/28/2015)

September 25Illinois/Peoria (Peoria Civic Center)This was the very special night when Barry chose me to sing "Can't Smile Without You" with him! I was in the 17th row and NEVER imagined that he would even see me way back there, so I stood up on my seat and that is when I heard the most beautiful words in the world... "Okay, what about YOU?" I have seen Barry sing "Can't Smile Without You" with over a hundred women (and 1 guy) and many have resembled my experience. For a girl who has dreamed of just one moment to be close enough to touch him, this part of the show was heaven for all of us. I can never thank Barry enough for making my dreams come true. - Debby (Murray) Barker (Plainfield, Illinois) (7/15/2012)
September 27South Dakota/Sioux FallsFirst Show - LaVonne Novak (of South Dakota) (5/19/2002)
September 28Missouri/Kansas City
(Midland Theatre)
Barry is the ultimate entertainer and performer! I was completely taken in by him. I have been a fan since I was very young (since the mid-70's). When I was seven, I told my music teacher that my favorite song was "I Write The Songs." She didn't believe me. My love of him music has never waivered. - Brenda Harris (Kansas City, MO) (6/21/2002)

The theatre was beautiful and the perfect setting for Barry's great show and wonderful songs. The best thing about this concert was the energy of Barry and his back-up group, which consisted of Billy Kidd, Debra Byrd, Dana on the saxaphone and the band-fantastic! Barry was in such great voice that night and as always very gracious to his audience. I love all of Barry's concerts and I've been fortunate to be able to attend eight so far. - Millie Briand (Olathe, KS) (11/2/2002)

First/Favorite Show - Susan Bragg (Overland Park, KS) (6/27/2003)

September 30Oklahoma/Oklahoma City
(Civic Center Music Hall)
First Show: [What I liked] was Debra Byrd and 'The Other 99'. - Larry (of Alabama) (7/5/2003)
October 2Pennsylvania/
Philadelphia (Shubert Theater)
First Show - Theresa Klug (Luzerne, PA) (2/17/2000)
October 3Pennsylvania/
Philadelphia (Shubert Theater)
October 4Pennsylvania/
Philadelphia (Shubert Theater)
October 5Pennsylvania/
Philadelphia (Shubert Theater)
October 7New York/Rochester
(Eastman Theatre)
First Show - Ann Marie Loree (Penn Yan, NY) (3/9/2002)

I was in the second row and at intermission the front row seat was still empty in front of me. After a lot of urging from my mom, I "moved" up to that front seat. It was marvelous! Also, Mom yelled out to Barry and he answered her! Mom passed away in 2001, and it will always be a precious memory I share with both her and Barry! - Susan Prevost (Rochester, NY) (3/15/2006)

Show Memory (Rochester, NY): I brought my daughter Jennifer and we went to the stage exit door outside after the show. Barry came out and gave us all a big smile. He bent down and waved at my daughter too! - Donna Mercer (North Rose, New York) (10/23/2011)

October 8New York/Rochester
(Eastman Theatre)
October 10New York/Schenectady
(Proctor's Theater)
First Show: My husband had build our first home. We closed on the house at the lawyer's office and went to the concert. I had always loved Barry but seeing him with my husband was great. The theater is not too large, and everyone had a great seat. Barry was spectacular, it really topped off a memorable day. We have seen him again and he only gets better! - Susan Hollister (Valatie, NY) (9/23/2000)
October 14New York/Buffalo
(Shea's Theatre)
This was my third Barry Manilow concert - and my favorite! My friend that I was going with couldn't go at the last minute so I "dragged" my boyfriend, Mike, along (He is now my husband). He ended up totally enjoying the concert and truly appreciating Barry's talent (that I had loved since 1976 at the age of six!). He has willingly gone to two more concerts since then (here in Texas) and I know if Barry comes to Dallas (again), my husband will be right there with me!! - Holly Domagala (Dallas, TX) (9/17/2001)

First Show - Janette Jones (Buffalo, New York) (2/13/2020)

October 15New York/Buffalo
(Shea's Theatre)
October 16New York/Syracuse
(Landmark Theatre)
First Show - Lisa LaClair (New Haven, NY) (3/20/99)
October 17
October 18Pennsylvania/Bethlehem (Stabler Arena)Favorite Show:  I had to dodge campus security 'in the wee small hours of the morning' to secure my 4th row center tickets, but it was well worth it! It was to be my 5th concert in the past year! (I was making up for lost time because despite the fact I have been a fan and fan club member since the 70's, I had never been to a concert until 1988 after I turned 24!)  There's just something about being so close to Barry, staring in those baby blues, thinking all the time he's singing just to ME! I must have snapped about 100 pictures that night! About halfway through the concert, I am jamming to "It's A Miracle" and like a flash, he disappears into the magic screen! That was the coolest stunt I have ever seen! Thank God it was just intermission. I can tell you this though. I have seen Barry countless times after this terrific concert and he has never disappointed me. I once thought it would be neat to bottle up how you feel after attending a Barry concert and sell it. You'd make MILLIONS! God bless YOU, Barry. - Cheryl Pursell (Easton, PA) (10/8/98)
October 26Virginia/Fairfax (George Mason University) 
October 27New York/Long Island
(Nassau Coliseum)
I was working for a big Long Island radio station back then, and had the honor of going backstage to meet Barry! I thought I was in heaven meeting my musical idol! A gracious man, and such a talent! - Bobby Knight (Long Island, NY) (3/10/2000)
October 28Connecticut/Hartford
(Hartford Civic Center)
First Show - Marilyn Gayson (of Connecticut) (12/3/2000)

My best friend came along with me because my husband could not make it. She got to go up on stage and sing "Can't Smile Without You" with Barry. I had been a fan at that point for 14 years. We had awesome seats, close enough to see the sweat and everything else. Barry puts on an amazing show! - Karen Anderson (of Tennessee) (7/13/2002)

October 30Massachusetts/Boston (Wang Center)Show Memory (October 31) - My sister was supposed to go with me but at the last minute decided she wanted to spend Halloween with her kids (go figure!). I begged my 20-year old stepson to go with me so the ticket wouldn't go to waste. He was in a rock band at the time and was into heavy metal. He said he would go but made me swear I would never tell any of his friends that he went to a Manilow concert. After the show he told me it was the best concert he had ever been to, better than Aerosmith, Pink Floyd and other shows he had seen! - Florence Larson (Boston, MA) (9/25/98)

First and Favorite Show:  Barry was great!  He was funny, and sang great (as usual). "Weekend In New England" was fantastic. I left almost in tears!  I could almost see those gorgeous eyes looking at me. I can't wait to see him again!  I just wish I could get better tickets!! - Janis (of New Hampshire) (6/20/99)

First/Favorite Show (October 31):  It was the first time I ever saw Barry live, and I was truly amazed at how personable he is. I was going through a tough time, and after leaving the concert, I somehow knew that everything was going to be all right. He is very positive, and uplifting, and enormously talented. - Carroll (of Boston, MA) (9/7/99)

October 31
November 1
November 2
November 3
November 12South Carolina/Columbia
(University of South Carolina, Carolina Coliseum)
"Benefit for victims of Hurricane Hugo" (Charleston SC) to raise money for Red Cross: Our club was able to do the dressing room and we made a tree with dollar bills tied on it and yellow ribbons. The governor of SC showed up and gave Barry a plaque for helping out. - Kathy Davis Eaton (8/11/97) (Thanks Kathy!)

Favorite Show:  The concert was great!  Barry has such talent and energy. And he keeps getting better As Time Goes By. I can't wait to see him again! - Kathy Anderson (Jacksonville, FL) (7/1/99)

Favorite Show:  My cousin Lisa was selected from the audience to sing with Barry. Ten years later, it's still one of our favorite memories!  Lisa is back in college now, and she recently used the video in a presentation for speech class. Neither of us will ever forget that night! - Sophia Lawson (Columbia, SC) (9/25/99)

First Show - Debbie Holcombe (Charleston, SC) (11/7/99)

This was the Hurricane Hugo benefit. We were seven rows from the stage and I'll never forget Barry's beautiful blue eyes. It was amazing to have someone like Barry Manilow do a benefit concert for the people of South Carolina. The night was full of energy, love and magical music from the man who writes the songs! We did not want the night to end. It was A NIGHT TO REMEMBER! - Shirley Martin (Greensboro, North Carolina) (6/23/2011)

Barry Manilow is making an unscheduled stopover on his fall tour in Columbia, S.C., to do a special concert Nov. 12 at the Univ. of South Carolina to benefit South Carolina's Hurricane Relief Fund, which is being administrated by the American Red Cross and Salvation Army. Procter & Gamble, which is sponsoring Manilow's national tour, will underwrite the concert to allow all proceeds to go to this cause. (Billboard, 10/14/1989)

November 13Alabama/
(Von Braun Civic Center)
Favorite Show: This was the "Live On Broadway" tour and it was absolutely wonderful!! I took my then 7 year old son to see the show along with my sister and DH. What was so memorable was the fact that after seeing the show my son was in awe!! He was already taking piano lessons (which he continued to do another 7 years) but after seeing Barry & Debra sing "Some Good Things Never Last" with Dana on the sax, he immediately planned on taking up that instrument also, and he did. Of course this child has been exposed to the Magic of Manilow from the time of conception so he was bound to be musically inclined...right? As I said, the show was great and Barry keeps getting better and better!! - Terri Watwood (Decatur, AL) (1/28/99)
November 15Florida/Ft. Myers"Not only did I get to see the show, but [I got to spend] the entire day backstage ... It was a great thrill to be a part of the process of music!" - Joe Stramel (Thanks Joe, for that 'memorable moment' from the one show you got to see!)
November 16Florida/Clearwater 
November 17Florida/Clearwater 
November 19Florida/OrlandoFirst Show - Theresa Price (Orlando, FL) (1/23/99)

Favorite Show: It was wonderfully comfortable and intimate. Barry was very relaxed. - Kai Jacques (Carson City, NV) (3/14/99)

November 20Florida/Miami
(James L. Knight Center)
The first night my tickets were in the 6th row center, but earlier that day I won dinner and two front row tickets for that same evening. I invited my mother and brother to take those seats in the front row since my tickets for the second night were in the 2nd row center. My brother had never been to a Barry Manilow concert. His taste in music includes heavy metal. He was very surprised to find that he really liked Barry's performance. Barry gained a new fan! - Barbara Moffett (11/30/97)

I sat in the first row. I enjoyed the show! - Katie Aldabblan (Miami, Florida) (12/28/2011)

November 21
November 24Missouri/St. Louis
(Fox Theatre)
First Show (November 25) - Stacey Alters (of Michigan) (2/17/2002)

November 25: I've seen Barry something like 25 times (which I realize is nothing compared to some), but this one stands out to me because he picked me to be his "Can't Smile" girl! One of my favorite memories of all time! Suddenly, the picture on my wall and the voice in my stereo became three-dimensional, and I drank in every second! It was one of the happiest moments of my life, and I am forever grateful. I loved the Broadway Tour, too. An all-around perfect evening. People swarmed me after the show wanting to talk about my experience and telling me I did a great job (I had always wondered before if he ever picked me, if I'd be able to speak my name and remember the words to "Can't Smile" -- YES to both!). I went back to college and played my video in every dorm room on my floor. It was amazing! - Carolyn Chapman (Liberty, MO) (5/2/2009, 3/6/2012)

November 25Missouri/St. Louis
(Fox Theatre)
November 26Missouri/St. Louis
(Fox Theatre)
November 28Illinois/RockfordFirst Show:  I was taking my best friend for her first Barry experience. She called and was in the emergency room - had dislocated her knee! We were bound and determined to make the show. I picked her up and we were off! She forgot about the pain temporarily and we had a wonderful time. - Becky (of Freeport, IL) (5/25/99)
November 29Minnesota/Duluth 
November 30Wisconsin/Milwaukee 
December 1Illinois/Chicago
(Chicago Theater)
First Show (December 1): Besides being in absolute awe of Barry during the entire concert, when the show was over my then-boyfried picked up my friend and I out in front of the theater just as Barry was being wisked away! Fortunately we [were] close enough to wave at Barry as he just smiled and nodded ... We were over-zealous, to say the least. Just being that close was a thrill I'll never forget. Since then I have yet to miss a show, and he never disappoints me. - Kimberley Holm (Chicago, IL) (6/2/2000)

December 1: In the opening number when Barry segued from "Sweet Life" into "It's A Long Way Up" (my very favorite Manilow song), I spontaneously burst into applause but stopped when I realized that I was the only one doing so. If you listen to the "Live On Broadway" album, you can hear one person clapping at that point in the music. That's me! - William Jorns (Elmhurst, IL) (8/17/2000)

Favorite Show (December 2):  This is one of the two dates when Barry recorded his Live on Broadway album. It was cool just to know that every scream or holler could be heard on that recording! - Maryann Mazurowski (Chicago, IL) (5/14/99)

December 2: I was in the second row! The sound, the show, the personal touch that Barry puts into his shows are unmatchable! ...and, I just KNOW he looked at me, right? - Cheryl Ward-Case (Cincinnati, OH) (4/18/2000)

December 3: This was my first Barry Manilow concert. It was my favorite because the anticipation was so great. I think I drove everyone around me crazy by announcing "only two more weeks, only one more week", etc. This was also the second night that he recorded for the live album, so the fact that I get to relive one of the greatest nights in my life any time I want to just makes it even better. Barry was, of course, fantastic. His true talent just shines on the stage. I have always felt as though I know Barry intimately, through his music and his live performances, and the love he returns back to us, "his friends" - as he always refers to his loyal fans - just keeps that feeling in my heart, forever! Thank you, Barry, for all the wonderful music and memories you have supplied us with throughout the years. God Bless You! - Denise Werk (Bridgman, MI) (11/9/99)

I was the yellow Chuck Taylor shoe'd Can't Smile girl! Have not stopped smiling since. We moved to California a month ago and I can't believe I would ever live in the same state as you, Barry. Thanks for the great songs, memories, and fun times. Only the BEST for you. Maybe I'll see you Some Sweet Day in Las Vegas. Until then, peace out. - Deb Qureshi (Rancho Cucamonga, California) (7/23/2011)

I had the privilege of meeting Barry, Debra Byrd, and his assistant Marc at the Sound Warehouse record store in Chicago, where I was an assistant manager in the late eighties. Barry was in town to perform three shows at The Chicago Theater. I told him how his album "One Voice" helped me get through a painful divorce and I was grateful for all of his music. He asked me if I was attending any of the shows and I told him that by the time I had heard he was doing the dates, the shows were sold out. He told Marc to put me on the list and gave me seats to the show! What a generous man! I could have talked music with him for hours but I didn't want to monopolize anymore of his time, so I said "thank you" and excused myself. The encounter, while brief, remains a very fond memory to this day. Thank you, Barry! - Dave Riel (Highland, Indiana) (12/26/2011)

December 2Illinois/Chicago
(Chicago Theater)
December 3Illinois/Chicago
(Chicago Theater)
December 8Ohio/Columbus
(Vets Memorial)
First and Favorite Show:  My brother and I had watched the "Showtime" tape of the concert 100 times, so we knew everything by heart!  We would say the "lines" with Barry and laugh ... We were only 14 and 17 years old! - Becky T. (Columbus, OH) (6/24/99)

First Show - Karen Thompson (Columbus, OH) (10/4/99)

December 9Illinois/Indianapolis
(Market Square Arena)
December 11Michigan/Grand Rapids
(DeVos Hall)
December 12Michigan/Grand Rapids
(DeVos Hall)
December 13Michigan/Detroit
(Fox Theater)
First Show: [What I liked about the show was] the Whole Show, especially Barry!! - Liz Burns (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) (5/1/2000)
December 14Ohio/Cleveland
near Richfield
I have been a Manilow fan since "Mandy" first hit the charts! The reason I liked the Live On Broadway Tour was the fast changing scenes of Barry's life. It was also the first concert my husband attended. He really enjoyed it as well. - Chrystal R. Ferguson (Lorain, OH) (11/12/2000)

First Show - Amy Palladino (Cleveland, OH) (2/28/2001)

I am 49 years old and have always been a hard rock/heavy metal fan. I have seen a lot of acts over the years. What struck me about the Manilow concert that I saw was that it was the first concert where the artist told a personal story and actually had a MESSAGE. Barry spoke of how people told him that he would never make it, but he followed his dreams and encouraged us to do the same. I decided then to pursue some of my dreams and it has changed my life forever! - Greg Morocco (Brookfield, Ohio) (12/1/2011)

First Show - Rosemarie Murray (Socorro, New Mexico) (5/6/2012)

December 16Ohio/Cincinnati
(Riverfront Coliseum)
First Show - Sandra Chase (Bryan, OH) (7/1/2001)

My mother had just died in September and I was kind of low. When I went to this concert, Barry's song "I Made It Through The Rain" gave me the courage to get through the rough months ahead without her. Thanks, Barry, for helping me through those tough times, even though you didn't know that you did. You are great! - Sue Gibson (Cincinnati, OH) (9/12/2006)

December 17Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh
(Syria Mosque)
First Show (December 22) - Tanya Artman (Irwin, PA) (3/23/99)

Barry always makes me feel as if he is singing to only me, he conveys such a personal touch to every song and makes it feel like he is doing it for me personally, not the whole audience. I'd just like to thank Barry for all the Beautiful Music over the years and to let him know how much he is loved and appreciated. - Linda Metelsky (Freedom, PA) (5/2/2009)

December 18Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh
(Syria Mosque)
December 22Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh
(Syria Mosque)
December 26California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
First Show (December 27) - Kim James (Phoenix, AZ) (5/22/99)

Favorite Show (December 29): Was picked to sing "Can't Smile"!! - Helen Jackson (Hatfield, England) (3/15/2005)

December 31: I was one of about 12 people who were selected to be on stage with Barry at midnight to celebrate New Year's Eve. Upon going on stage, Barry greeted me with a hug and a kiss. - Maureen O'Rourke (Manalapan, New Jersey) (5/3/2012)

December 27California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
December 28California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
December 29California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
December 30California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
December 31California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)

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