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January 6
(rehearsal concert)
New York/New York City
(The Bottom Line)
First Concert: The temperature was something like 14 degrees with a windchill factor of -5. Seeing Barry was my birthday present to myself (and I was the only Barry fan I knew, back then), and I was in the standing room only line. When Barry arrived to rehearse, he felt so bad for us (I don't think he'd ever seen a line of such blue, shivering people before), he sent an assistant out with a cart of hot coffee and bagels for everyone on line. I'd never had coffee before, but this was (drum roll) "Barry's Coffee" - how could I refuse such a kind, thoughtful gesture? I immediately drank it all down, decided it was the best beverage I'd ever had, was bouncing off the sidewalk all day, and have been a caffeine addict every since!

I'd been a fan since "Mandy", but this was my first live concert. They brought us inside 12 hours later and we got to line up along the sides of the room - which meant that I was standing right at the foot of the stage, under Barry's right arm. He just blew me away with the force of his energy and charisma ... I'd never seen anything like it. If he'd looked down and seen me, he would have thought, "Poor thing looks like a fish out of water", because my mouth was open in awe, throughout the entire performance. I couldn't believe I was that close to him, and how phenomenal he was (This would have been one of his $5 'rehearsal' shows that tour).

I remember he had a quiet, emotional segment where he talked about his father, just before singing "Sunday Father and Son". To show you how green I was, I remember being so deeply moved - literally to tears - that he would suddenly, spontaneously, share such an intimate, heart-rendering experience in his life, when I happened to be standing there (It wasn't until much, much later that I realized we weren't the only audience he shared that with!).

But I will never forget that first concert - it was so precious to me, and the intimacy of the setting just made it even more memorable. What a wonderful idea that was, to do those "rehearsal" shows! I would never have had the opportunity to be that close to him, as popular as his sold-out concerts were, back then. - Jackie Chute (New York, NY) (8/9/2002)

First Show: At the Bottom Line, Barry performed and introduced us to "One Voice" for the very first time. I loved that song then and I love it now, plus all his other great hits. It was a samll venue and when I was getting my coat, I bumped into his mom and I told her that I loved her son, a true superstar and amazing talented guy. She smiled and said, "I know that!" - Irene Durinda (Brooklyn, New York) (4/3/2017)

March 30
(rehearsal concert)
(Rainbow Music Hall)
'Rehearsal' Concert (Thanks for the info, Jewels!)

ALL Barry concerts are extra-special, however, this was "one-of-a-kind" for me. It was a very snowy day. My husband and I heard on the car radio "Barry Manilow will give one performance tonight, $5 a ticket, first-come, first serve." My husband stood in line (the line was nearly twice around the building) in the "sideways" snow storm. He got the tickets! We were seated about 15 feet from the stage. Barry was dressed in black slacks, black long-sleeved shirt -- no jacket (very informal). It was ONLY BARRY, a keyboard, and a synthesizer. It was a wonderful evening! Last year, when reading Barry's autobiography "Sweet Life," he mentioned performing, unadvertised, in some smaller, more intimate, theatres for $5.00 a ticket. It wasn't the price -- it was the personalization and closeness. How fortunate I was to be able to experience such an evening! Thank You, Barry. - Linda Kloeppner (Denver, CO) (11/18/2007)

April 2Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
April 2: My husband took me to Barry's opening night at the Riviera. It was the first stop on our honeymoon trip. We tipped the usher and ended up center stage. I think I was the second or third person packed into those long tables they used to have. So, Barry was singing right to me on my honeymoon! - Carol Bruns (San Diego, CA) (4/6/2008)
April 3Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
April 4Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
April 5Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
April 6Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
April 7Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
April 8Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
April 9Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
April 11Nevada/Lake Tahoe
(Sahara Hotel)
Favorite Show - I had front row seats and Barry debuted "One Voice". Unforgettable! - Lorie (of California) (1/24/99)
April 12
April 13
June 21Rhode Island/Providence
(Civic Center)
June 22Rhode Island/Providence
(Civic Center)
June 25Maryland/Columbia
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
June 26Maryland/Columbia
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
June 27Maryland/Columbia
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
First Show - Hazel Breakey (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) (11/30/2001)
June 30New Jersey/Atlantic City
(Resorts International Hotel, Superstar Theater)
First Show - Donna (of Pennsylvania) (9/28/2000)

Favorite Show: I love all of Barry's concerts. I have seen him at least 20 times from Atlantic City to Radio City to Forest Hills to Madison Square Garden... He is The Best! - Gloria Watson (of New York) (9/29/2000)

First Show - Dorothy Ascione (Toms River, NJ) (12/31/2002)

First Show - Deborah A. Walton (of New Jersey) (7/9/2009)

I was obsessed with Barry! I had his posters all over my bedroom wall, listened to him non-stop, and moved heaven and earth to see even the smallest television appearance. I was shocked my mother got tickets! I had never been to a concert and in fact I have never been to another. During the show, the room seemed to vibrate with excitement but once Barry took the stage I forgot anyone else was in the room. I can still feel the goosebumps I had on my arms and I remember my head hurt (probably because I forgot to breath!) and my face hurt (from 90 minutes of grinning from ear to ear!). One of these days I'm going to get my mother to see him in concert again. It is a special memory that she and I alone share. - Noel Smith (Estell Manor, NJ) (6/12/2010)

First Show - Deirdre M. Nelson (Amsterdam, New York) (1/30/2016)

This was my first of many concerts yet to come and I was so excited because our seats were at a table right against the stage. I was in high school and had loved Barry since I was in 5th grade. He was adorable, funny and oh, so talented... all of which he is to this day! I've lost count as to how many times I've seen him and will keep seeing him as long as he performs! What a special night that was! - Sandi Zakheim-Nord (of New Jersey) (4/21/2024)

Highlights (July 2): Overture / Ready To Take A Chance Again / Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed / When I Wanted You / I Was A Fool (To Let You Go) / Moody's Mood For Love / Jump Shout Boogie / Tryin' To Get The Feeling / Even Now / Barry on Accordion / I Don't Want To Walk Without You / Can't Smile Without You / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Something Like This / Hits Medley (It's A Miracle, Bandstand Boogie, Daybreak, This One's For You, Looks Like We Made It, Could It Be Magic, Mandy) / One Voice / I Write The Songs

[ Manilow TV Episode #113 (7/2/1980) aired May 2019 ]

July 1
July 2
July 3
July 4
July 5
July 6
July 11Michigan/Clarkston
(Pine Knob)
Fondest Memory (July 13, 1980):
The commercial that Vicks didn't buy!

"You don't put it in your mouth
You don't put it in your hair
Should you put it in your ear?
No, don't you put it there.

"When you have a cold
And you reach for Vicks
You wanna know where it goes?
You shove it up your nose!"

Thanks to Pat Trotta for sharing this little ditty!

First Show - Shelly (of Michigan) (2/13/98)

First Show - Jodi (of Detroit, MI) (10/3/99)

First Show (July 14) - Kristi Howell (of Michigan) (1/29/2000, 3/5/2000)

First Show - Brenda C. Jozwiak (St. Clair, MI) (2/11/2000, 11/26/2004)

My girlfriend (Monica) and I flew from Cincinnati to Detroit to see Barry perform at Pine Knob. - Andrea Marine (Cincinnati, OH) (4/7/2002)

First Show - Roberta Humphrey (Phoenix, AZ) (7/1/2002)

First Show - Judy Skrzycki (Grand Rapids, MI) (10/10/2010)

Barry kissed me that night at the foot of the stage when I presented him with red roses from my Mom's garden and a t-shirt that read "Barry For President." I was trembling! - Marilynn Dowdy-Sulkanen (Saline, MI) (10/30/2010)

First Show: Barry gave such a great concert. My parents were surprised after they bought tickets as a graduation present from high school for me. I've been a fan since he started! - Pat McAleer (West Bloomfield, Michigan) (2/15/2015)

July 12
July 13
July 14
July 15
July 18Illinois/Chicago
(Poplar Creek)
First Show (July 19) - Helen M. Coughlin (11/7/97)

First Show - Cheryl Zubelt (1/17/98)

First Show - Ginny Halter (Carpentersville, IL) (8/16/98)

First Show (July 20th) - Richard J. Vicek (Great Neck, NY) (12/2/98)

First Show - Maryann Mazurowski (Chicago, IL) (5/14/99)

First Show (July 19) - Denise Neihengen (Crystal Lake, IL) (3/11/2000)

First Show - Ruth Miller (Milwaukee, WI) (7/30/2000)

My first concert was a thrill because I had been a fan for at least four years -- a very long time in teen years -- and I was finally going to see Barry Manilow. With my sister and two friends, I took a bus from Milwaukee to Poplar Creek. When we found our seats we were in the last row before the grass section. I didn't care. I had brought my dad's heavy-duty binoculars, and those binoculars were used the entire evening. I honestly don't remember too many details. but I do recall the glowing white piano and Barry's wonderful stage presence all they way to the back row. - Sally (of Milwaukee, WI) (2/14/2003)

First Show - Barbara Smentek (Chicago, IL) (3/30/2003)

Favorite Show (July 20): What I liked about this concert was what happened before. It was 7:00 PM and I was thumbing through my 1980 World Tour book when someone around me said, "here he comes." So I turned to my right and looked between these concert slabs. I looked right again and here coming under this over pass was a black limo. The limo stopped and the back passenger side door opened up. Out stepped this woman with bright red hair. I instantly knew who she was. It was Linda Allen. Linda had on a black t-shirt and white jeans. Linda made a beeline for the stage door. She left the door open. "Do you think? Could it be?" I thought. Yes, it could be! The one the only Barry Manilow!! Barry had on a black t-shirt, white jeans and yellow tinted sunglasses. Even with the sunglasses on I knew it was Barry. He closed the door, looked up at where I and some others were looking at him. I made peace signs with the fingers on both hands and smiled at Barry. Barry smiled and waved back. Then he went into the stage door to get ready to give us a totally hot show! - Linda Kochvar (Indiana, PA) (5/31/2005)

July 21: The first time I saw Barry Live was at the outdoor venue. It couldn't have been more perfect. The evening was beautiful and the music was awesome. He sang "One Voice" surrounded by local high school choirs dressed in red and blue robes. Dionne Warwick was in the audience. Neat! - Julie Rodell (Rock Island, IL) (6/13/2010)

I wore all blue and white, plus a star necklace. My parents told me that I was just glued to the stage while Barry performed. All these years later I'm still a HUGE fan. Barry, you are my #1. - Mary Kloss (Chicago, Illinois) (7/23/2011)

First Show - Alyson Sterzinger (Lake in the Hills, Illinois) (11/30/2011)

First Show - Pam Lila (Eau Claire, Wisconsin) (12/25/2011)

Two things I liked about the concert: First when Barry sang "One Voice" with the choir behind him and then when he sang "Could it be Magic," the lightning and thunder rolled nearby - it was eerie. Even Barry had to comment on the coincidence. Luckily the rain held off until we were on our way home. It was nice to sit on the lawn and relax to the music. - Debbi Kiefer (of Indiana) (1/31/2012)

Favorite Show: Saw Barry with a friend in 1980. We're seeing him again on July 14, 2012! - Laura Dulski (Chicago, Illinois) (7/7/2012)

Poplar Creek 1980 was the first concert I saw and you always remember your "Firsts"! I have all of my of ticket stubs from all of the concerts I have ever seen -- 1980 (you can no longer read!), 1983, 1989, 1995, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2012. Some years I was privileged enough to go to more than 1 concert. I know I have been to more than 20 concerts. If there is something close to where I live, I am there! Barry always puts on a great concert!! - Cindy Nelson (Loves Park, Illinois) (7/10/2012)

First Show: I recently found the program/souvenir booklet from the concert! - Victoria Calich (of Illinois) (3/5/2016)

July 19
July 20
July 21
July 25New York/Forest Hills
(Forest Hills Tennis Stadium)
(Thanks for the info, Sheron! - 3/23/98)

First Show - Felicia McTiernan (Charlotte, NC) (2/12/99)

First Show - Donna Kelly (Peekskill, NY) (7/20/99)

July 26: I was with my husband and was pregnant with our third child. She was destined to listen to Barry Manilow music. This was to be her first concert. After she was born she didn't sleep through the night until she was about two years old. When she would awaken, especially as an infant, the only thing that would soothe her would be my holding her and putting on my 8-tracks of Barry. She would cry if I tried any other singing artist. - Elena Abbene (Bedford, NH) (12/1/2001)

First Show - Rita Lowe (Howell, NJ) (2/15/2002)

First Show (July 26) - Gail Van Bergen (Toms River, NJ) (5/2/2002)

First Show - Lori Perry (West Babylon, NY) (10/14/2007)

First Show - Alice Chamberlin (Coram, NY) (6/19/2009)

The lights went out during the show. Barry was the only thing illuminated and he went on with the show like a pro. The audience didn't care. We would have listened to him in pitch darkness! - Judy Scioli (New Milford, NJ) (12/22/2009)

First Show: This was the first Barry Manilow concert I attended, and it was great. After that concert I went to several more. I had a camera which was an old 35mm SLR. I was just learning how to use such a professional camera... [After that day] I decided to persue photography religously, and taught myself ... I am now a photographer, which is my passion, and I can thank Barry for that. He is a great performer, songwriter and person. I have met him twice. I have a photo with him, which I have wanted for a long time. - Mary Lupo (Brooklyn, New York) (6/16/2011)

First show (July 26): The atmosphere was electric! Barry perfomed "Baby Fat", the only time I am aware he did that one. He also did a bit of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" as a tribute to Bette! What an evening. - Tom (of New York) (3/27/2012)

First Show - Frances P. Kowalski (of Bethany & Seymour, Connecticut) (8/13/2018)

July 26
July 28Massachusetts/Lenox
(Tanglewood Shed)
First Show (July 28): I was 15 and my family didn't have a lot of money at the time, but my godmother knew how much this concert meant to me and got us tickets for inside the shed. I have been to Tanglewood many times and this night was the best night I have ever spent there! I am very grateful that now I can go to all of Barry's concerts in the Northeast, and I am lucky enough now to be able to sit in the front row. - Mary Beth Brown (Pittsfield, MA) (9/4/2009)

Tanglewood was my first concert. I loved Barry's music for years but had two babies to raise so they came first. My brother-in-law gave me my "first night with Barry," I'll never forget it! - Mary (of The Berkshires, MA) (12/5/2010)

July 29
August 1Pennsylvania/Philadelphia
(Fredric R. Mann Music Center)
First Show (August 1) - Barbara Joe Parker (7/11/97)

First Show - Heidi Cleveland (Raleigh, NC) (8/24/99)

First Show (August 2) - John W. Baldwin (College Station, TX) (2/17/2005)

It was my (Janeen) first concert and I was only 6 years old. My mother (Barbara) took me and it was incredible. We loved him then and we still do now. Barry is the best! - Janeen Surls and Barbara Surls (Wilkes-Barre, PA) (2/27/2005)

First Show - Sharon King (West Chester, Pennsylvania) (6/4/2012)

August 2Pennsylvania/Philadelphia
(Fredric R. Mann Music Center)
August 5Ohio/Cuyahoga Falls
(Blossom Music Center)
First Show - Barb Steinberg (1/19/98)

First/Favorite Show (August 5th):  I was with a number of friends.  We had "lawn seats" at the outdoor amphitheater, brought a picnic supper, and sat back and enjoyed the show.  It was incredible! - Roberta Brown (4/19/98)

First/Favorite Show: I got to go up on stage with him when I was 5!! - Nanci Fox (of Oregon) (2/3/99)

First Show - Marlene Marsh (New Philadelphia, OH) (5/23/2001)

First Show (August 6): I waited for hours in line for tickets to this concert, only to reach 10 people from the window and hear, "seats sold out, lawn seats only." That turned out to be perfect! I invited someone special to attend with me. Now we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary (February 15). Heard that Barry will be performing in Cleveland in March. I can't think of a better anniversary gift than to enjoy an enchanting evening of great music and hear Barry Manilow sing like we heard on our first date 22 years ago. I am going to drop the hint to him tonight!! - Cheryl Uhle (Avon Lake, OH) (1/24/2002)

It was my first time sitting in the second row from the stage. I could see the concert real good since I am legally blind. - Nancy Timms (Wilmington, North Carolina) (7/16/2017)

August 6
August 7
August 11Colorado/Denver
(Red Rocks Amphitheatre)
First Show(s) Memory:  I went all three nights! We got there at 6:00 a.m. to get front row seats even though the performance wasn't until 8:00 that night. I got one heck of a sunburn but it sure was worth it. It was the first time I had been to a Manilow concert but certainly not the last. It is a memory I will cherish forever. - Cindy Zavala (6/16/98)

First Show - Kandice Kraemer (Denver, CO) (11/9/98)

Favorite Show:  Front Row seats and two nights of BARRY. - Denise Beaber (Ordway, CO) (9/8/99)

Ah, that summer night. I will never forget. When Barry sang "One Voice" and lit up the rocks with red lights, what a spectacular sight. I also had the pleasure of watching the moon rise over the Eastern plains as Barry sang "Weekend In New England." I was hooked. - Gina Priestley (Gorham, ME) (4/14/2000)

First Show - Kenny Navarro (Fort Worth, TX) (1/24/2003)

It was a beautiful summer night and when the lights were dimmed onstage, I could see thousands of twinkling stars. Sorry about the big [bug] that flew into Barry's mouth! He laughed and made a joke of it! - Cathy Claxton (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) (7/2/2017)

August 12
August 13
August 18California/Concord
(Concord Pavilion)
I was in our high school choir that year, and was asked to be in the group that sang "back up" for "I Write the Songs" and "One Voice". On the third night, we got to meet Barry -- I had gotten a card for everyone to sign for Barry, and when he came in to talk to us -- glass of wine in hand -- I presented it to him -- with a hug and a kiss, of course! - Julie Kinsey (Clayton, CA) (12/10/98)

First Show - Bonny Eby (San Jose, CA) (9/27/99)

First Show: I've been to dozens of Barry's concerts thoughout the U.S. over the years, but the shows I like best were the ones in the early 80's, specifically at the Concord Pavilion. The audio and acoustics were fantastic back then. I really liked his jingle medleys. - Stephen Gaudet (San Francisco, CA) (5/25/2009)

First Show: Who knew a couple of days after the concert Barry was getting his star on the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame!? I was about five feet from him and he was awesome! All five concerts I have been to were awesome! - Rose Cournaya (Corvallis, Oregon) (10/19/2010, 12/23/2014)

First Show (August 18) - George Conley (Payson, Arizona) (7/21/2015)

August 19
August 20
August 24California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
First Show: I feel that Barry has somehow gotten inside me and sings about the things I feel. Hmmm... we should get together and write a song! - Michelle Gastmeyer (of Southern California) (11/14/2001)

First Show: I saw Barry FIVE TIMES that week, once from the trees behind the Greek! - Linda Bonar (Valencia, CA) (3/28/2002)

First Show (August 31) - Kathy Dahlgren (Simi Valley, CA) (10/11/2002)

First Show (August 28): I waited in line for 13 hours for tickets months before. Twelve of my friends from school had all pooled their money and we all went to the concert together. From then on I was hooked! - Kathy Burdick (Corona, CA) (1/14/2003)

First Show - Debbie Alvarez (Sylmar, CA) (4/22/2003)

This concert has to be my favorite because Barry mentioned my friend Debbie and I from the stage as the show began. It happened like this: We had made buttons with pictures from the tour books, and we had pinned them on our Barry sweatshirts. We went to the concert that night, and ran smack into Paul Brownstein (Barry's assistant at that time). He was so excited about the buttons, he called Marty Panzer over to see them, and Paul took off backstage, saying that Barry had to see them. Well, we were a little excited about meeting Marty. I had him sign the picture of him in the tour book. Then we went in to find our seats. And when the show started, Barry was talking about "you people talk about us, but you don't know that we're watching you, too, and I saw you ladies with the buttons." With that, he ran his hand down one arm -- Debbie had more buttons than I did, and she had them pinned all the way down one sleeve!! We nearly fainted at his words. And during the intermission, we had so many people coming up to us, and asking if he knew us. We had to admit that while we had never really had the chance to talk to him, he was aware of us. After all, we had sent him a ton of presents (ask him about the footlocker with all the cards) over the previous year and a half, and we had talked to him very briefly during the taping of the One Voice special. So this concert really stands out as my favorite, although every time I've seen him has been exciting. - Cheryl (Sherbourne) Whitt (Las Vegas, NV) (7/25/2004)

I cannot believe we did not start seeing Barry until 1980, but I guess raising kids kept us from doing much. His music has always been so inspirational and fun. - Donna George (San Diego, CA) (11/29/2004)

I loved the show so much, I went THREE TIMES that week with different people. We were allowed to bring in cameras and I still have a shot that I took on one of those nights which has been sitting on my piano ever since! - Janice Boyd (Orange, CA) (12/10/2010)

First Show - Kathleen Bell (Garden Grove, California) (5/10/2015)

August 25California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
August 26California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
August 27California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
August 28California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
August 29California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
August 30California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
August 31California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
September 1California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
September 11Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
September 12Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
September 13Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
September 14Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
September 15Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
September 16Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
September 17Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
SeptemberIllinois/RockfordShow Memory:  Had horrible seats BEHIND the stage, but Barry tried very hard to play to his entire audience. - Ann Underwood (Milwaukee, WI) (3/30/98)
September 27Illinois/Chicago
(Rosemont Horizon)
First Show Memory:  I was nine [years old]. I remember Barry performing "Only In Chicago" and "Copacabana", and my mother telling everyone who would listen that I was going to marry Barry Manilow! At the end of the show, Barry received a standing ovation. I couldn't see the stage, so my dad helped me stand on my chair, and before long, everyone in the Rosemont was standing on their seats, too! - Julie Koerner (of New Jersey) (8/10/98)

First show:  The show was so "up" and exciting. The crowd was so full of energy. I guess my seat in the 31st row on the floor was OK, but even after calling all day to get through for tickets, the best my friend and I could do were separate seats two rows away from each other. - Michelle Bergstrom (Salt Lake City, UT) (9/25/98)

The day my dream (only once did I EVER dream about Barry) came true! Yes, I had a dream in January of 1979 (Oh that Chicago blizzard!) and so much of this dream was true to life when I did indeed meet Barry. Under the scaffolding, up the stairs through the black curtains, and then there was Aaron Gold (Chicago Tribune). Asked Aaron where Paul (Brownstein) was, he motioned. AND THERE HE (Barry) WAS! Plaid shirt, blue jeans and a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon! I clung ever-so-tightly to the two cameras hanging on my shoulders (afraid that I might bang him in the face with my hands, alot!). Barry congratulated me on my photography talent. MINE IS THE "1980 WORLD TOUR POSTER"!! Barry said that of all the pictures (poster-size and framed, yes, with GLASS!) that I gave him, this one stayed with him throughout his tour in one of his trunks amongst the sequins! I felt so very special! Told me not to give up on my dreams. Got a hug and then he was off to another room to thank the singers who sang "One Voice" with him. Dream? You bet! Thanks for the memories, Barry! It's been a great adventure and I hope that you never give up on your dreams either! Harmony ... Copacabana ... How about a Broadway play based on all those wonderful people at the Mayflower? - Marian Zaversnik (Lansing, IL) (3/22/2002)

First Show - Debbie Goss (Park Ridge, IL) (9/23/2002)

First Show - Nancy Gutkowski (Arlington Heights, IL) (5/3/2009)

First Show - Jennifer Hatfield Stedman (Chicago, Illinois) (2/22/2012)

September 29Minnesota/St. Paul
(St. Paul Civic Center Arena)
First Show - Kendra Kempt (Minneapolis, MN) (4/7/2010)

First Show: Barry has been in my life since I was 10 years old. I love his voice. He has been in my life long enough that his voice calms me when I am sad. Barry puts on a great show, every one I've seen has been different and amazing. I miss him. - Margaret Shaffer (Concord, California) (11/8/2012)

October 1Tennessee/Memphis
(Mid-South Coliseum)
The show was slicker (than in 1976). Barry had much better stage presence. His music had become even more sophisticated and complex! That impressed me and moved me. And talk about clever: In '76 Barry did a bit about his jobs in piano bars and played an upright with a "tacky (plastic) palm tree." [This time] he reminded us about the palm tree and with pyrotechnics that rivaled an Iron Maiden concert, eight or so large chrome columns that formed the stage backdrop exploded and giant, lush palms spilled out from their tops. Nice touch! The climax came when he closed with "One Voice," accompanied by the Whitehaven United Methodist Youth Choir. Very classy! - Tom Campbell (Tupelo, MS) (10/6/99)

First Show - Kim Vicker (Chester, VA) (7/29/2000)

First/Favorite Show: I loved the music. Barry became more savvy and the scenery was better in later shows but this concert was not about showmanship. It was just a geeky guy in an unfortunate jumpsuit who sang incredible songs. - Joy Butler (Memphis, TN) (3/20/2006)

October 3Texas/Houston
(The Summit)
(Thanks for the concert updates, Sheron! - 3/23/98)

First Show (October 3, Houston) - Carol Adams (Corpus Christi, TX) (10/25/98)

First Show (October 4, Dallas) - Dianne Garrett (Midland, TX) (4/30/99)

First Show (Houston, The Summit) - Lynne Fredrichsen (Houston, TX) (4/13/2000)

First Show (October 4, Dallas) - Gloria Ratley (Austin, TX) (5/16/2002)

First Show (Dallas) - Dana Holland (Frost, TX) (6/25/2002)

First Show (October 4, Dallas) - Debbie Marusak (Arlington, TX) (3/30/2003)

First Show (October 3, Houston) - Elizabeth Prater (Dayton, TX) (10/28/2005)

First Show (Dallas, Reunion Arena): I loved it! The best memory I have is that my mom (God rest her soul) took me for my first concert and it was Barry Manilow playing at the new arena in Dallas. I have loved his music ever since. God Bless you and your family Barry. Keep on Rockin'. - Tony Minton (Dallas, TX) (2/2/2006)

Favorite Concert (October 3): The shows just keep getting better and better! - Jeannie Moore (Weatherford, TX) (3/18/2007)

First Show (October 6, Austin) - Cindy Bentley (Sweetwater, TX) (5/12/2009)

First Show (October 6, Austin) - Sharon Candelas (Austin, TX) (6/17/2009)

First Show (Houston) - Felicia Marks (Houston, TX) (8/31/2009)

First Show (Reunion Arena, Dallas) - Janet Eichenberger (Indianapolis, Indiana) (8/1/2012)

First Show (The Summit, Houston) - Connie Peirson (Kingwood, Texas) (9/1/2012)

October 4Texas/Dallas
(Reunion Arena)
October 6Texas/Austin
(University of Texas / Special Events Center)
October 9Louisiana/Baton RougeI, like millions others, have been a Barry Manilow fan since the beginning. My first concert was when I was a senior in high school (Oct. 9,1980) and several of us took a "road trip" down to Baton Rouge on a school night just to see Barry! I cannot believe our parents actually let us go. I was really the only REAL Barry Manilow fan among the group and it was my suggestion that led to the trip. We got back about 3:00 a.m. the next morning and had to go to school. I remember that the others had suddenly become big fans and that we all wore our Barry concert T-shirts to school that day, although shirts with emblems were not allowed. I remember our being worried about being sent home for wearing our BARRY shirts but we were determined to show our love for BARRY. I don't remember much about that concert because it was so surreal to me -- I was in shock that I was actually seeing Barry live in person! It was so awesome. I still have the ticket stub. - Bonita Lacour (Alexandria, LA) (4/18/2007)
October 11Tennessee/Murfreesboro
(Murphy Center, Middle Tennessee State University)
First Show: I was 8 years old and my older brother took me to the concert. It began my life-long love of Barry! - Maribeth (of Nashville, TN) (10/23/99)

First Show - Anita Haley (McMinnville, TN) (8/6/2004)

First Show: I've loved Barry since 1974 when "Mandy" came out; I have seen him in Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Atlanta, and of course, Vegas. He is just the most fabulous entertainer and very personable. He makes you feel as though you have always known him. I have always wanted to meet him just to see if he is as authentic in person, but I feel sure that he is! - Debbie Devine (Sweetwater, Tennessee) (10/31/2011)

October 15Florida/St. Petersburg
(Bayfront Center)
First Show - Debra Kissinger-Darman (Herndon, VA) (7/19/99)

First Show: I was pregnant with my son. My husband finally gave in and took me to the concert. - Barbara Weaver (Pinellas Park, FL) (1/3/2001)

First Show - Anna Brooks (Seminole, FL) (11/14/2004)

First Show - Jane Morley (St. Louis, MO) (1/6/2008)

First Show - Valorie Uptegraff Smith (Glasgow, KY) (4/12/2010)

[What I liked most was] being there with my husband, as our daughter who was about two years old at the time used to dance with her Daddy before bedtime every night to "Copacabana." She would say "Copa Daddy!" That has continued to be their song and on her wedding day she and her Daddy started the father-daughter dance with the first stanza of "My Girl" and then broke into "Copacabana" ... everyone was in disbelief as they didn't know the significance of this special song! She also played "Copacabana" in her car to and from work every day during her pregnancy and continues today, so our little Logan loves it as well. As a surprise Christmas gift, both Emily and her Daddy will be attending Barry's concert on January 21, 2011 (St. Pete Times Forum)! - Vicki Popple (of Florida) (1/16/2011)

It was my first time seeing Barry Live. My sister (Kathy), my best friends (Janene and Patti), and I went down to see him from Orlando. My grandfather had stood in line to get us [floor seats]. I believe we were about 20 rows from the stage. I can remember my sister trying to take a picture of Barry and when she went down to get closer to the stage a very large man chased her off, but not until after she got at least one picture of Barry. I would later attend Barry concerts in Lakeland (1981), Orlando (1989 and 1993), Holmdel-NJ (2009) and Orlando (2011). I look forward to seeing him again and enjoy his music forever. We love you Barry! - April Roder (Winter Park, FL) (1/22/2011)

First Show - Valerie Solorzano (Rocklede, Florida) (12/23/2011)

While there are no favorite concerts as each and every one becomes a favorite when I attend, this one stands out as a personal favorite because of my mother. I had been to Barry's concert a few years before and LOVED IT, so when I saw that he was going to be in my hometown I felt I had to talk my mother into going (Mom was in her 60s and really not a concert goer). I took her and she really enjoyed the concert. That is a very special memory of the wonderful time we spent together that night as she died unexpectedly two weeks later. So thank you, Barry, for your gift of such wonderful music that truly spans generations. - Marlene Becker (Brooksville, Florida) (2/6/2016)

October 18Florida/Hollywood
(Hollywood Sportatorium)
First Show - Harriet Kaufman (3/13/98)

First Show - Robin Sereghy (Las Vegas, NV) (11/11/98)

First Show:  My life has never been the same since the first Manilow concert I attended! - Janet Whittington (Jupiter, FL) (12/27/98)

First Show - Jim Moore (Anderson, SC) (4/3/2000)

First Show - Sandy Sera (Ashburn, VA) (2/21/2004)

First Show: Ticket price was $15.00. I still have my ticket stub! - Anne Hoxie (Boynton Beach, FL) (12/12/2009)

First Show: I was in awe of Barry since it was the first time I saw him in person. He was such a great performer and I was left wanting more of him! - Rickie Lieberman (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) (3/26/2011, 5/15/2011)

First Show - Joan (of Florida) (5/6/2011)

I first saw Barry at the Hollywood Sportatorium. I've loved his music from the first time I heard it. To see him perform that night was pure magic for me. Thank you, Barry, for all the wonderful years of your wonderful talent and music. - Dorie Woytovech (Olympia, Washington [originally from Miami, Florida]) (9/12/2012)

First Show - Joan Rubinstein (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) (12/7/2018)

October 20Georgia/Atlanta
(The Omni)
I have been a Barry fan since 1980. The first song Barry sang at the concert that night was "One Voice." Through the years, I have purchased a Barry CD (or album) when it has hit the market. At times, life has not been kind to me. No matter the situation in life, I knew that I could find one of Barry's songs to comfort me in the situation. My favorite Barry song is "I Made It Through The Rain" (I have played my CD so much I have had to replace it several times!). I have now been diagnosed with a growth on the pitutary gland of my brain, and it continues to grow. My dream for my 50th birthday (March 21, 2011) is to be able to go to Las Vegas to see Barry in concert. But until then, I will enjoy the program I purchased at the 1980 concert as well as Barry's timeless music. - Janet Galey (Columbus [Atlanta], GA) (7/22/2010)

Loved EVERYTHING! But the best part of the show was the stage set up for Copacabana! It was the bomb!! Mr. Manilow put on one heck of a show. A true entertainer! Thanks for the memories!! - Mike Huckeba (Atlanta, Georgia) (12/12/2011)

October 21Kentucky/Lexington
(Rupp Arena)
Sophomore year in college and my girlfriends and I went up to Lexington to see the concert. It was the first Barry concert for the three of us. As I remember the stage was simple, only Barry and a few props. But what I'll alway remember were Barry's TIGHT WHITE PANTS!!!  They were the talk of the dorm for weeks! - Suzanne McHenry (Pittsburgh, PA) (12/4/98)

First Show. - Laura W. (4/8/2002)

We had to sit in "nose-bleed heaven," but we didn't care. It was such an awesome concert! It seemed as if Barry was singing only to us, or at least that's the way we felt!! - Eileen E. (of Indiana) (1/24/2005)

Rupp Arena, home floor basketball court for the University of Kentucky Wildcats, was transformed to accommodate Barry's concert. I remember the ticket price was $15! What a bargain. It was an incredible performance and I am most grateful I could attend. I have numerous Barry Manilow sheet music and still play them to this day. The gift of music is wonderful. - Sherrie Harvey (Lexington, KY) (11/11/2010)

First Show: I was a background singer/dancer and I loved everything about the rehearsals as well as the concert! - Keithe Williams (Cadiz, Ohio / Lexington, Kentucky) (8/31/2022)

October 23Ohio/Cincinnati
(Riverfront Coliseum)
The thing I remember most about this concert was the variety of ages [in the audience]. I saw little girls who [had to be] five years of age and [saw] women that were in there 60's. Then I realized that the male population was among the masses as well. What a reach he had then, and it has definitely increased over these years. I'm still his favorite and he is definitely still mine... at least, that's the way he made ME feel! - Pamela (of Cincinnati, OH) (12/18/2002)

Favorite Show: What I like about going to a Manilow Concert is [it's] always about the music, and [it's] fun to sing along with Barry (even though I can't sing!). I end up losing my voice everytime, but it's worth it! - Sandy Lynn Lovejoy (Hamilton, OH) (10/14/2009)

First Show - Andy Walton (Columbus, Ohio) (7/7/2011)

October 25Pennsylvania/Philadelphia
(The Spectrum)
Our home baseball team, the Phillies, had just won the World Series. After the intermission, Barry walked out in a Phillies jersey and sang "I Made it Through the Rain" in honor of our team. Barry was truly stellar that night! - Margaret Duffy (Philadelphia, PA) (12/12/2003)
October 27New York/New York
(Madison Square Garden)
Barry was introducing a new song that night called "I Made It Through The Rain" and it completely wiped me out. I'll never forget walking out of there feeling wonderful, and completely encouraged by the sentiment of the song. That moment changed me forever! I walked out of there believing that it was completely okay that I was a dreamer, and all things are possible. - Curvie McMurray (of New York) (1/7/2002)

First Show - Michael Sternbach (Bayside, NY) (5/3/2002)

First Show - Susan Barrett (Hicksville, Long Island, NY) (5/23/2003, 11/1/2004)

This was the one and only Barry Manilow concert I attended. It was back in his heyday toward the end of his big run of chart hits when the "One Voice" album was recently realeased. My favorite song performed was "Copacabana (At the Copa)." Barry was in good voice that night and the memory lasts through the years! - John (of Brooklyn, NY) (1/27/2007)

First Show - Robyn Jacobs (Staten Island, New York) (1/27/2016)

November 6Illinois/Champaign
(Assembly Hall)
First Show - Ann Uchida (8/14/97)

First/Favorite Show: The concert in Champaign was just weeks after my family had moved to Springfield, IL, and days after my 16th birthday. My dream for the previous few years had been to see Barry live. My mom had to call long distance from where we lived in Ohio at the time to get tickets, and the best left by the time she finally got through were in the rafters (and the Assembly Hall isn't a tiny place!). My dad took me to the show, and of course, Barry didn't disappoint. He put on a great show. Since then, I've gotten much better seats, and the shows were always great fun, but the first one was special to me because of all the effort my folks put in to making my dream come true. - Ardith Flight (Urbana, IL) (2/28/99)

First Show - Mark Roberds (Indianapolis, IN) (8/17/99)

First Show:  The concert at the University of Illinois was set up on the basketball court... - L.A. Cole (Heyworth, IL) (9/4/99)

I have always loved Barry. This was my first time seeing him in concert. It was spectacular. I cried and cried and cried. It was a very moving experience for me. - Tracey (of Normal, IL) (3/25/2001)

First Show - Katch (of Naperville, IL) (5/1/2007)

I went to Assembly Hall to see Van Halen on Nov. 5, and then Barry Manilow on Nov. 6! Strange combination! I didn't tell my parents I was driving to Champaign TWICE in one week (I was going to ISU in Normal at the time), and I ran into them at the Manilow concert! Whoops!! I had a great time at both concerts. - Laurie Sleeter (Lexington, Illinois) (4/10/2012)

First Show - Mary Young (of Arizona) (10/22/2013)

November 8West Virginia/
(Charleston Civic Center)
First Show - Teresa Haffelt (Fairborn, OH) (4/17/2000)

First Show - Jerry Brace-Morgan (Charleston, West Virginia) (4/20/2012)

November 10Maryland/LargoFirst Show:  My first show was great!  I was a teenager that had to save all I could just to get nosebleed tickets. I thought I was in heaven! - Connie Pugh (Winchester, VA) (8/20/99)
November 13Indiana/Indianapolis
(Market Square Arena)
First Show:  Barry has such a presence on stage. He isn't just standing there singing something. He feels and believes in the music he is playing and makes you feel the music too. He really connects with the audience and makes you feel also a part of himself. The only bad part of a concert is when he's done singing for the night and it's time to go...until the next concert. He needs to do [another] TV special and maybe try to use his first songs along with any new material. He is the greatest and always will be!! - Kathy Snyder (Logansport, IN) (5/6/99)

First/Favorite Show: The most beautiful songs, sung by such a great singer. - Brian Grubb (Carmel, IN) (12/29/2000)

First Show - Margaret Rodecap (5/19/2004)

First Show - My sister saw her first concert in 1976 and so we had to watch the first TV special when it aired. After that I was hooked. I attended the concert in Indy in 1980 with some friends. We had nosebleed seats in Market Square Arena but it didn't matter. - Tam (of Indianapolis, IN) (4/8/2008)

First Show - Patti Hauschild (Greenwood, Indiana) (3/2/2012)

November 14Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh
(Civic Arena)
First Show Memory: I went to the concert with my friend Andrea. The night was a dream come true for me, and the feeling that you will soon see Barry is so intense that you cannot fight it. When he finally came on stage, with 17,000 flashbulbs going off, I screamed, "Oh my God, Andrea, THERE HE IS!" I haven't forgotten those words to this day. - Karen Radecki (10/7/97)

First Show - Donna Johnson (4/14/98)

First Show - Susan Slowikowski (Weirton, WV) (7/16/99)

First Show - Rose Danlovich (Pittsburgh, PA) (7/12/2002)

First Show - Wendy Dresser (Zephyrhills, FL) (1/22/2003)

First Show: On the radio they said there were more seats (available for the show) so I made my husband drive us there to get tickets. We got in! I loved the concert so much, and so did my husband. I've been a fan ever since! Been to eight concerts in Pittsburgh. Barry, you are the greatest! Thank you for the music. - Kathy Thurston (Pittsburgh, PA) (7/26/2003)

First Show: Every show is different and fun. Barry is a special performer and his music is infectious! - Tara (of Long Beach, CA; originally from Pittsburgh, PA) (11/27/2005)

First Show - Peggy Kemp (Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania) (5/24/2011)

November 15New York/Buffalo
(Buffalo Memorial Auditorium)
First/Best Show: Theme was all the places of the music, i.e., Bermuda Triangle, London, Only In Chicago... - David Gennocro (8/11/97)

First Show - Mark & Susan Perencevic (Buffalo, NY) (3/19/2001)

First Show - Phyllis Duckworth (Buffalo, NY) (1/26/2002)

First Show: This concert was dynamite!! My group was told by the ushers not to get out of the seats and no dancing was allowed. That was alright until the 3rd song, then WOW! We couldn't sit any longer and danced and sang and had a great time. The ushers weren't thrilled, but I'm sure they got over it... Thanks for the great memories, Barry! - Bob Johnson (Denver, CO) (1/29/2003)

First Show - Tina Lyon (of New York) (3/27/2003)

I got tickets for me and one for my sister. I remember Barry being rolled on to the stage on a motorized island, while laying up against a palm tree, dressed in his Copa outfit. He looked WONDERFUL and made me laugh with his facial expressions. He was so funny! I was in front row and I just got the biggest kick out of that entrance ... I've been a fan since the Seventies and to finally get a chance to see Barry LIVE back in 1980, was the best experience in my life. It was after that first concert I told myself that listening to the radio or records wasn't good enough. I was going to make room in my world for Barry and make it a priority to see him as often as I could. His concert and Barry (himself) are like eating a Lay's potato chip. Once you have one, the ever-lasting flavor just makes you want to have more! - Millie Wilkins (Buffalo, NY) (7/8/2009)

First Show - Denise Ridley (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) (6/23/2011)

First Show - Maria (of Niagara Falls, New York) (9/15/2011)

First Show - L. Grand (8/3/2013)

November 16Connecticut/New Haven
My pictures are a little blurry because we were a little far away, but I will never forget the great show that Barry put on ... He lit up my life as a senior in high school! - Sue Apuzzo (7/31/99)

First Show - Joan Corbett (New Haven, CT) (6/15/2002)

First Show - Salvatore A. Consiglio (New Haven, CT) (11/11/2002)

November 17Massachusetts/Boston
(Boston Gardens)
Show Memory:  This was my second Manilow concert (and I didn't need binoculars to see him this time - I did in 1978).  I remember one of my contacts popping out 5 minutes before the show started.  I had to throw myself over the rail to keep people from stepping on it (the aisle was in front of us).  Luckily we found it just as the lights were going down for the show to start.  Barry was awesome (has he ever been anything else?) and I still have the tour shirt that I bought that night. - Donna Gosselin (2/1/98)

First Show - Diane Glines (Manchester, NH) (2/26/2002)

First Show: This was the day of my 14th birthday. I was a fan and heard about the concert on the radio and I guess my mother got the tickets. I was almost "paralyzed" from excitement during the entire show. The next morning I was shoveling snow out of the driveway and all I could think was how much I wished I could be at the concert that next night. 24 years later, having seen many subsequent concerts I am still waiting to meet Barry face to face. Barry's music has always been my "home", the place that when I go there the music always takes me in. - Karen Decter (Paris, France) (6/14/2004)

It was the first time I saw Barry and fell in love; also the first concert I ever went to. I still have that wonderful feeling after all these years. - Lisa (of Boston, MA) (9/10/2005)

First Show: When I saw him I was 16-17 years old. I fell in love with the greatest singer in the world. - Elaine (of Dracut, MA) (8/28/2006)

I loved every show I attended from start to finish, but my favorite memory of this one is when I stood in a snow bank in soaking wet loafers, waving as Barry's car went by after the show and Barry turned around in the back window and waved back. Totally awesome! - Carol Mercer (Frisco, TX / Syracuse, NY) (5/29/2010)

First Show: I stood on the roof of someone's Volvo to get a better view as Barry was leaving! - Diane Behrens (Hudson, New Hampshire) (7/30/2012)

First Show - Jan Wilk (Boston, Massachusetts) (4/26/2013)

November 18Massachusetts/Boston
(Boston Gardens)
November 20Canada/Toronto
(Maple Leaf Gardens)
I've seen Barry as often as possible but this was the most incredible show simply because my high school choir, Downsview Secondary, was chosen to sing with him!! Imagine being in high school, loving his music, then being on stage with him to sing "backup" on "One Voice," and the encore, "I Write The Songs." Never to be forgotten! What a great guy!! - Irene Alderdice (Markham, Ontario, Canada) (7/30/2000)

I have gone to see Barry everytime he has come to Toronto since 1980. This was the most special concert for me because not only was it my first Barry concert but my first concert ever. Tickets sold out so fast and I was in tears because I couldn't get a ticket anywhere. So my mom bought tickets from a scalper! What a magnificant night!! - Louise Maynard (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) (5/29/2003)

This was my first Barry concert, but I had been a fan since the first album was released. It was so special because at the time I lived in North Bay, Ontario, approximately 200 miles from Toronto, and a 5-hour drive by bus. I bus'ed it down and stayed with my brother. I was so excited during the entire trip down to Toronto, I couldn't read, sleep or eat. It was everything I expected, and more. Thanks, Barry, for a night to remember. - Georgina Miles (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) (1/18/2004)

First Show - Elizabeth Clinton (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) (7/10/2004)

First Show - Martyn Dolby (Toronto, Canada) (7/29/2004)

I've loved all his concerts. I have attended all of Barry's concerts that he performed in Toronto, Canada! I think his music is great and I hope he comes back to Toronto soon. - Barbara Finstein (Toronto, Canada) (8/30/2004)

First Show - Elisa Kernan (Port Hope, Ontario, Canada) (7/30/2009)

First Show - Sheila Angus (Burlington, Ontario, Canada) (8/11/2010)

First Show - Gail Lyons (Port Ryerse, Ontario, Canada) (6/12/2015)

I went with my sister to my first Barry Manilow Concert on November 20, 1980, and loved every moment! - Leah Piczak (of Canada) (8/21/2023)

Highlights (11/20/1980): Ready To Take A Chance Again / Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed / Rain / When I Wanted You / Moody's Mood For Love / Jump Shout Boogie / Life Will Go On / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again (unreleased version) / Even Now / I Don't Want To Walk Without You / Can't Smile Without You / Weekend In New England / Bermuda Triangle / New York City Rhythm / Bobbie Lee (What's The Difference, I Gotta Live) / New York City Rhythm (Reprise) / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Lonely Together / Nickels And Dimes / Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Intro) / A Very Strange Medley (Stridex, I Am Stuck on Band-Aid, State Farm, Vicks) / Deja Vu/I'll Never Love This Way Again / All The Time / I Made It Through The Rain / Something Like This / It's A Miracle / Bandstand Boogie / Daybreak / This One's For You / Looks Like We Made It / Could It Be Magic/Mandy / One Voice / I Write The Songs / It's A Miracle (Reprise)

[ Manilow TV Episode #154 aired October 2022 ]

November 21Canada/Toronto
(Maple Leaf Gardens)
November 27England/London
(Thanks for the info, Sheron! - 3/23/98)

First Show - Andrea Harris (Bournemouth, England) (5/6/2000)

First Show - Elaine Cleaver (of England) (12/19/2000)

First Show - Katy (of England) (7/16/2001)

First Show - Ann B. Mooney (London, England) (10/20/2002)

First Show (November 27) - Jo Doyle (Essex, England) (10/19/2002)

First Show - Louise Kenward (Norfolk, England) (1/25/2004)

First Show - Caroline Dinnen (Sydney, Australia) (10/21/2005)

First Show - Janet Brabbs (York, England) (4/29/2007)

I love Barry's concerts because they always have such a sense of theatre about them. He is surrounded by the best... the musicians, the singers, the sound, the lighting and you know that they are doing exactly what Barry asks of them because he knows exactly what he's at! His constant creativity is wonderful. Most singers stand up & sing, they know nothing else, but when Barry's singing you know that he has this enormous depth of knowledge of his craft & he understands every note that's being played behind him. And just think, no-one has ever done what he's done... one minute he'll be singing a pop song, the next minute it'll be jazz, blues, jingles, show tunes... he never stops! Then, as if this talent isn't enough, he has this natural ability to communicate & reach out to people. Whatever size the theatre or arena may be, he has every single person in the palm of his hand. And the best bit is that I don't think he really realizes it! He's just a lovely person, although I feel he's a hard task master when it comes to 'the job'! I would just like to wish you, Barry, the best of everything in the future! - Jill Lawes (Reading, Berkshire, UK) (11/27/2009)

First Show (November 30) - Lynn Bailey (England, UK) (4/24/2010)

First Show - Irene Martin (Brighton, Sussex, UK) (5/30/2010)

First Show - Lynda Jewell (Hampshire, England) (6/15/2010)

First Show (November 29) - Barbara Shears (London, England) (4/1/2011)

First Show (November 29) - Jane Payne (Wales, United Kingdom) (4/12/2011)

First Show (London, November 29) - Eileen Robinson (Sunderland, England) (7/19/2011)

First Show (November 27, Wembley Arena) - Colleen Pitchford (Liverpool, England) (8/9/2011)

First Show (Wembley) - Sylvia Waite (York, England) (12/12/2011)

November 28
November 29
November 30
December 1England/Staffordshire
(Bingley Hall)
(Thanks for the update, Lucy! - 4/10/98)

First Show - Keith Brian (Manchester, England) (1/22/2000)

First Show - Ann Hulstone (Manchester, Great Britain) (11/24/2000, 4/3/2001, 9/18/2003)

First Show: What a man! Never seen a concert like this before, and never have since. - Sue Gibbs (Ellesmere Port, England) (10/13/2002)

December 2: This was my first concert EVER! I'd seen the shows on TV but it never prepared me for 'LIVE'. After all these years I'm still hooked. Nothing comes close to hearing/seeing Barry Live. Roll on next tour! - Alison Morton (Liverpool, UK) (2/25/2003)

First Show (December 1) - Kathy Wild (Wakefield, UK) (7/2/2004)

First Show (December 2) - Julie Blakeman (Birmingham, England) (7/30/2004)

First Show (December 1) - Liz Taylor (Stockport, England) (5/23/2005)

First Show - Catherine Clarke (of England) (11/19/2005)

First Show - Simon (of England) (4/24/2006)

First Show: Barry is THE BEST I have ever seen. I have been a fan since I first saw him and I am thinking about going to America to see him again. What can I say? Super SUPER Star. Love him! - Teresa Corry (Kingswinford, West Midlands) (9/20/2007)

First Show (December 1) - Marlene Jones (Rugeley, Staffordshire, England) (4/23/2009)

First Show - Pauline O'Reilly (Wirral, England, UK) (5/28/2009)

First Show - Jacky Ainscow (Cambridge, England) (11/3/2009)

First Show - Jayne Holloway (of the United Kingdom) (6/21/2010)

First Show (Bingley Hall): For my first concert, my Dear Dad took me all the way to Stafford after picking me up from school. I changed out of my uniform on the way. Had seen Barry on the TV and was completely mesmerised. I bought all the albums and joined the fan club very early, etc. What a role model - Barry was the inspiration for me becoming a pianist and I regularly played in school sitting on a special high stool (had to be done!) and making my best friend learn all the backing lyrics (floydoy from "Jump Shout Boogie" comes to mind!). I remember buying everyone in the class the "Could It Be Magic" single to try and push it up the charts. Got a mixed reaction from my classmates, I have to say, but I was happy. I played "Could It Be Magic" so much that I was able to write out the exact score of Chopin's Prelude In C Minor for my A-level General Studies exam. My 1-year-old can now play "Could It Be Magic"! - Elaine Grisdale (Manchester, England) (5/9/2011)

First Show (Bingley Hall) - Katrina Moggridge (Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom) (10/23/2011)

December 1 (Bingley Hall): My first show! I was hooked on The Man and His Music! - Sandra Abeal (Birmingham, England) (05 Sept 2013)

First Show: It was a very special time. I was so excited about going. It was so magical. I was still trying to pinch myself how lucky I was, going with my special friend as he took a coach load of Barry fans and asked if I'd like to go with them. When I saw Barry for the first time on stage, I was hooked and I have been hooked ever since. Lucky me! - Julie Hunter (Liverpool, United Kingdom) (2/15/2016)

December 2: My first concert at Bingley Hall was a night to remember. We were just teenagers who couldn't drive so my Dad took us! Already fans, we couldn't wait to see Barry live and by God, he didn't disappoint. 40 years on we're still being blown away by his music and his shows. We screamed and clapped back then and we still do today. Manilow 'till I die! - Deryn Corner (Manchester, England) (12/2/2020)

December 2

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