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    Thanks to Kitty Piper for providing much of this information! (3/12/97)

    Beauties In The Night - Lady Flash (RSO RS-1-3002 (2394 171), ©1976)
      Side 1
      The Thunderbolt (songwriters - Barry Manilow, Adrienne Anderson)
      Street Singin' (Barry Manilow, Adrienne Anderson)
      Never Gonna Let You Get Away (Solo by Monica Burruss) (Barry Manilow)
      Medley: Green Plant (Mitch Margo, P. Margo, H. Medress, J. Seigel)
      Right Now If you Believe (J.C. White)

      Side 2
      Jumpin' At The Woodside (Count Basie, Jon Hendricks)
      Nowhere To Run (Holland, Dozier, Holland)
      Arms Of Mary (Solo by Reparata) (Ian Sutherland)
      Buried In The Ruins of Love (Solo by Debra Byrd) (Barry Manilow)
      Upfront (Barry Manilow, Bruce Sussman)

    • Produced by Barry Manilow and Ron Dante
    • Arranged by Barry Manilow
    • Piano - Barry Manilow
    • "Arms Of Love"; Background vocal - Barry Manilow
    • "Street Singin'"; Horns orchestrated by Barry Manilow
    • "Nowhere To Run"; Horns orchestrated by Barry Manilow
    • The Lady Flash single "Hypnotizin' (written by Barry Manilow and Enoch Anderson) (RSO RS 852 (75np 1878 S) Intl# 2090 199, ©1976) (arranged by Barry Manilow, produced by Barry Manilow and Ron Dante) is not included on this album.
    • Featured on Manilow Archives Episode #54 aired April 2014

    The Divine Miss M - Bette Midler (Atlantic SD 7238, ©1972)

      Side 1
      Do You Want To Dance?* (songwriter - Bobby Freeman)
      Chapel Of Love** (Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich & Phil Spector)
      Superstar** (Leon Russell & Bonnie Bramlett)
      Daytime Hustler** (Jeff Kent)
      Am I Blue* (Grant Clarke & Harry Akst)

      Side 2
      Friends (1)* (Mark Klingman & Buzzy Linhart)
      Hello In There* (John Prine)
      Leader Of The Pack** (Jeff Barry, Ellie Green)
      Delta Dawn** (Alex Harvey & Larry Collins)
      Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy* (Don Raye & Hughie Prince)
      Friends (2)** (Mark Klingman & Buzzy Linhart)

    • *Produced by Joel Dorn
    • **Produced by Barry Manilow, Geoffrey Haslam & Ahmet Ertegun, Arranged & Conducted by Barry Manilow
    • "Do You Want To Dance?"; Piano - Barry Manilow; Rhythm Track Arranged by Barry Manilow
    • "Am I Blue"; Piano - Barry Manilow; Rhythm Track Arranged by Barry Manilow
    • "Friends (1)"; Piano - Barry Manilow; Rhythm Track Arranged by Barry Manilow
    • "Delta Dawn" and "Friends (2)"; additional background vocals by Michael Federal and Barry Manilow
    • Miss M's Rhythm Section:  Barry Manilow (Piano), Dickie Frank (Guitar), Michael Federal (Bass), Kevin Ellman (Drums)
    • Miss M's Choir:  Melissa Manchester, Gail Kantor, Merle Miller

    Bette Midler - Bette Midler (Atlantic SD 7270, ©1973)

      Side 1
      Skylark (songwriter - Hoagy Carmichael & Johnny Mercer)
      Drinking Again (Doris Tauber & Johnny Mercer)
      Breaking Up Somebody's Home (Al Jackson & Timothy Matthews)
      Surabaya Johnny (Kurt Weill, Bertolt & Herbert Hartig)
      I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan)

      Side 2
      Optimistic Voices/Lullaby Of Broadway (E.Y. Harburb, Harold Arlen & Herbert Stothart)/(Al Dubin & Harry Warren)
      In The Mood (Joe Garland & Andy Razal)
      Uptown/Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)/Da Doo Ron Ron (Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil)/(Gerry Goffin & Carole King)/(Phil Spector, Ellie Greenwich & Jeff Barry)
      Twisted (Wardell Gray & Annie Ross)
      (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher (Gary Lee Jackson, Carl W. Smith & Raynard Miner)

    • Produced by Arif Mardin and Barry Manilow
    • Arranged and Conducted by Barry Manilow
    • Piano - Barry Manilow
    • Percussion:  Ralph MacDonald, Luther Rix, Barry Manilow, Arif Mardin
    • Background Vocals:  Gale Kantor, Merle Miller, Sylia Shemwell, Myrna Smith, Tasha Thomas, Shirley Brewer, Ann S. Clark, Sharon Redd, Robin Grean, Charlotte Crosley, Barry Manilow
    • "In The Mood"; Additional lyrics by Bette Midler and Barry Manilow; Vocal Arrangement by Barry Manilow

    Somewhere In My Lifetime - Phyllis Hyman (Arista AB 4202, ©1978)

      Kiss You All Over** (songwriters - Mike Chapman & Nicky Chinn)
      Somewhere In My Lifetime*** (Jesus Alvarez)
      Lookin' For A Lovin'** (Phyllis Brown & Barry Goldberg)
      The Answer Is You* (Mark Radice)
      So Strange** (T. Life & Bill Green)
      Gonna Make Changes* (Phyllis Hyman)
      Living Inside Your Love* (Renee Taylor, Skip Scarborough)
      Be Careful (How You Treat My Love)* (Gary Glenn)
      Soon Come Again* (Larry Alexander, Sandy Torano)
      Here's That Rainy Day* (James Van Heusen and Johnny Burke)

    • *Produced by Larry Alexander & Skip Scarborough
    • **Produced by T. Life
    • ***Produced by Barry Manilow and Ron Dante; re-recorded at Media Sound Studios, N.Y.C., August 1978, and Unitied Western Studios, Los Angeles (Engineered by Michael Delugg)

    Dionne - Dionne Warwick (Arista AB 4230, ©1979) (BMG Special Products 45601, ©1999)

      Who, What, When, Where, Why* (songwriter - Rupert Holmes)
      After You (Doug Frank, Doug James)
      The Letter** (Wayne Carson Thompson)
      I'll Never Love This Way Again (Richard Kerr, Will Jennings)
      Deja Vu (Isaac Hayes, Adrienne Anderson)
      Feeling Old Feelings (Danny Hice & Chip Hardy)
      In Your Eyes (Barry Manilow, Bruce Sussman, Jack Feldman)
      My Everlasting Love (Rick Sandler, Jeanne FitzSimmons, Con Cowan)
      Out Of My Hands* (Cissy Houston, Alvin Fields, Doug Frank)
      All The Time (Barry Manilow, Marty Panzer)

    • Produced by Barry Manilow
    • Engineered by Michael Delugg
    • Rhythm Tracks Arranged by Barry Manilow
    • Piano - Barry Manilow
    • Background Vocals by Barry Manilow and Ron Dante
    • *Background Vocals by Dionne Warwick
    • **Background Vocals by Dionne Warwick, Barry Manilow and Ron Dante

    Finder Of Lost Loves - Dionne Warwick (Arista AL 8-8262, ©1985)

      No One In This World (songwriters - Ken Hirsch, Marti Sharron)
      Without Your Love (Robert John Lange)
      Run To Me (Duet with Barry Manilow) (Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb)
      Finder Of Lost Loves (Duet with Glenn Jones) (Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager)
      Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Steve Goldman)
      It's You (Duet with Stevie Wonder) (Stevie Wonder)
      It's Love (Barry Manilow, Adrienne Anderson)
      Bedroom Eyes (Barry Manilow, Bruce Sussman & Jack Feldman)
      Weakness (Duet with Stevie Wonder) (Stevie Wonder)
      You Made Me Want To Love Again (Richard Kerr, Norman Gimbel)

    • Produced by Barry Manilow, Engineered by Michael Delugg
    • Assistant to Barry Manilow:  Marc Hulett
    • Album also released under the title "Without Your Love" (Arista 90112)
    • "No One In This World"; Arranged by Barry Manilow & Artie Butler
    • "Without Your Love"; Produced by Richard Landis for Outlandis Productions
    • "Run To Me"; Arranged by Barry Manilow and Artie Butler; Piano - Barry Manilow; Funderburk - Barry Manilow
    • "Finder Of Lost Loves"; Produced by Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager
    • "Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore"; Arranged by Barry Manilow and Artie Butler
    • "It's You"; Produced by Stevie Wonder
    • "It's Love"; Arranged by Barry Manilow; Rhythm Track Arranged by Barry Manilow & Gary Pickus
    • "Bedroom Eyes"; Arranged by Barry Manilow; Piano & Synthesizers by Barry Manilow
    • "Weakness"; Produced by Stevie Wonder
    • "You Made Me Want To Love Again"; Arranged by Barry Manilow and Artie Butler; Piano - Barry Manilow

    Oliver & Company Soundtrack - Various Artists (Walt Disney 60890-7, ©1988, 1995)

      Perfect Isn't Easy - Bette Midler (songwriters - Jack Feldman, Bruce Sussman, Barry Manilow; Produced by Barry Manilow)

    Friends - Dionne Warwick (©1985)

      No One There (To Sing Me A Love Song) (Produced by Barry Manilow)

    With My Lover Beside Me - Nancy Wilson (Columbia CK 48665, ©1991)

      With My Lover Beside Me
      Look At You/Something Tells Me I'm Falling In Love
      When October Goes
      Love Is Where You Find It/At Last
      I Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks
      When The Meadow Was Bloomin'
      Heart Of Mine, Cry On
      Just Remember
      The Last Dream Home
      With My Lover Beside Me (Reprise)
      Epilogue (Duet with Barry Manilow)

    • Music by Barry Manilow, Lyrics by Johnny Mercer
    • Produced by Barry Manilow and Eddie Arkin
    • Arranged by Eddie Arkin, EXCEPT "Epilogue" (arranged by Barry Manilow and Eddie Arkin)
    • Recorded and Mixed by Don Murray
    • Executive Producers - Jay Landers and Dr. George Butler
    • Nancy Wilson is known as the "singers' singer."  Her instrument and unique style have always been regarded with enormous esteem in the music industry.  She is also a singer who has great respect for the composers whose work she chooses to intrepret.  Anytime a songwriter is fortunate enough to have one of his songs sung by Nancy Wilson he knows that his song is in good hands.  So, with this album I've kinda hit the jackpot!

      The creation of this album has been filled with a roller coaster of personal thrills for me.  It all started in 1983 when Ginger Mercer, Johnny Mercer's widow, found me through my record company and told me that she had discovered a stack of Johnny's lyrics that no one had ever put music to.  She wanted to know if I was interested in working with them.

      I sure was.

      Johnny Mercer is to songwriters what Picasso is to painters.  Songs like "Come Rain Or Come Shine", "Skylark", "Laura", "Moon River", and "That Old Black Magic", among many others, constitute a veritable textbook in great songwriting.  Reading through the collection of new lyrics for the first time was a profound experience for me.  Some were written in his handwriting, some were typewritten with his markings on them, some weren't completed, some were poems.

      The first lyric I chose to musicalize was a poem he wrote called "When October Goes."  I was very moved by the images he created and the melody came quickly.  I included it on an album called "2:00 AM-Paradise Cafe" in 1984.

      Over the years I've written music to nearly all of that stack of lyrics and this album is the culmination of what I consider the best of the lot.

      Having Nancy Wilson debut this body of work is an overwhelming thrill for me.  Hearing her sing these songs day after day in the recording studio has been very emotional and moving.  I thank her with all of my heart for taking such great care with them and treating them with such tenderness.

      Eddie Arkin's sensitive arrangements are a composer's dream come true and the brilliance of the musicians on this album is inspiring.

      It has been a labor of love for all of us, including Don Murray, our extraordinary engineer, and Jay Landers and Don Ienner, the brains and talent at Columbia Records who helped put it all together.  Thanks also to my management team of Garry Kief and Steve Wax for their brilliance and caring.  My gratitude goes to all of these gifted people.

      I hope Johnny would have approved.

      Barry Manilow (1991)

    Music Express - Various Artists (K-Tel TU 2420) (1975) (true to K-Tel character in the 70's, this album includes a 'shortened version' of "Mandy" [2:40])
    Far Out - Various Artists (Ronco R1975-915) (1975) (includes Barry Manilow's 2nd Single "It's A Miracle")
    Sound Explosion - Various Artists (Ronco R-1976 E4RS-0075/0076) (1976) (includes Barry's 3rd Single "Could It Be Magic")
    David Hamilton's Hot-Shots - Various Artists (Warwick Records WW 5014) (1976) (includes Barry Manilow's "Mandy")
    I Love Music - Various Artists (Ronco R2120) (1976) (includes Barry's 4th Single "I Write The Songs")
    Hit Explosion - Various Artists (Ronco R2130) (1977) (includes Barry's "Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again")
    Solid Gold - Various Artists (Ronco R2160) (1977) (includes Barry's "Weekend In New England")
    Emotions - Various Artists (K-Tel) (1978) (includes Barry's "This One's For You")
    Superstars - Various Artists (Ronco 2170) (1978) (includes Barry's "Looks Like We Made It")
    Shining Stars - Various Artists (Ronco 2220) (1978) (includes Barry's "Can't Smile Without You" and "Even Now")
    Winners - Various Artists (Ronco 2270) (1979) (includes Barry's "Copacabana")
    Million Performance Songs - Various Artists (Screen Gems-EMI Music 720/721) (1979?) (includes Barry's "Mandy")
    Superhits of the Superstars - Various Artists (K-Tel TU 2458) (includes Barry's "It's A Miracle")
    Reflections - Various Artists (K-Tel NU-9458) (includes Barry's "Even Now" and "Could It Be Magic")
    Arista's Pop Holiday Sampler 1987 - Various Artists (Arista ADP 9652) (includes "Hey Mambo" by Barry with Kid Creole & the Coconuts)
    Heart Rock (Disc B) - Various Artists (Time-Life A 20871 HRD) (1988) (includes Barry's duet with Dionne Warwick, "Run To Me")
    The Famous Music Years - Various Artists (Famous Music/Paramount FMPC-0001) (1988) (includes "Ready To Take A Chance Again" by Barry Manilow)

    Full Steam Ahead/Arista's In-Store Sampler, Fall 1990 - Various Artists (Arista ASCD 2140) (includes Barry's "Because It's Christmas (For All The Children)") - Thanks for the update, Kelly!
    Hitmakers Top 40 CD Sampler Volume 46, December 7, 1990 - Various Artists (Hitmakers) (includes Barry's "Jingle Bells" and "'Just' Because It's Christmas")

    Arista: A 15 Year History of Hits - Various Artists (Arista ARCD-8655) (1991) (includes Barry's "I Made It Through The Rain")
    The Christmas Album... A Gift of Hope - Various Artists (Children's Records CR-1002) (1991) (includes Barry's "Ave Maria (By Special Request)")

    Anna Maria Kaufmann (Columbia 471632 2) (1992) (from Germany) (features duets with Barry on "Could It Be Magic" and "World In Union")
    Magic Moments - Various Artists (Warner Special Products OPCD-4536 HD-1188/4, Disc 1) (1992) (includes Barry's "Looks Like We Made It")

    Through The Years - Cilla Black (1993) (features duet with Barry on "You'll Never Walk Alone")
    HitDisc 037A - Various Artists (TM Century/HitDisc 037A April 1, 1994) (contains the Barry Manilow/Debra Byrd duet "Let Me Be Your Wings")
    Serial Mom Soundtrack - Various Artists (MCAD-11052) (1994) (features Barry's "Daybreak")
    On The Track/Fall 1994 - Various Artists (BMG RMJ 66490-2) (1994) (includes Barry's version of "Can't Get Started")

    The Stars Come Out At Christmas - Various Artists (Sony A 26252) (1995) (includes Barry's "Carol Of The Bells/The Bells Of Christmas")
    30th Anniversary Happy Holidays From True Value - Various Artists (Cema S21-18570) (1995) (includes Barry's "Because It's Christmas")
    The Christmas Collection From Dillard's - Various Artists (Cema S21-18802) (1995) (includes Barry's "Because It's Christmas")

    Work It! Dance=Life - Various Artists (Priority P2 50960) (1996) (includes the 12" 1993 Trevor Horn Remix of Barry's "Could It Be Magic")
    The Mel Torme Collection/1944-1985 - Mel Torme (Rhino R2 71589) (1996) (contains the duet with Barry, "Big City Blues")
    All The Trimmings - Various Artists (Arista ASCD-2780) (1996) (includes Barry's "Because It's Christmas" and "Jingle Bells (duet with Expose)")  Note of interest: This promo shows a picture of Barry Manilow from Singin' With The Big Bands but with caption for Because It's Christmas...)
    Holiday Celebration - Various Artists (Sony Music Special Products A 28261) (1996) (includes Barry's "For Unto Us A Child Is Born/Because It's Christmas (For All The Children)")
    Kuschelrock, Volume 2 - Various Artists (Sony 4659526) (4/22/1996) (includes "Mandy" by Barry Manilow)
    Body Talk: The Language Of Love 1965-1995 / Just For You - Various Artists (Arista/Time-Life R834-02 14511) (1996) (includes "Even Now" by Barry Manilow)

    Christmas With The Stars - Various Artists (Polymedia/BMG DRC11719) (1997) (includes Barry's "Because It's Christmas")
    ARISTA The First 20 Years - Various Artists (Arista 07822-14517-2) (1997) (includes Barry's #1 hit "Mandy")
    Club Verboten (box set) - Various Artists (DCC Compact Classics 135) (1997) (includes "All The Time" by Barry Manilow)
    Cooking Christmas - Various Artists (Cooking In Concert 6120376) (11/18/1997) (includes Barry's "Ave Maria")

    At Long Last - Rosemary Clooney with the Count Basie Orchestra (Concord Jazz CCD-4795-2) (1998) (includes the duet with Barry Manilow, "How About You")
    Timeless - Various Artists (Universal UMD-53980) (1998) (includes Barry's "Ready To Take A Chance Again")
    A Christmas Miracle - Various Artists (Children's Miracle Network CM-1004-CD) (1998) (benefits CMN Champions, includes Barry's version of "Ave Maria")
    Celebrate Christmas: 15 Songs To Celebrate The Season - Various Artists (Kid's Records CMND-0132) (1998) (benefits Always Kids (a division of Children's Miracle Network) and City of Hope, Pediatrics) (includes Barry's "Jingle Bells") - Thanks, Sarah, for the update!

    Dance With Angels - Various Artists (Centaur Records 7) (1999) (includes the 1993 12" Remix of "Could It Be Magic" by Barry Manilow)
    The Sound Of Magic - Various Artists (Universal Music TV 564 479-2) (1999) (double-CD, distributed in the UK, a collection of Simply The Best of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, including Barry Manilow's "Mandy"!)

    Another Rosie Christmas - Rosie O'Donnell/Various Artists (Columbia CK 85102) (2000) (features "Because It's Christmas (For All The Children)" performed by Barry Manilow & Rosie O'Donnell) (benefits The For All Kids Foundation)
    Holiday Sounds Of The Season 2000 - Various Artists (BMG Special Products DRC12850) (2000) (includes Barry's duet with Expose, "Jingle Bells")
    Pop & Soul Holiday Hits 2 - Various Artists (BMG Special Products DRC12870) (2000) (includes Barry's duet with Expose, "Jingle Bells")
    Little Drummer Boys - Mark & Brian/Various Artists (Oglio MB86958) (2000) (features "Baby It's Cold Outside" performed by Barry Manilow & 95.5/KLOS-listener Pamela Holt) (proceeds benefit the Mark & Brian Scholarship Fund, Mark & Brian Music For Kids Program, Komen Breast Cancer Foundation)
    Swing America/1940s-Big Band Swing Music - Various Artists (AsSeenOnTVMusic.com) (2000) (includes Barry's Big Band version of "Chattanooga Choo-Choo")
    Hits To Remember - Various Artists (BMG Special Products 93233 00132, 3-CD box set) (2000) (includes Barry's #1 hit "Looks Like We Made It"; cover has picture of Barry from his 1978 Greatest Hits album)
    Burning Hearts: Best Sad Songs For Your Soul - Various Artists (Empire Disk 564303) (2000) (includes "Mandy" by Barry Manilow)
    Ultimate Christmas Album (Volume V) - Various Artists (Collectables 4522) (2000) (includes "We Wish You A Merry Christmas/It's Just Another New Year's Eve" by Barry Manilow)
    Entertainment Weekly/Greatest Hits: 1977 - Various Artists (Buddha 74465 99711 2) (2000) (features Barry's "Looks Like We Made It"; liner notes include picture of Barry)
    Radio's Greatest Hits: The 70's - Various Artists (Trans World Entertainment) (8/1/2000) (includes Barry Manilow's "Looks Like We Made It")

    Entertainment Weekly: 1975-79 (box set) - Various Artists (Buddha 99821) (2001) (includes Barry's "Looks Like We Made It")
    Magic - Various Artists (3/12/2001) (includes "Could It Be Magic" by Barry Manilow)
    Discovery - Daft Punk (Virgin 49606) (3/13/2001) (listen for a sampling of Barry's "Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed" on the song "Superheroes"!)
    Moments - Various Artists (5/30/2001) (includes "Even Now" by Barry Manilow)
    My Favorite Broadway: The Love Songs - Various Artists (Hybrid Recordings 20020) (2001) (features Barry's performance of "Every Single Day" Live from the City Center concert hosted by Julie Andrews in New York, October 16, 2000) (also on DVD)
    Catch The Magic: Dillard's 2001 Holiday Collection - Various Artists (2001) (includes Barry's version of "Jingle Bells")

    ("Catch The Magic" Holiday Music CD to benefit Ronald McDonald House)

    Ultimate Christmas Album (Volume VI) - Various Artists (Collectables 4524) (2001) (includes Barry's rendition of "The Christmas Song")

    All Time Christmas Hits (box set) - Various Artists (United Multimedia 19392) (2001) (includes Barry Manilow's "Jingle Bells" with Expose)

    Best Of Dionne Warwick/Original Hits - Dionne Warwick (1/17/2002) (includes Barry's duet with Dionne, "Run To Me")
    Holiday Sounds Of The Season 2002 - Various Artists (BMG Special Products DRC13351) (2002) (includes Barry Manilow's "Because It's Christmas (For All The Children)")
    Positive & Uplifting Songs - Various Artists (BMG Music Publishing VAR-P 340931) (2002) (includes "I Made It Through The Rain" by Barry Manilow)

    Duets - Barbra Streisand (Columbia CK 86126) (11/26/2002) (features Barbra's duet with Barry, "I Won't Be The One To Let Go," as opening track)

    Midnight - Diane Schuur (Concord Jazz) (8/12/2003) (includes "Anytime" (Diane Schuur duet with Barry Manilow))
    Bette Midler Sings The Rosemary Clooney Songbook - Bette Midler (Sony/Columbia) (9/30/2003) (includes "On A Slow Boat To China" (Bette Midler duet with Barry Manilow))

    Now That's What I Call Christmas 2 - Various Artists (EMI America 83098) (9/30/2003) (featuring Barry Manilow's "There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays")
    It's Still Okay To Dream: Save The Children - Various Artists (Atlantic 83693) (11/18/2003) (Barry has contributed "I Am Your Child" to this special compilation)
    Gotta Love The Holidays - Various Artists (Warner Bros. 48656) (12/9/2003) (includes Barry Manilow's "I'll Be Home For Christmas")

    Inolvidables, Vol. 2 - Various Artists (Contrasena) (1/12/2004) (includes Barry Manilow's "Mandy")
    Timeless: A Collection of 54 Classic Performances - Various Artists (3CD - DMGTV 009 / LC 13221) (includes Barry Manilow's "Mandy")
    Society Of Singers Presents: Great Voices, Great Songs - Various Artists (Shout! Factory 36709) (8/10/2004) (includes Barry Manilow's "When October Goes")
    Leeza Gibbons Presents Reflections - Various Artists (Top Sail Productions 72001) (9/14/2004) (includes Barry Manilow's "Memory (Live)"
    Will & Grace: Let The Music Out! - Various Artists (BMG Heritage) (9/14/2004) (includes "Living With Grace" written by Barry Manilow and Eric McCormack)

    Ultimate Christmas 2 - Various Artists (BMG Heritage 64195) (10/12/2004) (includes Barry's duet with K.T. Oslin, "Baby, It's Cold Outside")
    Songs In The Key Of Red - Various Artists (Universal Music Enterprises/Target B0003982-02) (2004) (includes Barry Manilow's "Copacabana (At The Copa) 2005 Dance Mix")
    Global 70's Blitz - Various Artists (BMG PUB056) (2004, Promo) (includes Barry Manilow's "Copacabana" [5:49]) The late seventies brought about a revolution in dance music whose indelible impression seems only to get stronger with the passage of time. Disco's four-on-the-floor beats and decadent, often celebratory lyrics, created an atmosphere perfect for partying. No other song quite captures the era better than Barry Manilow's Copacabana. Often imitated, but never equaled, Copacabana is still filling dancefloors around the world.
    The Essential Dionne Warwick - Dionne Warwick (WSP 76648 530234) (2004) (includes Dionne's Duet with Barry, "Run To Me")

    World's Best Mum - Various Artists (BMG 828766821529) (2/22/2005) (includes Barry Manilow's "Can't Smile Without You")
    The Best Of Our Love: The Valentine's Day Collection - Various Artists (BMG Special Products 40621) (4/19/2005) (includes Barry Manilow's "Looks Like We Made It")
    Legends - Dionne Warwick (Sony BMG) (9/1/2005) (includes duet with Barry, "Run To Me")
    Music From and Inspired By Desperate Housewives - Various Artists (Hollywood Records) (9/20/2005) (includes hidden track "Wisteria Lane" performed by Marc Cherry, music by Barry Manilow, lyrics by Bruce Sussman)

    Christmas Memories Essential Love Collection - Various Artists (9/27/2005) (includes Barry Manilow's duet with K.T. Oslin, "Baby, It's Cold Outside")
    Martha Stewart: The Holiday Collection (Traditional Songs for the Holidays) - Various Artists (Sony) (10/18/2005) (includes Barry Manilow's "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve") (also available in the Holiday Collection 3CD Deluxe Box Set)
    Essential: Sights & Sounds - Various Artists (Sony BMG JSK 59739, Promo) (2005) (includes Barry Manilow's "I Write The Songs")
    Bette Midler Sings The Peggy Lee Songbook - Bette Midler (Sony CD/DualDisc) (10/25/2005) (includes "I Love Being Here With You" (Bette Midler duet with Barry Manilow))

    Timeless: The Great Romantic Standards - Various Artists (Time-Life 198132) (1/10/2006) (includes "I'll Never Smile Again" by Barry Manilow, featuring the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra)
    World's Best Mum - Various Artists (BMG TV 828768105726) (3/14/2006) (includes Barry Manilow's "Could It Be Magic")
    The Standards Collection: Unforgettable - Various Artists (Liberty 12030) (3/21/2006) (includes Barry Manilow's "Moonlight Serenade")

    This One's For You - Barry Manilow (Sony Music Special Products A680733) (4/18/2006) (includes Barry Manilow's "I Am Your Child," "It's A Miracle," "Halfway Over The Hill," "New York City Rhythm," "As Sure As I'm Standing Here," "This One's For You," "Say The Words," "Even Now," "Sunday Father" and "One Voice")
    Cobras E Lagartos Internaciona Soundtrack - Various Artists (Som Livre 891430037420) (6/27/2006) (includes Barry Manilow's "Young At Heart")
    Christmas With Love - Various Artists (Madacy Records 12308) (8/15/2006) (includes Barry's duet with K.T. Oslin, "Baby, It's Cold Outside")
    Dear Friends III - Hiromi Iwasaki (Imperial Records TECI-1136) (9/27/2006) (includes duet with Barry Manilow "Sincerely / Teach Me Tonight")

    At The Movies - Dave Koz (Capitol EMI CDP 0946 3 111405 2 5) (1/30/2007) (includes "Moon River" featuring Barry Manilow)
    Hope Floats Soundtrack (Expanded Edition) - Various Artists (Capitol Nashville Records) (4/24/2007) (includes Barry Manilow's "Daybreak")
    Making Records - Various Artists (Sony BMG A718756) (10/16/2007) (includes Barry Manilow's "I've Got The World On A String")
    Christmas Wish - Olivia Newton-John (Compass Productions 39792) (11/6/2007) (includes Olivia's duet with Barry Manilow, "A Gift Of Love")
    Ultimate Love Songs Collection: Greatest Love Of All - Various Artists (BMG/Time Life) (includes Barry Manilow's "Even Now")

    Come Out Swinging - Various Artists (Sony Australia 716880) (4/15/2008) (includes Barry Manilow's "Don't Get Around Much Anymore")
    70's Dinner Party - Various Artists (Phantom Sound & Vision 886973 253625) (7/8/2008) (includes Barry Manilow's "Daybreak")
    Dick Clark's American Bandstand - Various Artists (Time Life 21872) (8/26/2008) (includes Barry Manilow's "Mandy" on Disc 12 of 13)
    Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa - Various Artists (Interscope 01226402) (11/4/2008) (includes Barry Manilow's original version of "Copacabana")
    iTunes Holiday Sampler - Various Artists (iTunes) (12/8/2009) (includes Barry Manilow's "Carol Of The Bells/Jingle Bells")

    With A Twist - Straight No Chaser (Atlantic) (4/13/2010) (includes Straight No Chaser's duet featuring Barry Manilow, "One Voice")
    Heart & Soul: Celebrating The Unforgettable Songs Of Frank Loesser - Various Artists (Sony Classical) (6/29/2010) (includes Barry Manilow's "Luck Be A Lady" from the Musical Guys and Dolls)
    This Christmas - Various Artists (Rhino/Sony Music 53451) (11/2/2010) (includes Barry Manilow's Christmas recording of "Silver Bells")
    Elaine Paige and Friends - Elaine Paige (WB/UK 9828742) (11/9/2010) (includes Elaine's duet with Barry Manilow, "The Prayer")
    Vegas: Songs from Sin City - Human Nature (Sony Import 7813772) (11/23/2010) (features Human Nature's duet with Barry Manilow, "Mandy/Could It Be Magic")

    This Christmas - Various Artists (Sony Music 88725 46342 2) (11/2012) (includes Barry Manilow's In The Swing of Christmas version of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" [4:08])
    The Ultimate Collection - Elaine Paige (Rhino UK/Warner Music UK) (5/12/2014) (includes previously recorded duet with Barry Manilow, "The Prayer")
    Partners (Deluxe Edition) - Barbra Streisand (Columbia Records 88875 00807 2, Target exclusive) (9/16/2014) (includes previously released 2002 duet with Barry, "I Won't Be The One To Let Go")
    Collaborations: 25th Anniversary Collection - Dave Koz (Concord Records (7/31/2015) (includes previously recorded duet with Barry, "I Hear Her Playing Music")

    The Fellas - Melissa Manchester (Long Run Entertainment) (9/8/2017) (includes Melissa's duet with Barry Manilow, "For Me And My Gal")
    Hits & Rarities 1974-1999 - Dionne Warwick (8/18/2018) (includes Dionne's duet with Barry Manilow, "Never Gonna Let You Get Away," the previously unreleased Barry-produced track "The Last One To Be Loved," and Dionne's hit singles also produced by Barry, "I'll Never Love This Way Again" and "Deja Vu," which earned a pair of Grammy awards)
    Deja Vu The Arista Recordings - Dionne Warwick (2/28/2020) (12CD boxed set of Dionne's albums from 1979-1994; includes Barry's duet with Dionne, "Run To Me")

    Songs Popularized by Barry and Recorded by Others

    All The Time - Dionne Warwick (1979) (Arista); Helen Schneider (1977) (Windsong BHL1-2037); Bill Managan (2003) (from album "Unlikely Pianist Unwinds")
    Anyone Can Do The Heartbreak - Anne Murray (1987, "Harmony", Capitol Records)
    Barry Manilow Medley - Di Sherling (1995) (Sherling Records 1006, "Class Reunion")
    Barry Manilow Medley (I Write The Songs / The Old Songs / Even Now) - Marvin Goldstein ("Marvin Goldstein, Pianist, Volume 3")
    Because It's Christmas - Vanessa Williams & Placido Domingo (Sony 87770, "Christmas All Over The World", 2002); also performed on TV show "Knots Landing" by Michele Lee
    Can't Smile Without You - Carpenters (1976, album version on A&M release "A Kind Of Hush") (single version on A&M release "Greatest Hits 1974-1978"); David Cassidy (actually just part of the "Daydreamer" medley on the 2000 release "Daydreamer - Recorded Live in Concert"); James Buller (1999) (CD Single, featured in the BBC TV Series "Sunburn"); Vic Damone ("The Best of Vic Damone Live", 1989); Englebert Humperdinck ("After The Lovin'", 1976); Mantovani ("Love Songs", 1991); (okay, this is a stretch...) Hellboy (Ron Perlman) and Abe Sapian (Doug Jones) in the 2008 movie Hellboy II: The Golden Army
    Copacabana (At The Copa) - King's Singers (1981, "Believe In Music"); Columbia Ballroom Orchestra (1998, "Let's Dance, Vol. 6: Competition Dance (Like A Virgin)"); Countdown Singers (2002, Madacy Records, "Party In A Box: Pool Party"); Ballroom Band (1999, Empire Music, "Samba"); Henry Mancini (1998, JVC, "Twin Best"); Wayland/Uso (1997, part of medley on album "Satin Doll"); Laurindo Almeida (1991, "Virtuoso Guitar"); Shirley Bassey (1979, UA D6007D, B-side of single "This Is My Life"); Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ("Best of Broadway: Hit Songs From Hit Musicals", WarnerClassics); Herb Alpert (9/20/2019, Herb Alpert Presents, "Over The Rainbow")
    Could It Be Magic - Donna Summer (1976) (Oasis); Take That (1992 - RCA 07863 66221-2, "Take That And Party") (1996 - BMG/RCA 74321 355582, "Greatest Hits"); King's Singers (1980, "New Day"); Sylvester (1990, medley with "A Song For You" from album "Living Proof", Fantasy 79010); Morgana King ("Tender Moments", Savoy 17253); Anna Maria Kaufmann; Dante's Inferno; Abigail (Klone CDKLONE 14 "Losing My Religion" (UK Import), and 12" single, Klone 7); Bobby Enriquez (1992, "Live in Tokyo, Vol. 2"); Thierry Mutin (1998, "Sketch Of Love"); Phillips & Driver (2003, "Togetherness", Bar/None Records); Sylvain Luc (2002, "Trio Sud", Dreyfus Records); Puppini Sisters (2/12/2008, "The Rise And Fall Of Ruby Woo", Verve); The Polyphonic Spree (4/16/2021, "Afflatus", Good Records Recordings)
    Dance Away - Elkie Brooks (1980, "Pearls", A&M); Shelly West (1983, "Red Hot", Viva Records)
    Early Morning Strangers - Dionne Warwick (1977) (WEA International 10659, "Love At First Sight"); Lani Hall (A&M 2517, "Classics Volume 19", 1987); Cher (from Warner Bros. BS 2898, "I'd Rather Believe In You", 1976)
    Even Now - Bill Managan (2003) (from album "Unlikely Pianist Unwinds"); Jane McDonald (8/12/2008, "Jane", Phantom Sound & Vision)
    Getting Over Losing You - Brock Walsh (co-written with Martin Briley) (1983, Warner Pioneer Records, "Dateline: Tokyo)
    I Am Your Child - Dusty Springfield (2001) (Hip-O 088 112 477-2, "Beautiful Soul-The ABC/Dunhill Collection"); Karen Akers (1994, medley with "She's Leaving Home" from album "Just Imagine", DRG 5231)
    I Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks - Nancy Wilson (1991) (Columbia CK 48665)
    I Made It Through The Rain - John Barrowman (2008) (Epic 0886973399026); Gerard Kenny (1979, "Made It Through The Rain", RCA)
    I Was A Fool (To Let You Go) - Frank Sinatra, Jr. (June 2006, "That Face!") (Rhino)
    I Write the Songs - Captain & Tennille (1975) (A&M, "Love Will Keep Us Together") ("Greatest Hits") (2001, "The Ultimate Collection"); Bruce Johnston (1977, Columbia) ("Going Public", Edsel 697); David Cassidy (1975) (1996, Razor Tie RE 2117-2 release "The David Cassidy Collection") (re-recorded 2002, "Then And Now"); Henry Mancini (1998, JVC, "Twin Best"); Buzzbomb (2001, from "Dogpile The Metermaid", Abcess 71213); Tom Jones (1998, "26 Love Songs"); Winston Benet Project featuring Joey Mellotti (1996, "Passionate Piano: Aphrodisia", Compose 9993); Laurindo Almeida (1991, "Virtuoso Guitar", Laserlight 15296); Ray Conniff (1986, "16 Most Requested Songs", Legacy 40214) (2005, "I Write The Songs/Send In The Clowns", Collectables Records); Peter Breiner Orchestra (from "Feelings"); James Last (2002, "Last The Whole Night Long", Universal); Dayglo Abortions (from "20 More Explosive Fantastic Rockin' Mega Smash Hit Explosions!", Pravda 6342); Richard Hayman Orchestra (from "Love Is Blue")
    If I Should Love Again - Al Martino (1982) (Capitol P-B-5094 S98104)
    It's Just Another New Year's Eve - Martin Nievera (2008, EMI, "My Christmas List")
    Just Remember - Nancy Wilson (1991) (Columbia CK 48665)
    Keep Each Other Warm - Bucks Fizz (1986, "Writing On The Wall", Polydor)
    Looks Like We Made It - Facts of Life (1977, "Facts of Life", Kayvette Records ‎5134)
    Mandy - Scott English (1973) (as "Brandy", the original version); Andy Williams (1975) (Columbia PC 33563 release "The Other Side Of Me"); Danny Blue (1998, ZYX Music 11128-2, "The World of Pop Hits of the 70's", arrangements made to 'sound like' the originals, Made in Germany); Stryke 5 (2000) (Surfdog DOC-22657-1); Yuki Koyanagi (2000) (Dream Company HDCA-10037, album "Koyanagi The Covers Product 1"); Christian Wunderlich (10/14/1999) (BMG 74321677412, album "Real Good Moments"); Me First & the Gimme Gimmes (1997, "Have A Ball", Fat Wreck Chords 554); Langley Schools Music Project (2001, "Innocence & Despair", Bar None 122); Mandy & Randy (2002, "Bravo The Hits 2002", Sony) ("Mallorca Party 2003", ZYX); Richard Clayderman; Albert One ("Best Of Albert One", ZYX); Karel Gott (2003, "Fur immer Jung (Forever Young)", Polydor 543 525-2); Westlife (2003, "Turnaround", BMG/RCA); Donny Osmond (2007, "Love Songs of the '70s", Decca 000829102)
    Memory - Barbra Streisand (1982, Columbia); Judy Collins (1982, "Times of Our Lives", Elektra)
    My Moonlight Memories Of You - Frankie Valli & Four Seasons (1985, "Streetfighter", MCA-5632)
    One Of These Days - Donny Most (1976) (UA-LA696-G); Ray Charles (1997, "Genius & Soul: 50th Anniversary Collection", Rhino 72859)
    One Voice - Ray Farr, conducting (1999) (Doyen Records 77 "Best by Farr") (Doyen Records 79, "American Salute"); Straight No Chaser (2010, "With A Twist", Atlantic 523536)
    Please Don't Be Scared - Sheena Easton
    Read 'Em And Weep - Meat Loaf (1981) (Epic 36007 release "Dead Ringer")
    Sandra - Dusty Springfield (1997) (Mercury 314553 501-2, "The Dusty Springfield Anthology")
    Some Girls - Racey (1979, "Smash and Grab", RAK Records)
    Some Good Things Never Last - Barbra Streisand (1988) (Columbia CK 40880 "Till I Loved You")
    Somewhere Down The Road - Tom Snow (1982, "Hungry Nights", Arista)
    Somewhere In The Night - Batdorf & Rodney (1975, "You Are A Song", Arista); Helen Reddy (1975, "Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady", Capitol); Yvonne Elliman (1975, "Rising Sun", RSO); Richard Kerr (1975, "Richard Kerr", Epic); Kim Carnes (1975, "Kim Carnes", A&M)
    Soon - Michael Feinstein (1993) (Elektra 9 61423-2 release "Forever")
    The Best Of Me - David Foster/Olivia Newton-John (1986) (Atlantic)
    The Old Songs - David Pomeranz (1980, "The Truth Of Us", Pacific/Atlantic)
    This One's For You - Shirley Bassey (1977, "You Take My Heart Away, United Artists UA LA-751-H)
    Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again - Carpenters (1975, A&M 540 251-2, 1994); David Pomeranz (1975, "It's In Every One Of Us", Arista)
    Weekend In New England - Roger Whittaker (2000, "Legendary Roger Whittaker", BMG); Randy Edelman (2000, "Farewell Fairbanks", Vivid)
    When I Wanted You - Addrissi Brothers (1977, "Addrisi Brothers ", Buddah); Gino Cunico (1976, Arista)
    When October Goes - Nancy Wilson (1991, Columbia); Megon McDonough (Philo CD PH 1143 titled "When October Goes"); Nancy LaMott ("Autumn Leaves/When October Goes" on Midder Music CD002 "Come Rain or Come Shine-The Songs of Johnny Mercer"); Danny Wright (4/9/2021, "Prayers: Songs of Reflection and Inspiration")
    When The Good Times Come Again - Dionne Warwick (1981, "Hot! Live and Otherwise", Arista)
    When The Meadow Was Bloomin' - Nancy Wilson (1991, Columbia)
    Where Do I Go From Here - Carpenters (1978, A&M); England Dan & John Ford Coley (1977, LP "Dowdy Ferry Road")
    Why Don't We Live Together - Helen Schneider (1977, Windsong BHL1-2037)
    Wild Places - Duncan Browne (1979, Sire)

    With My Lover Beside Me / When October Goes / When The Meadow Was Bloomin' / Something Tells Me / Love Is Where You Find It / At Last / Just Remember - Monica Mancini (from "The Dreams Of Johnny Mercer", 2000, Concord CCD-4937-2) (includes songs that Barry wrote with Johnny Mercer's lyrics)

    Daybreak / I Sing The Songs (I Write The Songs) / Weekend In New England / One Voice - Vera Lynn ("We'll Meet Again: Her Greatest Hits" or "Thank You For The Music", 2/1/1995, Disky/Woodford)

    Copacabana / I Write The Songs / Mandy / Looks Like We Made It / Somewhere In The Night / Could It Be Magic / Weekend In New England / Ships / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / All The Time - Spectrum (from "The Music of Barry Manilow", 7/23/1996, Intersound/First Choice FC 4609)

    Mandy / I Made It Through The Rain / Copacabana / I Write The Songs / Can't Smile Without You / Even Now / When October Goes / Looks Like We Made It / Weekend In New England (from "Barry Manilow's Love Songs - You Sing The Hits", 1997, Pocket Songs CD1235, MMO Music Group)

    Can't Smile Without You / Copacabana / Even Now / I Made It Through The Rain / I Write The Songs / Looks Like We Made It / Mandy / Somewhere In The Night / The Old Songs (from "Just Tracks - Barry Manilow & Peter Allen", 2000, Pocket Songs JTG 188)

    The Old Songs (by Love Gamblers), I Write The Songs (by Ron Brodeur & the Moon Shells), Somewhere In The Night (by Carlton Welles), If You Were Here With Me Tonight (by Denzell), Could It Be Magic (by Edgar John), Can't Smile Without You (by George Bolton), Let's Hang On (by Fredrick Nick & the Creamers, Copacabana (by Lola & Ricky), Looks Like We Made It (by Cocktail Hour), I Made It Through The Rain (by Barry Stream), Even Now (by Matthew Kelly), Mandy (by Michael Lesh) (from "A Tribute To Barry Manilow", Big Eye Music, 5/21/2002)

    Could It Be Magic / Can't Smile Without You / Somewhere In The Night / I Write The Songs / I Made It Through The Rain / Let's Hang On / Mandy / The Old Songs / Even Now / It's A Long Way Up / Looks Like We Made It / Copacabana (At The Copa) - Stars at Studio 99 (from "I Write The Songs", 2002, Legacy Entertainment BMP058 (Canada)) Mandy / I Made It Through The Rain / You're Looking Hot Tonight / One Voice (from "A Portrait Of Barry Manilow" by Ivo Franklin, 10/8/2002, Prestige Elite 376)

    Mandy / Copacabana / Weekend In New England / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Can't Smile Without You / Could It Be Magic / Daybreak / I Write The Songs / It's A Miracle / The Old Songs - Randy Waldman (from "The Music of Barry Manilow", 5/20/2003, Liquid 8)

    Mandy / Could It Be Magic / I Write The Songs / Bandstand Boogie (American Bandstand Theme) / Weekend In New England / Looks Like We Made It / Can't Smile Without You / Even Now / Copacabana / The Old Songs - The Top Floor (from "Music of Barry Manilow", 2006, Direct Source Special Products TR 59072 (Canada))

    Mandy / Even Now / This One's for You / Tryin' to Get the Feeling Again / Ready to Take a Chance Again / Could it Be Magic / I Write the Songs / I Don't Want to Walk Without You / The Old Songs / Please Don't Be Scared / I Made it Through the Rain / Weekend in New England - Pat Coil (from "The Ballads of Barry Manilow", 4/15/2004, Green Hill Productions)

    Love Is A Many Splendored Thing / Young At Heart / What A Diff'rence A Day Made / Sincerely/Teach Me Tonight / Unchained Melody / Venus / It's All In The Game / Rags To Riches / Beyond The Sea / All I Have To Do Is Dream / Are You Lonesome Tonight? / It's Not For Me To Say / Moments To Remember (from "Back To The 50's - In The Style of Barry Manilow", 4/12/2006, Pocket Songs)

    I Write The Songs / I Made It Through The Rain / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Weekend In New England / Mandy / Ships / Can't Smile Without You / When October Goes / Looks Like We Made It / Even Now / Ready To Take A Chance Again / This One's For You / Could It Be Magic / The Old Songs / All The Time - David Osborne (from "Love & Special Things: An Instrumental Tribute to Barry Manilow", 4/10/2006, North Star Music)

    Copacabana / Weekend In New England / I Write The Songs / Mandy / Can't Smile Without You / Looks Like We Made It / Ready To Take A Chance Again / I Made It Through The Rain / Even Now - Paul Wiancko, Wes Precourt, Aram Petrosian and Andy Timbers (from "The String Quartet Tribute to Barry Manilow", 10/9/2007, Vitamin Records)

    Songs Popularized by Others and Recorded by Barry

    Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive - Johnny Mercer with the Pied Pipers & Paul Weston Orchestra (1944, Capitol), Bing Crosby & the Andrew Sisters (1945, Decca), Kay Kyser (1945, Columbia)
    Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) - Phil Collins (1984, Atlantic 89700), Mariah Carey with Westlife (2000)
    Air That I Breathe, The - Hollies (1974, Epic 11100)
    All I Have To Do Is Dream - Everly Brothers (1958, Cadence 1348)
    All The Way - Frank Sinatra (1957, Capitol 3793)
    Alone Together - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra (1932), Artie Shaw (1939)
    And I Love Her - The Beatles (1964, Capitol 5235), Esther Phillips (1965, Atlantic 2281, as "And I Love Him")
    Angel Eyes - Frank Sinatra (1958, Capitol)
    Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Elvis Presley (1960, RCA 47-7810), Vaughn Deleath (1927)
    Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do) - Christopher Cross (1981, Warner 49787)
    Beyond The Sea - Bobby Darin (1960, Atco 6161), Roger Williams ("La Mer (Beyond The Sea)", 1956, Kapp 138)
    Biggest Part Of Me - Ambrosia (1980, Warner 49225)
    Blame It On My Youth - Nat King Cole (1956), Frank Sinatra (1957), Rosemary Clooney (1958)
    Blue Velvet - Bobby Vinton (1963, Epic 9614), The Statues (1960, Liberty 55245), Tony Bennett (1951, Columbia 39555)
    Bluer Than Blue - Michael Johnson (1978, EMI America 8001)
    Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel (1970, Columbia 45079)
    But Not For Me - Ginger Rogers (1930), Judy Garland (1943)
    California Dreamin' - Mamas & Papas (1966, Dunhill 4020), Bobby Womack (1969, Minit 32055), America (1979, American International 700), Beach Boys (1986, Capitol 5630)
    Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley (1962, RCA 47-7968), Al Martino (1970, Capitol 2746), Andy Williams (1970, Columbia 45094), Corey Hart (1987, EMI America 8368), UB40 (1993, Virgin 12653)
    Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Frankie Valli (1967, Philips 40446), The Lettermen (1968, Capitol 2054, medley with "Goin' Out Of My Head"), Nancy Wilson (1969, Capitol 2644)
    Candy Man, The (from the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) - Sammy Davis, Jr. (1972, MGM)
    Careless Whisper - Wham! featuring George Michael (1985, Columbia 04691), Hideki Saijo (1985, RCA RHS-169)
    Cherish - The Association (1966, Valiant 747), David Cassidy (1972, Bell 45150) / Windy - The Association (1967, Warner 7041), Wes Montgomery (1967, A&M 883)
    Close To You, (They Long To Be) - Carpenters (1970, A&M 1183)
    Come Dance With Me - Frank Sinatra
    Come Fly With Me - Frank Sinatra (1957, Capitol)
    Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Mama Cass (1968)
    Every Breath You Take - Police (1983, A&M 2542)
    Everybody Loves Somebody - Dean Martin (1964, Reprise 0281)
    Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears (1985, Mercury 880659)
    Everytime You Go Away - Paul Young (1985, Columbia 04867)
    Friends - Bette Midler (1972, Atlantic SD 7238A release "The Divine Miss M"), Buzzy Linhart (1976, Kama Sutra KSBS 2615-2 release "The Best...")
    Goody Goody - Frankie Lymon (1957, Gee Records 1039)
    Hard To Say I'm Sorry - Chicago (1982, Full Moon 29979)
    Have I Told You Lately - Rod Stewart (1993, Warner 18511), Van Morrison (1989)
    He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - Hollies (1970, Epic 10532), Neil Diamond (1970, Uni 55264)
    Here's That Rainy Day - Frank Sinatra (1959), Getz/Gilberto (1964)
    How Can You Mend A Broken Heart? - Bee Gees (1971, Atco 6824)
    How Deep Is The Ocean? - (1932), Lee Wiley (1951), Ella Fitzgerald (1957), Frank Sinatra (1960), Miss Toni Fisher (1960, Signet 276), Bill Evans Trio (1961), Diana Krall (1997)
    I Believe In You And Me - Four Tops (1983); Whitney Houston (for the 1996 film The Preacher's Wife)
    I Can't Give You Anything But Love - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra (1928, Montgomery Ward 4990), Louis Armstrong (1929, Columbia 38052), Mills Brothers (1932, Brunswick 6519), Benny Goodman Sextet (1940, Columbia 36755), Fats Waller (1939, Bluebird 10573B), Dean Martin (1957, Capitol 3718), Judy Garland (1958), Bert Kaempfert (1966, Decca 32008)
    I Fall In Love Too Easily - Frank Sinatra (1945, from the film Anchors Aweigh)
    I Get Along Without You Very Well - Red Norvo (1939), Chet Baker (1954), Frank Sinatra (1955)
    I Go Crazy - Paul Davis (1977, Bang 733)
    I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder (1984, Motown 1745)
    I Only Have Eyes for You - Ben Selvin (1934 from movie musical "Dames") (Flamingos, 1959, End 1046) (Lettermen, 1966) (Jerry Butler, 1972) (Art Garfunkel, 1975)
    I Swear (part of medley "Never My Love/I Swear") - Michael Montgomery (1994), All-4-One (1994)
    I Walk A Little Faster - Tony Bennett (1964, Columbia), Fiona Apple (2009, New West Records)
    I Wanna Be Loved By You - Marilyn Monroe (in the 1959 film Some Like It Hot)
    I'd Really Love To See You Tonight - England Dan & John Ford Coley (1976, Big Tree 16069)
    I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter - Billy Williams (1957, Coral 61830)
    I've Got The World On A String - Frank Sinatra (1953, Capitol)
    (I've Had) The Time Of My Life - Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes (1987, RCA 5224)
    I've Never Been In Love Before - Robert Alda and Isabel Bigley (1950, from the original Broadway production Guys and Dolls), Chet Baker (1956), Shirley Bassey (1959), Frank Sinatra (1964)
    If - Bread (1971, Elektra 45720)
    If I Can Dream - Elvis Presley (1969, RCA 47-9670)
    If Tomorrow Never Comes - Garth Brooks (1989, Liberty)
    If You Remember Me - Chris Thompson & Night (1979, Planet 45904/45909)
    In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning - Frank Sinatra (1955, Capitol)
    Islands In The Stream - Kenny Rogers with Dolly Parton (1983, RCA 13615)
    It Amazes Me - Tony Bennett (1958)
    It Could Happen To You - Jo Stafford (1944, Capitol 158), Dinah Washington (1960, Mercury 71560)
    It Never Rains In Southern California - Albert Hammond (1972, Mums 6011)
    It's All In The Game - Tommy Edwards (1958, MGM 12688)
    It's A New World - Judy Garland (1954, from the film A Star Is Born)
    It's Not For Me To Say - Johnny Mathis (1957, Columbia 40851)
    Just Remember I Love You - Firefall (1977, Atlantic 3420)
    Let's Hang On - Four Seasons (1965, Philips 40317)
    Long And Winding Road, The - The Beatles (1970, Apple 2832)
    Look Of Love, The - Dusty Springfield (1967, Philips 40465), Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 (1968, A&M 924), Isaac Hayes (1971, Enterprise 9028)
    Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing - Four Aces (1955, Decca 29625)
    Love Is Here To Stay - Larry Clinton (1938), Red Norvo (1938), Gene Kelly (from "An American In Paris", 1951), Dinah Washington (1961, Mercury 71812), Frank Sinatra (1956), Ella Fitzgerald (1959), Billie Holiday (1959)
    Love Me Tender (adapted from "Aura Lee" from 1861) - Elvis Presley (1956, RCA 47-6643), Henri Rene & His Orchestra and Chorus (1956, RCA 6728), Richard Chamberlain (1962, MGM 13097), Percy Sledge (1967, Atlantic 2414), Linda Ronstadt (1978, Asylum 46011), Amy Grant (1992)
    Moments To Remember - Four Lads (1955, Columbia 40539)
    Moon River (Duet with Dave Koz) / Moon River (Duet with Andy Williams) - Jerry Butler (1961, Vee-Jay 405), Henry Mancini (1961, RCA 7916), Andy Williams (1964, Columbia)
    My Cherie Amour - Stevie Wonder (1969, Tamla 54180)
    My Eyes Adored You - Frankie Valli (1975, Private Stock 45003)
    My Kind Of Town (Chicago Is) - Frank Sinatra
    My One And Only Love - Frank Sinatra (1953, Capitol 2505)
    Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley (1988, RCA 5347)
    Never My Love - Association (1967, Warner 7074), 5th Dimension (1971, Bell 45134), Blue Swede (1974, EMI 3938)
    Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) - Bing Crosby (1931), The Mills Brothers (1950, Decca 27253), Paul Weston (1950, Columbia 38982), Ray Anthony (1950, Capitol 1190), Frank Sinatra (1950), Ralph Flanagan (RCA Victor 20-3904)
    Open Arms - Journey (1982, Columbia 02687), Mariah Carey (1996, Columbia)
    Put Your Dreams Away - Frank Sinatra (1949, Columbia 4-36814)
    Rags To Riches - Tony Bennett (1953, Columbia 40048)
    Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - B.J. Thomas (1969, Scepter 12265, from Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid)
    Reminiscing - Little River Band (1978, Harvest 4605)
    Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx (1989, EMI 50219)
    River - Joni Mitchell (1971, Reprise)
    Run To Me - Bee Gees (1972, Atco 6896)
    Sailing - Christopher Cross (1980, Warner 49507)
    Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night In The Week) - Frank Sinatra
    Second Time Around, The - Frank Sinatra (1961, Reprise 20001)
    Shadow Of Your Smile, The - Tony Bennett (1965, Columbia 43431)
    Sincerely - McGuire Sisters (1955, Coral 61323) / Teach Me Tonight - DeCastro Sisters (1954, Abbott 3001)
    Solitaire - Carpenters (1975, A&M 1721)
    Some Other Time - Chris Alexander, Betty Comden, Adolph Green, and Nancy Walker (1944, from the Broadway Musical On The Town), Bill Evans Trio (1961)
    Sometimes When We Touch - Dan Hill (1978, 20th Century 2355)
    Song's Gotta Come From The Heart, The - Jimmy Durante (from the 1947 film It Happened in Brooklyn)
    Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Elton John (1976, MCA/Rocket 40645)
    Strangers In The Night - Frank Sinatra (1966, Reprise 0470, from A Man Could Get Killed)
    Summer Wind - Frank Sinatra (1966, Reprise 0509)
    Sunshine On My Shoulders - John Denver (1974)
    That's Life - Frank Sinatra (1966, Reprise 0531)
    There's A Kind Of Hush - Herman's Hermits (1967, MGM 13681), Carpenters (1976, A&M 1800)
    This Guy's In Love With You - Herb Alpert (1968, A&M 929), Dionne Warwick (1969, Scepter 12241, as "This Girl's In Love With You")
    Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper (1984, Portrait 04432)
    Twelfth Of Never, The -Johnny Mathis (1957, Columbia 40993), Cliff Richard (1964), Donny Osmond (1973, MGM/Kolob 14503)
    Unchained Melody - Les Baxter, His Chorus & Orchestra (1955, Capitol 3055), Al Hibbler (1955, Decca 29441), Roy Hamilton (1955, Epic 9102), Righteous Brothers (1965, Philles 129) (re-released 1990 (movie: Ghost), Verve F. 871882) (re-recorded 1990, Curb 76842)
    Venus - Frankie Avalon (1959, Chancellor 1031)
    Way We Were, The - Barbra Streisand (1974, Columbia 45944)
    We've Got Tonite - Bob Seger (1978, Capitol 4653), Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton (1983, Liberty 1492)
    We've Only Just Begun - Carpenters (1970, A&M 1217)
    What A Diff'rence A Day Made - Dinah Washington (1959, Mercury 71435), Esther Phillips (1975, Kudu 925, as "What A Diff'rence a Day Makes"), Dorsey Brothers Orchestra (1934)
    What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong (1967) (recorded by Barry in 2014 as a duet with Louis Armstrong and a medley with What A Wonderful Life)
    What The World Needs Now Is Love - Jackie DeShannon (1965, Imperial 66110), Tom Clay (1971, Mowest 5002, medley/documentary with "Abraham, Martin and John")
    When I Fall In Love - The Lettermen (1962, Capitol 4658), Donny Osmond (1973, MGM-Kolob 14677), Natalie Cole (1988, EMI-Manhattan 50138), Celine Dion & Clive Griffin (1993, Epic Sound 77021, from Sleepless In Seattle)
    When I Need You - Leo Sayer (1977, Warner 8332)
    When You Were Sweet Sixteen (1898) - Al Jolson (1929), Perry Como (1947, RCA Victor 20-2259), The Mills Brothers (1947)
    Where Do I Begin? (Theme From "Love Story") - Francis Lai (1971, Paramount 0064), Andy Williams (1971), Henry Mancini (1971, RCA 9927)
    While We're Young - Peggy Lee (1949, Capitol)
    Yesterday - The Beatles (1965, Capitol 5498)
    You Don't Know What Love Is - Carole Bruce (1941, from the film Keep 'Em Flying)
    You Made Me Love You - Al Jolson (1913, Columbia A-1374), Judy Garland (1937, Decca 1463), Harry James (1941), Al Jolson (1946, Decca 23613), Nat King Cole (1959)
    You Make Me Feel So Young - Frank Sinatra (1956, Capitol)
    You'll Never Walk Alone (Duet with Cilla Black) - Patti Labelle & Her Blue Belles (1964, Parkway 896) (from Rodgers & Hammerstein's Carousel), Gerry & The Pacemakers (1965, Laurie 3302), Elvis Presley (1968, RCA 47-9600), Brooklyn Bridge (1969, Buddah 139)
    You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me - Bebe Daniels (1933), Frank Sinatra (1956)
    You've Got A Friend - James Taylor (1971, Warner 7498), Carole King (1971, Ode), Roberta Flack (1971, Atlantic 2808)
    You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling - Righteous Brothers (1965, Philles 124), Dionne Warwick (1969, Scepter 12262), Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway (1971, Atlantic 2837), Long John Baldry & Kathi MacDonald (1979, EMI America 8018), Daryl Hall and John Oates (1980, RCA 12103)
    Young At Heart - Frank Sinatra (1954)
    Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart - Judy Garland (from the 1938 film Listen, Darling)

    Baby It's Cold Outside - (a few)
    SHOWSTOPPERS Tracks - (a few more)
    SINGIN' WITH THE BIG BANDS Tracks - (many)
    Stardust - (many more)
    Silent Night, The First Noel, Handel's Messiah, Joy To The World, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Carol Of The Bells, Winter Wonderland, Happy Holiday, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, (There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays, I'll Be Home For Christmas, My Favorite Things, The Christmas Waltz, I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm, What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? - (countless)
    White Christmas - Bing Crosby (among others)
    The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole, Mel Torme, (many others, many times, many ways)
    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - (everyone)
    Jingle Bells - (everyone, and their cats and dogs!)
    and On
    and On
    and On

    April Showers (1997)
    Baby Fat
    Come With Me
    Con Te Partiro (music by Francesco Sartori, lyrics by Lucio Quarantotto) (2000, Mandalay Bay)
    Every Time You Go Away/Every Time We Say Goodbye
    Foggy Day In London Town, A (1998)
    I'll Be Good For You (1995)
    I'll Be Here With You (1995)
    I'm Hip
    I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (2000)
    I'm Still Here (2004)
    (I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo (1993 Greatest Hits Tour)
    Jump Street
    Lion Sleeps Tonight, The (1983)
    Love Me Just A Little Bit
    Look At Me Now
    Moody's Mood For Love (1980)
    My Funny Valentine (1997) (studio version now available on Night Songs II)
    Nobody Knows My Song
    Once Upon A Time (music by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Lee Adams) (1997)
    Singin' In The Rain
    Some Kind Of Fox
    Sunshine On My Shoulders (1997) (part of John Denver tribute) (virtual duet with John Denver available now on My Dream Duets)
    That's Why They Call Her Sugar (1984)
    Through The Fire (2000)
    Time After Time (the 1947 standard written by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne) (1997)
    We Can Be Kind (with Suzanne Somers) (1998) (Roseanne Show - this segment did not air on TV)
    (What You Need Is) A Man Like Me (2000)
    When I Fall In Love (1997) (studio version available now on The Greatest Songs Of The Sixties)
    William Tell Overture (included on A&E's Live By Request)
    You Came a Long Way from St. Louis (1997 - St. Louis)
    Your Song (10/25/2005, 14th Annual Ella Awards)

    Songs from the Manilow Vault

    Look At Me Now (Added to Songs from the Manilow Vault: 6/13/2008)
    Golddigger (Added to Songs from the Manilow Vault: 6/26/2008) [Released on "The Greatest Love Songs Of All Time" QVC Bonus Disc "Songs From The Vault" in 2010]
    Holdin' Out For You (Added to Songs from the Manilow Vault: 7/17/2008)
    Pepsi (Added to Songs from the Manilow Vault: 8/17/2008)
    Friend Of The Devil (Added to Songs from the Manilow Vault: 9/21/2008)
    Nature Boy (Added to Songs from the Manilow Vault: 6/26/2009) [Released on "The Greatest Love Songs Of All Time" QVC Bonus Disc "Songs From The Vault" in 2010]
    A Man Like Me (Added to Songs from the Manilow Vault: 8/25/2009)

    I Need Your Help Barry Manilow - Ray Stevens (1979) (Warner Bros. WBS 8785) ("Ray Stevens / Cornball", Warner Bros. 9 45890-2, 5/23/1995) ("The Best Of Ray Stevens", Rhino 72867, 9/16/1997)

    Kong - Dickie Goodman (1977) (Shock Records SH-6) - Okay, this one isn't even about Barry, but in the final bars of this parody based on the 1976-remake of the movie "King Kong", Dickie Goodman - as a reporter - is with 'Kong' on top of the World Trade Center and asks, "Kong, have you any last words to say to Dwan (the girl Kong has captured and escaped with)?" Kong's response (using a clip from Barry's song "Weekend In New England"): "When will I hold you..... Again....."

    Okay, that's enough for now!

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