MERCHANDISE- Manilow Talks

Culled from over a year of recorded reflections and ruminations for Barry Manilow's "900 line" comes the long-awaited CD . . . MANILOW TALKS!

Think of MANILOW TALKS as Barry's ongoing audio diary - filled with observations both personal and profound, always humorous and enlightening.   It's an exhaustive in-depth interview with Barry on a variety of subjects - candid, funny, informative, and in all ways, exciting.

1. The most important day
2. If I wasn't a musician.....
3. Staying centered
4. Song writing
5. The Biz
6. Creativity and inspiration
7. I'm stuck on Band-Aids...
8. On the tube and into the mix
9. The making of Summer of '78
10. The emotion of music
11. Love songs
12. Creativity on the road
13. Auditions
14. Tours
15. Interviews
16. The final fifteen
17. Reviews
18. The new generations
19. Can't Smile Girl
20. A day in the life on the road
21. A day in the life at home
22. Friday night '78 vs. '98
23. All work and no play?
24. New York vs. Los Angeles
25. Las Vegas
26. The truth is out there
27. The meaning of life


(All proceeds go to the Manilow Fund for Health & Hope).

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