Happy Birthday, Barry!!!
June 17, 2004

Thank You for Another Great Year!

Wishing you many many more!!

Happy Birthday Barry! Love, Kim of Utica, NY

Hi Barry! Happy Birthday! All of us fans love you very much and we want you to have a great day! I'm looking forward to seeing you in October! Happy Birthday B! - Gina of New York

To my Dear Friend Barry, Well, it's June 17th again, and you are in my thoughts per usual...To honor you, my wife and I were married on your birthday on 06/17/89, therefore, tomorrow is our 15th Wedding Anniversary! Our son is also named after you! Thanks for all you have given me throughout my life - you will never know the magnitude of all you've done and I'll never be able to thank you enough. Have the Happiest of Birthdays! I'm so very proud of you! Love, Paul Gruber and Family of Highland Park, IL

Happy Birthday, Barry! I pray you have many, many more. I've enjoyed your music, your concerts, and have been your number 1 fan for nearly 30 years. I hope someday I will have the honor to wish you Happy Birthday in person and to thank you for staying in the spot light so that I and everyone else who loves you can continue to hear your voice, listen to your music, and see you on TV or LIVE. I can appreciate the hard work and love you put into every thing your touch. I wish you continued success and pray that God grace us with your presence and song for many, many more years to come. Barry, I wish you good health and happiness to always. Loving you "Forever and a day", your biggest, greatest, number 1 fan of all time. - Millie W. of Buffalo, New York

Hey Barry, I am giving you a shout out and a "Happy Boiday" to you! I hope that this is the best year yet for you, you deserve it. I know Harmony will be a smash hit, and you'll sweep the Tony's, and then it will be made into a movie musical, and Stephen Spielberg will direct, and.. Oh, sorry. Just dreaming here...What I REALLY mean, is I love you, and Thank You for the best thirty years of my life, Thanks for being my hero when there was no one out there for me, and Thanks for continuing to inspire me and go far beyond what I ever thought I could be. You are a blessing on this earth, and I am so glad to be one of the lucky ones who is so moved by your music. God Bless You, Barry. Enjoy! - Rebecca Keeney of Boise, Idaho

Happy Birthday Barry! You deserve to have the most DELUXE birthday! Thanks for being such a great showman and writing the songs you do! Here's to another year of Barry! - Jenny of Utah

Barry, Wow! What a year! You really Made it Through the Rain with everything you've been through! I know that somehow, Harmony will come to Broadway and you will be vindicated! You are a tower of strength and a shining example for us all. I will always be grateful to you for helping me to get through a difficult first half of my life. The second half has been challenging but has been much, much better! All my love, Anne Silberman of Greensboro, NC

Barry, Have a wonderful Birthday! Do what you want to do! Been with you for 30 years! Your music has and continues to be meaningful and beautiful to me everyday!!! Love, Ann Langford of Augusta, Georgia

Barry, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Hope your day is filled with everything that makes you happy. Thank you for the Barry bash in Vegas...it was awesome. Take care...God Bless!! - Anne Ureta of Kenner, LA

Happy Birthday to The Man. I've been a fan since I was 12 years of age (21 years ago now!)... Not a day goes by when I don't listen to, hum or sing a tune, talk of you or get ribbed about you being my musical hero - of which I am proud. All the ribbing in the world I gladly take for the pleasure and enjoyment you have brought to me and hundreds of thousands like me over the years. Thank you for the music you have introduced me too; classical, Sinatra, jazz, swing, showtunes, blues...and on and on. Your music fits any emotion. Joy at a new love or sorrow at the loss of a great girl. A Barry DVD/video, a bottle of red wine or two and a good old sing is better than a week of therapy! But today old chum, sit back, take it easy and be joyed by the fact that love comes to you from all around the world and from people of all ages. - Richard of Adelaide, South Australia

Hey Barry, it's the real Diane in 3B, Just wanted to wish you the best, happiest, healthiest birthday yet. You are truly sweet heaven on earth. That you share your gift of music is only a small part of what makes you so special. Your profound, yet very simple messages always find a place to inspire me. The latest one which I can't seem to get out of my head..."After you are gone, people will not remember you what you have achieved, instead they will always remember you for how you made them feel." Thanks, Barry, for keeping the feelings alive! Much love to you and your family from the real Diane in 3B (p.s. how did you know my whole life's story?) - Diane

Dear Barry, From one Gemini to another - Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the years of wonderful music and for being there via our radios, LPs, cassettes and CDs when we needed you most. From one of your many Aussie fans, Judy of Melbourne, Australia

Happy Birthday Barry See you at Blenhem Palace - Carole Upton of Manchester England

Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday Barry! Your music touches my heart the most. - Vicki of Virginia

Happy Birthday Barry! All my best wishes to you. Enjoy your special day! - Christina Schwarz of Berlin, Germany

Happy Birthday Barry-enjoy it. - Kerry of Holland (originally from Scotland)

Happy Birthday Barry. Thank you for all the memories throughout all the years. I enjoyed Vegas and am looking forward to your tour. Coming to Texas, thats great. Hope you have a wonderful day. - Cathy Weis of Ft. Worth, Texas

Happy Birthday Barry "We love you Barry Manilow" - wishing a wonderful man a wonderful day - can't wait to see you at Blenheim - take care - lots of love from the UK. - Lindsey Campton of Stratford upon Avon, UK

To my Dear Friend Barry, Well, its June 17th again and you are in my thoughts today and I am sending you my happy birthday wishes along with all my love. Have a great birthday and I wish you so many many more. So excited to see you in 17 days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Love, Joanne Dent of England

Happy Birthday Barry! Thank you for all your wonderful music that has helped me through many years of life's ups and downs. I have made so many good friends through your music and loved every new thing that you do. I have played your songs with students in music lessons and played them in the car on every long journey. Your music has been an inspiration and a comfort, a boost when i've been feeling low and a "pickup" to get me on my feet and dancing alone in my kitchen! As a musician and teacher i have had many "Barry moments" in lessons, when a 16 girl said "My dad is a barry manilow fan and he'd like me to learn to play the songs" I nearly fell off my chair. Keep writing and being inspired, All the best for harmony, i know it will go a long way and join the ranks of great Musicals like "West Side Story". Enjoy your special day - Grace Smith of Plymouth, UK

Happy Birthday Barry. I hope you have a day thats full of fun and laughter. Counting the days to Blenheim,July the 4th can't get here soon enough. Lots of hugs and xxxxx, Sue of Blackpool, England

Happy Birthday, Barry. Stay healthy and happy and successful with everything you do. You are the best! See you in Blenheim. Forever yours, Ilona Kaddouri of Germany

I have been a fan every since Mandy....I would listen to a radio station in Detroit that would play it continually!!!! Now migrated to Utah, my 9 year old daughter is as big a fan as I am. Come "sing the songs in Utah!!!" We love you, Barry. Have a VERY HAPPY DAY. Happy Birthday. - Leslie Enriquez of Sandy, Utah

Barry: Thanks for all the great music, and the great performances. I hope that you continue to share your music talent with all of us. Happy Birthday! - Derek of Ewa Beach, HI

Hi Barry, I just want to wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come. Enjoy your specail day because you deserve it. Thank for being the loving and caring person that you are, and for letting me be one of lucky ones who are so touched by your music and your voice. Happy birthday and I love you. See you when you come down to Atlanta. - Amanda of Atlanta, GA (originally from New York)

Happy Birthday Barry. Hope you've made time to relax and enjoy yourself today. Thank you for ALL that you have done for us. Can't wait for Blenheim- See you there! Love, Chris of Cambridge, UK

A HUGE happy birthday to you, you gorgeous sexy man, the red roses in Ft Lauderdale were from me and there will be more at Bleinheim - see you then, have a safe flight and a great birthday.. you are simply the best... love, Corrinne Vernon of Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK

Happy Birthday Barry! I've loved you and your music for over 27 years and can't wait to see you on 4th July at Blenheim. Love, Janet O'Flynn of Nottingham, England

Happy Birthday Barry and it is my birthday too. I look forward to my birthday every year to know that I celebrate it with you. Hope to see you in Houston on November 4. I will be waving a 30 year fan sign to you..love you...have a great day. - Kristie Chance of Lumberton, Texas

Hi my darling. Happy Birthday. What is it? 21 again!!! Can't wait for Blenhiem. Trying to find somewhere to stay in and it's impossible. I'm having to try in Oxford as everywhere in Woodstock is fully booked. Thinking of you ALWAYS. Have a wonderful Birthday my sweetheart. Love you SO much and miss you. All my love always, Helen Jackson of Hatfield, England

Happy Birthday Barry. I hope you have a great day with those you love and a year ahead that is filled with success and happiness. Thank you for a great year filled with your music. I enjoyed Vegas and the Bash. See you on the road. Love, Pat B. of Castleton, NY

Well the first time I look up your web site and it's your b-day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I just wanted to say thank you for two songs on the 2 nights live cd. 1. I made it through the rain. 2. The best of me. The first one for alot of years in my life and the second for the last 7 months of my life. Mr. Manilow thank you for the last 30 years, however, I truly thank you for the last month, on mothers day, when i received 2 nights live as a present from my wonderful daughters. God bless you, Happy Birthday again! and I see you will playing in PA. on my Birthday. Happy June 17 to you and will be thinking of you playing on 10-4. Thanks again! - Janelle of Kansas

Happy Birthday Barry... This one should be even more precious to you with all you have gone throught this year!! Your Health, Harmony... And thank God you are Blessed with all wonderful news there.. Harmony is back in the hands of the creator. Where we all will end up one day. Take it and fly with it my friend..It will reach the stars of heaven everywhere. You have come a long ways from the first time I ever saw you. You were opening for your dear Friend Bette.. She was good, but Baby you were the best.. And still are... SHALOM MY FRIEND - Marsha Williams of Jacksonville, FL

I Hope that You have a WONDERFUL Birthday, Barry!!! I Hope that You get everything that You wish for!!! Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! - Mari Anne Boone of Anniston, AL

Happy Birthday Barry - Thank you for all the joy you've brought me through the years! I hope that this coming year continues to bring you all the happiness and joy that you have shared with so many others. You deserve it!! Good luck with Harmony, and I will see you in Boston in October!!! Love Ya! - Terry Mason of Baldwinville, MA

Happy Birthday, Barry! I wish you so much happyness as you're able to hold out, success in everything you do and (most of all and super important!!!) health and satisfaction. Have a nice day. See you at Blenheim, Barry! Love, Beate Werst of Hamburg, Germany

Happy Birthday Barry! We are growing old together. Hope you have a fabulous day. Enjoy! Wishing you many more. Good luck on your new tour. Your friend always, Betty Thiex of Gansevoort, NY

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Barry !!! Here's another toast to "The Man".....you are the BEST. Have a great day today and always. THANKS for all those appearances and your last Tour (esecially PNC!!!) We all look forward to the upcoming tour and whatever may follow !!! God Bless You. - Irene Van Gunst of Maywood, NJ

Dearest Barry, HI! I wish you the Happiest Birthday Ever!! May ALL your Bday wishes and dreams come true for you "every single day". Thank you for making me happy and inspired thru your amazing "Beautiful Music" (since 1975). You are my Hero and Inspiration and my very special Friend. Barry, MY MIRACLE IS YOU!! Barry, You and Your show were GREAT IN VEGAS , Thank you so much for that great show and for "Midnite with Manilow"! I will Never forget that magical nite as long as I live. I had the time of my life with you and all of our BMIFC Family Tree of some kinda friends all gathered together with you and many of your close friends...it was SO WONDERFUL! THANX BARRY!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN BOSTON OCT 1st!! - Lisa Whitney of Keene, NH

Happy Birthday, Barry - James of Columbia, MD

Happy birthday you sexy guy, Love, Cathy Anderson of Columbia, MD

Happy Birthday too a man whos music I""ve enjoyed for the past 31 years now. And I hope too be listening too it for another 31 years. Have a great BirthdayBarry. I love you always, Linda Suozzo of Fishkill, NY

Hi Barry - Wow, what a year you've had! Can't wait to see you at Blenheim on 4th July, it is going to be so wonderful to see you again at that wonderful venue. I was there the first time, one of the best nights of my life! Thank you Barry for all the music and for just being you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! - Lisa Wilkinson of Bucks, England

Hi Barry, Thanks for your music all my life...30 yrs since the PBS Soundstage episode that grabbed mt attention when I was 14...now 46...may your year bring you much more success and good health and the love you give to all surround your home as well. Your song "Borrowed Time" says it all, what a great eulogy to life,thank you! - Norma of Brookfield, IL

Hello, Barry! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm wishing you the best Birthday ever! It's been a SUPER year! A lady should never tell her age, but I'm 51 years old and have been following you and that beautiful music since 1975. My daughter was raised on your music (and will be attending the Atlanta Concert with me) and now I have a son (with disabilities) that loves watching your videos and sings right along with you. Have a Super day! And will see you in Atlanta, Oct. 30th. BEST WISHES!!! - Georgiana Lynn of North Charleston, SC

Everyone in Mrs. Pearson's Kindergarten class wants to wish you a very Happy Birthday! My mom is sending cookies to school today so we can all celebrate and I'll be wearing my Barry T-Shirt and bringing in my favorite Barry tunes. I love you Barry and I want to be just like you when I grow up. Your fan forever, Maclane Stevens of Peterborough, NH

Happy Birthday Barry: May you have a wonderful day filled with love and laughter. Thanks for the wonderful concert and Midnight with Manilow in Vegas. See you in October. Love, Judy of Pittsburgh, PA

Happy Birthday BARRY! All the best of everything to you! Been a fan for 30 years..everyday I listen your music. Can't wait to read.. "Harmony on Broadway!" Please take care of yourself! I can't smile without you either! Love, Sky of Lake Wappapello, MO


Happy Birthday !!! I hope there many many more . My wish for you , Harmony on Broadway . Love Ya! Sandy Noe of Cincinnati, OH

happy birthday barry, have a wonderful day, thanks for a great concert in vegas, and for giving us your time afterwards, it was one of the best evenings of my life, see you at blenheim - Christine Smith of England

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY! I am so looking forward to seeing you at Blenheim,you cant imagine how huge this is going to be for me. I hope you have a very special day and see you soon.lots of love to you. - Ali Austin of Norfolk, England

Happy Birthday Barry.......wishing you a year of "good health", happiness & "Harmony" in all that you do....and you keep doing "it" sooooo very well! - Kathleen of New Jersey

Barry, wishing you the happiest of birthdays ever. Thank you so much for all you have given us. I loved the convention and your gift of Midnight With Manilow was beyond compare. Thank you for the gift of hearing the songs from Harmony with the cast members, They brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. I can't wait to see Harmony in it's debut on Broadway. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, doing whatever will bring you the most pleasure. Thank you for the music, you are truly a gifted, talented individual. No one compares to you. There are not enough words to describe how you and your music makes me feel. Again, Happy, Happy Birthday and I will see you in a few days in Blenheim!!!! Love, Hugs and Kisses! - Patti Lane of Downey, CA

Happy Birthday Barry!!! May all your birthday wishes come true! You are the best. - Margaret McDonald of Northford, CT

Hi Barry....Happy Birthday! It's your day to celebrate! Enjoy every minute of your very special day! - Cathy Vucich of Park Ridge, IL

Happy Birthday Barry!!! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful, beautiful, heart felt music. - Franci of Philadelphia, PA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY! Thank you for the happiness you have brought to my life with your music. I Can't Smile Without You! Happy Birthday! Enjoy - Love, Kathy of Poolesville, MD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one very special man!! Thank you for 30 years of music too magic to end, for all the wonderful memories and all the wonderful friendships. And for that wonderful weekend in Las Vegas! I hope you spend your birthday doing something special and surrounded by those who love you! Wishing you love, health, happiness and HARMONY! - Terri English of Newark, DE

Happy Birthday, Barry... and may you have a hundred more, each better than the one before! - Kate of Florida

Hey Barry, my love - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! What can I say to a man who has touched my life and the lives of others with his music, his caring, and his kindness? I will say this: I LOVE YOU and I wish you many, more years of concerts, love, and laughter!!! Your show in Vegas was spectacular as always!!! I hope to meet you some "Sweet Day" Happy Birthday, you SEX GOD YOU!! Enjoy yourself!!! Spit watermelon pits in your backyard, sit on your buns and watch the grass grow!!! Sit on your deck with your dogs and look at the mountains!!! Do what you want to do today and ENJOY IT!!!! You deserve it!!!! Relax today!!! I LOVE YOU and I will be thinking of you today!! I am going to make a special cake just for you!!!! Have a wondeful Barry my love!!!! ENJOY IT!!! Love, your number one fan in the whole entire universe. - Mary Osinski of Syracuse, NY

Hey Barry! Happy Happy Birthday from the east coast!! You have been such an inspiration to me in so manys ways. The one I am most proud of is you have inspired me to strive to be the best person I can be. I thank you for that! Here's hoping your day is filled with all the love and joy you deserve!! Love you my friend! - Deborah Walton of New Jersey

Barry, I hope your day is as special as you are. Vegas was unbelievable. You never cease to amaze us! See you in Texas! - Diane of Tyler, TX

Happy birthday Barry,I hope you day is filled with much joy, With much love, Adele Whipp of East Yorkshire, England

Happy Birthday to you It's your day, yippeee! You're another year older, Glad it's you and not me!! Barry, On this special day, hope you're surrounded by good friends. Celebrate in style! When would you like us over for cake and ice cream? - Robin Delaney of Las Vegas, NV

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY!!! Your the greatest entertainer ever and I hope you have a terrific birthday. I am really looking forward to seeing you when you come to Cleveland. Love forever from a long-time fan. - Penny Sanko of Canton, OH

Happy Birthday Barry! Thank you so much for all your great music. Can not wait to see in New York. Hope that you have a great day. We love you!!!!! - Monica Fraley of Wayne, NJ

Happy Birthday, Barry!!! I have been listening to your music (and attended my first concert) when I was 10 years old (1977) and I have LOVED you ever since!!! Keep making the "whole world sing" with your beautiful music!!!! xoxoxo, Gina Oatley of Cranston, RI

Happy Birthday Barry! Have a wonderful day! Thanks for filling out lives with your very special music each and every day. You are the Best!! Love, Barbara Drury of Leominster, MA

Happy Birthday to you and me. I was born June 17, 1967 and was so excited to discover that we share the same birthday when I was 10 years old. I even have a picture of me when I was 12 years old with a birthday cake that read "Happy Birthday Susan and Barry"! I really wanted to see you in Atlanta and have my picture taken with you but could not afford it. Hopefully one day I can meet you. Happy Birthday again! - Susan Mitchell of Birmingham, AL

Happy Birthday Barry ! Have a wonderful day ! I wish you love,health,happiness and "Harmony" ! Thanks for all the years of magical musical moments and the other 99 yet to come ! - Jeannine of Belgium

Dear Barry, I want to wish you a Very Happy Birthday. I wish you a wonderful and blessed year and lifetime. I wish for you the happiness that you have brought to all you fans. May your heart be filled with Love and music always Sincerely, Janet of New Port Richey, FL

Happy Birthday Barry. Cant wait for 4th July. See you at Blenheim. Lots of Love, Pam Harrison of Leeds, UK

Happy Birthday! 30 years of great music -- and a great guy to boot! I was at Radio City when President Clinton called you "an American Treasure". He is so right! Thanks! - John of College Station, TX

Happy Birthday Barry! You have such a beautiful way of saying "Thank you" to us fans by creating what you do best, beautiful music! Your LasVegas show was awesome, and seeing Kye Brackett perform Daybreak brought back so many fond and beautiful memories of CIBM, The Barry Manilow Songbook at the Mercury Theater in Chicago, June 17, 2001! I am wishing you love, good health, and may all your wishes go from your lips to God's ears. I love you, Lynda of Chicago, IL

Happy Birthday Barry! You don't look a day over 30! From the first time I saw you on American Bandstand singing "Mandy", my admiration for you and your beautiful music has grown and grown! Your music has been such a part of my life all these years--from the concerts and all the incredible friends I've made, to having "Who Needs to Dream" at my wedding, to hearing my darling sons request to hear your music whenever we are in the car--I can't not thank you enough for your music and dedication. May you have a wonderful birthday, and can't wait to see you in Chicago in October! With love and God's Blessings, Roxie Kolasch of Monticello, WI

Happy Birthday, Barry. Hope you enjoy your Special Day, with many more to come. Peace, Friendship and "Harmony" always. - Kitty Piper of Jacksonville, IL

A very special Happy Birthday to a very special person!! Thank you for all the "beautiful music" you have given us. Have a wonderful day, and a wonderful year. From your #1 West Coast friend. - Jan of Portland, OR

THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!! Happy birthday, Barry! You are the reason I wanted to take piano lessons back in the early 70s. For every Bach or Beethoven I learned & memorized, my piano teacher would let me learn one of YOUR songs. Oh, what a thrill that was me!! And I still have those music books. Thank you for sharing your music and talents over the years. I can't smile without you! But I made it through the rain, and I'd love to spend a Weekend in New England! You are the ONE VOICE! All my best to you, Susan of Saint Joseph, IL

Happy Birthday Barry. Enjoy your day relaxing, playing with your dogs, and doing whatever your heart desires. Have a great one. - Debbie of Pennsylvania

Happy Birthday Barry! May this year bring you good health and happy times! You deserve it all as you have brought much happiness to all of us! Thank you for all your wonderful music thru the years! Big hugs, Sharon Tanner of Aliso Viejo, CA

Happy Birthday, Barry. May you have many more. All the music that you give us is awesome. Enjoy life and have fun. - Tonya Nichols of Ashland, Oregon

Happy Birthday Barry! - Maria Mikol of Queens, NY (originally from Brooklyn, NY)

Happy Birthday, Barry! A thank you for the past and a thank you for the future. Good or bad, it's all good. It truly is. Much happiness and love, always! love, Violet of Vancouver, Canada

Happy Birthday Barry! My birthday is in June also. Have a great day. I love your music and your voice so much. Cant wait to see you In Nov at the Pepsi Center! Have a wonderful day!! - Nancy Stretch of Golden,Colorado

My Dear Barry- I sent a $25 donation to The Manilow Fund For Health And Hope in honour of your birthday. Enjoy YOUR day and may GOD bless you and keep you safe, healthy, and happy. With love and thanks, Kristal Evans of Ranson, WV

Happy Birthday! Go out and make it a good one! (BTW-You're not getting older, you're getting better.) - Susan of Cherry Hill, NJ

Happy Birthday Barry!!! Hope you have another great year! I cannot express the joy your beautiful music brings to me, all I can say is Thank you and keep on writing beautiful music. Have a wonderful Birthday!!!!! - Lisa Invergo of Chicago, IL

Happy Birthday, Barry! we're having cake and ice cream here later, come on over. Oh well, here's a mental hug and wishing you the very best. Can't wait to go see Harmony. Love and Kisses, Katie Hale of Antigo, WI

Happy Birthday my dear. I wish you health, peace and Harmony, of course! Here in Brazil I and friends of mine will comemorate your birthday with champagne, because you deserve it! You deserve all the best things in he life. God bless you and I ask Him every night for you. Is it necessary to say that I really love you? And my dream is meet you? Happy wonderful birthday!!!!! - Andrea Veloso of Brazil

Hi Barry, I'm wishing you a very Happy Birthday today and a year full of everything that makes you happy. Best of luck with the tour and Harmony. See you somewhere down the road! Love Always, Mary Leininger of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Happy Birthday Barry ! Your music means so much to me - thank you. I have been a fan since I was 16 years old, now 31 and feel very lucky to have been introducted to your music ! - Susan of Glasgow, Scotland

Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday - we're all looking forward to a very nostalgic trip to Blenheim on 4th July. Safe journeys, take care, all my love, Ann-Marie Foster of West Midlands, England

Happy Birthday Barry!!! I hope it's the best year ever. I was at the Barry Bash in Las Vegas and had the BEST time. Everyone was sooo nice. Can't wait to see you in Chicago. I'm also looking forward to Harmony. Best of Luck with that. I really hope it does well. But with your magic touch how can it not. Thank you sooo much for all the wonderful music and all the great concerts. All my best wishes to you. Lots of Love. - Kathy of Bloomingdale, IL

My Dear friend Barry I drink to your Health. I hope you are having a lovely day.Thank You for VEGAS, missing you already. See you at Blenheim. Lots of love, Jackie Allen of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England

Happy Birthday Barry! I wish you all the happiness in the world and wish you many more to come. Here is a little tip for you to do today, stay in bed, watch tv, and be waited on hand and foot. That should make your day!! Have and great birthday. Remember you are not getting old but getting better. ( and sexier!) I love you!! Always and forever,a manifan!!!! - Shari of Dubuque, IA

Dear Dear Barry,Hope you have the happiest of days.You are absolutely wonderful,your music has been my inspiration for 32 years now,and I thank God everyday for you.See you on the road this Fall.Take care Love, Wendy Morrill of Tampa, FL

Best wishes for a wonderful birthday! Hope your upcoming year is full of good health, much happiness, and abundant personal and creative fulfillment. - Kelly of Dallas, TX

Happy Birthday Barry! I wish you a year filled with good health, happiness, and dreams fulfilled. May the joy you give to others return to you. - Eileen Everitt of Indiana

Happy Birthday Barry! I've loved you and your music for so long now. It makes my heart sing every time I hear your sweet voice. Look forward to seeing you in Columbus! Love, Sandy of Columbus, OH

You are still the best. Very many happy returns on your birthday. I first saw you at Blenheim in 1983 and am really looking forward to seeing you there again in a couple of weeks! Saw the concert in Vegas a couple of weeks ago, my first trip to the USA, it was FANTASTIC and so were you. Never stop doing what you are doing! Love, Vivienne Frost of Bicester, Oxon, England

Happy Birthday! - Caroline of Southern California

Hey old man, keep up the excellent job you've been doing for the last 30yrs. Be happy and keep healthy. Remember I'm your medical advisor so rest and relax. A concerned friend, Melissa of Toledo, OH

Wishing you a very happy bithday Barry my love. Thank you so much for given me so much joy over the years, there isn`t a day that goes bye, without me listening to your beautiful music and watching you on my tv!!!. As long as your in my heart, I have a permanent smile always on my face. Also through you, I have made so many great friends who are very dear to me. So Barry my love, I hope you have a restful, peaceful and fun birthday my darling!!!! and save all your energy now for Blenheim !!. With all my love and well wishes, Diane Lugger of Plymouth, England

Dearest Barry, Wishing you a year FILLED with health, happiness and love. May all your personal and professional dreams come true. I simply can't wait see you in New York this October. In the interim, have a WONDERFUL summer. Take GOOD CARE! - Aline Nagler of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Your music makes me smile everytime I listen to it. When you were in Chicago about 3 yrs ago on the radio my son Douglas sang Copacabana with you. It was the highlight of our lives. We even danced to You Are My Child @ his wedding. So hope you have as wonderful of a day, as you have given us over the years. - Phyllis Zurko of Wood Dale, IL

Happy Birthday Barry - enjoy a year of health, happiness and Harmony! - Barb Steinberg of Avalon, PA

Happy birthday Barry Thank you for Vegas,see you at Blenheim. - Caroline Nettle of Mansfield, England

Hi Barry, A very Happy Birthday to you. I hope your birthday is as special as you are. We're both the same age. 36!!!! Isn't it wonderful??? I would also like to take this opportunity to give you a big thank you for the wonderful concert in Vegas. The MWM afterwards in the ballroom was more than I could have hoped for. It was so nice of you to reminisce with us. I enjoyed it immensely. When you spoke of Brooklyn (I was born and raised there too), it brought back alot of memories for me as well. Again, thank you and Happy Birthday and many, many more. See you on the road. Warmly, Loretta Bodulich of Venice, Florida

Happy Birthday Barry!! Oops, gotta run. Gotta go thank God for putting you on this earth!! Can't wait for Chicago!! Luvya, Jan Renk of Milwaukee, WI

Happy Birthday Barry..........wishing that your dream of Harmony comes true this February! You will never know how you helped me Make It Through The Rain.......and all the wonderful I have because of you. Thank you. See you in Ohio and Chicago! Love, Barbara Smentek of Chicago, Illinois

Happy Birthday Barry... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for us in Vegas, it was a long trip over, but you made every minute worthwhile. I have been a fan for 24 years and the concert at Blenheim will be a 360 as it was there that I first saw you in 1983. I love you and your awesome music soo much and can`t thank you enough for all the ways it has hepled me over the years. Have a really special day, my love, you deserve it. Have a drink on me! Lots and lots of Manilove always, Susan Ovens of Surrey, England, UK

To the sweetest, most talented person on this planet...my sincerest wishes for the Happiest of Birthdays to you. You know how much you touch us all, and how there is not another entertainer alive who brings as much heart and soul to everything he touches as you do. Your passion is inspiring to us all...your music has set such a high standard to which no one else will ever be able to achieve!! God Bless you with all that your heart desires, because he has blessed us with YOU!! Much love to you always, Shelley Geiman of Manchester, Maryland

To the best singer alive! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) I sure hope you have a wonderful day Barry! You deserve the verry best in life!! I have alway's wanted to get married on your birthday, hopefully one day I will! Your so verry special to me, I am 31 and been a HUGE fan since I was only 5 years old, and you have been my favorite ever since!! Your music and encouraging words have got me through so much in my life. I can never thank you enough! I made it through the rain, because of you! Thank you sweety! I can't waite to see you in Detroit! - Kris Knisely of Kalamazoo, Michigan

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Barry and may you have many, many more. May God Bless you and watch over you. Can't wait to see you at Madison Square Garden in October! - Mary of New Jersey

happy birthday barry cant wait till 4th july to see you again at blenhiem, its been a long two years since i last saw you in the uk,enjoy your day. love, Jenny of Essex, UK

Happy Birthday, Barry, to be very, very happy... - Maria Vicencia da Cruz of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Happy Birthday sweetie, I hope you have a wonderful day and all your wishes come true. Thanks so much for the wonderful, wonderful show in Vegas - and sharing your thoughts and memories with us afterwards? FABULOUS! See you at Blenheim in a coupla weeks. I will be the one GRINNING like a cheshire cat! Buckets of love and kisses to you, Evie McPhie of Kettering, UK

Happy bithday Barry and may Harmony be your crown jewel of all your many achievements. It was an honor to write about Harmony before and I hope to write about it once again as you go on tour. Stay healthy, happy and wise. L'Chaim on your special day. - Marvin Glassman of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Hi Barry :) You say you are "old" so often in interviews......you must be so old that you have to be reminded that you are ageless and timeless.....haha. Get that Deepak Chopra book out! I love you! Happy Birthday! - Tina Tipton of Little Rock, Arkansas

Happy Birthday Barry. What a year it's been with the highs and lows. But you have proven that nice guys finish FIRST. Words can't begin to express my thanks for all you have given us this year. The concert in Vegas was fantastic. From the first time I ever saw you perform, I thought you were perfection and could never get any better, but each time you somehow do, and I don't know how you do it. And your gift to us of Midnight with Manilow was amazing. I wish those of us who love you could give back to you just a fraction of what you've given us. Enjoy your day surrounded by those who love you, and I hope you can feel the love that surrounds you from all of us who will be with you in spirit only. See you in the fall. Love, Joyce Hilditch of Grafton, OH

Happy Birthday Barry!! Hope you have a great day celebrating with friends and loved ones. We'll see you in Atlanta in October. - Terri Watwood of Decatur, Alabama

Happy Birthday Barry! Wishing you a very 'happy day!' and many more to come! Take care, see you July 4th! Love, Alison of Essex, UK

Thank you for sharing your talents with us! I hope this will be the best birthday of all for you! - Dana Holland of Texas

Dear Barry, Happy, happy birthday, I hope you have a great day. Can't wait until Blenheim to see you again. Blenheim 21 years ago was my first time I saw you 'live', July 4 at Blenheim will be the 158th time I will have seen you 'live'! The Brits will give an Independence Day to remember! Much, much love, Carol Plummer of Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

A very happy birthday to you Barry. I have been your number one fan since 1975! I have a mini-shrine to you in my office at work! In fact, I met you on April 11, 1977 at the old MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. During your show, I gave you a sketch of your "This One's For You" album cover that I had done, and you took it from me and talked to me in front of all those people at the show! The spotlights were on me and you! I was the envy of everyone in the theatre that night! Afterward, I met you at the stage door and you took the time to talk with me for a minute or two even thought it was 2:00 in the morning, and you were exhausted! And you hugged me and rememberd my name. I'll never forget that night for as long as I live, Barry. Thank you for 30+ years of terrific music! See you in Denver (again) on November 7! - Paula Rice of Pueblo, Colorado

Happy Birthday Barry! Health and happiness to you always and please make more fabulous music for your fans. You are awesome, and the only guy I would leave my husband of 31 yrs. for... - Karen Schmid of Watertown, Connecticut

Happy Birthday Barry. Today is my birthday too, and I am happy I share it with someone as special as you. - Laurie of New Jersey

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY, Hope your day is fill with lots of cake to eat. And that you just do what you want to. I will later be have a glass of wine to say Happy birthday to you. Love, Katie Zaccaginini of Berwyn, IL

Happy Birthday Barry and best wishes for the concert at Blenheim, I am sure it will be as great this time as it was on that August night many years ago. - Sandra Clarke of Alicante, Spain

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Bar......ry, Happy Birthday to you.....and many more. Have a wonderful day! - Angela Thompson of St. Louis, MO

Feliz Anivers´rio meu querido e amado Barry. Estou comemorando aqui no Brasil seu anivers´rio desde 1974 quando ouvi voc´ cantar Mandy. Te amo desde ent´o. Muitos beijos, abra´os e carinhos para voc´. Seja muito feliz. Venha para o Brasil. - Maria Alice of Brasil

The happiest of birthdays! You have shared your gifts of your music, talent and time with us for many years. So, my wish for you is happiness and for the love of your family and friends to surround you today, and all through the year. Blessings and warmest thanks. - Judy of Indianapolis, IN

Happy Birthday Barry. You are a truely amazing individual. Vegas was unbelieveable and the time you spent with us after was wonderful. Have a great birthday and see you in Pittsburgh in October. - Lorraine P. Ruday of Brownsville, PA

Hi Barry, I met you a few years ago at an audition for Copacabana that you were doing in New York for your show to be presented in Atlantic City. I got the call back and was so excited to meet you. You and your music helped me through so many good and bad times in my life and I am so appreciative of the contribution you have given to the world through your music. Your eyes were so blue when I met you at the audition that I never heard a word you said to me and I blew the audition out of the water. Unfortunately, I didn't get the part, but I do hope that some day I will get to meet you again and perhaps we will have the opportunity to share a stage together. Thanks so much for the opportunity and the pleasure of meeting you. Have a wonderful Happy Birthday today! Please keep the music coming. - Debbi Burdett of New York City, NY

Hi Barry!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm sure you're hard at work getting ready for your big show at Blenheim, however, this is your birthday so take some time for yourself today and do something fun. Lay by your pool with some champagne, go skinny dipping, have a bar-b-que, whatever. JUST HAVE SOME FUN!! I hope you have the BEST birthday ever. You deserve it. Enjoy!! Love and Hugs, Kimmie (Your Las Vegas 2004 Q & A Girl) of Kent, WA

A very Happy Birthday Barry. Hope you have a wonderful day. Vegas was absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately can't make Blenheim - have a wedding to go to. Hopefully you will do more concerts on the UK and I will be there. - Brenda of Cockfosters, North London, UK

Wishing you a birthday filled with all the things that make you happy. Looking forward to Blenheim on 4th July-we are going to have one heck of a night!! Tke until then. Love and peace, Chris Little of Liverpool, England


Happy Birthday Barry, I'm having a wee dram tonight to celebrate! Cheers!! - Carole Welsh of Bonnie, Scotland

Happy Birthday Barry, Looking forward to your One Last Time Tour but hoping that we can look forward to many, many years getting together. Midnight with Manilow was an absolutely awesome event!!! Sorry I messed up your hair trying to throw my purple boa around your neck. I hope you don't feel totally "Fanhandled" after that night!! You are definitely like fine wine - growing better as time goes on!! See you in Boston and Ft. Lauderdale!! - Barbara Sweeney of Boston, MA

Dearest Barry, Happy Birthday. Have a great day sit relax have a glass or glasses of bubbly. I love you dearly. I hope everything you set out to do is successful. Your loyal fan forever and a day, Stephanie E. of New Jersey

O.K. SO HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! How do I put a smile on your face? If you're not smiling yet I could sing Happy Birthday like Marilyn Monroe to JFK. All the other birthday messages have already said what I would if you ever spoke to me.. Which of course will never happen. I just have two things to add on which are that I can't decide if its your good looks, smile, eyes, humor or only the music that brings me back. Probably the whole package. And second, your Vegas show was really, really good. And I sincerely mean that. It was obvious that you put a lot of time and thought into it and so did a lot of other people. I can only imagine how you will spend this day and evening. You are one lucky fellow. HaVe FuN!!!- Patti Monte of Riverside, California

Hiya Barry....My Ultimate Sex God! I hope you have a fantastic birthday today...All of us in the UK will celebrate it with you on July 4th when you come to Blenheim Palace! You bring the drink and I will bring the nibbles..Oh Sorry you are the Nibbles!! LOL!!! I cannot wait!!! Thank you for so many wonderful years that you have given to us and hope that there are many, many more to come?? Take Care and All My Love, as Always Your UK Gutter Girl, Gillian Edwards of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK

Barry, Happy Birthday to a very special man. I hope you celebrate your day with all your loved ones. I wish you good health, love, peace, joy, happiness and HARMONY in the coming year. Have a great day. - Lorene of Palm Springs, CA

My dear friend, wishing you a very happy birthday filled with all the things that make you smile. May the next year bring you health, happiness and HARMONY. With all my love and thanks for the past thirty years, Carole Glasson of Lincolnshire, England

Barry, Have a wonderful birthday today!! I wish you all the best for today, for always and forever. We are all so blessed to have you in our lives. Thanks for everything. Love you!!! - Cathy of Denver, CO

Happy Birthday Barry!! Its my birthday too. For 31 years now I have been a fan and on every birthday my wish is the same. That hopefully next year we will celebrate together, so we can have our cake and eat it too. Your music means the world to me and my boys. My 14 yr old says you really do write the songs that make you cry and my 7 yr. old's teacher wanted to know where he got all his rythm from, I told him it was probably from me putting the headphones on my belly while I was pregnant with him so he could hear your music and learn to appreciate the BEST. Hope to see you in D.C. Words cannot describe the feeling you give to so many people with your music, especially me and my sister. Lots of love. Enjoy our day. - Gail of Louisa, Virginia

Happy Birthday, Barry! Thank you so much for all the years, all the music, all the great performances...with even more to come! Because of you, countless numbers of long-lasting friendships exist. The "Manilow network" streches long and wide. Here's to you...Happy Birthday! - Alan Silberlight of Belle Harbor, New York

A very special Happy Birthday to a very special person. Happy Birthday, Barry, and Thank You for all that you do and all that you continue to give. - Vivienne Reid of Berkshire, England

Happy, Happy Birthday Barry. Hope your day is filled with all the Happiness, Joy and Fun you have given to all of us throughout the years. Wishing you the Best always, Sandra of Lakewood, CO

Dear Barry, I hope you have a very enjoyable and relaxing Birthday because you truely deserve it! Thanks again, for a job well done in Las Vegas! I REALLY enjoyed the show and always enjoy how your passion for great music comes across those foot lights! You have been blessed with such a great gift, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it with all of us! What ever your dreams for the future, I wish that they all come true for you! God Bless, please stay safe, healthy and as my grandchildren would say, "Love Ya and see you soon!" I can dream too! Sincerely Yours, Barbara Geitter of Lancaster, New York

"Come on everybody open up your window, shout Happy Birthday, it's Barry's Birthday!!!!" Happy Birthday, Barry!!!! Thank you for the incredible weekend you gave me in Vegas. Again, it surpassed all of my expectations. You have breathed "new life" into my life, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. On your special day, I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true!!! May this coming year be filled with much love, peace, and happiness (...and of course, Harmony!!!!). And may you enjoy every blessing that the heavens can bestow!! Take the day off--sit back and play with your "kids"!!!!! ENJOY!!!!! Love, Carolyn Jank (your #1 songwriting fan) of Beverly, Massachusetts

Barry, Hope your day is as special as you are! I can't believe it's been twelve days since that incredible night in Vegas. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. But most of all, thank you for the wonderful friendships I've been able to make because of you. I treasure them dearly. I wish you good health, much happiness and Harmony. Happy Birthday, Sweetie! - Dawn Lazzaro of Buffalo, NY

Hello Barry. Hope you got my e-card. Sending you a big virtual hug. I am leaving my own holiday party to see you in Atlanta. Poor ettiquette? Maybe. But Life Will Go On without me there. Can't wait to spend Samhain with you. Have a fantastic day. Blessed Be !!! - Norah S. of Ohio

Barry, I hope you have a very happy birthday. Vegas was great & I can't wait for the garden. Love, Nancy Crumley of Cochecon, NY

Happy Birthday Barry and many, many more! I wish you all the good things life has to offer! Thank you for the Las Vegas concert and I look forward to seeing you again in concert in the fall! Take care of yourself. Love to you always!!!! - Lisa Bertrand of Rhode Island

Barry: Thank you for all the years of laughter, tears, BAMs, friends, fun, and, of course, music! I hope your day is even more special than you are...you deserve only the best, only love, and HARMONY! - Lorrian of Long Beach, CA

Barry, I want to wish you a Very Happy Birthday. I hope this you have a wonderful and blessed year. You deserve it!! Much Love, Kym Cope of West Palm Beach, FL


Happy Birthday, Barry!! Loved you in Vegas-just when I thought I couldn't love you more! Have fun and rest up for the tour! - Laura Robertson of Ontario, Canada

Happy birthday, Barry, my favorite Gemini form a Cancerian (June 26). Thank you for all the beautiful music and wonderful entertainment. I look forward to seeing you in October. Enjoy your special day. Love, Cheryl Kunkel of Williamsport, Indiana

A very,very happy birthday to you and may you have many more. May god bless you and kepp you healthy but mostly may you be as happy as you make us. - Pat B. of the UK

Wishing you a very happy birthday Barry! I hope you can enjoy your day just doing what you want to do. You are loved by so many and are so special for many different reasons to so many of us...more than you could possibly know. - Beckie of Duluth, MN

Happy Birthday Barry, hope you have a great day & a wonderful year, you deserve it. Have loved your music & shows for many years. Thanks for the fabulous show at Mandalay Bay and MNWM was magic. Looking forward to Blenheim again now, was it really 21yrs ago!Looking forward to seeing "Harmony" as well very soon. Take Care, Love, Rosemary Wellington of Middlesex, England

Happy Birthday Darling Barry. Hope you celebrated your birthday in style. See you at Blenheim. Lots of Love, Christine Dowden of Yarm, England

I remember being wowed by "Mandy" and your "Live" album in high school. Then you released "Summer of 78" which had special meaning to me because that's the year I graduated from high school. Thank you for all the special music, memories, inspiration, encouragement and laughter through the years - you have been a bigger part of my life than you will ever know! Big hug! - Laura S. of Garden Grove, CA

Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, Barry, have a wonderful day. - Tina of Blackpool, England

Happy Birthday! Thank you for creating wonderful music! Keep singing! Keep composing! I am dying to see Harmony!! - Kazuko Hishikawa of Seattle, WA

Happy Birthday Barry May to-day give you as much happiness as you give to others. Can't wait for Blenheim see you soon! Lots of Love Always. - Jayne LLeweLLyn of England, U.K.

Barry, I hope that you look back on your life to day and realize the wonderful things that you have accomplished. I wish you happiness and peace in your life. Thank you for your wonderful gift of music. Love, Maria G. Ortiz of Los Angeles, CA

Happy Birthday Barry! I hope you enjoy your day as much as I have enjoyed your music over the years. All my love, Roberta Guerra-Traicheff of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Happy Birthday Barry! I really want to thank you for all the wonderful memories I have because of you and your music! Can't wait to see you again in Boston! Have a great day-treat yourself to a nice, relaxing massage!! hugs & kisses, Margaret (Peggy) Bennett of Leominster, MA

Barry, you get me through some bad times, what would I do without ya!!!!!! - Mat of Binghamton, NY

Happy Birthday, Sweetie! Spend today like you should spend everyday...enjoying life to the fullest!!! Don't forget to make a wish when you blow out those candles! Love ya! - Connie Harpe of Ohio

Happy Birthday to you Mr.Manilow. You have brought a smile to my face for so many years even in the wake of tears. Thank You. Like so many others, I am grateful God has blessed this Earth with your presence and talent. My birthday wish for you is to feel as blessed today as I have felt for so many years, just hearing your voice. Wishing you Peace and Joy on this day and everyday hereafter. I love you! - Raquel Chio of Palm Springs, CA

Barry My Love, Hope your birthday is as happy as you've made me over all these years. (If it is, you should be the happiest person alive). You're the best, bar none. Really looking forward to seeing you on your fall tour. - Terri Sansone of West Haven, CT

Happy Birthday Barry, wishing you all the best, counting down the days to Blenheim, See you there!! - Katy of Immingham, England, UK

Dearest Barry: If I ever ran into you and had the chance to say two words to you, I guess I would simply go "ga-ga"... They would never know what hit me. So, today, on June 17th, your birthday, should you get a hold of my birthday message, the only thing you would see is a happy face staring back at you, joined perhaps by a couple hundred thousand happy faces, and we would be all singing "Thanks, Barry, you are the best, and here we all are, thinking of you, wishing you eternal happiness, because you deserve the best forever and always." Have a wonderful day, a wonderful life. We love you. - Sandra Casanova of Puerto Rico

Hi Barry, Happy Birthday! You're in my thoughts every day (not just on your birthday) and your music is in my heart. Thank you for being such an inspiration to your fans all over the World! - Linda Devison of Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Happy Birthday Barry. You are one amazing man. May you have the happiest of birthday ever and I hope you do want you enjoy doing on this very special day. Thank you for all your wonderful music you make and you will never know how much it has meant to me over the past 27 years. You have gotten me through good times and some of the worst times in my life. You are truly an amazing individual. May all your dreams come true and I cant wait to see Harmony open on Broadway. May you have many more happy and healthy birthday to come. - Shelly Sanders of Northridge, CA

Dear Barry, I hope you are having a wonderful day. The angels were smiling on June 17th and filled your soul with amazing intuition. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us we are truly grateful. May you always know love. - Fran of Brandon, MS

I'm hoping you're enjoying your birthday far too much to be reading this at the moment!! I've been with you since Mandy was released in the UK - boy that makes me feel old! The music and the shows just keep getting better!! Thanks for all you do, Love and best wishes for the best birthday ever. - Corinne of Essex, UK

Just to say that i hope you have a great day and you can spend the time as you want. happy birthday. thanks for a fabulous show in vegas! - Frances Day of London, UK

Happy Birthday Barry. Thanks for all your wonderful music. You've helped me get through some hard times.Can't wait for Blenheim. - June of Hull, UK

Have a terrific birthday, Barry! Our group will be gathering at a local spot to raise a glass in your honor. :) It seems like such a long time since I've seen you, but you're never far from my thoughts--I'm looking forward to the Cleveland concert in October. Enjoy yourself today and RELAX!!! Love ya! - Marge of Strongsville, OH

Happy Birthday Barry, Hope you are having a relaxing day and are rested from Las Vegas. It was great. Can't wait to see you in Columbus in October. I've been with you for 30 wonderful years and hope we can celebrate 30 more. Love, Joyce Coriell of Columbus, Ohio

Dear Barry, I would like to wish you a wonderful Birthday. I cannot put into words how I was moved by the concert and especially the Midnight event in Las Vegas. I had to let you know about it so that I sent you this message as well as another one and I hope it reaches you ... When Barbra Streisand's voice came over the speakers and you started singing your part, it was one of the best moments in my life. The deep meaning of the song became so clear ... All the wonderful memories of all the other concerts I have been to came back, but I have never been touched like this before. The Midnight event was so profound that it was a once in a lifetime experience. If I could sing, I would chose the song "The Best Of Me" because it says everything. I cannot wait to see you in Blenheim since I miss you. Yours, Sandra Quade of Germany

Happy Birthday Barry. Hope you have a wonderful day and do what you want to do. Thank you for all you give to all of us. Love and Birthday Wishes, Sandee Cook of Rock Island, IL

`Happy Birthday`Barry...Hope you have a wonderful day from start to finish. Thank you for being a part of my life via your music for so many years. - Barb Macdonald of the UK

Happy Birthday, Mr. Music Man! May you have love, laughter, and good health throughout not only this year but for many more years to come! Through your beautiful music, I have made some very good friends! And for everything, I have you to thank! Enjoy your day and I hope you have lots of goodies, like chocolate cake, balloons, and presents and lots of good remembrances of this day! Love, Karen Fadyn of Marietta, GA

Wish you from the bottom of my heart a very Happy Birthday. May the rest of the year be the best of the year. Thank you ever so much for your beautiful music. I wouldn't have made it through the rain without it. - Prapas of Thailand

Happy Birthday Barry. Over 30 years ago, my dear old friend, Dolf (He was the last surviving member of the A. G. Fields Minstrels), gave me your first album and told me that Esther and Joe's grandson had grown up and made a record. Dolf thought a college girl like me would enjoy it. For all the years since, you have given me the gift of your music. You have not only entertained me, you have brought me joy, inspired me, helped get me through the rough times. You have filled my sky with music and made my world a better place. I wish for you,many more happiest of years. - Jane of Boise, Idaho

Happy Birthday, Barry. Thank you for 30 years of brilliant songwriting, producing, arranging, singing, and performing. You are amazing! My husband, daughter, and I saw your show in Las Vegas on June 5. What an evening; the show was wonderful! Now my family and I are looking forward to your show in Boston on October 1. I wish you continued good health and happiness. Have a great day. - Barbara of Manchester, NH

Hi Barry! Happy Birthday! Thank you for so many wonderful years of music and smiles!! I look forward to many more with you!! See you in the Fall!!! - Cheryl Creem of Middletown, CT

Dearest Barry, thank you for the many years of joy that you've brought into my life. As I look back at the last 20 years, I know that it's been a roller coaster ride that I wouldn't have missed for the world. Thank you for the beautiful music, the friends, the special moments and the lifetime of experiences I would never have experienced if not for you. God bless you and best of luck with "Harmony," which I know is a labor of love for you. - Pat Dugdale of Radcliff, KY


Dear Barry I hope you have I very Good Birthday today. I was at LAS VEGAS ON THE 5 JUNE I LOVE IT.. I am going to BLENHEIM PALACE ON 4 JULY and looking forward to see you once again. I hope it a warm summer evening. So go out and have soon fun today and I hope you get all you everthing to make your Birthday very surprise for you because you made my time in Las Vegas very surprise for me. I been ill for a long time now. Not very bad but not good. so going to see you was very Surprise for me! - Elizabeth Anne Fisher of England

Happy Birthday, Barry! :-) Here's wishing you another spectacular year filled with love, family, friends . . . and me at your upcoming show in RI! ;-) Hope you have a great day and can't wait to see ya hopefully on stage during "CSWY!" Once again, Happy Birthday and thanks for doing what you do! - Krissy of Rhode Island

Happy Birthday Barry!!!! Thank you so much for all your music. I am truly inspired by you. I had a great time in Vegas and look forward to seeing you in October!!!! Enjoy your birthday. Best wishes for health and happiness. - Jenn of Massachusetts

Happy Birthday Barry. Have a wonderful and special day! Enjoy yourself at Blenheim... Bams in the direction of Block K, row B please! - Eve of England

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY!!! I have loved you since that first day on American Bandstand. You have given so much to your fans all these years and I hope that today you feel the love that you have given us in return.You have touched my life so much that I don't have enough words to express my thanks. Enjoy your day to the fullest and may God bless you with many more happy and healthy years. SEE YOU IN NEW YORK!!!! Love, Leslie Szczepanski of Terryville, CT

Just writing to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY. You are so special to me and are in my thoughts on your special day. Be happy and enjoy yourself. Missing you so much and really so excited about seeing you soon at Blenheim. Thank you for coming back to us in the UK my friend. See you soon - Have a FAB day. Love as always and forever. - Lain Waymark of South England

Happy Birthday Barry!!! I've been to 6 concerts with my mom. She loves your songs, so do I. My mom has been to 78 concerts. I Hope you have A wonderful birthday !! We love you and we will see you in Columbus Ohio. Love, Marissa and Becky of Marysville, Ohio

Barry - Happy Birthday! Hope your day is filled with as much happiness and joy as you give to all of us. Take care, and see you in the fall! - Hallie of San Diego, CA

Dearest Barry! I hope you have a very Happy Birthday, and a year ahead filled with much love, happiness, success, good health and HARMONY! You and your music have touched my life and my heart forever and a day! Also, I look forward to seeing you in concert again at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit on October 23. Take care and God Bless! Manilove, Laurie Wheeler of Michigan

Happy Birthday Barry!. Hope you have a wonderful day ~ you deserve it my friend!. Take care and I will see you on July 4th at Blenheim Palace! Can't wait! - Nicky Chapman of Leicester, United Kingdom


Since I am not a composer of songs, I don't have the words to express the delight you bring to me. So for who you are and all you do, I wish to you the happiest of birthdays, and the blessings of many more to come. The light of the world would be so much dimmer without your music. Yours, Wendy Avner of Buffalo Grove, IL

Happy Birthday Barry. HAve a great day. Just received our tickets for blenhiem today. So I will see you there. Have Fun Best Wishes. - Clare Watson of Stockport, England

Senhor Manilow, So many "suns",so many "worlds".But you are "our Galaxy" I like to call.I love you.Happy birthday.Um beijo muito especial. - Luciana of Brazil


Happy Birthday Barry! Enjoy your special day! Thank you for all the beautiful music. Love, Tina Alee of Whitmore Lake, MI

You've been an inspiration to me ever since age ten. I wouldn't be alive today after so many brain operations if not for you Barry. You encourage me to go after whatever it is I would want for myself. Thanks to you I will never give in, give out or give up. I love you Barry. You've been my guardian angel. Happy Birthday and best wishes. I enjoyed seeing you two years ago on 7/27/02 It was A dream come true being in Philadelphia. - Michelle Baldini of Darby, Pennsylvania

Dear Barry ! I request you everything goods to Your birthday particularly of health, luck and a lot of strength for your imminent concerts. - Catrin Zahn of Kirchberg, Germany

Wishing you a great birthday, Barry - thank you for all the wonderful music. With love and best wishes from all members of Barry's Exeter Friends. - Barry's Exeter Friends of Exeter, Devon

Hi Barry, Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and to thank you for all your wonderful music. You are a wonderful entertainer and I have enjoyed your concerts here for many years. Hope to see you in St. Louis soon. - Diana Buschard of St. Louis, Missouri

Barry may you have a musical magical birthday from your birthday buddy Claudia and may all of our magical musical wishes, truly come true not just today, but every single day fo the rest of your life. - Claudia Myslinsky of Martins Ferry, Ohio

Happy Birthday, Barry. Hugs and kisses. Wishing you lots of mitzvah today and for many years to come.. I love you! - Diane Tucker of Marietta, GA

Happy birthday Barry - looking forward to seeing you in Blenheim where we can wish you happy birthday in person! - Wendy of Scotland

Dear Barry ! I wish you love and happiness and fun !!! - Ewa Czembor of Germany

Barry, Have a happy and blessed birthday. I wake up to your sweet voice everyday... in fact if it weren't for you most days I wouldn't get up at all. Thanks for giving me a reason to live. - Layne P. of Wichita, KS

Some people make such a beautiful difference in the world. you"re one of those wonderful people' and you"ll always be special to me" Love ya always now and forever. All the best wishes HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Estelle Lenczner of Bronx, New York

A very Happy Birthday Barry from two of your UK fans. Midnight with Manilow was wonderful. Thank you for your music over all these years - please keep cominmg back to the UK!! Have a great day. Lots of Love, Heather and Frances Alford of England, UK

Thank you for almost 30 years of your music for my darling hubby and myself.Cancer surgery, and many more surgeries for myself, severe heart attack and open heart surgery for my husband all occured on rainy days and Barry-- WE MADE IT THROUGH THE RAIN. We are planning to spend our 50th wedding anniversary with you at the Mellon Arena in October. God willing we will both be there to have a wonderful time, as always.If TOMORROW NEVER COMES, please know your musical genius has made two very old folks( BUT FOREVER YOUNG AT HEART) the happiest in ages. We TURN THE RADIO UP all the time, and of course the vcr, dvd's, cd's anmd cassettes, and I think you get the picture. Your not getting older Sir, your getting BETTER. GOD BLESS AND MANY, MANY MORE HAPPY BIRTHDAYS. Sweetheaven your still MR. Dynamite to me and I let the whole world know, just ask any one from the Manilow Miracles fan club here in Pa. Some wonderful memories along the way to Manilow concerts and how we got to many fo them is staggering. - Ruth and Jerry Shaw of Irwin, PA

Barry, Happy Birthday - YOU ARE THE MAN! So many thoughts and well wishes are with you today as you celebrate your special day! - Susen of Easton, PA

Barry, I just logged on today to sign up with the BMIFC and discovered that today is your birthday..so have a wonderful day ! I was in Vegas June 5th...you are such a presence, I had goose bumps the entire show ! May God continue to bless you with good health. - Mary Johanek-Carlson of Wichita, KS

Happy Birthday, Mr. Manilow! You look great and sound great. My, the coming year be filled with joy and success. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world. The family sends it love. - Susan of North Carolina

Happy Birthday, Barry!!!! You deserve all of the love and happiness this life can offer. I have been following your career since I was age 5, and I have seen you perform more times than I can count. You are the best "studio musician" i have ever come across, and I thank you for all the years of beautiful music and lyrics . Each song has a story that allows your music to be timeless. I could never tire of hearing your voice, and I have been grateful for all of the times I have seen you live. Vegas was amazing, and we are looking forward to October 23rd, when you will be here. Happy Birthday and lots of love!!! - Lisa of West Bloomfield, Michigan

A very happy birthday greeting to the master musician. Over 30 concerts attended so far and can't wait until October when you return to Wilkes-Barre (already have a need for lots of tickets for our 'Barry Groupies' Enjoy your special day and thank you for the most beautiful music in the world! - Betsy of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Happy Birthday!!!! I should look as good as you! - Gina Craig of New Jersey

It's your day Barry and I wish you the best one you've ever had! Thanks for all the wonderful music you've given me and all the other fans out there. You'll always be "World's Best Musician" to me because you're a shining example for all the other artists out there and your music always makes me feel wonderful. Happy Birthday Barry! - Nancy of Crescent Valley, Nevada

Happy Birthday, Barry! I've loved you since I watched you singing "It's Just Another New Year's Eve" on television over a couple years ago. I love your songs and watching you perform them. You are very special. I am so very glad you are including Atlanta on your concert tour this fall, as I still have not been to one of your concerts and am planning to go there. Love you a lot. - Jan Graham of Spartanburg, South Carolina

May this be the start of a positive new year for you. Happy Birthday, Barry. Thanks for being my biggest musical influence. - Christiann Adams of Los Angeles, CA

Dear Barry, Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day! I jsut wanted to let you know I have been a fan of yours since I was about 12 years old (about 26 years now). I have always enjoyed your music and now all three of my children enjoy your music too. They are 13, 8 and 6 years old. We are looking forward to seeing you in Denver, CO in November! - Deborah Swoard of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Happy Birthday Barry, we are thinking of you and send you much love and kisses. Thank you for your wonderful music and for being such a Sex God.... You have helped me through a great deal and now I have a wonderful daughter... Thank you! - Sue and Melissa Barrianna of Middlesex, England

Happy Birthday, Barry!!!! Loved you in Vegas, look SO forward to seeing you in Phoenix in November! Thank you for your time, your talent, your music, and for being the extraordinary human being that you are! - Patty of Arizona

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many, many more to the man who has made my life more enriched just by his presence! Your music and you have touched me in more ways than I have space to list here. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone who is special to us all! - Rina of Flushing, NY

Happy Birthday Barry !!!! Thanks so much for giving us all your "Beautiful Music", wonderful talent and most of all your friendship. You are truly the greatest. - Brad Moody of Hamlin, NY

Happy Birthday and many more to come. Enjoy your day and relaxing. - Mindy of Florida

Happy Birthday Barry !!!! I hope that you have a SUPER one. Try to relax and enjoy life. - Nancy Watts of Wilmington, North Carolina

Happy Birthday, Barry! Wishing a very special person the most special of days! - Kathie Duffy of North Andover, MA

You made it another year Barry! Happy Birthday! I pray that God will give you many more years of life, love, dreams and purpose. Live Deliberately, Maximize the Moment and Redeem the Time. You are blessed. - Mireya DeCordova of San Juan, Puerto Rico

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY! :) I hope you have a lovely day full of happiness and love. I've been a fan since I was 5 and you've been with me ever since! :) Love you always, Carrie Ritchie of Scotland (formerly of England)

Barry, Happy Birthday!! Have a spectacular day as you deserve it. I hope you do whatever it is that makes YOU happy! You are THE most gorgeous man alive and THE most sexiest as well! And each year that goes by, you grow more gorgeous, how can it be? May God bless you and your parents for creating you! Continue to make great music. Enjoy the day with your dogs and just relax if that is even in you to do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love you always from your #1 fan and Jersey girl!! Take care!! God bless ya! - Hollyanne Hansen of Secaucus, NJ

Have a great birthday Barry. Can't wait for Blenheim Palace ( Where have the 21 years gone!!!) - Angela Middlemas of Durham, England

Dear Barry, Wishing you a happy birthday, one that is as special as you! See you at Blenheim. Enjoy your day! Relax and be really spoilt - you so deserve it! Lots of love, Maxine of Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

You're music has been a great inspiration to us all. Have a wonderful birthday with many more to follow. - Ann Essen of Jefferson City, Missouri

Hi Barry I hope your having a nice one. Please stay happy and healthy. Lets hope we wont be singing in the rain at Blenheim. Can't wait it/ll be my first out door concert. Oh what a fun night we are going to have. See you soon have a safe journey to England. Please sing Who needs to Dream for me, its my fav. Love, Mandy Queenan of Shard End, Birmingham UK

From Birthday Girl to Birthday Boy........HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BARRY!!!!!!!!!! I just couldn't resist that! Just do whatever YOU want today. I am! - Kathie Mott of Chickasha, Oklahoma

Happy Birthday, Barry!!! I hope you have a great day. Congratulations on Harmony !!! I am so happy for you and can't wait to see it. Also, thank you for doing another tour. I know it is a lot of hard work for you and many other people. I've loved your music since I was four and there is nothing like seeing you live. Be careful while you are out there!! Have a great day and remember that we love you. - Jennifer of Marietta, GA

Happy Birthday Barry: thank you for who you are, for what you have become, and for all that you have given us through your music. May God continue to bless you with hope and harmony. - Ann Hutchinson of Greenville, SC

Sweety, Have a wonderful day! Can't wait to see you again in Detroit! Thanks for MWM! Big Sloppy kisses! - Bren of Michigan

Happy Birthday to You, Barry. My wish for you is a long, happy life filled with only the Best. You've given so to your fans. Now, precious soul, take Harmony to Broadway for a long run. Your fans will be there to back you up. Love, Lorraine Bate of California

Have a Happy one big guy!! Thanks for all the memories...love ya! - Passy Schuld of Antwerp, Belgium

Happy Birthday Barry, hope it has been a great one. - Kathy of Pittsburg, Kansas

Wishing you Luck, Love and much happiness on your birthday and always. Missing you lots. Thank you for being such a special guy and bringing so much love to everyone who hears your music. Enjoy your Day!! XX XX - Sylvia of Norfork, England

Happy Birthday, Barry! You're the best! May your year be filled with Peace and HARMONY! - Christine of Clifton Park, NY

Happy Birthday Barry! I'm Hoping you have a wonderful day and get to share it with the one you love. To me, birthdays are a time of reflection. I hope you can look back and be happy with the life you've led and look forward to the life you've yet to lead. It IS your life and I hope you get to live it YOUR WAY. All The Best, Mary B. of Chicago, IL

Happy Birthday Bazza - I think I've been supporting you longer than you have. Bit late in the day for birthday wishes but they mean the same - birthdays are for celebrating (you wouldn't be here without them). See you in July (I'll be the spot in the distance again!!!!) p.s - we do great food at The Old Oak and would love to see you if you're passing and hungry. Cheers My Lovely XXXX - Sarah Keegan of Holmer Green, Bucks, England

Dear Barry: As I am writing this, I am listening to "Two Nights Live" (which came out on MY birthday (April 6)-- "Turn the Radio Up" to be exact!) I have been a fan for (can you believe!) 26 years. I've come a long way from the night I became a fan in my grandmother's living room while watching your second special. I was also able to fulfill a dream of traveling to see you at the 1985 Convention in Toronto. Just before I was ready to leave on this journey, my "unofficial" spiritual mentor (and a fan, too) said to me that God sent you into my life to speak to me; that you had so much music to make for me. All these years later, he was so right! And so on the day God welcomed you into the world, I just want to say "thank you" for all the music you have made and will continue to make for me. You are a gift from God who sings what is in his heart, from his heart and with all of his heart. I am truly blessed, fortunate, and proud to call myself one of your fans. Thank you again. I love you so very much, and I will see you in Pittsburgh in October. (Maybe I will fulfill my dream of singing "Can't Smile" with you.) - Kaaren Radecki of Pittsburgh, PA

Happy Birthday Barry-may the next year's events fulfill all your fondest dreams. Thanks for spending your evening with us in Vegas-you are absolutely awesome. I am proud to be a fan of the greatest musical talent on earth! My little girl thinks you're something special too. Enjoy your day! Can't wait to see you again in Detroit. With Best Regards, Heidi of Michigan

Happy Birthday Barry!! I hope you have a wonderful day doing all the things you love. Hope to see you on tour this Fall and in February for Harmony. - Tammy and Aaron Hough of West Virginia


Hi Barry Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to say thanks for the joy you have given us with your music Ive been a fan of yours since Mandy, Love you, Nancy Gutkowski of Arlington Heights, IL

Happy Birthday Barry!When I think of all the people I have met, the places I have been and the memories your music have helped to make for so many of us all I can do is smile and say thank you! I thanked you once in person and the biggest smile came across your face. Talk about a priceless memory. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Cheryl Zubel of Hobart, Indiana

Live well, love much, laugh often today and every single day. Happy Birthday. - Karen of Harleysville, PA

Happy Birthday Handsome!! Love, Alison Green of Canvey Island, UK

Happy Birthday, Barry!!! I wish you all the best in everything you do. Relax and have some fun today. - Tracy of Syracuse, NY

How can you have been creating music for more than 25 years when you're only turning 30? ;-) I hope you have a great birthday and that you get to spend it with people that you love. I wish you true friends, health, peace, love, and happiness. (What else is there?) - Suzan Oberle of Haverhill, Massachusetts

Dear Barry, Happy Birthday! You are my one and only favorite music Superstar.You are simply the best. Thanks for the concerts scheduled this fall. See you in East Rutherford, N.J., Philadelphia and Providence. - Maria Celis of Brunswick, Maine

HAPPY B-DAY LOT'S OF HAPPINESS AND LOVE..... - Vickie C. of Los Angeles, CA

We've both quit "counting" birthdays but what a great day to reflect on where life has taken us. I'm still recovering from Vegas. What a great time. The new show is fantastic....big, dynamic. Thank you for "Midnight" and sharing your "friends" with us. Have a beautiful birthday. See you in Chicago!!!! - Christine Lage of Hampton, IL

Happy Birthday to you, big guy! I'll bet this is one year where you truly feel that this day comes with an "attitude of gratitude." because you've survived the last year, and (happily) you're still here! I can't find all the words to thank you for MWM and the whole Vegas experience. Just when I think I have it all figured out, you go and leave me breathless once again, after all these years. Thanks for the ride. Have one heck of a day! Hugs and kisses. . . - Lynn Hinds of Joplin, Missouri

I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You are a very special person, who has touched so many people with your music, inspiration and kindness. Wishing you the best always. I love you. - Elaine of Massachusetts

Happy Birthday Barry! Hope you have a great one. Enjoy your special day. - Christine Smith of New Bedford, MA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BARRY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I hope you have a super day and you get to do your favorite things. Love, Adele Ford of Ottawa, Illinois

Thank you Barry for sharing yourself and your beautiful music with us. Every Manilow event, both musical and social, are truly unforgettable experiences. I hope you have a very happy and relaxing birthday, surrounded by those you love, and I wish you good health and continued success in everything you do in the future. Looking forward to meeting you in Boston and seeing you at other stops on your Fall tour....and then on to Harmony....I'll be there, as well. Thanks for everything. Love, Pam Rogers of Boston, MA

Happy Birthday, Barry! We won't count the years--just the accomplishments. Thanks for sharing those with us at Midnight! Good Health to you and Sucess for Harmony! - Gail of Boise, ID

A very Happy Birthday to someone who has given so much to make life happy for so many others! May you have many, many more so you can get everything done you have set out to do! Enjoy!! - Margaret Cavitt of Atlanta, GA

Hi Barry: I hope you have a VERY, VERY Happy Birthday today. You are the Greatest!! Hope you have many more Birthdays.Love you, Martha Eggeman of Lees Summit, MO

I just wanted to whish barry a happy birthday. Thank you for the beautiful music. - Emily of Salem

Happy Birthday Barry! I wish you all the best always. Happy Birthday to Barry Happy Birthday to Barry Happy birthday to you Barry happy Birthday to Barry. Love ya lots. - Amy Elise Bono of Kansas City, MO

Hi, Barry!! Mazaltov on celebrating another birthday!! STILL going strong after all these years! THANKS for Vegas! It was absolutely FANTABULOUS!!!! How 'bout doing it again in NY for Harmony? Hope you're taking it easy and your friends have a nice birthday dinner and party planned for later today. Even HE rested on the 7th day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my Love Monkey, and may you have many, many more!! We ALL love ya at Manilow Desert Connection! See you on November 12th in Phoenix. :o) Hugs and Kisses, CJ Nelson of Arizona

You've given us such a wonderful gift all these years - the gift of yourself. Thanks so very much for sharing even more during MWM in Vegas... it was such a special time and still has me pretty speechless. May today be spent celebrating with all those people you hold near and dear to your heart. Happy, happy birthday, Barry. - Linda Roll of Ohio

Barry, Another wonderful, Happy birthday to you my friend. I hope you take time to do as much (or as little) with the day as you choose, and surround yourself with people you love (and who love you). Blessings and HARMONY for your next year. I hope we get a chance to meet again, SOMEWHERE DOWN THE ROAD!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend. ... Barry, THE MIRACLE IS YOU! HUGS, Theresa Zanassi of Kirkland, WA

Hi Barry, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday. Take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing you on your upcoming tour. Thanks so much for all the years of beautiful music. - Janese Pugh of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Jam´s encontrare las palabras para expresarte todo lo que significas para m´, desde la primera ocasi´n en que escuche por primera vez una canci´n tuya, y m´s aun desde que tuve en mis manos el primer disco de acetato, siempre eh tenido la dicha de sentirte parte de m´, de ser feliz por el simple hecho de saber que existes, antes el poder comunicarme contigo me resultaba imposible pero gracias a la tecnolog´a, hoy en este d´a tan especial te puedo decir con todo mi coraz´n que deceo lo mejor para t´ hoy, ma´ana y siempre, que deceo que seas inmensamente feliz tanto como yo de poder comunicarme contigo. Le doy gracias a Dios por permitirme de alguna u otra forma expresarte que existo y que en alg´n lugar del mundo estoy pensando en t´, se que nos separan miles de kilometros, pero al escuchar tu musica me siento tan cerca de t´, de tu vida y de tu coraz´n que realmente no importa que tan lejos me encuentre de t´ por que estas presente en todos los dias de mi vida. No se que mas te puedo decir, lo unico que me resta es pedirle a Dios que te conserve muchos a´os m´s, que te de la paz y la felicidad necesaria para que sigas cantando como hasta hoy y que muy pronto tenga la oportunidad de verte nuevamente en la Ciudad de M´xico, que es donde vivo. Me despido enviandote un enorme, enorme abrazo y un gigantezco beso, con todo mi coraz´n, te ama inmensamente - Piroshka Ludmina Gonzalez Hernandez of Mexico

Happy Birthday, Barry!! I hope it is a very special day for you. I had a wonderful time at the Barry Bash and MWM in Vegas. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks!! - Teri of Pittsburgh, PA

Have yourself a Happy Birthday. You hve given us all such joy! - Pam of Odessa, NY

Dear Barry: May your best birthday wish, be the realization of seeing HARMONY on Broadway (FINALLY!). If what you showed us in Las Vegas is any inkling of what's to come, YOU GO BIG GUY!! Thanks for all the years and all the joy! Happy Birthday my FRIEND!!! And a little poem to make you smile: Have some cake,And Celebrate! - Kimberly Allison of Toms River, NJ

Hey Barry Happy Birthday! Thanks for the music. You've done so much and it's brought so much laughter and enjoyment to my life! Thanks! Can't wait to see you in Detroit! - Kathy of Ontario, Canada

Happy Birthday Barry! I truly hope you have the best birthday yet. This is your year and you deserve it.Thanks You so very much for all the years of wonderful music. Please take good care of yourself and remember We Can't Smile without YOU! I'm so looking forward to seeing you in the fall. Thank You Barry for everything, God Bless You, Your no.1 PA fan, Lori Gaffney of Freeland, PA

Happy Birthday Barry! Hope you have a very special day with no fuss exactly the way you want! Thanks for a great concert in Vegas and such a special time afterwards at the bash, I'm glad I was a part of it. Looking forward to seeing you at Blenheim and wishing you all the best with Harmony. - Elaine Steel of Essex, England

Words can't describe the joy that your music brings to my life...a song for every occasion and phase of life. "You're there" for me always! The Vegas bash was incredible and there are no words to describe our time together with you after the concert. For the first time since I have been a fan of yours I realized...."it really is all about the music." I know you've said it many times, but until we saw you so up-close and personal at Midnight with Manilow, I didn't get it! Now I do! Thank you for sharing your life with us that night in such a personal way. For all that you do and for all that you are, thank you and have a Happy Birthday! See you on the 21st in Chicago! - Debbie Goss of Park Ridge, IL

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY!!!! You are the singer,musician and composerand entertainer of the century! Wishing you much happiness, love, health! Looking forward to seeing you in Columbus, Ohio in October!!! See you "Somewhere down the Road" Love Ya Forever, Barry! - Ann Marie Burger of Kokomo, IN

A very Happy Birthday, and many more, to a guy that makes beautiful music. - Jane Hummert of St. Louis, Missouri

It's been 30 years. Loved you then, Love you today, and will Love you tomorrow. Thank you for everything. Have a very Happy Birthday! - Susanne of Milford, MI

Thanks for making Vegas so special, and sharing so much with us at MWM. Will never forget it !! Hope you enjoy your special day and get to relax a little. Please Take care of yourself ! Looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! - Linda A. Hall of Tucson, AZ

Hi Barry, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Have a great day. I can't wait to see you in person in Philadelphia. I am a fan for 29 years. My mission in life is to meet you in person one day before I leave this earth. Hopefully my dream will come true one day. Enjoy your day and you look great!!!!! Love Your #1 fan, Maryanne McIntyre of Burlington, NJ

Happy Birthday, Barry, look forward to seeing you in Providence. - Nancy Gregg of Taunton, MA

Have a very special day and a happy forever. - Peggy Jones of Spring Valley (San Diego), CA

Barry-May all your hopes, dreams and wishes come true in the coming year. May you always have challenges that interest you and allow you to grow. And may we (your fans) always have a way to enjoy your talents. Thanks for sharing your talents and yourself with us. - Joni Ullery of New Mexico

Hi, Barry-Have a wonderful birthday!! See you in Atlanta! - Janice of Atlanta, GA

Happy Birthday Barry, and thank you for sharing the God given talent of your music with all of us!I have been a fan since Mandy;your songs have touched my heart and soul unlike anyone else.I wish you good health and pray that you will continue to make music for a very long time to come!! You are the "One Voice" in my life and "This One's For You".God Bless...Love, Lisa of Pennsylvania

Hi Barry, I hope that your Birthday was a wonderful one. By the way, it's my Mom's Birthday too. - Jeannie Ham of Long Beach, California

Happy Birthday, Barry. You have a special place in my heart. I am looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta in October. I never get tired of listening to you sing. Love, Patty of Chattanooga, TN

Happy Birthday Barry, and Many Happy Returns! The BASH in Las Vegas was wonderful, and your special midnight to 2 AM show was a spectacular highlight in my 30 years of enjoying your concert performances! Thank you for all the joys, entertainment and thrills. Looking forward to Harmony this winter. - Cornelia "Lia" Kunz of Long Island, New York

Have a great birthday Barry.....make it a week long deal! We won't complain! Looking forward to meeting you somewere along this next tour! - Anne Rogers of Knoxville, TN

Happy Birthday Barry! Since the first time I heard "Mandy",like so many others,I felt a connection. (As a matter of fact, I almost went into labor when I first saw you on the "Midnight Special! LOL!) Thank you for being there for me for the past 30 years. I have been to a few concerts in the past, but nothing compared to Vegas 2004. Barry, you were awesome. I look forward to seeing you again in Boston and Providence the weekend of October 1st and 2nd! - Jane G. of Sanford, ME

Happy Birthday Barry The One and Only entertainer who really makes the whole world sing and whose music helps us all to make it "through the rain". Best wishes for a most memorable birthday. - Kathy Simon of St. Peters, MO

Hi Barry...just wanted to take a moment to wish you the Happiest of Birthdays and also to wish you happiness and love in all the days ahead God knows you deserve it!!!!! Thanks for all the friendships I have made through and your music! - Rose of Pennsylvania

Hope you do something for yourself today,love ya! - Linda of San Diego, CA

It seems so strange to feel as if we know you so well...and we have never spoken a word! Your music is magical. It is healing and soulful. You have touched soooo many lives. Thank you for the music, and have an extremely happy, healthy birthday. Love from Jill and Family (and friends, too!) of Stevenson Ranch, CA

Dear Mr Manilow, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and much peace love & happiness always.Your music always brings a smile to my face. I hope to come to your concert in Boston if I can get tickets !!!! - Irene P. of Worcester, MA

Thank you so much for an awesome concert and the time you spent with us all afterward till the wee hours of the morning. And thank you too for introducing me to friends for a lifetime! Wishing you a happy and healthy birthday! And many many more! Hope to see you in NYC in October! - Karen Elimelech of Woodbridge, CT

Hi, Barry. Hope you are having a fantastic day! I was 're-introduced' to your fabulous music in the past year (what planet WAS I living on all this time????!!) Having a ball catching up with all your CD's and videos! My one wish now is to see a 'live' show (please (pretty please!) come back to Canada - you will be soooo welcomed!! Lots of hugs and kisses and things! - Judy Rose of Alberta, Canada

Hi There - ya older son of a gun, I saw you peaking out of the curtain there in Vegas, gotta laugh. So, you've gone and turned one year over again, my wish for you - same as everyone else I hold near and dear, May the Lord Bless you, Keep you, and shine his light of joy and success upon you, this year and always - with much sincerity. To think, I saw you way back when you were a musician wanna be in Philly at the Gilded Cage, at the old Eagle II, and then again in NYC. Who'd a thunk it! I did then, and do now. - Geri Fanelli of Pitman, NJ

You have a smile that brightens up the day and a spirit that enlightens the world thank you for all that you are, and all that you have yet to become and for sharing a little piece of it with me!! - Patian Moralano of Denver, Colorado

Happy Birthday! - Megan of Oxnard, CA

Happy Birthday Barry May The Dear Lord Bless You On Your Very Special Day. - JulieAnna of New York

To the Birthday Boy, Barry!! May you have many, many more wonderful birthdays and great health and loving friends to surround you!! Your friend from NYC! - Jan Mau of Washingtonville, NY

Barry Manilow you are phenomenal and I hope your birthday is too! Have a happy one!! - Christine Benton of Pennsylvania

Barry, Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's a great day. Thank you for all your fantastic music. I can't wait to see you in Dallas! Love, Vickie Camp of Sulphur Springs, TX

I know this is late...But better late than never right? Just want to say a simple Happy Birthday. Hope you are feeling well and living life to the fullest every day (which I know you are)!!!! - Kristy of Charlotte, NC

Dearest Barry, A very Happy Birthday from one New Yorker to another. I wish good health and happiness for all of your days to come. A big bear hug and many kisses to you from the cute blonde on Long Island ;) Much love, Jacqui of New York

Barry - thank you for a great weekend in Las Vegas. I flew all the way from Australia just for the concert - your concert was amazing, but Midnight was beyond description. Drink a toast to health, happiness and HARMONY and have a great day. May all your dreams come true!!!! Happy birthday. - Kathy Preston of Adelaide, South Australia

Barry, Wishing you all the Best, since you've always given your Best. Thank You for so many wonderful things to remember, music, concerts, wild nights.......ummm, you do remember....right? Anyway, eat lots of cake and forget about the candles!!! We Love You!!! Today, Tomorrow and Always!!!! - Jessie Panks of Grants Pass, Oregon

Happy Birthday Barry, God bless you, you are a special man, we love you. - Connie Gomez of Monterrey, Mexico

Happy Birthday Barry!!! I hope you had relaxing day with everyone and spent time with good friends and loved ones. Here's to a happy and healthy year for you, my friend. Love always... - Barbara of Missouri

Happy Birthday Barry, I am with you over 30 years now, you don't know how much you mean to me, your wonderful music and voice are my inspiration in every step I make, I love you very very much, and I wish you have the best of birthday and I hope some day I make my dream come true and see you in person. It's my only dream meet you and hear you singing in my country. - Viviana of Argentina

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Barry! And many many more. May this year be a year filled with HARMONY!!!! Love you and your music a LOT. - Pamela Jones of California

Hi Barry, Just one of your OLD fans here wishing you a VERY happy Birthday. Looks Like You Made It Thru Another Year!!!!!!!! But you wanna know something... Age is just " mind over matter" It's just a number! Here's to us...whose like us....DAMN FEW!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Peace...Love & HARMONY - Susie George of Palmerton, Penna

Happy Birthday Barry and many many more. Your music has been an inspiration for me. Enjoy your day doing whatever you want and remember we love you for the inspiring musican you are. - Mary of Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Barry, Here's wishing you the best birthday ever my friend for over 30 years. You are the best. - Gail of Oxnard, CA

Barry, I hope your birthday includes everything you want. You certainly deserve it. Now that your health has improved, and Harmony is bound for Broadway, may all of your days be happy. Not many people achieve their lifelong dreams, and yours is on its way. Your music remains an important part of my life. I have successfully made life changes because of your songs. I have gained tremendous insight, which allowed me to move on. I thank you always for this. Perhaps now, Bruce's and your framed star can be hung backstage at the Broadway venue, if you want, of course. You are going to bring great joy and a new introspection to a whole new group of people who will be attending your Broadway run. Have a wonderful birthday. As ever, Carol of Albany, NY

Happy Birthday Barry, every year you get better,sexier & more talented. You;re thr best!! Love Ya, Jan Wilk of Boston, MA

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! I hope you're smiling today. "21" never looked so good! Love, Jill of New Jersey

Happy Birthday Barry!! May every single day bring you all the happiness and love like you have shared. Look forward to a dream year filled with "Harmony"!! Love, Sandy of Orlando, FL


A gigantic happy birthday to you, Barry! Congratulations on another successful year. Please take care of your health so that you can enjoy life as you deserve. Thanks for sharing your music & "harmony" with us - Vegas was awesome!! Love, Sue & Casper of California

Happy Birthday Barry, I hope you have a great birthday and may all your birthday wishes come true and best wish for the whole year!!!! Look forward to see you in Oct. and I am very excite about the package deals, Hopefully I see you in Cleveland....With all my LOVE, Christina Faith of Ohio

Hi Barry, I hope you had a very wonderful birthday with all your friends and got what you wished for. I listen to you every morning when I'm getting ready for work and really love it. Hope your one night only is going very well for you. - Kristine Clark of Putnam Valley, New York

Happy, Happy birthday Barry. You still have the magic and the best music around. I love hearing you do new stuff. You get better and better. Here's to another great year. God bless you always and may all your dreams come true. - Diana Denton of Normal, IL

Happy birthday Barry Manilow. My brother's birthday is today as well. I hope you will come back to Dallas soon and bring a 40 piece orchestra with you! Having an orchestra compliments your singing so well! - Peter Rager of Dallas, Texas

Happy Birthday Barry, after reading all these messages of love and support that have been sent to you from all around the world it just goes to prove that you relly do make the whole world sing...Have a wonderful day! - Lynette of Sydney, Australia

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to absolutely the most wonderful man I know. Barry, you have brought so much joy to my life. So much comfort when I needed a friend and so much laughter when I thought I had run out. Thank you for all the memories, the laughter, the tears, the comfort and most of all for your undying love for the wonderful gift you have been given which you so richly share with all of us.Can't wait to see ya on tour! Saw you in Vegas miss you already. I love you sooo much here's to another wonderful year for you. - Dawn Downes of Lynchburg, VA

Best wishes always to you Barry, especially in celebration of your birthday. You are truly a very blessed person to have blessed others through your music and singing career. May the happiness you have brought to me and others be returned you in like manner. - Ann Marsh of Baltimore, Maryland

Happy Birthday , Barry! I"ve been with you for over 20 years! Don't let the music stop!!!!!! - Mark Logan of Utica, NY

I wish you a very Happy Birthday and many more! - Diana Markowitz of Los Angeles, CA

Hey Barry- Each year your birthday is marked on my "special" calendar and this year is no different! Hope you have a wonderful day and if you need someone to celebrate with, I'm always up for it! My birthday was in May, so maybe we could have a "joint party"?! Just let me know! Keep pumping out the great songs and please make a return trip to San Antonio or Austin soon! Oh, by the way, I've been a fan since I was 6 yrs old and can still remember doing aerobics in P.E. class to "I Write the Songs" and "Mandy"- aah, such wonderful memories- your music and blissful childhood. Thank you! - Kerry Falan of New Braunfels, TX

Dearest Barry, Happy, happy birthday to my Anam Cara! I hope you had a wonderful day & this is just the beginning of a wonderful, blessed year for you. Thank you for all the joy you have given me through your music & being "just Barry". I look forward to seeing you in the Fall...your sweet smile & twinkling eyes; there will never be an end to the wonder of all the gifts you have been given. Your life is yours now, Mecushla...pick it up & run with it... "Let me but live my life from year to year, With forward face and unreluctant soul; No hurrying to, nor turning from the goal; Not mourning for the things that disappear in the dim past, Nor holding back in fear from what the future veils; but with a whole and happy heart, that pays its toll to Youth and Age and travels on with cheer. (Henry van Dyke) Travel on, Barry! God bless you, love you & keep you safe & sound, happy & healthy & free from harm & danger, always. Love, Susan O'Neill of Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Barry, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Love, Nancy W. of San Diego, California

Dear Barry, Just to say have a very Happy Birthday! Thanks for vegas - you were "Simply The Best." Can't wait for Blenheim, See you there, Take care, Stephanie Hughes of Manchester, England

Happy Birthday Bazza Really looking forward to seeing you again at Blenheim and the bbc tv special. - Tracy of Surrey, England

Barry, wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Hope that you had a great day. I am a huge fan of yours, my mom is also. She grew up with you. I plan on taking her to your concert in October in Chicago. I also plan to get front row tickets. I saw you in Chicago on January 26th, 2002, at the Rosemont. I love you and your work. You are a great singer. Love, April Moisant of LaSalle, IL

Happy birthday Barry. Thank you so much for the concert at Vegas and afterwards at the Bash. Looking forward to seeing you at Blenheim (2nd time round). Take care. Love, Karen Hegenbarth of Birmingham, England

Has it really been 30 years since I became a fan of yours? Well, of course!! To you, a Very Happy Birthday. Thank you for the many years of pure music! To those who don't understand what it is to be a Manilow fan and friend....you don't know what you're missing! - Carol Deel of Warren, MI

Happy Birthday Barry, It seems like yesterday I saw you in Pasaic, NJ, with my (then) boyfriend George worked for CBS. You are truly Brooklyn's golden child. I hope you find the love and happiness that you so rightfully deserve. See you in N.Y.C. With much love and respect, Sue Baylis of Brooklyn, NY

Happy Birthday Barry!! Hope your day is a special one. You deserve it! Just saw you in Vegas and of course, another breathtaking performance. Then I come home to Cleveland and see you are coming here too so I will be seeing you again. Can't wait. Love you. - Marie Matuszewski of Cleveland, Ohio

A day late and a dollar short but I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Our local radio station had a "Barry Morning" yesterday and it was such a pleasure to sit at my desk at work and listen to your songs and all the great things they were saying about you. My goal in life is to meet you in person but if that never happens; my motto is "bury me with Barry". Put all my CD's and my CD player in the ground with me. That way I know I will be at peace. You are the best and a true gentleman. Thank you. - Sue of Queensbury, New York

God Bless You! Have Many, Many, Many More Birthdays! - Lynn of North Charleston, SC

Dear Barry, Happy Birthday. I wish you health and happiness always. Thank you for all the music over the years. Vegas was wonderful. Please come back to Toronto Canada SOON! Love, Gillian Green of Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Happy Birthday Baby!!! May you have a wonderful day and take it easy. See you at the Pond!! Love You Always... - Erin Scicluna of Downey, CA

Happy Birthday Barry, have a very special day. Thank you for being you. We are so looking forward to seeing you at Blenheim. Take care of yourself sweetheart. Love always, Marie Bees & Glenda Berry of England, UK

How busy was I yesterday? I missed your birthday! Happy belated wishes for another happy healthy and successful year. - Carole Currie of Cleveland, England

You and your music have been really brightened our lives. Happy Birthday, Barry! - Senchan of Japan

Hey Barry, Happy Happy Birthday and many many more!! You are simply THE BEST!!! Hopefully Harmony will be a wonderful reality next year or so... We love you! I am speaking for my friends Beth and also Barry to which we are looking forward to seeing you in Anaheim CA. Take care and Be well. Love, Lisa Bloch of Chino Hills, CA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY!!! FROM ISRAEL ! ! ! Dear Barry, On this very special day, I wish you a lot of happiness, good health and love! I hope you are surrounded with all of your loved ones! Thank you for all the beautiful and inspiring music that you make! I wish you all the happiness in the world! Happy birthday, Barry, from your No. 1 fan in Israel! Lots of Love, Orit of Israel

Hoping that this will be your best birthday yet! Thank you so much for opening the doors to us fans in recent years, to get closer to you! Thank you for all the wonderful moments you've shared. May your success in the future be as great as the gifts you've given throughout your career to all of us. Have a very Happy Birthday, Barry!!! - Nancy Meringola of Huntington, NY

Happy Birthday, Barry! Thanks for all the great music you have shared with us these many years. You have truly been blessed with a great musical talent, and we all have been blessed with your beautiful music. Thanks so much for the planned tour. Looking forward to seeing you one more time. - Joan Bryant of Mt. Hope, WV

Barry, I work at an Air Force Base in Ohio and yesterday in our office we celebrated your Birthday. I brought in goodies for all to share. Everyone in the office has turned out to be Barry Big Barry Fans, including our Commander. I really love your music and look forward to seeing you in Columbus on 16 Oct. - Jeannine of Dayton, Ohio

Happy belated birthday Barry, hope you had a good one,see you at Blenheim!!!!!! - Julie of Wigan, England

Hope you had a fabulous Birthday. Thank you for the Vegas show and as for MWM - Well it was everything we hoped it would be and more! Looking forward to Blenheim. Take Care, Gail Ann & Elsie of Oldham, UK

Barry Happy belated Birthday. Hope you had a day of just doing what you want to do. Thanks for all the beautiful music and thanks for all the wonderful friends I have made through you. I can't wait to see you in Chicago. - Judy of Westmont, IL

Happy birthday Barry see you at Blenheim. - Carmen Henshaw of Manchester, England

Dear Barry, hope you have a very Happy Birthday. You are an inspiration to the music world. Thank you with all my heart. You are indeed the Ultimate Manilow, Barry. God Bless You. Your sweet loving fan, Mary Franklin of Madison, TN

Hi Barry, Happy Birthday from one Gemini to another. In fact, My birthday is also June17th. I've been a fan since age 12 and I think it was my 15th or 16th B-day that I found out that it was also your birthday; and I have to say what an honor it is to share a birthday with you.(of course, I also have to share a birthday with my twin sister, but I did't have a choice in the matter there__just kidding of course...ha ha)Thank you for all the years of "Beautiful Music" I love you and your music for lets see about 30 years now. - Gloria Marshall of Virginia Beach, Virginia

Happy Birthday Barry!!! Your music brings joy to me... Hope you would visit Singapore as part of your tour... Luv you and your music loads and loads!!! - Hezrina of Singapore

Hi Barry, Just a note to wish you the best birthday yet. I hope and pray that Harmony gets on Broadway this year. Hugs N' Kisses I pray and hope that Harmony gets on Broadway. - Gerry of Milwaukee, WI

Happy Birthday to My Music Man I hope that today is everything you wished for and I do very much hope that you got to relax a little. Been a fan for over 30 years and I can't wait to see you in Columbus ( this will be my very first concert ever). Thanks for being a part of my life and I look forward to many more years with you in them. So make this birthday special and I wish you many more to come. See you in October. Love you always! - Deborah Stewart of Van Wert, OH

Ah, Barry, what can I say. I have loved you and your songs for over 30 years now. You are in my car, my living room, my bedroom....everywhere I have a CD player, there is one of your CDs there. I even have the LPs from when I was 15! (Admittedly a little worse for wear) My wish for your birthday is that whatever is in your heart comes true for you. You have brightened my life for so many years and I know that you will continue to brighten it for many more years to come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY AND GOD BLESS!! - Terry of New York

A very happy birthday to your Barry from your friends out on the West Coast of Canada. Hope you can travel North to visit sometime soon. Bless you for all the joy you bring to so many lives. Going to take my dog for a walk and wish you the best. Cheers! - Joanne of Burnaby, BC, Canada

Happy Birthday to a guy who has created magic. But this magic is all inside the heart. We just can't forget how you've lifted us up with your music on record, video, and concert. Whatever you have is a blessing, and we wish there was more of it in the world. I only hope that someone can give you the feelings that you have given us all. I would love to think the best is yet to come, but it's been really great already. Have a happy and healthy birthday Barry and we'll always be thankful. Know that you're always loved. The miracle is YOU. - Rose Druckman of Havertown, PA

Sorry it's a bit late, but I'm sure you had a great day. Belated wishes!!! Love, Dawn Desmier of Wimbledon, England, UK

A birthday message is sent to you for all the things you've done. You've opened hearts and filled the skies with music for everyone. I love you, Barry. - Janet Tosini of Liverpool, England

Happy Birthday, Barry!! Your music has been part of my life since 1975. I wish you health, love and that you keep being such a great person. I'm waiting for your visit to Brazil!!! Please come!!!!! - Ana Lucia A. Sampaio of Sao Paulo, Brasil

Hope your day was filled with fun, laughter and good friends. - Connie Cleaves of Wayne, Maine

Happy Birthday Barry!!!!! Hope you have a great day spent with friends and frenzy. Thank you for the music. I love to see you live on stage. "One Night Live" and "Midnight with Manilow" were unforgettable events. I am glad I got to shake your hand. Can't wait for the Anaheim show. Thanks and Happy Birthday!!! - Paul Van Dyke of Salt Lake City, Utah

Hi Barry--It's a day late but just as sincere as it was yesterday (I didn't know you could do this this is great) Hope your day was everything you wanted--if everyone's prayers and wishes for you came true you must have had One Great Day--thanks for being the person you've come to be--I know your Mom is looking down oh so proud of you--and if I know my mom she has met up with Edna and told her how much happiness your music has given to me. May God grant you many more years of health, happiness and love. Cant't wait till East Rutherford & Philly--us Jersey girls can't wait to see you again! - Linda of Pennsauken, NJ

Dearest Barry: Another birthday, and you still look fabulous. I am not sure about this new tour, and I pray for you that you will stay well. After 30 years all I know to say is that I love you, I hope you had a great party, and please keep yourself well. Much love, Roxanne of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Happy birthday old boy. May the year ahead be a joyous and healthy one. We'll be there with bells on for Harmony and I'm sure wherever she is, Spenser sends her love. Camilla & I are front row for Blenheim. - Sir Parker & Camilla Whyte of Gloucestershire, England

Happy Birthday, Barry. Thanks for all the great years. Here's to many, many more years of Beautiful Music. - Grace Angelo of Mohegan Lake, NY

Barry I wish you the very happiest of Birthdays.. I appreciate you so much and all the music is so uplifting. - Pat Messing of Michigan

Hope you're enjoying a relaxing birthday. You need a little break. Thanks for Vegas. I was so honored to be present. Looking forward to Chicago in October and HARMONY. May all your wishes come true! - Elaine Conradi of Plainfield, Illinois

Dear Barry, Here's to the best birthday ever! I am so looking forward to seeing you in October. Please keep entertaining us for many, many more years. You're the best!!! All my love. - Bonnie Bulmash of Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Dear Barry! I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday and many, many more! May all of your Birthday Wishes come true for you!! Good Luck with Harmony next year! Your Fan of 20 years, Linda Tamargo Perez of Kissimmee, Florida

Happy Birthday, Barry. I echo the blessings that ring for you today, my friend, and for the boundless, shining, moments that are yet to be. - Anne M. Rice

Happy Birthday Barry! Hope you had a wonderful day. Wishing you the best on Harmony. Glad your coming to Phoenix in November. See you then. - Ann Murphy of Surprise, AZ

Happy Birthday Barry!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for bringing me all your knowledge and musical appriciation that you have. May you have many more albums ahead for our collections. I love you and your music! HB Barry! Love, Becky of Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Just saw your show in Vegas two weeks ago! You were awesome, as always. Was the highlight of my trip! - Marcy Scatena of Downers Grove, IL

Happy Belated Birthday wishes to the most talented, most wonderful, and the most generous person I have never met face to face. My thoughts were of you on your birthday and I also wore the infamous "Barry Fanilow" shirt to work and all evening to show to everyone who saw me that that day was a special day and the ones in my inner circle also knew. So, from them and me, we hope you had a great day and may the next few months bring you warm memories and a smile when you think of them. Sincerely, - Evie Rowell of Selma, CA

Happy Birthday Barry! Las Vegas was marvelous!!! Looking forward to October 21st in Chicago. Please keep yourself young and healthy. Enjoy your day and celebrate. Happy Birthday. - Wendy Wyatt of Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Belated birthday wishes Barry from a long time fan.I will see you at Blenheim its not often you get second chances but we did to go to Blenheim and I will be there!! So looking forward to it. Thank you love, Carol of Birmingham, UK

Barry, Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a fabulous upcoming tour. I am so looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta. Thank you for all you have given your fans throughout the years and for that magnificent voice of yours. Nothing or no one comes close to it!!!! You are the best! - Ann Harland of Tuscumbia, Alabama

Happy Birthday Barry. You have blessed alot of people including with your music over the years and may God grant you many more to come. I will see you in Providence, RI in Oct. God bless you always. Sincerely, Joyce DeLage of Manassas, VA

Happy Birthday Barry!!!!! - Kozue of Tokyo, Japan

Happy Birthday,Barry! I want to see your concert in Japan. I hope you'll come to Japan, soon. - Hiroko of Japan

Hope ya had a great B-day Barry. Thanks for the wonderful music through the years. It has truly been a blessing in my life. Wishing you health and happiness and harmony in the years to come. Love ya so much. Thanks for everything. Blessings to you always. Keep you in my prayers. Much love, Denise Moore of Antioch, CA

Happy birthday, Sweetie! You have opened a whole world up for me, first with music from 1975 to 2004 LAS VEGAS and MWM, then with understanding and appreciating myself as a worthwhile human being. For both of these, I will love you unconditionally forever! "Father's Day" from your book, Sweet Life, hit home with me and I thank you for your insight into my similar life. I wish for you peace of mind from anything that may haunt you, a healthy, rich, happy, and productive future for many years to come, and that you may feel as much love around you in the future as there is today. You are treasured by so many for what you have given us, and I hope we at least give you a fraction back in return. I look forward to your concert in Pittsburgh in October and to Harmony in 2005. God Bless You, Sweetie! Love, Cynthia Atkins of Baden, Pennsylvania

Happy Birthday, Barry! You were always special to me because when I was in high school 23 years ago I raised two rabbits and they were born on your birthday ... You are #1 in my heart. Hope you had a fun day! - Brenda Hayes of Vidor, TX

dear barry, happy birthday to you. I hope all your wishes come true. see you in new jersey. we love you. keep up the good work. take care of yourself. love, Cathy & Mike Celauro of Milford, PA

Celebrate, celebrate! Happy Birthday Barry. For you, the best is yet to come! Your gifts to us have been endless...what a work in progress you are!!! Hope you have a day filled with good things and a year just filled with bunches of joy! See you in Ft. Lauderdale. - Bette Abrams of Coral Springs, FL

My dear Barry, Oops, I missed this board on the actual day, but happy belated birthday. Hope you don't work too hard, but I know you will probably, that is how you do things! Love you much, and thanks for everything, for the wonderful person you are. - Desi Milpacher of Okanagan Centre, British Columbia, Canada

Happiest of all days to a very special person who has touched so many lives. Thanks once again for all you do and all you have done! You are truly "The Fountain of Youth" for me. I have listened for 30 years and feel as if I am only 13 years old, over and over again. You only get better with age. How you keep getting stronger in performances every year is truly amazing!!! That Your music is such an inspiration. Thanks for so many wonderful memories with many more to come. Happy B-day...Barry - you deserve all the best! - Sheryl Wylie of San Diego, California

Happy belated birthday! Many more to come!! Thanks for the many years of great music & memories; I don't think there is 1 song that doesn't conjure up a smile or a tear or a laugh from my 'glory days'. Sorry this wish is late, my computer has been 'down' a couple of days! See you in Boston Oct. 1st! 4 ever faithful, Debbi of Belmont, NH

Dear Barry! Life is a journey to be enjoyed. Celebrate this wonderful day and each day of your life. Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for all the beautiful music. - Myrna of Brazil

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I hope your birthday brings you a lot of joy and many,many dreams ahead to fulfill. Thank you so much for all you do for us-and for that incredible evening in Vegas! OH! And you look "mahvelous dahlink!" LOL Love ya, Karen of Kansas City

Hi Barry. I know am a couple days late. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday. See you in Wilkes-Barre. Love, Jeannie of Scranton, PA

Happy Birthday Barry! I wish you all the happiness you deserve! - Nancy Libby of Nashua, NH

Hey Barry, Happy Birthday to you. May you have a year filled with good health, good times, much happiness and peace of mind. Thanks for sharing your music and magic with us all. Vegas was great and looking forward to the fall tour and the opening of Harmony. Happy Birthday with many more to follow. Love, Joy of Connecticut

Gruezi from Switzerland und alles Gute zum Geburtstag...meaning,in Brooklynese,enjoy yourself kid!! Will be flying over soon to see you in Boston and NYC (MY hometown too)...and speaking of "Soon"--could you sing that one again? Just love it, as well as the other exquisite rarities...and while I'm on it, how about "I Hear her Playing Music", and...you're pretty darn gifted ya' know? Liebe Gr´sse! - Anita of Switzerland

Happy Birthday Barry! Thank you for the gift of you and your music in our lives. I know that all of us who love you wish you a year filled with health, joy, and Harmony. - Sonia of Wilmington, DE

Happy Birthday Barry! I saw Las Vegas show and it was so fantastic! Please take care of yourself and see you in LA on Nov.13. - Keiko Sakai of Tokyo, Japan

Dear Barry, love you much hope your birthday was great see you up in north jersey and philly god bless you and lots of love kisses and lots of hugs, Cora of New Jersey

Happy Birthday Barry! I've listened to your music for 30 years, and your voice sounds as good today as it ever has. Thanks for sharing yourself with us for all these years. I hope Harmony will be you crowning glory. I look forward to many more years of your songs. - Kelly Blalack of Lubbock, Texas

Dear Mr. Manilow: I realize my wishes are late. I am not good at being on time.I hope your important day was spent with family and friends.I wish you the best of everything.I hope you will not give up on your dreams.I have been a fan of yours for 25 years.Sincerely, Robin Joyce Kassner of Brockton, MA

Happy birthday, Barry!! I know that this will be hard to believe, but I am only 14 years old and I'm your biggest fan ever!! I loved you ever since I was 12, when you're "Ultimate Manilow" special aired on CBS. At first, I didn't want to watch it with my mother, but by the time it was over, I turned out to be a Fanilow. I seen you on all the guest appearances that you were on! Especially, "American Idol". At times, my cousin Mickie (who's 22 years older than me) and I have fights who's the bigger Fanilow! I even decorated my room for your birthday!! Anyway, thanks for all your music and keep on shining!! - Olivia Guenther of Niles, Illinois

Thank you for more years of music than either one of us wishes to count.... :-) Happy Birthday, Barry. - Amy of Boise, ID

Hi Barry, Well better late than never. Hope you had a wonderful day. Can't wait for Blenheim, and don't worry we've order some really good weather for you! It's going to be great!! Love, Sharon McGeough (your "baked potato lady!") of Stoke-On-Trent, England

Hi Barry. Happy Belated Birthday. Today is my birthday. Just wanted to say fans in Singapore miss you and would like to see you soon. You gonna swing by soon???? We love you and miss you. - Kenny of Singapore

Happy Birthday, Barry! I've been a fan of yours since I was 8 years old. Now my 6 year old son loves your music and I can't wait to take him to your upcoming concert in Detroit! Thanks for all of your inspiration. Your words and music have helped me to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. God Bless You, Barry! - Kim Conway of Courtice, Ontario, Canada

Dear Barry, I hope you had an enjoyable birthday. You have accomplished so much this past year. It must be a very satisfying feeling for you, with still lots to look forward to in the future. I want to thank you for the autograph that you gave to me and my little boy Joshua at the View taping in April. Looking forward to seeing you in New York. Love, Deirdre Wangel of Lynbrook, Long Island, New York

Hi Barry, Thanks for all the magic you have brought into my life. Could it be? Hope you had a great birthday. I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta. - Charlotte Linn of Anniston, AL

Dear Barry.... I just ran across this site by accident, but I'm certainly glad I did. I have always wondered what i would say.... from the depths of my heart, given the opportunity. But I now realise that there's probably nothing that I can say, that maybe, just maybe, you haven't already heard, lol. But my heart pounds anyway. I'm 28, from the Bahamas and have spent my life living what your voice, and your music have taught me.Because you see, we can all learn something from just about anything. It just depends on how we see it at the time. I have an astounding appreciation for your work, and how well you do it. I continue to wish you all the very best that life has to offer (as I do myself) :-) but not forgetting to appreciate all that you do have, including what you don't (life's just funny like that) ;-) Enjoy not just your birthday, but everyday.... - Dolly Johnson of the Bahamas

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