Commercial Jingles

Barry Manilow performed or co-wrote a number of commercial jingles early in his career, most notably the following:

State Farm Insurance (Like A Good Neighbor)
Music by Barry Manilow, Jerry Gavin and Keith Reinhard
State Farm Insurance

Stuck On Me (Band-Aid Brand)
Music by Barry Manilow and Donald B. Wood
Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages

Music by Barry Manilow
Stridex Acne Fighting Products

Bathroom Bowl Blues (Green Bowlene)
Music by Barry Manilow and Lois Wise
Bowlene Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Feelin' Free (Pepsi-Cola)
Music by Ellen Starr and Joe McNeil
Pepsi Cola Soft Drinks
The Most Original Soft Drink Ever (Dr. Pepper)
Music by Randy Newman and Jake Holmes
Dr. Pepper Soft Drinks

Grab A Bucket Of Chicken (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
Music by Al Gorgoni and Rob Nolan
KFC Restaurants

McDonald's (You Deserve A Break Today)
Music by Keith Reinnard, Richard Hazlett, Ed Farran, Sid Woloshin and Kevin Gavin
McDonald's Restaurants

Music by Barry Manilow
DODGE Vehicles

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