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Barry's 2001 studio album "Here At The Mayflower" is considered one of his best ever, not just by his fans, but by critics who have embraced this concept album about an apartment building called The Mayflower. The music is as diverse as the residents in this unique setting. If you've never been to the Mayflower, check it out... This may just be about you!
This album proved to be a self-contained greatest hits package during the Summer of '78 with instant classics like "Copacabana (At The Copa)," "Even Now," "Can't Smile Without You" and "Somewhere In The Night." 39 years later, it's still a favorite among fans who have been with Barry over the years, as well as those who have just discovered good music.
3   15 MINUTES
2011's "15 Minutes" was Barry's first original album in ten years! Including tracks written by Barry Manilow and Enoch Anderson, "15 Minutes" was inspired by Andy Warhol's quote, "In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes." This exciting guitar-driven pop album explores the perils and pinnacles of fame's double-edged sword ("15 Minutes," "Work The Room," "Now It's For Real" and more!).
* 4   BARRY MANILOW (1989)
Often considered one of Barry's "original" albums, this collection features 11 tracks of which nine were NOT written by Barry, but the songs clearly speak from the heart. Twenty-eight years later a whole new generation of fans are taking the Manilow Challenge and finding that some good things (like this album) always last.
An album full of great songs! "The album cover was done in black and white. It makes sense, too, because I was going through what I call my 'gray period,' and I was feeling introspective. [The title cut] 'One Voice' came to me complete in a dream one night ... it is one of my proudest creations." - Barry Manilow (1998)
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6   If I Should Love Again
It wasn't his biggest seller. It doesn't include all his #1 records. It wasn't even domestically available in CD format until late 1998 (as a Manilow Master). It's really just a collection of pop songs, love songs, and "The Old Songs." But OH, MY LOVE... this is one that fans keep remembering, all day long and all the night!
7   This One's For You
Though "Mandy" and "I Write The Songs" may have been the first songs to expose fans to Barry, this 1976 album secured their return and dedication for years to come, with such classic recordings as "Weekend In New England," "All The Time," "Looks Like We Made It," "Daybreak," "Jump Shout Boogie," the title track, and more.
8   Manilow (1985)
Originally released in 1985, "Manilow" introduced a much slicker production than any of Barry's previous pop albums. Also known as the RCA album, "Manilow" features the power ballads "Some Sweet Day," "He Doesn't Care (But I Do)," "It's All Behind Us Now" and "If You Were Here With Me Tonight" as well as fan favorites "It's A Long Way Up," "Sweet Heaven (I'm In Love Again)" and "I'm Your Man."
* 9   2:00 AM Paradise Cafe
"Out of all my albums, this is the one I'd like to be remembered for." - Barry Manilow, 1996. A ground-breaking album in his career, "Paradise Cafe" (1984) introduced fans to a new beginning for Barry. This timeless masterpiece features some of the greatest recording artists of all-time including Sarah Vaughan, Mel Torme, Gerry Mulligan, Bill Mays, and more.
10   My Dream Duets
Nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album category, this 2014 release allowed Barry to re-orchestrate the arrangements, record new musical tracks, and transport guest vocals (Judy Garland, Whitney Houston, Louis Armstrong, John Denver, Andy Williams and more) into vibrant new settings, through the miracle of modern technology.
No. Title
* 11 Barry Manilow II
12 Barry Manilow/Live
* 13 The Complete Collection And Then Some...
* 14 Manilow Scores - Songs from Copacabana and Harmony
* 15 Singin' With The Big Bands
16 2Nights Live!
* 17 This Is My Town: Songs Of New York
18 Here Comes The Night
19 Tryin' To Get The Feeling
* 20 The Greatest Songs Of The Fifties
* 21 Live On Broadway
22 Because It's Christmas
* 23 The Greatest Songs Of The Seventies
* 24 Duets
* 25 Barry
26 Greatest Hits (1978)
27 Live In London
28 Greatest Hits Vol. I (1989)
29 Greatest Hits Vol. II (1989)
* 30 The Greatest Songs Of The Sixties
* 31 Live In Britain
32 In The Swing Of Christmas
33 Eolia/Love Songs
Bubbling Under the Top 33
34 Ultimate Manilow
35 Night Songs
* 36 Greatest Hits Vol. III (1989)
37 Swing Street
38 Showstoppers
39 Barry Manilow I
40 Manilow Sings Sinatra

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