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March 1, 2019

Now on Manilow TV: An Evening With Barry Manilow
1999 Western Washington State Fair

Hi Everyone,

This month’s video is nearly 20 years old, and comes from the 1999 Summer Tour of outside venues and state fairs, featuring a huge orchestra, celebrating the "Manilow Sings Sinatra" project.

This show from the Washington State Fair in a suburb of Seattle, called Puyallup, and the video feed was done by the venue, not one of those done by Cecil B. DeHulett.

The venue had a few cameras sprinkled around the stage, so you get great audience shots and orchestra shots in addition to close-ups on my puss.

The concert is one of my favorites. But other than my awful hair, the nauseating color of my suit and my terrible make-up (who was that makeup person?), I look just fabulous. (Ugh).

I think if you look at this show through a window screen, I’ll look just fine.


Great songs, great orchestra and a really great audience.

This one is a real winner.



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