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February 1, 2019

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Ultimate Manilow - Dec 6, 2008 - London - O2 Arena

Hi Everyone,

This month’s MTV is one of my favorites. One of my favorite shows and one of my favorite memories.

Certainly, any show we do in England is always fantastic, but this one had a lot of great things along with the show.

It was 2008. We were performing at the Hilton and had called the show “Music and Passion”. Because of the incredible success of the “Ultimate Manilow” CD, we decided to change the Hilton show to “Ultimate Manilow – The Hits!”

We hadn’t done an “all hits” show, so my band, singers and crew put together a very exciting “hits” show and that’s what we took to England.

We got to do “Wild Places” and “I’m Your Man”, which we hadn’t done in years.

Because we were working on the fourth “Decades” album, the 80’s, we included a wonderful arrangement of “Islands In The Stream.”

But of course, my favorite moment of the show was bringing the wonderful Lulu on stage to sing “To Sir With Love”. She tells the audience about our collaboration and she’s just great.

This was the 2nd of the 3 shows at the “O2” followed by an additional show in Manchester. The shows were so, so, so exciting. Brings goosebumps and tears to me just thinking about them.

Don’t know how I ever got through “Forever and A Day” on those nights. I loved those people so much.



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