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July 1, 2018

Auditorio Nacional - Mexico City - 1995

Hi Everyone,

Well, this month’s Manilow TV makes perfect sense since we just finished two incredible shows in Mexico City.

We hadn’t been there in 22 years! I wasn’t sure anyone would come, but I’m glad to say I was very wrong.

We did two wild, loving, sing-along nights at the National Auditorium, the same place we played all those years ago.

So this month’s Manilow TV is a video of the Mexico City show that we did 22 years ago!

It’s one of our “home videos” but you can still see everything, hear everything and definitely get a sense of the enthusiasm of the crowd.

I think it’s a wonderful show and I really think you’ll enjoy it.


PS – Oh! I forgot to tell you – I’m feeling fine! By now you might have heard about my pneumonia drama on the weekend of our Las Vegas opening.

It was a crazy experience, but I’m back to my normal, energetic self and I thank you all for your good wishes.

Love (again)

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