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June 1, 2018

Paradise Tour - November 1, 1984

Hi Everyone,

Come with me back, back, way back in time this month.

We go back to 1984!

I was really surprised to find that we even HAD a video of this show. But my wonderful assistant Marc was crunched down in the 10th row taping the show with a cheap home camera! And it’s a fine recording too! Thanks once again, Marc.

This was the third night of a sold out 10 show run at Radio City Music Hall. We broke all the records for that venue. Wow.

It’s a really amazing show because, believe it or not, it’s not a Greatest Hits show.

Most of the songs were album cuts or songs that had yet to be released.

I was shocked and delighted to hear “Love Me Just A Little Bit”, “No Other Love” and “When October Goes”.

Most of all, I was thrilled to tears to hear the great response from the audience during these songs they’d never heard before. My audiences sure have changed!

“2:00AM-Paradise Café” was scheduled to be released two weeks later. And yet, there’s a gorgeous Paradise Café section in Act II.

IMHO (as they say on-line), the closing song of Act I, “Some Sweet Day” is worth the price of admission.

Hope you enjoy this one.


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