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May 3, 2018

Manilow In Concert - May 9, 1996

Hi Everyone,

Well, since we’ve announced that we’re heading back to Las Vegas, we thought that this month’s Manilow TV should be a show that originated in Las Vegas.

We chose one from the Mirage in 1996.

Looking at it is like taking a trip in a time capsule. There are no theater-like seats. The audience is seated at long tables. Everyone has a drink on the table in front of them. There are Mait’re D’s and waiters sprinkled throughout the showroom.

I half expected to see Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin walk out from the wings.

But the lights went down, the Manilow curtain rose and there we were, making music with that powerful young band and singers that I love so much.

It feels like a real unplanned show. There are some surprising song choices. Many of which we hardly ever did.

The audience is just wild. I don’t think Las Vegas was prepared for a Manilow audience!

I wonder how many of you were there. If you were, I bet you’ll remember this show.



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