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April 1, 2018

"This month’s MTV is a lulu!"

An Evening of Music and Passion - June 7, 2008
Available exclusively at MANILOWTV.

Hi Everyone,

This month’s MTV is a Lulu!

It was taped (beautifully, I might add), by the crew at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto in 2008.

If you’ll recall, we were performing at the Las Vegas Hilton in 2008, but there were free months and we decided to take the Hilton show on the road and blow it up a little.

We called the road show version “An Evening of Music and Passion”.

It was a big road show.

It took something like 15 trucks to carry all the bells and whistles that the show needed.

For instance, we had a full orchestra accompanying us.

The black grand piano, magically turned into a white grand piano!

The band riser split in two and the floor that they were on turned into a stairway for my three girl singers to descend upon wearing the largest Copacabana headdresses ever.

We even carried our own floor!

It’s really quite something.

Hope you enjoy it!


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