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March 2, 2018

"Why NOT me?"

This Month on Manilow TV:
MANILOW: Live in Hollywood, FL! - February 21, 2018

Hi Everyone,

This month’s ManilowTV video is the concert at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida, a week ago.

It was a very rough show to do because the city is only 20 minutes away from the school where 17 children were killed.

I wasn’t sure if we should do our show that night. We were all still mourning for the horror that these people had gone through.

I kept asking myself, “Why have I wound up 20 minutes away from this school? Why me?”

But then I realized, “Why NOT me?”

Maybe our show would give these people a little relief from the grief they’d gone through, 24 hours a day for the entire week.

So, with a lump in my throat, I decided to do our show and try and give them 90 minutes of joy.

From the moment the curtain opened, I could feel that the audience wanted to forget for a little while and I was glad I decided to do the show.

You’ll see their reaction starting at the first blast from the band.

I hope we did give them some relief, but my heart goes out to everyone in that area.

And I cheer on the brilliant and brave students that have been protesting and marching.

What has our country become?


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