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December 2, 2017

Turn The Radio Up this Holiday season

Ahhh.... just Barry Manilow and a piano.

"Musicians" was a short lived interview show with Rolling Stone writer David Wild as host. It gave pop and rock musicians a forum to share their inspiration behind the music.

With solo performances of "Turn The Radio Up," "A Little Traveling Music, Please," "Mandy," and more, plus the stories behind creating and arranging the songs... what more could you want under your Christmas tree?

To keep you in the Christmas spirit we've also dug out these holiday treasures:

To enjoy a vault full of Great Performances.... visit:

Musicians with Barry Manilow

Here's a recipe for Christmas Cheer. Professor Manilow with only a piano. Available exclusively on ManilowTV this December. Watch now at

Hi everyone,

Marc Hulett here... Barry's longtime assistant with this month's note, about a rare 2002 treasure, long lost in the vault.

After re-watching this show, I asked Barry if I could write this month’s note as I wanted to share my feelings and am so proud to have had the opportunity to work for him for all these years...

"Musicians" was a very special short-lived interview show, with Rolling Stone writer David Wild as host. It gave pop and rock musicians a forum to tell their personal stories, and share their inspiration behind the music they've created and shared with all of us.

What's special about "Musicians" is that for the first time, in this intimate interview situation... you get to see the real Barry that I know, a funny, simple, humble, generous guy, who just happens to be a hugely gifted working musician!

We get the opportunity to see Barry "unplugged" at the piano, and get a rare glimpse into his creative process of writing his music, and see how and what he does as a great arranger to make a song his own....

This is Barry at his core. A musician.

No lights.
No costumes.
No girls.
No fog machines!

This is a wonderful, intimate inside look, at a man we all hold in such high regard...

I know you're going to love it!


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