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October 1, 2017

Soundstage - November 25, 1975!

Hi Everyone,

This month’s Manilow TV episode is a real rare video.

This one was really taped in 1821!

In 1975, we were still playing little clubs across the country and the word of mouth was real good.

When we got to Chicago, we found that the new Network, PBS, was based out of Chicago.

While we were causing a stir at Mr. Kelly’s, an important club on Rush Street, the PBS honchos came to check us out and after the show offered me my own one-hour- TV Special. My first.

The Series was called “Soundstage” and it showcased up and coming talent.

So while we were doing two shows a night at Mr. Kelly’s, we spent three days taping this special.

The show got great reviews and gave PBS and “Soundstage” quite a lift.

You know, I’ve never been able to understand what it was that people saw in this youngster named Barry Manilow. Since I never went after a career as a performer, I always felt like a fish out of water.

But watching this show all these years later, I can begin to see what it was that got so many people excited.

This is an important show for me, personally and I think you’ll find it entertaining and even enlightening, as I did.


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