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July 2, 2017

Manilow TV: LIVE2002! Sunrise, FL - April 2002

Hi Everyone,

I’m very proud of this month’s ManilowTV episode.

We found this one buried in the ruins of dozens and dozens of show DVD’s.

It’s a concert that we did in Sunrise, Florida at the Sunrise Music Theater on April 12, 2002.

We were the last music concert to play there. The very next week, the theater was becoming a Church.

I’d always had a great time in that venue. And this performance was no different. It was a big venue, but it felt intimate – my favorite kind of place to perform.

Until I watched the show, I didn’t realize how many new songs I was asking this audience to sit through. There were new songs from Harmony, which was in great shape with a bright future ahead of it.

And there were a load of songs from my latest album, “Here At The Mayflower”. We did a LOT of songs from that album that night.

Of course we did some of the hits, but the audience seemed to be just as excited about the new songs as they were about the old hits.

It’s one of my favorite shows. And one of my favorite audiences.

We could only find the Close-Up camera DVD and not the wide shot DVD, so I’m sorry, but you’ll be missing a few things.

1. During the “It’s A Miracle” demonstration, my crew rolls out a reel-to-reel tape recorder and I record my background vocals right there on stage. Sorry, but you won’t see the tape deck.

2. During the song “Harmony” I introduce the six-man vocal group that made up the Comedian Harmonists, but they’re only spotlights. Seth (Jackson) and I created a great effect that looked like I was singing and dancing with the guys, but all the audience saw were spotlights. I loved that section. Sorry, but you’ll only see a close-up.

3. During the “Mayflower” section, I run up and down the two story bandstand pointing to various tenants that lived in the building. But again, you’ll only see a close-up.

Hope you enjoy this one. I’m very proud of it.


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